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Kelley Dearing Family Ancestor Report by Bridget Kelley-Dearing

      12842. John Borodel119, born Abt. 1589 in Cork, Ireland; died 1667. He was the son of 25684. John Borrodale. He married 12843. Anne Broughton Abt. 1614.

      12843. Anne Broughton, born 1593 in Cork, Ireland; died Bet. 1620 - 1687. She was the daughter of 25686. Humphrey Aldwin.

Notes for John Borodel:

8282. John Boradell, born Abt. 1589 in Cork, Cork CO, Ireland; died 1667. He was the son of 16564. John Borrodale and 16565. Wife of John Borrodale. He married 8283. Anne Broughton Abt. 1614.

8283. Anne Broughton, born Abt. 1593 in Cork, Cork CO, Ireland; died 1620 - 1687. She was the daughter of 16566. Humphrey Aldwin.

Notes for John Boradell:
1. The Wildey source records John's last name as "Boradell".

2. Some records indicate John's wife as "Allen?"

More About John Boradell:
AFN: 959T-BQ

More About Anne Broughton:
AFN: 959T-CW

More About John Boradell and Anne Broughton:
Marriage: Abt. 1614

Children of John Boradell and Anne Broughton are:
4141 i. Lady Ann Boradell, born 17 Mar 1615/16 in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England; died 26 Sep 1712 in Mystic, New London CO, CT; married Capt. George Denison Abt. 1644 in Naseby, Northampton, England.
ii. Margaret Borodell, born Abt. 1617; died Unknown; married Rev. Thomas Shepard 08 Sep 1647 in Stonington, New London CO, CT; born Unknown; died Unknown.
More About Margaret Borodell:

Notes for Rev. Thomas Shepard:
1. Thomas was the first pastor at Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

Marriage Notes for Margaret Borodell and Thomas Shepard:
1. Margaret was Thomas' third wife.

More About Thomas Shepard and Margaret Borodell:
Marriage: 08 Sep 1647, Stonington, New London CO, CT

More About John Borodel and Anne Broughton:
Marriage: Abt. 1614
Children of John Borodel and Anne Broughton are:
  i.   Alice Borodel, born 1613 in Cork, Ireland; died Unknown.
  ii.   Margaret Borodel, born Bet. 1615 - 1617 in Cork, Ireland; died Unknown; married Rev. Thomas Shepard September 8, 1647 in Stonington, New London County, Connecticut; died Unknown.
  Notes for Margaret Borodel:

Margaret was Thomas Shepard's third wife.

  More About Rev. Thomas Shepard:
First Pastor: Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

  More About Thomas Shepard and Margaret Borodel:
Marriage: September 8, 1647, Stonington, New London County, Connecticut

  6421 iii.   Lady Ann Borodel, born March 17, 1615/16 in Bishop's Stortford, Hertsfordshire, England; died September 26, 1712 in Mystic, New London, Connecticut; married Colonel George Denison 1645 in Naseby, Northampton, England.
  iv.   John Borodel, born 1617 in Cork, Ireland; died Unknown.
  v.   Robert Borodel, born Abt. 1619 in Marston, Yorkshire, England; died Unknown.

      12846. Thomas Fenner, died Unknown.
Child of Thomas Fenner is:
  6423 i.   Sarah Fenner, born 1616; died 1676; married Robert Lay.

      12862. John Thompson, died Unknown. He married 12863. Alice Freeman.

      12863. Alice Freeman, died Unknown.

Notes for John Thompson:
From Preston, Northamptonshire.

Child of John Thompson and Alice Freeman is:
  6431 i.   Bridget Thompson, born 1622; died 1643; married Colonel George Denison March 1639/40 in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

      12872. Roger Sturges, died Unknown.
Child of Roger Sturges is:
  6436 i.   Philip Sturges, died Unknown.

      12876. Ralph Gorham, died Unknown.
Child of Ralph Gorham is:
  6438 i.   John Gorham, born 1621; died Unknown; married Desire Howland.

      12878. Capt. John Howland, born Bet. 1599 - 1602 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, England; died February 1672/73 in Rocky Nook, Kingston CO, Massachusetts. He was the son of 25756. Henry Howland and 25757. Margaret. He married 12879. Elizabeth Tilley March 1623/24 in Swansea, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

      12879. Elizabeth Tilley, born Bef. August 30, 1607 in Henlow, Huntingdonshire, England; died December 21, 1687 in Swansea, Bristol CO, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 25758. John Tilley and 25759. Joan Hurst.

Notes for Capt. John Howland:

Notes for Capt. John Howland, Sr:
1. The traditional birth date that has been ascribed to John Howland's birth is 1592, and this date has not been questioned even in scholarly journal publications and books such as Elizabeth White's "John Howland of the Mayflower" or "The Great Migration Begins" by Robert C. Anderson. This date may be significantly faulty for the following reasons:

John Howland's wife was born in 1607, and it seems difficult to imagine having a first wife that
is 15 years younger.

Most men married first between the ages of 21 and 25. John Howland was married about
1624. This would put his birth range at 1599-1603. A first marriage at age 32 is most unlikely.

John Howland is called a "manservant" in William Bradford's passenger list, suggesting he
was an apprentice in 1620. Apprentices (servants) were almost always under 25 years old,
meaning Howland must have been born after 1595.

John Howland's last child was born in 1649. If the 1592 date is accepted, he would have been
57 years old, an unlikely condition.

William Bradford writes in that John Howland was a "lusty young man" in 1620. It is unlikely
that Bradford would call a 28-year old a "young man".

John Howland signed the Mayflower Compact, and to do so he would have had to be at least
18 years old, and probably 21. This means he was at least born before 1602.


John Howland came on the Mayflower as a servant to John Carver. He is best remembered for having fallen off the Mayflower during a mighty storm, as recorded by Bradford:

"In sundry of these storms the winds were so fierce and the seas so high, as they could not
bear a know of sail, but were forced to hull for divers days together. And in one of them, as
they thus lay at hull in a mighty storm, a lusty young man called John Howland, coming upon
some occasion above the gratings was, with a seele of the ship, thrown into the sea; but it
pleased God that he caught hold of the topsail halyards which hung overboard and ran out at
length. Yet he held his hold (though he was sundry fathoms under water) till he was hauled up
by the same rope to the brim of the water, and then with boat hook and other means got into
the ship again and his life saved. And though he was something ill with it, yet he lived many
years after and became a profitable member both in church and commonwealth."

John Howland's wife was Elizabeth Tilley, the daughter of John Tilley and Joan (Hurst) Rogers (all were Mayflower passengers). Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland died on 21 December 1687, in Swansea, Massachusetts.

3. John Howland's Will

The Last Will and Testament of Mr John Howland of Plymouth late Deceased, exhibited to the Court held at Plymouth the fifth Day of March Anno Dom 1672 on the oathes of Mr. Samuell Fuller and Mr. William Crow as followeth

Know all men to whom these presents shall Come That I John Howland Senior of the Towne of New Plymouth in the Collonie of New Plymouth in New England in America, this twenty ninth Day of May one thousand six hundred seaventy and two being of whole mind, and in Good and perfect memory and Remembrance praised be God; being now Grown aged; having many Infirmities of body upon Me; and not Knowing how soon God will call me out of this world, Doe make and ordaine these prsents to be my Testament Containing herein my last Will in manor and forme following;

Imp I Will and bequeath my body to the Dust and my soule to God that Gave it in hopes of a Joyful Resurrection unto Glory; and as Concerning my temporall estate, I Dispose thereof as followeth;

Item I Doe give and bequeath unto John Howland my eldest sonne besides what lands I have Alred given him, all my Right and Interest To that one hundred acres of land granted me by the Court lying on the eastern side of Tauton River; between Teticutt and Taunton bounds and all the appurtenances and privilidges the unto belonging, T belonge to him and his heirs and assignees for ever; and if that Tract should faile, then to have all my Right title and Interest by and in that Last Court Gaunt to me in any other place, To belonge to him his heires and assignes for ever;

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Jabez Howland all those my upland and Meadow That I now posesse at Satuckett and Paomett, and places adjacent, with all the appurtenances and privilidges, belonging therunto, and all my right title and Interest therin, To belonge to him his heires and assignes for ever,

Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Jabez howland all that my one peece of land that I have lying on the southsyde of the Mill brooke, in the Towne of Plymouth aforsaid; be it more or lesse; and is on the Northsyde of a field that is now Gyles Rickards Senior To belonge to the said Jabez his heirs and assignes for ever;

Item I give and bequeath unto Isacke howland my youngest sonne all those my uplands and meddows Devided and undivided with all the appurtenances and priviliges unto them belonging, lying and being in the Towne of Middlebery, and in a tract of Land Called the Majors Purchase near Namassakett Ponds; which I have bought and purchased of William White of Marshfield in the Collonie of New Plymouth; which may or shall appear by any Deed or writinges Together with the aformentioned prticulares To belonge to the said Isacke his heirs and assignes for ever;

Item I give and bequeath unto my said son Isacke howland the one halfe of my twelve acree lott of Meddow That I now have at Winnatucsett River within the Towne of Plymouth aforsaid To belonge to him and said Isacke howland his heires and assignes for ever,

Item I Will and bequeath unto my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland the use and benifitt of my now Dwelling house in Rockey nooke in the Township of Plymouth aforsaid, with the outhousing lands, That is uplands uplands [sic] and meddow lands and all appurtenances and privilidges therunto belonging in the Towne of Plymouth and all other Lands housing and meddowes that I have in the said Towne of Plymouth excepting what meddow and upland I have before given To my sonnes Jabez and Isacke howland During her natural life to enjoy make use of and Improve for her benifitt and Comfort;

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph howland after the Decease of my loveing wife Elizabeth howland my aforsaid Dwelling house at Rockey nooke together with all the outhousing uplands and Medowes appurtenances and privilidges belonging therunto; and all other housing uplands and meddowes appurtenances and privilidges That I have within the aforsaid Towne of New Plymouth excepting what lands and meadowes I have before Given To my two sonnes Jabez and Isacke; To belong to him the said Joseph howland To him and his heires and assignes for ever;

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Desire Gorum twenty shillings

Item I give and bequeath To my Daughter Hope Chipman twenty shillings

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Dickenson twenty shillings

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Lydia Browne twenty shillings

Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter Hannah Bosworth twenty shillings

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Ruth Cushman twenty shillings

Item I give to my Grandchild Elizabeth howland The Daughter of my son John Howland twenty shillings

Item my will is That these legacyes Given to my Daughters, be payed by my exequitrix in such species as she thinketh meet;

Item I will and bequeath unto my loveing wife Elizabeth howland, my Debts and legacyes being first payed my whole estate: vis: lands houses goods Chattles; or any thing else that belongeth or appertaineth unto me, undisposed of be it either in Plymouth Duxburrow or Middlbery or any other place whatsoever; I Doe freely and absolutely give and bequeath it all to my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland whom I Doe by these prsents, make ordaine and Constitute to be the sole exequitrix of this my Last will and Testament to see the same truely and faithfully prformed according to the tenour thereof; In witness whereof I the said John howland senior have hereunto set my hand and seale the aforsaid twenty ninth Day of May, one thousand six hundred seaventy and two 1672

Signed and sealed in the

presence of Samuel Fuller John Howland

William Crow And a seale

4. The following is an abbreviated sample of some clothing, tools and books in the possession of various Pilgrims at their time of death:, taken from their probate inventories - in this accounting for John Howland:

musket, long gun, cutlass and belt, cow bells, chain, padlock, sauce pan, brass skillet, two red waistcoats, Holland shirt, two silk neckties, three hats, sheets, towels, blankets, featherbed, candlesticks.

5. The ancestry of John Howland is discussed in John Howland of the Mayflower through Desire Howland for Five Generations", Vol. 1, by Elizabeth Pearson White, available from Picton Press of Rockport, Maine, or through the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. John Howland is the son of Henry Howland and Margaret (----) of Fenstanton, Huntingdon, England. Henry died on 17 May 1635 in Fenstanton, and Margaret was buried on 31 July 1629. Besides son John, who came on the Mayflower, they also had Humphrey, Arthur, Henry, George, and Margaret. Henry came to Plymouth sometime before 1633, and Arthur came sometime before 1640. For information on Arthur Howland, see NGSQ 71:84+.

6. The "Mayflower Compact" signed by John:

Ye Compacte
Signed in Ye Cabin of Ye Mayflower
Ye 11 of November Anno Dominie 1620

In ye name of God, Amen.--We whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread and sovereign Lord, King James, by ye grace of God, of Great Britaine, France, & Ireland king, defender of ye faith, &c., haveing undertaken for ye glorie of God, and advancemente of ye Christian faith, and honour to our king and countrie, a voyage to plant ye first colonie in ye Northerne parts of Virginia, doe by thefe prefents solemnly and mutually in ye prefense of God, and one of another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil body politick, for our better ordering & preservation & furtherance of ye ends aforesaid; and by vertue hearof to enacte, constitute, and frame such just & equal lawes, ordinances, Acts, constitutions, & offices from time to time, as shall be thought most meete & convenient for ye generall goode of ye Colonie, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. Yn witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cap-Codd ye 11. of November, in ye year of ye raigne of our soveraigne lord, King James, of England, France, & Ireland ye eighteenth, and Scotland ye fiftie fourth, Ano: Dom. 1620.

John Carver
Edward Winflow
Isaac Allerton
John Alden
Christopher Martin
William White
John Howland
Edward Tilley
Francis Cooke
Thomas Tinker
Edward Fuller
Francis Eaton
John Cracfton
Moses Fletcher
Degory Priest
Gilbert Winflow
Peter Brown
George Soule
Richard Gardiner
Thomas English
William Bradford
William Brewster
Myles Standish
Samuel Fuller
William Mullins
Richard Warren
Stephen Hopkins
John Tilley
Thomas Rogers
John Rigdale
John Turner
James Chilton
John Billington
John Goodman
Thomas Williams
Edmond Margefon
Richard Britterige
Richard Clark
John Allerton
Edward Doty
Edward Leifter

7. John is an ancestor of President George Bush, and First Lady Edith (Carrow) Roosevelt (Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt). President Richard Nixon and Vice President Gerald Ford are descendants of John's brother Henry.

More About Capt. John Howland, Sr:
Immigration: 11 Nov 1620, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts


John Howland's house sites are located on a twenty-one-acre parcel of land, stiuated on both sides of Howland's Lane in Rocky Nook, Kingston, Massachusetts. It is but a portion of a much larger property sold to John Howland by John Jenney, who arrived in Plymouth on the Little James in 1623. The deed is dated February 2, 1638, and records that Jenney sold "All that his house barn & outhouses at Rocky Nook" to Howland. It has not been possible to find any record of Jenney's acquisition of the property, but it had to have taken place between 1627, when the initial dispersal from the original fortified village took place, and 1638.

Taken from James Deetz's & Patricia Scott Deetz's book, The Times of Their Lives; Life, Love, and Death in Plymouth Colony, pg. 240.


More About Capt. John Howland:
Burial: 1673
Mayflower Passenger: 1620, Fell off and retrieved during mighty storm.

  Notes for Elizabeth Tilley:
Regarding the voyage on the Mayflower to America:

Little did anyone setting out to make the Atlantic crossing on that tiny ship imagine that within a year, of the nineteen women on board, fourteen of the eighteen who were married would be dead, as would six of the children, three of the young adults, and over half of the men. In some cases entire family parties died, or almost all. Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Tilley lost her parents and her uncle and aunt and was left with the care of her toddler cousin Humility Cooper. Her cousin Henry Samson, sixteen at the time of the voyage, survived, and Elizabeth later married fellow passenger John Howland.

Taken from James Deetz's & Patricia Scott Deetz's book: The Times of Their Lives; Life, Love, and Death in Plymouth Colony.

More About Elizabeth Tilley:
Burial: 1687

More About John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley:
Marriage: March 1623/24, Swansea, Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Child of Capt. John Howland is:
Children of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley are:
  i.   John Howland, died Unknown.
  ii.   Jabez Howland, died Unknown.
  Notes for Jabez Howland:
We have no knowledge of the details of house construction in the Plymouth Colony between 1620 and at least 1667 that is based on surviving structures, of which there are only a scant five. Archaeology has provided some interesting data on the houses of this interim period, and, as we shall see, is at odds with conventionally held beliefs about wellings during these forty or more years. A small percentage of probate inventories that were recoreded on a room-by-room basis name the rooms and the objects that were in them, but they fall short of providing any knowledge of how the houses were built. The five surviving seventeenth-century domestic buildings int he Old Colony area, with their traditionally accepted dates of construction, are as follows:

William Harlow house       (1667)
Jabez Howland house       (1669)
Joseph Churchill house      (1672-1695)
John Bradford house      (1674)
Richard Sparrow house      (1679)

Three of these houses (Harlow, Howland, and Sparrow) are within a half-mile radius of the Plymouth town center.

Taken from James Deetz's and Patricia Scott Deetz's book; The Times of Their Lives; Life, Love, and Death in Plymouth Colony.

  iii.   Isacke Howland, died Unknown.
  iv.   Joseph Howland, died Unknown.
  v.   Hope Howland, died Unknown.
  vi.   Elizabeth Howland, died Unknown.
  vii.   Lydia Howland, died Unknown; married James Browne; died Unknown.
  viii.   Hannah Howland, died Unknown.
  ix.   Ruth Howland, died Unknown.
  6439 x.   Desire Howland, born 1624; died 1683; married John Gorham.

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