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Updated May 19, 2006

Dottie Keegan

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Welcome cousins! This sight has been set up to help you find information on the surnames of King-Roush-Mitchell-Kirk-Beaumont-Pearson-Lamb-Newby-Hollowell-Crume-Hosier-Taylor and many other related families in the Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma,Texas, Indiana, Michagan, Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon and New York areas around the early 1700's to present. If you are looking for a lost relative, I hope you find them here. If you have a relative you are looking to place, we are looking to find some of ours, so I hope you can place them here. Maybe we can be of help to one another. I both need and have information on the King surname with roots coming from Michigan and the Mitchell surname with roots in and around the central part of the U.S. Also I need and have information on the Roush family with roots in the state of Indiana. Also the Kirk surname with roots in Missouri, and information on the Beaumonts coming from Nebraska and New York State. If I have information of value to you, you are welcome to it. If you have information you feel may be of value to me please contact me at the above address. I want to thank those of you that have kindly contributed to the family information found on this website because a lot of the information has been contributed by other family members and not personally researched by me, mistakes can and do happen and I hope you don't get upset. If there are corrections needed please let me know and I will try to get it corrected as soon as possible. Enjoy searching the site, and happy hunting!

You also might enjoy visiting my other home page at <>
Please sign the guestbook and let me know what you think of it. Dottie

Family Photos

  • Dorothy May Mitchell 1948 (17 KB)
    Dorothy when she was about 16 years old. January 11, 1932-March 17, 1998
  • Thomas Frederick "Fred" King and his Sons (38 KB)
    Picture taken about 1949-1950 Left to right- Thomas Frederick "Fred" King, Thomas Frederick "Tom" King Jr., Percy James "Perry" King, Samuel Edward "Sam" King, and front, Wayne Gene King
  • The Eddie Lee Howe Family, Late in the year 1918 (28 KB)
    Goldie Fay "Fay" Roush Howe, Eddie Lee Howe and their first born son William Thomas "Bill" Howe.
  • Myrta and Daughters 1957 (21 KB)
    Myrta Mae Stagle King, Billie Irene King and Pamela Mae King
  • Maude Smith Pearson (21 KB)
    Frances Maude Smith Pearson, wife of Tom Pearson
  • Harrold Roush Family about 1907-1908 (28 KB)
    Photo taken in Bridgeport, Illinois in the early 1900s. Only about 11 people have been identified. They are: Carey Roush, Orville Roush, Goldie Fay "Fay" Roush, Mary Ann Hosier Roush Harrold, Ted Roush, Nova Roush, Lewis F. Harrold, William Wesley Roush, Mary Sierra Roush, Electa Jane Pearson Roush and June Roush. Sorry to say no others can be identified at this time. CAN YOU HELP??
  • Viola Emma Herrell King, With daughters (297 KB)
    Viola Emma Herrell King, with her daughters, Wonda, Emma and Betty
  • Sam King and Myrta Mae Stagle (17 KB)
    Taken the day they were married March 07, 1955
  • Charles Roush (15 KB)
    Charles Roush son of Eldon Elijah Roush and Bertha Susan Barden
  • Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Roush about 1943 (32 KB)
    Electa Jane Pearson Roush September 12, 1871-April 07, 1944 and William Wesley Roush October 01, 1872-April 16, 1953
  • Charles Roush and Brothers (34 KB)
    Left to Right, Back Row: Dale Roush, Charles Chester Roush Front Row: Eddie Roush, Edward Roush, Cecil Rolston
  • Dorothy May and Charles John Mitchell (36 KB)
    A young brother and sister. Photo taken in 1936
  • Ed and Eddie Roush (Twin Brothers) (18 KB)
    Left to Right: Eddie Clarence Roush and Edward Lawerence Roush
  • Friends (31 KB)
    William Wesley Roush and Friends (William Wesley is man in the middle. Don't know who the friends are)
  • Eldon Elijah ROUSH (23 KB)
    18 Aug 1875 to 28 Nov 1920
  • Brother and Sisters 1976 (17 KB)
    Angelique Alta Bodine age 4, Tracy John Bodine age 9mo. and Robyn Mae Bodine age 1 1/2
  • Bertha Susan Barden Roush Pipkin' Children (23 KB)
    Left to Right, Back Row: Edward Roush, Eddie Roush, Charles Roush Front Row, Left to Right: Wilber Pipkin, Dale Roush, Kathryn Roush Rolston, Paris Pipkin
  • Katherine Roush and sons (16 KB)
    From left to right Ira Eugene Rolston, Carl Edward Rolston, Kathryn Roush Rolston Brewer, Middle
  • Warren Aunts (158 KB)
    Back Row Left to Right: Martha - Sierra Nevada Roush Williams - Dorcas - Aunt Edna - Aunt Maggie - Aunt Julie First Row left side: Katherine Roush - Danny Roush - Mary Jane Jackson Roush - Nancy Roush - Maude Williams - Shirley Williams - and Maxine
  • Emma Temperance Coles (137 KB)
    Emma T. Coles probably around the time she was married to John Franklin Lamb
  • June Roush Long age 30 (9 KB)
    Photo taken in 1940
  • Mother and Son Oct. 8, 1927 (26 KB)
    Arthur "Ted" Roush abt. 17 yrs old and Nova Mable Roush Jones Sparks age 33
  • Arthur "Ted" Roush picture taken about 1910-1911 (21 KB)
    Ted between the ages of one and two.
  • Brothers about 1915 (23 KB)
    Left to Right Orville Guy Roush and Carey Albert "Buck" Roush
  • Lucy Viola Lamb and Herman Hastie (64 KB)
    probably a wedding photo or shortly after marriage in 1902
  • Bonnie and Clyde Who? (51 KB)
    This is such a great picture I just had to put it in. No one knows who these people are, but talk about charactor!
  • Floyd Ray Mitchell (19 KB)
    WWII Photo taken in 1946. Born: August 25, 1921 Died: August 25, 1997
  • Brothers and Sisters (22 KB)
    Left to Right: Dorothy May Mitchell, Mildred Ethel Mitchell, Elmer Fred Mitchell and Charles John Mitchell taken about 1937
  • Charles John Mitchell (76 KB)
    Picture taken between 1948-1949
  • Birthday Boy (28 KB)
    Ronald Lee Prescott on his 5th birthday
  • Uncle Buck (31 KB)
    Cary Albert Roush (Uncle Buck) and his wife
  • Cool Dudes on Vacation (38 KB)
    The Keegans and Bodines on vacation to Disney World. Left to right-Tabbatha Keegan, Robyn Bodine, Melissa Keegan, Erin Keegan, Brian Keegan, Dottie Keegan, Dawn Keegan, Tracy Bodine. Angelique Bodine Ceniti is the Picture Taker.
  • The Mitchell New Car (17 KB)
    Left to Right- Floyd Ray Mitchell, James Albert Mitchell, Ralph Mitchell, Mable Mitchell and Mary Sierra Roush Mitchell with one in the oven.
  • Four Generation Picture (34 KB)
    Left to Right- Dottie King Bodine Keegan, Dorothy Mitchell King Holinsworth Reiser, Angelique Bodine Ceniti and Eric Angelo Ceniti Jr.
  • Sunday Drive (13 KB)
    Maria (Mariah) Greenwood Pearson and Daughter Morna Mary "Mary" Pearson
  • Charles Holcomb and Goldie Crow Holcomb (83 KB)
    Exact year is not known for this photograph, but it's estimated to have been taken about 1930.
  • What a Hat! (29 KB)
    Carey Roush with wife Bertha Wilson Roush and daughter Mable Roush
  • Mary Sierra Roush Mitchell & James Albert Mitchell (53 KB)
    This could possibly be their wedding photograph.
  • Sister, Sister (13 KB)
    Nova M. Roush and her sister Goldie Fay "Fay" Roush
  • Working Girls (61 KB)
    Cook-Mary Roush Mitchell-far right, Manager-Marle Gibbons-middle and friend on the left. All worked at the White Knight Restaurant in Wichita, Kansas about 1951/52.
  • Line Up (28 KB)
    Left to Right- June Roush, Ted Roush and Mary Sierra Roush
  • Myself and my oldest daughter, Angelique (17 KB)
    Picture taken in the winter of 1990. Wish I still looked like this!!!!!! Oh well!! Left to Right- Angelique Alta Bodine and Dottie Jean King Bodine Keegan.
  • Mother and Daughters (31 KB)
    Top- Mary Sierra Roush, Left- June Roush, Right Electa Jane Pearson Roush
  • Peter Pearson, b. 1817 d. June 30, 1891 (49 KB)
    My Great-great-great-grandfather, Peter Pearson
  • Nova (32 KB)
    Nova Roush
  • Maria (Mariah)Greenwood Pearson in her older years (22 KB)
    My Great-great-grandmother
  • I received this picture from Bill Myers (47 KB)
    L-R Standing- Dimple Roush Needham, Blanche Roush Omdorff, Lena (Urith Uline) Roush Smith, Ester Roush Parr Troy Goode, Evelyn Roush Rhodes, Iva Roush Myers, Bertha Roush Hanna Freemire. Their Mother, Sarah Elizabeth Poe Roush is seated in front. I received this picture from Bill Myers and he relates this was taken early 1940s. WHAT A WONDERFUL PICTURE!
  • William Riley, Elzora Mae, Nora and Clinton (139 KB)
    William Riley Mitchell, Elzora Mae Buckner Mitchell, Nora, Elzora's 1/2 sister and Nora's son Clinton Brewer. Picture taken about 1920
  • Four generations of the Buckner Family (59 KB)
    Left to right- Ora Beatrice Mitchell Ehret, Elzora Mae Buckner Mitchell, L. Jane Fowler Buckner, Baby is Donna Verrill Ehret.
  • Buckner Women (80 KB)
    Left to Right - Thelma Carrie Mitchell, L. Jane Fowler Buckner, Elzora Mae Buckner Mitchell, woman holding baby is Nora Unknown,1/2 sister to Elzora and first child of L. Jane Fowler Buckner, Front - Myra Patricia Ehret, and baby is Donna Verrill Ehret.
  • George (29 KB)
    George Edward Roush- November 29, 1894- May 21, 1971
  • Jim and the Gang from Buffalo Bills "Wild West" (119 KB)
    A poster showing John Henigar "Jim" Mitchell with the cast of Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" Show. Names starting from top to bottom L-R are: Dick Johnson, Annie Oakley, Gabriel Dumont, Lillian Smith, Carter Coultier, William Frederick Cody "Buffalo Bill", Young Chief, John Henigar "Jim" Mitchell, John M. Burke, William Levi "Buck" Taylor and Nate Salsbury.
  • John Henigar "Jim" Mitchell and Billie Bulluck (73 KB)
    John Henigar, (stage name "Jim") Mitchell, is on the Left, Billie Bulluck is on the Right. They are star cowboys in Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" Show.
  • Bust of John Henigar "Jim" Mitchell (36 KB)
    John Henigar, "Jim" posed for this picture in Brooklyn, New York while on tour with Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" in 1894. "Jim" is about 46 years old at this time.
  • Handsome George (208 KB)
    A young George Edward Roush
  • Ora Beatrice Mitchell Ehret late 1940s (174 KB)
    Ora Beatrice Mitchell Ehret late 1940s
  • Beautiful Alma (583 KB)
    A young Alma Oakley Starkey Roush
  • Buckner Family (153 KB)
    Left to Right - John Buckner, L. Jane Fowler Buckner, Elzora Mae Buckner, and the tall man is unknown. Do you know who he is?
  • James Albert Mitchell 1920 (11 KB)
    A young and dashing grandfather. June 26, 1894-March 31, 1969 We miss you!
  • William Riley Mitchell and Myra Patricia Mae Ehret (193 KB)
    William Riley Mitchell and Myra Patricia Mae Ehret. Grandfather and granddaughter 1937
  • The Good Old Days (23 KB)
    Taken at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas
  • L. Jane Fowler Buckner and unknown people (194 KB)
    L. Jane Fowler Buckner is seated on the far right. It is not known who the other people are. It could be her daughters and granddaughter. It could also be daughter Ophelia sitting to her left. Do you know who these people are?
  • Thelma Mitchell 1942-1945 (46 KB)
    Thelma was a WAC in WWII
  • "Belvidere" Newby/Lamb Family Estate Home (208 KB)
    Newspaper article from The Perquiman's Weekly of Feb 3, 1977 showing the Newby/Lamb estate home that was built in 1767. The house was nominated into the National Register of Historic Places by Lary Tise, State Historic Preservation Officer. Article was donated by A. W. Lamb
  • Dorothy May Mitchell 1949 (23 KB)
    Dorothy at the age of 17. January 11, 1932-March 17, 1998
  • Charles E. Hosier Family 1906 (46 KB)
    This picture was shared by Phyllis Kline of Indiana. Help is needed to identify most of the people in this picture. We know that the first row of the children, cannot be identified. The second row, the woman in the plaid dress, holding one of her 8 children is Ruth Jennie Morris Hosier. The third row, the short man, holding a child, is Charles E. Hosier.  We do not know the name of the child he is holding. The man standing under the sign is Frank Hosier.  His wife Mary, might be in the picture, but she is not recognized as being there. If you can lend any help identifying these individuals please notify the author of this page at the addresses shown at the top of the page.
  • Shadrack Pearson and Sarah Jane Nelson Pearson (46 KB)
    Standing - Mable Futrell grand daughter, Left to right - Shadrack Pearson, Earl Pearson grandson, and Sarah Jane Nelson Pearson
  • Everett "Swede" Pearson and wife (72 KB)
    Everette and Iva Noonan Pearson
  • Guyla Mae Pearson (33 KB)
    A young Guyla Mae Pearson
  • Guyla Mae Pearson Davison in her later years (12 KB)
    Guyla Mae Pearson Davison in her later years

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