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Ancestors of Margaret May McKinley

Generation No. 8

      128. David "The Weaver" McKinley, born 1705 in Dervock House, Antrim County, Northern Ireland; died September 20, 1757 in Chanceford Twp., York Co., PA. He was the son of 256. James "The Trooper" McKinley and 257. Rachael Niveen. He married 129. Esther Wilson 1728 in Chanceford Twp., York Co., PA.

      129. Esther Wilson, born 1705.

More About David McKinley and Esther Wilson:
Marriage: 1728, Chanceford Twp., York Co., PA
Children of David McKinley and Esther Wilson are:
  64 i.   John "Little John" McKinley, aka Wagonmaster, born Abt. 1728 in Dervock, Ulster Antrim, North Ireland; died February 18, 1779 in Chanceford Township, York County, Pa; married Rachael Margaret Stewart 1754 in Chanceford Twp, York County, PA.
  ii.   David McKinley, 2nd, born 1734 in Ulster Antrim, North Ireland; died in Ireland.
  iii.   Jane McKinley, born 1736; married David Logan.
  iv.   Mary McKinley, born 1736 in Ulster Antrim, North Ireland; married Samuel Gordon.
  v.   Stephen McKinley, born 1738 in Ulster Antrim, North Ireland; died March 30, 1819 in Ireland.

      134. James Stevenson, born 1687 in Ireland; died 1768. He married 135. Elizabeth 1711 in Ireland.

      135. Elizabeth, born 1691 in Ireland.

More About James Stevenson and Elizabeth:
Marriage: 1711, Ireland
Children of James Stevenson and Elizabeth are:
  67 i.   Hannah Stevenson, born 1718; married John Gray.
  ii.   Nathaniel Stevenson, born 1714.
  iii.   John Stevenson, born 1716.
  iv.   Susanna Stevenson, born 1720.
  v.   Ann Stevenson, born 1712 in Ireland; married John Watson September 18, 1729 in Buck County, PA; born June 21, 1703.
  More About John Watson and Ann Stevenson:
Marriage: September 18, 1729, Buck County, PA

      136. Thomas Quillen Jr., born July 14, 1691 in MD; died Abt. 1742. He was the son of 272. Thomas Quillen and 273. Sarah Morris. He married 137. Mary.

      137. Mary
Children of Thomas Jr. and Mary are:
  68 i.   Joseph Quillen, married Elizabeth La(t)cham November 09, 1735 in St. Martin's Church, Worcester Co., MD.
  ii.   Benjamin Quillen, married Easter (Esther?).

      138. Latcham He married 139. Elizabeth Tull.

      139. Elizabeth Tull, born May 14, 1688 in Annamessex, Somerset Co., MD; died Abt. 1726. She was the daughter of 278. Richard Tull and 279. Martha Rhodes.
Children of Latcham and Elizabeth Tull are:
  69 i.   Elizabeth La(t)cham, married Joseph Quillen November 09, 1735 in St. Martin's Church, Worcester Co., MD.
  ii.   Thomas La(t)cham

      154. James Allison, born in Donegal Twp., Dauphin Co., PA; died November 1762 in Donegal Twp., Dauphin Co., PA. He was the son of 308. John Allison and 309. Janet. He married 155. Rebecca Howard.

      155. Rebecca Howard, born Abt. 1722; died September 1764 in Donegal Twp., Dauphin Co., PA. She was the daughter of 310. Gordon Howard.
Children of James Allison and Rebecca Howard are:
  77 i.   Anna "Polly" Allison, born Abt. 1742; died 1762 in East Heidelberg, Franklin Co, PA; married John Henry DeFrance 1759 in Cumberland, PA.
  ii.   James Allison, born Abt. 1756.
  iii.   Jean (Janet) Allison, born Abt. 1758; married William Watt.
  iv.   Margaret Allison, born Abt. 1760; married Bowman.
  v.   Sarah Allison, born Abt. 1762.
  vi.   Rebecca Allison, born Abt. 1763; married Hugh Caldwell.

      156. Robert Arthur, born Bef. 1708 in Scotland; died in Warren Co., PA. He was the son of 312. Matthew Arthur. He married 157. Boone.

      157. Boone
Children of Robert Arthur and Boone are:
  78 i.   Robert Arthur, born Abt. 1750 in Scotland; died July 12, 1816 in Irvineton, Brokenstraw, Warren, PA; married Susan Boone Abt. 1769 in Northumberland Co., PA.
  ii.   Mathew Arthur, born Bef. 1743.
  iii.   James Arthur, born Bef. 1744 in Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA; died Aft. 1835 in Youngsville, Warren Co., PA; married Elizabeth DeFrance 1784 in Northumberland Co., PA.
  More About James Arthur and Elizabeth DeFrance:
Marriage: 1784, Northumberland Co., PA

  iv.   John Arthur, born Abt. 1748 in Northumberland Co., PA; died Aft. 1795 in Northumberland Co., PA.
  v.   Richard Arthur, born 1758 in PA; died 1843 in Warren Co., PA; married Nancy Bowman Abt. 1771 in Jack's Creek, Mifflin Co., PA.
  More About Richard Arthur and Nancy Bowman:
Marriage: Abt. 1771, Jack's Creek, Mifflin Co., PA

  vi.   Boon Arthur, born Abt. 1760; died Aft. 1816 in Conewango Twp., Warren Co., PA.

      158. Abraham Boon, born Bet. 1695 - 1707. He was the son of 316. William Boon and 317. Margaret Jump. He married 159. Rebecca Michall.

      159. Rebecca Michall, born Abt. 1720. She was the daughter of 318. William Michall and 319. Elisabeth Herrington.
Children of Abraham Boon and Rebecca Michall are:
  79 i.   Susan Boone, born Abt. 1751 in PA; died July 02, 1815 in Irvineton, Brokenstraw, Warren, PA; married Robert Arthur Abt. 1769 in Northumberland Co., PA.
  ii.   Hawkins Boone, born Abt. 1740; died July 29, 1779 in Fort Freeland, PA; married Jane Mercer Dougherty.
  iii.   Anne/Hannah Boone, born February 06, 1730/31; died August 26, 1771; married William Winter December 27, 1747; born 1728 in Isle of Man, Virginia; died 1794 in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA.
  More About William Winter and Anne/Hannah Boone:
Marriage: December 27, 1747

  iv.   Elizabeth Boone, born Abt. 1740 in Near Easton, Talbot Co., MD; married (1) John Henry DeFrance; born Abt. 1725 in French Flanders, France; died Aft. January 29, 1794 in New York or PA; married (2) Archibald Mushett; died 1762.
  More About John Henry DeFrance:
Burial: 1795, Shepherd's Cemetery

  v.   Deborah Boone, born 1756.

      160. John McDonald He married 161. Isabella McCartney.

      161. Isabella McCartney
Child of John McDonald and Isabella McCartney is:
  80 i.   John McDonald, born 1751 in Edinburgh, Scotland; died 1801 in York County, PA; married Jane Wilson 1774 in Maryland.

      162. William Wilson, died 1765 in York County, PA. He was the son of 324. wilson. He married 163. Susanna Beatty.

      163. Susanna Beatty, born Abt. 1730. She was the daughter of 326. Walter Beatty.
Children of William Wilson and Susanna Beatty are:
  81 i.   Jane Wilson, born Abt. 1754; died Aft. 1840 in Indiana Co, PA; married (1) John McDonald 1774 in Maryland; married (2) Robert Craig Aft. 1803.
  ii.   William Wilson
  iii.   Elizabeth Wilson, born 1760; died May 12, 1836 in Frederick Co, MD; married (1) David Owens; died July 1797 in York County, PA; married (2) William Marshall; died 1818 in Shrewsbury, York Co, PA.
  iv.   Samuel Wilson

      164. James Alexander Carnaghan, born 1709 in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Children of James Alexander Carnaghan are:
  i.   Michael Carnahan
  ii.   Robert Carnahan
  iii.   Sarah Carnahan
  iv.   Hugh Carnahan, born 1730; died 1781; married Mary Finley.
  v.   Adam Carnahan, born 1743; died December 07, 1815.
  vi.   David Carnahan, born 1745; died 1825.
  vii.   William Carnahan, born 1750.
  viii.   James Carnahan, born 1755.
  ix.   John Carnahan, born 1756; died Bet. 1800 - 1809.
  82 x.   Alexander Carnahan, born June 21, 1757 in Aberdeen, Scotland; died April 20, 1852 in Armaugh Twp., Indiana Co., PA; married Elizabeth Tomb.
  xi.   Joseph Carnahan

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