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Descendants of Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt

Generation No. 9

      354. Edward Everett Blossom10 Anderson (Elizabeth Juliette Latourette9 Crans, Sarah Ann8 Van Clief, Nicholas Garrison7, Cornelius6, Benjamin5, Jannetye Aris4 Vanderbilt, Aris Janse3, Jan Aertsen2, Aert1) was born July 09, 1865 in Hornellsville, Steuben county, New York. He married Catherine Alice Anderson. She was born March 31, 1864 in Hornell, Steuben county, New York.
Child of Edward Anderson and Catherine Anderson is:
  411 i.   Edward Everett11 Anderson, born July 20, 1902 in Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey. He married Elizabeth Kievit; born October 30, 1910 in Clifton, Passaic, New Jersey.

      357. Cornelius10 Vanderbilt (Cornelius9, William Henry8, Cornelius7, Cornelius6, Jacob5, Jacob Aertse4, Aris Janse3, Jan Aertsen2, Aert1) was born September 05, 1873 in New Dorp, Staten Island, New York, and died March 02, 1942 in Miami, Florida. He married Grace Wilson Abt. 1892 in New York, daughter of Richard Wilson. She was born Abt. 1873, and died Abt. 1953.

Notes for Cornelius Vanderbilt:
He was known as Neily, or Cornelius III. His wife was referred to as the "Kingfisher". He was almost entirely left out of his father's will, because he married Grace, whom his father disliked. He received one and a half million. He worked for his father's railroad business, and was an inventor, and Engineer scientist. After his father died, his brother Alfred Vanderbilt gave him an additional 6 million. Neily patented at least 30 inventions, and started the IRT rapid transit system, along with Mr. Belmont in NYC. He sat on the board of Directors for 20 companies, and he served as a 2nd Lt., in the 12th Regiment of the New York National Guard. He was also an artist, and he owned the fourth largest private yacht in the world, over 279 feet long. Neily inherited the 640 5th avenue mansion, and the vast Vanderbilt Art collection there which was worth many millions. He rose to become a Lt. Colonel in the National Guard, and fought against Poncho Villa in Mexico in 1918. During WWI he was a Brigadier General. He received the Gwynne building in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he leased it immediately to Proctor, and Gamble. He sold his mansion in Manhattan at 640 5th avenue to William Waldorf Astor for one and a half million.

Notes for Grace Wilson:
She was a very elegant woman, of great looks, and highly aristocratic. She wintered in New York, and then went often to Paris. She owned the manor house at 677 5th avenue in NYC.. Grace was very fond of entertaining, and she knew the heads of state for many nations, Dukes, Queens, Kings, General's, and other leaders. She loved Opera, and had her own box in the Metropolitan Opera, and the Paris Opera. When she inherited 640 5th avenue, the old mansion belonging to William Henry Vanderbilt, she spent millions redecorating, and held many parties in this famous residence. In 1920 she inherited another 6 million form her Wilson estate, and in 1920 Neily, and Grace were worth about 25 million. The location where 640 5th avenue is now located, houses the Department store Bergdorf Goodman. Grace sold her estate called Beaulieu in Newport, Rhode Island in 1955 through her son Neil for 30,000.
Children of Cornelius Vanderbilt and Grace Wilson are:
  412 i.   Neil11 Vanderbilt, born April 30, 1898 in New York; died Abt. 1974. He married Rachel Littleton Abt. 1920 in New York.
  Notes for Neil Vanderbilt:
He was also referred to as Cornelius the IVth. He fought in WWI, and later became a reporter for the New York Herald, and then the New York Times. Neily approached his parents about taking some of his inheritance to operate his own Newspapers. They reluctantly agreed, being very angry because they did not want him in this business. He borrowed over 2 million, but within a few years lost all the money, and the 3 newspapers he owned folded. By 1931 he was poor, and broke, and worth only about 120 dollars. Neil married 7 times, and he eventually inherited the Beaulieu estate in Newport which he sold in 1955 for 30,000.

  Notes for Rachel Littleton:
Her father was a prominent Lawyer.

  413 ii.   Grace Vanderbilt.

      358. Gertrude10 Vanderbilt (Cornelius9, William Henry8, Cornelius7, Cornelius6, Jacob5, Jacob Aertse4, Aris Janse3, Jan Aertsen2, Aert1) was born January 09, 1875 in New Dorp, Staten Island, New York, and died Abt. 1942. She married Harry Whitney Abt. 1896 in New York. He was born Abt. 1872 in New York, and died October 28, 1930 in New York.

Notes for Gertrude Vanderbilt:
Gertrude won custody of her Neice Gloria Vanderbilt, and she brought her up in her many mansions, which included the Whitney house on 5th avenue in Manhattan, the summer cottage in Newport, and in Wheatley hills in Long Island. They also travelled to her husbands land in the Adirondack mountains. Gertrude was an artist who owned an art gallery in Greenwich Village, and she was a poet, and writer. Gertrude established the famous Whitney Museum in Manhattan, and donated many paintings to its collection. She also had an art studio in Paris, France. Her mansion in Westbury had over 100 servants, small houses for each of her children, stables for 63 horses, livestock, tennis courts, swimming pools, exotic birds walked freely, and it was graced with beautiful gardens of orchids. It also had an indoor riding ring, and a polo field. When she won custody of Little Gloria in 1924 she was worth 78 million. The Wheatly estate in Westbury, Long Island is now the clubhouse of the Old Westbury Golf club.

Notes for Harry Whitney:
He was a prominent Attorney in NYC, and part of the famous Whitney family, a family which also was very wealthy. He was worth about 30 million himself, and his wife brought about 25 million to the estate, upon her father's death. He owned 85,000 acres of land in the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. He also owned Wheatly hills in Long Island, comprising 800 acres in Old Westbury. He, and his wife had three children. When Harry died in 1930 his estate was then worth 72 million.
Children of Gertrude Vanderbilt and Harry Whitney are:
  414 i.   Cornelius Vanderbilt11 Whitney, born February 20, 1899 in New York City; died December 1992 in Saratoga Springs, New York.
  415 ii.   Flora Whitney.
  416 iii.   Barbara Whitney.

      359. Alfred Gwynne10 Vanderbilt (Cornelius9, William Henry8, Cornelius7, Cornelius6, Jacob5, Jacob Aertse4, Aris Janse3, Jan Aertsen2, Aert1) was born October 20, 1877 in Staten Island, New York, and died May 01, 1915 in Sinking of the ship Lusitania in the Atlantic Ocean. He married (1) Margaret McKim. He married (2) Elsie French Abt. 1901.

Notes for Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt:
He was left the bulk of his father's estate, about 68 million or so. He married on 25 May, 1896 in Newport, Rhode Island, but the name of his wife is presently unknown to this author. He worked as the Treasurer on the New York Central Railroad. It was Alfred's family which eventually came to Palm Beach, Florida, and had a winter home in this city. He owned Oakland Farms in Rhode Island, and he died when the ship he was on was attacked by the Germans in 1915. All accounts indicate that he gladly gave up his seat for children, he was a true hero, and a real gentleman. He was a professional horseman, and he bred over 100 horses at Oakland Farms. He owned 1500 acres at Sagamore Lodge in the Adirondacks, and he owned the Vanderbilt Hotel in Manhattan, where he maintained the entire top floor for his family. He won many trophies for his thoroughbred horses.

Notes for Margaret McKim:
Her father was the either the inventor, or owner of the company that produced Bromo Selzer.
Children of Alfred Vanderbilt and Elsie French are:
  417 i.   Alfred11 Vanderbilt III, born 1912 in New York.
  Notes for Alfred Vanderbilt III:
He was probably the horse breeder who had a winter home in Naples, Collier county, Florida, and to this day, one of the most beautiful areas is still called Vanderbilt Beach.

  418 ii.   George W. Vanderbilt, born 1914; died 1961. He married (1) Anita Howard. He married (2) Joyce Branning. He married (3) Louise Paine. He married (4) Lucille Parsons; born in West Orange, New Jersey.
  Notes for George W. Vanderbilt:
George married 4 times, first to Lucille Parsons, then to Anita Howard, then to Joyce Branning, and finally to Louise Paine. He had a daughter from his first wife, and a son Alfred Vanderbilt II from another wife, this author does not know his mother. This Alfred was a known horse breeder, and he was the Vanderbilt who had a winter home in Vanderbilt Beach, Naples, Florida. He lived in such locations as Georgetown, South Carolina, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island, where he had a large horse breeding farm near Reginald Vanderbilt. It is very possible that the Alfred mentioned in the Gen-Forum site on the WWW, Vanderbilt pages, was the brother of this George.

      360. Reginald Claypoole10 Vanderbilt (Cornelius9, William Henry8, Cornelius7, Cornelius6, Jacob5, Jacob Aertse4, Aris Janse3, Jan Aertsen2, Aert1) was born Abt. 1880 in New York, and died September 1925 in New York City. He married (1) Catherine Neilson April 14, 1903. He married (2) Gloria Morgan 1922 in New York City, daughter of Harry Morgan and Laura. She was born Abt. 1905, and died Abt. 1965.

Notes for Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt:
He inherited about 25 million from his father's estate, but he had a bad gambling habit, and lost most of this money. He was a well known playboy, and horseman, and threw many wild parties. He attended Yale University, and lived at Vanderbilt Hall at the University, a hall built by his father. He was a breeder of show horses, and polo ponies. He owned 280 horses at Sandy Point Farm in Portsmith, Rhode Island, and he built a racetrack there. He lived life to its fullest, racing cars, having accidents, and being careless. When he died he had spent all his money.
Child of Reginald Vanderbilt and Catherine Neilson is:
  419 i.   Cathleen11 Vanderbilt.
Child of Reginald Vanderbilt and Gloria Morgan is:
  420 i.   Gloria11 Vanderbilt, born February 20, 1924 in New York City. She married Wyatt Cooper; born Abt. 1927 in Quitman, Mississippi; died January 05, 1978 in New York City.
  Notes for Gloria Vanderbilt:
Little Gloria spent her early years with her mother Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, but after a long protracted court case was awarded in custody to her very wealthy aunt Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. She then was brought up by her aunt at 871 5th avenue, and then the Whitney mansion across the street, and then in the summers at Newport, Rhode Island. She inherited part of a 5 million dollar trust fund along with her sister Cathleen Vanderbilt. Gloria also received a trust of 1 million from Alice of the Breakers. Gloria also married Mr. Leopold Stowkowski, the great Symphony conductor, and Bobby Short, a famous singer, and piano player. Some of this information was gleaned from her book "A Mother's Story" which was published in NY in 1996.

      361. Gladys Moore10 Vanderbilt (Cornelius9, William Henry8, Cornelius7, Cornelius6, Jacob5, Jacob Aertse4, Aris Janse3, Jan Aertsen2, Aert1) (Source: WWW: Gen-Forum, Vanderbilt pages..) was born August 27, 1886 in New York City, and died 1965. She married Count Laszlo Szechenyi (Source: WWW: Gen-Forum, Vanderbilt pages..). He was born in Hungary, and died 1938.

Notes for Gladys Moore Vanderbilt:
She inherited about 25 million from her father's estate. She also inherited the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island. She inherited another 5 million from her mother's estate. In 1948 as a widow she leased the Breakers to the Preservation Society of Newport county for one dollar a year. She continued to maintain an apartment in the Breakers by agreement until her death. In 1972 the Preservation Society purchased for 365,000 from the Heirs of Gladys , but the daughter of Gladys still maintains the apartment on the third floor in the Breakers until today in 2001. Much information is displayed on the WWW site Gen-Forum, the Vanderbilt pages.

Notes for Count Laszlo Szechenyi:
Besides being of high Royal bloodlines in Hungary, he was the Hungarian Minister to the Court of St. James in England, and the Hungarian Minister to the United States. He spent time in Hungary, England, and New York. Much of this information was found by a cousin on the Gen-Forum site on the WWW.
Children of Gladys Vanderbilt and Count Szechenyi are:
  421 i.   Sylvia11 Szechenyi. She married Count Anthony Szapary; born in Hungary.
  Notes for Sylvia Szechenyi:
She is referred to as the Countess Antony Szapary.      

  422 ii.   Alice Szechenyi. She married Count Hadik; born in Slovakia.
  Notes for Alice Szechenyi:
She was titled as the Countess Hadik.

  423 iii.   Cornelia Szechenyi. She married Mr. Roberts.
  424 iv.   Gladys Szechenyi. She married Count of Winchelsea and Nottingham; born in England.
  Notes for Gladys Szechenyi:
She was titled as a Countess.

  425 v.   Ferdinandine Szechenyi. She married Count of Eltz.
  Notes for Ferdinandine Szechenyi:
She was titled as the Countess of Eltz.

      362. Consuelo10 Vanderbilt (William Kissam9, William Henry8, Cornelius7, Cornelius6, Jacob5, Jacob Aertse4, Aris Janse3, Jan Aertsen2, Aert1) was born Abt. 1877 in New York City, and died December 06, 1965. She married (1) Charles Richard John Spencer Churchill November 06, 1895 in St. Thomas Episcopal church, New York City. He was born in Blenheim Castle, Oxfordshire, England. She married (2) Louis Jacques Balsan July 04, 1921. He was born in France.

Notes for Consuelo Vanderbilt:
Consuelo married the Duke of Marlborough of England, and she became a British Dutchess, and the present day Duke of Marlborough is descended from her, and they still own the Breakers in Newport Rhode Island. Over 7000 sightseers showed up for her wedding, lining the streets, and cheering her on. She inherited 15 million from her father's estate in 1920. Consuelo eventually broke away from the Duke in 1906, and she went to live in London, in a house that her parents bought for her, called the Sunderland house. When she died her estate was worth only about a million dollars.

Notes for Charles Richard John Spencer Churchill:
Charles lived much of his life in the large family estate in Blenheim Castle in Oxfordshire, England. He was titled as the Earl of Marlborough, Marquess of Blandford, Baron Spencer of Wormlighten, Baron Churchill of Sandridge, and Prince of England. He was eventually titled as the 9th Duke of Marlborough, and through his marriage to Consuelo Vanderbilt, she became titled as the Dutchess of Marlborough, and today the family estate called the Marble House, in Newport, Rhode Island.

Notes for Louis Jacques Balsan:
He was a retired Lt. Colonel in the French Army, and soon after his marriage to Consuelo, they moved to Paris, France.
Children of Consuelo Vanderbilt and Charles Churchill are:
  426 i.   John William Albert Edward11 Churchill, born in Blenheim Castle, Oxfordshire, England.
  Notes for John William Albert Edward Churchill:
He was titled as the 10th Duke of Marlborough, and he lived in Blenheim, and also the Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island. As a younger man he was also titled as the Marquess of Blandford.

  427 ii.   Ivor Spencer Churchill, born in Blenheim Castle, Oxfordshire, England.
  Notes for Ivor Spencer Churchill:
He was titled as the Lord Ivor Spencer Churchill.

      363. William K.10 Vanderbilt (William Kissam9, William Henry8, Cornelius7, Cornelius6, Jacob5, Jacob Aertse4, Aris Janse3, Jan Aertsen2, Aert1) was born October 26, 1878 in New York City, and died Abt. 1944. He married Virginia Fair April 1900 in New York.

Notes for William K. Vanderbilt:
He received 21 million in 1920 from his father's estate, and the mansion at 660 5th avenue in Manhattan. He loved yachting, and he inherited his father's great art collection which included Rembrandt's, and Bouchers, and he donated as a trust to the Metropolitan Museum of Art 10 of these paintings, today worth millions.
Children of William Vanderbilt and Virginia Fair are:
  428 i.   Muriel11 Vanderbilt. She married Mr. Phelps.
  429 ii.   William K. Vanderbilt III, born Abt. 1898. He married Rosamund Lancaster in Paris, France; born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..
  430 iii.   Consuelo Vanderbilt.

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