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Steven D. and Nancy Virginia (Rogers) Koons Family History

Updated November 25, 2013

Steven Douglas Koons
1625 Marilyn Ave
Kettering, Ohio 45420-1311
A-United States

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Many of the surnames I'm researching in my Koons line have roots in Frederick County, Maryland. I have many surnames from Darke, Miami, Preble, and Shelby Counties in Ohio. Surnames include: Covill, Dillman, Ketring, Koons, Laurimore, Partington, Replogle, Somerville, Teaford, and Van Tuyl. Surnames in my wife's Rogers line include: Druffel, Rogers, and Smith. I'm also researching my sister-in-law's lines in Shelby County, Ohio which includes Templeton, Toland, and Von Derau.

Thanks to every one who's helped with this so far, including Alice Clay, Bev Bakos, Carole Koontz, Walt Niblick, Bill Speece and Rory Van Tuyl.

Family Photos

  • Richard Henry, my 3g-grandfather #2 (20 KB)
    It's amazing what you can buy on E-bay... As far as I know, none of my living relatives have ever seen this photo. And I only paid $6.00 for it!
  • Soldier's Home - Grotto Entrance & Water Fall (54 KB)
    The Soldier's Home at Dayton, Ohio was well known for the extent of the decorative gardens and landscaping (most of which was done by the veterans themselves). A common Sunday pastime in the early 1900's was a picnic at the Soldier's Home grounds. Reproduced from an old postcard about 1910-1920.
  • Soldier's Home - The Lily Pond (52 KB)
    The Soldier's Home at Dayton, Ohio. Another postcard showing more of the extensive landscaping for which they were famous.
  • Tom Becker's 1940? SWL QSL Card (30 KB)
    I had the privilege of working for Tom Becker for 32 years. Tom had a life-long interest in shortwave and ham radio. This is his QSL card from the 1940's (he was born in 1926).
  • Soldier's Home - Dayton, Ohio (55 KB)
    Another view of the Soldier's Home at Dayton, Ohio. Plans are underway to restore at least four of the surviving buildings from the 1800's and establish a National Veteran's Museum.
  • Henry M. Van Tuyl Funeral Card (78 KB)
    Don't you just love e-bay! I was stunned to find this framed copy of 2g-grandpa Van Tuyl's funeral card. He died in the 1913 flood in Troy, Ohio. As he and 2g-grandma were estranged from 1910 until his death in 1913, I have to wonder if she framed it!
  • Soldier's Home - Dayton, Ohio (33 KB)
    A tinted black and white view of the hospital with a one-legged veteran laying on the front lawn.
  • Sachs-Pruden Brewing Advertisement (133 KB)
    This old advertisement was completely painted over on the side of this building in East Dayton. The 1850 census indicates that many of Dayton's prominent German families lived in this neighborhood. The Sachs-Pruden Brewery building is now the home of Hauer Music in downtown Dayton.
  • Soldier's Home Commissary (20 KB)
    The Commissary building at Soldier's Home in Dayton, Ohio. Note the unusual "onion" domes.
  • Little Giant Diner Exposed! (431 KB)
    Here's the H&H Parts diner in Wilmington, Ohio. All the wood siding, roofing and additions were removed in November 2007, exposing the original metal structure which dates to just before World War II. Plans are underway to restore it in the Spring of 2008. It still has an original Valentine safe with the heart and arrow logo, on the wall just inside the front door. The restoration ground-breaking will be May 23, 2008!
  • Pauline Partington, my grandmother in her store. (22 KB)
    My grandmother, Pauline Partington in her store on North Ohio street in Sidney, Ohio.
  • Soldier's Home - Memorial Hall (34 KB)
    The theatre/hall at the Dayton Ohio Soldier's Home...many prominent actors appeared here in the very early 1900's.
  • Little Giant Diner - January 2009 Update (74 KB)
    They've made some big changes.... new windows, new doors, new metalwork over the main entrance, plus those buttresses on all four corners!
  • Oliver & Mary Auten Van Tuyl Final Resting Place (266 KB)
    My 3g-grandparents are buried at Raper Chapel Cemetery, near Troy, Ohio. Oliver paid $165 for that stone, including $5 for the Masonic emblem. Interesting in that his brother, Dr. Henry Van Tuyl, of Dayton, Ohio, ran for political office on an anti-Masonic ticket, but was defeated.
  • Soldier's Home - Overview (30 KB)
    A two page overall view of the Dayton Ohio Soldier's Home. This gives a good idea as to the scale of the grounds.
  • Wilmington High School Amateur Radio Club (49 KB)
    Long before Best Buy, I had my own "Geek Squad"! I haven't seen any of these guys in 35-40 years.
  • Jacksonville Florida Bungalow (145 KB)
    Just love these Arts & Crafts style homes. Bought this old postcard and just wanted to put it someplace where everybody could enjoy it.
  • Soldier's Home - Memorial Hall and Chapel (20 KB)
    An old tinted photo of the Dayton Ohio Soldier's Home Memorial Hall and Chapel. The chapel is supposed to be one of the oldest federally funded chapels in the United States. I believe there's a project underway to restore it.
  • Walt Niblick (88 KB)
    My friend Walt in one of his gardens, a couple of which were featured in gardening magazines over the years. Walt and I were internet buddies for years and years, until his untimely death in 2012. I'm really gonna miss you Walt.
  • Greenville Ohio Orphan's Home (38 KB)
    The orphanage where I believe my great-grandmother Mary Frances Sunday lived at one time possibly with a twin brother?
  • Soldier's Home - Color Overview w/Hotel & Hospital (64 KB)
    Another color scan from a post card... shows chapel and several other buildings at Dayton Ohio Soldier's Home.
  • WYMPEE Diner in Downtown Dayton Ohio (246 KB)
    Used to be lots of these little hamburger joints, are two more around the corner from this one. This is the most interesting one still standing, and probably the closest to it's original appearance. Think this place sells more lottery tickets than hamburgers these days (but they aren't twenty for a buck anymore!)
  • "FAR HILLS" The John H. Patterson Home 1909 (72 KB)
    NCR founder John H. Patterson's home "The Far Hills" was designed by architect Louis Lott in the style of a Swiss chalet. This was Patterson's home until his death in 1922, then his son, Frederick B. Patterson, had it torn down and built a large French styled mansion on the site. The mansion is now an integral part of the "Our Savior Lutheran Church" in Oakwood, Ohio. Photo's of the chalet are hard to locate, this rare postcard (postmarked 1909) may be the only existing color image of the chalet.
  • Becker Electronics (formerly Eberle Radio) (31 KB)
    Becker Electronics in Springfield, Ohio was originally the Eberle Radio Company...believed to be one of the earliest RCA distributors in the United States. Just gotta love that old sign. This division was eventually moved to Dayton, Ohio and merged into Becker Electric Company.
  • Early Benoist-Korn Airplane Photo (maybe 1912-13?) (192 KB)
    This very early aviation photo was in a scrapbook belonging to my grandfather. Likely taken near Jackson Center, Shelby Co., Ohio. Thanks to Rich Wallace for identifying this as the Benoist Model XII that belonged to Edward and Milton Korn. The plane crashed around 1913, killing Milton. The plane was rebuilt in 1917 or so, and put in storage until 1949-50 when it was donated to the Smithsonian. The plane was restored in 1981 or so and is currently on display in the National Air and Space Museum.
  • WHIO 1949-2013 (36 KB)
    The removal of the 500+ foot WHIO TV tower on Wilmington avenue (Kettering, Ohio) is nearly complete. A neighborhood landmark for over sixty years, there's only about 25-30 feet still standing.
  • White Tower, Dayton, Ohio (286 KB)
    Across the street from the Van Cleve Hotel... this one is no longer standing.
  • Courthouse - Troy, Miami Co, Ohio (52 KB)
    Another architectural marvel... many of the courthouses in the Miami, Shelby, Darke county Ohio areas are architectural masterpieces from days gone by. Scan from an old color postcard.
  • Hopalong Cassidy Goes Fishin' (66 KB)
    Only a mother could dress a guy like a cowboy and send him on a fishing trip with his grandfather. This was taken at St Marys Lake probably around 1954 or so. (Yeah... it's me... what can i say?)
  • Henry J. Van Tuyl (97 KB)
    Civil war era photo of my first cousin, four times removed..... Henry Jennings Van Tuyl. Henry's father was one of the earliest physicians in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Frank Ilo and his Family (209 KB)
    left to right: Leonard; Frank (holding Bertha); Lulu (holding Ella); Ona Ilo. Leonard was born in 1897, Ona was born in 1893.
  • B-29 Bomber (#50) on Tinian Island (30 KB)
    My father-in-law was stationed on Tinian. This photo was among several taken on the Island. Pretty sure it was part of the 99th Heavy Bombardment group, but haven't been able to determine if the plane had a name or who the crew was. Anybody out there have any info on this one? It has the number "50" painted on the nose, but no signs of any other nose art or a name.
  • Ona Ilo (220 KB)
    Ona Ilo, daughter of Frank (Francis Marion)Ilo. Ona was married to Thomas Audrey Koons, my grandfather's brother.
  • Wagner Park Conservatory Flower Catalog, Sidney OH (20 KB)
    My great-grandfather, George S. Replogle, worked as a gardener for Wagner Park. Yes, the same Wagner family that brought you both beer and cast-iron Wagner Ware.
  • Thomas Audrey Koons and wife, Ona Ilo (106 KB)
    My father's uncle and his wife, probably photographed in California. Check out that great car!
  • The Arcade, Dayton, Ohio (91 KB)
    Located on Third Street in Dayton, Ohio and still standing, although not currently occupied. Was built by E.J. Barney very near location where my relative, Dr. Henry Van Tuyl had his medical practice. Check out that Flemish architecture, there's a huge dome on top and colorful terra cotta moldings of various fruits at the tops of the columns inside. Has been renovated several times, but just never seems to be commercially successful. Too bad... had a couple great restaurants in there about twenty years ago.
  • The Koons Family Portrait - 1936 (88 KB)
    Believe this was taken at 439 Jefferson St. in Sidney, Ohio. Back Row: Betty, Dick, William Thomas Snyder, Ora Otis Koons, Arthur Ellsworth Koons, Leland Francis Brubaker, Robert Arthur Koons, Sherman Ilo Koons, Ruth Ellen. Middle row: Eileen Koons Brubaker holding Jackie Lee Brubaker, Ona Ilo Koons, Ruth Evalyn Koons Snyder holding Shirley Ann Snyder, Thomas Audrey Koons holding Regina Eileen Snyder, Mary Francis Koons Sunday Woolf, Pearl Gladys Locker Koons, Nellie Frances Replogle Koons. Front row: Mary Nelle Koons ,Kathryn Imogene Koons, Dorothy, William Ellsworth Koons, Audrey Jean Koons.
  • Burton Westcott Home by Frank Llloyd Wright (43 KB)
    Located in Springfield, Ohio, designed by FLW for auto manufacturer Burton Westcott. When this photo was taken in 1969, the home was divided into apartments. As of 2002, a full restoration is under way and the home will become a museum. Hey... I know the color's off a little... but heck.... this slide is 34 years old already!
  • Audrey Jean Koons (21 KB)
    A publicity photo of Audrey Jean Koons, who sang professionally as Jeanie O'Hara all up and down the west coast. Pretty sure Audrey appeared with Stan Kenton a few times, she also performed at the Dayton Biltmore Hotel.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Urn at home of Burton Westcott (65 KB)
    Photo taken in 1969 in Springfield, Ohio. If you know Frank Lloyd Wright, you know he liked these urns or planters (and he liked them BIG).... There were very common features of these Prairie style homes. As of 2002, This home is undergoing a multi-million dollar restoration. Did I mention my college architecture professor wanted to buy this home and restore it as a class project? He even offered to rent me one of the apartments! Unfortunately he had a disagreement with the US government (something to do with the draft I think ) and scampered off to Canada in about 1970? I took this picture as part of a class assignment.
  • W.E. Partington (my great-grandfather) (65 KB)
    W.E. Partington was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives in both the 74th and 75th General Assemblies. He was also the Shelby County Superintendant of Schools.
  • Clement Partington (Junior) and wife, Isabell (177 KB)
    My uncle, Clem Partington, Jr. and his wife Isabell.
  • Steele High School, Dayton, Ohio by LeRoy D. Sauer (125 KB)
    A great engraving of an old Dayton landmark. Unfortunately no longer standing. It wasn't used as a school after 1940 or so, and was torn down in August of 1955 to make way for a parking garage. The artist, LeRoy D. Sauer was a commercial art instructor at the Dayton Art Institute. There was renewed interest in his work in the early 1970's and reproductions of many of his works were hanging at Custom Electronics, a stereo and ham radio supply, operated by LeRoy's son, Richard J. Sauer. LeRoy also illustrated a book on Tropical Fish and was a founder of a Dayton Society of Etchers.
  • General Motors Aerotrain at Union Station, Dayton (56 KB)
    A really weird train. There were only a couple built by GM (notice the windshield sorta reminds you of a '57 Chevy?). The passenger cars should look familiar too... they were basically bodies from GM buses. Apparently the ride was so rough, that no one was interested in purchasing the trains. A couple demo's ran around the country for a few years and then the plan was abandoned. Taken at Union Station in Dayton, Ohio (year unknown).
  • 1930 Purcell High School Swim Team (48 KB)
    Cincinnati's Purcell High School didn't have it's first swimming team until 1930. My wife's father, Ralph Rogers, was the first team captain.
  • Anna Marie Smith Rogers and Dennis Rogers (46 KB)
    My mother-in-law, Anna Marie Rogers, and her son, Dennis.
  • Betty Jo (Partington) Koons and son Steven (36 KB)
    Me and my mother in yard at 625 St Marys Avenue in Sidney Ohio in 1950. I'm 2-1/2 months old.
  • Clement Shanley Partington (57 KB)
    My grandfather (on left) and his friend, Clifford Allton, in front of grandpa's sporting goods store on North Ohio St in Sidney Ohio about 1921-23. Notice the halloween masks in the window.
  • Steve and Bill Koons (33 KB)
    Halloween in Sidney Ohio about 1959 or so.
  • Catnose (36 KB)
    My "adopted" baby. Catnose was born in the wild, but is very slowly becoming domesticated.
  • Mary Frances Sunday (my great-grandmother) (25 KB)
    Mary Frances Sunday Koons Woolf (married first to my great-grandfather, Johnathan Sherman Koons). Her second husband was John William Woolf. Sure would like to figure out who the baby is!
  • Sidney Landscaping Sign (6 KB)
    An old Sidney, Ohio business owned by one of my Weigandt relatives.
  • Mary Frances Sunday Woolf (28 KB)
    Another photo of my great-grandmother, think this one is about 1920?
  • The Spot (26 KB)
    The "Spot" restaurant is a popular Sidney landmark. I'm distantly related to the founder of the "Spot" through my Partington and Princehouse lines, but I still gotta pay for those wonderful pork tenderloin sandwiches when I'm there!
  • Estella Dooley Rogers (167 KB)
    My wife's grandmother, Estella Dooley Rogers of Cincinnati, Ohio. Mother of Ralph Bartley Rogers.
  • Sylvester and Emma (Miller) Harter (54 KB)
    Sylvester Harter and his wife, Emma Catharine Miller of Darke Co, Ohio.
  • Ralph Bartley Rogers (169 KB)
    My wife's father, Ralph Bartley Rogers aka Raphael Bartholomew Rogers.
  • Anne and Ellen Ferris (my wife's twin cousins) (35 KB)
    A great picture of my wife's twin cousins. Check out those turned up collars... were these girls cool or what?
  • Iva, Helen, and Bessie Replogle. (33 KB)
    Aunt Iva, Aunt Helen, and Aunt Bessie Replogle. My grandmother's sisters at a family reunion in 1967 near Sidney, Ohio.
  • Ralph Bartley Rogers (91 KB)
    My wife's father, Ralph Bartley Rogers. We think this was a publicity photo for a band that Ralph was singing with in a contest. (He won second prize!)
  • Entrance Gate - Far Hills (56 KB)
    This swiss chalet style entrance was to NCR founder and president, John H. Patterson's, estate "The Far Hills". The entrance and the swiss chalet style home were torn down by Frederick B. Patterson after he married my cousin, Evelyn Van Tuyl Huffman, in 1917. All that remains of the old estate is a garage or stable that retains some of the elements of the chalet style. This is from another very rare color postcard.
  • Jonathan Sherman and Mary Frances Koons (41 KB)
    My great-grandparents, Jonathan Sherman Koons and Mary Frances Sunday. Their sons (rear) are Arthur Ellsworth, Thomas Audrey, and Ora Otis Koons. Probably photographed in Darke Co, Ohio.
  • Folkerth - Huey Bible Page (216 KB)
    A page from the Folkerth-Huey Bible... only three pages have survived. The originals are currently in the Local History room at the Dayton Metro Library in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Woodland Cemetery Entrance in 1913 (40 KB)
    A fairly rare hand-colored postcard of the entrance to Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio. Postmarked 1913 and addressed to Mrs. Jane Swartz in Greenville, Ohio. Have never seen these buildings so over-grown with vines before, much heavier vegetation than is usually pictured.
  • Shanely Brothers (132 KB)
    Five Shanely brothers.... all civil war heros from Champaign County Ohio. Left to right: Christian, John, Isaac, Jacob, and my gg-grandfather, David Shanely. David and Isaac are mentioned in the diaries of Bisphop Milton Wright (Wilbur and Orville's father).
  • John K. McIntire Residence, Dayton, Ohio (47 KB)
    Home of Col. John K. McIntire, wholesale grocer, and his wife, Evaline Van Tuyl of Dayton, Ohio. John had one of the first ten telephones in Dayton.
  • Koons Family Bible - Marriages (157 KB)
    Another page from the Koons Family bible. Wonder if I'll ever figure out who wrote these entries? Looks like there's handwriting from at least three different people.
  • Woodland Cemetery Entrance (133 KB)
    Entrance to Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio. Henry Van Tuyl was one of the first subscribers and is buried there along with my gggg-grandmother, Ellen Partington.
  • Koons Family Bible - Births (155 KB)
    The page listing births from the long-lost Koons Family bible. My dad's uncle Audrey took it to California in the mid 1940's and nobody here in Ohio has seen it for sixty years! I'm very grateful to my cousin Pat for sending me these great color copies. The bible belonged to my great-grandfather, Jonathan Sherman Koons, and was published in 1883. It's in pretty good shape considering it's been through a couple floods and a fire...
  • John K. McIntire (husband of Evaline Van Tuyl) (262 KB)
    John K. McIntire, prominent citizen of Dayton, Ohio. Had one of first ten telephones in Dayton, Ohio. Was on board of directors of many important Dayton businesses in the late 1800's. And left an estate worth about $4 million dollars when he died around 1909-10.
  • Coca Cola "Ghost Sign" in Wilmington, Ohio (118 KB)
    This Coca Cola "ghost sign" in located in Wilmington, Ohio on Route 68. The scrap of building to the right is the Little Giant restaurant. There's actually a little metal building like a White Tower buried under the sidings and shingles. The building was manufactured by H&H Parts Company of Wichita, Kansas, possibly before World War II, since the company went out of business in 1947. Scheduled for demolition, it's now being restored partly due to the efforts of the American Diner Museum! As of November 2007, all the wood has been removed, exposing the metal diner which is in surprisingly good shape!
  • Grandpa Partington on the Monarch Shop Talk cover (101 KB)
    Grandpa (Clement) Partington on the front cover of a Monarch Machine "Shop Talk". Not sure whether he worked at Monarch for a while or if he's just here because he was a local fishing legend?
  • "Ghost" sign at First & Webster streets, Dayton, O (119 KB)
    This old warehouse at First and Webster streets in Dayton, Ohio has been empty for years. There are "ghost" signs on all four sides. There are three or four different ones on this side, including the Coca Cola (tm) one. There's another Coca Cola one mostly obscured by a building addition on the opposite side.
  • Cannery "ghost sign" in Dayton, Ohio (115 KB)
    While they brag about reclaiming these old buildings and turning them into shops and condos, they covered up this great old coffee sign with a canvas banner. I think this was an ad for Boscul coffee. This is around the 500 block of East Third street in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Wedding photo, William E. and Betty Jo Koons (21 KB)
    Mom and Dad's wedding photo. Left to right: Kathryn Imogene Koons, Betty Jo Partington, William E. Koons.
  • Ralph and Anna Marie Rogers (17 KB)
    Ralph Bartley Rogers and his wife, Anna Marie Smith. My wife's parents.
  • Yes, Nancy Virginia there is a Santa Claus (38 KB)
    My wife at Rikes in Dayton, Ohio with Santa around 1954-55.
  • William E. Koons (17 KB)
    My father, William Ellsworth Koons in uniform.
  • Dr. Henry Van Tuyl (tombstone inscription) (150 KB)
    Dr. Henry Van Tuyl, early doctor in Dayton, Ohio. One of the founders of the Montgomery Co. Medical Society. A victim of cholera in 1854. When Henry's first wife, Rebecca Jennings died, he married his niece, Anna Van Tuyl.
  • Stephanie Diane Koons (15 KB)
    My daughter, Stephanie is now twenty three years old, but still likes spaghetti.
  • Van Tuyl Monument, Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio (114 KB)
    Three names appear on this monument: Dr. Henry Van Tuyl; his wife, Rebecca Jennings; and Jasper N. Jennings (possibly Rebecca's brother?).
  • William E. Koons, II (15 KB)
    My brother, "BK" at a family reunion near Sidney, Ohio in 1967. Check out those pegged pants!
  • Rebecca Jennings Van Tuyl (122 KB)
    Tombstone inscription for the first wife of Dr. Henry Van Tuyl, prominent Dayton, Ohio physician. Henry was a founder of the Montgomery Co. Medical Society and died of cholera in 1854.
  • GE Supply "ghost sign" Dayton, Ohio (94 KB)
    This "ghost" sign is on the side of the old J.K. McIntire wholesale grocers building on East Third street in Dayton, Ohio. There's talk of incorporating the building into a mercantile complex of shops and condos next door. The building was used for radiation testing laboratories during the Manhattan Project and as near as I can tell has never been given a clean bill of health by the EPA? But just think of all the money you could save on electricity if you glowed in the dark! J.K. McIntire was married to my cousin, Evaline Van Tuyl, so I've always had a special interest in the building.
  • Katya Koons (58 KB)
    My niece, Katya at Grandma Partington's apartment in Sidney, Ohio. The picture on the television is my uncle, Clement Shanley Partington, Jr.
  • A Very Young Clem Partington (31 KB)
    My grandfather when he was a handsome young man.
  • Monks of the Drepung Gomang Monastery (86 KB)
    These Tibetan monks were on a Sacred Art tour in 2005 and constructed a sand mandala at the Dayton Metro Library. This photo is from the cultural pageant they presented. In exile from Tibet, the monastery is currently located in India.
  • Soldier's Home - The Alligator Farm (47 KB)
    The Soldier's Home at Dayton, Ohio (now known as the Veteran's Administration Center) once had a live alligator! Reproduced from a post card from 1910-1920.
  • Livia Lovella Shanely (12 KB)
    My great-grandmother "Love", wife of William E. Partington. Attended Antioch University and was a school teacher prior to her marriage.
  • Finishing the Medicine Buddha Mandala (241 KB)
    After three days of work, the Medicine Buddha mandala is nearly complete. This monk is finishing the last section. All the sand is applied with long metal funnels called "chakpurs".
  • Partington's Spinners (17 KB)
    My grandfather's truck with an ad for his fishing tackle business in Sidney Ohio. No idea who the little boy is (no... it's not me!)
  • Medicine Buddha Mandala Detail (353 KB)
    The amount of detail achieved is amazing when you consider that this is all sand and only gravity holds it together.
  • Henry M. Van Tuyl, Civil War Veteran (107 KB)
    My 2g-grandfather Van Tuyl. Henry drowned in the 1913 Flood in Troy, Ohio. I recently purchased a framed copy of his funeral card on E-bay! Wonder who framed it, and where it's been for the last 94 years?
  • Deconstructed Medicine Buddha Mandala (201 KB)
    After three days of work, and following a prayer ceremony, the abbot of the monastery cuts the mandala with a ritual tool and all the sand is swept into a pile. You can see the underlying pattern that the mandala was constructed on it this photo. After a short walk to the Great Miami River, the sand was poured into the water.
  • The Big Four Bridge, Sidney, Ohio (144 KB)
    If you're a Sidney native like I am, this has been one of the most familiar landmarks for over seventy years or so, and yes, they still run trains over it every day.
  • Completed Medicine Buddha Mandala (407 KB)
    This is the mandala just moments before it was completed (notice the white panel at the top left doesn't have any artwork in it yet). About three hours later it will be deconstructed and poured into the Great Miami river. It's taken three full days to complete and will be gone in must minutes.
  • Graceland Cemetery, Sidney, Ohio (27 KB)
    Never quite figured out what this structure is? Maybe a receiving vault, anyways, it's right inside the main entrance to Graceland Cemetery.
  • Beeb & Doris ROGERS (50 KB)
    My wife's dapper young uncle, Edwin Fenton Rogers aka Beeb or Bebe, and his wife, Doris. Are these guys cute or what?
  • Evaline Van Tuyl McIntire - Portrait (177 KB)
    This portrait of Evaline Van Tuyl McIntire, wife of J.K. McIntire was on display at the Dayton Art Institute in 1961. I hunted it for years before discovering that a distant cousin in Washington state has it hanging over her fireplace. It appears that one of the Huffman/McIntire descendants has the companion portrait of her husband.
  • Stone Tower at Hills and Dales Park in Dayton (237 KB)
    Maybe built as part of Frederick Law Olmsted's design for Hills and Dales that was commissioned by John H. Patterson of NCR between 1907-1910. But could have also been a WPA or CWA project during the 1930's? No one seems to know for sure. Supposedly closed the first time in the 1960's when a couple teenagers were electrocuted by the hand railing during a thunderstorm. Personally, I think they closed it because everyone used it for a toilet. Also known as Witch's Tower or Frankenstein's Castle. A teenage girl was killed by lightning there in May of 1967, which led to it's eventual closing (although I'm sure I was inside in 1970 or 1971?)

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