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Joseph & JoAnne Keene's Genealogy Home Page

Updated September 24, 2010

This genealogy web page represents the work that JoAnne & I have done on researching our related ancestral family trees. It includes research compiled by many other persons related to our family lines. We make no specific guarantees of the accuracy of this information here and supply it only for use in supplementing your own family research.

We have attempted to share a piece of everything that we have found out about our family heritage by giving access to "a taste" of the myriad of family pictures, gedcom trees, and documents that relate to the historical members of our related ancestral families. This site is only one of seveal genealogical web sites that we have up on the web, each with some different aspect of basically the same research. Links can be found at the base of this page that lead to these other pages, including our homepage.

I hope you find something of interest here and I hope it helps you to better understand who you are, who your ancesters were, and where your ancestral roots may have originated.

I have had far more luck researching JoAnne's related families than I have with my own, but eventually I will crack our family lines, as well. The reasons for this may be related to our Keene and related families having emigrated here from Ireland, Germany & Prussia mostly in the mid 1800's during the upheaveal going on during the Irish Potato Famine and wars in Germany. Many of her family lines date back further in the United States than ours with connections to some of our early historical figures that laid the foundation of our country.

I looking through our photo section, if you see a picture that you like and would like a larger version, send me email and I'll see if I have a higher resolution version on file. FYI, Many of the pics are posted in the most "economical" size since there is a 22 meg limit to the picture section of this website.

Anyway, enjoy and come back!! We also have a web site on that requires an invite - it's a password protected site and if you send me email, I'll send you an invite.
Joe & JoAnne Keene

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Family Photos

  • Happy Keene's in Williamsburg, VA (333 KB)
    This is lots of "Happy Keene's" in Williamsburg, Virginia for Kevin and Kate's wedding in May of 1995.
  • Three Sisters Spring, Crystal River, Florida (38 KB)
    Mom loved manatees, and in her honor, I am including one here in our family photos. I know she would approve. This photo was taken on a boat trip taken with Steve Barman and Terry Keene at Three Sisters Spring, Crystal River, Florida. Mom was recovering from breast cancer at the time this photo was taken, or we know she would have loved to have made the trip with us to see her favorite creature. We love and miss you mother!
  • Kris and Janet's wedding "entourage" (188 KB)
    Taken May 25, 1996 in Temecula, CA at the wedding of Kris and Janet. Not sure of the first person on the left, but then there is Frank & Dorothy, Keith & Francie (with Elijah in the oven), the proud Poppi - Kenneth, the happy & sweet new couple - Janet & Kris, the proud Nonni - Nancy, brothers Kevin & Kenneth, Joe, JoAnne & Shawn, Patricia & Kathleen, and I need help with the rest guys.... Might be the Rothermel's in the right rear...
  • William Emil Steffen receives his gold watch (180 KB)
    William Emil Steffen receives a gold watch in honor of his 23 years as a Chicago Policeman at the Irving Park Station.
  • Almeda Young and Pleas Whisenhunt (152 KB)
    Taken in the early 1920's and "most likely" with daughter Callie Oleda Whisenhunt on left, son Grady Eunice Whisenhunt (behind Pleas) & Allie M. Whisenhunt on the right in the photo. This photo was sent by Sheila Whisenhunt Branson 2/6/2000, but may have originated with Lee Spears. Thanks, Sheila & Lee!!! (BTW the label shows "Almedia" - her name was Almeda, but she was known as "Media" and I got confused.... Ask me for a corrected version if you're interested...
  • Mom's California resting place (168 KB)
    This is the base of the urn we have created as mom's final western resting place. A small amount of her ashes will be kept in a place of high regard in our home forever. This antique urn was found in an antique store that JoAnne and mom had visited when they came to California in 1998. Diego (Lea's boyfriend) did the work on the base plate which is black granite sandblasted with the design and lettering and finally painted with 22k gold paint.
  • Patricia Ann Steffen (204 KB)
    Photo of mom when she would have been 6-12 months old. ~1932
  • Patt & Phillip at the Seminole Mall 1998 (101 KB)
    From her dear friend, Nancy Horton Newman, come this nice photo of mom and dad at the mall in August of 1998. Thanks for sharing, Nancy!
  • Victoria (Michalski) Gersch (96 KB)
    My great grandmother, Victoria. She loved to sit in her front baywindow on Monticello Street and watch the goings on down below. She also always used to have anise squares for us in her "windowside" table. I used to love to press the button on her electric stove and see the red light come one as she and mimi would take care of me and we'd be cooking soft boiled eggs. I always thought that both grandmas used to get such a kick out of that! I also remember when, near the end of her life, and in a nursing home, great grandma Gersch recognized me as her "Joey boy" when she didn't (or wouldn't...) even recognize her daughter, Irene. How strange the declining memory is. She hadn't seen me for years (since I was in the Air Force), but she knew me right away! That's "Billy Boy" Keene in her arms. Photo may have been taken at her home on 618 Monticello Street, Chicago, IL., but I don't recognize the white picket fence.
  • James Roger Nielson (101 KB)
    Jimmy in his much smaller days.... What a cute kid! Taken in late 1958.
  • 5 Generations of Boyds (561 KB)
    Five Generations... Vesta (nee Meeks) Boyd (seated) shows off her great great granddaughter, Madison Elizabeth Archuleta. She is the daughter of Alec & Kim Archuleta of Cortez, CO. Also shown are her son, Voyd Thurl Boyd; great granddaughter, Kim Archuleta; and granddaughter, Nina Larson, all of Cortez, CO.
  • Viola Loretta Funck saved the Keene family name! (211 KB)
    As many of you know, Viola is the sister of Charles Phillip Keene and the daughter of Philip James Keene, who was lost to most of us in the family until Aunt Dorothy sent me in the direction of Viola for answers to our family question, who was Charles Phillp's father???
  • Verda I. Dona Whisenhunt (150 KB)
    Shawn's great grandmother on JoAnne's maternal side.
  • Thomas & Keith Frohlich (184 KB)
    Tom & Keith in July 1999. Keith aged 27 years and obviously this picture was taken "before" he got his tax bill. Thomas is referred to (on the back of the picture) as "Young at heart | Dirty old fart"
  • Marilyn (Steffen) Barman and all of her kids (122 KB)
    This is Aunt Marilyn with her kids, Jim Nielson, Steve and Tom Barman and Patty Reed at Odessa Grande during Christmas 1999
  • Bill Boyd Whisenhunt (127 KB)
    Shawn's great uncle, Bill Boyd Whisenhunt (JoAnne's "Uncle Bill")
  • Kenneth and Nancy Keene's Christmas photo (123 KB)
    Ken & Nancy (Poppi & Noni) show us the mountains near their home in Henderson, NV. This is off their Christmas photo card that they sent.
  • Jo Catherine Whisenhunt (129 KB)
    Grandma Jo Wheeler, JoAnne's mother and Shawn's grandmother. A high school beauty queen!
  • Katherine Mary "Kate" Grodske-Steffen (316 KB)
    I know my aunt knows the significance of the toilet paper. Aunt Marilyn, if you can tell us about the toilet paper, I'd love to hear...
  • Scott & Kimberly Breslau with their children (125 KB)
    Kimberly hold Benjamin and Scott holds Keralynda. Scott is the cousin of Jamie & Lea.
  • Jo (Whisenhunt,Gregory) Wheeler and her brood... (204 KB)
    Grandma Jo and her kids, JoAnne, Michael, Allan, Billy, Sheri and Morgan. This picture was taken the day we scattered Wlbert Manuel Gregory's ashes down in the ocean near where he lived in Baja California, Mexico (near "La Bufadora" south of Ensenada).
  • Patricia Ann Whisenhunt (145 KB)
    What a cute little girl Aunt Patsy was!! This is JoAnne's Aunt Pat at 8-9 years of age. (
  • The Keene's do Shell's Seafood in Florida (138 KB)
    Here are a bunch of Keene's after finishing their dinner at Shell's. From left to right in front: Carly, Ryan, Shawn, Lisa & Noah. From left to right in rear: JoAnne, Terry, Nancy, Ken & Joe.
  • My favorite Aunt Nancy... She's the bomb! (151 KB)
    I love you, Nancy!
  • Carly, Noah and Shawn Keene (147 KB)
    Carly & Noah show their love for each other while their cousin, Shawn, hams it up... July 1999 - Odessa Grande, Florida
  • Lisa and JoAnne Keene at Odessa Grande (177 KB)
    Lisa and JoAnne in Lisa's new kitchen in Odessa, Florida in July 1999. Thanks for letting us stay!
  • Marie Gubbins cemetery marker (181 KB)
    From Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, Illinois - the lone marker of Marie Gubbins, situated among 23 other graves belonging to James M. Gubbins, purchased in 1869 upon the death of his infant son, Daniel P. Gubbins at 2 years 11 months. Marie was the daughter of Thomas Gubbins & Marie Flaherty-Gubbins and the sister of our Joseph Frances Gubbins.
  • Richard Baxter Jones and family (159 KB)
    This is JoAnne's grandmother and great grandparents in Okanee, Oklahoma around 1911.
  • Joseph, Anne & James Gubbins (357 KB)
    My granduncle Joe Gubbins with my grandaunt Anne Steffen-Gubbins and their son, James Madden
  • Shawn & Ryan Keene @ Weeki Wachee River (138 KB)
    Shawn and Ryan were joined at the shoulder the whole time we were down in Florida for mom's demise. This picture just shows that in the middle of all the grief, we still found joy in our family. These guys are BUDS!
  • GGGrandma Young's 100th Birthday Party Celebration (321 KB)
    This is the updated version of Mary Elizabeth (Ramsey)Young's 100th birthday celebration. These are all supposed to be her decendants, in the photo, but we still don't know who many of them are. If you recognize someone that does not have a label, please let me know. If you see any errors, please let me know that as well. What a great family photo...
  • Carol Lynn Keene's artistry (226 KB)
    This is a piece of watercolor art that Carol did for the Keene house west. We love it!
  • Charles Edward "Chick" Steffen, Sr. (59 KB)
    This is my granduncle, the brother of my grandfather and the grandfather of my cousin, Kurt Heimann. Like his father William Emil Steffen, William Edward was also a Chicago Policeman. According to cousin Kurt, Chick served in the area of Halsted and Addison Streets with his station being located right near Wrigley Field.
  • More artistry from Carol Lynn Keene (203 KB)
    Carol did this watercolor piece for the Keene house west, also. Beautiful butterfly!!
  • William Emil Steffen - Chicago Police Department (156 KB)
    This is my great grandfather in a great photo taken of him in his uniform. I would guess this was taken early in his police career, when he was likely a patrolman. Later in his career, he became a police detective and retired after 32 years on the force.
  • Carrie Evans marries Thomas Evans - June 19, 1889 (188 KB)
    From the Illinois Marriage Index comes this photo reduction of the marriage license granted to Carrie and Thomas. Ask me for a full size photocopy if you are interested...
  • William Emil Steffen - Chicago Police Department (98 KB)
    William is seated on the right in this great old photo from the Chicago Police Department. William served on the force for 32 years.
  • Anges Theresa Grodski marries John Joseph Smith (161 KB)
    From the Illinois Marriage Index comes this photo reduction of the marriage certificate of Aunt Agnes Grodski and John Joseph Smith - November 11, 1890
  • William Emil Steffen & family (107 KB)
    This is my great grandparents, my grandfather William Leroy and his siblings, my grandaunt Anne Emily & my granduncle Charles Edward. What a great old family photo this is... Photo courtesy of Jim Gubbins.
  • Mom and dad about a month before her passing... (72 KB)
    This is one of my favorite photos of my mom at just about the time she found out about the seriousness of her illness. Some would say you can see it in her face, but I see only love of life and her realization that nothing lasts forever...
  • Brianna Rose Keene (78 KB)
    As sweet as a flower! Born to Keith and Patricia Keene May 30, 1988.
  • Steffen's in Wisconsin (729 KB)
    This photo is a sort of mystery. We know that the ones that are numbered are (1) Charles Edward Steffen (son of William & Kate), (2) William Emil Steffen, (3) Catherine Ellen Mary "Kate" (Grodske) Steffen, (4) Dr. Richard C. Steffen (brother of William Emil) all on the Briederman Farm in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, but we haven't a clue who the other people pictured are. Photo was taken August 1917
  • Honorable Discharge of Harold William Keene (143 KB)
    Staff Sergeant Harold William Keene is honorably discharged from the Army Air Corps of the United States of America 9 October 1945. He flew 74 missions over Germany in a B-24 Liberator as a tail turret gunner (aerial gunner).
  • Allan Gregory Racing Company (192 KB)
    JoAnne's brother, (Wilbert) Allan races cars down in Baja California (Baja 500 & Baja 1000, etc.). Here's a recent pic of his "high flying" VW baja machine.
  • Steffen's in Wisconsin - back of photo (162 KB)
    This is the back side of the photo labeled "Steffen's in Wisconsin" telling who the people are that are numbered on the front of the photo..
  • Honorable Discharge of Phillip Frank Keene (164 KB)
    This is the honorable discharge of Phillip Frank Keene from the Illinois National Guard in March of 1954.
  • Phillip Frank Keene (144 KB)
    Shortly after mom's death, JoAnne & I took dad, Shawn & Ryan on a 7 mile canoe trip down the Weeki Wachee River. I think dad began to enjoy the trip alot more once I took away his oar and made him the manatee lookout. It was a light moment in the midst of our shared grief. We saw 3 wild manatees in their watery river habitat that day, making the day a success for us all!
  • The Libertyville Keene Klan (306 KB)
    Although no one actually lives back in Libertyville, here are all the Libertyville Keene men on the day of Kris's marriage to Janet Rothermel in Temecula, CA.
  • Arthur Watson Bates and Martha Agnes Thompson (198 KB)
    Art & Martha Bates on their wedding day. Art & Martha are JoAnne's first husband's parents, and the grandparents of Jamie & Lea. Sadly, Art passed away in January of 1999.
  • Anne Emily (nee Steffen) and Ed Mazanet (189 KB)
    My Grandaunt Anne and Uncle Ed Mazanet in Madeira Beach, Florida around 1989.
  • Keene's at Disneyworld's Epcot Center in 1989 (219 KB)
    Sara, Patricia, Terry & Lisa, Phil, JoAnne, Carol, Lea (Bates), Adam, Jamie (Bates) and Bill at Epcot Center in 1989
  • Phil & Patt & Nancy & Ken (192 KB)
    I don't think there are words that can describe the joy these people share in each other. A picture truly is worth a thousand words...
  • Jason & Laura Gregory on their wedding day (28 KB)
    Jason & Laura got married on April 17, 1999 on San Diego Bay at the Bali Hi. (Do you remember the Bali Hi, Aunt Nancy???)
  • A gift from Bill & Irene Steffen (78 KB)
    My grandparents gave me this gold coin (my grandfahter gave it to me posthumously) in 1982, likely because they knew how much I loved coins as a child and also likely because they knew that the value of the coin could never be outweighed by the heirloom quality of the piece. To know that they hung onto this coin as the country changed off the gold standard, even at risk of arrest, makes this coin even more valuable. To me, it tells me that they were willing to risk trouble to hold onto something that was dear to them. When it was given to me in 1982 after grandpa's death, it was given in an envelope with his own writing that said "a gift from your grandparents" and in it was the gold coin and a Savings Bond from 1954 that was given to me by my Uncle Edwin Gersch on my first birthday. Apparently, they had been holding onto that bond for me for nearly 30 years....
  • Cousins, brothers & sisters (77 KB)
    This is my mom, Patricia Ann (Steffen) Keene with her sister (Marilyn JoAnne Steffen) & their cousin Irene Lolita "Cuzzy" Graf. I am pictured in my mom's arms and my brother and sister, William Phillip + Kathleen Victoria Keene are pictured in front. Check out that dress on Kathy & bowtie on Billie!
  • Noah Riley Keene (42 KB)
    Our fourth youngest member of the Keene lineage with his most-handsome uncle Joe. Noah was born to Terry & Lisa Keene on June 22, 1996.
  • Emily Lucinda Darrow Bates (127 KB)
    Emily Lucinda Darrow Bates, great grandmother to Jamie & Lea Bates.
  • Lyons Pipe Rack for sale (43 KB)
    Add placed in SD Insider - here's the photo
  • Ryan Phillip & Carly Lynn Keene (32 KB)
    Our 5th & 6th youngest Keene Klan members. Carly was born to Terry and Lisa on May 27, 1993 & Ryan was born to Terry and Lisa on May 03, 1992.
  • Alva F. Bates and his new wife, Emily Lucinda (159 KB)
    Alva and Emily Bates on their wedding day in 1890. Alva and Emily are great grandparents to Jamie and Lea Bates.
  • Lyons Pipe Rack for sale (43 KB)
    Add placed in SD Insider - here's the photo
  • Ian Michael Keene (98 KB)
    Our 7th youngest member of the Keene lineage. Born to Keith & Patricia Keene June 14, 1990.
  • Arthur Watson Bates (152 KB)
    Art was a male model for Nelson and Moore Menswear in San Diego, CA. Shown here modeling the suit and hat of the time. Pretty dapper fellow, wouldn't you say?? Art is the grandfather of Jamie & Lea Bates. He sadly passed away in January of 1999 at the age of 83.
  • For Sale - Lyons Pipe Rack (43 KB)
    Photo os items for sale on SD Insider
  • Shawn Michael Keene (31 KB)
    Our 8th youngest member of the Keene lineage, and my only contribution. Born to JoAnne and myself on March 21, 1990.
  • Our Argentine AFS Exchange student, Nora Vecchi (32 KB)
    Here's a photo of our adopted daughter/sister, Nora Vecchi taken I believe in 1970. This was her date for the prom, or one of the school dances. We haven't heard from Nora in many years, but look forward to the day when we are all reunited.
  • Cameron Gregory @ around 7 years old (199 KB)
    Grandson of Wilbert Gregory & Jo Wheeler, and son of Sheri Lyn Gergory
  • Maximilian Edward Grodzki (116 KB)
    My great great gandfather, Max was born in Berlin, Germany of Polish parents, but married a nice Irish girl, Catherine "Kate" Kenneally. Max fought honorably with the Union Army in the Civil War as a New York Volunteer. In searching online for information regarding this Civil War service, I found another Grodzki in the same NY infantry outfit as Max. At first glance that may not seem amazing, but they are the only Grodzki's listed in the entire Civil War, so there seems to certainly be some family association between the two. I'm still working on that... Max mustered out on 01 October 1865 in Nashville, TN
  • Patricia Ann and Phillip Frank Keene (128 KB)
    Mom & dad on September 09, 1950 at the wedding of Dorothy June Keene & Frank Emmanuel Frohlich, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Our Rotary student from Mexico, Joaquin Gonzales (235 KB)
    Joaquin was our second exchange student. He came from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico and stayed with us for the better part of the school year. Here we are pictured both at my grandmothers home in Mt. Prospect, IL and at a Paul Bunyan restaraunt in Wisconsin.
  • Great Grandaunt Mary (nee Michalska) Gladys (135 KB)
    And here I though that I discovered the lost Mary Michalski when I had a picture of her all the time... sort of takes the wind out of the sails. Actually not, I am pleased to have put together this side of the Micahlski family and now to top it off with some decent photos. Don't think I would want to mess with Mary, though...
  • John G. & Millie Thompson - 1850 census (390 KB)
    Here's John & Millie Thompson in the 1850 US Census with both their sons, George Washington & Martha ELizabeth (Ralls) Young, as well as James & Mary Ann (Stokes) Young living right next door.
  • John & Mary Gladys (121 KB)
    John and Mary Gladys, great granduncle and grandaunt on the Michalski side of the family. Mary used the feminine version of her last name (Michatska) prior to getting married to John. Mary is the elder sister of Victoria (nee Michalski) Gersch, my great grandmother.
  • Keith Thomas Frohlich (8 KB)
    This is a picture of Keith after just having paid his taxes. Picture was taken April 15 of any year.
  • The Keene family history (612 KB)
    This document tells the history of the "Keene" name of Irish and English origin...
  • Lea Bates & Diego Gonzales (236 KB)
    Lea and her boyfriend, Diego, ham it up at Knotts Berry Farms! Cute couple.
  • Irene Mae (Gersch) Steffen @ Bendix Aviation (98 KB)
    Grandma "Mimi" used to work for the Bendix Aviation Corporation during World War II making carbeurators for tanks. She was always proud of her war effort, and we were proud of her!
  • JoAnne Keene (46 KB)
    This is my wife in one of her nicest photos (I took it of course...) to date. Isn't she lovely??
  • Great Grandmother Victoria (Michalski) Gersch (178 KB)
    Great Grandmother Gersch probably in her yard at 618 Monticello Street where she lived almost until she died.
  • The Gregory Kids ~1964 (164 KB)
    Allan, Billy, Mike, JoAnne & Sheri Gregory at some time around 1964, possibly behind the Natural History Museum in San Diego's Balboa Park.
  • Uncle Clarence and Patsy in Kenosha, WI (361 KB)
    Uncle Clarence Gersch and his niece Patsy Steffen up in Kenosha, WI around 1937-1938.
  • William Leroy and Anne Emily Steffen (637 KB)
    My grandfather and my grandaunt. This was probably taken around 1911. Hard to believe that he is about 9-10 and she about 7-8. Guess girls reall do mature faster... She sure was a cutey, wasn't she??
  • Clarence Gersch (282 KB)
    Nice shot of Uncle Clarence in his younger days.
  • The Steffen's and the Keene's at St. Viator's (443 KB)
    Aunt Marilyn, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and Grandma outside St. Viator's Church just after the wedding on June 10, 1950.
  • Kenneth Howard Keene (182 KB)
    Shawn's great uncle, Kenny Keene, during the Korean War.
  • Wilbert Manuel Gregory (91 KB)
    Shawn's maternal grandfather. Wilbert, or Booger, as he was known by, fought in both World War II and the Korean War in the USMC.
  • Terry and Lisa Keene & family (95 KB)
    The Odessa Keene's in a group photo at Aunt Marilyn's house in 1997.
  • A bunch of Keene's at the MGM Grand, Orlando, FL (98 KB)
    All of the Florida Keene's and the California Keene's invading MGM Grand in November of 1997. This photo was taken on the way out of the park, so we look kind of whooped! (I think JoAnne is asleep on her feet....)
  • The Buffalo Grove Keene's at home (185 KB)
    Carol, Adam, Sara, Bill and "Sugar" in a family photo taken in March of 1988. (Photo by Brian Contario)
  • Irene Mae (Gersch) Steffen (45 KB)
    Joe's grandmother in her younger days. Irene was a model in her early 20's and this is a pageant she was in. (She is #12). This a perfect photo to document woman's suffrage - note the girl (#13) next to Irene - she was the first woman firefighter in Chicago and it can be seen that she forgot to put her firepants on the last time she slid down the firehouse pole, resulting in that nasty bruise/burn between her knees.... NOT!
  • Natalie and Brian Contario (153 KB)
    Natalie and Brian Contario on Mother's Day in 1981.
  • Joseph Michael and JoAnne Keene (129 KB)
    This photo was taken on our New Year's Eve wedding ceremony in our living room on December 31, 1988. Tony Arena is officiating, he was the boyfriend of a high school mate of JoAnne's.
  • William Phillip & Kathleen Victoria Keene (113 KB)
    William & Kathleen Keene sometime in mid-1953.
  • Arthur Watson Bates (173 KB)
    Jamie and Lea's grandfather doing what loved he to do (besides golf, that is...). Photo taken May 15, 1942 in Beaverland Camp, North Bay, Canada. Hope you caught a big one, Art!!!
  • Irene Mae & William Leroy Steffen (117 KB)
    Celebrating 50 years of marital bliss! April 1980
  • Patricia and Phillip Keene with their grandson (107 KB)
    Shawn and his grandparent's visit the San Diego Wild Animal Park in Escondido, CA in 1998.
  • Irene Gersch and Marie Niefert (232 KB)
    My grandmother, Irene Gersch-Steffen with her 1st cousin (once removed) Marie Scheuer-Niefert-Long
  • Irene Mae (Gersch) Steffen (90 KB)
    Irene "Mimi" Steffen modeling in her younger years. What a beautiful girl!!
  • Phillip Frank Keene (89 KB)
    Dad and I took a biplane journey over San Diego County in 1998. Barnstorming Adventures took us down the coast from Palomar Airport to Pt. Loma and back up north inland over the house in Escondido. A trip to remember!
  • Clarence Gersch in his Chicago P.D. uniform (236 KB)
    This is what I would say is a rare photo of uncle Clarence in his work uniform. I never realized until the photo was enlarged that his badge is showing in the lower right corner. He worked the Irving Park Station of the Chicago Police Department.
  • Jamie, Lea, Shawn & Amos the bunny (132 KB)
    Jamie and Lea Bates with the brother, Shawn Keene holding Amos the lop eared bunny in our backyard in Escondido, CA about 1996
  • Children of Keith Keene (174 KB)
    An animated picture that shows all the children of Keith Keene, Brianna, Ian, Elijah & Josiah. What a darling photo, don't you think??? Photo by Keith and Francie.
  • Andreau Gersch, our eldest Gersch family member (86 KB)
    Here is Andrew in one of a very few photos we have of him. Andreau is my great-great-grandfather on my mother's side.
  • Jamie Melissa and Dean Phillip Hall (124 KB)
    Jamie and Dean's professional wedding photo taken a couple days before their marriage on September 15, 1998.
  • Irene, Victoria & Andrew Gersch (182 KB)
    This is Irene as a teenager, with her parents Victoria and Andreau Gersch sometime around 1920-1922.
  • The Keene's and Hall's on their wedding day (224 KB)
    Jamie & Dean got married in a cozy little cottage in Pacific Beach, CA on September 15, 1998. JoAnne and I joined them in a family picture. Congratulations Jamie & Dean!!
  • Cousin Cheryl Ann Graf (149 KB)
    Cousin Cheryl when she was 7 months old. What a cute New Year's Baby!!
  • Kathleen Victoria (Kate) Keene (Nelson) (31 KB)
    Here is a photo of Kate and her nephew, Shawn Keene, taken a couple of years ago while she was on a visit here in Escondido and currently posted on her company's web site...
  • The Gersch's & Graf's (254 KB)
    Granduncle Clarence and Grandaunt Pearl Gersch with their daughter, Irene Lolita "Cuzzy" Graf and her husband, Leonard. Cuzzy is my first cousin, once removed (though I don't know why she was removed....) tee hee :) (sorry, cuz, just had to say that...)
  • The Christmas Quilt (216 KB)
    Mom made this... what else can you say?? A work of art.
  • Karyn Sue Gregory - "Little Angel" (143 KB)
    From Glen Abbey Mortuary and Cemetery, Bonita, CA In the "Slumberland section" off Sleepy Hollow Ln. in [Lot #11 Section #19 Block #12A] Interment #8936
  • Wilbert Manuel Gergory - Columbarium Niche (135 KB)
    This is the Colmbarium Niche of Wilbert Manuel Gregory in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, high on a hill in Pt. Loma, CA overlooking the blue Pacific. [Section CBC Row #4 Grave #423] Interment February 19, 1997
  • Leonard & Willie "Aunt Mabel" Pounds (183 KB)
    From Glen Abbey Cemetery in Bonita, CA, here is the resting place of recently deseased Grandaunt Mabel and Granduncle Leonard Pounds. They died in June of 1999 within days of each other, him from a terminal condition and her from the shock of learning of his condition. They lived and loved together, and, they went to the great beyond together. A true love story! [Lot L/C2 Section 126 Block 45) Interment #033033 & #033034 on June 19, 1999 (JoAnne's 49th birthday)

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  • Escondido Taco Soup (1 KB)
    Try it, you'll like it!! If you have a recipe you want to give to the family, send it to me and I'll add it to the web page!!
  • Gubbins - 1915 Chicago City Directory (16 KB)
    These are the names, occupations and addresses of the Gubbins individuals that were living in Chicago in 1915. I got these from the Chicago Historical Society on June 16, 2000.
  • Gubbins - 1869-1870 & 1875-1876 City Directory (23 KB)
    From the Chicago Historical Society archives, this is the list of Gubbins individuals that were living in Chicago during the listed time periods. The data is sorted by address so family groups can be spotted more easily.
  • Illinois Keene's - 1900 US Census image list (20 KB)
    This is a list of Keene's that were living in Illinois at the turn of the century. I have a copy of each census page (listed as a .gif image file in the census list...) and would be happy to share several pages to those that are related to that person. Please send email direct to our address listed at the top of the page and be sure to include details that will help me to ID your request, or copy/paste the census text from my document into your email. Please don't ask me to search all of the images for your specific relatives. You should be able to narrow down the search by county and using the notes that I have added to some of the listings. Good luck! Joe Keene
  • Illinois Gubbins's listed in the 1900 Census (15 KB)
    Here is a list of all the Gubbins families that were listed as living in Illinois at the time of the 1900 US Federal Census. If you find a relative listed here, send me email and I'll forward a copy of that census sheet to you through email. Please send some details that can help me to confirm your selection is the right one (date of birth, location of birth, children's names, etc...). Good luck and happy hunting!! Joe Keene

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