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Ancestors of Jeffrey and Mark Kimmel

      42. Joseph W. Sutton, born December 27, 1848 in OH.; died March 11, 1917 in Corning, IA - Prairie Rose Cem.. He was the son of 84. John W. Sutton and 85. June Walker. He married 43. Minerva E. Geeseman Abt. 1878 in Adams Co. IA.

      43. Minerva E. Geeseman, born December 11, 1858 in IN.; died February 18, 1920 in IA.. She was the daughter of 86. R.R. Geeseman and 87. Sophia Fry.
Children of Joseph Sutton and Minerva Geeseman are:
  i.   Flora Sutton, born 1877 in IA.; married William Wheatley November 10, 1895 in Jasper Twp..
  ii.   Cora Sutton, born July 1879; married Joseph E. Wheatley.
  iii.   Benjamin M. Sutton, born February 1882.
  iv.   Lewis J. Sutton, born June 1883.
  21 v.   Dora Sutton, born May 18, 1885 in Brooks, IA; died July 23, 1977 in Corning, IA - buried in Prairie Rose Cemetery.; married George Arthur Riegel September 15, 1903.
  vi.   Oscar L. Sutton, born September 1887.
  vii.   Agusta M. Sutton, born March 1889.
  viii.   Rachel M. Sutton, born November 1893.
  ix.   William M. Sutton, born February 1898.

      44. William F. Stepp, born 1837 in Tennessee. He married 45. Sarah Elizabeth McMullin April 10, 1867.

      45. Sarah Elizabeth McMullin, born 1854 in Illinois.

Notes for William F. Stepp:
*All children born in Missouri.
Children of William Stepp and Sarah McMullin are:
  i.   John Yeager Stepp, born 1865.
  ii.   George Wesley Stepp, born 1869.
  iii.   Obediah Francis Stepp, born August 05, 1871.
  iv.   Rosana Stepp, born July 14, 1873.
  22 v.   Frederic Stepp, born May 27, 1878 in Mountain Grove, MO; died October 11, 1953 in Des Moines, IA - info by Etta Stepp & Obit.; married Eva H. Brooks.
  vi.   Henry M. Stepp, born 1880.
  vii.   Lillian Roberta Stepp, born February 20, 1882.
  viii.   Edward Stepp, born January 08, 1886.
  ix.   Ella Jane Stepp, born April 09, 1888.

      46. Edward W. Brooks, born September 02, 1847 in Greene, NY; died September 12, 1909 in Adair, IA. He was the son of 92. Martin Brooks and 93. Hannah Appleby. He married 47. Charlotte A. Hepler 1873 in Ottawa, LaSalle, IL.

      47. Charlotte A. Hepler, born February 08, 1856 in New York; died March 14, 1943.
Children of Edward Brooks and Charlotte Hepler are:
  i.   Elnora Brooks, born 1873; married George W. Stream.
  ii.   Mary Brooks, born 1876; married Clare Ridout.
  iii.   Jesse M. Brooks, born 1879; died 1930; married Ellen M. Selim.
  iv.   Elmer Brooks, born 1880.
  v.   David O. Brooks, born 1882; died 1972; married Gertrude E. Selim.
  vi.   Nelson William Brooks, born February 19, 1884.
  23 vii.   Eva H. Brooks, born June 24, 1885; died July 11, 1936; married (1) Frederic Stepp; married (2) Cortez Leo Roop; married (3) Clarence Bryan.
  viii.   Lester Brooks, born 1895.

      48. William H. Bowen, died in IL.. He was the son of 96. John Bowen. He married 49. Anne Bradley Kesner 1877 in Barry Co., MO.

      49. Anne Bradley Kesner.
Children of William Bowen and Anne Kesner are:
  i.   John Franklyn Bowen, born January 21; died August 27, 1936; married Florence Cook.
  ii.   John Gately Bowen, born May 24, 1832 in Bond, IL; died May 05, 1929; married Mary Ann "Polly" Hadley March 01, 1852.
  Notes for John Gately Bowen:
*John was a Baptist Minister.

  iii.   Willis Ancel Bowen, born January 1852 in Barry Co., MO.
  iv.   Malinda M. Bowen, born March 04, 1853 in Barry Co., MO; died November 29, 1929 in Liberty Cemetery, Kingston, AR; married (1) William John Butler; married (2) Howard T. "House" Mitchell 1883.
  Notes for William John Butler:
William was a Cherokee Indian 32676 no census 10907.

  Notes for Howard T. "House" Mitchell:
Howard was a Private in the Civil War.

  v.   William "Bud" Harvey Bowen, born March 1855 in Barry Co., MO; died 1927 in Kingston, AR; married Margaret Angeline Little.
  vi.   George W. Bowen, born 1856 in Barry Co., MO.
  vii.   Thomas Bowen, born 1857.
  viii.   Sarah Roscane Bowen, born 1866; married John Davis Grigg.
  24 ix.   James Charles Bowen, born 1868; died 1936; married Sara Caroline "Cal" Thomas.
  x.   Oscar Columbus Bowen, born 1870; married Dora Virginia Gurley.
  xi.   Virgil A. Bowen, born April 08, 1876; married Mony Parker.

      50. John Wesley Thomas, born 1849; died 1896 in Arkansas. He was the son of 100. James Almarine Thomas and 101. Sarah Anne Jarrett. He married 51. Rebecca Melinda Gaines April 14, 1869.

      51. Rebecca Melinda Gaines, born 1844; died 1882. She was the daughter of 102. Ira (Pinkney) Gaines.

  Notes for Rebecca Melinda Gaines:
Rebecca is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in Redwine Methodist Cemetery, Hall Co., GA.
Child of John Thomas and Rebecca Gaines is:
  25 i.   Sara Caroline "Cal" Thomas, born 1877; died 1957; married James Charles Bowen.

      52. Sanford Warford. He married 53. Paralee Dodd.

      53. Paralee Dodd.

Notes for Sanford Warford:
Sanford was born out of wedlock - father was Cherokee - mother spent life living with two bachelor brothers.
Child of Sanford Warford and Paralee Dodd is:
  26 i.   Dozier Warford, born 1880 in Alabama; died 1960; married Ellen Bynum.

      56. James Amsterdam Stewart, born April 09, 1822 in Manchester, Dearborn Co., IN; died February 04, 1887 in Montezuma, Poweshiek Co., IA. He was the son of 112. John M. Stewart and 113. Christina Pate. He married 57. Susanna Metts October 09, 1842 in Noble, LaPort Co., IN.

      57. Susanna Metts. She was the daughter of 114. Emmanuel Metts and 115. Elizabeth.

Notes for James Amsterdam Stewart:
Published in the "History of Poweshiek County, Iowa."

Page 785: STEWART, A.D.--Farmer and stock-raiser, section 80, P.O. Montezuma. Was born in Manchester, Dearborn county, Indiana, April 3, 1823; moved with his parents at an early age to Shelby county, where he resided until about the age of seventeen years; his father, John Stewart, was engaged in agricultural pursuits in that county. In 1840 the subject of this sketch went to LaPorte county and resided a few years, after which he returned to Shelby county and remained four years; he then moved to Clark county, Illinois, and after a residence there of three years returned to Shelby county, Indiana, where he resided until the autumn of 1868, when he came to Iowa locating in Poweshiek county. He married, October 9, 1841, to Miss Susanna Metts of LaPorte county, Indiana, formerly of Champaign county, Ohio, daughter of Emmanuel and Elizabeth Metts. By this union they have eleven children; Mary Elizabeth, John Madison (deceased), Ellena, Quinvilla, Amsterdam (deceased), Monroe, Angeline, George Washington (deceased), Willis Clinton (deceased), Marion Francis and Magnolia. Mr. Stewart's farm consists of one hundred and sixty acres of fine land.
Children of James Stewart and Susanna Metts are:
  i.   Mary Elizabeth Stewart, born 1842.
  ii.   John Madison Stewart, born 1844.
  iii.   Elena Stewart, born 1848.
  iv.   Quinvilla Stewart, born October 28, 1849.
  v.   Amsterdam Stewart, born December 25, 1851.
  28 vi.   Monroe Stewart, born February 13, 1854; died June 01, 1942 in Stuart, IA; married Florence Holly McCoy December 27, 1875.
  vii.   Angelene Stewart, born 1858.
  viii.   George Washington Stewart, born 1859.
  ix.   Willis Stewart, born April 28, 1863.
  x.   Marion Francis Stewart, born August 1865.
  xi.   Magnolia Stewart, born 1868.

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