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Ancestors of Robert Butler Kimmel

      162. Jonathan Baldwin, born Abt. 1742. He was the son of 324. David Baldwin and 325. Abigail Burr. He married 163. Mary Hunt December 15, 1766 in Oxford, Massachusetts.

      163. Mary Hunt, born April 24, 1729 in Spencer, Worcester, Massachusetts; died October 08, 1780 in Templeton, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of 326. Samuel Hunt and 327. Dorothy Bulkeley.

Notes for Jonathan Baldwin:
Served in the American Revolution as a Patriot. Was the representative from Templeton, Mass., in the last general court prior to the organization of the first Provincial Assembly or Congress.

More About Jonathan Baldwin and Mary Hunt:
Marriage: December 15, 1766, Oxford, Massachusetts
Child of Jonathan Baldwin and Mary Hunt is:
  81 i.   Abigail (Nabby) Baldwin, born June 23, 1771 in Spencer, Massachusetts; died June 24, 1832 in Templeton, Massachusetts; married Captain Asa Turner December 08, 1790 in Templeton, Worcester, Massachusetts.

      170. Rudolf Rueg He married 171. Barbara Dikilimen.

      171. Barbara Dikilimen
Child of Rudolf Rueg and Barbara Dikilimen is:
  85 i.   Anna Elizabeth Rueg, married Abraham Grob.

      176. James Moore I136,137, born 1740 in Southampton Co., Virginia; died March 1778 in Halifax Co., North Carolina138. He married 177. Celia (Selah) Williams December 03, 1760 in Southampton Co., Virginia139,140.

      177. Celia (Selah) Williams, born 1743 in Southampton Co., Virginia; died October 02, 1766 in Halifax Co., North Carolina. She was the daughter of 354. Jonah Williams and 355. Martha Eley.

Notes for James Moore I:
Died in the midst of the Revolutionary War and was a "firm and fervent man in the Cause" according to his son James II.

Granted land in Halifax Co. in 1762.

More About James Moore I:
Military service: Bet. 1776 - March 1778, VA Archives141

More About James Moore and Celia Williams:
Marriage: December 03, 1760, Southampton Co., Virginia142,143
Children of James Moore and Celia Williams are:
  i.   John Moore, born Abt. 1763 in Southampton Co., Virginia; died July 08, 1764 in Southampton Co., Virginia.
  88 ii.   James Moore II, born January 07, 1765 in St. Luke's Parish, Southampton Co., Virginia; died December 31, 1851 in Sycamore Alley Plantation, Tar River, Halifax Co., North Carolina (near Enfield); married (1) Martha Williams September 19, 1787 in Halifax Co., North Carolina; married (2) Sally Ann Figures (Lewis) Lowe July 19, 1794 in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina; married (3) Mary Council July 22, 1833.
  iii.   Jesse Williams Moore, born October 02, 1766 in St. Luke's Parish, Southampton Co., Virginia; married Martha H. Wills July 22, 1791 in St. Luke's Parish, Southampton Co., Virginia; died in Kentucky.
  More About Jesse Moore and Martha Wills:
Marriage: July 22, 1791, St. Luke's Parish, Southampton Co., Virginia

      178. Exum Lewis144,145, born March 01, 1731/32 in Brunswick County, Virginia; died June 26, 1795 in Edgecombe, North Carolina. He was the son of 356. Richard Lewis. He married 179. Elizabeth Figures March 16, 1758 in Southampton Co., Virginia.

      179. Elizabeth Figures, born September 14, 1737 in Southampton Co., Virginia; died December 29, 1843 in Edgecombe, North Carolina146. She was the daughter of 358. Bartholomew Figures and 359. Mary ?.

Notes for Exum Lewis:
Distinguished Whig of the American Revolution. Served as a Colonel.

From Edgecombe County History:

Under the regularly instituted military organization in the county field officers were elected, and commissions were issued by the Provincial Congress. Subordinate officers were elected by the county commissioners. The Council of Safety exercised the authority of calling out the militia in an emergency when the Congress was not in session. The first field officers of the Regular or Grand Army--Colonel William Haywood, Lieutenant Colonel Sherwood Haywood, Major James Moore, and Second Major Henry Horne--were elected in 1775. In 1776, the militia system was reorganized because of the inactivity of the officers. Edgecombe's list was changed completely. Exum Lewis succeeded William Haywood as colonel; Simon Gray became lieutenant-colonel; Jonas Johnson Major, and Thomas Hunter second major. At the same time the Continental Regiments were organized in North Carolina, and James Blount and Henry I. Toole were elected captains in the Second Regiment.

Many descendents gained entrance to the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and the SAR on the basis of this passage.

Will of Exum Lewis:

June 26, 1790. Aug. Ct., 1790. Wife; ELIZABETH, life estate. Son: THOMAS, plantation where he now lives, on the Reedy or Great Branch to low grounds of Swift Creek. W to GEORGE FOREMAN'S line. S by P. FOREMAN'S line, 200 A; 2 negroes. Son: GREEN, 420 A plantation I now live on, near run of Swift Creek N by GEORGE FOREMAN'S to mouth of Reedy or Great Branch, up Mirey Branch, E to FIGURES LEWIS, to GEORGE LINCHE'S 2 negroes, cattle, furniture, pewter dishes, $50 when 20 yrs. of age. Son: BARTHOLOMEW, 793 A of land adjoining lands given, Sons: THOMAS & GREEN LEWIS, negro girl, cows and calves, furniture, pewter, dishes, Basins, 6 plates, $180 cash. Sons: EXUM & EDWIN, money goods in the store, Pork, Bacon, Brandy, lands, when EDWIN arrives at age 20. Son: EXUM, negro boy, Cato, horse, Marcus, bridle and saddle, cows and calves, Bed and furniture, 2 pewter basins, pewter dishes, 6 pewter plates, etc. Dau: ELIZABETH, 2 negro women, bay mare, Silver Heels, bridle and saddle, 2 cows and calves, furniture, 2 Pewter dishes, 2 Pewter basins, 1 flax wheel. Dau: SALLY MOORE, negro girl. Sons: THOMAS, BARTHOLOMEW and GREEN LEWIS, the use of my brandy still. Residue of property lent to wife, ELIZABETH. Exr: sons: FIGURES LEWIS and EXUM LEWIS; son-in-law JESSE JOHNSON. Wit: NATHAN HARRIS, ELI B. WHITAKER, JAMES WHITAKER. Probate date, 1795.

Kinfolks of Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1788 - 1855 by Joseph W. Watson, c. 1969

Exum LEWIS Family Bible

Exum Lewis To Ann Harrison Dec 31, 1795
William Figures Lewis to Ann Elizabeth Foxall daughter of David Barlow Jany18, 1872

Exum Lewis Sept 15, 1771
Ann Harrison consort of Exum Lewis Aug. 10, 1775
Peggy Lewis daughter of said Exum & Ann Lewis Oct. 6, 1797
Peggy Harrison Lewis March 10, 1799
Betsy Figures Lewis April 27, 1801
John Wesley Lewis March 2, 1804
Richard Henry Lewis March 21, 1806
Mary Ann Lewis Aug. 1, 1808
Emma Lewis March 12, 1811
Exum Lewis Jan. 7, 1814
Kenelm Harrison Lewis Sept. 25, 1816
William Figures Lewis Sept. 19, 1819

Betsy F(igures) Lewis to Speir Whitaker Dec. 30, 1819
Mary Ann Lewis to Thomas C Hunter Nov. 25, 1824
John Wesley Lewis to Catherine A. Battle Feb. 5, 1829
Richard Henry Lewis to Mary Eliza Foreman April 24, 1832
Exum Lewis Jr. to Jane Cotton 1835
Emma Lewis to John F. Speight Sept. 29, 1840

Peggy Lewis Nov. 5, 1797
Peggy H. Lewis Oct.4, 1804
Exum Lewis, Sr. Jany 18, 1839 Aged 67 yrs 4 ms 3 da
Ann Lewis consort of Exum Lewis Sr. Dec. 16, 1843
Mary Ann Hunter consort of T.C. Hunter July 5, 1850
Richard Henry Lewis Jany 19, 1857
John Wesley Lewis at the age of 36 years
Exum Lewis Jr.
Kenelm Harrison Lewis Sept. 1, 1866
William Figures Lewis May 16, 1910
Bart. Lewis April 9, 1813

More About Exum Lewis and Elizabeth Figures:
Marriage: March 16, 1758, Southampton Co., Virginia
Child of Exum Lewis and Elizabeth Figures is:
  89 i.   Sally Ann Figures (Lewis) Lowe, born Abt. 1769 in Edgecombe, North Carolina; died Abt. September 01, 1830 in Sycamore Alley Plantation, Tar River, Halifax Co., North Carolina (near Enfield); married (1) Reverend William Lowe 1788; married (2) James Moore II July 19, 1794 in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina.

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