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William Asbury Waltmon Of Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi

Updated September 3, 2009

Brenda Waltman Knippers
4907 Lanier Ave.
Pascagoula, Mississippi 39581
United States

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Created July 01,2006 by: Brenda Waltman Knippers

These researchers are direct decentents with documation of their work: WALDMANN/ALTMAN/WOLTMAN/WALTMON/WALTMAN

Waltman Mailing List


Is Believe: Andreas "Andrew" Waltman 1765 - 1839 b in Norhampon Co. PA
........... +? Hamilton settle in Shubuta, Clarke County, Ms.

Andreas "Andrew" Waltman s/o Lieut. Valentine WALTMAN &
Catherine BEAVER. Valentine Waltman s/o Conrad Waltman & Katherine Bierly

Waltman Reunion, Waltman Family in Clarke County, Shubuta, Mississippi 39360. Contact: Rodney Waltman at --
Every April

The history of Germany, the birth place of the distinquished ancestors of the Waltman marked by its political disunity and for centuries, what is today known as Germany was merely a loose federation of independent states. This problem was compounded by the size of the country and by the fact that is lacked natural boundaries.

Waltman Viking Era: Scandinavian Tribes
Scandinavian tribes around the Baltic gradually spread throughout Europe and even into Africa. Amongst the various tribes, the Visigoth migrated into Spain, the Vandals into North Africa, and the Angles and Saxons into England. In the process they conquered the Celts and pushed them further west and into the Roman Empire. Around 100 B.C. they also came into contact with the expanding Roman Empire themselves.

The illustrious ancestors of the house of Waltman were to wait until the 19th century to see a unified German state.

I am researching the Waltmon/Waltman Family in Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi. First appears William Asbury Waltmon in Jackson County,Wade, Mississippi on marriage license with Nancy N. Goff d/o Sheriff James Goff and Eustibee Nancy Powell.

Any information would be appreciated. I am also willing to share the information that I have.

To The Future Generations:

In due respect of the future-- The Past is soon forgotten unless there is some sort of DOCUMENTATION set aside to refresh one's memory. So we have written this book for all of our past relative's and to all our FUTURE GENERATION--
we do hope and pray that this book will somehow inspire a small part in keeping the PAST KNOWN.


Copyright Information and Restrictions:
Information from these RESOURCE PAGES has
been provided for the free use of those engaged in non-commercialgenealogical research. Any and all commercial use is
strickly prohibited. Researchers may copy and distribute this
work, but ONLY with written permission of the Author, and with the provision that it may only be copied and Permission is Not Granted to copy any of these RESOURCE PAGE files to other electronic locations- whether web pages or list postings.


From Records compiled by me during the years 1968-2004
and conversations with various relatives, incl. my Dad,
William Wallace Waltman. S/o Curtis Noll Waltmon and
Lillian Elmyra Parker.Our Royal Ancestors

Web offers insight into Jackson County, MS cemeteries
People around Jackson County have been busy snapping and posting. They are gradually adding photos of Jackson County tombstones to Internet sites.

Brenda Waltman Knippers of Pascagoula, Ms. & Patricia Creel Kendrick of Moss Point,Ms. have been leading the way. Kendrick and Knippers have placed their photos on the MsGenWeb site.
Please pray for our troops overseas and here at home.
I also want to let the people of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi know that my prayers are with them after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. So many of my maternal ancestors were born and raised in the areas affected by the hurricane and I still have cousins in the area.

Family Photos

  • Jackson County Genealogical Society (25 KB)
    Pascagoula Public Library 3214 Pascagoula St Pascagoula, MS 39567 (228) 769-3060- They Are Back On Track: Jackson County Genealogical Society P. O. Box 984 Pascagoula, Miss. 39568 Sherry Owens, 228-769-3078 Email: Linda Ellis, 228-826-5954 Email: Else Martin, 228-588-2849 Email: Harry McDonald, 228-475-1637 Email: Betty Rodgers, 228-475-6923 Email: Jackson County Genealogical Society... Dedicated to preserving and sharing our historical records. Also in Disaster Preparedness and Healthcare Safety.
  • William Asbury Waltmon (43 KB)
    Picture of William Asbury Waltmon and his daughter Martha Waltmon Hearndon on his estate. SOCIET DES ARBRES {Beech Tree) 133 yrs. old as 10/19/00 Waltmon Land. Hurricane Katrina twisted tree down. Beech tree 138 years old day of August 29, 2005. Hurricane Katrina destroy the beech tree. Lat: 30°40'29"N, Lon: 88°34'42"W T4S R6W Sec 27. Waltman/Waltmon history, culture, music, genealogy, or any other viable project that will promote Waltman/Waltmon culture in all of its manifestations. Messages On Anctors: "We can't run from who we are; Our destiny chooses us." Preserving Memories, History and Family Traditions, through sharing. The purpose of this Web page is to gather historical documents related to the WALTMAN/WALTMON family, and make them available to genealogists and family historians. We now have a way of verifying the common bond between the many branches of the WALTMAN family with our forebear, Conrad Waltman. The recent advent of DNA genetic genealogy, specifically the Y chromosome test, can verify current genealogy and establish direct paternal links. The Y chromosome is passed practically unchanged from father to son, generation after generation. Thus, all males who have an unbroken direct line of descendency from Conrad Waltman would carry his Y chromosomes, and this can be determined through Y chromosome testing. Royal Linages....JOIN WALTMAN DNA SURNAME PROJECT----
  • Curtis Noll Waltmon Sr. and Albert Owen Davis (616 KB)
    Right to Left --Front Row: Curtis Noll Waltmon Sr. -Right to left Back Row: Arnie William Waltmon and Chief Albert Owen Davis.
  • Riverfront Recreation Center -VA Honor-Waltman (59 KB)
    Riverfront Recreation Center, 4412 Denny St Moss Point, Mississippi. Honor our Jackson County Veteran from different wars. It was grand patriotic celebration in Moss Point Friday at the annual Veterans Day ceremony. More than 100 men and women who served our country were praised ... Arthur Ray Waltmon CPL Air Corp.Army WWII was born 23 Nov 1921 in Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi-Miss. CPL Air Corp. WWII and died 01 May 1945 in Lasko Burma -Buried at Johnson Cemetery & Eugene Waltman- SS/TC Navy -WWII was born 1925 in Jackson Co. Ms., and died 09 Oct 1945 in Hawaii, Hawaii, United States.
  • William Asbury Waltmon (28 KB)
    William aka Uncle Billy love to go hunting with his dog. His greatest pastime was Hunting and Fishing. Occupation Farming and Blacksmith like his father. Attended Wade Baptist Church in Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi. Lat: 30°40'29"N, Lon: 88°34'42"W, Nancy N. Goff Ancestor Descendants of Robert III de Beaumont,,,1 Robert III de Beaumont 1121 - 1190 .. +Petronilla de Grentmesnil 1134 - 1212 ........ 2 William de Hambleton 1155 - ............ +Mary of Strathearn 1190 - ................... 3 Gilbert de Hamilton 1225 - ....................... +Mabel Isabell Randolph 1220 - ............................. 4 Walter FitzGilbert Hamilton 1273 - ................................. +Helen N. N. ............................. *2nd Wife of Walter FitzGilbert Hamilton: ................................. +Mary Gordon 1292 - ........................................ 5 David FitzWalter Hamilton 1310 - 1374 ............................................ +Margaretha Lessley 1310 - .................................................. 6 David Hamilton 1335 - .................................................. 6 Alan Hamilton 1341 - .................................................. 6 Walter Hamilton 1339 - ........................................ *2nd Wife of David FitzWalter Hamilton: ............................................ +Margaret Ross 1315 - .................................................. 6 John Hamilton 1338 - ........................................ 5 Walter Hamilton 1325 - ........................................ 5 John Fitzwalter Hamilton 1330 - ................... *2nd Wife of Gilbert de Hamilton: ....................... +Willelma Douglas 1255 - Also Ancestor: William De Ferrer, 4th Earl Of Derby de Ferrers
  • Lily Orlean Waltmon Warden- With Code Worker (225 KB)
    Lily Orlean Waltmon Warden Left to Right with Sheriff Pete Pope and Supv. Frances Clifford in Jackson County, Mississippi. She work at Jackson County Detention Center in Jackson County, Pascagoula,Miss.
  • Lillian Parker Waltman - Sunday School Members (295 KB)
    Taken at Wade Bapbitst Church in Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi. On October 1978. Seated left to right Edna Hearndon, Dora Mason Green, Thelma Waltman Merchant, Bernice Saxon Pittman, Lillian Parker Waltman. Standing left to right- Emma Poe , Pauline Dowdy Smith, Sabra Furby Parker, Pearl Watson, Nancy Mary "Mae" Davis Goff and Melissia Beasley Holifield.
  • Curtis Noll & Lillian Elmyra Parker Waltmon Estate (89 KB)
    My grandparent Curtis Noll & Lillian "Parker" Waltmon Estate s/o Leander Lawrence Waltmon & Lillie Virginia Davis. William Wallace Waltman & Dorothy Evelyn Dowdy came to Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi because of his father. Curtis Noll Waltman had appendectomy which he underwent at the Jackson County Hospital Saturday Morning. Wallace Waltmon is spending a few days at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Waltmon. He and his family are now living in Columbia where he is employed. He was called home on account of the illness of his father. Pascagoula Chronicle Star Date; 10/29/1948- Location For Curtis Noll Waltmon Name State County Latitude Longitude Elevation Wade Mississippi Jackson 30.642 -88.570 6 m ---- Lillian E. Parker Waltmon mother was Suzanne (Susan) Cumbest,greatgrandmother Sarah Candacey Jones and gggrandmother was Larecka Rebecca (de la Rocha) Rocha with the FamilyTree DNA Match to Surname- Delmas, Garcia, de la Garza,Mijares ,Godal,Iceman , Andreli, Broom, Green and Giouvanoglou. Family Tree DNA now has over 82,000 records in our database of Y-DNA results. We also have over 3,700 Surname Projects, which include over 57,000 surnames. Our mtDNA database has over 36,000 results. Royal Linages. Suzanne (Susan)Cumbest .. Ancestor Ullinit Combs
  • Brenda Waltman Knippers- The Memoris- Eddie Khayat (613 KB)
    Mr. Edward "Eddie" Assad Khayet s/o Assad Antoun Khayat & Adma Janhours Buttrous. Signing his book KHAYAT [ HIS TIMES -- HIS STORY ]to Douglas Edwin Knippers. Publish in 1986. Printed by JAMES LEWIS GRAPHICS 1410 Highway 90, Gautier, Miss. 39553
  • Black Forest, Bavaria, Germany (22 KB)
    Count Conrad Waltman & Mary Katherine Bierly was raised in Black Forest, Bavaria, Germany.
  • Dorothy Evelyn Dowdy Waltman - FATHER- (57 KB)
    Dorothy Evelyn Dowdy Waltman father Jessie Paul Dowdy at Cumbest Saw Mill in Jackson County, Three River, Mississippi Left to Right: Lum Roy Cumbest , Roy O'Neal Cumbest and Jessie Paul Dowdy. Jessie Paul Dowdy loss his left hand at Cumbest Saw Mill. Brenda Sue Waltman/mtDNA/-- has traced her family back to Asaph (Levite) family line. MTDNA: Match Ancestor Of The (O) DOWD -WITH THE O DUBHDA - CO MAYO AND WEST SLIGO- UF-Fiachrach Muaide
  • Leander L. Waltmon & Lillie Virginia Davis Estate (180 KB)
    Leander Lawrence Waltmon and Lillie Virginia Davis Estate in Jackson County, Wade, Ms. SE1/4 SW1/4 LESS 2 AC IN SE COR - DB 1137-916 DB 1137-918 in Jackson County, Wade, Miss. Tree limbs save the old estate. Approx 1920. Lillie Virginia Davis Ancestor is Captain James Davis-1580 - 1623 ( The early settlement of New England & Virginia ) ..Captain Davis was a founder and builder of the first English colony in New England (Sagahadoc, Maine) which was considered to be a northern Virginia colony in those days. After the remaining members of that colony gave up and returned in discouragement to England in 1609, he sailed for the southern Virginia colony where he became one its earliest settlers and one of the "ancient planters." Boddie says that "his [Capt. James Davis'] descendants in the South can claim to be the oldest New England family, ante dating the Mayflower by 13 years!"
  • Lilly Orlean Waltmon Warden - HUSBAND- (433 KB)
    US ARMY Sgt. Vanstell S. Warden, Serial No: 14042430,CAC Coast Artillery Corp. T /SGT Vanstell Sollie "Dick" Warden B 06 Apr 1922 in Larmer County, Lumberton, Mississippi d 18 Jul 1988 in Jackson County, Pascagoula, Mississippi. In 10 Apr 1942 in Babtann Death March- American And Filipino soldiers made after surrander of the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines. POW for 3 years. Buried at Johnson Cemetery in Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi.
  • Salem Methodist Camp Ground (125 KB)
    Salem Campgrounds, the oldest Methodist camp ground in Mississippi was established just north of Americus. Now Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi. Americus withered and died, while Salem Campgrounds, once a part of the Methodists' Americus District, still thrives after 162 years. Salem Camp Ground. in NE Jackson County, near Highway 63. From Biloxi go east on 90 to Pascagoula and then north on 63 about 25 miles. Two miles west of 63 on Cedar Creek is Salem Camp Ground, the oldest Methodist campground in the state still in existence and perhaps the second oldest in the Southeastern Jurisdiction. It was established in 1826 about two miles from where it now stands and has been on its present site more than 100 years. The whole family would go their. Come Holy Spirit, revive.
  • William Wallace Waltman and Lilly Orlean Waltmon (47 KB)
    William Wallace Waltman and Lilly Orlean Waltmon at Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi on Curtis Noll Waltman and Lillian Elmyra Parker Estate.
  • William Asbury Waltmon Attend Wade Baptist Church (500 KB)
    Wade Baptist Church on 20623 Hwy. 63 in Wade, Jackson County, Miss. Name: Wade Baptist Church Category: Churches Address: 20623 Hwy 63 City, State, Zip: Moss Point MS, 39562 Contact: Rev. William "Bill" L. Barton Sr. Phone: (228)588-3356 Fax: (228)588-1021 Newspaper Obit: On Rev. William L. "Billy" Barton Sr....
  • Neal Eugene Waltmon At Old Wade School (436 KB)
    4-H Club in 1947 at Old Wade School in Jackson County, Wade, Mississippi. First Row: Bobby Kelly Second Row: Charles Cumbest, Arlon Scarbrough, Howard Carter, Willis D. Johnson and Jack Holifield. Third Row: Charlie Scarbrough, George Hester, Bobby Davis, Denis Cumbest, Dwight Waltmon and Archie Goff. Fourth Row: Oris Cumbest, Guy Faggard, Lyn D. Scarbrough, Spurgeon Bradley, Buddy Jones, Joe Luther Kennedy and Glen Davis. Fivth Row: Leon Diamond, Robert Carter, Bobby D. Kennedy, J. R. Carter, Dewain Atwell, Morris Johnson, Jimmie D. Waltmon, Carl Green, Paul Goff and Ethridge Holifield
  • Goff-Carter-Waltman Cemetery Sign (14 KB)
    Location: Jim Waltman Rd., Jackson County, Wade, Ms. Lat: 30°40'29"N, Lon: 88°34'42"W T4S R6W Sec 27
  • Curtis Noll Waltmon Jr. & Bobby Glenn Waltmon (2 KB)
    Curtis Noll Waltmon b 30 Aug 1937 in Jackson County, Miss. d 26 Oct 1939 in Jackson County, Mississippi and Bobby Glenn Waltmon b 21 Feb 1939 in Jackson County, Mississippi d 03 Aug 1939 in Jackson County, Mississippi. Buried at Johnson Cemetery in Jackson County, Mississippi. S/o Curtis Noll Waltmon Sr. And Lillian E. Parker
  • Leander L. Waltmon & Lillie Virgina Davis Children (32 KB)
    Leander Lawrence Waltmon and Lillie Virgina Davis children on Ellis Merchant Rd., Jackson County, Wade, Ms. Beat: 1 Back Row: Leander Lawrence Waltmon,(My Ggrandpa-) Leonard David Waltmon, Curtis Noll Waltmon- (My grandpa), Marvin Leon Waltmon, William James Waltmon, Thelma Josephine Waltmon, Front Row Walter Laverine Waltmon, Arthur Ray Waltmon, Maurice Hulbert Waltmon, Norris Leander (Puddy) Waltmon
  • Dorothy E. Waltman-Sister Pauline Dowdy Smith (# KB)
    Dorothy Evelyn Dowdy Waltman and Pauline Dowdy Smith and Elllie Mahaffey Knippers work in 1964 at Cinderilla Knitting Mill on Jefferson St., in Moss Point, Mississippi. In 1975 at Recreation Center in Moss Point, Jackson County, Miss. With quest speaker Mr. Eddie Assad Khayat. Made Union at Cinderilla Knitting Mill. Ellie Mahaffey Ancestor Captain Thomas Graves and Katherine Crosher in b .1584 Lamborne, Bershire, England d. 1635 Accomack, Virginia. This is DOROTHY EVELYN DOWDY WALTMAN same Ancestors. 1 Thomas Graves , II, Captain, Esquire b: 1 APR 1584 d: 1635 + Katherine Croshaw b: 1586 d: 24 MAY 1636 2 John Graves b: 1611 d: ABT 1640 2 Thomas Graves , III, Captain b: ABT 1617 d: 6 MAR 1672/73 2 Verlinda Graves b: 1618 d: 13 JUL 1675 + William Stone , Captain b: 1603 d: 1659 3 Thomas Stone b: 1635 d: 1663 3 John Stone b: 1640 d: 1694 3 Richard Stone b: 1642 d: JUN 1657 3 Elizabeth Stone b: ABT 1644 d: ABT 1682 3 Matthew Stone b: 1646 d: 1676 3 John Stone b: 1648 d: 10 AUG 1698 3 Mary Stone b: 1650 d: 1675 2 Anne Graves b: 1620 d:18 JUL 1683 2 Katherine Graves b 1622 d: 17 AUG 1661 2 Francis Graves b 1630 d: 5 AUG 1691 +WifeofFrancis Graves b 1630 John Graves b: ABT 1660 d: 1720 + Johannah WifeofJohn Graves b: ABT 1660 + Jane Davenport b 1630 d 1691 3 John Maguffey b: BEF 1678 3 Jane Maguffey b: BEF 1678 3 Francis Jr.Graves b: 1679 in Rappahannock Co., Virginia Ann Reynold b 1698 d 1758 4 Elizabeth Graves b 1720 d 1791 Benjamin Sr. Higginbotham b 1720 d Jun 1791 3 Richard Graves b: 1682 in Essex, Essex Co., Virginia 3 Thomas Graves b: 1684 in Rappahannock Co., Virginia....Arrived in Virginia on the “Mary & Margaret” with Raleigh Croshaw in October1608, with Capt. Christopher Newport’s second supply. Thomas GRAVES was one of the original Adventurers (stockholders) of the Virginia Co. of London, and one of the very early planters (settlers) who founded Jamestown, James City Co., Virginia.

Related Files

  • Desc. Of William Asbury Waltmon & Nancy N. Goff (1 KB)
    Ancestor Of Count Conrad Waltman and Mary Katherine Bierly.Direct line DNA Match to " Count Conrad Waltman and Mary Katherine Bierly" from Bavaria, Germany. To determine which Waltmans alive today are members of the noble line of WALTMAN who were one of the leading families of Germany in the 1500 and 1600s. That it was a scholarly line with peots and writers in it, and one of these author ancestors was a Countess Barbara Von Frundberg, in a day when women authors were about as scarce as roses in winter in a Minnesota garden, and another such ancestor was a Conrad. CASTILIAN ( SPANISH ) BLOOD The Castle was '' FURSTENBERG CASTLE '' on the left bank of the picturesque Rhine, " Father Rhine," as the Germans love to call it. The Castle of Furstenberg in the Black Forest was built in 1218 by the branch that called themselves the Zahringen-Furstenbergs. Descendants Of William "Billy"Asbury Waltmon in Jackson County,Wade,Mississippi. William Asbury Waltmon was Pioneer Of Americus, Jackson County, Ms. Also researching family names with Waltman [ Knippers,Waltman or Waltmon,Dowdy,Mahaffey, Parker, Cumbest, Davis,Lott,Osborn, Osborne,Jones, Rocha,Faggard,Ladnier,Ladner, and Phoal]. Plus surname Goff and Carter. Waltman Origin: German-- Waltman Surname: Spelling variations include: Waltman, Waltmann, Woltman, Woltmann, Valtman, Valtmann, Waldman, Waltman and many more. Waltman DNA - Viking Era' Waltman Meaning: German: topographic name for someone who lived in a forest, or alternatively an occupational name for a forest warden, Middle High German waltman (literally ‘forest man’). Waltman Shield: Blue background with a silver lion supporting a green tree on a flat mound. "FOOTSTEP IN JACKSON COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI". The Goff/Cumbest/Waltman/Jones/Rocha/Phoal/Parker/Graham/Cunningham/Creel Family is one of our extended families that has been researched very extensively by Melba Goff Allen. Also researcher  Patricia Creel Kendrick @patcreel@cableo
  • Waltman Military Registation 1917-1918 (1 KB)
    My Ggrandfather Leander Lawrence Waltmon in Jackson County, Mississippi s/o William "Uncle Billy" Asbury Waltman & Nancy N. Goff.  With his brothers (1) James "Jim"  Wood Waltmon (2) Charles Earl Waltmon..... JOIN ... VFW POST 3373, 4724 Vega St., Pascagoula, Miss.39567 Phone No: 1-228-769-8387...........WE ARE ALL CONNECTED:........1 [Garden of Eden] ADAM Michael d: 0930  + [Garden Of Eden] EVE    2 [Tiller Of The Soil] CAIN        3 ENOCH            4 IRAD                5 MEHUJAEL                    6 METHUSAEL    2 AKILIA      + SETH d: 1042        3 ENOS          + Naom NAOMI            4 BARALI'EL                5 DINAH                  + MAHALALEEL                    6 Iareth JARED                      + BARAKA                    6 DANEL            4 CAINAN KENAN              + MUALELETH                5 ENAN                    6 RASUJAL                5 MAHALALEEL                  + DINAH                    6 Iareth JARED                      + BARAKA                    6 DANEL        3 Naom NAOMI          + ENOS            4 BARALI'EL                5 DINAH                  + MAHALALEEL                    6 Iareth JARED                      + BARAKA                    6 DANEL            4 CAINAN KENAN              + MUALELETH                5 ENAN                    6 RASUJAL                5 MAHALALEEL                  + DINAH                    6 Iareth JARED                      + BARAKA                    6 DANEL    2 ABEL [KEEPER OF SHEEP]    2 SETH d: 1042      + AKILIA        3 ENOS          + Naom NAOMI            4 BARALI'EL                5 DINAH                  + MAHALALEEL                    6 Iareth JARED                      + BARAKA                    6 DANEL            4 CAINAN KENAN              + MUALELETH                5 ENAN                    6 RASUJAL                5 MAHALALEEL
    KATRINA........Hurricane Katrina below show affected areas as it hit Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the northwest Florida coast of the Gulf of Mexico on August 29, 2005.The purpose of these images is to assist executives and their advisors who may be considering this region as a business location, and put it in perspective, since this was one of the worst storms on record to hit the United States.  It is a rare, catastrophic event.For perspective, the last Category 3 hurricane to directly hit New Orleans and the Gulfport-Biloxi area was Betsy in 1965, forty years ago.Hurricane Camille (Category 5) was the second worst storm on record in the US when it hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast in August 1969 with 174 mph winds and a 20 foot storm surge.Hurricane Frederic hit eastern Mississippi again near Pascagoula in 1979.  Although much less destructive than Camille, Frederic did damage 180 miles inland, disrupting power and business for a week....Poem has been awarded our prestigious Editor's Choice Award because it displays an original perspective and unique creativity -- judged to be the qualities found most in exceptional poetry. Congratulations on your achievement! Website:  By: Amber Lyn Adams
  • Dorothy Evelyn Waltman Ancestor William F Osborne (1 KB)
    William the Conqueror1 *William Fitz OSBORNE b: 1001-1036 d: 1071
  • Other Family Surname In Waltman (1 KB)
    Other family surnames contained in our ancestors are as follows:

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