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Descendants of Jan Tiebout

Generation No. 1

      1. Jan1 Tiebout (Source: (1) Weiss, Charles M., "History of the French Protestant Refugees".., (2) Morrell, Francis V., "The Ancestry and Posterity of Cornelius H. Tiebout of Brooklyn", 1910.., (3) Todd, Georgia Blake "God's Infinite Variety: An American". 1939.., (4) Tiebout, Cornelius H. "The Ancestry and Posterity of Cornelius Henry Tiebout of Brooklyn".., (5) Lee, Hannah F., "The Huguenots in France and America".., (6) "Tiebout Family of New York" FHL 1465567, item 9.., (7) Todd, Howard Linden.) was born Abt. 1635 in Bruges, Belgium, and died Aft. 1709 in Harlem, New York. He married (1) Sara Van der Vlucht Abt. 1655 in Holland. She was born Abt. 1636 in Holland, and died Aft. 1692 in New York City. He married (2) Hester Dubois September 03, 1687 in New York Dutch Reformed church, New York city, daughter of Catherine Clarisse. She was born October 01, 1625 in Canterbury, Kent, England, and died Abt. 1710 in Harlem, New York.

Notes for Jan Tiebout:
In some of the NYDRC records his first name was written as Herck? The name of Tiebout is Teutonic in origin, and it early appeared as Tybalt, meaning "People's Prince". It was found in several forms, among them the Danish Teobald; the Dutch, Tiebout, or Tibout; the French Thibaut; the German Dietbold, and in Italian as Teobaldo. The name was also incorrectly written as Thieboult, Tybout, Tibouwt, Thibou, Tiebouwt, Tiebaut, Thibo, Teabout, Thebout, Thibout, Tebow, Tibouts, Tiboe, Tebou, Tebout, Tebo, Thibe, Tibau, and Thiboutszen. The name was early found in Flanders, especially the city of Bruges, where the American branch of the family came from. Thusly, this family had its ancestral past in the Flemish region of Belgium. Other early accounts of a family with a similar name was in Normandy, France, and this family had a coat of arms registered with the college of arms. This family carried the surname of Tiebout, and it is not known whether our family here was descended from the Normandy branch. In fact very little is known about the family of Jan Tibout, but it does appear that his line were French Huguenot in religion. The exact date of Jan's birth is not known, but some records indicate that he may have come from Bruges, the home of a Fleming family with this surname. Some records indicate that he may have also had a first name of Michael, but he almost always used the name of Jan.. In 1656 Jan was living in Fort Casimer, on the Deleware river, and he must have shortly after relocated to New Amsterdam. On 08 Jan., 1657 Jan Tiebout shows up in Delaware River records as follows: "Before the council appeared Louwerens Pieters, being summoned, and deposed that there were savages at his place who drank beer obtained at Boertjen's. He found at his place five savage men, two women and a boy who had fetched a Water pail of beer from Boertjen's and drank it at his place, where he, deponent, his wife, and Jan Tybout drank with them, etc." "Jan Tibout came forward and deposes that he was at Lauwerns Pieters' house and saw that there were five savages, three squaws, a big boy, and a child drinking beer which they had fetched from Boortien's, that they drank this out together and the savages fetched from Boertjen's five pints of beer more, but he has not seen that the savages were intoxicated. He declares that he knows nothing more of the matter and is willing to confirm the above statement, if required, with his oath, and he has in token of its truth signed this with his hand." (Signed) Jan Tibout. He, and his wife Sara became members of the Dutch Reformed church in New Amsterdam in Jan., 1660. It seems that Jan lived for a short while in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York, and then moved to Bergen, New Jersey in 1662. On 20 Nov., 1665 he took the oath of Allegiance to the British while living in Bergen. After 1666 he moved his family to Harlem, New York. Flatbush town records indicate that he was of Fleming birth, and that he was one of the very first school masters in this small Dutch town. In January, 1669 (Page 157 Liber D, Flatbush Town Records), Jan Tibout appears to have been in possession of the school lot, and property of that town, for at this date he complained to the magistrates of Abram Joorise Brinkerhoff for encroaching on his premises. There being an agreement entered into December 25, 1666 (p. 87, Liber D e.g..). It appears that this agreement was made with Tibout, continuing there until about 01 Nov., 1670, when Jacob Joorstin commenced at Christmas, and was succeeded by Jan Gerretse Van Marken. On 04 Nov., 1681 Jan appears to have been again employed continuing until 30 July, 1682, when he moved back to New York City. While in New Harlem he was elected as Voorleser from 1685-1690. As stated above Jan was the town Voorleser (church reader) in Harlem on 23 April, 1690, and he held services in the new Harlem Dutch Reformed church. He continued to serve the Harlem DRC from September, 1691, and served in this capacity for another 6 years. Again in 1691, and in 1709 Jan held this post again. From 1699-1709 he held this same job in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He was also the Town clerk in these villages. Jan owned lot number 13 of the Harlem Patent in 1691. He later became the secretary of the Harlem DRC after 1691, and was one of the town school-teachers.

Notes for Sara Van der Vlucht:
Almost all of the NYDRC records lists her last name as shown, except one which lists it as Van der Grist. She was a witness to a baptism in the NYDRC on 13 March, 1692. Very little is known of her ancestry, but it is known that she was Dutch. It is not known whether she married Jan in Europe, or when they arrived in Deleware. But she did accompany him to Deleware, and then New Amsterdam. On another occasion her last name was written as Van der Ulmst.

Notes for Hester Dubois:
In the marriage record of Hester, it indicates that Jan was then the widower of Sara Vander Vlucht.
Children of Jan Tiebout and Sara Van der Vlucht are:
+ 2 i.   Andries2 Tibout, died Abt. 1704 in Hackensack, New Jersey.
  3 ii.   Marcus Tibout, born Abt. 1660 in Ghent, Flanders, Belgium; died Abt. 1714 in New York City. He married Aefie Jansen Cornelis May 29, 1698 in New York Dutch Reformed church, New York city.
  Notes for Marcus Tibout:
While he is not proven as a son of the Voorleser Jan, he most likely was, for no other family lived in the New Amsterdam area with this surname. He wrote his name as Tiebaut, and was so called a "Fleming" while he lived in Harlem, New York. He was town clerk of Harlem in 1710. In 1713 he was in possession of a house and lot on the north side of the church lane, next but one west of the Kerk Erf, which no doubt came from John Van Oblinus, and went to John Lewis, from whom it passed in 1748 to Dr. Josiah Paterson. Marcus bought from Caspar Mabie on 26 March, 1700 a dwelling, with its lot, which had formed no. 5, 6, of Daniel Tourneur's out-gardens in Harlem. Here Marcus lived, but he died in 1714 without issue. Marcus worked as the tax collector for Harlem from 29 Sept., 1700 to 29 Sept., 1708 (Riker's History of Harlem).

  4 iii.   Dirck Tibout, born May 04, 1661 in New York Dutch Reformed church..
  Notes for Dirck Tibout:
Witness to baptism were Jan Albertszen, Magdalena Jans, and Geertie Hendricks.

+ 5 iv.   Theunis Tibout, born September 30, 1663 in New York Dutch Reformed church.; died July 27, 1754 in New York City.
  6 v.   Johannes Tibout, born Abt. 1665 in New Amsterdam; died June 29, 1728 in New York City. He married Teuntie Van Rommen.
  Notes for Johannes Tibout:
He was a turner by trade, and he was a zealous Leislerian soldier in 1689, and was made a freeman of NYC in 1699. He was later elected as Alderman of NYC. He lived for awhile in Newtown, Long Island. He was an ensign in Captain Evert Byvanck's company, Col. Abraham de Peyster's Regiment of Militia in NYC.. In 1712 he was listed as a merchant of NYC.. He had a deed registered in 13 March, 1712 (Liber 272-572, NY Conveyances). His house was found in this deed at Broad street. He lived right across the street from city hall. His will was dated 20 April, 1727.

+ 7 vi.   Jacomyntye Tibout, born June 04, 1666 in New York Dutch Reformed church.; died in Fordham, Bronx, New York.
+ 8 vii.   Jannetye Tibout, born February 06, 1672/73 in New York Dutch Reformed church; died Unknown in Harlem, New York.
  9 viii.   Magdalena Tibout, born February 21, 1673/74 in New York Dutch Reformed church..
  10 ix.   Dirck Tibout, born March 10, 1673/74 in New York Dutch Reformed church..
  11 x.   Magdaleentie Tibout, born May 03, 1676 in New York Dutch Reformed church..
  12 xi.   Henricus Tibout, born September 19, 1677 in New York Dutch Reformed church..
  13 xii.   Jacobus Tibout, born May 22, 1681 in New York Dutch Reformed church..

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