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Ancestors of Lille Foster

Generation No. 8

      128. Ephraim Foster, born 12 Mar 1687/88 in Andover, Essex, MA12; died 08 Apr 1738 in Andover, Essex, MA13. He was the son of 256. Ephraim Foster and 257. Hannah Eames. He married 129. Abigail Poore 11 Jan 1715/16 in Newburyport, Essex, MA14.

      129. Abigail Poore, born 01 Aug 1695 in Newbury, Essex, MA; died 28 Aug 1747 in Brookfield, Mass.15. She was the daughter of 258. Joseph Poore and 259. Mary Wallington.

Notes for Ephraim Foster:
"EPHRAIM FOSTER (Ephraim, Abraham, Reginald), b. Andover, Mass. Nov. 12, 1687; m. Jan. 17, 1716, Abigail Poor of Newbury, dau. of Joseph Poor of Newbury. She m. 2d, 1739, Capt Nathaniel Frynd. He was a blacksmith. She d. Aug. 28, 1747 in Brookfield, Mass. while on a visit to her son. He d. Apr. 8, 1738. Res. Andover, Mass."--Pierce, Foster Genealogy, p. 138.

More About Ephraim Foster:
Burial: Apr 1738, Ancient Burying Ground, West Boxford, MA
Children of Ephraim Foster and Abigail Poore are:
  i.   Jedediah Foster, born 16 Oct 1717.
  ii.   Sally Foster
  iii.   Hannah Foster, born 02 Aug 1725.
  64 iv.   Jedediah Foster, born 10 Oct 1726 in Andover, Essex, MA; died 17 Oct 1779 in Brookfield MA; married Dorothy Dwight 18 May 1749.
  v.   Naomi Foster
  vi.   Hannah Foster, born 23 Mar 1728/29.

      130. Brig. Gen Joseph Dwight, born 16 Oct 1703; died 19 Jun 1765. He was the son of 260. Capt. Henry Dwight and 261. Lydia Hawley. He married 131. Mary Pynchon.

      131. Mary Pynchon, born 10 Oct 1706; died 29 Mar 1751. She was the daughter of 262. Col.. John Pynchon and 263. Bathshua Taylor.

Notes for Brig. Gen Joseph Dwight:
Brig. Genl. Joseph Dwight (son of Capt. Henry Dwight of Hatfield, Mass., and Lydia Hawley), b. Oct. 16, 1703, grad. at Harvard in 1722, m. Aug. 11, 1726, Mary Pynchon of Springfield, Mass., b. Oct. 10, 1706 (dau. of Col. John Pynchon and Bathshua Taylor). He spent some years at Springfield, where he was engaged in trade (1723-31), but afterwards removed to Brookfield, Mass., where he practised law for 20 years and more (1731-53), and went 11 different times as a representative of the town to the council of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay (in 1731, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and '41, 8, 9, and '51). He was Speaker of the Council in 1748-9. In 1752 he removed to Stockbridge, to act as Trustee of "the Indian Schools," which relation he held to them nearly or quite all the time that Jonathan Edwards was also at work there as a missionary (1751-8) to that settlement of whites and Christianized Indians. He was one of the few white hearers that sat regularly under his preaching. They were both born in Oct. 1703, and being of similar cultivated and religious tastes, must have been greatly addicted to each other's company. In 1758 we find that he had removed to Gr. Barrington, then called "Upper Sheffield," or "the north parish of Sheffield." On March 14th of that year he is recorded in the town records as having been made selectman in the town. On Nov. 9, 1759, he is spoken of as having been chosen moderator of a parish-meeting. By the act incorporating the twon he was empowered to issue a warrant calling the first town-meeting. The house which he erected at Gr. Barrington is still standing and is in good repair.
From 1753 to 1761 he was Chief-Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for Hampshire Co., Mass., and when (1761) the county was divided he was made judge of the new county of Berkshire, then formed, holding the office (1761-5) until his death. Gr. Barrington was made the shire town of the county, and Genl. Dwight, beside being judge of the county court, was made also judge of proabte, and held this office likewise, during the same term (1761-5) until his death. He had been previously (in 1739) appointed judge of the Court of Common pleas of Worcester Co.
He was Coloinel of Militia, but was made Brigadier General by Gov. Shirley, Feb. 20, 1745, when on the expedition against Cape Breton. In the attack upon Louisburgh, in 1745, he was second in general command, leading in person the Mass. artillery, called then as now, "The Ancient and Honorable Company of Artillery of Boston." His courage and skill on that occasion gained for him the approbation of the army and of its chief officer.
In 1756 he led a brigade of Mass. militia to Lake Champlain to reduce Ticonderoga.
His personal appearnace was very fine. He was dignified in his gait and bearing, and had great urbanity in his manners. He was an upright judge and an exemplary professor of the religion of his fathers. "No man in civil life was more esteemed in the county." "He was a man of singular veracity; and all who knew him spoke of his virtues with enthusiam."
Mrs. Mary (Pynchon) Dwight, d. March 29, 1751, and he m. Aug. 1752, for a 2d wife, Mrs. Abigail Sergeant, widow of Rev. John Sergeant (missionary to the Housatonnoc Indians at Stockbridge, where he died July 27, 1749, aet. 38.--The History of the Descendants of John Dwight, of Dedham, Mass. by Benjamin W. Dwight, Vol. II, 1874, pages 625-626.
Children of Joseph Dwight and Mary Pynchon are:
  i.   Mary Dwight, born 22 Jun 1727; died 10 Jul 1734.
  65 ii.   Dorothy Dwight, born 13 Nov 1729 in Springfield MA; died 12 Jan 1818 in Brookfield MA; married Jedediah Foster 18 May 1749.
  iii.   Lydia Dwight, born 03 Jan 1731/32; died 23 Jan 1798.
  iv.   Henry Dwight, born 22 Dec 1733; died 28 Feb 1756.
  v.   Mary Dwight, born 26 Jan 1735/36; died 07 Feb 1812.
  vi.   Bathsheba Dwight, born 12 Mar 1736/37; died 11 Jan 1761.
  vii.   Elijah Dwight, born 23 Apr 1740; died 12 Jun 1794.
  viii.   Moses Dwight, born 29 Oct 1742; died 22 May 1764.
  ix.   Joseph Dwight, born 23 Jan 1744/45; died Jul 1826.

      132. Noah Millard, born 19 Feb 1729/30 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. He married 133. Jane Maxwell.

      133. Jane Maxwell, born 22 Sep 1731 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. She was the daughter of 266. Samuel Maxwell and 267. Hannah Squire.
Children of Noah Millard and Jane Maxwell are:
  i.   Dorcas Millard, born 22 Mar 1748/49.
  ii.   Sarah Millard, born 02 Aug 1751.
  66 iii.   Rev. Noah Millard, born 10 Oct 1758 in Rehobath, Bristol, MA; died 25 Oct 1834 in Burrillville, RI; married Hannah Bowen.
  iv.   Samuel Millard, born 1761.

      136. John Seymour, born 1710 in Norwalk, CT; died 08 Sep 1796 in Norwalk, CT. He was the son of 272. John Seymour and 273. Sarah Gregory. He married 137. Ruth Belden.

      137. Ruth Belden, born 18 Jan 1712/13 in Norwalk, CT; died 29 May 1782 in Norwalk, CT. She was the daughter of 274. William Belding and 275. Margaret Arms.

Notes for John Seymour:
      JOHN SEYMOUR (John, Thomas, Richard), of Norwalk, Conn., born at Norwalk about 1710, died there 8 Sept. 1796, aged 85 (gravestone record). He married first RUTH BELDEN, born at Norwalk 18 Jan. 1712/13, died there 29 May 1782, in her 70th year (gravestone record), daughter of William (Daniel, William, Richard) and Margaret (Arms) ; and secondly, at New Canaan, Conn., 4 Feb 1784, ELIZABETH WOOD of Huntington, Long Island, N.Y.--A History of the Seymour Family by Donald Lines Jacobus, 1939, page 65.
      "John Seymour lived and died in his native town. In his will, dated 28 Dec. 1791 and proved 12 Sept. 1796, he names his wife Elizabeth, to whom he gives "all those articles contained in two written agreements between us," bequeaths to his grandchildren, heirs of his son John deceased, viz., Jonathan, Samuel, and John Seymour, Ruth Sammons, and Rebecca, Sarah, Betsey, and Martha Seymour, certain pieces of land, the boys to have twice as much as the girls, gives to his son William, besides other property, the use of nine acres of land, which is later to go to his grandsons, William, Josiah, Belden and Benjamin Seymour, sons of his said son William, and gives to his grandchildren, heirs of his son Seth deceased, viz., Seth, John, Nathaniel, Levi, Anne, and Almy Seymour, pieces of land, as also to his sons David, Ira, and James Seymour, and his daughters Sarah and Martha.."*
*Genealogies of Connecticut Families, Vol. III, Richard Seymour of Hartford and Norwalk, Conn., and Some of His Descendants, Page 314.
Children of John Seymour and Ruth Belden are:
  i.   John Seymour, born 1734.
  ii.   William Seymour, born 10 Oct 1735.
  iii.   Seth Seymour
  iv.   Sarah Seymour, born 1739.
  v.   Martha Seymour, married Levi Taylor.
  vi.   David Seymour, born 24 Dec 1744.
  68 vii.   Ira Seymour, born 31 Aug 1748 in Norwalk, CT; died 04 Oct 1837 in Victor, NY; married (1) Ruth Smith 14 Nov 1772; married (2) Jerusha Parsons 24 Dec 1795.
  viii.   James Seymour, born 26 May 1752.

      138. Dr. Elisha Smith, born 30 Jun 1706 in Hartford, CT. He was the son of 276. Simon Smith and 277. Hannah Bliss. He married 139. Ruth Seymour.

      139. Ruth Seymour, born 10 Nov 1707. She was the daughter of 278. Thomas Seymour and 279. Ruth Norton.
Child of Elisha Smith and Ruth Seymour is:
  69 i.   Ruth Smith, born 1742; died 26 Aug 1792 in Stockbridge, MA; married Ira Seymour 14 Nov 1772.

      140. Jabez Morehouse, born Jun 1714; died 1753 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT. He was the son of 280. Jonathan Morehouse and 281. Rebecca Hull. He married 141. Mary DeHart 09 Nov 1738 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT.

      141. Mary DeHart
Children of Jabez Morehouse and Mary DeHart are:
  70 i.   Jabez Morehouse, born 1742; married Elizabeth Bouton.
  ii.   Mary Morehouse
  iii.   Rebecca Morehouse
  iv.   Josiah Morehouse
  v.   Jonathan Morehouse
  vi.   Benjamin Morehouse, born 1753.

      142. Ezra Bouton, born 18 Nov 1723. He was the son of 284. Eleazer Bouton and 285. Elizabeth Seymour. He married 143. Mary Bouton 28 Jun 1749.

      143. Mary Bouton, born 1732.
Child of Ezra Bouton and Mary Bouton is:
  71 i.   Elizabeth Bouton, married Jabez Morehouse.

      144. Caleb Woodworth, born 22 May 1704 in Lebanon, Connecticut; died 30 May 1780 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT. He was the son of 288. Benjamin Woodworth and 289. Hannah Damon. He married 145. Jane Munger.

      145. Jane Munger, born 27 Feb 1704/05 in Guilford, New Haven, CT; died 04 Apr 1774 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT. She was the daughter of 290. Samuel Munger and 291. Sarah Hand.
Child of Caleb Woodworth and Jane Munger is:
  72 i.   Selah Woodworth, born 11 Aug 1750 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT; died 25 Oct 1823 in Mayfield, Fulton, NY; married Rebecca Dunham 30 Dec 1773 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.

      146. Jacob Dunham, born 08 Apr 1727. He was the son of 292. Daniel Dunham and 293. Rebecca Norton. He married 147. Elizabeth Pettee.

      147. Elizabeth Pettee, born 18 Apr 1735. She was the daughter of 294. Jonathan Pettit and 295. Hannah.
Child of Jacob Dunham and Elizabeth Pettee is:
  73 i.   Rebecca Dunham, born 12 Jan 1755 in Sharon, CT; died 03 Jun 1836 in Mayfield, Fulton, NY; married Selah Woodworth 30 Dec 1773 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.

      152. Israel (Jacob) Linsley, born 08 Mar 1711/12 in Branford, New Haven, CT; died 04 Jun 1778 in Branford, New Haven, CT. He was the son of 304. Jonathan Linsley and 305. Dorcas Phippen. He married 153. Priscilla Wheadon 06 Jul 1739 in Branford, New Haven, CT.

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