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Ancestors of Roy Lee Kelly, Sr.

Generation No. 5

      16. Tyre Kelley, born Bef. 1770 in Georgia; died Abt. 1846 in Lowndes Co., AL. He married 17. Sally Lincecum Abt. 1785.

      17. Sally Lincecum, born Bef. 1769 in North Carolina; died Abt. 1805. She was the daughter of 34. Gideon Lincecum and 35. Miriam Bowie.

More About Tyre Kelley and Sally Lincecum:
Marriage: Abt. 1785
Children of Tyre Kelley and Sally Lincecum are:
  i.   Zedoc Kelley, born Abt. 1790.
  ii.   Dicey Kelley, born Abt. 1791; married Jesse Luker 1828 in Lowndes Co., AL.
  More About Jesse Luker and Dicey Kelley:
Marriage: 1828, Lowndes Co., AL

  iii.   Catherine Kelley, born Abt. 1792; married Abraham Deason.
  iv.   Grant Kelley, born Abt. 1800 in Jackson Co., Georgia; died 1837 in Lowndes Co., AL; married Rachel Unknown 1820.
  More About Grant Kelley and Rachel Unknown:
Marriage: 1820

  v.   Hyram Kelley, born Abt. 1801; died Abt. 1846 in Lowndes Co., AL; married Cynthia Unknown Abt. 1820; born Abt. 1802 in Georgia.
  More About Hyram Kelley and Cynthia Unknown:
Marriage: Abt. 1820

  8 vi.   Seaborn Kelley, born Abt. 1802 in Georgia, USA; died Aft. 1870 in Alabama; married Winny Unknown.
  vii.   Nicia Kelley, born Bet. 1804 - 1805 in Clark Co., Georgia; married Kindred Brezeal; born Abt. 1803 in Georgia.

      20. Elijah Jeffcoat, born Abt. 1794 in Orangeburg District, SC; died 1863 in Orangeburg District, SC. He was the son of 40. Samuel Jeffcoat and 41. Bridget Unknown. He married 21. Mary Ann Jeffcoat.

      21. Mary Ann Jeffcoat

Notes for Elijah Jeffcoat:
According to "Seed of Jacob" by Dell Jeffcoat:

Eliajah Jeffcoat was born in Orangeburg District, SC, died 1863 in Butler County, Alabama. Son of Samuel Jr. and Bridget. His son, William E. Jeffcoat was sworn in as the Administrator for the Estate of his deceased father, Sept. 22, 1863. (Butler Co Probate Court Ala.) The estate consisted of land valued at about $32,000 and the following slaves valued at $10,000. Joe, a man slave, about 25 years old, woman slave named Ann, and her three children Ben, Patty and Mandy, a boy named Dick, 13 years old, boy named Jim, 8 yrs. old, and Alford, about 10 yrs old. Also one mule and two horses, about 15 head of cattle and about 60 head of hogs, one wagon, buggy, yoke of oxen, household and kitchen furniture. The estate was divided among the following heirs: Widow (Mary Ann Jeffcoat) and children. (Issue 11)
Children of Elijah Jeffcoat and Mary Jeffcoat are:
  i.   E. A. Jeffcoat Jeffcoat
  ii.   Louisa Jeffcoat, married Lazerous Kitchens.
  iii.   John P. Jeffcoat
  iv.   Martha Jeffcoat
  v.   Mary A. Jeffcoat
  vi.   D. W. Jeffcoat
  vii.   B. G. Jeffcoat
  viii.   Rebecca Jeffcoat
  ix.   D. E. Jeffcoat
  10 x.   Henry John Jeffcoat, born August 13, 1816 in South Carolina; died August 28, 1889 in Montgomery Co. MS; married Nancy Clair Dendy January 19, 1837.
  xi.   William E. Jeffcoat, born May 29, 1817.

      22. Thomas C. Dendy, born May 02, 1775; died July 10, 1845 in Prob. Pike Co., AL. He was the son of 44. William Dendy and 45. Clary Cargill. He married 23. Elizabeth Cason September 14, 1797.

      23. Elizabeth Cason, born December 12, 1780; died Aft. 1860.

Notes for Thomas C. Dendy:
All information on the parents and siblings of Nancy Clair Dendy were obtained from Kathy Duncan (

More About Thomas Dendy and Elizabeth Cason:
Marriage: September 14, 1797
Children of Thomas Dendy and Elizabeth Cason are:
  i.   William C. Dendy, born November 14, 1801.
  ii.   James Hogan Dendy, born October 14, 1803.
  iii.   John D. Dendy, born August 25, 1805.
  11 iv.   Nancy Clair Dendy, born May 03, 1809 in South Carolina; died July 23, 1883 in Montgomery Co. MS; married Henry John Jeffcoat January 19, 1837.
  v.   Thomas P. Dendy, born January 31, 1811; married Parmelia E. Kitchens.
  Notes for Thomas P. Dendy:
Thomas Pulaska Dendy, born 1811, S. Carolina, is the probably the same as
Thomas P. Dendy, born Jan. 31, 1811, son of Thomas C. Dendy and Elizabeth
Cason. Thomas Pulaska Dendy lived as an adult in Union Parish, Lousiana.

Family legend which was given to Woody Dendy of Bernice, LA, has an
interesting tale of Thomas Pulaska Dendy. Woody was given this from someone
else in the family, but we regret we do not know the author.

Thomas Pulaska Dendy was a land owner near what is (as of 1988)
known as La ran.
We find he loved his family dearly though circumstances seem

He left for the Civil War - fighting wiht the Mississippi Volunteers.

When he left his wife was very ill and expecting their sixth child.
Word came to him how ill she was and he wanted to return home to be with
her. However this could no be for the battle was raging at Vicksburg. only
the wounded and very ill could be excused from battle.

Thomas Pulaska arranged to shoot his thumb and forefinger off his
left hand thus enabling him to return to his wife, only too late.

Her brother, Elder Ansel Kitchens, had taken the children into his
home and Thomas' beloved wife, Pamelia, had died.

Distraught over the death and behavior that Ansel Kitchen detested
- resulted in Thomas Pulaska leaving this area and his children.

He ventured into Okla. territory which included Arkansas (a
portion), at that time. There he met and married a half Cherokee girl. This
further divided his family. (It is my sincere belief he loved them but gave
them up completely for thier good.)

Thomas Pulaska Dendy first wife was Parmelia E. Kitchens

His second wife was a half Cherokee girl.


This posting from Posted by on May 9, 1998.

  vi.   Larkin Milton Dendy, born June 26, 1813.
  vii.   Elizabeth S. Dendy, born January 04, 1816.
  viii.   Edmund Taylor Dendy, born December 23, 1817.
  ix.   Priscilla Dendy, born June 06, 1819.

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