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Ancestors of Jon Wendell King

      19013633. Julian Herle, born 1250 in Walcot, Shropshire, England; died WFT Est. 1284-1345. She was the daughter of 38027266. John Herle.
Child of Philip Walcott and Julian Herle is:
  9506816 i.   John Walcott, born 1281 in Walcot, Shropshire, England; died WFT Est. 1319-1372; married Alcie LLoyd WFT Est. 1300-1330.

      19013634. David Lloyd
Child of David Lloyd is:
  9506817 i.   Alcie LLoyd, born 1285; died WFT Est. 1319-1380; married John Walcott WFT Est. 1300-1330.

      19013664. Richard Plantagenet, born Abt. 1252 in of Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England; died 1296 in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England. He was the son of 38027328. Richard (Earl Of Cornwall) and 38027329. Sanchia Berengar. He married 19013665. Joan Saint Owen Abt. 1279.

      19013665. Joan Saint Owen, born Abt. 1260 in of Winchester, Hampshire, England/Winchester, England; died WFT Est. 1291-1354. She was the daughter of 38027330. John Saint Owen.
Child of Richard Plantagenet and Joan Saint Owen is:
  9506832 i.   Geoffrey De Cornwall, born Abt. 1288 in Burford, Shropshire, England; died Abt. 1335; married Margaret Mortimer WFT Est. 1308-1329.

      19013666. Hugh Mortimer, born 1271 in Richards Castle, Herefordshire, England; died July 20, 1304. He was the son of 38027332. Robert De Mortimer and 38027333. Joyce La Zouche. He married 19013667. Matilda Abt. 1289.

      19013667. Matilda, born WFT Est. 1252-1277; died WFT Est. 1298-1365.
Child of Hugh Mortimer and Matilda is:
  9506833 i.   Margaret Mortimer, born September 14, 1295 in Richards Castle, Herefordshire, England; died 1345; married Geoffrey De Cornwall WFT Est. 1308-1329.

      19064882. Ioun Fitzwarin, born Abt. 1351. He married 19064883. Maud Argentein WFT Est. 1369-1399.

      19064883. Maud Argentein, born Abt. 1353; died WFT Est. 1369-1447.
Child of Ioun Fitzwarin and Maud Argentein is:
  9532441 i.   Joan De Seint Lou, born Abt. 1351; died WFT Est. 1379-1445; married John Chidioke WFT Est. 1367-1397.

      19064888. Robert Lumley, born Abt. 1272 in West Cheryton, England; died Abt. 1338. He was the son of 38129776. Robert Lumley and 38129777. Sibilla Morwick. He married 19064889. Lucia De Thweng WFT Est. 1292-1320.

      19064889. Lucia De Thweng, born Abt. 1279 in Kilton Castle, England; died WFT Est. 1317-1374. She was the daughter of 38129778. Marmaduke De Thweng and 38129779. Isabel De Roos.
Child of Robert Lumley and Lucia De Thweng is:
  9532444 i.   Marmaduke De Lumley, born September 4, 1314 in Chevington, England; died September 25, 1365; married Margaret Holland WFT Est. 1337-1359.

      19595264. Bartholomew Gifford, born Abt. 1228 in of Halsbury, Devonshire, England; died 1314. He was the son of 39190528. William Gifford. He married 19595265. Joane De Halsbury WFT Est. 1260-1294.

      19595265. Joane De Halsbury, born Abt. 1232 in of Halsbury, Devonshire, England; died WFT Est. 1288-1327. She was the daughter of 39190530. Peter De Halsbury.
Children of Bartholomew Gifford and Joane De Halsbury are:
  i.   Bartholomew Gifford
  ii.   Walter Gillord
  9797632 iii.   Baldwin Gillord, born Abt. 1260 in of Halsbury, Devonshire, England; died Abt. 1335; married Jane WFT Est. 1292-1319.
  iv.   Matthew Gillord, born Abt. 1262.
  v.   Robert Gillord, born Abt. 1264.

      20002816. Robert William Wentworth He married 20002817. Emma Woodhouse.

      20002817. Emma Woodhouse
Child of Robert Wentworth and Emma Woodhouse is:
  10001408 i.   William Wentworth, born Abt. 1263 in Wentwroth Woodhouse Yorkshire England; married Beatrice Thakel.

      20017152. John Hobart, born Abt. 1270.
Child of John Hobart is:
  10008576 i.   John Hobart, born 1300 in De La Tye, Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England.

      24420354. Hamlet Ap Draie, born WFT Est. 1163-1237; died WFT Est. 1201-1310.
Child of Hamlet Ap Draie is:
  12210177 i.   Joyce Ap Hamlet, born WFT Est. 1201-1267; died WFT Est. 1228-1343; married Dyfnwall Ap Carador.

      29516102. Roger De Quincy He was the son of 59032204. Saire De Quincy and 59032205. Margaret of Leicester.
Child of Roger De Quincy is:
  14758051 i.   Elizabeth De Quincy, married Alexander Comyn.

      30902662. Philip Marmion, died Bef. December 1291. He was the son of 61805324. V Robert Marmion and 61805325. Juliane De Vassy. He married 30902663. Joan De Kilpeck.

      30902663. Joan De Kilpeck She was the daughter of 61805326. Hugh De Kilpeck.
Child of Philip Marmion and Joan De Kilpeck is:
  15451331 i.   Mazera Marmion, married Ralph De Cromwell.

      30902688. Henry III Plantagenet, King 1216-1272, born October 1, 1206 in Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England/Winchester, England; died November 16, 1272 in Westminster Middlesex England. He was the son of 61805376. I John, "Lacklund" King 1199-1216 and 61805377. Isabella Taillefer. He married 30902689. Eleanor "Of Provence" Berenger January 4, 1234/35 in Cathedral Canaterbury Kent England.

      30902689. Eleanor "Of Provence" Berenger, born Abt. 1223 in Alx-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhone, France; died 1291. She was the daughter of 61805378. Raymond Berenger IV and 61805379. Beatrice De Savoie.

Notes for Henry III Plantagenet, King 1216-1272:
A minor when he took the throne he did not take the reigns of Government himself
until 1234. Baronian discontent simmered, boiling over in 1258 when Henry facing
financial disaster attempted to raise large sums from his magnates. Reforms were
agreed upon but then renouced by Henry. Simon de Montford lead a rebellion
against the King (the Barons Wars) which was defeated after initial success,
thereafter Henry ceeded much of his power to his son. Burke say he was born 10
Oct 1206 and married 14 Jan, crowned 1216.

Henry was born in 1207, and married Eleanor of Provence in 1236, who was one of
four sisters all to become queens of England, France, Rome and Sicily.

Henry had four children who survived him: Edward, Margaret, Beatrice and Edmund,
and another five who all died young.

Henry was not really made for the role of a monarch, and would have excelled at
the role of a country squire, passionately interested in his estate. His role of
King began at such an early age, that it is not surprising he was not a great
He had a great love of the arts, and it was, only in this area that he
benefitted England. He had huge debts, but gave England a wealth of artists and
craftsmen, whom he made very fashionable.

He handed over much of the Angevin Empire to the French, which reduced the rule
of the King, but helped to create England, the country. At the time the English
were obviously not interested in this fact, and spent a great deal of time
trying to gain an Imperial Empire, and a Franco-British Empire. If this had
succeeded, then many of the horrendous and life wasting battles over the next
centuries may never have occurred.

Henry could not accept that the empire was finished and spent many years trying
to regain its previous glory. He called for heavy taxes at home, where for the
majority of the time, he was an absent king. He did nothing at all for his
waning popularity, by getting these horrendous taxes administrated by Italians
from Rome and by Provencals from his wife's family.

This led the English nobility to revolt, although this was ironically led by a
foriegner, Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, who was married to the King's
sister. It was Simon who masterminded 'The Mad Parliament', where armed nobility
made the king govern a representative Council of State, balancing the royal
needs and the national interests.
Henry called the knights of the shire to Windsor, and thus ensued two years of
civil war, where Montfort eventually captured Henry and his heir, Edward.
Montfort call the first ever type of Parliament in 1265, where all nobility and
people of prominence met.

Edward escaped from prison and fought and killed Simon de Montfort at the Battle
of Evesham.

Henry became a rather different King after the Civil War, and even saw the end
of his reign in unaccustomed stability.

He died of natural causes in 1272, aged 65 years, having reigned for 57 years.

More About Henry III Plantagenet, King 1216-1272:
Burial: Westminster, England
Children of Henry Plantagenet and Eleanor Berenger are:
  15451344 i.   I Edward, "Longshanks" King 1272-1307 of England, born June 17, 1239 in Westminster Palace, London, England; died July 7, 1307 in (Burgh-on-Sands, Cumberland England); married (1) Unknown; married (2) Unknown; married (3) Eleanor Princess of Castile & Leon October 18, 1254 in Burgh-On-The-Sands Cumberland England; married (4) Margaret Le Hardy 1299.
  ii.   Edmund "Crouchback" Prince of England, born January 16, 1244/45 in London Middlesex England; died January 5, 1274/75 in Bayone Pyrennes-Atlantiques France; married Blanche D'Artois Bef. October 29, 1275 in Paris Seine France; born 1245 in Arras Pas-de-Calais France; died May 2, 1300 in Paris Feine France.

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