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Descendants of Jacob Gangwere

Generation No. 1

1. JACOB1 GANGWERE was born Abt. 1677 in Bavaria, Germany, and died 1779 in Upper Saucon, Lehigh Co., Pa.. He married SUSANNA MARGARETA. She was born March 18, 1707/08 in Germany, and died Bef. October 08, 1794 in Upper Saucon, Lehigh Co., Pa..

Notes for J
NOTE by Gordon Koerner; Below are two articles written by differant Historians in differant era's. The full article written in 1884 says the wife is not known. The 1930 article lists her as Susannah. Blue Church records list a Jacob and Susanna as sponsors on different accasions. It is my belief that Jacob b. 1677 married Susannah b.1708. Due to the large age difference reseachers in the past did not what to acknowledge this. One went so far as to create a Jacob Gangwere b. 1705. Nothing documents another Jacob Gangwere born 1705 immigrant or birth in the Americas. Some researchers claim the name was made up since the name Gangwere in its many spelling versions cannot be found in Germany. The German tranlation is GANG, the act of going and WHER, to defend ones home or country. Since no other Gangwere/Gangwere can be found on any ship lists it certainly appears this Jacob is the ancestor of all Gangwere's in this country. There are statements in both articles which are proven to be incorrect. Such as Jacob died in 1770. Jacob the son b.1732/33 died in 1771. Jacob Sr. died in 1779 at the age of 102.
Jacob Sr. was a communicant of Blue Church out side Coopersburg, Pa. There are variuos birth and baptism and marraige records recorded there, as well as communicant records.

Gangwere FAMILY
From.- History Of Lehigh County, Vol 1, 2, & 3. written about 1884

Jacob Gangwere emigrated from Germany to America on the ship "James Goodwill," which landed at Philadelphia, Sept. 27, 1727. The name has variously spelled as Gangwehr, Gangwere, Gangawer, Gangewer, Gangaware, and Gongaware. The name of Jacob Gangwehr appears in the list of person who qualified, thus evidencing that he was of the Reformed faith. He is said to have been a soldier before leaving Bavaria. After his arrival in Philadelphia he acquired title to a tract of several hundred acres of land situated in what was then Bucks Co, then Northampton County, now Upper Saucon township, Lehigh County. The original dwelling house was a log cabin, but later a stone house was erected, and this is standing, ( at the time of the article) a cut of which is herewith produced. The ancestor followed
the trade of farming. He was a man of unusual vitality, being fifty years of age when he arrived here in 1727, and died in 1779 at the age of one hundred and two years.

"Two Old Families of Lehigh County"


By Charles R. Roberts

(Read before the Lehigh County Historical Society, January 11, 1930)

Jacob Gangwere and his wife, Susanna Margaret, arrived in America on the ship James Goodwill at Philadelphia on September 27, 1727. This was the second ship of which records were kept by the provincial authorities. It is probable that they were a newly married couple, as Mrs. Gangwere was only eighteen years old and the ship captain's list mentions only the two persons in the family.
(Note: although there is a 1 and a 1 in the ships manifest, I believe that meant a party of ONE, not a two person family.)

He settled in Upper Saucon Township, then in Bucks, later in Northampton and since 1812 in Lehigh County, along the Saucon Creek, in the extreme eastern part of the township, on the line of Lower Saucon Township, on a tract of 150 acres of land. A stone house said to have been built by him still stands. His name appears on a petition in 1734 and in 1743 he was one of the petitioners for the township. In May 1750, his name appears as a communicant at the Blue Church. In 1762 he was assessed twenty pounds. He died about 1770, as in 1772 the name of Widow Gangwere appears in the tax list. No record has been found of his age, birth or death. His wife was born in 1708 and died in 1794, aged 86 years.

They are no doubt buried in the "Old Koch" burial grounds used by the Gangwere and Koch families for over a hundred years as a burial place.
Note: The Cemetery is located on the Saucon Valley Country Club grounds with 7 or 8 graves. One has a tombstone in German with the name Elizabeth. Probably Elizabeth Kale since her grave has not been located. The others have no tombstone.

Note; Susanna Margaret is now buried in Freidensville Cemetery. Next to her is listed a Charles. I believe that is Jacob b.1677, her husband. The graves were moved when a mining company purchased the digging rights.

They were the ancestors of a large number of descendants who attained great age, up to 99 years. They had, as far as known, eight children. Six males and Two females.

Others of great age of this family were: Edward S. Gangwere, of Bethlehem, a son of John, born in 1827, died in 1926, aged 99 years; Lucy Ann Gangwere, who married a Mr. Eschbach and died at the age of 92; Henry Gangwere, born in 1765, died in 1849, aged 84, and Jacob G. Hirst, of Bath, whose mother was a Gangwere, who was born September 9, 1830, and died February 16, 1926, aged 95 years. His son, Edward C. Hirst, is buried in Bath, aged 55 years. His epitaph, on a boulder, reads: "He traversed the world, a genius for friendship, a pioneer on untracked wastes. A rare companion, traveler-raconteur-thinker."

End of parts of Quotes from 1930 reading by Charles Roberts; with some discriptions by this author.

Ship Lists: James Goodwill, 1727:

A list of Palatines, Imported In the Ship James Goodwill, David Crockatt, Master, from Rotterdam, Sept 27, 1727

Person men to be Person men to be No. in
sworn family sworn Family
Michael Sigrist 1 6 Hans Nichael Fiedler 1 3
Michael Tanner 1 2 Philip Schaberger 1 5
Joseph Schurgh 1 3 Hendrich Wolfe 1 2
Hans Haggy 1 4 Jurgh Steiniger 1 7
Jurgen Miller 1 5 Joseph Clap 6 14
Hans Leaman 1 5 Johan Adam Philple / /
Hans Langneker 1 2 Jurg Clap / /
Hendrich Aberlee 1 5 Ludowigh Clap / /
Raynard Jung 1 3 Christian Miller / /
Jacob Wygart 2 2 Jurg Coch / /
Wm. Wygart / / Jacob Walter, Sen'r 2 6
Tewalt Leatherman 1 6 Jacob Walter, Jun'r / /
Hans Michel Kunts 2 4 Christopher Kirchofe 1 5
Jurg Michael Kunts / / Jacob Siegel 1 6
Ulrich Stoupher 1 6 Jacob Gass,Sen'r, sick 3 6
Ulrich Zug 1 4 Jacob Gass, Jun'r / /
Peter Zug 1 4 Fredrich Gass / /
Barthol. Sigrist 1 4 John Miller 3 9
Abraham Aberholt 1 4 Joseph Miller / /
Jacob Fritz 1 3 Hans Miller / /
Adam Kiener 3 9 Jacob Arnet 1 3
Wm. Kiener / / Paul Hein 2 6
Hans Kiener / / Hans Hein / /
Christian Webber 1 4 Bastian Merree 1 1
Margaret Heislern / 4 Michael Lybert 1 3
Jurg Zengh 1 2 Hendrich Schultz 1 1
Jacob Gangwyer 1 1 Hans Foster 1 1
53 166

NOTE: By author; Notice how some families have 2 or more males but have 3 or more in the Family where as Jacob Gangwyer, 1 male to be sworn and 1 person in family. Also notice the Koch and Coch names listed. Since the Koch's and Gangwyer's were close all those years I believe Susanna was in one of those Koch/Coch families and she and Jacob married before or after the ship landed. The Captian may have thought it was too much trouble to document. End of Note.

Names of the Palatines who subscribed the Declaration. 27th Sep'r 1727
Da. Crockat, 53 P[ersons].
"At a Council held in the Courthouse of Philadia, September 27th 1727.......A List was presented to the Board of the names of
Fifty-three Palatines, who with their Families making in all about two hundred Persons were imported into this Province in the
Ship James Godwill, David Crocket, Mr., from Rotterdam, but last from Falmouth, as by the Masters Affidavit signed by the Officers
of the Customs there, it appeared upon Enquiry that the Master had no particular License for their Transportation."
From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in Colonial Records, Vol. III, p. 284
[List 2 B] Palatines imported in the Ship James Goodwill, David Crockat, M'r from Rott'r, who hereunto sett their hands, 27th
Sep'r 1727, in the presence of the Govern'r & Council.

Michael Sygrist Uhly Staufer
Michel Daner Ulrich Zug
Joseph (IOS) Schurgh Peter Zug
Ha[n]s Hage Bartholomeus Sigrist
Yerg Miller[?] Abraham Ebersohl
Hannes (L) Leman Jacob (F) Fritz
Hans (H) Langneker Adam Kinner
Heinrich Eberle Ulrich Kiner
Jacob Wiggerdt Christian Weber
Johann Wilhelm Wigardt Hans Michael (H) Fiedler
Hans Depelt Lederman Philip (OO) Schafberger
Hans Michell Kuntz Henrich Wolff
Jerg Michel Kuntz Jerg Steinieger
Joseph (K) Clap Johannes Miller
Johann Adam Volpel Hans Miller
Jorg Valentin Klap Joseph Miller
Johann Ludwig Klap Jacob Arnet
Hans Georg Koch Paul (PH) Hein
Johan Jacob Waldter Bastian Muri
Jacob Walder Michael Leiberth
Christoph Kirchoff Jerg Zeng
Jacob Siegel Jacob (X) Gangwyer
Friderich Gass Hendrich (O) Schultz
Hans Jacob Gass Hans Mich. [?] Forster

In a warrant, date unknown, Johann Jacob was granted two sections of land totaling 150 acres. This is noted in Philadelphia Warrant Surveys 1682 - 1759 pg. 50. The warrant is dated May 14, 1742 and
was surveyed Dec. 16, 1737. Another warrant is dated May 14, 1742, surveyed January 22, 1742 for Jacob Gangwehr as is for 82 acres. A warrant dated June 6, 1747, and surveyed June 20, 1746 is listed
to him for 25 acres. According to Marilyn Miller, on December 6, 1762 he sold the above three tracts of land, plus two other tracts, to his son Jacob Jr. His first house was a log cabin, later replaced by a two story stone house. This house stood until at least 1932.
The property is now Saucon Valley Golf and Country Club just outside of Friedensburg(south of Bethlehem).

Note from the Bruner Brothers book;

92. Data for the entire Gangwehr family was also obtained from the following records on LDS films:
"Pennsylvania German Marriages" by Donna Irish
St. Paul's Blue Church, Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh County, PA
Friedens Union Church, Friedensville, Upper Saucon Township, PA
Jordan Reformed Church, South Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, PA
Christ Union Church, Williams Township, Lower Saucon, Northampton County, PA
"Early Pennsylvania Births 1675-1875 by Charles A. Fisher
A history of the Gangwehr Family in the Northampton County Historical Society files. The last two references contained a great deal of conflicting information and it is possible that some of the data that I have recorded in this section is incorrect. It was apparent that much of the confusion was due to the duplication of given names in each of the famillies.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>

The Bahl and Gangwere Farms and Mines, now the Weyhill Course at Saucon Valley Country Club, Bethlehem, PA

In 1740, Tobias Bahl acquired a tract of 300 acres deeded to him by the Penn family. The land was farmed by the Bahl family for over one hundred years. The Bahl and adjacent Gangewer lands were rich in iron ore and were extensively mined during the last half of the nineteenth century. The Thomas Iron Company, organized in 1854, and the Saucona Iron Company, in 1857, used the ore. The Saucona Iron Company built its first blast furnace along the Lehigh River at South Bethlehem. The name of the company was changed to the Bethlehem Rolling Mills and Iron Company, then to the Bethlehem Iron Company (now the Bethlehem Steel Corp.). Leases on the Bahl-Gangewer properties were obtained as early as March 1, 1856. A tract of land was sold to the Thomas Iron Company by Philip Bahl on January 20, 1859.

At different times, the mine was worked by the Thomas Iron Company, the Bethlehem Iron Company, and the Coleraine Iron Company. The Bahl-Gangewer Mine was one of the largest iron mines in the Saucon Valley. The excavation covered about two acres and was about 100 feet deep. It crosses the county line and is, therefore, located in both Upper and Lower Saucon Townships. It is estimated that as much as 500,000 tons of ore were mined here. The work was all done with pick and shovel. Today the mine is partially filled with water.

In 1878, a section of the Bahl farm where the Bethlehem Steel Weyhill Guest House stands (formerly Gangewer, then Bent residence) was transferred by Philip Bahl and his wife, Louisa, to Thomas Iron Company which, in
turn, sold it to Quincy Bent on February 1, 1928. A tract of fifty acres west of the Bethlehem Steel Weyhill Guest House and west of Saucon Creek, now identified with Weyhill Course Hole No. 8, was sold by the Bahl Estate (Philip Bahl, deceased, and his son, John Bahl, deceased) to John's son, Charles P Bahl, on March 7, 1894. In 1924, this was sold to Paul Mackall who sold it to Quincy Bent in 1929.

Jacob Gangewer acquired his first 150 acres from the Penn family in 1734. This tract and subsequently-acquired adjoining land were farmed by Jacob Gangewer and his family until the end of the eighteenth century. Jacob died in 1779 and his wife in 1794.

Henry Gangewer, grandson of Jacob and son of Jacob, Jr., was born in 1765. All family lands were consolidated under Henry. In 1788, he built a modest stone house, still standing south of the Bethlehem Steel Weyhill Guest House. It served as temporary residence for him and his bride until a more permanent house could be erected. His final house, under construction in 1790, comprises the central part of the Bethlehem Steel Weyhill Guest House today.

The Gangewer family graveyard still exists, identified by a marker made up from surviving headstones, located adjacent to the fairway of Weyhill Course Hole No. 7.

Brick was a byproduct of the iron mining operation, using clay recovered from the iron mines. During the construction of the Weyhill Course, an underground tunnel measuring 6' x 8' x 100' long, with a chimney, part of the furnace system for burning bricks, was uncovered in the vicinity of the 15th tee. Augustus S. Gangewer, son of Solomon Gangewer and grandson of Henry Gangewer, began the manufacture of bricks in 1869.

The very best wood-burnt lime for building purposes was also produced here. The most celebrated limekilns were those at Bingen. It was said to have been the best in the county

More About J
Burial: Lehigh Co, Pa

Notes for S
Another possible birth date is April 4, 1708, since burial record say 86 years 6 months and either 3 days or 3 weeks.

Note from the Bruner Brothers book;

94. Friedensville Reformed Church, Upper Saucon, LDS Film #856829.

More About S
Burial: October 08, 1794, Freidensville Cemetery, Freidensville, Pa.
Children of J
2. i.   CHRISTOPHER2 GANGWERE, b. Abt. 1728, Upper Saucon Township, Pa.; d. September 13, 1778, Upper Saucon Township, Pa..
3. ii.   MICHAEL GANGWERE, b. Abt. 1730; d. October 26, 1826, Westmoreland Co., Pa..
4. iii.   JACOB GANGWERE, b. February 20, 1731/32, Lehigh Co, Pa.; d. June 26, 1771, Lehigh Co, Pa..
  iv.   CHRISTINA GANGWERE, b. 1734; m. PETER KNEPLEY, June 23, 1757; b. Abt. 1720.
  Notes for PETER KNEPLEY:
Occupation, Schoolteacher

5. v.   GEORGE GANGWERE, b. December 17, 1737; d. October 18, 1799, Rockingham Co., Virginia.
  vi.   MARGARET GANGWERE, b. 1746; d. December 05, 1806, Philadelphia, Pa.; m. MARTIN APPEL.
6. vii.   ANDREW GANGWERE, b. September 15, 1747, Upper Saucon Township, Pa.; d. July 10, 1844, Allentown, Pa..
7. viii.   MATHAUS GANGWERE, b. Abt. 1748, Lehigh Co, PA; d. 1815, Schuykill Co, PA.

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