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Ancestors of John Burton Kaherl

      1948. William Hammond, born 1597 in Slymbridge (now Slaithwaite), Yorkshire, England; died 1702 in Wells, Maine. He married 1949. Benedictus Gouch.

      1949. Benedictus Gouch, born ca. 1605 in Slymbridge, (now Slaithwaite) Yorkshire, England; died Unknown in Wells, Maine. She was the daughter of 3898. John Gouch.

Notes for William Hammond:
Hammond Genealogy, Vol. 2, Part VI, Descendants of Wm. Hammond of Wells, Maine, by Frederick Stam Hammond, 1904, pg 744-745:
William Hammond, b. Yorkshire [sic], England in 1597; d. Wells, York Co., Me., 1702 m. Benedictus Gouch.
William was born in a place called Slymbridge, Yorkshire, England. This place is now called Slaithwaite, the name having been changed for postal reasons some years ago, there being another place named Slymbridge in Gloucestershire. The fact of his having been from Yorkshire is evidenced by a deed given by him to his brother-in-law, John Gouch, in which he conveyed a house, garden and orchard "in a place called Slymbridge, in Yorkshire in Old England." Wm. Hammond and Benedictus, his wife, of Wells, County of Yorke, in New England, planter, deeded lands June 17, 1661, to Bryan Pendleton of Portsmouth, in the County of Norfolke, in New England (York Deeds, Book I, folio 108).
Jonathan Hamonds and John (his X mark) Reede witnessed possession given by William Hammond, and taken by Seth Fletcher, of house and lands in behalfe of Capt. Bryan Pendleton, August 15, 1661. (York Deeds, Bol I, folio 145.)
William Hammond sold lands to William Symonds. (York Deeds, Book I, folio 100)
Joseph Bowles and William Hammond were Commissioners for Wells, York County, (York Deeds, Book I, folio 86.)
Ezekiel Knight and William Hammond, Commissioners, of Wells. (York Deeds, Book I, folio 127).
William Hammond was legally chosen by the town of Wells for laying out of lands May 24, 1667. (York Deeds, Book II, folio 40.)
Ezekiel Knight was legally chosen by the town of Wells with Goodman Hammond for laying out land in said town. (York Deeds, Book II, folio 41.)
William Hammond and Ezekiel Knight were chosen selectmen of Wells and signed deeds of land April 20, 1668. (York Deeds, Book II, folio 110.)
William Hammond and Abraham Tylton were appraisers of the estate of Francis Littlefield, Jr., deceased, Feb 6, 1674. (York Deeds, Book II, folio 167)
William Hammond gave a conditional deed of his property, including 400 acres of land, to his son, Jonathan: said Jonathan to care for his father and mother during their natural lives. (York Deeds, Book III, folio 89.)
William Hammond sold lands to James Gooch, Feb 3, 1667: "Benedictus Hammond, wife of Wm. Hammond, and Jonathan, son of William Hammond, doe consent to this writing."
signed Will Hamond (seal.)
(York Deeds, Book III, folio 128.) Jona Hamond.
William Hamond deeds lands bought of Robert Nanny, Nov. 19, 1681. (York deeds, Book IV, folio 127.)
Ezekial Knight, Senior, and William Hammond, Commissioners, Feb. 8, 1572 (York Deeds, Book IV, folio 2.)
From Volumes in Long Room at the State House, Boston, Mass.:
William Haman, of Wells, Maine, acknowledged himself subject to ye government of Mass., July 5, 1653. (There is an autograph Signature.) *Vol 3, p. 228.)
Will Hamons and others petition his highness, Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England, Ireland and Scotland, in regard to the towns of York, Kittery, Wells, Sacoe and Cape Porpois in 1656.
(Vol 3, p. 242.)
William Hammond, of Wells, two autograph signatures to petitions to the "Hono'ble the General Court of the Massachusetts Jurisdiction now assembled at Boston," 1668. (Vol 3, p. 270)
Will Hamonds and Jonathan Hamonds signed a petition to the General Court from the town of Wells, April 30, 1668. (Autographs. (Vol 3, p. 276.) There is also an autograph letter from Joseph Hammond, of York, Maine, May 6, 1668. (Vol 3, p. 297.)
He was admitted freeman in Wells, July 5, 1653. (N.E. Hist. Gen. Register, Vol. 3, p. 193)
1. Jonathan, b. 1644.
2. Joseph, b. 1647.

Family Tree Maker Online:, Old Kittery & Her Families by E.S. Stackpole, 1925,1903:
Page 492:
William Hammond was settled in Wells before 1653. Was he from Slymbridge, England? See Maine Wills, p. 32. He was born in 1597 and died in 1702, aged 105. Wife's name was Benedictus. John Gooch calls Hammond his brother. Old records say that he had sons Jonathan and Joseph, Jonathan had wife Mary. He was killed and scalped by the Indians in 1704. It was, perhaps, his widow who m. James Welch in 1709. A Jonathan, Jr., is mentioned in Wells in 1699. Samuel Hammond bought land in Wells in 1713. Elizabeth, dau. of Jonathan Hammond married Samuel Ford of Charlestown, Mass. Another dau., Mary, married Samuel Treadwell. Abraham Hammond was in Biddeford in 1720.

FTM CD523, Geneal. Dict., ME & NH by Sybil Noyes, Charles Libby, Walter Davis, GPC, Baltimore, 1979.
WILLIAM, planter, Wells, bot or inherit. ho. in Slymbridge, co Gloucester, which he sold here to John Gooch, who called him friend in 1663 and bro. in 1667, by an intermarriage of their children. One Wm. H., weaver was liv. in Slymbr. in 1608, ag. 40. The Me. Wm. told his gr. s. he was b. in 1597, but by depos 5 July 1676. +/- 62, ab. Ambrose Boaden's resid. at Spurwink 30 yrs before. First app. in ptn. to Saco Ct. 21 Oct 1645; of Cape Porpus in Dec. 1647 when he and R. Tristram held John Lee's cattle. by July 1649 he was perm. located in Wells and constantly in records there over 30 yrs. Often Selectm. Town Comr. and Gr. j. 1654-1679; Clerk of the Writs 1668; coim. on York and Wells bounds 1655' lic. to keep ord. 1659; in 1661 he and Mr. Ezek. Knight were to conduct pub. meet. until the town could prov. a minister; overseer of prison 1673, and during this yr was in Ct. for marrying people contrary to law. Assemblyman 1682. W(ife) Benedictus named in deed 11 May 1661 with her and s. Jona. 3 Feb. 1667-8 he deeded to James Gooch, inel. his 'now dwg. house and farm'; 23 Mar. 1680-1 deeded entire est. to s. Jona. to care for self and aged mo. then sick her last appear. He witn. with Jona. 14 Apr. 1687, and by written word of gr. s. Joseph d. in 1702, ag 105. Kn ch. JONATHAN, b. ab. 1641. JOSEPH b. ab. 1647. Poss. a dau. or daus., the w. of James Gooch, or Lydia, w. of John Gooch, or both; none ment. in letter of Joseph (jr) who named the two sons.

Hammond, Communicated by Wm. Fogg, Esq), NEHGR, 1855, Vol. 9, pg 245:
Sir                                    Kittery, New England, March 24, 1732-3
I rec'd your favour of ye 24th Jan & observe ye contents and secondly send you this to inform you that my Grandfather Wm. Hammond Lived At Wells in this county of York. What time he came there I cannot inform you, But he told me he was born in ye year 1597, and he died in ye year 1702 being 105 years old. He left two sons, viz. Jonathan Hammond his eldest son & Joseph Hammond who was my father, both now dead. My uncle left only two daughters. My father left only one son and two daughters and died in ye year 1709 in the 63d year of his age, so that what remains of the name is in my family. I am now in the 56th year of my age and have now living 4 sons & 3 daughters. My sons are Joseph, George, John and Jonathan. Two of them are married; my eldest son has three sons named Joseph, John & Elisha, and my second son has one son named George; so that the number of males beside myself is eight. I give you thanks for ye letter, and if this be any satisfaction to you I shall be glad and am with due regards.     
To Mr. Charles Hammond                        yr very Humble Servt
in ye Citty of Annapolis                              Jos. Hammond
in Maryland                             
[The forgoing is a copy of a paper found among the papers of Col. Joseph Hammond, who died in Eliot, Jan. 26, 1753, aged 75. It agrees in all particulars with Kittery Records, except as noted above. W.F.]

More About William Hammond:
Misc: July 5, 1653, made a freeman at Wells, Maine
Misc.: died at 105 years old
Occupation: planter
Source 1: Hammond Fam, V.2 by F.S.Hammond, pg 744
Source 2: FTM CD523, Gen.Dict.ME & NH, 1979, pg304
Source 3: 1855, Hammond, by Wm. Fogg, NEHGR 9:312

More About Benedictus Gouch:
Misc: sister of John Gouch
Source 1: Hammond Fam., V.2, F.S.Hammond, pg 744
Source 2: FTM CD523Gen.Dict.ME & NH, 1979, pg 304
Children of William Hammond and Benedictus Gouch are:
  974 i.   Lt. Jonathan Hammond, born 1644 in Wells, Maine; died 1709 in Wells, Maine; married Mary.
  ii.   Maj./Esq. Joseph Hammond, born ca. 1647 in of Kittery, Maine; died 1709 in Wells, Maine; married Catherine Frost July 5, 1670; born ca. 1649; died Unknown.
  More About Maj./Esq. Joseph Hammond:
Occupation: carpenter, town officer, judge
Residence: Wells, York, then Kittery, Maine
Source 1: FTM CD523, Gen.Dict.ME & NH, 1979, pg304
Source 2: 1855, Hammond, by Wm. Fogg, NEHGR 9:312
Source 3: 1851, Vaughn-Shannon Fam., NEHGR 5:246

  More About Catherine Frost:
Father: Nicholas Frost
Source 1: FTM CD523, Gen.Dict.ME & NH, 1979, pg304
Source 2: 1851, Vaughn-Shannon Fam., NEHGR 5:246

      1954. Thomas Spencer, born ca. 1596 in Winchecomb, Gloucestershire, England; died December 15, 1681 in Berwick, Maine. He married 1955. Patience Chadbourne.

      1955. Patience Chadbourne, born ca. 1612 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England; died November 7, 1683. She was the daughter of 3910. William Chadbourne and 3911. Elizabeth Sperry.

Notes for Thomas Spencer:
FTM CD523, Genealogical Dictionary of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, by Sybil Noyes, Charles T. Libby and Walter G. Davis, GPC, Baltimore, 1979, 651-652:
THOMAS, Kittery (par. of Unity 1662)m deois, ub Aug 1676. =/- 80, that he had liv. in this country 46 yrs; 'old father Spencer. . . was sent over as a serv. of Capt. John Mason' (Samuel Allen v. Humphrey S., 1704.) He prob. came fron Winchcombe, Gloucester, the home of the Chadbournes, where one T. S. bot a messuage in 1624. sued for debt by Wm. Scadlock in Saco ct. 7 Feb. 1636-7, Mr. John Treworgye bondsman. In 1647 he and Thomas Withers were called on to acct. for rates and fines collected. Disenfranchised 1659 for entertaining Quakers. In 1661 he nad Daniel Goodwin were accus. of trading with Ind., but no ground appeared. In 1662 Barefoot got a judgm. ag. him for debt, which was discharged in 1663 by Humphrey Chadbourne in behalf of the s. Wm. Cor. J. 1647; gr. j. 1651, 1653, 1656; j-1653. Tax lic. 1659, 1680. Wife Patience Chadbourne (4). Both abs. from meet. 1663, 1675, he in 1665. He d. 15 Dec. 1681; will 3 June 1679---1 May 1682. Wid. Patience was lic. in 1682 (s. moses bondsman); d. 7 Nov. 1683; div. to 3 sons 2 sons-in-law (Joy, Chick); Daniel Goodwin was given 10s. as a token of remembrance. Ch: WILLIAM. MARGARET, m. Daniel Goodwin (4). MARY, m. Thomas Etherington. SUSANNA, m. 1st John Gatensby, m. 2d Ephraim Joy. HUMPHREY, 2d son. ELIZABETH, m. 1st Thomas Chick, m. 2d Nicholas Turbet. MOSES.

The Great Migration Begins by Robert C. Anderson, Vol I-III, NEHGS online at:
Despite claims that he arrived as early as 1630, Thomas Spencer of Piscataqua does not appear in the papers preserved by Ambrose Gibbons at such an early date. Since he married a sister of Humphrey Chadbourne, and may have done so before 1634, it is more likely that he accompanied Chadbourne on the Pied Cow in 1634

More About Thomas Spencer:
Emigration: 1634, on "The Pied Cow"
Source 1: Grt. Mig. (Thomas Spencer) Vol I-III
Source 2: 1848, 1st Settlers of NH, NEHGR 2:39
Source 3: 1979, FTM CD523 Gen.Dict. ME&NH, pg 651-652
Source 4: April 22, 2002, David B. Robinson's Geneal. Pg. Online

More About Patience Chadbourne:
Bp/Chr: 1612, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
Source 1: 1979, FTM CD523 Gen.Dict. ME&NH, pg 134, 652
Source 2: April 22, 2002, David B. Robinson's Geneal. Pg. Online
Child of Thomas Spencer and Patience Chadbourne is:
  977 i.   Elizabeth Spencer, born May 26, 1648 in Berwick, Maine; died December 19, 1700 in Kittery, Maine; married Thomas Chick May 12, 1674 in Kittery, Maine.

      1968. Anthony Littlefield, born 1621 in Titchfield, Hampshire, England; died 1662 in Kennebunk, Maine. He was the son of 2002. Edmund Littlefield and 2003. Annis Austin. He married 1969. Mary Page June 30, 1652 in Wells, Maine.

      1969. Mary Page, born ca. 1635 in prob. Saco, Maine; died Bet. 1662 - 1663 in Saco, Maine. She was the daughter of 3938. Thomas Page and 3939. Elizabeth Felkin.

Notes for Anthony Littlefield:
Littlefield Family Newsletter by Dorothy Keyes & Charles Seaman, Vol. 1 pg 5:
Anthony had a very short life and little information has come to light on him. He was a "planter" and lived at Great Hill between the Cape Porpus (sic) and Kennebunk Rivers. Oct. 19 he sold his land between the rivers (230 acres) to William Symonds. In June 1648 he won a land suit vs. Mr. Ezekial Knight. In 1656 he sued John Smith of Saco for goods received with wif e Mary's indenture. Widow Mary survived him.

Genealogical Research in England, 1913, NEHGR Vol. 67 pg 348:
iv. ANTHONY, bapt. 7 Oct. 1621,; d. 1662; m. abt. 1652 Mary Page, dau. of Thomas of Saco, Maine. He probably emigrated to New England with his father abt. 1637, and took the oath of allegiance to Massachusetts at Wells, Me., 5 July 1653. Children: 1. EDMUND, b. abt. 1653. 2. CALEB, ancestor of the Littlefields of Block Island. Perhaps 3. SAMUEL. 4. JAMES, and others.

More About Anthony Littlefield:
Bp/Chr: October 7, 1621, Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Misc: See my EdmLtfd.FTW file
Occupation: yeoman
Source 1: 1913, Geneal.Res.(LTFD), NEHGR 67:345&348
Source 2: LFNL 1-2, 1-5, 1991, Keyes-Littlefield
Source 3: LFNL 3-55, 1993, Keyes-Littlefield
Source 4: LFNL 7-73, 1997, Charles L. Seaman

  Notes for Mary Page:
Littlefield Family Newsletter by Charles Littlefield Seaman, Vol 7 pg 73:
MARY (PAGE) OF WELLS, YORK, MAINE by Col. George W. Page (U.S. Army Ret.)
Mary Page m. Anthony Littlefield, Yeoman of Wells, York Co., Maine on 30 June 1655 at Wells, York, Maine, and is the mother of Edmund, Caleb and Samuel Littlefield. She was born between 1635-1640, prob. Saco, York, Maine, the second dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Felkin) Page.
Mary and her underage brothers (Christoper, Sylvester, and George Page) were orphaned when their parents died, or were killed, on 21 Oct. 1645. Mary was indentured as a servant of neighbor John Smith for five years. In 1656 Anthony Littlefield sued John Smith for Mary's goods. Mary died aft March 1662/1663 at Saco, York, Maine.

More About Mary Page:
Misc: See my EdmLtfd.FTW file
Source 1: LFNL1-5, 1991, Keyes-Littlefield
Source 2: LFNL 3-55, 1993, Keyes-Littlefield
Source 3: LFNL 7-73, 1997, Charles L. Seaman
Source 4: 1913, Geneal.Res.(LTFD), NEHGR 67:348
Child of Anthony Littlefield and Mary Page is:
  984 i.   Edmund Littlefield, born 1653 in Wells, Maine; died April 9, 1718 in Braintree, Massachusetts.

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