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Ancestors of John Burton Kaherl

      1930. Daniel Crocker, born ca. 1638 in of Boston & Marshfield, MA & (Kennebec), Maine; died February 5, 1691/92 in Marshfield, Massachusetts. He married 1931. Sarah Balden November 30, 1660 in Boston, Massachusetts.

      1931. Sarah Balden, born ca. 1640; died Unknown.

Notes for Daniel Crocker:
FTM CD523, Genealogical Dictionary of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, by Sybil Noyes, Charles T. Libby and Walter G. Davis, GPC, Baltimore, 1979, pg 171:
DANIEL, Kennebec, 1680, next neighbor down river from Thomas Webber, acc. to dep. of his dau. One Daniel Crocker m. Sarah Balden 30 Nov 1660 in Boston and, acc. to Savage d. 5 Feb. 1692 in Marshfield, his whereabouts in the interim not stated. Ch: JOANNA, b. +/- 1663, wit. in Kit. in 1684, possibly she who m. Michael Edgecomb in 1687, surely wid of John Gaskin and wife or wid. of Paul Williams in 1740. By her dep. 1728 and 1740 she lived in 1680 with her f. later with Mr. John Hole in Kittery.

More About Daniel Crocker:
Residence: 1680, Kennebec, Maine
Source 1: 1979, FTM CD523 Gen.Dict. ME&NH, pg 171
Source 2: 1965, Boston Records, NEHGR 19:169 (Marriage)
Source 3: April 22, 2002, David B. Robinson's Geneal. Pg. Online

More About Sarah Balden:
Source 1: April 22, 2002, David B. Robinson's Geneal. Pg. Online
Source 2: 1865, Boston Records, NEHGR 19:169 (Marriage)
Child of Daniel Crocker and Sarah Balden is:
  965 i.   Joanna Crocker, born ca. 1663 in prob. Boston, Massachusetts; died Aft. May 1740; married Paul Williams Aft. May 2, 1690 in Kittery, Maine.

      1936. James Davis, born ca. 1597 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, or Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England; died January 29, 1678/79 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He was the son of 3872. John Davis. He married 1937. Cicely Thayer June 11, 1618 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England.

      1937. Cicely Thayer, born ca. 1599 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England; died May 28, 1673 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 3874. John Thayer and 3875. Joan Lawrence.

Notes for James Davis:
Accompanying John Davis was James Davis who received a grant at Hampton in 1639 (Joshua Coffin, A Sketch of the History of Newbury, Newburyport and West Newbury, Hampton, N.H., 1977, reprint, pg. 29). That grant was sold on the 17th of August 1648, four years after his removal to Haverhill, MA in May of 1644 (Genealogical Dict. of Maine and New Hampshire). His resettlement was evidently under consideration earlier than 1640 as his name was included in the list of twelve who , around 16540, were in the first company of settlers in the wild wood of Pentucket (later Haverhill) (George Wingate Chase, The history of Haverhill, MA, from its First Settlement in 1540 to the Year 1660, Haverhill, Ma., 1861, pg 88.) While at Hampton, and for many years at Haverhill, Davis was named as the Commissioner to end Small Causes. He was also a grand juryman, representative in 1660 and was often a selectman (Genealogical Dict. of Maine and NH). The name of James Davis was on the Haverhill Record of 1650; a record which evaluated the property of each man and also gave the year in which his name first appeared. In that record, the evaluation of his property was 200 pounds. The larges in value on that list, and the year in which his name first appeared was 1646 (History of Haverhill, pg. 72). Chase, the Haverhill historian, cautioned that the dates and figures should be taken as an approximation. It should be noted that the number of acres of each house lot was dependent upon the number of pounds the settler was worth.
Despite experience with arbitration and legal affairs, the will of James Davis dated the 18th of July 1672, and its codicil, dated 22 July 1676 (Essex probate 7260), provoked a controversy among his children. The codicil named William White and Nathaniel Saltonstall as overseers "To provide that if I outlive the time and money I thought to spend, justice, according to proportion, in my will mentioned, may be done to my eldest son James Davis, and no disposal of any of my estates to be made until that matter be determined by my said overseers or their executors, as to any matter of portion or bequest." In an effort to dispense justice as they were directed, Nathaniel Saltonstall and Wm. White presented their findings to the Court (ibid). The named administrator was the eldest son, James Davis, Jr. As administrator, James was also challenged by his brother Samuel, who came forward with his own claims. Samuel, the youngest son, by depositions which appear in the probate file, undertook the care of his ailing mother during the lifetime of his father. Among those who testified on his behalf regarding the care of this mother were his sister, Sarah (Davis) Page and her husband, John Page, Jr., who deposed that "Our mother Davis did (live) with Samuel Davis about one year when she was very weak and not able to help herself. And to our knowing he was very careful of her and did to his ability what he could for her. As our mother Davis saith unto us" (ibid). Another deponent, Martha Tuxbury, stated that she "did often see his great trouble and care that he had with his mother that he could hardly plan time to go on about his business she being so helpless that his wife was not able alone to do for him what was useful and one time especial at his wife's child bed she fainted away and the old woman was so weak she could not hold the infant but having little help was forced to lie it upon the ground without. (ibid). Samuel evidently submitted charges for the care of his mother against the estate of his father. The response of the father's overseers was very pointed. In their declaration (ibid) they cancelled those "Debtrs defined by them as "work done for their mother, or for any personal service done, which is due from a child to a parent in his old age, not having cleared the account with him [the father] in his life and not judging it rational or being ashamed to demand of their father, which was absolute duty in them to do." That, notwithstanding the fact that the overseers admitted the father was some years in the daily expectation of death. In addition to being denied compensation for the care of his mother, Samuel also lost his attempt to recover lands [40 acres of meadow] which he claimed had been promised by his father upon his death.

Geneal.Dict. of Early Settlers by Savage, FTM CD113, Vol II, pg 18:
Family History: 217 Genealogy Books
JAMES, Newbury, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. to Haverhill 1640, had w. Cicely, rep. 1660, d. 19 or 29 Jan.1679, aet. 90. In his will of 17 Mar. 1676, names as his ch. John, Ephraim, Samuel, and Sarah, w. of John Page, jr. His w. had d. 28 May 1673.

Family Treemaker Online:, Davis Family Records, by J. Montgomery Seaver,Call Number: R929.2 qD264s, Records of the Davis Family coming from England and Wales, pg 16:
E112 JAMES DAVIS: b. about 1584. He came to New England as early as 1634 and was one of the original settlers of Hampton, 1638. Removed to Haverhill, 1646, being one of the twelve who petitioned the General Court for authority to settle at Pentucket where they founded the present city of Haverhill, Mass.

Memoirs, NEHGR, 1939, Vol. 93, pg 373:
Nester Wilbur Davis, of Winchester, Mass., elected a resident (annual) member 2 Oct. 1912, was born in Newmarket, N. H., 15 Feb. 1869, the son of Charles Franklin and Sarah Abigail (Drew) Davis, and died at Winchester 23 June 1939.
He traced his descent from James Davis, who was born in England about 1595, married at Thornbury, co Gloucester, England, 11 June 1618, Cicely Thayer (baptized at Thornbury 1 May 1600[1601] , died 28 May 1673, daughter of John and Joane (Lawrence) Thayer, immigrated to New England and settled at Newbury, where he was admitted a freeman 4 March 1634/5, but in 1639 moved to Hampton and in 1644 to Haverhill, where he was a selectman, grand jurymand, and representative to the General Court, and died 29 Jan. 1678/9, through John of Hampton, Haverhill, and Dover, N. H....

FTM CD 523 Genealogical Dictionary, Maine & New Hampshire, Noyes, Libby, Davis, 1979, pg 184:
12 JAMES [DAVIS], Newbury, Hampton, Haverhill, m. in Thornbury, co. Glouc., 11 June 1618 Cicely Tayer (Thayer), bp. there 1 May 1600, dau. of Jhon and Joane (Lawrence). Himself, their three eldest children, and his younger bros., Samuel, Thomas, John and Ephraim, are named in the will of his father, John Davys of Acton-Turville Aril - Nov. 1626, this place a chapelry on the edge of Wiltshire, ab. 30 m from Marlborough. Other wills of his relations in the same place are found, incl. his grmo. Agnes Davis, wid., 10 Mar. 1587-8 - 9 July 1589. Arthur Clark (5) was app. his br.-in-law. He was called +/- 60 in 1663, +/- 96 at death 29 Jan. 1678-9. Made freeman at Newbury 4 Mar. 1634-5, Hampton, gr. 1639, rem to Haverhill in May 1644. His grant at Hampt. he sold 17 Aug 1646, fours years aft. his ermoval. Both at Hamp. and many yrs at Haverhill he was Com.t,e,s,e, He was often selectm. and gr. j. and Rep. 1660. Will Mar. 1675-6, cod. 22 July 1678, Wife -Sissilla- d, 28 May 1673. Ch: JAMES, bp. at Thornbury 4 July 1619, JOHN, bp. at Thornbury 28 Jan 1620-1. SARAH, named in grfr's will, app. d.y. JUDITH, m. 1 Sept 1647 Samuel Guild, d. May 1667, ch. EPHRAIM, m. 31 Dec. 1659, Mary Johnson. 9 ch. SAMUEL. SARAH, m. 18 June 1663 John Page, liv. 1714. 1 dau.

More About James Davis:
Bp/Chr: July 4, 1619, Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England
Emigration: ca. 1634, adm. freeman, Newbury, MA., Mar 4, 1634/5
Issue: 6 children
Residence: Bet. 1634 - 1644, (1634)Newbury-(1639)Hampton-(1644)Haverhill, Mass
Source 1: Desc. of Wm. Turpin Thayer, Ojeda, 1933
Source 2: Thayer Fam in Thornbury, L.T.Ojeda, 1907
Source 3: Colonial Fam's in America Vol 9, pg 285
Source 4: Eng. Anc.-James&Thom. Davis,Libby, by Noyes
Source 5: Haverhill VR's To 1849
Source 6: NE Genealogical & Biog. Rec. Vol 60
Source 7: Savage, Vol. II; pg 18
Source 8: 1906, Thayer Fam. in Thornbury, NEHGR 60:287
Source 9: 1852, Early Stlrs, Essex&Norfolk, NEHGR 6:250
Source 10: 1939, Memoirs, NEHGR 93:373
Source 11: 1979, Gen.Dict.ME&NH,Noyes-Libby-Davis,pg184

  Notes for Cicely Thayer:
Thayer Family in Thornbury, England by Walter Faxon, Esq., and Edward Henry Whorp, Esq. NEHGR, 1906, Vol 60:
Page 284: (Baptisms)
1 May 1600. Sicely Tayer. Godfather: Thomas Pytcher. Godmothers: Als Hilpe, Mary Tratman.

More About Cicely Thayer:
Bp/Chr: May 1, 1600, Thornbury, Gloucester, England
Misc: December 31, 1601, Not mentioned in father's will
Source 1: Thayer Fam in Thornbury, L.T.Ojeda, 1907
Source 2: Desc. of Wm. Turpin Thayer, Ojeda, 1933
Source 3: Colonial Fam's in America Vol 9, pg 285
Source 4: Haverhill VR's to 1849
Source 5: Savage, Vol. II; pg 18
Source 6: 1906, Thayer Fam. in Thornbury, NEHGR 60:284,287
Source 7: 1939, Memoirs, NEHGR 93:373 (see James Davis)
Source 8: 1852, Early Stlrs, Essex&Norfolk, NEHGR 6:250
Source 9: 1979, Gen.Dict.ME&NH,Noyes-Libby-Davis,pg184

Marriage Notes for James Davis and Cicely Thayer:
Thayer Family in Thornbury, England by Walter Faxon, Esq., and Edward Henry Whorp, Esq. NEHGR, 1906, Vol 60:
Page 287:
11 June 1618. James Davisse to Sysley Tayer, at Gloucester.
Child of James Davis and Cicely Thayer is:
  968 i.   James Davis, born 1619 in Marborough, Wiltshire, or Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England; died July 18, 1694 in Haverhill, Massachusetts; married Elizabeth Eaton December 1, 1648 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

      1938. John Eaton, born ca. 1595 in England; died October 29, 1668 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He married 1939. Anne Bet. 1615 - 1618 in England.

      1939. Anne, born ca. 1597 in England; died February 5, 1659/60 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Notes for John Eaton:
Early Settlers of Essex and Old Norfolk, NEHGR, 1852, Vol 6, pg 252:
EATON, John, Haverhill, d. 29 Oct. 1668; ch. Thomas; John; da____ m. George Brown; da. Ruth, wife of John Inglalls; da. Elizabeth, and da. Ann. John, Will 1668.

FTM CD113, Abridged Compendium by Virkus, Sect. IV, Chap. 1:
Family History: 217 Genealogy Books
9-John Eaton, Haverhill, Mass, 1638, m 1618, Anne -----

FTM CD113, Geneal. Dict. of Early Settlers of New England by Savage, Sect IV, Chap. 3, Vol 2:
Family History: 217 Genealogy Books
JOHN, Haverhill, had a d. [Elizabeth] wh. m. a. 1660 or 70, James Davis of the same.

Memoirs, NEHGR, 1938, Vol. 92 pg 78:
He was descended from John Eaton, a native of England, who, with his wife Anne and six children settled at Colchester (now Salisbury), Mass., as early as 1640, but moved in 1646 to Haverhill, Mass., where he died 29 Oct. 1668, aged about 73 years,...

More About John Eaton:
Father: May be Thomas Eaton
Misc: See my EdmLtfd.ftw file (Wm.Eaton)
Mother: May be Helen
Residence: ca. 1640, Colchester (now Salisbury) then Haverhill,MA
Source 1: 1852, Early Stlrs, Essex,Norfolk,NEHGR 6:252
Source 2: FTM CD113 Abridged Comp. by Virkus
Source 3: FTM CD113 Gen. Dict. by Savage
Source 4: 1938, Memoirs, NEHGR 92:78
Will: 1668, Written

More About Anne:
Misc: May be Anne Crossman?
Source 1: Abridged Compendium, Vol 7, by Virkus
Source 2: 1938, Memoirs, NEHGR 92:78
Child of John Eaton and Anne is:
  969 i.   Elizabeth Eaton, born 1625 in of Salisbury, Massachusetts; died January 21, 1682/83 in Haverhill, Massachusetts; married James Davis December 1, 1648 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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