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Descendants of Abraham Knerr, Sr

      189. Henry4 Canarr (Abraham3 Knerr, Johannes (John)2, Abraham1) was born June 08, 1823 in Union Co., PA, and died October 28, 1872 in Cedar Co., Iowa. He married Catharine Cunningham 1847 in Ohio.

Notes for Henry Canarr:
Henry Canarr was a farmer. In 1850 he lived in Dallas Twp., Crawford Co., PA. He had moved to Canaan Twp, Morrow Co., OH by 1860. He moved to Cedar Co., Iowa in 1867 and is buried at Muscatine Cemetery. He was reportedly raised by his sister Eliza Kester. Value of his property in 1850 was $600.
By 1860 his real estate was valued at $2800 and his personal property at $656.

Children of Henry Canarr and Catharine Cunningham are:
  544 i.   Mary R.5 Canarr, born 1848. She married ? Swisher.
+ 545 ii.   David Frank Canarr, born August 26, 1852 in Crawford Co., Ohio; died November 20, 1890 in Muscatine, Iowa.
+ 546 iii.   John Harvey Canarr, born 1854 in Crawford Co., Ohio; died in Muscatine, Iowa.
  547 iv.   Margaret Caroline Canarr, born 1858. She married ? Entzler.
  548 v.   Elizabeth Canarr, born 1859. She married ? Hardman.
  549 vi.   Viola Canarr, born 1861. She married ? Harrington.
  550 vii.   Sarah Canarr, born 1863. She married ? Hardman.

      190. Daniel4 Canarr (Abraham3 Knerr, Johannes (John)2, Abraham1) was born March 11, 1829 in Union Co., PA, and died January 05, 1865 in Chattanooga, TN. He married Lucinda Ault September 02, 1855 in Caledonia, Marion Co., Ohio.

Notes for Daniel Canarr:
Write up on this Knarr family in the Knarr book vol 2 pgs aft 121

Daniel spelled his name Knerr, Canarr, and Knarr at various stages. A detailed
story of his life and times and descendants has been written by his grand-daughter, Nell Reeser. It can be found at the Indiana State Library.
Much of the information on this family was provided to us by Miss Reeser and by Julia Ann (Knarr) Binkley of Star City, IN.
Daniel Knarr was a farmer who had migrated to Fulton Co., IN by the time of the Civil War's outbreak. He purchased 80 acres near Rochester, IN. in Union Twp. in Fulton Co. about 1860. He served in Co. E of the 87th Indiana Infantry
and died from injuries suffered at Franklin, Tenn. He is buried in the National Cemetery at Chattanooga, Tenn.

Children of Daniel Canarr and Lucinda Ault are:
+ 551 i.   Melinda Ellen5 Knarr, born June 02, 1856 in Marion Co., Ohio; died August 01, 1919 in Cass Co., Indiana.
+ 552 ii.   Thomas Highly Knarr, born July 04, 1858 in Marion Co., Ohio; died March 29, 1932 in Winamac, Pulaski Co., Indiana.
+ 553 iii.   Jerome Franklin (Jay) Knarr, born August 09, 1860 in Fulton Co., Indiana; died September 19, 1938 in Royal Centre, Cass Co., Indiana.
+ 554 iv.   John Henry Knarr(John Samuel Norris), born September 18, 1863 in Fulton Co., Indiana; died in New Orleans, LA.

      191. Franklin4 Knarr (Abraham3 Knerr, Johannes (John)2, Abraham1) was born July 10, 1831 in Union Co., PA, and died March 23, 1913 in Centre Co., PA. He married Sarah J. Adams Abt. 1862.

Notes for Franklin Knarr:
Franklin was a moulder and ironworker. He lived in West Buffalo, Twp in Union Co., PA in 1860. By 1900 he had moved to Main St. in Millheim, PA.
Children of Franklin Knarr and Sarah Adams are:
  555 i.   Seward Asbury5 Knarr, born 1859; died 1860.
  556 ii.   Henry Slicer Knarr, born 1861; died Abt. 1887 in Chicago, Illinois.
+ 557 iii.   Elmer Ellsworth Knarr, born November 04, 1862 in Pennsylvania; died January 16, 1934 in Millheim, PA.

      192. Nathan4 Knerr (Johan Jacob3, Johannes (John)2, Abraham1) was born 1808 in Lehigh Co., PA, and died January 18, 1863 in Allentown, PA. He married Judith Ettinger/Edinger Abt. 1828.

Notes for Nathan Knerr:
source: Zion Reformed Church, Allentown, PA
Died of consumption

Marriage Notes for Nathan Knerr and Judith Ettinger/Edinger:
source: Zion Reformed Church, Allentown, PA
Children of Nathan Knerr and Judith Ettinger/Edinger are:
+ 558 i.   John Solomon5 Knerr, born December 03, 1828 in Allentown, PA; died Aft. 1905 in Allentown, PA.
+ 559 ii.   Levinus (Lafayette) Knerr, born May 07, 1830 in Longswamp Twp., Lehigh Co., PA; died May 07, 1905 in Allentown, PA.
  560 iii.   Charles Knerr, born 1835 in Allentown, PA.
+ 561 iv.   Daniel Knerr, born 1838 in Allentown, PA.
+ 562 v.   James Henry Knerr, born March 24, 1839 in Allentown, PA.
  563 vi.   Anna Maria Angelina Knerr, born March 02, 1844 in Allentown, PA; died October 03, 1924 in Allentown, PA. She married Jacob Reichard.
  Notes for Anna Maria Angelina Knerr:
source: St. Peter's Ev. Lutheran Church, Allentown, PA

  Marriage Notes for Anna Knerr and Jacob Reichard:
source: St. Peter's Ev. Lutheran Church, Allentown, PA

  564 vii.   Elizabeth Knerr, born 1849. She married ? Diehl.
  565 viii.   Caroline Knerr, born 1851. She married ? Kleckner.

      198. Sarah Ann4 Knerr (Johan Jacob3, Johannes (John)2, Abraham1) was born January 04, 1822, and died in Allentown, PA. She married Solomon Burger.
Children of Sarah Knerr and Solomon Burger are:
  566 i.   Henry J.5 Burger, born 1845.
  567 ii.   Sylvester Burger, born 1846.
  568 iii.   William F. Burger, born 1848.

      202. Johannes (John)4 Knerr (Isaac3, Johannes (John)2, Abraham1) was born December 25, 1809 in Upper Mahanoy Twp., Northumberland Co., PA, and died January 31, 1859 in Upper Mahanoy Twp., Northumberland Co., PA. He married Catharine Dunkelberger 1832 in Pennsylvania, daughter of John Dunkelberger and Susanna Zimmerman.

Notes for Johannes (John) Knerr:
Records from Klinger's Church, Dauphin Co., PA from Vicki Kanarr 4.14.1997

Johann Knerr & wf Catherine Dunkelberger
Catherine Knerr
b. 3 Feb 1839 Christened 20 Mar 1841
sponsors Jacob Maurer & Magdalena Dunkelberger

John Knerr & wf Catherina Dunkleberger
Daniel Knerr
b. 7 Jul 1841 Christened 8 Aug 1841
sponsors Elias Mager & Susanna Dunkelberger (both single)

John Knerr & wf Catherine Dunkelberger
Susanna Knerr
b. 25 Oct 1846 Christened 6 Dec 1846
sponsors Solomon Dunkelberger & wf Elisabeth Wagner

1850 census, Upper Mahanoy, John 40 turner, Catharine 40, Elisabeth 18, Saloma 15, Catharine 11, Daniel 9, Susan 4.

Children of Johannes Knerr and Catharine Dunkelberger are:
  569 i.   Elisabeth5 Knerr, born March 18, 1832; died February 16, 1858. She married Johannes E. Stehr.
  570 ii.   Abraham Knerr, born 1835.
  571 iii.   Salome Knerr, born November 29, 1835; died June 27, 1859. She married Johannes C. Stehr.
  572 iv.   Catherine Knerr, born February 03, 1839.
+ 573 v.   Daniel Knerr, born July 07, 1841.
  574 vi.   Susanna Knerr, born October 25, 1846.
+ 575 vii.   Aaron D. Knarr, born August 03, 1852 in Northumberland Co., PA; died November 16, 1908.

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