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Descendants of Ralph Wallis

Generation No. 7

15. AARON7 SCHAGEL (JACOB6 SCAGEL, JR., JACOB5, DEBORAH4 WALLIS, GEROGE3, GEORGE2, RALPH1) was born 1783, and died September 30, 1848 in St. Clair County, Michigan. He married JENNET JANE SMITH 1802.

Notes for A
Aaron and Jane lived at Durham, Quebec, Chatham, Quebec and finally moved to St. Clair County, Michigan. Descendents lived in the states of Michigan, Montana and Washington. Aaron was said to have had ten children, but only six have been identified.

Children of A
  i.   HENRY JOHNSON8 SCHAGEL, b. 1804; d. 1903; m. (1) CLARISSA STREETER; m. (2) HANNAH FRENCH.
  ii.   CATHARINE SCHAGEL, b. 1810; d. 1896; m. DANIEL SMITH.
  iii.   ALMIRA SCHAGEL, b. 1822; d. 1901; m. JAMES STALKER.
  iv.   ALMEDA SCHAGEL, b. 1823; d. 1905; m. JAMES HILL.
  v.   MARY JANE SCHAGEL, b. 1827; d. 1898; m. HANNAH ANGER.

16. JACOB7 SCHAGEL (JACOB6 SCAGEL, JR., JACOB5, DEBORAH4 WALLIS, GEROGE3, GEORGE2, RALPH1) was born April 15, 1786, and died May 16, 1874 in Carillon, Quebec, Canada. He married (1) BETSEY DALTON. He married (2) MARY NOBLE April 02, 1809.

Notes for J
In 1800, Jacob homesteaded a farm in Chatham, Quebec. Jacob and "Polly" had fourteen children, ten of which lived to maturity.

Children of J
  i.   LURENA8 SCHAGEL, b. January 26, 1810; d. March 04, 1810.
  ii.   CHARLOTTE SCHAGEL, b. 1811; d. 1852; m. CYRUS LISCOMB.
  iii.   ROXANA SCHAGEL, b. 1811; d. 1891; m. ROBERT BROWN.
  iv.   WILLIAM NOBLE SCHAGEL, b. February 15, 1813; d. March 20, 1814.
  v.   MALINDA POLLY SCHAGEL, b. 1817; d. 1895; m. JOHN BIXBY.
  vi.   HANNAH MARIETTA SCHAGEL, b. 1819; d. 1914; m. IVORY FULLER.
  vii.   HARRIET MARIA SCHAGEL, b. 1821; d. 1881; m. ERASTUS HURLBURT.
  ix.   ELIZA ANN SCHAGEL, b. December 03, 1825; d. October 03, 1826.
  x.   JOHN NOBLE SCHAGEL, b. October 18, 1827; d. May 18, 1831.
  xi.   JULIA OLIVIA SCHAGEL, b. 1830; d. 1864.
  xii.   EMILY SCHAGEL, b. 1832; d. 1888; m. ROYAL ISAAC FULLER.
  xiii.   MARY ELIZABETH SCHAGEL, b. 1834; d. 1914; m. (1) ALVIN N. JACKSON; m. (2) STEPHEN LINCOLN LEAVITT.

17. BETSY7 SCAGEL (JACOB6, JACOB5, DEBORAH4 WALLIS, GEROGE3, GEORGE2, RALPH1) was born March 27, 1788, and died April 09, 1861 in Crown Point, New York. She married SAMUEL AVERILL September 28, 1808.
Children of B
  i.   CHARLES J.8 AVERILL, b. 1809; d. 1809.
  ii.   SAMUEL D AVERILL, b. 1811; d. 1893; m. SARAH BURLINGAME.
  iii.   CHARLOTTE E. AVERILL, b. 1814; d. 1838.
  iv.   CHARLES J. AVERILL, b. 1817; d. 1888; m. MARY A. LELAND.
  v.   JULIA ANN AVERILL, b. 1819; d. 1845; m. BENJAMIN SPERRY WARNER.
  vi.   JUBE HOWE AVERILL, b. 1824; d. 1882; m. HELEN S. L. CHAPPELL.

18. RACHEL7 SCAGEL (JACOB6, JACOB5, DEBORAH4 WALLIS, GEROGE3, GEORGE2, RALPH1) was born 1790 in Newbury, Vermont, and died 1871. She married (1) OLIVER SMITH February 26, 1807 in Franklin, Vermont. She married (2) JOSHUA HILL November 08, 1848 in Chatham, Canada.

Notes for R
Rachel, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Dalton Scagel, was born about 1790/91, probably at Newbury, Vermont. "Rachel Schidgel" was married February 26, 1807, at Franklin Vermont, to Oliver Smith. Oliver was born about 1787 in the USA (probably Vermont). His parents have not been identified. Soon after their marriage, they moved to the Township of Chatham, Argenteuil County, Quebec, where, on February 6, 1808, their first child, Elijah was baptized by Rev. Richard Bradford, minister of the Church of England. Five witnesses signed the register: "Aaron Schagel (brother of Rachel), Martha Smith, Lemuel Lincoln, John Bates, and Isabella Smith". On the same day, Rev. Bradford baptized "Oliver Smith, aged twenty-one years, of the Township of Chatham, District of Montreal" and "Rachel Smith, the wife of Oliver Smith, aged seventeen Years".

Mrs. Grace McGibbon, in her book about the life of Rev. Bradford, commented about these entries in his records that Oliver's wife was Rachel Bates.

The original record does not give a maiden name. Witnesses and sponsors for Oliver and Rachel were John and Elizabeth Bates and Lemuel and Isabella Lincoln. In turn, Oliver and Rachel were sponsors for the child of John and Elizabeth Bates, with Aaron Schagel and Isabella Lincoln as witnesses. The Bates and Lincoln families did not remain in the area, but it is probable that they were related to Jane Smith, wife of Aaron Schagel, or to Oliver Smith, or both.

No records exist to show whether or not Oliver and Rachel stayed in Chatham between 1807 and 1825. They may have left during the War of 1812, as one of their daughters, Lurene, was said to have been born in "Watertown, New York". (Two "Oliver Smith" families were in Watertown in 1820, gone by 1830.)

In the census of 1825, Oliver Smith is the head of a household of 10 persons: 1 married male 40-60,
1 single male 40-60, 1 married female 14-45, 1 single female 14-45, 4 females under 14, 2 persons were under 6 years.

Deed records for Oliver Smith have not been thoroughly searched. His name appears in five index entries for records of the notary Chaboillez in 1804-1810. His name is on a map dated 1826 showing land locations for several tenants of Col. John Robertson. On August 20, 1829, Philip Angelin, attorney for the Robertson estate, deeded to Oliver Smith "Part of Lot 3, third range, Block C, 8 chains 57 links in breadth, depth to be ascertained, 50 superficial acres more or less." It was bounded "in the front by the rear of the second concession, in the rear by lands of Adam Thompson, easterly by Mr. Taylor, westerly by lands of Joshua Hill and Adam Thompson." This area, later called "Chatboro", was located a short distance west of the present village of St. Philippe d' Argenteuil, on the highway between Lachute and Grenville.

In 1831, there were 8 in the household: 1 married male 40-60 (Oliver), 1 single male 18-21 (Stewart), 1 married female 14-45 (Rachel), 2 single females 14-45, 3 males 5-14, 1 male under 5. There must have been an error in recording, for there were 3 daughters, not sons, between ages 5 and 14, at that time.

An entry in the records of the Scotch Presbyterian Church stated: "Oliver Smith, farmer in Chatham Lower Canada, was buried at Chatham on the ninth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty." Witnesses were "Aron" Schagel and Rinaldo Fuller. Rachel and her family were not listed in the census of 1842. She may have been in Buckingham, where her married daughters were living. However, a "Richard" Smith appears next to the name of Joshua Hill, where Rachel should have been. Did the census taker make an error?

On November 8, 1848, Rachel (Schagel) Smith, was married to Joshua Hill at "Chatham, Ottawa River, Canada East", by Reb. William Mair. Joshua was born about 1789 in Vermont. Joshua's first wife, Dorothy Hill died in 1846 following the birth of a daughter.

Census and land records: The census of 1851 is missing. On April 17, 1858, Joshua and Rachel sold the land she and Oliver had occupied, the "West third of Lot 3 in the third Concession of Block C, 50 acres more or less", to William Douglas for one hundred pounds. In 1861, Joshua Hill, aged 70, born U.S.;Rachel Hill, aged "74" born U.S.; and Dorothy Hill, aged 15, born Lower Canada, were living in District 2 of Chatham. Joshua, aged 79, and Rachel, aged 81, were listed in the census of 1871. With them were Joshua's son, Daniel, 36, and his wife, Clarissa, 25. On September 8, 1873, before Alphonse Berthelot, Notary, Joshua, who owed a mortgage debt of $400, made a deed of donation to his son, Daniel Hill, of his 50 acres, the SE l/4 of Lot 4, 3rd Range, Block C. The terms included "all houses, buildings thereon erected, 3 cows, l 1-year-old heifer, 18 sheep, 3 pigs, 1 boar, and all the farming implements & utensils & household furniture actually belonging to said donor," and noted that the "donee has had possession as tenant for the past four years." Another stipulation was that the "donee will have to effectuate a renunciation of dower rights of Dame Rachael Schagel and pay all debts." This deed was not registered until May 31, 1890.

No death record has been found for Rachel in any of the church registers of either Chatham or Buckingham. We assume she died between 1873 and 1880, as she does not appear in the census of 1881. Joshua Hill died July 12, 1880, "aged ninety-one years". No gravestones have been located. They were probably in St. Mungo's churchyard, in which few stones remain standing.

The Joshua Hill farm remained in the Hill family. A fire destroyed part of the house, which was rebuilt. In the 1970's, the modernized and remodeled Hill home was occupied by one of Daniel's descendants, Kathy Donaldson.

Rachel and Oliver Smith had eight known children, three of whom married "sons of John Smith" and lived in Buckingham, Quebec

More About R
Baptism: February 06, 1808, by Rev. Richard Bradford, Church of England

More About O
Baptism: February 06, 1808, By Rev. Richard Bradford, Church of England
Children of R
  i.   ELIJAH8 SMITH, b. 1808, Township of Chatham, Argenteuil County, Quebec.
  More About ELIJAH SMITH:
Baptism: February 06, 1808, By Rev. Richard Bradford, Church of England

  ii.   CLARISSA SMITH, b. January 07, 1812, Quebec; m. WILLIAM SMITH.
Baptism: June 11, 1831, By Rev. William Mair, Scotch Presbyterian Church, Quebec

  iii.   STEWART SMITH, b. 1817; d. 1839.
  iv.   LURENE SMITH, b. April 22, 1821, Watertown, New York; d. 1895; m. RODNEY SMITH.
  More About LURENE SMITH:
Baptism: June 11, 1831, By Rev. William Mair, Scotch Presbyterian Church, Quebec

  v.   CAROLINE SMITH, b. June 08, 1825, Quebec; m. SAMUEL HALL.
Baptism: June 11, 1831, By Rev. William Mair, Scotch Presbyterian Church, Quebec

  vi.   BETSY SMITH, b. June 06, 1827, Quebec; d. 1894; m. JOHN SMITH.
  More About BETSY SMITH:
Baptism: June 11, 1831, By Rev. William Mair, Scotch Presbyterian Church, Quebec

  vii.   JULIAN/JULIA ANN SMITH, b. May 23, 1834, Quebec; d. 1911; m. ROBERT DOUGLAS.
Baptism: July 24, 1839, By Rev. William Mair, Scotch Presbyterian Church, Quebec

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