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Ancestors of Charles Carroll Kemp

      422455877076994. Cyngen He was the son of 844911754153988. Cadell. He married 422455877076995. Tudglid.

      422455877076995. Tudglid
Children of Cyngen and Tudglid are:
  211227938538497 i.   Sanan, married Maelgwn.
  ii.   Brochwel, married Ardunn.

      422455877079042. Brychan
Child of Brychan is:
  211227938539521 i.   Meleri, married Ceredig Ceredigion.

      422456754438144. Eoghan He was the son of 844913508876288. Niall Mor and 844913508876289. Rignach. He married 422456754438145. Marca.

      422456754438145. Marca
Child of Eoghan and Marca is:
  211228377219072 i.   Muredach, born in Dal Riata, Antrim, Ireland; married Earca.

      422456754438146. Loarn He was the son of 844913508876292. Erc.

More About Loarn:
Occupation: King of Dalriada
Children of Loarn are:
  211228377219073 i.   Earca, married (1) Muredach; married (2) Fergus.
  ii.   Muiredach

      422456754441344. Cinhil He was the son of 844913508882688. Cluim.
Child of Cinhil is:
  211228377220672 i.   Cynloyp.

      422456754441728. Aloc He was the son of 844913508883456. Benoc Bernic.
Child of Aloc is:
  211228377220864 i.   Angewit.

      422456754441856. Saebald He was the son of 844913508883712. Sigegeat.
Child of Saebald is:
  211228377220928 i.   Saefugl.

      422461573169152. Ceri Hir Lyngwyn He was the son of 844923146338304. Caid.

More About Ceri Hir Lyngwyn:
Epithet: Hir
Child of Ceri Hir Lyngwyn is:
  211230786584576 i.   Baran, married Anna.

      422461573169156. Manogan, born in In or abt. 135 BC. Britain; died in In or About 92 BC.. He was the son of 844923146338312. Eneid.

More About Manogan:
Occupation: King of the Druids
Child of Manogan is:
  211230786584578 i.   Beli Mawr, born in In or About 110 BC.; died in In or About 72 BC; married (1) Don ferch Mathonwy; married (2) Anna.

      422461573169158. Mathonwy
Children of Mathonwy are:
  211230786584579 i.   Don ferch Mathonwy, married Beli Mawr.
  ii.   Math
  iii.   Penardun

      422461573169160. Melki He was the son of 844923146338320. Jannai.
Child of Melki is:
  211230786584580 i.   Levi.

      424387832971264. Llud Llaw Ereint, born in 80 BC.; died in 18 BC.. He was the son of 211230786584578. Beli Mawr and 211230786584579. Don ferch Mathonwy.

Notes for Llud Llaw Ereint:
Lludd Llaw Ereint (the Silver-Handed), God of Health & Healing

Lludd (or Nudd), called Nodens by the Romans, was the Celtic God of Healing, and the son of Beli Mawr (the Great). He had a large shrine at Lydney in Gloucestershire, where the devoted made offerings of small bronze representations of their diseased limbs. He was sometimes identified with the protective Mars or the regenerative Silvanus and his companion and symbol was the dog: a deerhound whose lick could cure the afflicted. An old story explains his connection with amputees. At one time, Lludd was the leader of the gods, but he was wounded in battle and lost his hand. Gorfannon, the divine-smith, made him a new one out of Silver, but he was still forced to abdicate in favour of his nephew, Lleu Llaw Gyffes. Later, Lludd was troubled by a constant scream that was heard the eve of every Beltane. He travelled to Gaul, where his brother, Llefelys, was particularly worshipped, to ask his advice. He explained that the cry was made by two fighting dragons. Lludd managed to capture the creatures and imprisoned them deep below Dinas Emrys. Lludd may have been particularly worshipped in London, which was said to have been named after him.

More About Llud Llaw Ereint:
Epithet: Law Encint
Occupation: King of the Britons
Children of Llud Llaw Ereint are:
  i.   Tenvantius, died in 26 BC.
  More About Tenvantius:
Occupation: King of the Britons

  ii.   Afallach ap Lludd, born in 45 BC.
  Notes for Afallach ap Lludd:
Afallach, God of the Underworld

Afallach was the son of Lludd Llaw Ereint (the Silver-Handed). He was one of the Celtic gods of the Underworld. He ruled Avalon where he lived with his daughter, Modron, and her nine sisters. Avalon was like the Celtic heaven, a peaceful island far away where apples grew and after which it became named. It is, of course, best known as the place where the High-King Arthwyr was taken after he was fatally wounded at the Battle of Camlann. Afallach himself appears in Arthurian legends as King Evelake

  212193916485632 iii.   Casnar Wledig, born 520 in Powys, Wales; married Thewr/Thewer.
  iv.   Mandubratius, married Penardun.
  v.   Adminius

      424387832971266. Brydw He was the son of 848775665942532. Vortigern and 848775665942533. Sevira.
Child of Brydw is:
  212193916485633 i.   Thewr/Thewer, married Casnar Wledig.

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