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Index of Individuals


?, Afonso IV(b. February 08, 1290/91, d. May 28, 1357) Includes Notes
?, Agnes(b. date unknown, d. Aft. 1374) Includes Notes
?, Agnes(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Agnes(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Agnes(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Agnes(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Agnes(b. date unknown, d. Aft. 1314) Includes Notes
?, Agnes(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alianore(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown, d. 1407) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown, d. Aft. 1417) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown, d. 1411) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown, d. Aft. 1403) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown, d. Aft. March 1300/01) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown, d. Aft. January 01, 1302/03) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Alice(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
?, Ann(b. date unknown)
?, Deborah(b. date unknown)
?, Jean(b. date unknown)


Abenhale, Margaret(b. May 04, 1341, d. October 07, 1375) Includes Notes
Abenhale, Ralph de (Sir)(b. March 25, 1317, d. August 09, 1347) Includes Notes
Abenhale, Reginald de(d. Bef. August 22, 1341) Includes Notes


Abrahall, Abrall(b. date unknown) Includes Notes
Abrahall, Margaret(b. Abt. 1404, d. October 07, 1475) Includes Notes

Abrall Abrahall

Abrall Abrahall Includes Notes


Acton, John de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1278, d. Bef. October 20, 1312) Includes Notes
Acton, Matilda Maud de(d. August 15, 1361) Includes Notes


Aldwaldley, Alice de Includes Notes


Alfonso XI(b. August 11, 1311) Includes Notes


Amice(d. Aft. 1326) Includes Notes


Ann(b. 1707, d. 1751) Includes Notes

ap Eynon Baynham

ap Eynon Baynham, Robert(d. September 12, 1436) Includes Notes


Archer, Edmund le(b. Abt. 1269, d. Bef. May 26, 1314) Includes Notes
Archer, Geoffrey le(b. 1292, d. October 08, 1349) Includes Notes
Archer, Johanna Joan le(b. October 08, 1326, d. September 24, 1369) Includes Notes


Arderne, Cecily de(d. 1356) Includes Notes
Arderne, John de (Sir)(d. Abt. 1349) Includes Notes
Arderne, John de (Sir)(b. 1266, d. Abt. 1308) Includes Notes
Arderne, Katherine Includes Notes


Arundell, Alice de(d. Aft. December 12, 1325) Includes Notes


Ashley, John Includes Notes
Ashley, John Sanders(b. 1752, d. November 26, 1852) Includes Notes
Ashley, Mary(b. February 20, 1788, d. Abt. 1882) Includes Notes


Astley, Alice Includes Notes
Astley, Andrew de(d. Bef. January 18, 1300/01) Includes Notes
Astley, Giles de (Sir)(d. Bef. 1316) Includes Notes
Astley, Thomas(d. Aft. May 03, 1366) Includes Notes


Asturias, Maria Arias de Includes Notes

Audley Aldithle

Audley Aldithle, James de (Sir)(b. January 08, 1312/13, d. April 01, 1386) Includes Notes
Audley Aldithle, Joan de Includes Notes

Audley Tuchet

Audley Tuchet, Humphrey (Sir)(b. Aft. 1430, d. May 06, 1471) Includes Notes


Audley, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1472, d. Bef. September 05, 1559) Includes Notes
Audley, Hugh de(b. 1289, d. November 10, 1347) Includes Notes
Audley, Katherine Hastang(d. Aft. January 28, 1347/48) Includes Notes
Audley, Nicholas de(b. November 11, 1289, d. Bef. December 09, 1316) Includes Notes


Avenbury, Alianore de(d. Aft. 1313) Includes Notes

Avesnes of Haina

Avesnes of Haina, Guillaume III de(b. Abt. 1286, d. June 07, 1337) Includes Notes


Aylesbury Includes Notes
Aylesbury, Eleanor(d. Aft. 1476) Includes Notes
Aylesbury, Joan de Includes Notes
Aylesbury, John de (Sir)(b. March 06, 1333/34, d. December 07, 1409) Includes Notes
Aylesbury, Philip de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1288, d. July 14, 1349) Includes Notes
Aylesbury, Thomas (Sir)(d. September 09, 1418) Includes Notes
Aylesbury, Thomas de(d. Bef. July 14, 1349) Includes Notes


Badlesmene, Maud de(d. May 24, 1366) Includes Notes


Badlesmere, Bartholomew de (Sir)(b. 1275, d. April 14, 1322) Includes Notes
Badlesmere, Elizabeth de(b. 1313, d. June 08, 1356) Includes Notes
Badlesmere, Margaret de(b. December 03, 1314, d. December 03, 1344) Includes Notes


Bagge, Edith Includes Notes


Baggiley, Isabel Includes Notes
Baggiley, William (Sir)(d. Aft. 1319) Includes Notes

Balzo Baux

Balzo Baux, Isabella del(d. 1379) Includes Notes


Balzo, Bertrando III del(d. 1347) Includes Notes
Balzo, Elise Alix del(d. Aft. 1312) Includes Notes
Balzo, Francesco del(b. Abt. 1332, d. Aft. April 23, 1422) Includes Notes
Balzo, Margherita del(b. 1394, d. November 15, 1469) Includes Notes
Balzo, Sveva del Includes Notes
Balzo, Ugo del Includes Notes


Banastre, Adam (Sir)(d. November 04, 1315) Includes Notes
Banastre, Katherine(d. August 07, 1359) Includes Notes


Bardolph Includes Notes

Bardolph Bardol

Bardolph Bardol, Edmund Edward Includes Notes


Bardolph, Maud Includes Notes


Basset, Alianore(d. September 03, 1388) Includes Notes
Basset, Ralph (Sir)(b. August 27, 1300, d. Bef. May 04, 1341) Includes Notes


Bassett, Joan Includes Notes


Bathonia, Elizabeth de(d. Aft. 1296) Includes Notes
Bathonia, Osbert de(d. Bef. January 23, 1295/96) Includes Notes


Baynham, Isabel(d. Aft. December 01, 1511) Includes Notes
Baynham, Thomas(b. April 10, 1422, d. February 16, 1499/00) Includes Notes


Beatrice(d. Aft. 1432) Includes Notes
Beatrice(d. Bef. February 1315/16) Includes Notes
Beatrice(d. Aft. October 21, 1407) Includes Notes
Beatrice(d. Aft. 1339) Includes Notes


Beatriz de Castile(b. 1293, d. October 25, 1359) Includes Notes


Beauchamp, Alice(d. February 08, 1442/43) Includes Notes
Beauchamp, Elizabeth de Includes Notes
Beauchamp, Giles de(d. October 1361) Includes Notes
Beauchamp, Guy de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1278, d. August 12, 1315) Includes Notes
Beauchamp, Hugh de (Sir)(d. Bef. 1337) Includes Notes
Beauchamp, Humphrey de (Sir)(d. Bef. June 18, 1316) Includes Notes
Beauchamp, Isabel de(b. 1252, d. Bef. May 30, 1306) Includes Notes
Beauchamp, Joan Includes Notes
Beauchamp, John (Sir)(d. Aft. 1396) Includes Notes
Beauchamp, John (Sir)(d. Bef. February 14, 1388/89) Includes Notes
Beauchamp, Sarah(d. Aft. July 1317) Includes Notes
Beauchamp, William de(b. 1237, d. June 1298) Includes Notes


Beaumont Includes Notes
Beaumont, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Beaumont, Richard Includes Notes


Beke, Elizabeth(d. Bef. 1373) Includes Notes
Beke, Margaret Milicent(d. 1304) Includes Notes
Beke, Nicholas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1320, d. Aft. September 1369) Includes Notes
Beke, Robert (Sir)(d. 1346) Includes Notes


Belknap Includes Notes
Belknap, Joan(d. Bef. 1420) Includes Notes
Belknap, John Includes Notes
Belknap, Robert (Sir) Includes Notes


Bellers, Anice de Includes Notes


Berda, Marie(b. 1726)


Berkeley, Alice(b. Bef. 1379, d. May 12, 1414) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Giles de(d. Bef. April 15, 1243) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Giles de (Sir)(b. June 24, 1240, d. February 18, 1293/94) Includes Notes
Berkeley, James de (Sir)(d. June 13, 1405) Includes Notes
Berkeley, James de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1394, d. November 1463) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Joan(b. Abt. 1503, d. March 31, 1563) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Maurice(b. 1436, d. September 1506) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Maurice de (Sir)(b. April 1271, d. May 21, 1326) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Maurice de(b. Abt. 1330, d. June 08, 1368) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Thomas (Sir)(b. 1472, d. January 22, 1532/33) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Thomas de (Sir)(b. June 17, 1289, d. Abt. 1365) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Thomas de (Sir)(b. 1292, d. October 27, 1361) Includes Notes
Berkeley, Thomas de(b. October 09, 1351, d. April 12, 1405) Includes Notes


Berkrolls Includes Notes
Berkrolls, Gwenllian Includes Notes
Berkrolls, Roger (Sir)(d. November 1351) Includes Notes


Bernake, Elizabeth(d. Aft. 1350) Includes Notes
Bernake, Hugh de (Sir) Includes Notes
Bernake, John(b. 1309, d. March 20, 1345/46) Includes Notes
Bernake, Maud(b. 1337, d. April 10, 1419) Includes Notes
Bernake, William de (Sir)(b. Bef. 1259, d. April 1339) Includes Notes


Bernard, Margaret Includes Notes

Beynon Baynham

Beynon Baynham, John Jenkin Includes Notes


Beynon, Thomas ap Einon Includes Notes


Bigbury, Rose Includes Notes


Bigge, Alice(b. Abt. 1548, d. May 13, 1593) Includes Notes


Billing Includes Notes
Billing, Margaret(d. Aft. April 24, 1471) Includes Notes
Billing, Thomas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1410, d. May 05, 1481) Includes Notes


Bissett, Alice Includes Notes


Bittlesgate Includes Notes
Bittlesgate, Joan Includes Notes
Bittlesgate, Thomas Includes Notes


Blackett, Margery Includes Notes


Blais, Jacques(b. Abt. 1585, d. WFT Est. 1617-1676) Includes Notes
Blais, Marguerite(b. 1688, d. 1765) Includes Notes
Blais, Mathurin(b. Abt. 1614, d. WFT Est. 1646-1705) Includes Notes
Blais, Pierre(b. Abt. 1642, d. February 16, 1699/00) Includes Notes


Blanche(d. Bef. February 02, 1358/59) Includes Notes


Bluet, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Bluet, John (Sir) Includes Notes
Bluet, Ralph (Sir) Includes Notes
Bluet, Ralph(d. Aft. 1335) Includes Notes


Bocland, Juliana de(d. April 20, 1379) Includes Notes
Bocland, Ralph de Includes Notes


Bohun, Eleanor de(d. October 07, 1363) Includes Notes
Bohun, Elizabeth de(d. April 03, 1385) Includes Notes
Bohun, Humphrey VIII de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1276, d. March 16, 1321/22) Includes Notes
Bohun, Margaret de(d. December 16, 1391) Includes Notes
Bohun, William de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1312, d. September 16, 1360) Includes Notes


Bois, Alice de(b. 1306) Includes Notes


Bollay, Amice de(d. Bef. December 27, 1335) Includes Notes
Bollay, James de Includes Notes


Bolton, Elizabeth Includes Notes


Booth, John(d. March 1421/22) Includes Notes
Booth, John de(d. Abt. 1343) Includes Notes
Booth, Margaret Margery(d. Abt. 1460) Includes Notes
Booth, Robert de Includes Notes
Booth, Thomas(d. 1368) Includes Notes


Bosley, Margery de Includes Notes
Bosley, Richard de Includes Notes


Boteler Includes Notes

Boteler Butler

Boteler Butler, John le(b. Abt. 1435, d. 1504) Includes Notes


Boteler, Ankaret le(d. October 08, 1361) Includes Notes
Boteler, Anne le Includes Notes
Boteler, Baldwin(d. Aft. 1432) Includes Notes
Boteler, Elizabeth(d. Bef. 1480) Includes Notes
Boteler, Elizabeth(d. 1464) Includes Notes
Boteler, Joanna le Includes Notes
Boteler, John Includes Notes
Boteler, John Includes Notes
Boteler, Philip le(d. Aft. 1382) Includes Notes
Boteler, Philip le(b. Abt. 1388, d. November 05, 1420) Includes Notes
Boteler, Philip le(b. August 15, 1414, d. July 28, 1453) Includes Notes
Boteler, Ralph le Includes Notes
Boteler, Ralph le (Sir)(d. Bef. June 05, 1307) Includes Notes
Boteler, Ralph le (Sir)(b. Abt. 1277, d. Bef. March 26, 1342) Includes Notes
Boteler, Thomas (Sir)(b. Bef. October 10, 1358, d. September 21, 1398) Includes Notes
Boteler, William le(b. June 11, 1274, d. Bef. September 14, 1334) Includes Notes
Boteler, William le (Sir)(b. September 08, 1298, d. December 1361) Includes Notes


BotelerButler, Elizabeth(d. Bef. 1514) Includes Notes


Botetourt, Ada de(d. Abt. 1349) Includes Notes
Botetourt, Joan(b. Abt. 1356, d. Abt. 1417) Includes Notes
Botetourt, John (Sir)(b. 1322, d. Bef. December 1376) Includes Notes
Botetourt, John de(d. November 25, 1324) Includes Notes
Botetourt, Otho de(d. November 1345) Includes Notes

Botiller Butler

Botiller Butler, James le (Sir)(b. Abt. 1305, d. February 1337/38) Includes Notes
Botiller Butler, Pernel Petronilla le Includes Notes


Boye Includes Notes
Boye, Agnes(d. Aft. 1347) Includes Notes
Boye, John(d. Aft. September 1347) Includes Notes


Brancaster Includes Notes
Brancaster, Agnes de Includes Notes
Brancaster, John de (Sir) Includes Notes
Brancaster, John de(d. Aft. 1346) Includes Notes


Braxley Includes Notes
Braxley, Alice Includes Notes


Bray Includes Notes
Bray, Catherine Includes Notes
Bray, Edmond Includes Notes
Bray, Edmund (Sir)(b. Abt. 1484, d. October 18, 1539) Includes Notes
Bray, Elizabeth(b. 1513, d. 1573) Includes Notes
Bray, John Includes Notes
Bray, Richard Includes Notes
Bray, Thomas (Sir) Includes Notes
Bray, William Includes Notes
Bray, William Includes Notes


Bredwarden Includes Notes


Brereton, Eleanor(b. 1406) Includes Notes
Brereton, William (Sir)(d. 1425) Includes Notes
Brereton, William (Sir) Includes Notes
Brereton, William Includes Notes
Brereton, William (Sir) Includes Notes


Bret, le Includes Notes
Bret, Lucia le(d. Aft. 1310) Includes Notes
Bret, Margaret le(d. Aft. 1331) Includes Notes
Bret, Richard le Includes Notes


Bretagne, Marie de(b. 1268, d. March 05, 1338/39) Includes Notes


Breton, Guy le Includes Notes
Breton, Katharine le(d. June 06, 1342) Includes Notes
Breton, Maud le Includes Notes
Breton, Nicholas le Includes Notes
Breton, William le Includes Notes


BridgesBrugge, Ursula Includes Notes


Brienne, Gauthier V de(d. March 13, 1311/12) Includes Notes
Brienne, Isabelle de(d. December 28, 1360) Includes Notes

Briouse Brewes

Briouse Brewes, Aline de(d. Bef. July 20, 1331) Includes Notes
Briouse Brewes, Elizabeth Includes Notes


Brocas, Isabella(d. Aft. 1391) Includes Notes


Bromhall Includes Notes
Bromhall, Margaret Cecily Includes Notes


Brudenell Includes Notes
Brudenell, Edmund(d. Abt. 1469) Includes Notes
Brudenell, Joan Includes Notes
Brudenell, William(d. Bef. June 21, 1425) Includes Notes
Brudenell, William Includes Notes

Brudeport Brideport

Brudeport Brideport, Joan de(d. Aft. March 1384/85) Includes Notes
Brudeport Brideport, John de(b. Bef. 1279) Includes Notes
Brudeport Brideport, William de(d. Bef. June 26, 1309) Includes Notes


Brugge, Baldwin de (Sir)(d. Aft. 1368) Includes Notes
Brugge, Giles(b. December 21, 1396, d. April 13, 1467) Includes Notes
Brugge, John de(d. Aft. 1322) Includes Notes
Brugge, Simon de Includes Notes
Brugge, Simon de (Sir) Includes Notes
Brugge, Thomas(d. April 07, 1408) Includes Notes
Brugge, Thomas(b. Bef. 1428, d. January 30, 1492/93) Includes Notes


BruggeBridges, Giles (Sir)(b. Bef. 1462, d. December 01, 1511) Includes Notes


Bruley, Agnes Includes Notes
Bruley, Henry Includes Notes
Bruley, Joan(d. Aft. 1469) Includes Notes
Bruley, John Includes Notes
Bruley, John(d. Bef. 1372) Includes Notes
Bruley, John(d. Aft. 1327) Includes Notes
Bruley, William Includes Notes
Bruley, William Includes Notes


Brun, Margaret le Includes Notes
Brun, Richard le(d. Aft. 1342) Includes Notes


Buckland Includes Notes
Buckland, Agnes(d. 1456) Includes Notes
Buckland, Richard(d. August 10, 1436) Includes Notes


Buckner, Frances Elizabeth Includes Notes
Buckner, Richard Includes Notes

Bulkley Norbury

Bulkley Norbury, Roger Includes Notes


Bulkley, William(d. Aft. 1307) Includes Notes


Bulstrode Includes Notes
Bulstrode, Agnes Includes Notes


Burdet, Elizabeth(d. Bef. 1419) Includes Notes
Burdet, John (Sir)(b. Bef. January 1343/44) Includes Notes
Burdet, Robert (Sir)(d. June 28, 1349) Includes Notes
Burdet, Robert (Sir)(d. 1333) Includes Notes


Bures, Catherine de Includes Notes


Burgh, Agatha de Includes Notes
Burgh, Walter de Includes Notes


Burghersh, Bartholomew de (Sir)(d. April 05, 1369) Includes Notes
Burghersh, Bartholomew de (Sir)(b. Bef. 1304, d. August 03, 1355) Includes Notes
Burghersh, Elizabeth de(b. 1342, d. July 26, 1409) Includes Notes
Burghersh, Maud de(d. January 23, 1386/87) Includes Notes


Burton, Agnes Includes Notes


Butler Includes Notes
Butler Includes Notes


Byrd, George(b. 1730, d. Bet. 1790 - 1800) Includes Notes
Byrd, George Jr.(b. 1763, d. Abt. 1823) Includes Notes
Byrd, John(b. WFT Est. 1619-1648, d. WFT Est. 1671-1711) Includes Notes
Byrd, John(b. 1670, d. 1716)
Byrd, Mary Jane(b. 1785, d. 1850) Includes Notes
Byrd, William(b. 1704, d. 1777) Includes Notes


Byron, James (Sir)(d. Abt. 1352) Includes Notes
Byron, John (Sir)(b. 1387, d. Abt. 1450) Includes Notes
Byron, John de (Sir)(d. 1318) Includes Notes
Byron, Margaret(d. May 25, 1486) Includes Notes
Byron, Richard (Sir)(d. June 27, 1397) Includes Notes


Calston, Elizabeth(d. January 08, 1463/64) Includes Notes
Calston, Laurence de Includes Notes
Calston, Roger de(d. Bef. February 28, 1291/92) Includes Notes
Calston, Roger de(b. 1291, d. 1342) Includes Notes
Calston, Thomas(b. Abt. 1361, d. Bef. September 1418) Includes Notes
Calston, Walter de Includes Notes


Camville, Elizabeth de Includes Notes


Cantelupe, Milicent de(d. Bef. January 07, 1298/99) Includes Notes


Carcaux, Marie(b. October 20, 1755)
Carcaux, Nicholas(b. Abt. 1724)


Carew, Joan(b. Abt. 1417, d. 1470) Includes Notes
Carew, Nicholas(d. August 17, 1390) Includes Notes
Carew, Nicholas(b. Abt. 1356, d. September 04, 1432) Includes Notes
Carew, Nicholas de(b. Abt. 1265, d. Bef. October 20, 1311) Includes Notes
Carew, Thomas(d. October 31, 1430) Includes Notes
Carew, Thomas de Includes Notes

Carton or Lowto

Carton or Lowto, Richard Includes Notes

Carton or Lowton

Carton or Lowton, Elizabeth(d. Aft. 1460) Includes Notes


Catherine Includes Notes
Catherine Includes Notes


Catlett, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Catlett, John Includes Notes
Catlett, John Includes Notes


Cecilia(d. Aft. 1355) Includes Notes
Cecilia Includes Notes


Cecily(d. Aft. 1379) Includes Notes
Cecily Includes Notes
Cecily(d. June 19, 1357) Includes Notes
Cecily Includes Notes
Cecily Includes Notes


Celano, Francesca di Includes Notes
Celano, Tommaso di Includes Notes


Chamberlain, Anne(d. Aft. 1530) Includes Notes
Chamberlain, John Includes Notes
Chamberlain, Richard(d. August 28, 1496) Includes Notes
Chamberlain, Richard (Sir)(d. Bef. November 02, 1391) Includes Notes
Chamberlain, Richard (Sir)(d. May 12, 1301) Includes Notes
Chamberlain, Richard(b. 1320, d. August 24, 1396) Includes Notes
Chamberlain, Richard(b. Abt. 1392, d. 1439) Includes Notes
Chamberlain, William(d. Bef. 1294) Includes Notes


Champernoun, Elizabeth(d. Aft. July 06, 1380) Includes Notes
Champernoun, Joan(d. 1419) Includes Notes
Champernoun, Margaret Includes Notes
Champernoun, Oliver de Includes Notes
Champernoun, Richard (Sir)(d. Bef. November 26, 1338) Includes Notes
Champernoun, Richard (Sir)(b. June 29, 1344, d. January 20, 1418/19) Includes Notes
Champernoun, Richard de Includes Notes
Champernoun, Thomas(d. Aft. November 12, 1387) Includes Notes


Chatillon, Gui III de(d. April 06, 1317) Includes Notes
Chatillon, Jean I de(d. 1344) Includes Notes
Chatillon, Jeanne de(d. January 16, 1354/55) Includes Notes
Chatillon, Mahaut de(d. Aft. August 27, 1372) Includes Notes


Chaundos, Elizabeth(d. April 04, 1406) Includes Notes
Chaundos, Thomas (Sir)(b. 1323, d. October 06, 1375) Includes Notes


Chaworth, Maud de(b. February 02, 1281/82, d. Bef. December 03, 1322) Includes Notes
Chaworth, Patrick de (Sir)(b. 1254, d. Bef. July 07, 1283) Includes Notes


Chedle, Clemence Includes Notes


Chetwode, Avicia de Includes Notes
Chetwode, William de Includes Notes


Cheverston Includes Notes
Cheverston Includes Notes


Childrey Includes Notes

Childrey Chelre

Childrey Chelre, Joan(d. Bef. October 30, 1407) Includes Notes
Childrey Chelre, Thomas(b. Abt. 1350, d. October 30, 1407) Includes Notes


Childrey, Edmund de (Sir)(d. February 1371/72) Includes Notes


Clanvowe, Elizabeth de(b. Abt. 1312) Includes Notes
Clanvowe, Philip de(d. Aft. 1349) Includes Notes


Clare, Eleanor de(b. October 1292, d. June 30, 1337) Includes Notes
Clare, Gilbert de (Sir)(b. September 02, 1243, d. December 07, 1295) Includes Notes
Clare, Margaret de(d. Bef. January 04, 1333/34) Includes Notes
Clare, Margaret de(b. 1293, d. April 13, 1342) Includes Notes

Clerk Clark

Clerk Clark Includes Notes
Clerk Clark, Jane Includes Notes
Clerk Clark, Nicholas(d. Aft. 1399) Includes Notes


Clifford, Henry(d. Aft. 1283) Includes Notes
Clifford, Isabel de(d. Aft. 1319) Includes Notes
Clifford, James(b. Abt. 1360, d. Bef. October 1426) Includes Notes
Clifford, John(b. 1333, d. Aft. 1400) Includes Notes
Clifford, Katherine Includes Notes
Clifford, William Includes Notes
Clifford, William Includes Notes


Clifton, Adam de(b. 1306) Includes Notes
Clifton, Constantine de(d. Bef. 1374) Includes Notes
Clifton, Constantine de(b. Abt. 1372, d. 1395) Includes Notes
Clifton, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1392, d. Aft. 1447) Includes Notes
Clifton, John de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1353, d. August 10, 1388) Includes Notes


Clignetti, Margherita Includes Notes


Clumford Includes Notes
Clumford, Alicia or Agnes Includes Notes
Clumford, John Includes Notes


Cobham, Elizabeth de Includes Notes
Cobham, James de(d. Aft. 1270) Includes Notes
Cobham, Joan de(d. Bef. May 15, 1357) Includes Notes
Cobham, John de (Sir)(d. Bef. February 25, 1334/35) Includes Notes


Cokayne, Elizabeth(d. Aft. 1422) Includes Notes
Cokayne, John (Sir)(d. May 22, 1429) Includes Notes
Cokayne, John(d. 1372) Includes Notes
Cokayne, John(d. Aft. 1357) Includes Notes
Cokayne, John Includes Notes

Colewick Colwick

Colewick Colwick, Joan(d. October 08, 1426) Includes Notes
Colewick Colwick, William de(b. Bef. 1315, d. Bef. November 26, 1361) Includes Notes


Colewick, John de (Sir)(b. 1281, d. 1335) Includes Notes
Colewick, William de(b. April 1313, d. 1333) Includes Notes


Combe, Felicity Includes Notes
Combe, Richard de(d. Abt. 1329) Includes Notes
Combe, Richard de(d. Bef. August 23, 1293) Includes Notes


Commander, Sarah(b. WFT Est. 1722-1744, d. WFT Est. 1765-1817) Includes Notes
Commander, Thomas Includes Notes


Compton, Joan de Includes Notes


Comyn, Elizabeth(b. November 01, 1299, d. November 20, 1372) Includes Notes


Constable, Eleanor(b. Abt. 1485, d. 1525) Includes Notes
Constable, Marmaduke (Sir)(d. Abt. July 1404) Includes Notes
Constable, Marmaduke (Sir)(d. June 01, 1378) Includes Notes
Constable, Marmaduke (Sir)(b. 1443, d. November 29, 1518) Includes Notes
Constable, Robert (Sir)(d. Abt. June 1441) Includes Notes
Constable, Robert (Sir)(b. Abt. 1353, d. Abt. December 1400) Includes Notes
Constable, Robert (Sir)(b. 1423, d. May 23, 1488) Includes Notes


Cope Includes Notes
Cope, Alexander Includes Notes
Cope, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1529, d. Abt. 1584) Includes Notes
Cope, John(d. December 1414) Includes Notes
Cope, John (Sir)(b. Abt. 1498, d. January 22, 1557/58) Includes Notes
Cope, William(d. Aft. 1488) Includes Notes
Cope, William(b. Abt. 1450, d. April 07, 1513) Includes Notes


Cornwall, Margaret(d. Aft. April 29, 1314) Includes Notes
Cornwall, Walter (Sir) Includes Notes


Corston, Elizabeth de Includes Notes
Corston, William de(d. 1318) Includes Notes


Cotesford Includes Notes

Cotesford Cottisford

Cotesford Cottisford, Idonea Includes Notes
Cotesford Cottisford, Roger (Sir) Includes Notes


Cottisford, Thomas Cotesford (Sir)(d. Aft. 1418) Includes Notes


Cotton Includes Notes
Cotton Includes Notes
Cotton, Anne Includes Notes
Cotton, Hugh Includes Notes
Cotton, John Includes Notes
Cotton, Margery(d. Aft. February 1397/98) Includes Notes


Courtenay Includes Notes
Courtenay, Agnes(d. January 07, 1484/85) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Egeline de(d. Bef. October 10, 1335) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Eleanor de(d. Bef. June 06, 1301) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Elizabeth(d. September 01, 1493) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Hugh de (Sir)(d. February 28, 1291/92) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Hugh de (Sir)(d. December 23, 1340) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Hugh de (Sir)(b. July 12, 1303, d. May 02, 1377) Includes Notes
Courtenay, John (Sir)(d. Bef. 1415) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Katherine(d. Aft. November 21, 1510) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Margaret(d. August 14, 1422) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Philip (Sir)(d. July 29, 1406) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Philip (Sir)(b. January 18, 1403/04, d. December 16, 1463) Includes Notes
Courtenay, Thomas de (Sir)(d. June 09, 1362) Includes Notes

Cox Cock

Cox Cock Includes Notes
Cox Cock, John(b. 1408) Includes Notes


CoxCock, Alice(b. Abt. 1424, d. October 29, 1509) Includes Notes


Crane, Mary(b. Bet. 1814 - 1839, d. WFT Est. 1862-1932)


Cranford, Anne(d. Aft. April 16, 1454) Includes Notes
Cranford, Richard de Includes Notes
Cranford, Robert de Includes Notes
Cranford, Robert de(d. Bef. November 06, 1339) Includes Notes
Cranford, Robert de(b. 1312) Includes Notes


Cransley, Elizabeth Includes Notes


Criol, Elizabeth de(d. Aft. 1345) Includes Notes


Cristina Includes Notes


Cromwell, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Cromwell, Ralph de (Sir)(d. August 27, 1398) Includes Notes
Cromwell, Ralph de(d. Bef. October 28, 1364) Includes Notes


Crozier Includes Notes

Crozier Croyser

Crozier Croyser, Anne(b. 1406, d. 1464) Includes Notes
Crozier Croyser, William(d. December 09, 1415) Includes Notes


Crozier, Simon Includes Notes
Crozier, William (Sir)(d. Aft. April 10, 1387) Includes Notes


Cumberworth, Catherine(d. Aft. 1404) Includes Notes
Cumberworth, Robert(d. Aft. July 15, 1404) Includes Notes
Cumberworth, Thomas(d. Bef. 1374) Includes Notes


Curry, Berdie(b. Bet. 1874 - 1903)


d'Abernon, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1341, d. Aft. 1389) Includes Notes
d'Abernon, John (Sir)(d. Bef. 1350) Includes Notes
d'Abernon, William Includes Notes


d'Acquaviva, Isabella Includes Notes


Dacre, Joan Includes Notes

d'Alneto d'Aulnay

d'Alneto d'Aulnay, Margherita Includes Notes


Daniers, Margaret(b. 1346, d. June 24, 1428) Includes Notes
Daniers, Thomas (Sir)(d. June 24, 1349) Includes Notes
Daniers, Thomas(d. 1354) Includes Notes


d'Anjou, Marguerite(b. Abt. 1273, d. December 31, 1299) Includes Notes


Danvers, Joan(d. 1505) Includes Notes
Danvers, John(d. Abt. 1347) Includes Notes
Danvers, John(b. Bef. 1392, d. Aft. February 1448/49) Includes Notes
Danvers, Richard(d. Aft. 1409) Includes Notes
Danvers, Robert(b. Abt. 1225, d. Aft. 1278) Includes Notes
Danvers, Simon Includes Notes

d'Anvre or d'Al

d'Anvre or d'Al, Margery Includes Notes

d'Anvre or d'Aln

d'Anvre or d'Aln, John Includes Notes


Darell, Florence(d. 1506) Includes Notes
Darell, Marmaduke(d. Aft. 1365) Includes Notes
Darell, Marmaduke (Sir) Includes Notes
Darell, William Includes Notes
Darell, William (Sir)(d. Bef. 1379) Includes Notes
Darell, William(d. 1368) Includes Notes
Darell, William (Sir)(d. 1341) Includes Notes


Darset Includes Notes
Darset, John Includes Notes
Darset, Sybil or Juliana Includes Notes


Daubeney, Giles (Sir)(d. June 24, 1386) Includes Notes
Daubeney, Katherine Includes Notes


Daubeny, Flora Includes Notes


Dauphin, Marie Jeanne(b. Abt. 1728)


Davenport, Ellen de Includes Notes

de Byron

de Byron, Richard (Sir)(d. Abt. 1347) Includes Notes

de Chaundos

de Chaundos, Robert 1(b. Bef. 1245, d. Bef. November 26, 1302) Includes Notes
de Chaundos, Roger 2 (Sir)(d. September 24, 1353) Includes Notes

de combe

de combe, Simon(d. Bef. October 24, 1300) Includes Notes

de Cransley

de Cransley, Hugh Includes Notes

de Goshill

de Goshill, Nicholas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1316, d. January 18, 1392/93) Includes Notes

de Goushill

de Goushill, Thomas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1296, d. December 21, 1371) Includes Notes

de Grenville

de Grenville, Eustace (Sir) Includes Notes

de Helyon

de Helyon, Peter (Sir)(d. Aft. 1324) Includes Notes
de Helyon, Walter (Sir)(d. Aft. September 1300) Includes Notes

de Popham

de Popham, Robert(b. 1225, d. 1292) Includes Notes

de Rossiere

de Rossiere, Marguerite

de Stanley

de Stanley, William(d. June 1398) Includes Notes

de Tyldenne

de Tyldenne, Henri(b. Abt. 1235, d. Abt. 1293) Includes Notes
de Tyldenne, Henri(b. 1260, d. Aft. 1313) Includes Notes
de Tyldenne, Thomas(b. 1318, d. Bef. 1370) Includes Notes
de Tyldenne, Walter(b. 1288) Includes Notes


Deincourt, Margaret(d. April 02, 1380) Includes Notes
Deincourt, William (Sir)(b. Bef. 1300, d. June 02, 1364) Includes Notes

Delingrige Daly

Delingrige Daly, Joan de(d. Bef. 1402) Includes Notes
Delingrige Daly, John de(d. Bef. November 29, 1335) Includes Notes

Delingrige Dalyngrigg

Delingrige Dalyngrigg Includes Notes


Dene, Isabella de(b. 1319, d. Aft. August 09, 1347) Includes Notes
Dene, Johanna de(b. 1314, d. Aft. 1366) Includes Notes
Dene, William de(b. Abt. 1264, d. Bef. May 12, 1319) Includes Notes


d'Enghien, Gauthier II(b. Abt. 1267, d. 1310) Includes Notes
d'Enghien, Gauthier III(b. June 05, 1302, d. Bef. October 16, 1345) Includes Notes
d'Enghien, Louis(d. March 17, 1393/94) Includes Notes
d'Enghien, Marguerite(d. Aft. September 19, 1393) Includes Notes

Denys Peny

Denys Peny Includes Notes
Denys Peny, Alice(d. Bef. 1430) Includes Notes


Despencer, Edward le (Sir)(d. September 30, 1342) Includes Notes
Despencer, Edward le (Sir)(b. March 24, 1335/36, d. November 11, 1375) Includes Notes
Despencer, Eleanor le(d. September 30, 1328) Includes Notes
Despencer, Elizabeth le(d. July 13, 1389) Includes Notes
Despencer, Hugh le (Sir)(d. November 24, 1326) Includes Notes
Despencer, Hugh le (Sir)(b. March 01, 1260/61, d. October 27, 1326) Includes Notes
Despencer, Isabel le Includes Notes
Despencer, Margaret le(d. November 03, 1415) Includes Notes
Despencer, Margery le(d. April 20, 1478) Includes Notes
Despencer, Philip de (Sir)(b. October 18, 1342, d. August 04, 1401) Includes Notes
Despencer, Philip le (Sir)(d. June 20, 1424) Includes Notes
Despencer, Philip le(d. September 24, 1313) Includes Notes
Despencer, Philip le (Sir)(b. April 06, 1313, d. Abt. August 22, 1349) Includes Notes


Drayton, Ann(b. 1449, d. Bef. 1492) Includes Notes
Drayton, Baldwin de (Sir) Includes Notes
Drayton, John(d. Bef. November 30, 1429) Includes Notes
Drayton, John de(d. 1445) Includes Notes
Drayton, John de(b. 1317) Includes Notes
Drayton, Simon de(b. 1283, d. May 31, 1357) Includes Notes
Drayton, William(d. September 02, 1465) Includes Notes


Driby, Alice de(b. Abt. 1284, d. Bef. April 30, 1341) Includes Notes
Driby, Robert de(d. Bef. November 08, 1307) Includes Notes


Dronfield, Agnes Includes Notes
Dronfield, William Includes Notes


Dryden Includes Notes
Dryden, David(b. Abt. 1500) Includes Notes
Dryden, John (Esq.)(b. Abt. 1524, d. September 30, 1584) Includes Notes
Dryden, Mary(b. Abt. 1555, d. Bef. November 24, 1617) Includes Notes
Dryden, William Includes Notes


Duke Includes Notes
Duke, Alice Includes Notes
Duke, Lewis Includes Notes


Dyall, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1224) Includes Notes


Edith(d. April 26, 1418) Includes Notes


Edmund Plantagenet of(b. August 05, 1301, d. March 19, 1329/30) Includes Notes


Edward I Longshanks (King of England)(b. June 17, 1239, d. July 08, 1307) Includes Notes
Edward II (King of England)(b. April 25, 1284, d. September 21, 1327) Includes Notes
Edward III (King of England)(b. November 13, 1312, d. June 21, 1377) Includes Notes


Edwards, Edith(b. Bef. May 18, 1595, d. 1663) Includes Notes
Edwards, William Includes Notes
Edwards, William Includes Notes


Egerton, David de Includes Notes
Egerton, Ellen Elena(d. Aft. 1379) Includes Notes
Egerton, Philip de(d. 1363) Includes Notes

Einon Beynon

Einon Beynon, Thomas ap Includes Notes


Einon, Ralph ap(d. Bef. 1366) Includes Notes


Eleanor Includes Notes


Elena(d. Aft. September 03, 1427) Includes Notes


Elizabeth(d. July 04, 1535) Includes Notes
Elizabeth(d. Aft. 1352) Includes Notes
Elizabeth Includes Notes
Elizabeth Includes Notes
Elizabeth(d. December 16, 1411) Includes Notes
Elizabeth(d. Bef. 1407) Includes Notes
Elizabeth(d. Aft. 1356) Includes Notes
Elizabeth(d. Aft. 1357) Includes Notes
Elizabeth Includes Notes
Elizabeth(d. Bef. September 28, 1411) Includes Notes
Elizabeth(d. Bef. August 04, 1401) Includes Notes
Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1507) Includes Notes
Elizabeth Isabel(d. Aft. June 1405) Includes Notes


Ellen(b. Abt. 1699) Includes Notes


Eloyn, Jane Includes Notes


Eme Emma(d. September 1592) Includes Notes


Emma(d. Aft. 1387) Includes Notes


Emme(d. Aft. June 1478) Includes Notes


Empson Includes Notes
Empson, Anne Includes Notes
Empson, Peter(d. 1473) Includes Notes


Engaine, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1341, d. Bef. 1387) Includes Notes
Engaine, Johanna de Includes Notes
Engaine, John (Sir)(b. May 30, 1302, d. February 16, 1357/58) Includes Notes
Engaine, Nicholas (Sir)(d. Bef. December 10, 1322) Includes Notes


Englefield, Ceciley Cecilia Includes Notes
Englefield, Isabel Includes Notes
Englefield, John (Sir)(d. 1368) Includes Notes
Englefield, Nicholas(d. April 01, 1415) Includes Notes
Englefield, Philip(d. July 09, 1439) Includes Notes
Englefield, Philip de (Sir)(d. 1362) Includes Notes
Englefield, Philippa(d. Bef. 1469) Includes Notes
Englefield, Roger de (Sir)(d. Aft. 1316) Includes Notes


Engleys, Johanna le Includes Notes

English l'Engleys

English l'Engleys, William (Sir)(b. Abt. 1314, d. August 03, 1369) Includes Notes


English, Isabella(b. 1351, d. Bef. 1397) Includes Notes


Ergum, Sybil(d. Aft. 1408) Includes Notes
Ergum, William (Sir)(d. Abt. 1403) Includes Notes


Erstratlinges, Peter Stradling de(d. Bef. 1314) Includes Notes


Estratlinges, John de(d. 1293) Includes Notes


Eva(d. Bef. April 18, 1306) Includes Notes


Fauconberg, Amice Alice Anice(d. Aft. 1322) Includes Notes


Fernando IV(b. December 06, 1285, d. September 07, 1312) Includes Notes

Ferrers or Maud Basset

Ferrers or Maud Basset, Anne de Includes Notes


Ferrers, Alianores de Includes Notes
Ferrers, Anne de(d. August 08, 1367) Includes Notes
Ferrers, John de (Sir)(b. June 20, 1271, d. August 1312) Includes Notes
Ferrers, John de (Sir)(b. Abt. August 10, 1331, d. April 03, 1367) Includes Notes
Ferrers, Philippa de Includes Notes
Ferrers, Robert de (Sir)(b. March 25, 1309, d. August 28, 1350) Includes Notes
Ferrers, Robert de (Sir)(b. October 31, 1357, d. March 13, 1412/13) Includes Notes
Ferrers, William de (Sir)(b. January 30, 1271/72, d. March 20, 1324/25) Includes Notes


Fiennes, Jean de(d. Aft. 1356) Includes Notes
Fiennes, Jeanne de(d. Aft. June 07, 1353) Includes Notes
Fiennes, Joan de(d. Bef. October 26, 1309) Includes Notes

Fitz Alan

Fitz Alan, Agnes(b. 1298, d. Bef. November 03, 1348) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Alice(d. March 17, 1415/16) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Brian (Sir)(d. June 01, 1306) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Edmund (Sir)(b. May 01, 1285, d. November 17, 1326) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Elizabeth(d. July 08, 1425) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Henry(d. 1318) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Katherine(d. Bef. August 07, 1328) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Mary(d. August 29, 1396) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Richard (Sir)(b. Abt. 1313, d. January 24, 1375/76) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Richard (Sir)(b. Abt. 1314) Includes Notes
Fitz Alan, Richard (Sir)(b. 1346, d. September 21, 1397) Includes Notes

Fitz Ellis

Fitz Ellis Includes Notes
Fitz Ellis, Bona Includes Notes

Fitz John

Fitz John Includes Notes
Fitz John, Adam (Sir?) Includes Notes
Fitz John, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Fitz John, Maud(b. 1244, d. April 1301) Includes Notes

Fitz Nichol

Fitz Nichol, John(d. July 1375) Includes Notes
Fitz Nichol, Katherine(b. Abt. 1378, d. Aft. 1448) Includes Notes
Fitz Nichol, Reginald Reynold Includes Notes
Fitz Nichol, Thomas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1354, d. November 16, 1418) Includes Notes

Fitz Payne

Fitz Payne, Joan(d. Aft. March 10, 1334/35) Includes Notes
Fitz Payne, Robert (Sir)(b. Abt. 1254, d. August 22, 1315) Includes Notes

Fitz Piers

Fitz Piers, Alice(d. Aft. 1305) Includes Notes

Fitz Radulph

Fitz Radulph, Nicholas(d. 1312) Includes Notes

Fitz Thomas

Fitz Thomas, Maud(b. 1269, d. Aft. May 28, 1329) Includes Notes


Fitzhugh, Joan Includes Notes


Flandre, Alix de(d. Bef. January 15, 1345/46) Includes Notes
Flandre, Gui V de(d. April 1345) Includes Notes
Flandre, Isabelle de(d. 1323) Includes Notes
Flandre, Yolande de(d. January 1312/13) Includes Notes


Flurry, Henry(b. Bet. 1771 - 1800, d. WFT Est. 1839-1888) Includes Notes
Flurry, Seletha Ann(b. January 20, 1822, d. February 18, 1894)


Fowler Includes Notes
Fowler, Richard (Sir)(b. Abt. 1425, d. November 03, 1477) Includes Notes
Fowler, Sybil(d. 1525) Includes Notes
Fowler, William Includes Notes


Foxley Includes Notes
Foxley, Francis(b. 1556, d. December 07, 1617) Includes Notes
Foxley, John(d. January 09, 1535/36) Includes Notes
Foxley, John(b. 1523, d. March 15, 1561/62) Includes Notes
Foxley, Sarah(b. 1610, d. May 20, 1636) Includes Notes
Foxley, Thomas(b. 1496, d. Bef. February 10, 1560/61) Includes Notes


France, Marguerite of(b. 1282, d. February 14, 1317/18) Includes Notes

Franceys Franci

Franceys Franci, Joan Jane(d. Aft. 1450) Includes Notes
Franceys Franci, Robert (Sir) Includes Notes


Franceys, Hugh Includes Notes
Franceys, Hugh William(b. Bef. 1314, d. Aft. 1337) Includes Notes
Franceys, Robert(d. Bef. 1370) Includes Notes


Frank, Agnes(d. Aft. September 29, 1383) Includes Notes
Frank, William Includes Notes


Frierson, Sara(b. 1763, d. Aft. 1830)


Frome, Isabell(d. Aft. 1435) Includes Notes
Frome, John(d. November 22, 1404) Includes Notes
Frome, William Includes Notes


Fulleshurst, Isabella de Includes Notes


Furneaux, Margaret Includes Notes
Furneaux, Mathew (Sir)(d. 1316) Includes Notes
Furneaux, Matthew de(d. Aft. 1290) Includes Notes


Gaines, Daniel Includes Notes
Gaines, Elizabeth Includes Notes


Gambon, Isabel Elizabeth Includes Notes
Gambon, Thomas Includes Notes
Gambon, Walter(b. Abt. 1333, d. Aft. 1383) Includes Notes


Gardinis, Alexandra de(d. Bef. 1328) Includes Notes


Garlett, Emily


Garnon Includes Notes
Garnon Includes Notes


Garrett, Edward (Jr)(b. August 31, 1733, d. August 23, 1794) Includes Notes
Garrett, Edward T Includes Notes
Garrett, Elizabeth Betsy(b. October 20, 1760, d. March 14, 1819) Includes Notes
Garrett, John Includes Notes
Garrett, John I Includes Notes

Garshale Garshi

Garshale Garshi, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Garshale Garshi, Robert de Includes Notes


Gascoigne, Agnes(d. Abt. February 1465/66) Includes Notes
Gascoigne, William(d. Aft. 1383) Includes Notes
Gascoigne, William(d. Aft. 1272) Includes Notes
Gascoigne, William (Sir)(b. Abt. 1350, d. December 17, 1419) Includes Notes


Gatesden, Joan de(b. December 20, 1268) Includes Notes
Gatesden, John de(d. Bef. December 11, 1291) Includes Notes
Gatesden, Margaret de(b. January 22, 1245/46) Includes Notes


Geneville, Joan de(b. February 02, 1285/86, d. October 19, 1356) Includes Notes


Gernon, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Gernon, John (Sir)(d. 1339) Includes Notes

Giffard le Boef

Giffard le Boef, John (Sir)(b. Bef. 1270, d. Aft. March 30, 1328) Includes Notes


Giffard, Eleanor Alianore(d. Bef. January 23, 1323/24) Includes Notes
Giffard, John (Sir)(b. 1301, d. June 25, 1369) Includes Notes
Giffard, Katharine(b. Abt. 1399, d. March 08, 1478/79) Includes Notes
Giffard, Roger(b. Abt. 1367, d. April 14, 1409) Includes Notes
Giffard, Thomas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1345, d. September 25, 1394) Includes Notes


Gifford, Maud Includes Notes


Gilbert, Geoffrey(d. 1349) Includes Notes
Gilbert, Joan Jane Includes Notes
Gilbert, Otho(b. March 24, 1418/19, d. February 02, 1492/93) Includes Notes
Gilbert, William(d. Bef. July 06, 1380) Includes Notes
Gilbert, William(b. Bef. 1380, d. Aft. 1428) Includes Notes


Glover, Thomasine


Gobion Includes Notes
Gobion, Hawise(b. 1282, d. March 02, 1359/60) Includes Notes
Gobion, Isabel(d. Aft. August 1401) Includes Notes
Gobion, Richard (Sir)(b. Bef. 1245, d. 1300) Includes Notes


Godfrey Includes Notes
Godfrey, Agnes(d. Aft. 1395) Includes Notes
Godfrey, John Includes Notes


Gold, Alice Includes Notes
Gold, John Includes Notes
Gold, John(d. Aft. March 06, 1340/41) Includes Notes
Gold, John(d. 1320) Includes Notes
Gold, Robert(d. Aft. 1391) Includes Notes


Gonsin, Anna(b. Abt. 1724)


Gossage Includes Notes
Gossage Includes Notes
Gossage, William Includes Notes

Gothayte Gothar

Gothayte Gothar, Joan de(d. Aft. 1308) Includes Notes
Gothayte Gothar, William de Includes Notes


Goushill, Joan Jane(d. Aft. 1460) Includes Notes
Goushill, Margaret de(b. May 12, 1294, d. July 29, 1349) Includes Notes
Goushill, Robert (Sir)(d. Aft. July 21, 1403) Includes Notes
Goushill, Walter de (Sir)(d. Bef. October 02, 1326) Includes Notes


Grace Includes Notes


Grandison, Mabel de(d. Aft. 1350) Includes Notes
Grandison, William de (Sir)(d. June 27, 1335) Includes Notes


Green Includes Notes
Green, Margaret Includes Notes
Green, Thomas Includes Notes
Green, Walter Includes Notes


Greene Includes Notes
Greene, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Greene, Henry (Sir)(d. 1369) Includes Notes
Greene, Henry (Sir)(b. Abt. 1347, d. July 29, 1399) Includes Notes
Greene, Isabella Includes Notes
Greene, John Includes Notes
Greene, Thomas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1344, d. August 29, 1391) Includes Notes
Greene, Thomas (Sir)(b. 1369, d. December 14, 1417) Includes Notes
Greene, Thomas (Sir)(b. February 10, 1399/00, d. January 18, 1461/62) Includes Notes


Grelley, Loretta de Includes Notes

Grendon Greyndo

Grendon Greyndo, Catherine Includes Notes

Grendon Greynou

Grendon Greynou Includes Notes


Grenville, Anne(b. 1511, d. November 13, 1554) Includes Notes
Grenville, Eustace de(d. 1480) Includes Notes
Grenville, John de(d. Aft. 1278) Includes Notes
Grenville, Nichola de Includes Notes
Grenville, Richard(d. October 08, 1517) Includes Notes
Grenville, Richard de Includes Notes
Grenville, Richard de Includes Notes
Grenville, Richard de(b. Bef. 1213, d. Aft. 1251) Includes Notes
Grenville, Thomas de(d. 1402) Includes Notes
Grenville, William de(d. Bef. 1351) Includes Notes
Grenville, William de(d. Aft. 1290) Includes Notes


Grey, Edith Ede Ida(d. June 01, 1426) Includes Notes
Grey, Henry de (Sir)(d. September 1308) Includes Notes
Grey, Jane(d. August 19, 1369) Includes Notes
Grey, Joan de Includes Notes
Grey, John de (Sir)(d. June 04, 1375) Includes Notes
Grey, John de(b. Bef. 1268, d. October 28, 1323) Includes Notes
Grey, John de (Sir)(b. Bef. 1272, d. October 17, 1311) Includes Notes
Grey, John de (Sir)(b. October 29, 1300, d. September 01, 1359) Includes Notes
Grey, Juliana de(d. August 25, 1407) Includes Notes
Grey, Lord Includes Notes
Grey, Maud Alice Eleanor(d. 1391) Includes Notes
Grey, Reynold de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1319, d. 1388) Includes Notes
Grey, Richard de (Sir)(d. Bef. March 10, 1334/35) Includes Notes
Grey, Robert de (Sir)(d. Bef. May 27, 1295) Includes Notes
Grey, Roger de (Sir)(d. March 06, 1352/53) Includes Notes
Grey, Thomas de(d. Bef. May 27, 1295) Includes Notes


Greyndour Includes Notes
Greyndour, Johanna Joan(d. Bef. November 14, 1461) Includes Notes
Greyndour, John (Sir)(b. 1356, d. Bef. September 1416) Includes Notes
Greyndour, Laurence Includes Notes
Greyndour, Robert Includes Notes


Grove, Agnes atte Includes Notes
Grove, atta Includes Notes
Grove, Thomas atte(d. Aft. 1332) Includes Notes

Gruffydd ap Mado

Gruffydd ap Mado, Margaret ferch Includes Notes


Gunnilda(d. Aft. 1339) Includes Notes


Hainault, Jean II de(b. 1247, d. August 22, 1304) Includes Notes
Hainault, Philippa de(b. Abt. 1314, d. August 15, 1369) Includes Notes

Hales Hayles

Hales Hayles, Alice de Includes Notes


Halighwell Includes Notes

Halighwell Haly

Halighwell Haly, Jane(b. Abt. 1486, d. October 24, 1558) Includes Notes
Halighwell Haly, Richard(b. 1470, d. July 24, 1506) Includes Notes


Halighwell, John (Sir)(d. April 24, 1500) Includes Notes
Halighwell, John Includes Notes
Halighwell, Thomas Includes Notes
Halighwell, Walter Includes Notes

Halweia Hawey

Halweia Hawey, Joan de(d. Bef. 1314) Includes Notes
Halweia Hawey, Thomas de(d. Aft. 1297) Includes Notes


Hampden, Alexander de (Sir) Includes Notes
Hampden, Edmund de(d. Bef. January 1419/20) Includes Notes
Hampden, Elizabeth(d. December 08, 1466) Includes Notes
Hampden, Isabella(b. Abt. 1478) Includes Notes
Hampden, John (Sir)(d. December 24, 1553) Includes Notes
Hampden, John(b. Abt. 1400, d. Abt. 1453) Includes Notes
Hampden, John(b. Abt. 1455, d. August 24, 1498) Includes Notes
Hampden, John de (Sir)(d. 1375) Includes Notes
Hampden, Katherine Includes Notes
Hampden, Reginald de (Sir)(d. 1332) Includes Notes
Hampden, Reginald de (Sir)(d. 1220) Includes Notes
Hampden, Thomas(d. August 22, 1485) Includes Notes


Hanham Includes Notes
Hanham Includes Notes
Hanham, Ismania Includes Notes


Harcourt, John de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1277, d. Bef. May 02, 1330) Includes Notes
Harcourt, Margaret(d. 1477) Includes Notes
Harcourt, Richard de (Sir)(b. December 09, 1256, d. Bef. March 01, 1292/93) Includes Notes
Harcourt, Robert (Sir)(b. September 20, 1410, d. November 14, 1470) Includes Notes
Harcourt, Thomas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1343, d. April 12, 1417) Includes Notes
Harcourt, Thomas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1377, d. July 06, 1420) Includes Notes
Harcourt, William de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1300, d. June 06, 1349) Includes Notes


Harington, Isabel Includes Notes
Harington, John de (Sir)(d. August 01, 1359) Includes Notes
Harington, John de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1281, d. July 02, 1347) Includes Notes
Harington, Nicholas de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1344, d. Bef. February 08, 1403/04) Includes Notes


Harris Includes Notes
Harris, Anne(b. Abt. 1663, d. 1739) Includes Notes
Harris, William (Lieutenant)(b. 1633, d. May 16, 1698) Includes Notes


Hastang, John (Sir)(d. October 1367) Includes Notes
Hastang, John de (Sir)(d. Bef. February 02, 1358/59) Includes Notes
Hastang, Katharine(d. Bef. July 06, 1336) Includes Notes
Hastang, Maud de(b. February 02, 1358/59, d. Bef. 1410) Includes Notes


Hastings, Elizabeth de Includes Notes
Hastings, John de (Sir)(b. May 06, 1262, d. February 10, 1312/13) Includes Notes


Hathewey(b. Abt. 1291, d. Abt. 1354) Includes Notes
Hathewey, Isabel(b. 1364, d. 1430) Includes Notes
Hathewey, Thomas(b. Abt. 1315, d. January 02, 1376/77) Includes Notes


Haughton, Maud(d. Aft. March 1357/58) Includes Notes


Havens, Elizabeth(b. Bet. 1780 - 1803, d. WFT Est. 1839-1895) Includes Notes


Hawisia Includes Notes


Hawkset, Mabella Includes Notes


Hayton Includes Notes
Hayton, Agnes(d. Aft. 1450) Includes Notes
Hayton, Thomas(d. 1432) Includes Notes


Hayward, Alice Includes Notes
Hayward, William (Sir) Includes Notes


Helyon, Hugh de Includes Notes
Helyon, Joan de(d. Aft. 1393) Includes Notes
Helyon, Rose de(d. Aft. 1351) Includes Notes
Helyon, Walter de(d. Aft. 1357) Includes Notes


Henestrosa, Fernan Gonsalez de Includes Notes
Henestrosa, Maria Gonzalez de Includes Notes


Herdeburgh, Ela de(d. Aft. July 05, 1343) Includes Notes


Herdeby, Bryan (Sir) Includes Notes
Herdeby, Maryan Includes Notes


Heytesbury, Maud de Includes Notes


Hickman, Eliza Emily(b. April 20, 1813, d. April 11, 1886)
Hickman, William


Hill, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Hill, John (Sir) Includes Notes
Hill, Robert (Sir) Includes Notes
Hill, Robert(b. 1392, d. Bef. May 12, 1444) Includes Notes


Hoghton, Katherine(d. Aft. November 1367) Includes Notes
Hoghton, Richard de (Sir)(d. Abt. 1341) Includes Notes


Holland, Edmund de (Sir)(b. Abt. January 06, 1382/83, d. September 15, 1408) Includes Notes
Holland, Eleanor Includes Notes
Holland, Margaret de(d. Aft. 1329) Includes Notes
Holland, Maud Includes Notes
Holland, Robert de (Sir?)(b. Abt. 1270, d. October 07, 1328) Includes Notes
Holland, Thomas de (Sir)(d. December 28, 1360) Includes Notes
Holland, Thomas de (Sir)(b. 1350, d. April 25, 1397) Includes Notes


Holley, Alice(b. April 16, 1889, d. January 27, 1932)
Holley, John


Holtby, Joan Includes Notes


Howard, John (Sir)(d. Aft. 1388) Includes Notes
Howard, John (Sir)(b. Abt. 1366, d. November 17, 1437) Includes Notes
Howard, Margaret(d. March 25, 1433) Includes Notes
Howard, Robert (Sir)(d. July 18, 1388) Includes Notes


Huddesfield Includes Notes

Huddesfield Hud

Huddesfield Hud, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Huddesfield Hud, William (Sir)(b. 1435, d. June 23, 1499) Includes Notes


Huddesfield, William Includes Notes
Huddesfield, William (Sr) Includes Notes


Hudson, Katie(b. 1851)


Hungate Includes Notes
Hungate, Alice(b. Abt. 1476) Includes Notes
Hungate, John Includes Notes
Hungate, William(d. Bef. August 10, 1467) Includes Notes


Hungerford, Elizabeth(d. July 14, 1476) Includes Notes
Hungerford, Thomas (Sir)(b. Bef. 1328, d. December 03, 1397) Includes Notes
Hungerford, Walter (Sir)(b. June 22, 1378, d. August 09, 1449) Includes Notes
Hungerford, Walter de(d. Aft. 1334) Includes Notes
Hungerford, Walter de(d. Aft. 1308) Includes Notes
Hungerford, Walter de Includes Notes


Huntingfield, Joan de Includes Notes


Hussey Includes Notes
Hussey, Edmund (Sir) Includes Notes
Hussey, Erneburgh Includes Notes
Hussey, Joan(d. March 21, 1411/12) Includes Notes
Hussey, Reginald Includes Notes


Hywel, Rhys ap(d. Bef. May 22, 1328) Includes Notes
Hywel, William ap(d. Aft. 1282) Includes Notes


Ince Includes Notes
Ince, Margery(d. 1416) Includes Notes
Ince, Robert Includes Notes


Ingham, Joan Includes Notes


Isabel Includes Notes
Isabel Includes Notes
Isabel(d. Aft. 1436) Includes Notes
Isabel(d. Abt. 1418) Includes Notes
Isabel(d. Bef. November 1369) Includes Notes
Isabel(d. November 10, 1369) Includes Notes
Isabel Includes Notes
Isabel Includes Notes
Isabel Includes Notes
Isabel(d. Aft. June 14, 1314) Includes Notes
Isabel Includes Notes
Isabel of Castilla(b. Abt. 1355, d. November 03, 1393) Includes Notes


Isabell(d. 1349) Includes Notes


Isabella(d. Aft. 1402) Includes Notes


Isabelle(d. Aft. 1332) Includes Notes
Isabelle of France(b. 1291, d. August 22, 1358) Includes Notes


Iwardby Includes Notes
Iwardby, John(d. Aft. 1435) Includes Notes
Iwardby, John Includes Notes
Iwardby, John(b. Abt. 1450, d. August 22, 1485) Includes Notes
Iwardby, Margaret(b. October 18, 1477, d. June 26, 1519) Includes Notes
Iwardby, Nicholas(d. May 1462) Includes Notes


Jane Includes Notes
Jane Includes Notes


Joan Includes Notes
Joan(d. Aft. September 09, 1361) Includes Notes
Joan(d. Bef. May 22, 1422) Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan(d. September 20, 1434) Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan(d. Aft. May 09, 1462) Includes Notes
Joan(d. Aft. 1361) Includes Notes
Joan(d. 1352) Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan(d. Bef. 1323) Includes Notes
Joan Includes Notes
Joan(d. Aft. October 08, 1319) Includes Notes
Joan(b. Abt. 1408, d. Bef. April 01, 1470) Includes Notes
Joan Jane(d. Bef. 1402) Includes Notes


Joanna(d. Aft. 1362) Includes Notes


Jocelyn, Geoffrey(d. Bef. January 07, 1423/24) Includes Notes
Jocelyn, Geoffrey Includes Notes
Jocelyn, George(b. 1428, d. Aft. 1480) Includes Notes
Jocelyn, Ralph(d. Abt. 1383) Includes Notes
Jocelyn, Ralph(b. December 13, 1275) Includes Notes
Jocelyn, Ralph(b. Abt. 1455, d. November 23, 1504) Includes Notes
Jocelyn, Thomas(d. Bef. 1478) Includes Notes
Jocelyn, Thomas(b. Abt. 1249, d. Abt. 1284) Includes Notes


JocelynJosselin, John(b. Abt. 1490) Includes Notes
JocelynJosselin, Margaret(b. 1529) Includes Notes


Johanna Joan Includes Notes


Joseph Includes Notes
Joseph, Elizabeth(d. Aft. 1475) Includes Notes
Joseph, Thomas Includes Notes


Joyce, John (Sir) Includes Notes
Joyce, Margaret Includes Notes


Katherine(d. Aft. 1386) Includes Notes
Katherine(d. Bef. July 06, 1359) Includes Notes
Katherine(d. January 28, 1381/82) Includes Notes


Keynes, John de(b. 1232, d. Bef. January 10, 1282/83) Includes Notes
Keynes, Margaret Includes Notes
Keynes, Robert de Includes Notes


Kitsford Includes Notes


Kniveton, de Includes Notes

Knyvet Knevet

Knyvet Knevet, John (Sir)(d. November 09, 1445) Includes Notes
Knyvet Knevet, Margaret(b. Abt. 1412, d. 1458) Includes Notes


Knyvet, John(d. December 04, 1418) Includes Notes
Knyvet, John (Sir)(d. Bef. April 1381) Includes Notes
Knyvet, John (Sir)(d. Aft. 1316) Includes Notes
Knyvet, Richard Includes Notes

la Lee

la Lee, William 1 de (Sir)(d. Aft. 1278) Includes Notes
la Lee, William 2 de(d. Aft. 1347) Includes Notes

la Mare

la Mare, de Includes Notes


Ladner, Jacques(b. February 17, 1749/50)
Ladner, Juan(b. November 29, 1776)
Ladner, Margarita Constanza(b. August 14, 1812, d. Abt. 1844)
Ladner, Mathurin(b. 1725)


Lamey, Alexander Antonio(b. May 22, 1804, d. 1890)
Lamey, Mamie Louise(b. October 31, 1961)
Lamey, Ollie [Bubby] Lewis Jr.(b. December 18, 1936)
Lamey, Ollie Lewis Sr.(d. 1997)
Lamey, Phillip(b. 1835)
Lamey, William(b. October 05, 1876, d. March 03, 1945)


Lamie, Jean Batiste(b. 1761)


Lamy, Clement(b. Bet. 1594 - 1624, d. WFT Est. 1649-1709)
Lamy, Etienne(b. June 30, 1689, d. WFT Est. 1733-1781) Includes Notes
Lamy, Jacques(b. November 10, 1730, d. WFT Est. 1731-1820)
Lamy, Jacques(b. 1745, d. February 17, 1761)
Lamy, Pierre(b. Abt. 1646, d. April 23, 1726) Includes Notes


Langelonde Includes Notes

Langelonde Longlande

Langelonde Longlande, Mary Margaret Includes Notes


Langelonde, Hugh (Sir)(b. Abt. 1295, d. Aft. 1353) Includes Notes
Langelonde, Nicholas de(d. Bef. April 08, 1312) Includes Notes


Langley, Edmund Plantagenet de (Sir)(b. June 05, 1341, d. August 01, 1402) Includes Notes


Lanks Includes Notes
Lanks, Elizabeth(d. Aft. 1471) Includes Notes
Lanks, William Includes Notes


Lathom, Isabel de(d. October 26, 1414) Includes Notes
Lathom, Thomas de (Sir)(d. Bef. March 20, 1381/82) Includes Notes
Lathom, Thomas de (Sir)(b. 1300, d. September 17, 1370) Includes Notes


Launceline Includes Notes
Launceline, Christian(d. Aft. 1453) Includes Notes


Lea, Sibil de(d. Bef. 1334) Includes Notes


Lee, Floyd William(b. November 15, 1889)
Lee, Isabel de la Includes Notes
Lee, Joyce Faye(b. October 21, 1937)
Lee, Thomas William


l'Engleys, William(d. September 05, 1344) Includes Notes


Leonor Eleanor of(b. 1244, d. November 28, 1290) Includes Notes


Lille, Guiotte de(d. August 07, 1338) Includes Notes


Lindesey, Gilbert de Includes Notes


Lindsey, Christian de Includes Notes


Lisle, Idonea de Includes Notes
Lisle, William de(d. Abt. 1294) Includes Notes


Liston, Alice Includes Notes


Littleton Includes Notes
Littleton, Edward Includes Notes
Littleton, Joan(d. Aft. October 08, 1517) Includes Notes


Llwyd, Einon Includes Notes


London Includes Notes
London, Maud(d. Aft. 1352) Includes Notes
London, Robert (Sir) Includes Notes

Lovayne Louvayg

Lovayne Louvayg, Nicholas de (Sir)(d. Bef. October 12, 1375) Includes Notes

Lovayne Louvaygne

Lovayne Louvaygne Includes Notes
Lovayne Louvaygne, Margaret de(d. 1408) Includes Notes


Lovel, Eleanor(d. Aft. 1360) Includes Notes
Lovel, Joan Includes Notes
Lovel, Maud(b. Bef. 1280, d. Bef. 1346) Includes Notes
Lovel, Richard (Sir)(b. Abt. 1276, d. January 31, 1350/51) Includes Notes


Lovett Includes Notes
Lovett, Margaret(b. 1501, d. Bef. February 08, 1549/50) Includes Notes
Lovett, Nicholas(d. Bef. 1455) Includes Notes
Lovett, Nicholas(d. Aft. 1410) Includes Notes
Lovett, Thomas(d. February 16, 1491/92) Includes Notes
Lovett, Thomas(d. Aft. 1464) Includes Notes
Lovett, Thomas Includes Notes
Lovett, Thomas(b. September 29, 1473, d. December 14, 1543) Includes Notes


Lowton Includes Notes


Lucy(d. Bef. August 20, 1361) Includes Notes
Lucy(d. August 30, 1396) Includes Notes
Lucy(d. Aft. 1350) Includes Notes


Luxembourg, Gui VI de(d. August 28, 1371) Includes Notes
Luxembourg, Jean de(d. May 17, 1364) Includes Notes
Luxembourg, Jean de(b. 1370, d. Bef. July 02, 1397) Includes Notes
Luxembourg, Philippa de(b. 1252, d. April 06, 1311) Includes Notes
Luxembourg, Pierre de(b. 1390, d. August 31, 1433) Includes Notes
Luxembourg, Valeran II de(d. Aft. August 23, 1316) Includes Notes

Luxemburg Jacqueline de Luxembourg

Luxemburg Jacqueline de Luxembourg, Jacquetta(b. 1415, d. March 30, 1472) Includes Notes


Lynde, Joan de la Includes Notes
Lynde, John de la (Sir)(d. Bef. December 10, 1272) Includes Notes
Lynde, Walter de la (Sir)(b. Abt. 1245) Includes Notes


Malton Includes Notes
Malton, Katherine de Includes Notes


Maplethorpe Includes Notes
Maplethorpe Includes Notes
Maplethorpe, John Includes Notes


Mare, de la Includes Notes
Mare, Isabel de la(d. Bef. 1398) Includes Notes


Margaret(d. Aft. August 1331) Includes Notes
Margaret(d. Aft. 1383) Includes Notes
Margaret Includes Notes
Margaret Includes Notes
Margaret Includes Notes
Margaret(d. 1311) Includes Notes


Margery Includes Notes
Margery Includes Notes
Margery(d. Aft. July 1347) Includes Notes
Margery(d. October 1326) Includes Notes


Maria of Portugal(b. 1313, d. January 18, 1356/57) Includes Notes


Mariota Mary(d. Aft. 1357) Includes Notes


Marmion, Joan(d. Aft. August 15, 1346) Includes Notes
Marmion, Maud(b. Abt. 1262, d. Bef. August 13, 1295) Includes Notes


Marra, Jacopa Della Includes Notes


Martin Includes Notes
Martin, Alice Includes Notes
Martin, Catherine(d. Aft. 1513) Includes Notes
Martin, Joan Includes Notes
Martin, Richard(d. 1463) Includes Notes


Mary(d. Aft. 1283) Includes Notes
Mary Includes Notes


Matham, Hamelin de(d. 1382) Includes Notes
Matham, John de(d. 1333) Includes Notes
Matham, Margaret(d. 1455) Includes Notes
Matham, Samson de(b. Abt. 1304, d. Aft. 1358) Includes Notes


Matilda Includes Notes
Matilda Includes Notes


Maud(d. Bef. November 03, 1405) Includes Notes
Maud Includes Notes
Maud(d. Aft. 1283) Includes Notes
Maud(d. Aft. April 10, 1340) Includes Notes
Maud Includes Notes
Maud Includes Notes


Mauduit, John(b. February 09, 1309/10, d. April 01, 1364) Includes Notes
Mauduit, Maud(b. November 06, 1354) Includes Notes
Mauduit, Thomas(d. March 1321/22) Includes Notes
Mauduit, Thomas (Sir)(b. February 09, 1309/10, d. April 01, 1364) Includes Notes


Mead Includes Notes
Mead, Isabel(b. 1444, d. Aft. May 29, 1514) Includes Notes
Mead, Philip(b. Abt. 1415, d. 1475) Includes Notes
Mead, Thomas Includes Notes
Mead, Thomas Includes Notes


Meurig, Hywel ap(d. 1282) Includes Notes


Mile, Henry Includes Notes
Mile, John Includes Notes
Mile, Margaret(d. Bef. 1392) Includes Notes


Mill Includes Notes
Mill, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1411) Includes Notes
Mill, John Includes Notes
Mill, Nicholas Includes Notes
Mill, Thomas Includes Notes


Missenden Includes Notes
Missenden, Bernard de(b. 1386, d. 1420) Includes Notes
Missenden, Edmund de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1355, d. October 12, 1394) Includes Notes
Missenden, Elizabeth de(d. Abt. 1367) Includes Notes
Missenden, Katherine de(d. July 10, 1436) Includes Notes
Missenden, Thomas de(d. Abt. 1369) Includes Notes


Moels, John de(b. March 01, 1268/69, d. May 20, 1310) Includes Notes
Moels, John de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1304) Includes Notes
Moels, Muriel de(b. 1322, d. Bef. 1362) Includes Notes


Molesey, Isabella de Includes Notes


Montfort, Anastasia de Includes Notes


Moreau, Joseph
Moreau, Marie Hellenne(b. 1745)


Morteyn, Jane(d. Bef. 1324) Includes Notes
Morteyn, John de (Sir)(d. 1347) Includes Notes
Morteyn, Lucy de(d. Aft. March 08, 1360/61) Includes Notes


Mortimer, Eleanor de Includes Notes
Mortimer, Joan de Includes Notes
Mortimer, Margaret de(b. Abt. 1307, d. May 03, 1337) Includes Notes
Mortimer, Roger de (Sir)(b. April 25, 1287, d. November 29, 1330) Includes Notes


Mountsorell, Joan de Includes Notes
Mountsorell, Thomas de Includes Notes


Mowbray, Isabel(d. September 27, 1452) Includes Notes
Mowbray, John de (Sir)(b. September 04, 1286, d. March 23, 1321/22) Includes Notes
Mowbray, John de(b. November 29, 1310, d. October 04, 1361) Includes Notes
Mowbray, John de (Sir)(b. June 25, 1340, d. 1368) Includes Notes
Mowbray, Thomas (Sir)(b. March 22, 1365/66, d. September 22, 1399) Includes Notes


Muscegros, Hawise(b. December 21, 1276) Includes Notes


Navarre, Jeanne de(b. January 14, 1271/72, d. April 02, 1305) Includes Notes


Nessfield Includes Notes
Nessfield, Isabell(d. Aft. June 09, 1468) Includes Notes
Nessfield, William Includes Notes


Nevill, Joan de Includes Notes


Newdigate(d. Aft. 1483) Includes Notes
Newdigate, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1548, d. 1602) Includes Notes
Newdigate, Thomas(d. October 1559) Includes Notes
Newdigate, Thomas(d. 1482) Includes Notes
Newdigate, Walter(b. Abt. 1474) Includes Notes


Nicholson Includes Notes
Nicholson, Isabel(b. Abt. 1504) Includes Notes
Nicholson, William Includes Notes


Norbury, Elizabeth(d. June 19, 1488) Includes Notes
Norbury, Henry (Sir)(b. Abt. 1410, d. Abt. 1464) Includes Notes
Norbury, Jane Includes Notes
Norbury, John(b. Abt. 1410, d. 1414) Includes Notes
Norbury, John (Sir)(b. Abt. 1443, d. Aft. August 12, 1504) Includes Notes
Norbury, Thomas de Includes Notes


Northburgh Includes Notes
Northburgh, Elizabeth de(d. Aft. 1400) Includes Notes

Oddingeseles Od

Oddingeseles Od, Margaret de(d. Aft. 1319) Includes Notes


Oliver, Sibyl(d. Aft. 1306) Includes Notes


Orsini, Nicola(b. August 27, 1331, d. Aft. February 14, 1398/99) Includes Notes
Orsini, Roberto(d. 1350) Includes Notes
Orsini, Romano Includes Notes
Orsini, Sveva(d. Aft. 1422) Includes Notes

Owsley Owslie

Owsley Owslie, John(d. August 1592) Includes Notes


Owsley, Ann Bayne West(b. September 27, 1744, d. February 05, 1823) Includes Notes
Owsley, John(b. Abt. 1609, d. January 26, 1650/51) Includes Notes
Owsley, John (Rev)(b. December 1630, d. December 25, 1687) Includes Notes
Owsley, Thomas (Major)(b. June 11, 1658, d. October 10, 1700) Includes Notes
Owsley, Thomas (II)(b. Bef. March 27, 1697, d. June 25, 1751) Includes Notes
Owsley, William(d. 1593) Includes Notes

Pabenham Pavenh

Pabenham Pavenh, Catherine(b. 1372, d. July 17, 1436) Includes Notes
Pabenham Pavenh, Lawrence (Sir)(b. Abt. 1334, d. June 10, 1399) Includes Notes


Pabenham, John de (Sir)(b. Bef. 1248, d. Bef. February 12, 1321/22) Includes Notes
Pabenham, Thomas (Sir)(d. September 18, 1344) Includes Notes


Padilla, Garcia Lopez de(b. 1265, d. 1336) Includes Notes
Padilla, Juan Garcia de(d. 1355) Includes Notes
Padilla, Maria de(b. Abt. 1335, d. July 1361) Includes Notes


Parker, Jewell Edna(b. February 12, 1912, d. January 08, 1955)
Parker, John
Parker, Joseph Marlin(b. November 25, 1883, d. October 15, 1951)


Parnel Includes Notes


Pateshull, Alice de(d. August 10, 1398) Includes Notes
Pateshull, John de (Sir)(d. August 1349) Includes Notes
Pateshull, Simon de (Sir)(d. Bef. December 02, 1295) Includes Notes


Patmere Includes Notes
Patmere, John de Includes Notes
Patmere, John de Includes Notes
Patmere, Margaret de Includes Notes


Paul Includes Notes
Paul, Alice(d. 1489) Includes Notes
Paul, Peter(b. Bef. 1422, d. Aft. 1466) Includes Notes


Peche Includes Notes
Peche, Joan(d. Aft. November 1361) Includes Notes
Peche, John Includes Notes


Pedro I(b. August 30, 1334, d. March 23, 1368/69) Includes Notes


Peletot, Eudo de(d. Aft. 1303) Includes Notes
Peletot, Katherine de(d. Aft. 1361) Includes Notes
Peletot, Philip de (Sir)(d. 1361) Includes Notes


Pembridge Includes Notes
Pembridge Includes Notes


Penigaud, Louise(b. Abt. 1585, d. WFT Est. 1617-1679) Includes Notes
Penigaud, Pierre(b. Abt. 1585, d. Abt. 1634) Includes Notes


Penigaut, Francoise(b. Abt. 1614, d. WFT Est. 1645-1708) Includes Notes


Perrault, Anne(b. Abt. 1642, d. June 29, 1688) Includes Notes
Perrault, Jean(b. WFT Est. 1591-1620, d. WFT Est. 1645-1705) Includes Notes


Peverell, Hugh(b. 1308) Includes Notes
Peverell, James(d. Bef. April 29, 1314) Includes Notes
Peverell, Joan(d. Aft. March 19, 1357/58) Includes Notes
Peverell, Katherine(d. Bef. May 08, 1439) Includes Notes
Peverell, Richard Includes Notes
Peverell, Robert (Sir)(d. Bef. May 28, 1318) Includes Notes
Peverell, Thomas Includes Notes


Phebus, Melissa Rose(b. April 05, 1983)
Phebus, Steven Daniel(b. July 13, 1961)


Philippe IV The (King of France)(b. 1268, d. November 29, 1314) Includes Notes


Pichard, Amicia Includes Notes


Pickering Includes Notes
Pickering, Joan(d. Abt. June 1426) Includes Notes
Pickering, William (Sir) Includes Notes


Pigot, Alice(d. Aft. 1371) Includes Notes
Pigot, Geoffrey Includes Notes
Pigot, Lorette Includes Notes
Pigot, Ranulph (Sir)(d. Aft. 1340) Includes Notes

Piperell or Peve

Piperell or Peve Includes Notes

Piperell Pevere

Piperell Pevere, Alice Includes Notes


Plaiz, John de (Sir)(b. Bef. January 14, 1342/43, d. June 02, 1389) Includes Notes
Plaiz, Margaret Includes Notes
Plaiz, Richard de(b. September 21, 1323, d. October 28, 1360) Includes Notes


Plantagenet, Constance(b. Abt. 1374, d. November 28, 1416) Includes Notes
Plantagenet, Eleanor(b. Abt. 1318, d. January 11, 1371/72) Includes Notes
Plantagenet, Elizabeth(b. August 07, 1282, d. May 05, 1316) Includes Notes
Plantagenet, Henry (Sir)(b. Abt. 1281, d. September 22, 1345) Includes Notes
Plantagenet, Joan(b. 1272, d. April 23, 1307) Includes Notes
Plantagenet, Joan(b. 1310, d. Abt. July 07, 1349) Includes Notes
Plantagenet, Joan(b. September 29, 1328, d. August 07, 1385) Includes Notes
Plantagenet, Margaret(b. Abt. 1320, d. March 24, 1399/00) Includes Notes


Pole, Catherine de la Includes Notes
Pole, William de la (Sir)(d. June 21, 1366) Includes Notes


Popham, Henry(b. Abt. 1339, d. June 17, 1418) Includes Notes
Popham, John (Sir)(d. 1359) Includes Notes
Popham, John de (Sir) Includes Notes
Popham, Margery(b. 1434, d. Aft. August 22, 1483) Includes Notes
Popham, Robert (Sir)(d. 1350) Includes Notes
Popham, Stephen (Sir)(b. Abt. 1386, d. November 12, 1444) Includes Notes


Portugal, Costancia de(b. January 03, 1289/90, d. November 23, 1313) Includes Notes


Poyntz, Anthony (Sir)(b. Abt. 1480, d. 1535) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Dorothea(b. Bef. January 03, 1631/32, d. August 02, 1705) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Hugh (Sir)(b. August 25, 1252, d. Bef. December 24, 1307) Includes Notes
Poyntz, John (Sir)(b. Abt. 1310, d. September 21, 1376) Includes Notes
Poyntz, John(b. Abt. 1434) Includes Notes
Poyntz, John(b. Abt. 1485, d. November 29, 1544) Includes Notes
Poyntz, John(b. 1577, d. Aft. October 20, 1617) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Mary(b. 1558, d. October 1591) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Newdigate(b. November 08, 1608, d. August 05, 1643) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Nicholas (Sir)(d. September 01, 1585) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Nicholas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1220, d. Bef. April 24, 1272) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Nicholas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1279, d. Bef. July 12, 1311) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Nicholas (Sir)(b. Abt. 1379, d. Aft. September 17, 1450) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Nicholas (Sir)(b. Bef. 1510, d. November 27, 1556) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Robert(b. June 15, 1359, d. June 15, 1439) Includes Notes
Poyntz, Robert (Sir)(b. Abt. 1450, d. November 04, 1520) Includes Notes
Poyntz, William(b. Aft. 1544, d. Bef. August 25, 1601) Includes Notes


Prayers, Alice de Includes Notes
Prayers, Richard de(d. Bef. 1402) Includes Notes


Purcell, Dionisia(d. Bef. July 12, 1357) Includes Notes
Purcell, Otwell(b. Bef. 1281) Includes Notes

Putten und Strij

Putten und Strij, Beatrix Van(d. June 18, 1354) Includes Notes

Quatermain Quatremains

Quatermain Quatremains, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Quatermain Quatremains, Maud Includes Notes
Quatermain Quatremains, Thomas(d. May 06, 1399) Includes Notes


Quatermain, Thomas(d. June 06, 1342) Includes Notes
Quatermain, Thomas Includes Notes
Quatermain, William(b. Bef. 1278) Includes Notes


Raans, Alice de Includes Notes
Raans, Walter de(d. Aft. 1372) Includes Notes


Raleigh, Bridget(b. Abt. 1506, d. Bef. June 1542) Includes Notes
Raleigh, Edward (Sir)(b. January 20, 1442/43) Includes Notes
Raleigh, Edward(b. Abt. 1470, d. 1508) Includes Notes
Raleigh, Jane Joan Includes Notes
Raleigh, John (Sir)(d. Bef. September 29, 1348) Includes Notes
Raleigh, John(b. Abt. 1382, d. Aft. 1431) Includes Notes
Raleigh, John de(d. 1340) Includes Notes
Raleigh, Matilda de(d. Aft. February 24, 1317/18) Includes Notes
Raleigh, Simon de (Sir)(d. Aft. 1301) Includes Notes
Raleigh, Simon de(d. Bef. 1287) Includes Notes
Raleigh, Thomas(b. Abt. 1330, d. November 06, 1396) Includes Notes
Raleigh, Warine de (Sir)(d. Aft. 1257) Includes Notes
Raleigh, William(d. October 15, 1460) Includes Notes


Ranne, Matilda Includes Notes


Rasyn Includes Notes
Rasyn, Mary(d. Aft. 1455) Includes Notes
Rasyn, William Includes Notes


Rede Includes Notes
Rede, Margaret(d. Bef. 1432) Includes Notes
Rede, Nicholas(d. Bef. 1438) Includes Notes
Rede, Thomas(d. Aft. 1356) Includes Notes


Reigni, Ela de(d. Aft. 1287) Includes Notes


Reve, Isolde(b. 1320, d. Aft. 1370) Includes Notes
Reve, John(b. 1294, d. Aft. 1325) Includes Notes


Reynes Includes Notes
Reynes, Joan(d. September 20, 1409) Includes Notes
Reynes, Thomas (Sir?) Includes Notes


Rhys, Elizabeth ferch Includes Notes


Rohant, Eleanor(d. Bef. April 1369) Includes Notes
Rohant, Roger de (Sir)(b. Bef. 1326, d. Aft. 1340) Includes Notes


Rokell Includes Notes
Rokell, Margaret Includes Notes
Rokell, Robert Includes Notes


Rossale Includes Notes
Rossale, Alice(b. 1381, d. Bef. May 12, 1416) Includes Notes
Rossale, Walter (Sir)(d. Bef. 1403) Includes Notes


Rothwell, Joan de Includes Notes


Rous, John le (Sir)(d. Abt. 1346) Includes Notes
Rous, John le (Sir)(d. Abt. 1346) Includes Notes
Rous, Juliana(b. June 12, 1358) Includes Notes
Rous, Roger le (Sir)(d. Bef. August 31, 1294) Includes Notes
Rous, Thomas le (Sir)(b. Abt. 1328, d. 1359) Includes Notes


Rouse, Burwell(b. Bet. 1756 - 1790)
Rouse, Martha Elizabeth(b. January 12, 1863, d. June 22, 1894)
Rouse, William Hudson(b. September 30, 1810, d. April 13, 1879) Includes Notes


Russell Includes Notes
Russell, Joan(d. Aft. 1414) Includes Notes
Russell, John(d. Bef. 1363) Includes Notes
Russell, John(d. 1363) Includes Notes


Rycote Includes Notes
Rycote, John (Sir)(d. Bef. 1398) Includes Notes
Rycote, Katharine Includes Notes


Sabrano, Gorizia di(d. Abt. 1379) Includes Notes
Sabrano, Guglielmo di(d. Aft. October 08, 1353) Includes Notes
Sabrano, Mengardo di(d. Bef. July 27, 1310) Includes Notes


Sander Includes Notes
Sander, James Includes Notes
Sander, Mathew Includes Notes
Sander, Richard(b. 1452, d. 1480) Includes Notes
Sander, Stephen(d. Aft. 1388) Includes Notes
Sander, Thomas Includes Notes
Sander, William(d. August 10, 1481) Includes Notes


Sanford, Alice de(d. Bef. September 09, 1312) Includes Notes


Sanseverino, Antonio di(d. 1384) Includes Notes
Sanseverino, Giovanna di Includes Notes
Sanseverino, Tommaso III di(d. 1358) Includes Notes


Sarah Includes Notes


SaundersSander, Margaret(b. Abt. 1500, d. September 22, 1563) Includes Notes
SaundersSander, Nicholas(b. Abt. 1474, d. August 29, 1553) Includes Notes


Savage, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Savage, John (Sir)(d. October 18, 1492) Includes Notes
Savage, John(b. 1331, d. 1386) Includes Notes
Savage, John (Sir)(b. 1370, d. August 01, 1450) Includes Notes
Savage, John(b. 1403, d. June 29, 1463) Includes Notes
Savage, John (Sir)(b. Abt. 1422, d. November 22, 1495) Includes Notes
Savage, John le(b. June 24, 1280, d. Bef. November 20, 1311) Includes Notes
Savage, Roger le(d. Abt. 1339) Includes Notes


Scales, Eleanor de(d. September 06, 1361) Includes Notes
Scales, Margery(d. Aft. May 08, 1416) Includes Notes
Scales, Robert de (Sir)(d. August 13, 1369) Includes Notes
Scales, Robert de (Sir)(b. 1279, d. March 20, 1324/25) Includes Notes


Scarborough, David H.
Scarborough, Langston Lott 1(b. October 07, 1807, d. August 06, 1895)
Scarborough, Peter Morris 1(b. 1833, d. WFT Est. 1862-1924) Includes Notes
Scarborough, Stella(b. August 1885, d. WFT Est. 1903-1979)
Scarborough, William Silas(b. 1854, d. May 04, 1942)


Schonewitz, Mamie(b. March 03, 1917, d. September 04, 1965)


Schoresworth, Margaret de(d. Aft. 1363) Includes Notes


Segrave, Elizabeth de(b. October 25, 1338) Includes Notes
Segrave, Ellen de(d. Aft. February 09, 1316/17) Includes Notes
Segrave, John de(b. Abt. 1310, d. April 01, 1353) Includes Notes
Segrave, Stephen de (Sir)(d. Bef. December 12, 1325) Includes Notes


Shareshull, Adam de(d. Bef. 1340) Includes Notes
Shareshull, Catherine de(d. Aft. 1361) Includes Notes
Shareshull, William de (Sir)(d. 1370) Includes Notes


Shonewitz, Joseph


Sibyl Includes Notes
Sibyl(d. Aft. November 1345) Includes Notes

Sidney The Elder

Sidney The Elder, William(d. October 22, 1462) Includes Notes


Sidney, Elizabeth(b. 1458, d. Aft. June 1488) Includes Notes
Sidney, William(d. Aft. August 15, 1451) Includes Notes


Skipwith, Margaret(d. Aft. December 1400) Includes Notes
Skipwith, William(d. Aft. 1380) Includes Notes


Souard-Dit-Montminy, Marie Rene(b. 1658, d. Bet. 1725 - 1726)


Soules, Muriel de(d. February 1317/18) Includes Notes


Spencer Includes Notes
Spencer, Jane(b. 1465, d. February 12, 1524/25) Includes Notes
Spencer, John(d. January 04, 1496/97) Includes Notes
Spencer, John Includes Notes

St Barbe

St Barbe, Isabel(d. Aft. 1407) Includes Notes
St Barbe, John (Sir) Includes Notes
St Barbe, Richard(d. Aft. 1304) Includes Notes
St Barbe, Richard Includes Notes
St Barbe, Robert Includes Notes

St John

St John, Agnes de(d. June 11, 1345) Includes Notes
St John, John de (Sir) Includes Notes

St Martin

St Martin, Joan Includes Notes
St Martin, Lawrence de(b. Abt. 1292, d. Bef. September 10, 1318) Includes Notes
St Martin, Reginald de (Sir)(d. Bef. February 24, 1314/15) Includes Notes
St Martin, Sybil de(d. 1386) Includes Notes
St Martin, William de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1230, d. Bef. June 24, 1291) Includes Notes

St Philibert

St Philibert, John de (Sir)(d. Bef. February 12, 1332/33) Includes Notes
St Philibert, Margaret Margery de(d. Aft. February 18, 1360/61) Includes Notes

St Pier

St Pier, Ellen(d. Aft. 1346) Includes Notes
St Pier, John(d. Aft. 1344) Includes Notes


Stafford Includes Notes
Stafford, Elizabeth de(d. August 07, 1375) Includes Notes
Stafford, Humphrey (Sir)(b. 1384, d. February 20, 1418/19) Includes Notes
Stafford, Humphrey (Sir)(b. 1400, d. June 07, 1450) Includes Notes
Stafford, Isabel de Includes Notes
Stafford, Joan Includes Notes
Stafford, John (Sir)(d. Aft. 1370) Includes Notes
Stafford, Joyce Includes Notes
Stafford, Margaret(d. Aft. August 22, 1373) Includes Notes
Stafford, Ralph de(d. March 01, 1409/10) Includes Notes
Stafford, Ralph de (Sir)(b. September 24, 1301, d. August 31, 1372) Includes Notes
Stafford, William de Includes Notes


Stanley, John (Sir)(b. 1350, d. Bef. January 28, 1413/14) Includes Notes
Stanley, John de Includes Notes
Stanley, John de (Sir)(b. 1386, d. November 27, 1437) Includes Notes
Stanley, Katherine(b. 1430, d. 1498) Includes Notes
Stanley, Thomas (Sir)(b. 1406, d. February 11, 1458/59) Includes Notes


Stapleton, Gilbert de (Sir)(d. Bef. June 23, 1324) Includes Notes
Stapleton, Joan de(d. September 02, 1385) Includes Notes
Stapleton, Miles de (Sir)(d. October 04, 1364) Includes Notes


Staunton, Joan de Includes Notes
Staunton, Robert de Includes Notes


Stonegrave, Isabel de(b. 1272, d. Bef. 1324) Includes Notes


Stordon, Joan(d. Aft. 1346) Includes Notes


Stourton Includes Notes
Stourton, Joan(b. 1418, d. April 21, 1472) Includes Notes
Stourton, John(d. December 16, 1438) Includes Notes
Stourton, John Includes Notes
Stourton, William(d. Aft. 1343) Includes Notes


Stradling, Edward (Sir)(d. 1394) Includes Notes
Stradling, Edward (Sir)(d. Aft. September 1352) Includes Notes
Stradling, Gwenllian Includes Notes
Stradling, William Includes Notes
Stradling, William (Sir) Includes Notes


Strange, Alianore le(d. April 20, 1396) Includes Notes
Strange, Ankaret le(b. 1361, d. May 23, 1413) Includes Notes
Strange, Fulk le(b. 1282, d. Bef. February 06, 1310/11) Includes Notes
Strange, John le (Sir)(b. January 25, 1305/06, d. July 21, 1349) Includes Notes
Strange, John le(b. 1322, d. May 12, 1361) Includes Notes
Strange, Roger le (Sir)(b. 1301, d. July 29, 1349) Includes Notes


Strongbow Includes Notes
Strongbow, Eleanor Includes Notes
Strongbow, Gilbert (Sir) Includes Notes


Sudeley, Joan de Includes Notes
Sudeley, John de(b. December 06, 1305, d. Bef. February 19, 1339/40) Includes Notes


Sutton, George(b. 1610, d. WFT Est. 1653-1702) Includes Notes
Sutton, John (Sir) Includes Notes
Sutton, Matilda Includes Notes
Sutton, Nathaniel, Sr(b. 1650, d. December 29, 1682) Includes Notes
Sutton, Rebecca(b. February 12, 1758, d. WFT Est. 1759-1852) Includes Notes


Swinford Includes Notes
Swinford, Agnes(d. Aft. May 01, 1399) Includes Notes
Swinford, William (Sir) Includes Notes


Swynnerton, Matilda Maud(b. Abt. 1370, d. 1415) Includes Notes
Swynnerton, Robert de (Sir)(d. Bef. November 12, 1396) Includes Notes
Swynnerton, Roger de (Sir)(d. Bef. March 03, 1337/38) Includes Notes
Swynnerton, Thomas de (Sir)(d. December 1361) Includes Notes


Sybil(d. 1349) Includes Notes


Sydeney, John atte(b. Abt. 1308, d. Aft. December 22, 1345) Includes Notes
Sydeney, William atte(d. Bef. 1332) Includes Notes
Sydeney, William de(d. October 08, 1449) Includes Notes
Sydeney, William de(d. Aft. May 31, 1428) Includes Notes

Sydenham The Eld

Sydenham The Eld, John(d. April 04, 1468) Includes Notes


Sydenham, Anne(b. January 05, 1571/72, d. Aft. 1634) Includes Notes
Sydenham, Henry de(d. Bef. 1427) Includes Notes
Sydenham, John(b. Abt. 1468, d. April 1540) Includes Notes
Sydenham, John (Sir)(b. 1494, d. April 16, 1557) Includes Notes
Sydenham, John (The Younger)(b. Abt. 1542) Includes Notes
Sydenham, John de(d. Aft. 1280) Includes Notes
Sydenham, Richard de(d. Aft. March 12, 1401/02) Includes Notes
Sydenham, Roger de(d. Aft. 1347) Includes Notes
Sydenham, Walter(b. 1442, d. April 17, 1469) Includes Notes
Sydenham, William de(d. Aft. 1308) Includes Notes


Tabley, Margaret de Includes Notes


Taffoin, Michelle(b. Abt. 1585, d. WFT Est. 1617-1679) Includes Notes


Talbot, Gilbert (Sir)(b. October 18, 1276, d. February 24, 1345/46) Includes Notes
Talbot, Gilbert (Sir)(b. Abt. 1332, d. April 24, 1387) Includes Notes
Talbot, Gwenllian Includes Notes
Talbot, Mary(d. April 13, 1433) Includes Notes
Talbot, Philippa Includes Notes
Talbot, Richard (Sir)(b. Abt. 1250, d. Bef. September 03, 1306) Includes Notes
Talbot, Richard (Sir)(b. Abt. 1305, d. October 23, 1356) Includes Notes
Talbot, Richard (Sir)(b. Abt. 1361, d. September 1396) Includes Notes


Tattershall, Joan de(d. October 08, 1329) Includes Notes


Telden, Johanna(b. Abt. 1383, d. Aft. October 17, 1460) Includes Notes


Thomas of Brotherton (Sir)(b. June 01, 1300, d. Aft. August 04, 1338) Includes Notes


Tilden, Elder Nathaniel(b. WFT Est. 1560-1602, d. WFT Est. 1603-1650) Includes Notes
Tilden, Richard(b. date unknown, d. May 15, 1566) Includes Notes
Tilden, Sarah(b. WFT Est. 1603-1629, d. WFT Est. 1652-1698) Includes Notes
Tilden, Thomas


Tilliant, Anne(b. Bet. 1604 - 1627, d. WFT Est. 1649-1715)

Toeni Toni Ton

Toeni Toni Ton, Alice de(b. Abt. 1283, d. Bef. January 08, 1324/25) Includes Notes
Toeni Toni Ton, Ralph VII de(b. 1255, d. Bef. July 29, 1295) Includes Notes


Tort, Joan le(d. Aft. 1315) Includes Notes
Tort, le Includes Notes


Trafford, Henry (Sir)(d. 1375) Includes Notes
Trafford, Henry (Sir)(b. Abt. 1315) Includes Notes
Trafford, Joan Includes Notes
Trafford, John (Sir)(d. Bef. November 06, 1324) Includes Notes


Tregoz Includes Notes
Tregoz Includes Notes
Tregoz, Sibyl de(d. October 21, 1334) Includes Notes


Troughton Includes Notes
Troughton, Joan Includes Notes


Trussell, Isabella Includes Notes
Trussell, Maud(d. July 20, 1369) Includes Notes
Trussell, Waryn (Sir) Includes Notes


Tuchet, James (Sir)(b. Abt. 1398, d. September 23, 1459) Includes Notes
Tuchet, John(d. June 23, 1372) Includes Notes
Tuchet, John (Sir)(b. July 25, 1327, d. Bef. January 10, 1361/62) Includes Notes
Tuchet, John(b. April 23, 1371, d. December 19, 1408) Includes Notes
Tuchet, Robert (Sir)(b. December 25, 1264, d. Bef. December 1341) Includes Notes
Tuchet, Thomas(d. August 18, 1349) Includes Notes


Turberville, Catherine Includes Notes
Turberville, Pain de (Sir) Includes Notes
Turberville, Richard de (Sir)(d. 1283) Includes Notes

Tyas Teutonicus

Tyas Teutonicus, Joan Includes Notes

Tybotot Tiptoft

Tybotot Tiptoft, Elizabeth de(b. 1371, d. Bef. June 20, 1424) Includes Notes
Tybotot Tiptoft, Robert de(b. June 11, 1341, d. April 13, 1372) Includes Notes


Tybotot, John de (Sir)(b. July 20, 1313, d. April 13, 1367) Includes Notes


Tylden, Alice(b. Aft. 1438) Includes Notes
Tylden, John(b. Abt. 1406, d. September 12, 1463) Includes Notes
Tylden, MrsJoan(b. Abt. 1482, d. Aft. 1557) Includes Notes
Tylden, Richard or John(d. Aft. 1552) Includes Notes
Tylden, Robert(b. Bef. 1440, d. July 11, 1480) Includes Notes
Tylden, Thomas(b. Abt. 1350, d. Abt. 1420) Includes Notes
Tylden, Thomas John(b. 1378, d. Aft. 1450) Includes Notes


Ufford Includes Notes
Ufford, Alicia(d. Bef. 1354) Includes Notes
Ufford, Katherine de Includes Notes


Underwood, Elizabeth Includes Notes


Unknown(b. WFT Est. 1568-1604, d. WFT Est. 1603-1662) Includes Notes
Unknown(b. WFT Est. 1755-1778, d. WFT Est. 1799-1850)
Unknown Mistress Includes Notes


Valence, Isabel de(d. October 05, 1305) Includes Notes


Valletort, Egelina de(d. Aft. 1346) Includes Notes
Valletort, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Valletort, Hugh de(d. 1310) Includes Notes


Valoines, Jeanne Joan de(d. Bef. November 12, 1312) Includes Notes


Valois, Charles de(b. March 12, 1269/70) Includes Notes
Valois, Joan de(b. Abt. 1294, d. March 07, 1351/52) Includes Notes


Valta, Jeanne(b. WFT Est. 1600-1623, d. WFT Est. 1645-1711)


Venables, Anylla Amelia Avice Includes Notes
Venables, Hugh(d. Bef. April 18, 1382) Includes Notes
Venables, Hugh (Sir)(d. Bef. April 25, 1311) Includes Notes
Venables, Hugh de (Sir)(d. October 1367) Includes Notes
Venables, Joan de(d. Aft. 1401) Includes Notes


Venour Includes Notes
Venour, Alice Includes Notes
Venour, John(d. Bef. May 22, 1422) Includes Notes


Verdun, Elizabeth de(b. Abt. 1306, d. May 01, 1360) Includes Notes


Vere, Alfonso de (Sir)(b. Bef. 1262, d. Bef. December 20, 1328) Includes Notes
Vere, Baldwin(d. August 1426) Includes Notes
Vere, Constance(d. May 16, 1499) Includes Notes
Vere, Joan de(d. Abt. November 23, 1293) Includes Notes
Vere, John de(b. Abt. March 12, 1311/12) Includes Notes
Vere, Margaret de(d. June 15, 1398) Includes Notes
Vere, Ranulf de(d. 1335) Includes Notes
Vere, Richard(d. 1480) Includes Notes
Vere, Robert de Includes Notes
Vere, Robert de(d. 1370) Includes Notes
Vere, Robert de (Sir)(b. 1240, d. Bef. September 07, 1296) Includes Notes


Verney, Anne(b. Abt. 1538, d. Bef. 1575) Includes Notes
Verney, Edward Includes Notes
Verney, John (Sir)(d. August 21, 1505) Includes Notes
Verney, John de(d. Aft. 1322) Includes Notes
Verney, John de(d. Aft. 1378) Includes Notes
Verney, Margaret(d. Bef. 1509) Includes Notes
Verney, Ralph Includes Notes
Verney, Ralph (Sir)(b. Abt. 1420, d. June 16, 1478) Includes Notes
Verney, Ralph (Sir)(b. Abt. 1477, d. May 08, 1525) Includes Notes
Verney, Ralph (Sir)(b. 1510, d. April 26, 1546) Includes Notes


Vernon, Agatha(d. Aft. 1350) Includes Notes
Vernon, Rosesia Rose Includes Notes


W, Zilpha(b. date unknown)


Wadham, Isabella Includes Notes
Wadham, John (Sir)(d. July 27, 1412) Includes Notes


Wake, Anne Includes Notes
Wake, Hugh (Sir)(b. Bef. 1241, d. May 01, 1315) Includes Notes
Wake, John (Sir)(b. 1268, d. Bef. April 10, 1300) Includes Notes
Wake, Margaret(b. Abt. 1299, d. September 29, 1349) Includes Notes
Wake, Thomas (Sir)(d. Aft. 1379) Includes Notes
Wake, Thomas (Sir)(d. Bef. October 23, 1346) Includes Notes


Waldgrave Includes Notes
Waldgrave, Joan Includes Notes
Waldgrave, John Includes Notes

Walesbreu Whale

Walesbreu Whale Includes Notes
Walesbreu Whale, John de (Sir)(d. 1382) Includes Notes


Walkington, Alice Includes Notes


Walters, Dallas


Walwyn Includes Notes
Walwyn, Alice(b. Bef. 1445, d. October 10, 1518) Includes Notes
Walwyn, de Includes Notes
Walwyn, Richard (Sir)(d. Bef. 1393) Includes Notes
Walwyn, Richard (Sir)(b. Bef. 1327, d. Aft. 1342) Includes Notes
Walwyn, Thomas(d. Abt. May 20, 1415) Includes Notes
Walwyn, Thomas Includes Notes
Walwyn, William(d. Aft. October 1471) Includes Notes
Walwyn, William(d. Bef. 1452) Includes Notes

Warcop Wartheco

Warcop Wartheco, Isabel de Includes Notes


Ware, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Ware, Elizabeth Includes Notes


Warenne, Alice de(d. Bef. May 23, 1338) Includes Notes
Warenne, William de (Sir)(d. December 15, 1286) Includes Notes


Wastneys, Ellen de(d. 1349) Includes Notes
Wastneys, William de (Sir)(d. Bef. 1356) Includes Notes


Wayland Includes Notes
Wayland, Catherine(d. Aft. December 1376) Includes Notes
Wayland, William (Sir)(d. March 20, 1326/27) Includes Notes


Welsh, Agnes Includes Notes
Welsh, Walter Includes Notes


Wentworth, Agnes(d. April 20, 1496) Includes Notes
Wentworth, John(d. Aft. 1413) Includes Notes
Wentworth, John Includes Notes
Wentworth, John Includes Notes
Wentworth, Roger (Sir)(d. Abt. October 24, 1452) Includes Notes


Weyland, Cicely de(b. 1319, d. August 1354) Includes Notes
Weyland, Richard de (Sir)(b. 1290, d. Bef. October 08, 1319) Includes Notes


Whalesborough, Elizabeth Includes Notes
Whalesborough, John(b. Abt. 1369, d. January 10, 1417/18) Includes Notes


Whittingham Includes Notes
Whittingham, Alan Includes Notes
Whittingham, Margaret(b. Bef. 1455, d. Aft. 1505) Includes Notes
Whittingham, Robert (Sir)(d. November 1452) Includes Notes
Whittingham, Robert (Sir)(b. 1420, d. May 06, 1471) Includes Notes
Whittingham, Thomas Includes Notes


Whyton Includes Notes
Whyton, John(d. October 01, 1375) Includes Notes
Whyton, Margaret Margery(d. Bef. March 21, 1411/12) Includes Notes


Wightham Includes Notes
Wightham, Agnes(d. 1396) Includes Notes
Wightham, William Includes Notes


Wilington, Alianore de(d. August 06, 1400) Includes Notes


William Flurry(b. WFT Est. 1746-1775, d. WFT Est. 1798-1838) Includes Notes


Williams Includes Notes
Williams, Mary(b. Bef. 1568) Includes Notes


Willoughby Includes Notes
Willoughby, Lucy Includes Notes
Willoughby, Richard (Sir)(d. Aft. 1352) Includes Notes


Withers, Laetitia(d. Aft. 1360) Includes Notes
Withers, Thomas (Sir) Includes Notes

Wogan Gwrgan

Wogan Gwrgan Includes Notes
Wogan Gwrgan, Katharine Includes Notes


Wolbergh Includes Notes
Wolbergh, Cecilia Cecily Includes Notes
Wolbergh, Nicholas(d. November 05, 1407) Includes Notes


Wolvey, Alice Includes Notes
Wolvey, Thomas (Sir)(d. Aft. 1311) Includes Notes


Woodthorpe, Maud Includes Notes


Woodville, Anthony (Sir)(b. Abt. 1440, d. June 25, 1483) Includes Notes
Woodville, Margaret(b. Abt. 1455, d. Bef. October 19, 1520) Includes Notes

Workesley Worsl

Workesley Worsl, Ellen de(d. Aft. 1368) Includes Notes


Workesley, Henry de(d. Abt. 1304) Includes Notes
Workesley, Robert de(d. Aft. 1323) Includes Notes


Wrothesley, Joan(d. Aft. July 27, 1412) Includes Notes

Wurth Worth

Wurth Worth, Jane Johanna Includes Notes
Wurth Worth, John (Sir) Includes Notes


Wydevill Includes Notes

Wydevill Woodvi

Wydevill Woodvi, Richard (Sir)(d. August 12, 1469) Includes Notes


Wydevill, John de(b. Abt. 1342) Includes Notes
Wydevill, Richard(d. Abt. December 1441) Includes Notes
Wydevill, Richard de (Sir)(b. Abt. 1310, d. Aft. July 1378) Includes Notes


Zouche, Eleanor Ellen la Includes Notes
Zouche, Eon la(b. Abt. 1232, d. June 25, 1279) Includes Notes
Zouche, Eve la(d. December 05, 1314) Includes Notes
Zouche, la Includes Notes
Zouche, Maud la(b. 1290, d. May 31, 1349) Includes Notes
Zouche, Milicent la(d. June 22, 1379) Includes Notes
Zouche, Oliver la Includes Notes
Zouche, William la (Sir)(d. March 12, 1351/52) Includes Notes
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