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Descendants of William Skaggs

      40. James5 Skaggs (James4, James3, Thomas2, William1) He married Nancy Mayse.
Child of James Skaggs and Nancy Mayse is:
+ 127 i.   Stephen6 Skaggs, born in Green County, Kentucky; died October 27, 1855 in Green County, Kentucky.

      42. William5 Skaggs (James4, James3, Thomas2, William1) was born December 20, 1757 in North Carolina, and died August 20, 1848 in Green County, Kentucky. He married (1) Mary Simpson 1778. He married (2) Polly Pierce September 27, 1802 in Green Co., Kentucky.

Notes for William Skaggs:

August 23, 1832, Green County, Kentucky, William Skaggs, resident of said county, aged 75 years born (b. 1757) stated that he entered the service of the United States under the following officers and served as herein stated.
In 1778 in the month of March he was called and entered the service as an Indian Spy and continued to serve until the last of October or the first of November in the same year. He entered into the service in the State of Virginia, the name of the county not now recollected, but it was near the head of the Clinch River in the company commanded by Captain Thomas Mastin. While in service he and Thomas Ray were allotted to scout as spies in the boundary laid off commencing at the head of the Clinch River and extending to the "Big Cain brake" on Big Sandy River, a distance of about twenty-five miles. It was made their duty to go about one mile below the cane brake for the purpose of meeting two other spies. On one excursion as they were proceeding from the head of the Clinch River to the line (?) of their boundary and on their way they discovered that some Indians had taken up another fork of the Sandy along a "Buffellow" track which led toward the country settled by the whites, so as soon as they made the discovery they turned their course and endeavored to reach the settlement before the Indians so that some efficient means might be effected for the purpose of repelling their invasions. When they reached the settlement they were informed that the Indians had reached some parts of the settlement the night before and attempted to conduct some depredations and that they had attacked the father of said William as he was returning from a neighbor's house and pursued him with such violence that he was compelled to turn and fire, by which he was successful in putting an end to one of his pursuers.
In the spring of 1779, the month not recollected, he enlisted in the Virginia militia in the State of Virginia and near the head of the Clinch River in a company commanded by Captain Mastin in the regiment commanded by Colonel Shelby and served three months. Immediately after his enlistment Colonel Shelby, together with his corps, made a tour by water down to the "Chickemaugy" town on the south side of the Tennessee River which town was entirely settled by the Cherokee Indians, which they invaded, killing many Indians. After they put to flight and destroyed the inhabitants of the place, they put fire to the town and entirely consumed it. When the destruction of the town was completed Captain Bean proposed raising a scouting party for the purpose of searching for some of the inhabitants of the town who had made their escape. Some thirty soldiers joined Bean, among whom was WILLIAM SKAGGS. They left the main army and marched a north course across the Cumberland Mountains. Shortly after they had crossed the mountains they discovered an encampment of the Indians which they immediately invated and three of the Indians and took three prisoners. In that attack he had the good fortune to take a squaw as a prisoner. After this success they marched to meet the main army and fell in with them at their encampment on a small creek. They were marched from there to Powells Valley when owing to the great scarity of provisions, the army was disbanded, and they marched home where they were discharged. He received a written discharge from Captain Mastin which he kept for many years, but it was consumed in the flames of the roof which protected his family in conjunction with all his household property. He had no documentary evidence of his service whatever nor is there any living witness within his knowledge by whom he could establish the same in any part thereof.
William Skaggs was born in 1757 in North Carolina. Charles Blevins, clergyman, of Green County, Kentucky, and Samuel Brent, resident of the same, certified that they were acquainted with William Skaggs, who was a soldier of the Revolution.

March 10, 1853, Green County, Kentucky, Mrs. Polly Skaggs, resident of said county, 80 years old, (1773) stated that she was the widow of William Skaggs, deceased, who was a pensioner of the Revolutionary War. He resided in Green County for a number of years and up to the time he died. After his death she drew a fraction of a pension which was due from the last semi-annual draw to the time he died. The fact of the death and the time of death of Skaggs and the rate of pension was certified and filed.
She was married to William Skaggs on September 2, 1802, in Green County, Kentucky. Her husband died on the 20th of August 1848. She was still a widow. Because of her age and bodily infirmity she was unable to travel or to attend court to make the declaration.

March 17, 1855, Green County, Kentucky, Polly Skaggs, widow of William Skaggs, deceased, aged 75 years (1780) (notice the discrepancy in her age), made her application for a pension and was drawing the same from the agency in Louisville. Her certificate is dated May 17, 1853, No. 404. She now applied for bounty land.
William Skaggs of Green County, Kentucky, who was a private in the company of Captain Mastin in the regiment of Colonel Shelby in the Virginia Line for eleven months, was inscribed on the roll of Kentucky at the rate of $36.66 per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1831. Certificate of pension issued August 21, 1833.
Polly Skaggs, widow of William Skaggs, was inscribed on the roll at the rate of $36.66 per annum to commence on February 3, 1853. Certificate of pension issued May 17, 1853.

Children of William Skaggs and Mary Simpson are:
+ 128 i.   Elizabeth6 Skaggs, born January 19, 1785 in Green County, Kentucky.
+ 129 ii.   Polly Skaggs, born August 27, 1787 in Green County, Kentucky.
  130 iii.   Nancy Skaggs, born June 16, 1789.
Children of William Skaggs and Polly Pierce are:
  131 i.   William6 Skaggs, born August 25, 1804 in Kentucky. He married Patsy M. Perry February 02, 1824.
+ 132 ii.   Fields Skaggs, born April 25, 1806 in Kentucky.
  133 iii.   Rachel Skaggs, born October 27, 1807 in Kentucky. She married William Patrick Warren September 1825 in Green Co., Kentucky.
+ 134 iv.   Libby Skaggs, born March 27, 1809 in Kentucky.
  135 v.   Jeremiah Skaggs, born October 17, 1813 in Kentucky.
  136 vi.   Stephen Skaggs, born March 13, 1820.
  137 vii.   Henry Skaggs, born December 29, 1821 in Kentucky.
  138 viii.   Louisa Skaggs, born February 08, 1824 in Green County, Kentucky; died July 30, 1856 in Green County, Kentucky. She married William Gravatt September 10, 1839 in Edmundson County, Kentucky.

      44. Rachael5 Skaggs (James4, James3, Thomas2, William1) was born 1770. She married Moses Etherton May 18, 1789 in Nelson County, Kentucky.
Children of Rachael Skaggs and Moses Etherton are:
  139 i.   ?6 Etherton, born in Kentucky.
+ 140 ii.   Sally Etherton, born in Kentucky.
  141 iii.   Stephen Etherton, born in Kentucky.
  142 iv.   ?? Etherton, born in Kentucky.
+ 143 v.   Ruth Etherton.
  144 vi.   Nancy Etherton. She married Pinkey Elmore January 28, 1833 in Green Co., Kentucky.
  145 vii.   ??? Etherton.
  146 viii.   Jerusa Etherton. She married Andrew Warren February 18, 1866.
  147 ix.   William Etherton, born 1790.
  148 x.   Moses Etherton, born 1797.
  149 xi.   Elijah Etherton, born 1802.

      55. Zachariah5 Skaggs (John4, James3, Thomas2, William1) He married Nancy Wilcox.
Child of Zachariah Skaggs and Nancy Wilcox is:
+ 150 i.   Jeremiah6 Skaggs, born 1766; died 1798 in Russell County, Virginia.

      58. John5 Skaggs (John4, James3, Thomas2, William1) was born in Monroe County, Virginia, and died 1839. He married (1) Name Unknown. He married (2) Catherine Hicks February 17, 1786 in Fredrick County, Virginia.
Children of John Skaggs and Name Unknown are:
  151 i.   James6 Skaggs. He married Catherine Reasor.
  152 ii.   Mary Skaggs.
  153 iii.   Richard Skaggs. He married Susannah Wood.
+ 154 iv.   Joseph Skaggs, born April 15, 1773 in Nicholas County, Virginia; died January 04, 1834 in Henry County, Indiana.
Children of John Skaggs and Catherine Hicks are:
  155 i.   Zachariah6 Skaggs.
  156 ii.   Lucretia Skaggs, born in Monroe County, Virginia. She married Baile Wood 1807.
  157 iii.   Rebecca Skaggs. She married William Warnell in Barren Co., Kentucky.
  158 iv.   Charles Skaggs.
  159 v.   Susannah Skaggs. She married William Query November 02, 1799 in Green Co., Kentucky.
  160 vi.   John Skaggs, born October 09, 1800 in Barren County, Kentucky. He married Edna Ennis 1818.

      65. Shadrack5 Skaggs (Richard4, James3, Thomas2, William1) was born in Kentucky. He married Lydia Gumm September 20, 1791 in Nelson County, Kentucky.
Child of Shadrack Skaggs and Lydia Gumm is:
  161 i.   Nelly6 Skaggs.

      66. James5 Skaggs (Richard4, James3, Thomas2, William1)
Children of James Skaggs are:
  162 i.   Nancy6 Skaggs. She married Thomas Benton.
  163 ii.   Francis Skaggs. She married James Rutledge.
  164 iii.   Hiram Skaggs.

      68. Benjamin5 Skaggs (Richard4, James3, Thomas2, William1) was born 1764 in Kentucky. He married Sarah ?.
Children of Benjamin Skaggs and Sarah ? are:
  165 i.   Richard6 Skaggs.
  166 ii.   Meshack Skaggs, born 1765.
  167 iii.   Andrew Skaggs.
  168 iv.   Sarah Skaggs. She married William Morrison.
  169 v.   John Skaggs, born 1784. He married Jane ?.
+ 170 vi.   Nancy Skaggs, born 1802 in Kentucky; died 1870 in Missouri.

      69. Meshack5 Skaggs (Richard4, James3, Thomas2, William1) was born 1765 in Kentucky, and died 1795 in Monroe County, Virginia. He married Sarah Gumm March 10, 1789 in Nelson County, Kentucky.
Children of Meshack Skaggs and Sarah Gumm are:
  171 i.   William6 Skaggs, born 1790; died 1830.
  172 ii.   Richard Skaggs, born October 20, 1792.

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