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Descendants of Robert Kilgore, Sr

Generation No. 1

1. ROBERT1 KILGORE, SR was born in Fife County, Scotland. He married UNK.

Notes for R
Source: Internet ; No documentation available.
Source: Taken from Kathleen Pickering's Webpage @ FTM.Com

Other information:
1753-October 26: Orange County, NC: Robert Kilgore receives a grant of land.
1754-July, Orange County, NC: Ordered that the following Grand Jurors be fined 5/ each unless they shew reasonable excuse for not appearing to wit: Robert Kilgore.
1755-Orange County, NC: Tax list-Robert Kilgore listed with 2 sons.
1755-March, Orange, NC: Grand Jury appointed to attend the Superior Court on the fourth Tuesday in May, Next to wit: John Lapsie; Robert Kilgore, Petty Juror.
1755-May 16, Orange County, NC: Robert Kilgore Warrant to Will Churton to survey 640 acres in Orange County, joining Kilgore's own land/s/Fras Corbin entered 24 January 1755, back of document reads: "Hico Creek Grant (?) 2 August 1760"//640A on west corner of his own land; Hico Creek. Entered 24 Jan 1755, Deed 2 Aug 1760.
1755-November 11, Orange County, NC: Robert Kilgore SCC for Hugh Dobbin's survey N. fork of N. Hico.
1755-November 19, Orange County, NC: Hugh Dobbin, Jr plat 408 acres in Orange County on both sides of the N fork of North Hico SCC: John Fargison, Robert Kilgore, W. Churton, Surv.

c. 1750 Johnston County (Cross index DB 1/94) [Johnston formed from Craven, 1748]. Land exchanges between Richard Kemp and John Kilgore.
1753 Orange County, land grant, Robert Kilgore
1754 Orange County, William Kilgore survey chain carrier (History of Caswell County).
1755 Orange County Tax List: Peter Kilgore, Robert Kilgore
1760 Orange County land grant, Robert Kilgore
1761 Johnston County will John Kilgore: w. Sara; bro. Peter; ch: Isaac, Mary, Betty, Milly, Rachel and Sara Kilgore.
This was found by J. Penley, who is also a descendant of Robert Kilgore, Sr. (This was copied exactly as written)

Old World History: The Kilgore Clan
The Clan Kilgour (Kilgore, Killgore) is of undoubted Scottish or Celtic origin. The name is the best indication of that, being a compound of "cell-gor" meaning "cell" or church in the Gaelic and "gor" which is the word for hill, in the same language; so that the name Kilgore or Kilgour, as originally spelled is the equivalent of our English compound name churchill or "church on the hill".
Kilgore, from which the name is derived, was an Ancient Parish in Fifeshire, Scotland which lies on the north of the Firth of Forth. It is now incorporated with the Parish of Falkland. The church of the Ancient Parish of Kilgore stood originally at Kilgore, two miles west of the present town of Falkland and before the Reformation, belonged to the Priory of St. Andrews. The Earl of Fife made a grant of it to the Priory in 1316. The deed of Mortification as well as another curious old Charter, bearing the date 1224, which throw light upon the Ecclesiastical state of the Parish at that early period, may be seen in the records of St. Andrews. The church seems to be a building 40 ft long by 16 ft with chancel and stood in the center of the burial ground.
Not a single vesting of it now visible. The foundation stones have been dug up about 1825 (8 could be 5, typing blurred) and removed to fill up drains on the neighboring farm. the farmer transported one of the ancient stone coffins into his barnyard to form a water trough for his cattle where it still remains and they crowned this sacrilegious act by plowing up the church yard.
The old church site lies at the foot of the Black Hill, one of the foothills of the Lomand Hills, on the head waters of Loch Laven, one of Scotland's most picturesque lakes. Between Faulkland and Kilgour are the famous ruins of the Royal Palace. It is historically certain that the ancestral home of the Clan Kilgore was in the above mentioned Parish, as the name is still common in that part of Scotland.

Ireland: A branch of the Kilgour clan was transported to Ireland, along with hundreds of other Scotchmen by King James, I in 1606 and later by Cromwell who adopted this method of colonizing the Emerald Isle with Protestants in order to keep Catholic Ireland in subjection. This explains the rapid spread of the clan in Ulster, who never took kindly to the land of their adoption and for a century or more, until their exodus to America, were bitterly opposed by the followers of the wild Irish Earle and when their name,regardless of the religious antagonism, is as well known as in Scotland, the ancient seat of the clan.
These notes come from D. Hober, another Kilgore descendant:

Kilgour from Kilgour near Falkland, Fife. The surname is found all over Fife and is also common in Aberdeenshire. It is also found in North Australia and has given name to a river there. Sir Thomas Kilgour, who appears in 1528 in the Palace as chaplain of St. Thomas in the palace Falkland, is probably the Sir Thomas Kilgore to whom several entries of payments of ten bolls of bear occur in 1563, 1566, 1567, ect. In 1567, there is also an entry of an annual pension of 45 schillings to Sir Thomas Kingour (that's another spelling). John Kilgour of Aberdeen was ordered to serve on a ship of war in 1540, Richard Kilgour appears twice as a witness in 1550 and 1551, David Kilgour of Lathrisk was one of an assize in Fife in 1555 and there is mention of a debt to Henry Kilgor in 1572. David Kylgour was retoured heir of Alexander Kylgour de Nethill, his father, in 1607 and Henry Kilgour was retoured heir of his Grandfather, Andrew Kilgour in 1644. Hamilton Kilgour, minister of Collace, died in 1777. Kilgore 1572, Kilgowre, 1665.
The Surnames of Scotland

Kilgour. From Kilgour near Falkland, Fife. The surname is found all over Fife and is also common in Aberdeenshire. Source p. 387, George F. Black, PhD, "the Surnames of Scotland, Their Origin, Meaning and History"'
Kilgour-Kilgore, etc: Thomas Kilgour of Scotland appears in 1528 as chaplain of Falkland Palace where King James V lay dying in 1542 while at Linlithgow Palace, Mary (Queen of Scots) was born. Source: Joyce Harlow "Famous King and Queen of Scotland" Published by Arco Publishing Company, Inc, New York.

Kilgore: Kilgour, a local name in Fife, the place near Faulkland and in the 16th and 17th Centuries the family of Kilgour possessed "Nuthall". (Scottish Arms Vol 2, page 15, published in Edinborough in 1880).
"Definition of the word "clan": "Clan was the name applied to a group of Kinsmen united under a Chief and claiming a common Ancestry. They lived as one great family on the lands they possessed. The Clansmen or spets supported their Chief with remarkable loyalty. In the 13th Century the Clans rose to prominence and records of their separate history have been kept enabling all Highlanders to trace their ancestors to that period and in some cases, to a much earlier date". Source: "Scots Kith and Kin. Kilgour-N.W. Fife to Aberdeen 16th) (MacDuff 16).

The greater numbers of Scotch-Irish emigrants to Virginia entered that state by way of Pennsylvania and Maryland. The most were in the Shenandoah Valley. The Scotch were not found in either North Carolina or Virginia until after the 1730, except a few scattered families and some small colonies along the Chesapeake. Source: "Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to United States" p 32.

Alternative name: Thomas Kilgore is found on some genealogy reports as the father of Robert, Jr. He was born About 1715, Ireland and died in 1823 in Springfield, TN.
Their seems to be to different "Chief" Clans that claim the Kilgore name as one of their Clans. The McDuff Clan and the Douglas Clan. Both of these Clans, according to the documents I have found state that the "Kilgore Clan was one of the fiercest and loyal of most Clans" and the one of the sites found for the Douglas Clan states that "The Kilgore Clan is one of the finest among them all, for they are the fiercest fighters, never giving leave of the battle....their loyalty is well known.......once their pledge is given none would break it".

Children of ROBERT KILGORE and UNKNOWN are:
i. ROBERT KILGORE, JR, b. Bet. 1740 - 1744, Orange, NC; d. December 31, 1782, Pond, Wise, Virginia.

ii. HIRMAN KILGORE, b. Abt. 1742; d. October 07, 1780.
Hirman was killed in the battle of Kings Mountian.
*Battle of Kings Mountian, October 7, 1780
This was the one battle in the Revolutionary War that was unique in the way it was fought and won. It was the battle that determined the original number of colonies in the United States. If this battle had not been won by the Rebels and Patriots (American Whigs) the original numbers of the colonies would have been 10, not 13. This battle was also very unique because it was fought by 1,000 plus militiamen; without orders, formal military training, uniforms, provisions or promise of pay. All this against supposedly "superior trained forces". *The militiamen did not have formal training but they did have experince in fighting Indians.
In one hour and five minutes the American Whigs totally decimated Ferguson's American Tories (made up of Loyalists and Royalists), leaving every man either a prisoner or dead. Colonal Ferguson, himself killed, signed his own death warrent when he had "instructed" the "officers on the Western Waters" (west of the Blue Ridge) that if they did not "desist from their opposition to the British Army and to take protection under his standard, he would march his army over the mountain, hang their leaders and lay their country waste with fire and sword". This, of course did not go over well with the "mountain men" that Colonal Ferguson wanted to bring over to the British side.

iii. CHARLES KILGORE, b. January 18, 1743/44, Ireland.

iv. WILLIAM KILGORE, b. Abt. 1746.
Notes for William Kilgore: Was in the Battle of Kings Mountain along with his brothers Charles, Robert & Hiram.

Children of R
  i.   JAMES2 KILGORE, b. Abt. 1748.
2. ii.   ROBERT KILGORE, JR, b. Bet. 1740 - 1744, Orange County, N.C.; d. December 31, 1782, Pond ,Virginia.
3. iii.   CHARLES KILGORE, b. January 18, 1743/44.
  iv.   HIRAM KILGORE, b. Abt. 1742; d. October 07, 1780.
  v.   WILLIAM KILGORE, b. Abt. 1746.
Was in The Battle of Kings Mountain with brothers Charles, Robert, and Hiram.

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