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Ancestors of William Henry DUNWELL

      9951273. Beatrice De Lucelles, born Abt. 1145 in England. She was the daughter of 19902546. Hugh De Lucelles.
Child of Richard Gobion and Beatrice Lucelles is:
  4975636 i.   Richard Gobion, born Bef. 1182 in England; died Bef. Dec 29, 1230 in Gascony; married Agnes De Merley.

      9951274. Roger De Merley, born Bef. 1160 in England; died 1188 in England. He was the son of 19902548. Ralph De Merley and 19902549. Juliana of Dunbar. He married 9951275. Alice De Stuteville.

      9951275. Alice De Stuteville, born Bef. 1160 in England. She was the daughter of 19902550. Roger De Stuteville.
Children of Roger Merley and Alice Stuteville are:
  i.   Roger Merley.
  ii.   William Merley.
  4975637 iii.   Agnes De Merley, born Bef. 1188 in England; married Richard Gobion.

      9952000. Adam De THROCKMORTON, born Abt. 1212; died Abt. 1246. He was the son of 19904000. Robert De THROCKMORTON. He married 9952001. Matilda De DERINSTONE WFT Est. 1230-1244.

      9952001. Matilda De DERINSTONE, born Abt. 1182; died WFT Est. 1233-1277. She was the daughter of 19904003. Felicia.
Child of Adam De THROCKMORTON and Matilda De DERINSTONE is:
  4976000 i.   Robert De THROCKMORTON, born Abt. 1231; died 1306; married Prudence De COMPTON WFT Est. 1250-1279.

      9952002. Robert De COMPTON, born Abt. 1180; died WFT Est. 1236-1272.
Child of Robert De COMPTON is:
  4976001 i.   Prudence De COMPTON, born Abt. 1235; died WFT Est. 1253-1329; married Robert De THROCKMORTON WFT Est. 1250-1279.

      9952080. Robert De HARLEY, born WFT Est. 1190-1242; died WFT Est. 1228-1321. He was the son of 19904160. Nicholas De HARLEY and 19904161. Alice De PRESTHOP. He married 9952081. Alice De Pulesdon WFT Est. 1215-1276.

      9952081. Alice De Pulesdon, born WFT Est. 1196-1245; died WFT Est. 1228-1327. She was the daughter of 19904162. Roger De Pulesdon.
Child of Robert HARLEY and Alice De Pulesdon is:
  4976040 i.   Richard De HARLEY, born WFT Est. 1228-1270; died WFT Est. 1267-1351; married Burgo De WILLEY WFT Est. 1253-1305.

      9952082. Andreas De WILLEY, born WFT Est. 1195-1240; died 1265. He was the son of 19904164. Nicholas De WILLEY and 19904165. Burgo De PICHFORD. He married 9952083. D. HUGFORD WFT Est. 1219-1263.

      9952083. D. HUGFORD, born WFT Est. 1201-1243; died WFT Est. 1233-1327. She was the daughter of 19904166. Walter HUGFORD.
Child of Andreas WILLEY and D. HUGFORD is:
  4976041 i.   Burgo De WILLEY, born WFT Est. 1233-1266; died WFT Est. 1267-1353; married Richard De HARLEY WFT Est. 1253-1305.

      9952084. Walter De BRAMPTON, Sir, born WFT Est. 1200-1242; died WFT Est. 1239-1323. He was the son of 19904168. Brian De Brampton, Sir and 19904169. Emma De Corbet. He married 9952085. Johanna De EWILLY WFT Est. 1225-1279.

      9952085. Johanna De EWILLY, born WFT Est. 1206-1245; died WFT Est. 1239-1329.
Child of Walter BRAMPTON and Johanna EWILLY is:
  4976042 i.   Bryan De BRAMPTON, Sir, born WFT Est. 1239-1267; died WFT Est. 1290-1353; married Eleanor De Hereford WFT Est. 1279-1311.

      9952086. Robert De Hereford, born WFT Est. 1215-1244; died WFT Est. 1269-1329.
Child of Robert De Hereford is:
  4976043 i.   Eleanor De Hereford, born Abt. 1266 in SHROPSHIRE ENG; died WFT Est. 1291-1360; married Bryan De BRAMPTON, Sir WFT Est. 1279-1311.

      9952092. Robert Le STRANGE, born WFT Est. 1216-1245; died 1276. He was the son of 19904184. John Le STRANGE III and 19904185. Lucy TREGOZ.
Child of Robert Le STRANGE is:
  4976046 i.   Fulk Le STRANGE, 1St Lord Of Strange, born 1267; died Jan 23, 1323/24 in BLACKMORE ENGLAND; married Eleanor GIFFARD WFT Est. 1286-1312.

      9952094. John GIFFARD, Sir, born 1232 in BRIMSFIELD ENGLAND; died May 29, 1299 in BOYTON WILTSHIRE ENG. He was the son of 19904188. Elias Giffard and 19904189. Isabel Musard. He married 9952095. Maud De CLIFFORD WFT Est. 1251-1274.

      9952095. Maud De CLIFFORD, born Abt. 1235 in HANEFORD ENG; died Abt. 1282. She was the daughter of 19904190. Walter De Clifford and 19904191. Margaret Ap Jorwerth.
Child of John GIFFARD and Maud CLIFFORD is:
  4976047 i.   Eleanor GIFFARD, born Abt. 1271 in BLACKMERE CORNWALL ENG; died 1324; married Fulk Le STRANGE, 1St Lord Of Strange WFT Est. 1286-1312.

      9952768. Robert DANVERS, born Abt. 1109 in BOURTON OXFORD ENG; died Aft. 1145. He was the son of 19905536. Geoffrey DANVERS.
Child of Robert DANVERS is:
  4976384 i.   William DANVERS, born 1135 in TETSWORTH OXFORD ENG; died Bef. 1197; married Emma CHEVAUSHESUL WFT Est. 1155-1182.

      9953152. Herbert QUATREMAIN, born Abt. 1168.
Child of Herbert QUATREMAIN is:
  4976576 i.   Herbert QUATREMAIN, born Abt. 1194 in North Weston, Oxford, England; married Lecia Knyvet.

      9953192. Kalph CHETWOOD, born Abt. 1145.
Child of Kalph CHETWOOD is:
  4976596 i.   Robert CHETWOOD, born Abt. 1171 in Chetwood, Buckingham, England; married Sybil STRANGE.

      9953194. Roger De Fredville, born Abt. 1148.
Child of Roger De Fredville is:
  4976597 i.   Sybil STRANGE, born Abt. 1174 in Wolstron, Warwick, Eng; married Robert CHETWOOD.

      9953200. Robert De GREY, born Abt. 1206 in Turrock, Essex, England, Eng; died WFT Est. 1193-1282. He was the son of 19906400. Henry De GREY and 19906401. Isolda BARDOLF. He married 9953201. Amice UNKNOWN WFT Est. 1182-1238.

      9953201. Amice UNKNOWN, born Abt. 1198; died WFT Est. 1193-1288.
Child of Robert GREY and Amice UNKNOWN is:
  4976600 i.   Walter De GREY, Sir, born Abt. 1222 in Rotherfield, Sussex, England; died Bef. Jan 5, 1267/68; married Isabel De DUSTON Abt. 1245.

      9953202. William De DUSTON II, born Abt. 1198 in Duston, Northamptonshire, England; died Aft. Aug 31, 1231. He was the son of 19906404. William De DUSTON I and 19906405. NN (D) Wake.
Children of William De DUSTON II are:
  i.   Rose De DUSTON, born Abt. 1222 in Duston/ranton, Northants/staffs; died Abt. 1283; married John DOYLEY Abt. 1247.
  4976601 ii.   Isabel De DUSTON, born Abt. 1224; died 1304; married Walter De GREY, Sir Abt. 1245.

      9953216. Thomas RUSSELL, born Abt. 1204 in Strenshem, Worcester, England. He was the son of 19906432. John RUSSELL and 19906433. Rose BARDOLF.
Child of Thomas RUSSELL is:
  4976608 i.   Robert RUSSELL, born Abt. 1230 in Strenshem, Worcester, England.

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