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Paternal Ancestors of Ronald Paul Kanarr

Generation No. 9

      257. Elsbeth Knoerr, died Bef. 1726.
Child of Elsbeth Knoerr is:
  128 i.   Abraham Knerr, Sr, born Abt. 1714 in Alsace, France?; died 21 Apr 1793 in Northampton Co, Pa; married Maria Eva Faess 1740 in Burbach, Alsace, France.

      258. Andreas Faess96, died Unknown. He married 259. Anna Eichenberger.

      259. Anna Eichenberger96, died Unknown.
Children of Andreas Faess and Anna Eichenberger are:
  129 i.   Maria Eva Faess, born 12 Oct 1713 in Berg, Alsace, France; died 20 Jun 1792 in Northampton Co, Pa; married Abraham Knerr, Sr 1740 in Burbach, Alsace, France.
  ii.   Anna Dorothea Faess97, born 03 Mar 1724/25 in Berg, Alsace, France98; died Unknown; married Jacob Martin 01 Feb 1751/52 in Berg, Alsace, France99; died Unknown.
  iii.   Peter Faess100, died Unknown.
  iv.   Anna Barbara Faess100, died Unknown; married Peter Gulch; died Unknown.
  v.   Johann Andreas Faess100, died Unknown; married Margaretha Froelich; died Unknown.
  vi.   Johann Nickel Faess100, died Unknown.
  vii.   Magdalena Faess100, died Unknown; married Peter Carl; died Unknown.
  viii.   Susanna Catharina Faess100, died Unknown; married Simon Dintinger; died Unknown.

      288. Simon Ruffner, born Abt. 1687; died Unknown. He married 289. Barbara Schiltz.

      289. Barbara Schiltz, died Unknown.

Notes for Simon Ruffner:
From "Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania," Vol III, J.W. Jordan, 1911. Page 1558.

"According to the most reliable records obtainable of the Ruffner family, they were established in America about 1750, by Simon Ruffner, a native of the Austrian Tyrol, who came here about that date, accompanied by a brother not named. They settled in Maryland not far from the present city of Baltimore. In time one of them moved into Western Maryland or Virginia and nothing more is known of him except that persons of that name (Ruffner) believed to be his descendents, are now found in the Shenandoah Valley. Seven generations of the family are traced in this record as follows:
SIMON RUFFNER, American ancestor, was a noted pioneer and hunter, and it is from him that Ruffner's Cave, one of the celebrated Luray caves in the Shenandoah Valley is named, he having been lost in it for five days, and when rescued was nearly dead. About 1769 Simon Ruffner came to Pennsylvania with his family, settling in the German settlement in eastern Pennsylvania, having for a missionary center the little town of Goshenhoppen. The first mention of the name in the register at this place is on February 22, 1767, so that is assumed to be about the date of coming to Pennsylvania. Simon Ruffner and three sons, Philip, Simon and Christian served in the Revolutionary War, in the Northampton County Rangers. Simon's wife is named in the register only as Barbara. The order of birth of his children is not known, but Philip appears to have been the eldest and Simon, Jr. the youngest of the sons.

From "Pennsylvania German Pioneers," R.F. Strassberger and W.J. Hinke, Ed., Vol II, Norristown, Pa., 1934. Page 335.

Ship 'Loyal Judith' arrived at Philadelphia 'at the seventh hour on Sept 2, 1743, Captain James Cowey, Master.' From Rotterdam, last from Cowes, England. List 97A Simon Ruffner, age 56.
(NOTE: Generally assumed that his age should read '36' rather than '56.')

From "American Catholic Historical Society," Commodore John Barry, Vol II, Page 323.

The Gosshenhoppen Register shows the baptism of a daughter, Jo M. Eva on February 4, 1745, near 'Croners Mills.'

(NOTE: It is generally assumed that Simon Ruffner spent some time near Baltimore, but apparently much less time than stated in 'Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Penna.' since this baptism in Goshenhoppen, Pa. took place about 16 months after Simon's arrival in Pa.)

From "History of the County of Westmoreland, Pennsylvania," ed. George Dallas Albert, Philadelphia, 1882, Chapter 41, page 267.
"Five German Catholic families, for reasons not known, but presumably to better their worldly condition, left these Eastern settlements in the years 1787 and 1788 for Westmoreland County, having previously arranged for the reception of occasional visits and the consolation of religion with priests from the German settlements at Goschenhoppen, Berks Co., Conewago, and Philadelphia. After leaving their Eastern homes they journeyed through Huntington County to Hollidaysburg, crossing the main ridge of the Allegheny Mountains and settled in Unity Township, Westmoreland County. The following are the names of the heads of these families: John Propst, John Jung, Patrick Archbold, Simon Ruffner, Christian Ruffner, and George Ruffner. They were joined in the year 1789 by Mr. Henry Kuhn, from Goschenhoppen, Berks Co., Pa. Having settled here and there in Unity Township, they went to Greensburg in March, 1789, to buy a lot on which to erect a temporary church and lay out a graveyard. The land, however, was presented to them, as they had only five shillings in cash."

Page 267 and 268, concerning the Catholic priest, Theodore Brouwers, who came to Westmoreland Co.
"Arriving in Greensburg and not finding a suitable residence, he boarded during winter with Mr. Christian Ruffner, who resided about three miles east of the town."

Page 268, footnote, the will of Theodore Browers, "And I do nominate constitute and appoint Christian Ruffner and Henry Coons Executors to this my last will and testament."

Children of Simon Ruffner and Barbara Schiltz are:
  144 i.   Philip Ruffner, died 1784 in Moore Twp, Northampton Co, Pa; married (1) Anna Catharine Kuhn Abt. 1763; married (2) Eva Koenig 11 Jan 1774 in Goshenhoppen Mission chapel, Northampton Co., Pa..
  ii.   Christian Ruffner, born Abt. 1740; died Unknown; married Mary Ottilia Kuhn 01 Jul 1764 in Goshenhoppen, Pa.101; born Abt. 1745 in Pa.102; died Unknown.
  iii.   Jo. M. Eva Ruffner, born 04 Feb 1744/45 in near Croner's Mill, Pa.103; died Unknown.
  iv.   George Adam Ruffner, born Abt. Feb 1746/47 in Pa.104; died Unknown.
  v.   Nicklaus Ruffner, born Abt. Apr 1749; died Unknown.
  vi.   Simon Ruffner, Jr, born Abt. 1751; died Unknown; married Catharine Griffin 08 Jan 1771 in Northampton Co., Pa.105; died Unknown.

      290. Henry Kuhn, born Abt. 1718; died 22 Aug 1765 in Salisbury Twp, Northampton Co, Pa.. He was the son of 580. John Kuhn and 581. Anna Barbara Adam. He married 291. Anna Margaret Schmidt.

      291. Anna Margaret Schmidt, died 22 Nov 1773 in CedarCreek settlement, Northampton County, Pa.106.

More About Anna Margaret Schmidt:
Burial: 24 Nov 1773, Goshenhoppen Mission church graveyard, Northampton Co, Pa.107
Children of Henry Kuhn and Anna Schmidt are:
  i.   Margaret Kuhn, born Abt. 1740; died Unknown.
  Notes for Margaret Kuhn:
From The Gosshenhoppen Registers, 1741 - 1819, Page 17, III, Burials.
("Of these, only three are recorded before Father De Ritter came to Goshenhoppen, and none of them are dated:") (MY NOTE: Father De Ritter arrived in summer of 1765)

"Kuhn, Margaret, daughter of henry and _________Kuhn, died July 19th from being burnt while her parents were away attending a religous service at Magunshi, buried July 21st, near her father's house at Cedron Creek."

I think the above is daughter of Henry & Margaret Kuhn, as a second child was named Margaret, as was usual when an earlier child died. Also, "Cedron Creek" is really Cedar Creek, where the Kuhn's lived. Since the eldest Margaret was born about 1740 and the youngest was born in 1744, and since we don't know what year the death took place, a good assumption would be before April 1744, when the youngest Margaret was baptized.

  ii.   Anna Barbara Kuhn, born Abt. 28 Mar 1742 in Pa.108; died Unknown.
  iii.   Anna Margaret Kuhn, born 22 Apr 1744 in Pa.109; died Unknown.
  iv.   Mary Ottilia Kuhn, born Abt. 1745 in Pa.110; died Unknown; married Christian Ruffner 01 Jul 1764 in Goshenhoppen, Pa.111; born Abt. 1740; died Unknown.
  v.   Jacob/James Kuhn, born Abt. 1747; died Unknown.
  145 vi.   Anna Catharine Kuhn, born 13 Apr 1747 in Pa.; died Abt. 1773 in northampton Co., Pa; married Philip Ruffner Abt. 1763.
  vii.   John Kuhn, born Abt. 1749; died Unknown.
  viii.   Henry Kuhn, born Abt. 1750; died Unknown.
  ix.   Anna Mary Kuhn, born Abt. 1753; died Unknown.
  x.   Joseph Kuhn, born 06 May 1760; died Unknown.

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