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Ancestors of John Burton Kaherl

      2794. Richard Banks, born 1607 in Alkham?, Kent, England; died January 25, 1691/92 in York, Maine. He married 2795. Elizabeth Curtis ca. 1643.

      2795. Elizabeth Curtis, born 1624 in prob Ashe, Kent, England; died Bef. 1655 in prob York, Maine. She was the daughter of 5590. Thomas Curtis and 5591. Richardine.

Notes for Richard Banks:
FTM CD523, History of York, Maine, Vol I, by Charles E. Banks, Baltimore, 1967, pg 155-157:
This early settler, a direct ancestor of the author, came to Georgeana with Abraham Preble; his brother-in-law, Thomas Curtis, and John Twisden, Sr. from Scituate, Mass. in 1643 where he, with his three associates, settled on land since known as Scituate Row because of their origin in that town. He is the ancestor of a family which has existed in this town for three centuries.
For over half a century the English origin of this settler has been the object of a more or less intensive search and the author regrets that is not possible, for lack of definite means of identification to state this positively, but it is believed that he can be definitely placed as a Kentish man coming from the same locality as his New England associates in Scituate who migrated with him to this town. It is sound genealogical reasoning to assume that this fourth member of the Scituate party came from the same region in Kent as his fellow townsmen, particularly as he had married a sister of one of them. Such a person bearing the name Richard Bankes has been found as a resident of the parish of Alkham in that county, about three miles from Denton and Wootton where Preble and Twisden lived and about two miles from the parish where his brother-in-law, Thomas Curtis, and stepfather, Thomas Chambers, lived. This Richard Bankes was called a tailor, aged about twenty-four years, when he was licensed to marry Oct. 25, 1631 at St. Andrews, Canterbury to one Joan Harrison of Elham of the same age. If this identification is accepted, as there is no evidence to the contrary, three children were born to them and the last one baptized Sept. 5, 1641. This family disappears completely from the parish records of Alkham and is not found in any parish in Kent. One child had been buried.
Richard Banks appears in Scituate, Mass., where he took the oath of fidelity at some unknown date bef. 1644, probably abt. 1642, and there is nothing to show that he came with a family, and it is assumed that this wife and the two children died before his emigration. The Scituate records yield no information on this or the known fact that he married for a second wife, Elizabeth Curtis, sister of Thomas Curtis, and step-dau. of Thomas Chambers, about 1643 He had by her one dau., Elizabeth, born abt. 1645, who married (1) William Blackmore, 1666 and (2) Jacob Bumpus, 1676-7. She was living in 1709 in Middleborough, Mass., but what became of the mother is unknown, perhaps dying in childbirth. Richard Bankes married for his third wife Elizabeth, dau. of John and Elizabeth Alcock of this town, abt. 1655, by whom he had two known sons, viz.:
i. John b. abt 1657
ii. Joseph, b. 1667
iii. Job (?) named for her brother; died without issue, prob. in the Massacre of 1692.
Richard Bankes assumed early his share of the burdens and responsibilities of office as a leading citizen, before and after the usurpation. It will be helpful to group these public activities in order: Provincial Counsellor or Assistant, 1651, 1652, in administration of Governor Godfrey; Selectman, 1653-4-6-9, 1676-9, 1680; Juror, 1649, 1653, 1655-6-8, 1661-2-4-5-8-9, 1671; Trial Justice or Commissioner, 1669, 1672, 1679; Court Appraiser, 1659, 1663, 1671-6-9, 1681-6, 1691, besides several other appointments, as Tax Commissioner, 1652, Overseer of County Prison, 1673. He figures once in court as defendant in a suit of trespass, 1654, involving the title to marsh land in which he was mulcted for costs of the suit. In 1673, with Edward Rishworth, he was the joint signer of a letter to the churches inviting the churches to send delegates to a council to settle Rev. Shubael Dummer (his brother-in-law) as pastor of the church at York.
He was killed in the Indian Massacre January 25, 1692, and his widow and two sons made an agreement April 22, 1696 as to the division of the estate (York Deeds vi, 123). The genealogy of this family will appear in Vol. III of this history. [not on the CDROM]

FTM CD194, Mass. & Maine Genealogies, Vol III, Twisden of Scituate & York, pg 508:
John Twisden was a resident of Scituate Mass. where many Kentish people settled. Due to the controversy over the Scituate Church about the Rev. who took it over in 1642 John Twisden and 2 others decided to form a second parish. "Twisden was already planning to leave the town, however, and with his neighbors Thomas Curtis, Abraham Preble, Richard Banks and their families he journeyed to the eastward where they settled on adjoining lots, called "Scituate Row," in Georgeana, in the Province of Maine (now York, Maine). They had arrived there by Dec. 1642.

The Bank(e)s Family of Maine by Charles-Edward Banks, M.D., NEHGR, 1890, Vol 44, pg 258-259:
RICHARD BANKES, the emigrant ancestor of this family in Maine, was an early settler of Agamenticus (York), undoubtedly before the summer of 1643, living in that part of the town known as "Sciruate" the other division being designated "Scotland." These local names are probably derived from the previous residence of the people who settled there, and in the case of Richard Bankes it appears that in company with Abraham Preble, and Thomas Curtis, at some time prior to his settlement in Maine he took the oath of fidelity at Scituate, Mass. (Plymo. Col. Rec. viii, 183). With one of these fellow emigrants, for such I judge them to be, he appears in Gorgeana (York) purchasing in partnership, July 19, 1645, with Abraham Preble, John Twisden, his brother-in-law Thomas Curtis; and November 20th of the same year, tracts of land of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, the Lord Proprietor, and William Hooke, one of the patentees (York Deeds, I. 101; ii. 178). Finding no evidence of the residence of Richard Bankes in Scituate, I assume that the record of his oath of fidelity in that town is merely, the result of a temporary sojourn there, perhaps among friends, before he chose his final home in New England; and it is of interest to note in this conenction that his companion Abraham Preble married Judith Tilden of Scituate, dau. of the emigrant Nathaniel, and that an Elizabeth Bankes[*], who may have been a sister of Richard, married William Blackmore of Scituate in 1666, and for her second husband Jacob Bumpus of the same place. This seems to explain the local origin of the name "Scituate" as a section of the old town of York, Maine.
RICHARD BANKES in his day and generation lived the life of an average man, assuming his share of the burdens and responsibilities of office as a citizen. It will be only necessary to group these public functions which he performed:---Provincial Council 1651, 1652, under the admin. of Governor Edward Godfrey; Selectman, 1653, 1654, 1656, 1659, 1676, 1679, 1680; Juror, 1649, 1653, 1655, 1658, 1661, 1662, 1664, 1665, 1668, 1669, 1671; Trial Justice or "Commissioner," 1669, 1672, 1679; Court Appraiser, 1659, 1663, 1671, 1676, 1679, 1681, 1686, 1691, besides several other special appointments, as Tax Commissioner 1652, Ovreseer of County Prison 1673. He became a Freeman of Massachusetts at the time of the usurpation proceedings, 1652, and in 1681 appears in a list of inhabitants swearing allegiance to the King. He figures once in Court (1654) as a defendant in a suit of trespass, involving the title of some marsh land in York, and was defeated and mulcted for the cost of the suit. In 1673, with Edward Rishworth, he was the joint signer of a letter to the churches inviting delegates to a council to settle the Rev. Shubael Dummer, H. C. 1656 (his brother-in-law, they having married sisters), as pastor of the church at York. His last public act was as an appraiser, 3 April 1691 (Y.R. v.I.65). The date of his death is not positively know, except that it occured in 1692 (York Deeds, vi.123); and as that was the year of the terrible Indian massacre, Jan. 25, 1691-2, when 137 inhabitants of York wre either killed or carried captive to Canada by the savages, his pastor and elative being among the deat, it is extremely probable that he met his fate also in that tragedy which sent such a shudder throughout New England.
He m. Elizabeth, dau. of John and Elizabeth Alcock of York, who survived him several years, but the date of her death is also unknown. By her he had the following children, whom I have arranged below in an arbitrary precedence, based upon the priority of their appearance in the public records, for there is no record of their births known to me:
2. i. JOHN.
3. ii. SAMUEL.
4. iii. JOB.
5. IV. JOSEPH, b. 1667 (deposes aged 60 in 1727).

[*Elizabeth Banks was his dau, by his 2nd wife as shown above, Elizabeth Alcock was his 3rd wife.]

FTM CD523, History of York, Maine, Vol I, by Charles E. Banks, Baltimore, 1967, pg 295:
From contemporary documents of various classes and other circumstantial evidence the following list has been compiled by the author as representing the probable death list:
[6th & 7th on the list]
Banks, Richard
[Banks] Job

FTM CD523, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire, by Noyes, Libbey & Davis, 1979, pg 75:
RICHARD, of 'Scituate Row,' York (see Preble), he and Thomas Curtis sharing the lot of Thomas Chambers, he had taken the freeman's oath at Scituate, Mass., in same list with Preble. York wit. Mar. 1642-3. Godfrey's Council 1651-2. Prom. in town, church and probate business, often selectm. 1653-1680, Com. t.e.a.c. under Mass. 1669, 72, 79, repeat. gr. j., overseer of county prison 1673. Appar. vict. of York massacre, adm. 28 Nov 1692 to s. Joseph, M. 1st abt 1644 Elizabeth Curtis, bp Aug. 1624, Ash, Kent, d. of Tho. and Richardine, and stepdau. of Thomas Chambers (2); 2nd Elizabeth Alcock, liv. 1698. Ch. by 1st w: Elizabeth, m. at Scituate, 1st 17 July 1666 Wm. Blackmer, who d. 21 Apr. 1676; 2nd 24 Jan. 1676-7, Jacob Bumpas; removed to Rochester. 7 ch. 1677-1687. By 2d w: John, b. ab. 1657, Jobe, fined for cursing 1684, d.s.p, Joseph, b. 1667.

More About Richard Banks:
Cause of Death: killed by Indians in the Candlemas Day Massacre
Occupation: tailor
Residence: Bef. December 1642, From Scituate, to Agamenticus (now York, ME)
Source 1: 1967, FTM CD523Hist Of York, ME, V1, pg 155-157
Source 2: FTM CD113, Savage, Vol I, pg 112
Source 3: Bumpas of the Furtune, by L.A.Bumpas, pg 3
Source 4: FTM CD194, Twisden, pg 508
Source 5: 1890, Banks Fam. of ME, NEHGR 44:258-259
Source 6: 1992, VR's of York, Bragdon&Frost, pg 368
Source 7: 1979, FTM CD523 Gen. Dict. ME&NH, pg 75
Source 8: 1967, Hist. of York by C. E. Banks, V1 pg 115

  Notes for Elizabeth Curtis:
FTM CD523, History of York, Maine, Vol I, by Charles E. Banks, Baltimore, 1967, pg 155-157:
[about Wm. Blackmer] He m. Elizabeth Curtis, sister of Thomas Curtis, and step-dau. of Thomas Chambers, about 1643 He had by her one dau., Elizabeth, born abt. 1645, who married (1) William Blackmore, 1666 and (2) Jacob Bumpus, 1676-7. She was living in 1709 in Middleborough, Mass.

More About Elizabeth Curtis:
Bp/Chr: August 1624, Ash, Kent, England
Misc: m. (2) Jacob Bumpas
Source 1: 1967, FTM CD523Hist Of York, ME, V1, pg 155-157
Source 2: Bumpas of the Furtune, by L.A.Bumpas, pg 3
Source 3: 1967, FTM CD523 Gen. Dict. ME&NH, pg 75
Child of Richard Banks and Elizabeth Curtis is:
  1397 i.   Elizabeth Curtis Banks, born January 24, 1645/46 in York, Maine; died Aft. 1709 in prob. Middleboro, Massachusetts; married William Blackmer July 17, 1666 in Scituate, Massachusetts.

      2808. Roger Mowry, born 1616 in England; died January 5, 1666/67 in Providence, Rhode Island. He married 2809. Mary Johnson Bef. 1635.

      2809. Mary Johnson, born July 31, 1614 in Ware, Hertfordshire, England?; died 1679 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 5618. John Johnson and 5619. Mary Heath.

Notes for Roger Mowry:
Name Variations: Morey, Mowry, Mawry
"The Descendents of John Mowry of RI" by William Mowry, 1909; Vital records of Providence, RI and Salem, MA; Tag 44:232; Hartford Times, 1943
Roger associated with Roger Williams, possibly related. They came to America together in 1631 and then lived in Boston, Plymouth, Salem and fiinally Providence, where they lived next to each other, at approximately the same times. They moved to Providence in 1643. It has been said that Roger
Williams held prayer meetings in the home of Roger Mowry. Roger Mowry took care of the town's cattle in Salem and was a tavern keeper in Providence. A monument to Roger Mowry was erected near Woonsocket in 1896 by a descendent. It was inscribed "To the memory of Roger Mowry and Eight Generations", listing the 8 generations leading to the descendent who had the monument erected. Mary
Johnson's father was John Johnson who came to America in 1630 with Governor Winthrop. Her mother's maiden name may not have been Heath. John Johnson was surveyor general of the army.
The children of Roger Morey and Mary Johnson are:
i. Jonathan Morey, born 02 April 1637 in Salem, Essex, MA; died 19 May 1708 in Plymouth, Plymouth,       MA; married (1) Mary Bartlett 08 July 1659 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA; married (2) Hannah       Pincin Young Witherell Abt. 1694.
ii. Roger Morey, born Abt. 1635 in Salem,, Massachusetts.
iii. Bethiah Morey, born 17 June 1638 in Salem,, Massachusetts; married George Palmer 03 September       1662.
iv. Mary Morey, born 16 January 1639/40 in Salem,, Massachusetts.
v. Elizabeth Morey, born 27 March 1643 in Salem,, Massachusetts.
vi. Nathaniel Morey, born 10 January 1643/44 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island; died 24 March       1717/18; married Johanna Inman
vii. John Morey, born 1645 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island; died 07 September 1690.
viii. Mehitable Morey, born 1646 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island; married Edward King
ix. Joseph Morey, born 1647 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island; died 27 May 1716; married Mary       Wilber
x. Benjamin Morey, born 08 May 1649 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island; died 1719; married       Martha Hazard
xi. Thomas Morey, born 19 July 1652 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island; died 27 December 1717;       married Susanna Newell 06 September 1673.
xii. Hannah Morey, born 28 September 1656 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island; died 1718;       married Benjamin Sherman 03 December 1674.

The Great Migration Begins, Vol. I-III by Robert C. Anderson, NEHGS ONLINE (at
ORIGIN: Unknown
REMOVES: Lynn by 1646, Providence by 1652
OCCUPATION: Neat herd at Salem, 1636-41 [STR 1:41, 109]; innkeeper at Providence by 1655 [RICR 1:313]. In 1657 the Rhode Island Treasurer was ordered to pay Roger "Moorie" 1s. 6d. out of the treasury "for this day's firing & house room" [PrTR 2:110].
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: In list of Salem church members compiled in late 1636 [SChR 5] (annotated "removed").
FREEMAN: 18 May 1631 (as "Roger Mawry") [ MBCR 1:366].
EDUCATION: He could sign his name [PrTR 1:63], and his wife made her mark [PrTR 3:213].
OFFICES: Essex petit jury (from Salem), 25 January 1641[/2] [EQC 1:33].
Providence constable, 1655 [PrTR 2:81]; one of six men chosen to hear cases in Providence 1662 [PrTR 3:37]; in later life frequently a Providence juryman.
ESTATE: In the Salem land grant of 1636 "Roger Morie" received 40 [or 50] acres "next to Mr. Cole" [STR 1:20; 26]. On 14 August 1637, he requested a "spot of ground by Estye's" [STR 1:54-55]. He was granted three-quarters of an acre of marsh on 25 December 1637, with a household of five [STR 1:103].
He had fifty acres laid out 20 February 1637 and on 20 July 1638 he was granted a strip of meadow of 2 acres and 1 acres of upland [STR 1:71].
Land was laid out in Providence to Roger Mowry in early 1656 at his request [PrTR 2:92]. On 27 August 1656 he had a house lot laid out to him upon the hill against Robert Williams's meadow [PrTR 2:97]. On 15 January 1658 he bought a house and four acres from Robert Colwell [PrTR 2:16] and sold it to Thomas Olney Sr. of Providence 19 March 1658/9 [PrTR 1:62-63]. On 7 April 1660 was granted six acres of land and three acres of meadow in exchange for land that he had been previously granted [PrTR 2:126]. On 12 June 1660 he sold ninety acres of land a mile outside of Providence to John Acres of Dorchester [PrTR 1:14-6, 3:118]. On 23 November 1660 Henry Neale of Braintree, carpenter, sold Mowry everything he had in Providence, including his house, which had been purchased from Daniel Comstock [PrTR 1:57-8]; on 3 February 1661/2 Mowry sold the right of commonage that came with this land to William Carpenter [PrTR 1:85]. On 4 May 1661 Samuel Comstock's widow, Anne Smith of Providence, sold Mowry four acres in the row of houses in the the north part of Providence, next to a parcel already owned by Mowry [PrTR 1:58-9]. Mowry sold Robert Colwell's right of commonage to William Carpenter of Pautuxett on 22 December 1662 [PrTR 1:70-76]. In the Division on the East Side of the Seven Mile Line, Roger Mowry drew lot #74 on 19 February 1665[/6] [PrTR 3:73].
On 3 June 1685 Timothy Brookes reveals that "for & in satisfaction of a certain sum of money which the said Roger Mawrey promised unto the said Eldad Kinsley in marriage with his said daughter Mehittabell for part of her portion, [Mowry] did ... give ... unto the said Eldad Kinsley a certain quantity of land containing by estimation twelve acres" [PrTR 14:129].
Although Roger Mowry had made her his executrix, the widow Mary ultimately refused administration of his insolvent estate [RICR 2:244]. She later accepted administration, but neither will nor inventory survive and were missing as early as 1677 when a review of town books which had survived King Philip's war revealed that the administration papers and bond were missing. She may have been an ineffective administratrix, for son Jonathan claimed before a Providence town meeting that he had taken possession of twelve acres of upland that had been his father's right, being the "son & heir apparent" [PrTR 8:93].
BIRTH: By about 1610 based on date of freemanship.
DEATH: Providence 5 January 1666[/7] [NEHGR 52:207].
MARRIAGE: By 1637 Mary Johnson, daughter of JOHN JOHNSON . She married (2) Rehoboth 14 January 1673 John Kingsley [ReVR 220] and was buried at Rehoboth 6 January 1678/9 [Early Rehoboth 1:32].
i JONATHAN, bp. Salem 2 April 1637 [SChR 16]; m. (1) Plymouth 8 July 1659 Mary (Bartlett) Foster, widow of Richard Foster and daughter of ROBERT BARTLETT [PCR 8:22; TAG 32:193-96, 53:154-56]; m. (2) say 1694 Hannah (Pincen) (Young) Witherell, daughter of Thomas Pincen [TAG 32:194-95].
ii APPIA/BETHIAH, bp. Salem 17 June 1638 [SChR 16]; m. 30 September 1662 George Palmer [TAG 20:53-54].
iii MARY, bp. Salem 16 January 1639[/40] [SChR 17]; no further record.
iv ELIZABETH, bp. Salem 27 March 1642 [SChR 18]; living in 1690 when she appears in an account of payments from the estate of her brother John [Providence Probate A50]; apparently unmarried.
v NATHANIEL, b. say 1643; m. (intention) Providence 28 August 1666 Joanna Inman, daughter of Edward Inman [RIVR 2:Providence:134].
vi MEHITABLE, b. say 1644; m. (1) Providence 9 May 1662 (or shortly thereafter) Eldad Kingsley [PrTR 3:23]; m. (2) by 1685 as his second wife Timothy Brooks, son of Henry Brooks (they made a deed together on 3 June 1685 [PrTR 14:129-31]).
vii JOHN, b. say 1646 ; m. by about 1674 Mary _____ [Austin 348-49].
viii JOSEPH, b. say 1647; m. by 1672 Mary Wilbur, daughter of William Wilbur [Austin 228].
ix BENJAMIN, b. 8 May 1649 [PrTR 2:18]; bp. Salem 20 May 1649 [SChR 22]; m. say 1676 Martha (Hazard) Potter, widow of Ichabod Potter and daughter of Thomas and Martha (_____) Hazard.
x THOMAS, b. Providence 19 July 1652 [PrTR 2:18]; m. Roxbury 6 September 1673 Susanna Newell.
xi HANNAH, b. Providence 28 September 1656 [PrTR 2:18]; m. Portsmouth 3 December 1674 Benjamin Sherman [Austin 179].
ASSOCIATIONS: Hannah Mowry and Elizabeth Mowry were members of the Salem church in the 1640s and may have been connected in some way to Roger Mowry [SChR 11]. Alternatively, their surnames may have been variants of "Moore" or "More."
COMMENTS: In a warrant to the constable of Lynn, dated 29 December 1646, one of the witnesses was "Roger Morey" [EQC 1:107].
Mention is made of "where Rogr Morey's old house stood" in 1649 [EQC 1:175], perhaps referring to his remove from Salem to Lynn. A flawed reading of records in the case in which Mrs. Lydia Bankes sued Mowry for debt in June of 1650 resulted in the erroneous conclusion that Lydia was the daughter of John Johnson of Roxbury [EQC 1:193].
John Clawson, a servant of Roger Williams, is said to have complained of some men, "such as Roger Mowry," according to the deposition of Edward Inman on the occasion of Clawson's violent death [PrTR 15:83-84].
Roger was administrator of the estate of William Robinson of Providence in October 1657 [PrTR 2:108].
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE : In 1992 Dean Crawford Smith and Melinde Lutz Sanborn published a comprehensive treatment of Roger Mowry and his son Nathaniel [Angell Anc 414-34].

More About Roger Mowry:
Emigration: 1631, came to New England with Roger Williams
Occupation: Neat herd(Salem), innkeeper (at Prov.,RI)
Residence: 1646, Salem to Lynn; by 1652 to Prov., RI
Source 1: 1909, Desc. of John Mowry, by Wm. Mowry
Source 2: MFIP, Warren, 5th Ed., 1995, pg 11
Source 3: Grt.Mig. (Rog.Mowry) NEHGS ONLINE Vol I-III
Source 4: Grt.Mig. (J.Johnson) NEHGS ONLINE Vol I-III

More About Mary Johnson:
Burial: January 6, 1678/79, Rehoboth, Massachusetts
Misc: March 16, 1673/74, m. (2) John Kingsley at Rehoboth, Mass.
Source 1: MFIP, Warren, 5th Ed., 1995, pg 11
Source 2: Grt.Mig. (J.Johnson) NEHGS ONLINE Vol I-III
Source 3: Grt.Mig. (Rog.Mowry) NEHGS ONLINE Vol I-III
Child of Roger Mowry and Mary Johnson is:
  1404 i.   Lt. Jonathan Mowry, born Bet. 1636 - 1637 in Salem, Massachusetts; died May 19, 1708 in Plymouth, Massachusetts; married Mary Bartlett July 8, 1659 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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