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Ancestors of Levi Bender Snyder

Generation No. 9

      256. Jacob Schneider, born June 13, 1624 in Lucerne, Bern, Switzerland; died December 12, 1695 in Zweibrucken, Germany. He was the son of Peter Schneider and Susanna Reisz. He married 257. Anna Maria Muller February 10, 1646 in Bern, Switzerland.

      257. Anna Maria Muller, born September 13, 1626 in Zweibrucken, Germany; died July 4, 1679 in Zweibrucken, Germany. She was the daughter of Christian Muller.

Notes for Jacob Schneider:

      "JACOB & ANNA MARIA SCHNEIDER moved in 1653 to Spiers, about 12 miles from Heidelberg, Germany, where they resided for 18 years. In January 1672 they moved to Zweibrucken, Germany, about 48 miles from Strausburg." (Taken from Hannes Schneider & Catharine Haus, Their Descendants & Times, by Miriam Helen Snyder, 1939.)
Children of Jacob Schneider and Anna Muller are:
  i.   Daniel Schneider, born April 16, 1651.
  ii.   Catharine Schneider, born January 20, 1654.
  iii.   Michael Schneider, born February 11, 1656.
  iv.   Anna Maria Schneider, born October 27, 1658.
  v.   David Schneider, born January 1661.
  vi.   Samuel Schneider, born January 20, 1661.
  128 vii.   Jacob Schneider, born June 18, 1663 in Spiers, Germany; died February 17, 1727 in Netherlands; married Veronica Schmidt January 1, 1691 in Germany.
  viii.   Susannah Schneider, born January 28, 1665.
  ix.   Elizabeth Schneider, born November 29, 1667.

      298. Christian Musselman, born Abt. 1668; died 1734. He married 299. Mary Abt. 1693.

      299. Mary

Notes for Christian Musselman:

      "CHRISTIAN MUSSELMAN first appears on the 1724 tax list in Conestoga Township, (then) Chester County. He provided for his daughters and wife in his will, but did not mention their names. He willed a plantation to his son David who had to pay the other heirs, including Michael. Peter inherited the land in Lancaster Township where his father had lived. Michael Gritor and Michael Frantz witnessed the will. The children of Christian were Henry, Frena, Eva, David, Michael and Peter." (Taken from "Descendants of Christian Musselman of Lancaster Township" by Emily D. Phelan, in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, January 1989, p.17.)
Children of Christian Musselman and Mary are:
  i.   Henry Musselman, born Abt. 1694; died 1752; married (1) Elizabeth Meyer; born Abt. 1695; married (2) Elizabeth Gochenour
  Notes for Henry Musselman:

      "Henry probably came to America before his father, for he had land surveyed in 1717. He was not mentioned in his father's will, no doubt because he had already received his inheritance. Henry owned several tracts of land in what is now East Hempfield Twp. He may have married twice since an age difference of about 10 years existed between his first 2 children and his last 3." (Taken from "Descendants of Christian Musselman of Lancaster" by Emily D. Phelan, in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, January 1989.)

  ii.   Feronica Musselman, born Abt. 1696; married (1) Abraham Herr Abt. 1721; born 1660 in Zurich, Switzerland; died 1727 in PA; married (2) Joseph Gochenour Aft. 1728; died 1764.
  Notes for Abraham Herr:

      "ABRAHAM HERR (who came with his father HANS HERR in 1710), Bishop Hans Burkholder and Melchior Brenneman formed a settlement in 1717 along the Conestoga." (Taken from Mennonites of Lancaster Conference, by Martin G. Weaver, 1931, pp. 37-38.)

      "On October 12, 1719, ABRAHAM HERR and his brother, Hans, petitioned James Steel for a grant of 400 acres for their brother, Isaac, who had recently arrived. In the 1720s, according to the estimates of architectural historians, he built a house that still stands at 25 Bentley Lane in Lancaster Township near Millersville on land that went to his son, Rudy." (Taken from the 1994 Supplement to the Third Edition of the Genealogical Record of Hans Herr, by Theodore W. Herr, originally published 1908, p. 788.)

  149 iii.   Eva Musselman, born Abt. 1698 in Switzerland; died Bef. 1749; married Philip Nolt Aft. 1728.
  iv.   David Musselman, born Abt. 1700; died Abt. 1766; married Maria
  Notes for David Musselman:

      "He inherited a plantation from his father in 1734. A 1773 deed states that David died intestate and left 2 children, David and Christian. Christian sold his share of his father's estate to his brother David for 550 pounds." (Taken from "Descendants of Christian Musselman of Lancaster" by Emily D. Phelan, in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, January 1989.)

  v.   Michael Musselman, born Abt. 1702; married Frena Mayer Abt. 1736; born Abt. 1702.
  vi.   Peter Musselman, born Abt. 1704; died Abt. 1766.

      300. Michael Kauffman, born March 14, 1675; died 1717. He was the son of Michael Kaufmann and Elsbeth Hirsing.
Child of Michael Kauffman is:
  150 i.   John Kauffman, born Abt. 1700 in PA; died 1755 in PA; married Anna Bomberger

      302. Christian Bomberger, born Abt. 1682 in Eschelbronn, Germany; died March 25, 1742 in Warwick township, Lancaster county. He married 303. Maria.

      303. Maria, born 1683 in Eschelbronn, Germany.

Notes for Christian Bomberger:

      "The first settlement in Warwick Township was made by CHRISTIAN BOMBERGER who, with his wife Maria, 2 sons, and 6 daughters, left the tenantry of 'Baron von der Fels', Eschelbronn, Baden, on May 12th, 1722, and was given a certificate of honorable dismissal by government officials. He arrived 6 weeks later at Philadelphia. He took up 546 acres of land, and later added thereto 23 acres and built a dug-out at Newport Road in 1734. He died in 1742, and is buried in God's acre at the old homestead on the hill. Christian Bomberger left the Fatherland because of hostilities and warfare, only to become a fighting man when he reached Lancaster County. He discovered that he had to defend his family against roving bands of Indians and hungry wolves. And he didn't own a gun. Somehow the Bombergers escaped death in their wilderness home. As the years went by the dug-out was superseded by a residence made of logs. By 1740 Christian Bomberger found himself living 'by the side of the road' but he didn't have much of a human parade to watch. Instead of the highway which now transverses his land, the road was nothing but a trail. Then as industry progressed and the Grubbs started their Hopewell furnace at Mt. Hope, the road grew in importance. The Bomberger Cemetery is located 2 miles north-west of Lititz, 400 feet north of the Bomberger marker at the old Newport Road. The first body interred was the daughter of Christian Bomberger (pioneer) prior to 1740; the grave was marked with a small limestone, no date. The first marker is M.B. (Mary Bomberger), C.B. (Christian Bomberger), no date. Seven generations of the Bomberger family are interred in the plot." (Taken from Bomberger Lancaster County Roots 1722-1986, by Lloyd Huber Bomberger, 1986, pp.7, 15 & 22.)
Children of Christian Bomberger and Maria are:
  i.   Barbara Bomberger, born in Germany; married Christian Hershey; died April 19, 1771.
  ii.   Daughter Bomberger, born in Germany; died 1722 in Atlantic Ocean crossing.
  iii.   Daughter Bomberger, born in Germany; died 1722 in Atlantic Ocean crossing.
  iv.   Elizabeth Bomberger, born in Germany; married Martin Bougher; born 1715; died 1779.
  v.   Margaret Bomberger, born in Germany; married John Bowman; born December 28, 1720; died 1795.
  vi.   John Bomberger, born Abt. 1703 in Germany; died Abt. 1756; married Mary Bausman
  151 vii.   Anna Bomberger, born 1705 in Germany; married John Kauffman
  viii.   Christian Bomberger II, born May 11, 1719 in Germany; died 1787; married Elizabeth Hostetter November 11, 1746; born November 11, 1729.
  Notes for Christian Bomberger II:

      "The first minister known to have served in the Hammer Creek section was Christian Bomberger, a son of the first settler. He was ordained about 1760, lived on the old homestead farm left to him by his father, and served his people in private houses for about 27 years. He died in 1787." (Taken from Mennonites of Lancaster Conference, by Martin G. Weaver, 1931, p.165.) .

      320. Jacob Eby
Child of Jacob Eby is:
  160 i.   Theodorus Eby, born April 25, 1663 in Canton Zurich, Switzerland; died 1727 in Earl township, Lancaster county.

      354. Henry Funk, born 1675 in Germany; died 1743 in PA. He was the son of Hans Funk. He married 355. Fronica Abt. 1696.

      355. Fronica, born Abt. 1678 in Switzerland.
Child of Henry Funk and Fronica is:
  177 i.   Mary Funk, born Abt. 1697 in Germany; married Jacob Nissley Abt. 1719.

      360. Jakob Greiter, born Abt. 1665 in Switzerland. He married 361. Barbara Schenk Abt. 1690.

      361. Barbara Schenk, born Abt. 1665 in Switzerland.
Children of Jakob Greiter and Barbara Schenk are:
  180 i.   Michael Kreiter, born Abt. 1691; died 1739; married Barbara Groff Abt. 1716.
  ii.   Jacob Kreider, born Abt. 1693; died December 1758; married Elizabeth Abt. 1717; born Abt. 1694.
  Notes for Jacob Kreider:

      "Jacob Kreider was the first Kreider on record in Lancaster County. At a meeting of Penn's Commissioners on February 18, 1718, they signed warrants for both Jacob Kreyter and Jacob Hochstetler. Each warrant authorized surveys for 250 acres. It is probable that Jacob came on one of the 3 ships which arrived in Philadelphia on September 17, 1717. Until now nobody had pinpointed the location of his land. According to tradition, it lay 2 miles south of Lancaster city near the Conestoga Creek. A search in 1975 uncovered Jacob's survey, which was indexed under 'Grogder'. At first some doubt existed as to whether this was really Jacob's land because it appeared to lie south of the Conestoga River. However, noting the direction of the flow of the Conestoga, one could see that the plot had been drawn with the southern direction toward the top of the page. We have no record of Jacob's wife. Contrary to the belief that Jacob had 11 children, only 3 children have been documented: Jacob, Jr., Michael and Ann." (Taken from "First Greiter/Kreider Immigrants of Lancaster" by John Marsh, Jr., in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, October 1985.)

  iii.   Hans Jacob Kreiter, born Abt. 1695.
  iv.   Anna Kreiter, born Abt. 1700.
  v.   Barbara Kreiter, born Abt. 1702.
  vi.   Martin Kreiter, born Abt. 1706.

      368. Christian Hershey, died 1733. He married 369. Mrs. Hershey.

      369. Mrs. Hershey

Notes for Christian Hershey:

      "The first Hershey family to set foot on American soil was CHRISTIAN HERSHEY and his 3 children, BENJAMIN, Andrew and Anna, in the year 1709. They located on a farm 1/2 mile west of Herr's Ice Factory, on the Lincoln Highway, 1 mile west of Lancaster City. This Christian Hershey was a bishop in the Mennonite Church, and was succeeded by his son, Benjamin, to the same office." (Taken from Hershey Family History, by Henry Hershey, 1929, p.9.)
Children of Christian Hershey and Mrs. Hershey are:
  i.   Andrew Hershey
  ii.   Anna Hershey
  184 iii.   Benjamin Hershey, born 1696; died July 29, 1789; married Mary Abt. 1716.

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