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The Yonina Matz Lamdans of Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel

Updated March 8, 2014

KIBBUTZ URIM, Negev 85530
Fax: 972-8-9920322

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Yonina (Joanne Phyllis Heller) and Matz (Marvin Lerner) Lamdan came to Israel from Cleveland, Ohio and New York in the USA. They lived, worked and raised their family of five children in their kibbutz URIM in Israel for over 50 years.
In Urim,the Lamdans discovered previously-unknown relations and began to document their familial connections.
When Matz' mother, Dora Schneiderman Lerner came to visit
for the first time, she brought a gift for relatives, Miriam Kira/Yona Pinchasi in Kiryat Anavim. These were parents of Malka Sapir, member of Urim! Dora,helped us begin genealogical research leading to this Familytreemaker Site. So far, we claim 1,500 people as Our Clan. In Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel several branches:Lamdan,Sapir,Kudler,Blumenfeld,Cohen,Yahud, Melchior.Mizrachi, Samuelson,Polachek families, and their offspring.
The Schneiderman family in Herzliya was Matz' direct connection,his mother's brother, Uncle Aaron Schneiderman. The research is world-wide: Galicia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Morocco,Russia,Argentina,Uruguay,Iraq,Egypt,England,Romania,Germany,Asia,South America,China,Korea,Ukraine,Czechoslovakia,USA, Canada,Israel,England, India, Australia, New Zealand !
Many "cousins" contributed much. THANK YOU! to all.
Research began in 1990, when Yonina and Matz Lamdan, from home ,Kibbutz Urim, Israel, traveled extensively in USA Canada. Notes and photos began to come in, with the electronic age of computer and email, research is facilitated. Family Tree Maker does an amazing job. In 2004, an address passed on by Arthur Kerdemann (the Mintz-Heller-Tilles branch) to Yonina (aka Joanne Phyllis Heller)Lamdan and Esther/Marvin Mintz came to life! Suddenly names, faces,facts for siblings of Marshall, Rose, Jacob Heller:Clara and Charlotte. Their descendants have excitedly contributed much to this Heller-Reiser-Mintz branch.
In 2005, Marvin Schneiderman died in January, and his cousin, Matz (Marvin Michael) Lamdan, on September 19, 2005.
Matz' in-law, Dani Yahud on October 19,2005, died, loving families bereft. Anne Jordan (Polachek/Samuelson)passed away in 2006, in Urim. To our sorrow, our young daughter-in-law, Tal Arad Lamdan, wife of Yosef, mother of Tom, Guy, Maya, died on January 26, 2006. Shoshana Avidan's mother, Roza, passed away in April, 2008 and on the day of her funeral a baby boy, Ziv, was born to her granddaughter, Shirley and Eli Penso. Yarden Schneiderman, Itai Lev-Ran, Evan Polachek, Maayan Yitzchak Kudler-Schneiderman branch, Yonathan Yoffe and Lilly Bowen Wagner, (Heller, Zabell, Cooperman) , Meredith Meri Kessler and Matthew Ketover, Sarah Brooke Ketover Lerner branch. Adam Jacobson married Melissa Collins in 2007. Blumenfeld blessings: Yotam Nahari, son of Orit Mizrachi / Yishai Nahari, and Neta Snir, daughter of Noga Mizrachi / Snir Shapir. Lerner Cohen boy, Hunter Martin Cohen, son of Jonathan/Meredith in June, 2006. Jing/Josh Marantz third child, Ryan Marantz, November 2006, Heller Greenberg descendant. Greenberg-Brownell branch, Robert/Melissa second son, Evan Robert Brownell, Katie Brownell and Asa Owen have new baby girl, Ava Lee, sister to Asa. Yoav and Yafit Heiliger second child, daughter, Danielle. Gili Lev-Ran, sister of Itai, daughter Orly Schneiderman/Dor Lev-Ran, ,July 28, 2007. Max Harrison Platin, second son to Lana Schneiderman/Adam Platin, September 12,2007. On October 31, 2007, twins, Ofri and Tomer Kudler, born to Koby and Nirit Kudler. Nahar Shalev Sameuelson, second son to Sagi and Osnat, July 2008. Rachel Rubin (Klein) Bat Mitzvah in Israel in April, 2008. Jackie Zabell Cooperman is continuing research of Heller family,including Heritage Tour,with brother, Richard Zabell. Len and Loretta Glatstein Klein went on a Heritage Tour and presented a book of ROOTS:Lerner/Glatstein. Recent wedding: Daniel Meir Yahel/Sivan Pollack. On October 2, 2008 Natalie Heller weds Eran Gampel in Israel. Yaela Melchior was born to Tzuriel and Meirav in November 2008.

Family Photos

  • Lamdans at Tom's Aliya laTorah Yated (32 KB)
    Lamdans at Tom's Aliya laTorah. Yated Synagogue, Negev. Yael, Shani, Guy, Tom, Yosef, Yonina, Dani, Ami Lamdan. June 7, 2007
  • Kleins Lamdans Together in Tel Aviv 2008 (187 KB)
    Loretta Len Klein Benay Steve Rubin Rachel, Blake, Casey Yonina Lamdan Yael Na'amah Shani Reut at Dan Hotel Pesach 2008
  • Daniel Yahel Hupa (24 KB)
    Pollack, Sivan and Daniel, Naomi Yahel and Hana Schneiderman under the hupa at wedding of Daniel and Sivan, Palmachim, 04/07/08
  • ROOTS MAP Kamentz-Podolsk (77 KB)
    Map of Kamenetz-Podolsk area, Khotin Lucani towns, homes of Lerner Klein forefathers. Roots book Jewish Heritage Journey of Loretta Len Klein. August 2007
  • Lana Schneiderman Platin and SAM (14 KB)
    Lana Schneiderman Platin and son, Sam. Daughter of Marvin and Sheila Schneiderman, wife and son of Adam Platin. Sister of Steven Schneiderman. 2004
  • Fred, Muriel, Harvey, Ed Sussman (32 KB)
    Fred, Muriel, Harvey, Ed Sussman. Cousins from the Chernick side of Schneiderman Clan. One of the wonderful contacts for FTM via Frume Leah and Mirel Jacobs, sisters, wives of Schneiderman and Chernick. 2001
  • Philip Fisher and wife, Mimi Ableman Bickoff (24 KB)
    Philip Fisher and wife, Mimi (aka Miriam) Ableman, parents of Debbie, John and Howard Fisher. 1990
  • Charles /Rose Heller Tilles (41 KB)
    Charles Tilles and wife, Rose Heller Tilles. Cleveland, Ohio. Parents of Samuel and Anne Tilles Weidenthal. Grandparents of Dr. Daniel Weidenthal. Great-grandparents of David/Jeff.
  • Jennifer, Fred, Neil Sussman 2001 (42 KB)
    Jennifer,Fred and Neil Sussman, offpsring of Muriel and Harvey Sussman. abt. 2001. Another branch of the Schneidermans.
  • Rotem Yahud and Ima Shani 2003 (36 KB)
    Rotem Yahud in helmet, son of Shani Lamdan - Doron Yahud, ready to participate in Horseback Riding Group Exhibit. Urim. 2003
  • David, Dr. Zvi, Eli Melchior 1999 (39 KB)
    The three sons of Meir and Chaya Melchior: David, Dr. Zvi, Eli Melchior, fathers of 12 grandchildren. Kibbutz Urim celebration. 1999
  • Ellen, Judith, Edward Sussman (32 KB)
    Ellen, Judith and Edward Sussman, Harvey and Muriel's son and his family. abt. 2001 And one more branch of Chernick-Schneidermans.
  • Rotem and Mother Shani Yahud (44 KB)
    Rotem Yahud and his mother, Shani Lamdan Yahud at his bar mitzvah celebration at Eshkol Park. January 16, 2004
  • Tal Arad Lamdan: Bike Israel 2004 (28 KB)
    Tal Arad Lamdan, Bike Israel.....600 kilometers from Metullah to Eilat. Beating Cancer on wheels! Accompanied by husband, Yosef Lamdan. Mother of Tom, Guy, Maya Lamdan. October 2004
  • Shani Lamdan (18 KB)
    Shani Lamdan with mother,Yonina and great-grandmother Zlatta Blitz Heller. 1963
  • Reut Yahud, Brother of Rotem Yahud (70 KB)
    Reut Yahud, second oldest of Shani's four children, at youngest, Rotem's Bar Mitzvah picnic at Eshkol Park. January 16, 2004
  • Family at Rotem's Bar Mitzvah Picnic in Park (47 KB)
    Peter Gerstenhaber, Maya Lamdan, Na'amah Melchior, Adi Blumenfeld at Rotem Yahud's Picnic in Park Eshkol. January 16, 2004
  • Samuel Mintz from Detroit (26 KB)
    Samuel Mintz from Detroit. Husband of Charlotte Heller, father of Lucille,Marvin, Beatrice Mintz. RelativeMync/Mintz/Heller/Tilles/Gorovitch/ Kerdemann. Kalaharovka, Gryzmalov,Ukraine.
  • Sabba Dani Yahud at Bar Mitzvah (45 KB)
    Sabba Dani Yahud at services of Rotem Yahud's Aliya LaTorah. Habad Synagogue, NesTziona, Israel. 15, 01, 2004
  • Sammy Dori Orenstein Family 2004 (51 KB)
    Sammy Orenstein and wife, Dori Sapeer, with their offspring,David, Danny, Segalit, Na'amah, Aviv, Carmi, Kizer, Uriel, Amalia Walker. LA 2004
  • Rotem Yahud Bar Mitzvah 2004 (39 KB)
    Yahud Family celebrating Rotem Yahud's Bar Mitzvah at Habad Synagogue, NesTziona,Israel.Reut, Dani,Rotem Yahud. 2004
  • Howard Jane Mankoff Family Wedding (14 KB)
    Howard and Jane Reiser Williams Mankoff and family at wedding of Doug Mankoff/Marie MacPhail. J.R. 2nd top. next to father, Howard Mankoff.Albert and Shirley Mankoff Michigan
  • Adele-Abraham Harris family (34 KB)
    Adele "Mima" Greenberg +Abraham "Feta" Harris (Itzkowitz) with daughter Minnie (Mendelman) and four sons: Dave,Sam,Henry and Ben Harris in Columbus,Ohio.1920
  • Cohens Visit Lamdans : Lerner Offspring (51 KB)
    Ellie, Robin, Susan Cohen visit Yonina Matz Lamdan family in Kibbutz Urim. Melchiors, Yahuds, Zingers, Lamdans. 1992
  • Rotem Yahud Bar Mitzvah (32 KB)
    Rotem Yahud, son of Shani Lamdan, Doron Yahud. Bar Mitzvah at Habad Synagogue in Nes Tziona. Israel. January 15, 2004
  • Harris Greenberg Reunion (25 KB)
    The reunion of the Greenbergs and Harris family was held at thd Kitty and Sam Harris home in Mansfield. The Hellers had returned to Cleveland before the photo was taken. 1938
  • Joanne Heller, Confirmation 1944 (77 KB)
    Joanne Heller (first left bottom row,later to be known as Yonina Lamdan) in Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver's Confirmation Class in Cleveland, 1944.
  • Yahud family at Shahar's Brith Mila 1983 (34 KB)
    Mary, Koby, Doda, Racheli, Ezra, Bracha Yahud at Shahar Yahud's Brith Mila. Kibbutz Urim. 1983
  • Shahar's Brith Mila :Family Yahud Savta IdaHeller (30 KB)
    Doda Yahud and Savta Ida Heller with Shahar at Brith Mila. Koby, Ezra, Mary Yahud. Urim.1983
  • Three generations:Doron, Dani, Shahar Yahud (30 KB)
    Three generations of Yahud family: First son of Doron, Shahar, and grandfather, Sabba Dani Yahud. Kibbutz Urim. Israel. 1983
  • Heller Greenberg Harris Bloch (51 KB)
    Family Album #2 Yaacov Heller, Greenbergs at David's funeral(Michael,Gerianne,BenHarriet) David, Evette,Barbara), JackiePerry,Vivian Bloch , Ida Heller +3, from Carol Brownell 2004
  • Kitty Braunstein+ Sam Harris (49 KB)
    Sam Harris and Kitty Braunstein, made their home in Mansfield, Ohio, had one son, Conrad called "Sonny".Photo about 1980 in North Carolina.
  • Yonina Lamdan, Painter-Sculptor (45 KB)
    Yonina (Joanne Phyllis Heller) Lamdan, sculptor with Ceramic Nursemaid + children, and painter with Acrylic Oryxes painting in gallery. 1998
  • Clara Heller Reiser (32 KB)
    Clara Heller, youngest daughter of Feikisch Heller and Elsa Bernstein, sister of Charlotte, Rose, Marshall, Jacob,Rachel, Phillip Heller. Wife of Oscar Reiser. Mother of Elaine, Dorothy. Detroit
  • Minnie and Sid Wedding (55 KB)
    Minnie Harris and Sid Mendelman at their wedding in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Oscar Reiser and wife, Clara Heller Reiser (20 KB)
    Oscar Reiser and his wife, Clara Heller Reiser, parents of Elaine and Dorothy, grandparents of Jane, James, Margery, Susan Williams, William, Kathi Barit Detroit, Michigan
  • Blumenfelds and Lamdans :Yehonathan's BrithMila (37 KB)
    Matz Lamdan, Rivka Blumenfeld, Esther Goldmintz Cooper, Noga Mizrachi at Yehonathan Lamdan's brith mila. Kibbutz Urim. 1984
  • Brett, Larry, Max, David Sass 2004 (33 KB)
    Larry Sass with his and Tracey Miller's three sons: Brett, Max and David Sass. Grandsons of Doris Schneiderman and Shyer Sass/ Morris and Barbara Miller. NJ 2004
  • Sonny, Sam, Kitty Harris (41 KB)
    Harris family at Kitty and Sam's in Mansfield, Ohio. 400 Overlook Road. Supper at home, by Kitty, happy to be helpful. 1984
  • Shani and Zohar at Bat Mitzvah Party 2003 (24 KB)
    Shani Lamdan Yahud and daughter, Zohar, Bat Mitzvah party at Kibbutz Urim. July 2003
  • Ron Pam Orenstein Family 2003 (36 KB)
    Ron and Pamela Hirshowitz Orenstein family: Jesse (16),Ben (9) Sydney (10, 9months), Shoshana (9). Offspring of Shimon and Shonnie Ben Dovid Orenstein. 2003
  • Harris Family. Sam,Kitty,Sonny,Debra (33 KB)
    Kitty and Sam Harris with only son, Conrad "Sonny" and one of his two daughters: Debra. Hillsboro, North Carolina. 1987
  • Richard, Dr. Lisa ,Nathan, Katie Heller (21 KB)
    Richard Heller, twin of Robert (Uri), son of Mildred and Newton David Heller. Wife, Dr.Lisa Heller,their children, Nathan and Katie.West Va.1999
  • Greenberg Family at Yaacov/Sue Heller's Wedding 17 (61 KB)
    Marsha Stearns, Marsha Heller, Dan Horwitz, Carol Greenberg, Emily Greenberg, with bride, Susan Rogoff Mochtak and groom, Yaacov Heller, April 17, 2005, Florida.
  • Ellen Ruth ("Babe") Heller 1956 (31 KB)
    Ellen Ruth was the "Babe" of the family. She was the only one of the five children of Zlatta and Marshall Heller born in the USA. Married Irvin Kolonial Podell, mother of Jill. 1956
  • Yaacov and Susan Heller 2005 (15 KB)
    Yaacov Heller, groom and bride, Susan "Sue" Rogoff Mochtak Heller, at their wedding in Florida, USA. April 17, 2005
  • Zohar Yahud with Cousin , Maya Lamdan 2003 (30 KB)
    Zohar Yahud, Bat Mitzvah, holding cousin, Maya Lamdan at party in Kibbutz Urim. July 2003
  • Jill Podell + Jeff Liederman Wedding (35 KB)
    Jill Podell , daughter of Ellen and Irv Podell, and Jeff Liederman at Wedding. July 2, 1986.
  • 3 Generations: Yonina, Zohar, Shani 2003 (35 KB)
    Savta Yonina Lamdan, granddaughter, Zohar, Bat-Mitzvah,daughter, Shani Lamdan Yahud,mother of Zohar. Kibbutz Urim. July 2003
  • Rhonda Jill Podell (60 KB)
    Jill Podell , daughter of Ellen Ruth Heller and Irvin Kolonial Podell, with her black cat in Florida. 1980
  • Chana Weingarten Schneiderman Ellie Cohen (36 KB)
    Chana Weingarten Schneiderman, widow of Meir Schneiderman, with Ellie Lerner Cohen at home of Matz and Yonina in Kibbutz Urim. May 2005
  • Heller Reunion at Yaacov's Wedding 2005 (34 KB)
    Heller Family Reunion at Yaacov's wedding to Susan Mochtak,Uri, Sue, Yaacov, Jackie, Beth,Shirley, Natalie, Richard, Terri, Jing, Josh,Marsha Florida. April 17, 2005
  • Debby Harris and Sterling 2002 (10 KB)
    Debra Harris and friend, Sterling. Debby is daughter of Sonny and Ruth Harris, Lisa's sister, granddaughter of Kitty and Sam Harris. 2002
  • Ethan Eli Ableman as " The Mechanical Nightingale" (29 KB)
    Ethan Eli Ableman starring as "The Mechanical Nightingale", children's opera premier performance in Washington,D.C. Son of Scott and Debbie Shrager Ableman. May, 2005
  • Ben and Dave Greenberg 1974 (53 KB)
    Benjamin, David Greenberg in Florida, brothers and good friends all their life. Youngest children, sons of Fanny and Emil Greenberg.1974
  • David Cooperman's Bar-Mitzvah (63 KB)
    Ellen Podell, Richard Zabell, Richard Heller, Jackie Cooperman,Jill Podell, Uri Heller,Judge Nathan Koplin,Tamar Heller.
  • Emil Greenberg , High Fashion Tailor 1920 (16 KB)
    Emil (Haim Shmuel) Greenberg, High Fashion Tailor in his own tailor shop. Columbus, Ohio. Husband of Fanny Schwartz, 8 children.1920
  • Mike Sue Ableman Family 2005 (61 KB)
    Michael and Susan Stephens Abelman with their children, twins: Emma Esther and Isaac Elijah, and Jonah "J.J." Ableman. Family of Eli and Esther Berman Ableman. Dallas, Texas, 2005
  • David Carol Brownell's Family 1998 (65 KB)
    David and Carol Lee Greenberg Brownell's family in 1998. Grandchildren of Harriet Evanoff and Benjamin Greenberg, son of Fanny-EmilGreenberg. 1998
  • EllenRuthHeller+IrvPodell,wedding (26 KB)
    Jill's parents, Ellen Ruth Heller and Irv Podell getting married in Seattle, Washington 1943, while he was in the US Navy, WW II.
  • Evanoff Family of Harriet Greenberg (15 KB)
    Catherine, Thomas, Rita, Samuel Evanoff. 1926 Pennsylvania, Harriet was one of eight children. She married Ben Greenberg,son of Fanny Schwartz and Emil Greenberg, also one of eight.
  • Podells, Heller, Greenberg Florida (48 KB)
    Jill Podell, Newt Heller, Molly Greenberg, Sara and Irv Podell, Roz. Family dinner in Florida. about 1985
  • Ellie Cohen, Chana, Matz, Ami 2005 (28 KB)
    Ellie Cohen, Chana Schneiderman, Matz Lamdan, Ami Lamdan at family gathering in honor of Ellie's visit to Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. May 2005
  • Ellie's Visit to Brother Matz 2005 Postcard (67 KB)
    Postcard of Ellie Lerner Cohen's visit to her brother Matz (aka Marvin Lerner) Lamdan and his family in Kibbutz Urim, Israel. May, 2005
  • Sara, Jill and Sam Podell 1960 (61 KB)
    Sara and Sam Podell, proud parents with Rhonda Jill Podell, daughter of Ellen Ruth "Babe" Heller and Irvin Kolonial Podell. 1960
  • Ethan, Debbie, Scott, Hannah Ableman (33 KB)
    Ethan Eli Ableman, mom, Debbie Shrager, father, Scott Ableman, sister, Hannah Ableman. Family of Jenny Schwartz and Harry Ableman, Eli and Esther Berman Ableman, Mike, Renee. 2005
  • Greenberg Brothers 1944 (5 KB)
    The three Greenberg brothers during WW ll in Cleveland at Sam's Gas Station: Sammy, Davy in US Navy, and Benny in US Army. World War ll. 1944
  • Jill's children and Yonina 1999 (40 KB)
    Yonina Lamdan with Emmaline and Marshall Liederman, Jill's children in Coconut Creek, Florida in 1999.
  • Eva Greenberg Stanley 1953 (9 KB)
    Eva Greenberg Stanley with nieces, Marsha and Trudy Stearns,daughters of Betty Stearns. Marsha Heller.daughter of Ida Heller. Cleveland. abt.1953
  • Jenny Schwartz Ableman + Scott + Michael 1964-5 (24 KB)
    Jenny Schwartz, wife of Harry Ableman, mother of Molly, Mimi, Eli, Charlotte Ableman, grandmother of Eli and Esther's twins: Scott (l) and Michael (r) Ableman. Columbus,OH. 1965
  • Lerner Clan Engagement Ketover 1967 (26 KB)
    Engagement party of Harriette Tolin and Kenneth Ketover. LERNER CLAN celebrating NYC. Weiss, Glatstein, Lerner, Blitzman, Klein, Tolin, Ketover, Lener, Glicksman, Herbstman, Cohen, Beckman, Neckarman.1967
  • Danny and Emil Horwitz 1947 (72 KB)
    Danny and Emil Horwitz, the two sons of Sally Greenberg and Leonard Horwitz. Cleveland about 1947
  • Greenberg Sisters (16 KB)
    Sally Horwitz, Molly Greenberg, Eve Stanley, Betty Stearns, Ida Heller.....five daughters of Fanny and Emil Greenberg. abt. 1955
  • Greenberg. Becky, Sammy, Idy 1920 (48 KB)
    Greenberg siblings: Becky, Sammy, Idy : The first three of eight born to Fanny Schwartz and Emil Greenberg, Columbus, Ohio. 1920
  • Wagner Family Beth, Lilly, Nick (13 KB)
    Wagner family, night of birth of first-born, Lillian Bowen Wagner, daughter of Nicholas Wagner and Beth Cooperman. Descendants of Wagner, Cooperman, Heller, Zabell families. 06 03 06
  • Sam, Flo, Ronnie, Bubbles Greenberg (8 KB)
    Sammy and Florence Greenberg with children, Ronnie and Beverly "Bubbles". Cleveland, Ohio. 1945 Offspring of Fanny Schwartz + Emil Greenberg
  • Ben David Greenberg with Cousin, "Sonny" Harris (38 KB)
    Cousins at Greenberg Harris Reunion 1938. Mansfield, Ohio. Ben and David Greenberg with "Sonny" Conrad Harris, son of Sam and Kitty Harris. Descendants of siblings, Emil and Adele Greenberg.
  • Shani Yahud Family with Erna 2003 (38 KB)
    Shani Lamdan Yahud with Erna (from Holland), Shachar, Reut, Rotem at Pesach Seder. Yahud home, Kibbutz Urim. 2003
  • Matthew and Meredith Ketover 2005 (8 KB)
    Matthew Ketover, son of Brad Ketover and wife, Samantha Barr. Cousin Meredith Sarah Kessler, daughter of Robyn Ketover and Daniel Kessler. Both families live in Colorado. Lerner descendant
  • Greenbergs Hellers at Yaacov's wedding 2005 (45 KB)
    Greenbergs and Hellers reuniting at wedding of Yaacov Heller to Sue Rogoff Mochtak, Florida, Uri, Marsha,Jing,Josh,Natalie, Shirley Jackie, Beth,Greenbergs, Zabells, Hellers. April 17, 2005
  • Arthur Kerdemann's Letter to Yonina 2002 (129 KB)
    FTM Source letter testament by Arthur Tilles Kerdemann from San Mateo, California, to Yonina Lamdan, Israel. 2002
  • Rose Freeman + Gerianne Greenberg Scimenes' Family (31 KB)
    Rose Freeman Greenberg Warren, first wife of David Greenberg Greene, with descendants:Elizabeth and Aron, Alana, Guy and wife, Guy's daughter, CoraLee, Geriane Greenberg Scimenes. 1999
  • David and Sherry Attride Family (25 KB)
    David and Sherry Attride with two sons,Kevin and Timothy. David is grandson of Ruth Weidenthal, for whom he did his genealogical research:/Weidenthal-Tilles-Heller. 2003
  • Rose Freeman Greenberg Warren (34 KB)
    Rose Freeman, first wife of David Greenberg, mother of Michael, Adriane, Alana, Gerianne.Married to Warren, second husband.
  • Carl and Ruth Weidenthal Broemel (54 KB)
    Carl and Ruth Weidenthal Broemel, grandparents of David Attride. abt. 1980. Cleveland, Ohio
  • Steven, Lisa, Laurie Braverman (30 KB)
    Steven, Lisa, Laurie Braverman, children of Charlotte Ableman and her husband, Jerry Braverman. Dayton, Ohio. 2000
  • Braverman, Laurie, Lisa, Michael... (30 KB)
    Laurie, Lisa Braverman, Michael Ableman, Noel, Anna Dickson.....Ableman families at Jennifer's Bat Mitzvah. Descendants of Harry & Jenny Schwartz Ableman.
  • Molly Greenberg + Ami Lamdan (33 KB)
    Molly Greenberg, with sister Ida Heller's grandson Ami Lamdan in Florida. abt. 1983 Molly and Lou Greenberg,parents of Bobby, Barbara, Emily in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Charlotte Ableman (47 KB)
    Charlotte Ableman Braverman, wife of Jerry Braverman, parents of Steven, Lisa, Laurie. Daughter of Jenny Schwartz and Harry Ableman, youngest sister of Molly, Mimi, Eli Ableman. 1995
  • Ida Heller:Lifetime Member 1960 (62 KB)
    Ida Greenberg Heller: Lifetime member of Hadassah. 1960
  • Molly and Lou Greenberg, Florida (16 KB)
    Molly and Lou Greenberg, parents of Bobby, Barbara and Emily, Grandparents of Eric Strattan and siblings..... in Florida about 1960.
  • Savta Ida Heller 1987 (48 KB)
    Savta Ida Greenberg Heller in Kibbutz Urim, 1987 Negev, Israel. Her home her last 23 years. Great grandma of Lamdans, Melchiors, Yahuds.
  • Karen Strattan Jack Devine 1985 (63 KB)
    Karen, daughter of Joanne and Bobby Greenberg Strattan, marrying Jack Devine on August 3, 1985.
  • Savta Ida Heller 1987 (48 KB)
    Savta Ida Greenberg Heller in Kibbutz Urim, 1987 Negev, Israel. Her home her last 23years. Great grandma of Lamdans, Melchiors, Yahuds.
  • Stearns, Heller cousins (35 KB)
    Trudy Stearns, Laura and Eric Eslinger, Marsha Stearns Sinzheimer, Marsha Heller and Yonina Heller Lamdan at Marsha's for Thanksgiving. Offspring of Fanny Emil Greenberg. Leonia, 1999
  • Hunter Martin Cohen, Jon, Meredith (34 KB)
    Jonathan Scott Cohen and wife, Meredith Heather Cohen holding newborn baby Hunter Martin Cohen. Colorado, USA. Grandson of Ellie Marty Cohen, Iris David Cohen. June 6, 2006
  • Marsha Husband ,Ron Sinzheimer, Cousin,Yaacov 1993 (97 KB)
    Ron Sinzheimer, wife, Marsha Stearns, daughter of Betty and Al, with cousin , Yaacov Heller, son of Ida and Joe. Nantucket . Ron's plane...1993
  • Katie wedding Asa Owen 2006 (2 KB)
    Katie Brownell marrying Asa Owen in Florida. Daughter of Carol Lee Greenberg and David Frank Brownell, sister of Richard, Robert, Mike,and Danny Brownell.Grddtr Ben Harriet G.
  • Betty Stearns (12 KB)
    Betty (Rebecca Greenberg) Stearns, daughter of Fanny and Emil Greenberg, wife of Al Stearns, mother of Stephen, Marsha ,Trudy Stearns. 1935
  • Orenstein Family (40 KB)
    Shimon Orenstein Family.....wife Shonnie Ben-Dovid , daughter, Rena, son-in-law, Steve Pechter, son, Ron Orenstein. Silberman-Schneiderman-Orenstein connection.California, abt. 1984
  • Harriet, Ben and daughter, Carol Lee Greenberg (37 KB)
    Harriet Evanoff Greenberg with husband, Ben Greenberg and daughter, Carol Lee Greenberg Brownell at wedding of Yaacov and Sue Heller. Parents, sister Lori Emil GreenbeApril 17, 2005
  • Emmaline Hailey Zarin Podell (46 KB)
    "Emmy".....daughter of Jeff and Jill Podell Liederman, sister of Marshall......descendants of Zlatta Blitz Hirschorn and Marshall Heller, Irv and Ellen Ruth Heller Podell. 2006
  • Julius Sussman, Jewish Legion. cousin of Aaron Sch (52 KB)
    Julius Sussman, Corporal in Jewish Legion of British Army during World War l, in Egypt and Palestine. Baltimore Sun article 1965
  • Marshall Aubrey Scott Podell (42 KB)
    Marshall Aubrey Scott Podell, son of Jill Podell and Jeffrey Liederman, brother of Emmaline Hailey Zarin Liederman, descendant of Ellen Ruth Heller and Irvin Kolonial Podell. 2006
  • Tilles-Heller-Lerner Map Galicia (AKA Ukraine) (68 KB)
    Map of Eastern Galicia - Birthplace of families: Tilles, Heller, Lerner!
  • Emil Robert and Wei Li Quan 2005 (54 KB)
    Emil Robert Greenberg and wife, Wei Li Quan and daughter Kathryn Mattie Greenberg. Collage of family with grandpa, Ben Greenberg and sons of Carol Lee. courtesy of Carol Brownell. 2005
  • Bobby and Barbara Greenberg 1938 (43 KB)
    Bobby and Barbara Greenberg, children of Molly and Lou, future father ,and aunt of Eric,Brian, Keith,Karen ,Gail Strattan. Cleveland, Ohio. 1938 1939.
  • Brownell Family (24 KB)
    Katie, Dan, Mike, Rene Jaden, Bob, Baby Melissa, Tanner, Suzanne, Rick Sierra Brownell family together in Georgia. 2006 Descendants of Carol and Dave Brownell Ben Harriet Greenberg
  • Eric Strattan Family Dec 2006 (46 KB)
    Strattans December 2006 Eric Marcia (lft to rt) Valerie Anne (21) Alissa (19) Ethan (15) Arianne (23) Descendants of Emil Fanny Greenberg, Bobby Joanne Strattan , James Priscilla Frier
  • Strattan Beginning Five 2002 (56 KB)
    The five Strattan Kids, in order of age: Eric, Brian, Karen, Keith, Gail of Robert and Joanne Strattan. Greenberg offspring. 2002
  • Family of Paul/Patricia Meny 2005 (68 KB)
    Family of Paul and Patricia Meny celebrating 3rd birthday of Etai. Amit, Etai Nathan, Paul, Pattty . Children of Dani Miryam Lamdan, Yisrael Nellie Wohlman. Beersheva, Israel 2005
  • Keith and Teresa Strattan Family 2002 (42 KB)
    Ryan, Tasia,Teresa, Derik Keith, Kysa, Chad, Drew Strattan...Offspring of Molly and Lou Greenberg, Emil and Fanny Greenberg. 2002
  • Amit Melchior Bar Mitzvah Yated 2006 (45 KB)
    Amit Melchior, son of Yael Lamdan Eli Melchior, brother of Na'amah and Idan Melchior, grandson of Yonina Matz Lamdan, Chaya MeirMelchior,Bar Mitzvah at Yated, Negev, Israel.20
  • Joanne and Robert Strattan Grandparents 2002 (58 KB)
    Grandma Joanne and Robert"Bobby"Greenberg, with all their grandchildren at reunion, Centennial Farm. Perry, Michigan. 2002
  • Jing Josh Marantz Family 2007 (59 KB)
    Jing Joshua Marantz family.....Keisha, Ethan Bojun and Ryan Marantz. Descendants of Ida Joe Heller, Marsha Heller, Paul Marantz, Ma Wang. Boston USA 2007
  • Ned and Mildred Schwartz (35 KB)
    Ned and Mildred Schneiderman Schwartz at cousin Eleanor's daughter, Susan Cohen's wedding to Barry Lichtenstein. Florida 1999.
  • Marsha Heller, Joshua Jing Marantz 2005 (25 KB)
    Marsha Heller with her son, Joshua Marantz and his wife, Jing Wang, at wedding of Yaacov Heller and Susan Rogoff Mochtak. April 17, 2005
  • Phyllis Sontag Visiting Cousin Matz Lamdan (32 KB)
    Phyllis Sontag, daughter of Bernie and Julie Sontag, visiting cousin Matz (Marvin Lerner) Lamdan and family at Kibbutz Urim,Israel. 1965
  • Zlatta Blitz Heller + Yosef Lamdan (35 KB)
    Zlatta Blitz Heller with new-born great-grandson, Yosef Lamdan, son of Yonina (Joanne Heller) and Matz Lerner Lamdan. Kibbutz Urim. 1963
  • Joseph, siblings, mother Zlatta Heller SS Rotterda (52 KB)
    Ellis Island document of passengers on SS Rotterdam to US. Zlatta Blitz Heller and children, Joseph, Newton, Jacob, Hannah. May 30, 1920
  • Heller Forefathers, Grzymalov 1900 (30 KB)
    Wedding portrait of Zlatta Blitz Hirschorn and Marshall Michael Heller with his mother, Elsa and young sister, Clara. abt. 1900
  • Joseph Heller Ida Greenberg 1927 (31 KB)
    Joe Heller and Ida Greenberg both studied at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. After their marriage they moved to Cleveland. 1927
  • Hellers' Hardware Store (25 KB)
    Hellers' Hardware Store - West 25th and Bridge in Cleveland, Ohio. Family retail hardware store. After Marshall died, run by Zlatta and Joe, name was changed from Marshall Heller's Hardware to Hellers' Hardware Storeand Electrical Appliances.1958
  • Ida, Hannah, Ellen Ruth, Joanne Heller (38 KB)
    Heller Girls in front of home on Franklin Ave. Cleveland, Ohio: Ida Greenberg, Hannah, Joanne Phyllis, Ellen Ruth Heller. 1934
  • Joe Heller +daughter Joanne Heller AKA Yonina 1958 (15 KB)
    Joseph Benjamin Heller with oldest daughter, Joanne Phyllis Heller (Yonina Lamdan) on his first visit to Israel to meet her family. 1958
  • Hellers, Zabells in Akron 1953 (28 KB)
    Jack, Marsha Heller (Joe's),Newt's twin(Richard or Robert),Jackie(Jacqueline), Richard Zabell (Hannah's) Heller Offspring in Akron, Ohio. 1953
  • Joe Heller and grandson Dani Lamdan 1960 (40 KB)
    Joseph Benjamin Heller and first grandson, Daniel Tzvi Lamdan, on Joe's visit to Israel. 1960
  • Harriet, Ben and daughter, Carol Lee Greenberg (37 KB)
    Harriet Evanoff Greenberg with husband, Ben Greenberg and daughter, Carol Lee Greenberg Brownell at wedding of Yaacov and Sue Heller. Parents, sister Lori Emil GreenbeApril 17, 2005
  • David Adam Cooperman (38 KB)
    David Adam Cooperman, graduating from Medical School. Son of Jacqueline Myra Zabell and Avram Cooperman, brother of Jeffrey Harold and Beth Cooperman. Descendant of Heller
  • Zabell, Heller, Podell Families 1947 (20 KB)
    Family gathering:Grandma Zlatta Blitz Heller, Ellen Ruth Heller and husband, Irv Podell, Hannah and Harry, Jacqueline and Richard Zabell, Newt Heller. Cleveland, Ohio.About 1950
  • Lilly Wagner, One Year Old 2007 (26 KB)
    Lilly Wagner, daughter of Beth and Nick Wagner, descendant of Heller, Zabell, Wagner, Cooperman.......One Year Old! 2007
  • Ron Heller Grandchildren California (22 KB)
    Ron and Susan Heller's grandchildren in California. 2005. Children of Heidi Niehart: Taylor, Willam, Sara/ Elliot Heller:Elisabeth Emily. Zlatta Marshall Heller, Newt and Mildred's descendants.
  • Hunter Martin Cohen, Jon, Meredith (34 KB)
    Jonathan Scott Cohen and wife, Meredith Heather Cohen holding newborn baby Hunter Martin Cohen. Colorado, USA. Grandson of Ellie Marty Cohen, Iris David Cohen. June 6, 2006
  • Family Affair: Fried Yahel Schneiderman (59 KB)
    Family Affair.Haaretz newspaper article:Yoram Fried Aliza Schneiderman, Naomi Schneiderman Uri Yahel, Chana Meir Schneiderman family. Matar Ofek Carmel Tamar Daniel Israel 2007
  • Chana Meir Schneiderman family (24 KB)
    Sara Weingarten, Alice Aaron Schneiderman, Chana Weingarten Meir Schneiderman, Michael "Mickey" Schneiderman. Herzliya Family. 1955
  • David Adam Cooperman (38 KB)
    David Adam Cooperman Graduate Howard Medical School. Son of Jacqueline Myra Zabell and Avram Cooperman, brother of Jeffrey Harold and Beth Cooperman. Descendant of Heller2001
  • Joanne Phyllis Heller 1930 (28 KB)
    Joanne Phyllis Heller, first born grandchild to Greenbergs and Hellers, to Ida and Joe Heller. Age one.(Later to become Yonina Lamdan)1930
  • Ida Greenberg (14 KB)
    Ida Greenberg, first-born of eight children of Fanny Schwartz and Emil Greenberg, Columbus, Ohio. (Later to marry Joseph B. Heller) 1922
  • Heller Reunion in Urim 1984 (56 KB)
    Newton D.Heller, Jill Podell, Joanne (Dick's wife), Ida Heller, Yonina (Joanne Phyllis), Shani Lamdan, Richard Heller at Reunion in Kibbutz Urim. 1985
  • Yael Lamdan Melchior +Savta Ida Heller (28 KB)
    Yael Lamdan, bride of Eli Melchior at wedding ceremony with her maternal grandmother, Ida Greenberg Heller "Savta Ida". Urim. 1985
  • Ida and Zlatta Heller at Ellie LernerCohen Wedding (40 KB)
    Ida and Zlatta Heller,among family honored guests at wedding of Eleanor Lerner (Matz Lamdan's sister) and Martin D. Cohen in NYC 1959
  • Fanny Schwartz - Emil Greenberg Family 1921 (34 KB)
    Ida Heller's family in 1921:Parents :Fanny Schwartz and Emil Greenberg with first six of eightchildren.Ida,Betty,Sam,Eva,Molly,Sally Greenberg. 1921 Columbus,Ohio.
  • Hellers, 4 Generations in Urim (59 KB)
    Savta Ida Greenberg Heller with daughter, Yonina (Joanne Phyllis Heller, granddaughters, Yael Lamdan, Shirley, Natalie Heller, great-grandchildren,Na'amah Amit Melchior.1993
  • Heller Children: (35 KB)
    Yonina Heller Lamdan, Marsha Jacqueline Heller and Yaacov (Jack) Heller, three offspring of Ida Greenberg and Joseph B. Heller,at Marsha's NJ,USA 1999
  • Lamdans and Blumenfelds Together at Pesach Urim 20 (109 KB)
    Guy Lamdan and extended family: Lamdans and Blumenfelds at Dani, Miriam, Jonathan Lamdan visit at Pesach to Kibbutz Urim...Israel 2007
  • Lee Debra Ami Niv Lamdan (48 KB)
    Lee Lamdan with mother, Debra, father, Ami, brother, Niv Kohen, at Bar Mitzvah party. Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. August 2006
  • Holden and Oliver Cooperman 2006 (25 KB)
    Holden and Oliver Cooperman, first two children of Catharyn Hayne / Jeffrey Harold Cooperman, brothers of Laurel and Griffen. Descendants Heller Zabell Cooperman Hayne 2006
  • Lamdans Visit Family Israel (19 KB)
    Jonathan, Miriam, Dani, Noa Lamdan at vist home in Israel. Descendants of Matz Yonina Lamdan, Bobby Rivka Blumenfeld. Pesach 2007
  • Moti Miriam Michali Dahlia Blumenfeld (18 KB)
    Moti, Miriam, Michali, Dahlia Blumenfeld at Pesach in Maslul. All four of the children of Bobby and Rivka Blumenfeld together in Israel. 2007
  • Noga, Neta, Snir Shapir 2007 (44 KB)
    Noga Mizrahi, Neta and Snir Shapir, family at Pesach at mother Michali's home in Maslul. Descendants of Bobby Rivka Blumenfeld. 2007
  • Harriette Ken Ketover Family (51 KB)
    Harriette and Ken Ketover family get-together in honor of 40th Wedding Anniversary. Robyn, Brad and Craig and their families with KEN and HARRIETTE KETOVER 2007
  • Mika Kohen with Abba , Shalom Kohen (39 KB)
    Mika Kohen Eilon,with her father, Shalom Kohen. Abt. 2000
  • Yael Lamdan Melchior Savta Ida Heller (28 KB)
    Yael Lamdan, bride of Eli Melchior at wedding ceremony with her maternal grandmother, Ida Greenberg Heller "Savta Ida". Urim. 1985
  • Nadlers and Lamdans at Debam Wedding 1990 (31 KB)
    Bina and Buddy Nadler and Yonina and Matz Lamdan, at the wedding of their children, Debra Nadler Kohen and Ami Lamdan. Kibbutz Urim.Negev, Israel 1990
  • Savta Ida Heller's 80th in Jerusalem (58 KB)
    Ida Greenberg Heller's 80th birthday was celebrated at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem,Israel in 1985. Ida cuts the cake with Tova Heller,Shirley,Natalie,Shani Yahud,Yonina.
  • Sheldon Ira Nadler, Rhona, Rachel Nadler (45 KB)
    Sheldon Ira Nadler, brother of Debra and Paul, son of Bina Saltz - Albert "Buddy" Nadler, with Rhona and Rachel, daughters of Sheldon and Susan Foulkes Nadler.
  • Savta Ida Heller's 85th in Kibbutz Urim, Negev,Isr (65 KB)
    Savta Ida Heller celebrated her 85th birthday in Kibbutz Urim in the Negev, her home with her daughter, Yonina Matz Lamdan's family:Shani Yahud,Yael Melchior, Ami Lamdan .
  • Niv Kohen, Art Student 2003 (94 KB)
    Niv Kohen, first-born son of Debra Nadler and Shalom Kohen. Brother of Eitam Kohen, Mika Kohen Eilon and Lee Lamdan. Urim. 2003
  • Lamdan Clan Get-together in Urim 1974 (43 KB)
    Urim families in Clan: Lamdans, Sapirs, Kudlers, Samuelsons, Polacheks, Hadas, 1974
  • Savta Ida's 90th in Kibbutz Urim (44 KB)
    Savta Ida Heller's 90th birthday. Celebration Lamdans, Melchiors, Yahuds in Kibbutz Urim. Great-grandchildren, grandchildren, 1995
  • Debby and Lee Lamdan 1993 (26 KB)
    Debby and Lee Lamdan, Ami's wife and son, Kibbutz Urim, 1993.
  • Ida Greenberg Heller, Great Grandma (34 KB)
    Savta Ida Heller, great grandma to Lamdan, Yahud and Melchior children. Kibbutz Urim, Negev. Her 89th birthday. 1994
  • Orit Mizrachi Mika Kohen 1992 (16 KB)
    Orit Mizrahi and Mika Kohen at Lamdan Affair for Matz Lamdan's sister Ellie Cohen on visit to Urim. 1992
  • Newt Heller in US Army (70 KB)
    Newton David Heller, son of Zlatta Blitz and Marshall Heller, served in the US Army in Europe during the Second World War. 1945
  • Ami Lamdan at the Torah BM 1968 (75 KB)
    Ami Lamdan at his Aliya Latorah in Kibbutz Urim. Negev, Israel. Son of Yonina Heller and Matz Lamdan .1968
  • Mildred and Newt Heller 1952 (17 KB)
    Newton David Heller and his wife, Mildred Rubinstein Heller, mother of four: Ronald, Susan, Richard and Robert Heller. Florida , 1952.
  • Cohen Family 2004 (42 KB)
    Eleanor Lerner Cohen's family: Robin Alan Matthew Kaye, Susan Barry Emma Lichtenstein, Jon and Meredith Cohen. Florida. 2003
  • Heller Offspring 1990 (80 KB)
    Newt Heller's: Richard Charles and Dr.Lisa, Robert Marshall(Uri)Heller, Hannah's: Jackie Cooperman and Richard Zabell, Ellen's :Jill Podell and Jeff Liederman. 1990
  • Kaye, Alan, Robin, Matthew 2004 (31 KB)
    Alan and Robin Cohen Kaye and their son, Matthew Kaye.Florida, USA. 2004 Grandson of Ellie Lerner and Marty Cohen. 2004
  • Zlatta Blitz Heller, Matriarch ofHeller family1950 (21 KB)
    Zlatta Blitz Hirschorn Heller,wife of Marshall Michel Heller, mother of Joseph, Newton, Jacob ,Hannah and Ellen Ruth Heller, holding Newt's twins, Richard Marshall and Robert Charles Heller.
  • Ellie and Marty Cohen's family 1988 (32 KB)
    Martin David and Eleanor Muriel Lerner Cohen with their three children, Susan, Jonathan and Robin Cohen at home in Florida. 1988
  • Newt and three of four grown-up children (63 KB)
    Richard, Susan, Tamar, Newt, Uri (Robert) Heller in Florida about 1985. Offspring of Zlatta and Marshall Heller.
  • Jonathan and Meredith Cohen Wedding (35 KB)
    Meredith Heather Cohen weds Jonathan Scott Cohen in Denver, Colorado. August, 2002 .Son of Martin and Eleanor Muriel Lerner Cohen.
  • Dr. Ronald and Susan Heller + 3 (59 KB)
    Dr. Ronald and Susan Heller and their children, Lyndsey, Heidi, Elliot Heller,live in San Diego, California. They are Newt's and Mildred's children and grandchildren. 1990
  • Dr. Ronald Heller and cousin Yonina (35 KB)
    Dr. Ronald Heller, Newt and Mildred's oldest son, visiting cousin, Yonina (Joanne Heller, daughter of Joe and Ida) in Urim. 1990
  • Susan and Barry Lichtenstein Wedding (55 KB)
    Susan Cohen and Barry Lichtenstein married in Florida in 1999. The Lerner-Schneiderman-Lamdan Clan guests of the wedding.
  • Susan, Jonathan, Robin Cohen 1988 (36 KB)
    Susan Beth Cohen with siblings, Jonathan Scott and Robin Lynn Cohen, the three children of Eleanor Muriel Lerner and Marty David Cohen. Florida, 1988.
  • Max Lerner Family 1948 (43 KB)
    Marvin, Dora, Eleanor, Max Lerner at wedding in New York of Lerner family cousins. 1948
  • Bar-Mitzvah of Jack Tolin NYC 1967 (26 KB)
    Dora, Max, Sonia, Bessie, Paul, Mickey , Harriette/Ken Ketover, Eileen Tolin Jacobs, Loretta Len Klein, Manny Miriam Tolin, Edith, etc. Lerners NYC 1967
  • Newton Heller's Four Children 1985 (62 KB)
    Dr. Uri (Robert) Heller, Dr. Ronald Heller, Richard C. Heller, Susan Heller Busch. 1985
  • Matz and Ellie at Ellis Island 1999 (39 KB)
    Matz (Lerner) Lamdan and sister,Ellie Lerner Cohen tracing roots of Lerner family from Kamenetz-Podolsk. At Ellis Island, 1999
  • Uri, Ida, Talya Heller in Urim 1988 (50 KB)
    Uri (aka Dr. Robert Heller), with aunt Ida Heller and daughter, Talya Heller, on visit to Urim to family of cousin,Yonina Heller Lamdan. 1988
  • Max Lerner at Grandson Dani's Bar Mitzvah (35 KB)
    Max Lerner, father of Matz(Michael) Lamdan, at grandson Daniel Zvi Lamdan's Bar-Mitzvah in Kibbutz Urim. Laizer Blitt and Azarik Argaman,officiating. 1967
  • Uri and Natalie Heller (39 KB)
    Dr. Robert "Uri" Heller and daughter, Natalie, in their home in Chicago. 1999
  • Ketti Koby Yahud 2003 (37 KB)
    Zohar's uncle Koby Yahud with his fiancee, Ketti Maklevsky. At Zohar Yahud's Bat Mitzvah. Urim 2003
  • Lerners and Cohens NY 1959 (28 KB)
    Marty, Ivan and their Cohen parents,: Eleanor "Ellie" and her parents, Dora Schneiderman Lerner and Max Lerner. 1959
  • Yosef Lamdan's FTM 1976 (174 KB)
    YOSEF'S own Family Tree done by his own hand for his Bar-mitzvah in Kibbutz Urim. 1976
  • Prof. Tamar Ron Heller and daughter Natalie (35 KB)
    Professor Tamar Ron Heller, wife of Uri, Dr. Robert Heller and their youngest daughter, Natalie, sister of Talya. At home in Chicago. 1999
  • Lerner-Cohen Wedding Party 1959 (40 KB)
    Martin David Cohen weds Eleanor Muriel Lerner with family - Lerners, Cohens, Glatsteins, Blitzmans, Ida and Zlatta Heller. NY 1959
  • Lamdan, YosefTal wedding, Urim (46 KB)
    YosefTal Lamdan wedding. Erez and Michael Schneiderman guests. Kibbutz Urim. Negev. 1993
  • David Cooperman's BarMitzvah1982 (58 KB)
    Jill, Uri,Tamar, Richard Zabell, Jackie Cooperman,RichardHeller,EllenPodell,Andrew Scribner,Marsha Heller,Bill Scribner, Beth Cooperman
  • Max Lerner + Sisters, Bessie, Sonia (22 KB)
    Max Lerner and sisters, Bessie Lerner Glatstein and Sonia Lerner Blitzman. NYC
  • Arad, Tal and mother, Sylvia Silberschatz Arad (32 KB)
    Tal Arad and mother, Sylvia Silberschatz Arad. Visiting Yonina Matz Lamdans in Urim for dinner. 1989
  • Katie Heller, Richard's daughter 1999 (44 KB)
    Katie Heller, daughter of Dr. Lisa and Richard Heller. Visiting cousin from Israel, Yonina (Joanne Phyllis Heller) Lamdan in Cleveland. 1999
  • Dora Schneiderman and Max Lerner 1928 (24 KB)
    Dora Schneiderman marrying Max Lerner, NYC, 1928.
  • Hannah's Children: Jackie Cooperman Richard Zabell (40 KB)
    Harry and Hannah Heller Zabell's two children, grown-up, Jacqueline Myra Zabell Cooperman and Richard Marshall Zabell. about 1999
  • Tal Arad + Yosef Lamdan at Lake Taos 1990 (75 KB)
    Tal Arad and Yosef Lamdan on first honeymoon - Lake Taos, California. 1990
  • Yonina Matz Lamdan Debby Bina Buddy Nadler (33 KB)
    YoninaMatz Lamdan with daughter-in-law, Debby and her parents, Bina and Buddy(Albert) Nadler, Chicago at home of Yonina's cousin, Uri Heller. 1999
  • Zlatta Heller and Great -Grandson, Yosef (18 KB)
    Yosef Lamdan, Great-grandmother Zlatta Blitz Heller,namesake for Joseph Benjamin Heller: Yosef Lamdan . Brith Mila 1963, Tractor in 1965.
  • Beth Cooperman and Nick Wagner Wed (6 KB)
    Beth Heller Cooperman, daughter of Jacqueline Myra Zabell and Dr. Avram Cooperman, marrying Nicholas Paul Wagner in WashingtonD.C.August 29, 2003
  • Matz Lamdan + cousin Loretta Len Klein 1999 (47 KB)
    Matz Lamdan visiting cousin Loretta Glatstein and husband Leonard Klein in Long Island. Lerner cousins grown-up......1999
  • Yosef Lamdan's Bar Mitzvah (42 KB)
    Yosef Lamdan with family at Bar Mitzvah celebration. Sabba Max Lerner, Yonina Matz, Daniel, Ami, Yael, Shani Lamdan. Urim. 1976
  • Yael Lamdan, bride of Eli Melchior (29 KB)
    Yael Lamdan, bride, of Eli Melchior, at wedding with sister, Shani Lamdan Yahud and her first-born son, Shahar Yahud. Urim. 1985
  • Yosef Lamdan with Eli Kudler at Tom's Brith Mila (36 KB)
    Yosef Lamdan and cousin (via Chana Weingarten Schneiderman) Eli Kudler at Brith Mila of Yosef and Tal Arad Lamdan's first-born, Tom Lamdan. Kibbutz Urim, 1994
  • Jeff and siblings, Beth, David Cooperman 1997 (57 KB)
    Jeff, Beth and David Cooperman, three children of Jacqueline Myra Zabell and Dr. Avram Cooperman.
  • Lamdan-Melchior Wedding Urim 1984 (83 KB)
    Lamdan clan at Yael Lamdan's wedding to Eli Melchior. Kibbutz Urim, 1984.
  • Tal Arad and Yosef Lamdan 1991 (26 KB)
    Tal and Yosef on way back to Kibbutz Urim, Israel, after marriage in California. 1991
  • Jeff's Bar-Mitzvah family guests (74 KB)
    Zabells, Coopermans, Scribners and Hellers at Jeffrey Cooperman's Bar Mitzvah. 1980
  • Yael Lamdan Melchior 2002 (32 KB)
    Yael Lamdan Melchior, wife of Eli Melchior, mother of Na'amah, Idan, Amit, daughter of Matz and Yonina Lamdan. At Bar Mitzvah of son, Idan Melchior. Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel.2002
  • Yosef Lamdan, Sea Commando 1982 (25 KB)
    Yosef Lamdan, Sea Commando, IDF. 1982 Youngest of Yonina Heller-Matz Lamdan's five children. Israel
  • Yosef with Abba and brothers (21 KB)
    Matz Lamdan with three sons: Daniel Zvi , Ami with Yosef on shoulders. Kibbutz Urim. 1966
  • Yonina Heller Matz Lamdan Wedding Canopy (35 KB)
    Yonina Heller and Matz Lerner under wedding canopy in Kibbutz Urim,Negev, Israel. Hupa. Meir Schneiderman, cousin. May 28,1953
  • Lamdans Arads at Dinner (34 KB)
    Tal and Sylvia Arad, Savta Ida Heller, Matz, Yo, Ami Lamdan, Manny Paul. Kibbutz Urim. 1991
  • Starting five: Lamdan Dani,Ami,Yael,Shani,Yosef (50 KB)
    Starting Five Lamdans: Daniel Tzvi, Ami, Yael, Shani, Yosef Lamdan. Children of Yonina and Matz Lamdan. Kibbutz Urim.Negev.Israel.1967
  • Lamdans at Rotem Yahud's BarMitzvah (37 KB)
    Sabba Matz Lamdan, Ami, Yael ,Amit Melchior at Aliya Latorah of Rotem Yahud, son of Shani Lamdan. Nes Tziona, Israel. January 15,2004
  • Kibbutz Urim Silo (20 KB)
    Silo of Kibbutz Urim....Symbol of Lamdan Family in Israel: Clan Lerner, Schneiderman,Greenberg, Heller, Blumenfeld, Sapir, Melchior, Yahud, Kudler,Mizrahi, Arad. Photo by Yonina Lamdan
  • Lamdan Melchior Yahud Families (39 KB)
    Rotem Yahud Bar Mitzvah. Yahud, Melchior, Lamdan families celebrating in Nes Tziona.Israel 2004
  • Yosef Lamdan, Outstanding Reserve Soldier (48 KB)
    Yosef Lamdan, Outstanding Reserve Soldier, with family after ceremony. Wife, Tal Arad Lamdan, son,Tom, mother,Yonina Lamdan. 1999
  • Schneiderman Wedding Bet Herut (37 KB)
    Schneiderman guests at Michael and Riva's wedding in Bet Herut: Tzipora Gheier and Aaron Schneiderman, Doris Schneiderman Sass, Julie Schneiderman Sontag,Yonina Matz Lamdan family. 1971
  • Yosef Lamdan's Bar Mitzvah Family 1976 (59 KB)
    Yosef Lamdan, Bar Mitzvah. Family portrait in back yard. Urim. Sabba Max Lerner, Shani, Dani, Ami, Yael, Yonina Matz Lamdan. 1976
  • Lerner Forefathers (32 KB)
    Lerner Forefathers: Rachel Fishman and Isadore Lerner. NYC Parents of Bessie and Sonia, father of Rose,Max, Sam, Louis,Harry, Bessie, Sonia . abt. 1920
  • Heller,Koplin, Lamdan Urim Wedding (41 KB)
    Hannah Heller Zabell and second husband, Judge Nathan Koplin, Ida Greenberg Heller, Yonina Matz at wedding of Dani Lamdan + Miriam Blumenfeld.Kibbutz Urim.Negev, Israel. 1979
  • Na'amah Melchior at Rotem's Bar Mitzvah. 2004 (42 KB)
    Na'amah Melchior, Riva and Chana Schneiderman, Matz Lamdan, at Bar Mitzvah Picnic in Eshkol Park of Rotem Yahud. 16 01 04
  • Lamdans in Kibbutz Urim 1967 (21 KB)
    Lamdan, Matz with his and Yonina's three sons: Dani, Ami and Yosef, on Ami's shoulders. Kibbutz Urim. Negev, Israel.1967
  • Lamdan Siblings, Na'amah's Bat Mitzvah (37 KB)
    Yael, Miriam, Dani, Shani...Lamdan Blumenfeld,,Yahud, Melchiors at Bat Mitzvah of Na'amah Chana Melchior. Urim. 1999
  • Yosef, Tal, Sylvia Arad, Tom Lamdan (36 KB)
    Yosef Lamdan , wife, Tal Arad, her mother, Sylvia Arad, first son, Tom Lamdan. Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. 1994
  • Lamdan Shana Tova Yehonathan's BM 1997 (85 KB)
    Yonina Matz grandson ,Yehonathan Lamdan's Bar-Mitzvah family picture - as Shana Tova 1997.
  • Savta Ida Heller's 90th Birthday (55 KB)
    Lamdan Clan in Kibbutz Urim celebrating Savta Ida Greenberg Heller's 90th birthday. Lamdans, Melchiors, Yahuds, Four Generations. 1995
  • Yael-Eli's Bar Mitzvah Reception 2002 (38 KB)
    Yael-Eli's Backyard Reception for Idan's Bar-Mitzvah celebration. Kibbutz Urim, Negev. Zingers, Melchiors, July 4, 2002.
  • Yonina Heller Matz Lamdan 1953 (21 KB)
    Yonina Heller and Michael Matz Lamdan, about to be married. Israel 1953
  • Carl Broemel, Painter (42 KB)
    Carl Broemel, husband of Ruth Weidenthal, grandfather of David Attride. Carl was an acclaimed artist in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 1980
  • Weidenthal Family 1905 (61 KB)
    Weidenthal Family in Cleveland, Ohio. 1905 Connected through Dr. Clarence and Anne Tilles Weidenthal to Heller family.
  • Idan Melchior at the Torah 2002 (38 KB)
    Idan Melchior "Going Up to the Torah" on his Bar-Mitzvah at Tekumah Synagogue, Negev. July 4, 2002.
  • Idan and father, Eli Melchior, tefilin (42 KB)
    Idan and father, Eli Melchior putting on tefilin at Bar-Mitzvah of Idan in Tekumah Synagogue, Negev, 2002.
  • Tom Lamdan on Darbuka 2003 (48 KB)
    Tom Lamdan, son of Tal and Yosef, playing on Darbuka at Sabba Matz-Savta Yonina's home Kibbutz Urim.Negev, Israel. 2003
  • Matz Lamdan and Ellie Cohen 1990 (37 KB)
    Dora and Max Lerner's two children, grown-up parents of families, Matz (Marvin Lerner) Lamdan Ellie Lerner Cohen.. Florida, 1990
  • Melchior Family Performance 2002 (38 KB)
    Melchior family performing at Idan's Bar Mitzvah celebration: Back yard of Yael-Eli Melchior, Kibbutz Urim. Negev, Israel. 2002
  • YoninaMatz Lamdan 1999 (34 KB)
    YoninaMatz Lamdan traveling Amtrak USA . On trip to family, Florida, Washington, Cleveland, Chicago, New Jersey, NY. 1999
  • Chana, Michael and Meir Schneiderman (25 KB)
    Aaron and Alice Schneiderman's only son, his wife, Chana (Annette Weingarten) and their son, Michael (Mickey) in Herzliya in 1952.
  • Yael and Daughter, Na'amah Melchior (18 KB)
    Na'amah Chana Melchior and mother, Yael Lamdan Melchior, 2002. Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel.
  • Stearns Heller cousins 1999 (36 KB)
    Cousins, Trudy and Marsha Stearns (daughters of Betty Greenberg and Al Stearns) and Yonina and Marsha Heller (daughters of Ida Greenberg and Joe Heller). Thanksgiving.1999
  • Sylvia Arad, Mother of the Bride, Tal. 1992 (29 KB)
    Sylvia Silberschatz Arad, mother of Tal Arad, bride of Yosef Lamdan at their wedding in Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. 1992
  • Alice Gershowitz Schneiderman1958 (35 KB)
    Alice Gershowitz Schneiderman, wife of Aaron Schneiderman. Lifelong Zionist and teacher, mother of Meir, who came to Israel in 1947 to make her home in Herzliya, near her son & his family. 11958
  • Dr. Zvi Melchior, Idan's Bar Mitzvah 2002 (43 KB)
    Dr.Zvi Melchior, brother of Eli and David, son of Meir and Chaya, husband of Miriam Bruckner, father of six, at nephew Idan's Bar Mitzvah. 2002
  • Marsha's Thanksgiving 1999 (45 KB)
    Marsha Heller's son, Joshua Marantz and Jing Wang with Jackie Cooperman, Shirley Heller, Jonathan and Dani Lamdan. Thanksgiving.1999
  • Tom Guy Birthday at S'deh Nitzan 2003 (46 KB)
    Sabba Matz, Ami Lamdan, Amit + Idan Melchior, guests at YosefTal's home in S'deh Nitzan.Tom Guy's birthday party. Negev, Israel. May 31 2003
  • Schneiderman Forefathers (33 KB)
    Schneiderman Grandparents: Michael Max Schneiderman and Frume Leah Jacobs. Parents of Fanny,Aaron,Louis,Harry,Dora Schneiderman.
  • Miriam and Zvika Melchior Family 2002 (57 KB)
    Miriam and Zvika Melchior their six children, from Kiryat Shmonah:Netanel,Chananel,Tzuriel, Galya, Aviel, Asael. Idan Melchior's BarMitzvah.
  • Schneidermans and Lamdans 1967 (40 KB)
    Meir and Chana Schneiderman's family visiting Matz and Yonina Lamdan's family in Kibbutz Urim. 1967
  • Tal Arad Lamdan and others at Yonina's Exhibit (38 KB)
    Tal, Tom, Guy Lamdan, friends Nurit Tal, Dani, Avi Zinger, Avidans and other guests at opening of Yonina's art exhibit.2003
  • Yael Lamdan Eli Melchior Wedding (67 KB)
    Yael Lamdan and Eli Melchior under wedding chupa at Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. With Chaya Shtetner Melchior. 1984
  • Lamdan Ladies at Yosef Tal's wedding (39 KB)
    Ida Heller, Miriam Silberschatz, Sylvia Arad, Yael, Miriam, Shani, Yonina, Na'amah, Debby, Noa, Zohar at Yosef Tal's wedding. Urim. 1993
  • Yosef and daughter, Maya Lamdan (62 KB)
    Yosef Lamdan, daughter, Maya, at Picnic in Park Eshkol, Negev, Israel. Celebration of Bar Mitzvah of Rotem Yahud, son of Shani. 16 01 04
  • Riva Silberman Weds Michael Schneiderman (29 KB)
    Riva,daughter Bella Shochet Aaron Silberman, weds Michael Schneiderman, son of Meir Chana Weingarten Schneiderman.Bet Herut 1971
  • Melchior Family at Idan's Bar Mitzvah (66 KB)
    The Melchior family performing at Idan's Bar Mitzvah celebration in Kibbutz Urim. July 4, 2002. Na'amah, Amit, Yael, Eli and Idan Melchior.
  • Matz with Sister,Ellie, Nieces ROOTS 1992 (50 KB)
    Matz Lerner Lamdan sister, Eleanor Lerner Cohen her daughters, Robin and Susan Cohen, searching for ROOTS in Diaspora House. Israel.
  • Maya Lamdan, cousin Zohar Yahud 2003 (32 KB)
    Maya Lamdan and cousin, Zohar Yahud at Opening of Savta Yonina's exhibit. Ashkelon, Israel. 2003
  • Family of bride, Orly Dor Lev-Ran (34 KB)
    Naomi Michaeli, Aaron Silberman, Orly, Chana Schneiderman, Dor Lev-Ran. Grandparents, bride and groom.Wedding Orly+Dor 2003
  • Chaya Shtetner Melchior + grandson, Amit Melchior (40 KB)
    Chaya Shtetner Melchior : brith mila of grandson Amit Melchior, youngest son of her youngest son, Eli -Yael Lamdan Melchior. Wife of Meir Melchior.1993
  • Sabba Matz Lamdan + Grandchildren 1992 (35 KB)
    SabbaMatz Lamdan + Grandchildren:Noa,Jonathan Lamdan,Shahar,Reut,Zohar,Rotem Yahud,Idan,Na'amah Melchior,Eitam Cohen. Urim 1992
  • Aunt Bessie Lerner Glatstein Matz Lamdan (21 KB)
    Aunt Bessie Lerner Glatstein with visiting nephew Matz Lamdan (aka Marvin Lerner)from Israel, in her apartment in Brooklyn. 1990
  • Yonina Matz Lamdan Family 2003 (29 KB)
    Yonina Matz Lamdan Family in Kibbutz Urim. Miriam,Dani,Noa, Debby,Ami,Lee, Yael, Amit, Shani, Rotem, Yosef Lamdan. 2003
  • Eli Kudler, Kibbutz Urim 1997 (1 KB)
    Eli Kudler, cousin of Chana Weingarten Schneiderman, husband of Tova Polachek Kudler.Father of Carmit, Nirit, Yochai Kudler. Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. 1997
  • Tom Lee Rotem Amit - Lamdan cousins 2002 (45 KB)
    Lamdan cousins on observation tower in Eshkol Park. 9th Birthday outing of Lee Lamdan and all the family in Urim. 2002
  • Schneiderman Clan 2000 (48 KB)
    Schneiderman-Yahel-Fried-Heiliger-Shemla families together. Three Generations in Israel. Chana Schneiderman's Clan. abt. 2000
  • Yael ,Na'amah, Eli Melchior. 1st birthday 1987 (45 KB)
    Yael Lamdan, husband, Eli Melchior, first-born, daughter, Na'amah Chana Melchior, First birthday. Kibbutz Urim. 1987
  • Schneiderman Lev-Ran Wedding Family (43 KB)
    Orly,bride,DorLev-Ran,groom,parents Ruth, Michael Riva Schneiderman,grandmother,Chana Omer, Erez+wife,Yael, Jacqueline Shemla.2003
  • Lamdans Leonia Chanukkah 1999 (47 KB)
    Dani Miryam Lamdans' Chanukkah party in Leonia,NJ.1999 Miriam, Dani,Yonina Matz Lamdan, Finky,Vivien,Ariel Mizrahi,Noa,Doris Shyer Sass.
  • Yitzchak Aka Itzik Spiro (28 KB)
    Yitzchak Spiro, husband ofChana Landau,Krakow, Poland. Father of Sara Spiro Weingarten, grandfather of Chana 1902.
  • Schneiderman Cousins Tamar Na'amah Carmel 2003 (30 KB)
    Schneiderman Cousins in Israel....Tamar Yahel, Na'amah Melchior, Carmel Fried.....Urim Pool Summer of 2003
  • Miriam Dani's Wedding Family 1979 (37 KB)
    Miriam Blumenfeld ,bride,with family and groom, Dani Lamdan, with family:Gerstenhaber, Hellers, Lamdans, Blumenfelds, Cooper, Mizrahi. 1979
  • Tom Lamdan, Soccer on the Lawn (39 KB)
    Tom Lamdan, 9 years old, on lawn of home in S'deh Nitzan, Negev. Birthday Party. 2003
  • Miriam Dani LamdanFamily 1997 (40 KB)
    Dani Miriam Lamdan Family at son,Yehonathan's Bar Mitzvah in Kibbutz Urim. Noa, Yehonathan, Paul Manny. 1997
  • YosefTal Lamdan Family, Maya's 3rd birthday 2003 (33 KB)
    Yosef Tal Lamdan family celebrating Maya's 3rd birthday in Urim Pre-School Nursery. Tal,Tom,Maya,Guy,Yosef Lamdan. 2003
  • Bobby Rivka Blumenfeld, Miryam's Parents (41 KB)
    Miryam Blumenfeld's parents: Rivka Goldmintz and Bobby Blumenfeld at their beginnings in Toronto, Detroit, Creamridge. 1947-1949
  • Chana Schneiderman and family (47 KB)
    Matar Fried, Yosef Sonn, Chana Schneiderman, Ofek Fried, Tamar Yahel and Carmel Fried. Four granddaughters of Chana and Yosef. abt.1999
  • Hellers at Aunt Yonina's with Na'amah 2003 (44 KB)
    Na'amah Melchior, Liat Heller Yoffe, Natalie Heller, Shira Yoffe on Yonina Lamdan's lap, Shirley Heller. 3 generations of Hellers.Urim.2003
  • Marsha Heller, Oboist (40 KB)
    Marsha Heller, Oboist. Flyer for concert at Carnegie Hall in NYC. about 1980. Daughter of Ida Greenberg-Joseph B. Heller. Mother of Joshua Marantz.
  • Orly Schneiderman Dor Lev_Ran Wed (40 KB)
    Orly Schneiderman, daughter of Riva and Michael Schneiderman marries Dor Lev-Ran, son of Ruth and Yigael Lev-Ran.June 19,2003
  • Blumenfeld Clan in Urim 1994 (50 KB)
    Blumenfeld Clan in Urim: Rivka,Menashe Klipper, OritMizrachi,Dahlia,Peter,Orin,TamarGerstenhaber, Miryam,Dani,Yehonatan,NoaLamdan,Michali,Ariel, Noga Mizrachi, Adi Blumenfeld. 1994
  • Paul, Marsha , son Joshua Marantz 1964 (18 KB)
    Paul Marantz and wife, Marsha Heller with their new-born son, Joshua Marantz. Grandson of Mildred Sam Marantz, Ida Joe Heller. NY 1963
  • Schneidermans - Younger Generation (57 KB)
    Schneiderman Younger Generation at Reunion at Ellie Marty Cohen's in Florida. Kaufman, Cohen, Sass, Sontag, Klein, Schwartz 1995
  • Melchior Family 1996 (39 KB)
    Melchior Family: Na'amah, Abba, Eli, Ima, Yael Lamdan, brothers, Idan, Amit Melchior. Kibbutz Urim. 1996
  • Lamdans Performing Yehonathan's BM 1997 (35 KB)
    Five Lamdan siblings performing at Yehonathan Lamdan's Bar Mitzvah in Kibbutz Urim.Dani, Yael, Ami, Shani, Yosef Lamdan with Tom Lamdan and Amit Melchior. 1997
  • Marsha Heller, Artist (53 KB)
    Marsha Heller with one of her paintings in solo exhibit at Leonia Library, NJ. 1999
  • Schneiderman Cousins 1990 (32 KB)
    Schneiderman cousins reunion at Ellie Lerner Cohen's home. Matz Lerner Lamdan, Bea Klein Kaufman, Julie Klein Sontag. Florida. 1990
  • Melchiors, Meir, Chaya, Na'amah, Yael (53 KB)
    Melchior family in Urim. Meir Yankel Kopel Melchior wife, Chaya Shtetner Melchior, granddaughter, Na'amah Chana Melchior,daughter-in-law Yael Lamdan. 1987
  • Miryam,Dani,Noa Lamdan NJ 2002 (45 KB)
    Dani Miryam Blumenfeld Lamdan with daughter, Noa, at home in Tenafly, NJ. 2002
  • Marsha Heller's Thanksgiving 1999 (36 KB)
    Hellers,Sinzheimers, Marantz, Coopermans, Lamdans at Marsha and Bill's for Thanksgiving dinner in Leonia, NJ. 1999
  • Melchior Family from Kiryat Shmonah (43 KB)
    Dr. Zvi and Miriam Bruckner Melchior's family at Idan Melchior's Bar Mitzvah. Kibbutz Urim.Negev,,,Netanel,Chananel,Tzuriel,Aviel, Galia, Asael Melchior. 2002
  • Loretta's and Matz' Girls. Long Island 1999 (30 KB)
    Lerner cousins: Loretta Klein and Matz Lamdan's daughters and daughters-in-law and granddaughters at home of Randi Ira Schwartz. Long Island. 1999
  • Bobby Blumenfeld 1972 (33 KB)
    Bobby(Albert) Blumenfeld, husband of Rivka Goldmintz, father of Dahlia, Michali, Miryam, Moti Blumenfled. Photo by Tzvi Siegel. 1972
  • Gail, Lauren, Kerry Cooper 2001 (65 KB)
    Lauren and parents, Kerry and Gail Strattan Cooper. Offspring of Emil/Fanny Greenberg, Molly/Lou Greenberg, Robert Greenberg/Joanne Strattan."Season's Greetings 2003"
  • Yosef Tal Lamdan 2004 (49 KB)
    Yosef and wife, Tal Arad Lamdan, at family Pesach seder at home of brother, Ami and wife, Debby Lamdans'. Kibbutz Urim. Israel. 2004
  • Scribner, Lamdan, Cooperman (32 KB)
    Bill Scribner hosting Jackie and BethCooperman, Yonina Lamdan.....Heller family relatives of his wife, Marsha Heller. Leonia, NJ . 1999
  • Eli and Tova Kudler 1998 (34 KB)
    Tova and Eli Kudler on trip to Europe. 1998. Parents of Nirit and Carmit (twins) and Yochai Kudler. Members of Kibbutz Urim. (Weingarten Schneiderman connection to Lamdan Clan.)
  • Liat, Shira, Yiftach Yoffe 2004 (1 KB)
    Shira,Yiftach and Liat Heller Yoffe family. Granddaughter of Tova Elephant and Yaacov Heller. Israel Independence Day. 2004
  • Shani Lamdan + Doron Yahud Wedding 1980 (67 KB)
    Shani Lamdan, bride,and Doron Yahud, groom. Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. 1980
  • Hellers Together in Florida (41 KB)
    Heller get-together in Florida: Yaacov (Jack), Natalie, Marsha, with cousin Jill Podell and her children, Marshall and Emmaline Liederman. 1998
  • Tova Polachek Kudler and family 2002 (26 KB)
    Tova Polachek, wife of Eli Kudler z"l, with her family: twins: Nirit and Carmit, her husband, Oren and son, Ravid, Yochai Kudler,Lee Topaz.2002
  • Heller Lerner Family at Torah 2004 (43 KB)
    Dr. Barry Heller, Jill Lerner Heller, Bar Mitzvah boy Eli Daniel Heller, Grandma Muriel Rosenblatt Lerner, Grandpa Paul Pinchas Lerner. CA.2004
  • Yahud Family Outing (88 KB)
    Shani Doron Family Outing in Nature. Shani, Doron, Shahar, Reut, Zohar, Rotem Yahud. 1995
  • Rita Goldmintz, Bride of Bobby. 1947 (34 KB)
    Rita Goldmintz (aka "Rivke") bride of Albert aka"Bobby"Blumenfeld, about to be married in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 1947
  • Joshua and Jing Marantz 1999 (30 KB)
    Joshua Marantz and betrothed, Jing Wang, at Mother, Marsha Heller's Thanksgiving Family Dinner. Leonia, NJ. 1999
  • Omri, Sagi, Osnat Samuelson 2003 (33 KB)
    Omri, Israeli Air Force pilot, his brother, Sagi and wife, Osnat Simani Samuelson 2003. Kibbutz Urim, Negev. Israel.Children of Lynn Jordan and Leonard "Sammy" Samuelson.
  • Shani Yahud Family with Erna 2003 (38 KB)
    Shani Lamdan Yahud with Erna (from Holland), Shahar, Reut, Rotem at Pesach Seder. Yahud home, Kibbutz Urim. 2003
  • Peter Gerstenhaber, Matz Lamdan (33 KB)
    Peter Gerstenhaber, husband of Dahlia Blumenfeld, and Matz Lamdan at opening of Yonina's exhibit in Ashkelon. Dahlia Photographer. "Other Days". 2003
  • Marsha Heller, Grandma Greenberg " Mom",family (24 KB)
    Marsha Jacqueline Heller, cousins, Trudy, Marsha Stearns, Aunts Eva, Betty, Grandma Greenberg, Momma Ida Heller. abt. 1953
  • "Sammy" Leonard and Omri Samuelson (33 KB)
    Leonard "Sammy" Samuelson ,son, Omri, pilot in Israeli Air Force. Wife: Lynn Jordan, sons, Sagi, Amitai. Polachek,Kudler Weingarten conection. Kibbutz Urim. Negev. Israel. 2003
  • Zohar, Shani, Rotem Yahud (42 KB)
    Zohar and Rotem Yahud on Kibbutz trip with their mother, Shani Lamdan. 2000
  • Grandma Marsha + Marantz Family (47 KB)
    Marsha Heller with her son, Joshua Marantz' family in Boston. Josh, Jing, Kaesha. 2001
  • Molly, Barry, Eli, Jill Heller 2004 (30 KB)
    Molly Rose, dad,Dr. Barry , Eli, Daniel, mom, Jill Lerner Heller, at Eli's Bar Mitzvah. California, May 2004.
  • Lamdans at Schneidermans (67 KB)
    Lamdans in Bet Herut attending Bar Mitzvah of Shai Silberman, son of Bella Shochet and Aaron Silberman,brother of Riva Schneiderman. 1972
  • Muriel and Paul Lerner's Family 1982 (32 KB)
    Muriel and Paul Lerner's family at daughter's wedding: to Dr. Barry Heller: Jill with siblings, Brian, Ilene, Parents: Muriel, Paul "Pinnie". 1982
  • Buncel Family Australia 2004 (44 KB)
    Yona and Esther Shtetner Buncel, with children, David and Rachel, and Rachel's son, Michael Lustig (plus family friends). Chaya Shtetner Melchior's sister, Aunt Esther Shtener Buncel relatives.2004
  • Ami Lamdan, groom, with Matz Lamdan , father 1990 (34 KB)
    Ami Lamdan, groom of Debra Nadler Cohen, with his father, Matz Michael Lerner Lamdan, Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. 1990
  • Jill Lerner Weds Dr. Barry Heller 1982 (32 KB)
    Muriel and Paul Lerner's daughter, Jill Lerner weds Dr. Barry Heller. NY 1982 Granddaughter of Sam and Rose Beckman Lerner.
  • Matz' Grandsons Reut, Shahar,Yehonathan (30 KB)
    Matz Lamdan's grandsons out on his big tractor at Hag Habikkurim in Kibbutz Urim. Reut and Shahar Yahud, Yehonathan Lamdan. 1989
  • Ami Lamdan, Sea Commando 1975 (27 KB)
    Ami Lamdan, Sea Commando, IDF. Israel. Son of Yonina Heller Matz Lamdan. Second of five children. 1975
  • Jack Heller, brother of Joseph, 1920 (21 KB)
    Jacob "Jack" Heller, son of Marshall and Zlatta Heller, brother of Joe,Newt,Hannah,EllenRuth. Yaacov "Jack" Heller was named in his honor. 1920
  • Debby Nadler Kohen Lamdan,Hostess, Pesach 1995 (32 KB)
    Pesach at Debby Ami Lamdan's home. Seder, Debby lighting candles. Mika Kohen, Sylvia Silberschatz Arad, Ami Lamdan. Urim. 1995
  • Heller and Melchior Offspring (39 KB)
    Yonina Lamdan's grandchildren, Na'amah, Idan Melchior with Yaacov Heller's Natalie, Shirley, Liat and her daughter, Shira Heller Yoffe. 2003
  • Shani, Zohar and Yael 2003 (55 KB)
    Zohar and Shani Yahud, Yael Melchior at outing of Lamdan family for Lee Lamdan's 10th birthday. February. 2003
  • Ami and son, Lee Lamdan 1994 (47 KB)
    Ami Lamdan with son, Lee Lamdan, at Dead Sea on family outing with all the Lamdan clan. 1994
  • Ami Lamdan with Cohen cousins 1992 (50 KB)
    Ami Lamdan with cousins, daughters of Ellie Lerner and Marty Cohen: Robin and Susan. Urim. 1992
  • Yosef Tal Lamdan -"LeHaim!" 2004 (46 KB)
    Yosef Tal Arad Lamdan....Drinking "LeHaim" at celebration . Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. 2004 Parents of Tom, Guy, Maya Lamdan.
  • Lerner Family Wedding 1950 BRINIE WEISS (44 KB)
    Lerner Family gathering at wedding in NYC. Sonia and Louis, Max and Dora, Ellie , Bessie Benny, Miriam Manny Loretta Edie, Gerry Harry Julia Lener Hymie Claire Weiss, Harry Weiss, father of the bride, Brinie, groom Bernie Herbstman, Charaiza aka Rose Beckman Lerner, Rachel Fishman Lerner, Elsie Dave Glicksman Anna Harold Rebecca "Becky" Weiss,etc. 1950
  • Boaz Sapir Family 2004 (38 KB)
    Guy, Noa, Shani, Sue, Roni, Boaz Sapir, home in Kibbutz S'deh Boker, Israel. Offspring of Malka Pinchasi & Mordechai Sapir, Judy John Staid.2004
  • Yosef and Tal Arad Lamdan 2004 (35 KB)
    Yosef and wife, Tal Arad Lamdan. At surprise for Yonina Lamdan's 75th. Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. August 2004
  • Liat and Savta Ida Heller Urim 1985 (43 KB)
    Savta Ida Heller with granddaughter, Liat, daughter of Tova Elephant Geller Heller and Yaacov Jack Heller. In Kibbutz Urim. 1985
  • Charles Tilles and Rose Heller Tilles (41 KB)
    Charles Tilles and wife, Rose Heller Tilles, Cleveland, Ohio. Both emigrated Kalaharovka, Ukraine. Parents of Sam Tilles and Anne Tilles Weidenthal.Grandparents of Dr.Dan Weidenthal.
  • Yahud Family (50 KB)
    Dani and Mary Yahud's offspring at grandson,Rotem's Brith Mila at Urim. Tzofi, Ezra, Rachel, Koby, Shani and Doron's children and cousins. 1991
  • Boaz, Sue, Shani Sapir 2003 (32 KB)
    Boaz Sapir, son of Malka Mordechai Sapir, wife Sue Staid, daughter of Judy John Staid, Shani Sapir, youngest of four. Kibbutz S'deh Boker.
  • Tal, Mika Eilon Lee Lamdan 2002 (31 KB)
    Tal and wife, Mika Kohen Eilon, with brother, Lee Lamdan at his 9th birthday party outing. Park Eshkol. February 2002
  • Yiftach, Shirley, Shira, Natalie 2003 (8 KB)
    Yiftach Yoffe, Shirley Heller, Shira Heller Yoffe, Natalie Heller. Liat's family: husband, sisters, daughter. Tel Aviv, Israel. 2003
  • Rotem Yahud Bar Mitzvah 15 01 04 (39 KB)
    Rotem Yahud, Aliya Latorah, Nes Tziona. Family Sabba Matz, Ima Shani, Uncle Ami,Savta Yonina, Zohar,Reut Shahar. 15 01 2004
  • Shyer and Doris at Lamdans, Leonia (25 KB)
    Shyer, Doris Sass, Ellie Cohen, Yonina Lamdan with Miriam Lamdan at her home in Leonia, NJ. 1999
  • Dr. Dan Weidenthal, Kerdemann Cousins (35 KB)
    Dr. Daniel Weidenthal, cousin Dr. Debra Kerdeman Tarshes, Arthur Kerdemann, cousin of Hellers, Tilles, Weidenthal, Horovitz/Gorovitch. San Francisco, USA 1991
  • Uncle Koby, Aunt Rachel, Shahar Yahud (41 KB)
    Shahar Yahud with aunt Rachel and uncle, Koby Yahud, sister and brother of father, Doron. Shani's first of four children. Kibbutz Urim. 1983
  • Mika's Families Eilon,Kohen,Lamdan (32 KB)
    Mika's families: Tal Eilon husband, mother, Debby, Ami,Lee Lamdan, Mika,Niv,Eitam Kohen.2000
  • Liat, Shira, Shirley, Natalie, Na'amah 2003 (37 KB)
    Heller girls in Israel with cousin,Na'amahMelchior in Urim: Shira,Liat Yoffe,Shirley,Natalie Heller. 2003 Offspring of Marshall-Zlatta Heller.
  • Schneidermans back in Bronx 1999 (31 KB)
    Doris Schneiderman Sass, Michael Matz (Lerner) Lamdan and Ellie Lerner Cohen back in the Bronx, in front of their old childhood home. 1999
  • Four Generations:Levitt, Saltz Nadler,Kohen (46 KB)
    Mika Kohen with mother, Debra Nadler Kohen Lamdan, Grandmother, Bina Saltz Nadler and Great-grandmother, Minnie Levitt 1998
  • Yaacov Heller, Artist (13 KB)
    Yaacov Heller, son of Ida Greenberg and Joseph Benjamin Heller. Artist, with new bronze sculpture: Floss in Bronze. Florida 2002
  • Doris Schneiderman + Shyer Sass Wed (25 KB)
    Wedding portrait of Shyer Sass and bride, Doris Schneiderman. NYC 1948
  • Zohar, Rotem, Savta Yonina (40 KB)
    Grandchildren with Savta Yonina Lamdan at her Red Camel Statue: Zohar and Rotem Yahud, Tom Lamdan, Amit Melchior 2000
  • Doris and Shyer Sass 1999 (50 KB)
    Shyer and Doris Schneiderman Sass at cousin Eleanor Lerner's daughter, Susan Beth Cohen and her Barry Lichtenstein's wedding. 1999.
  • Shani Lamdan Yahud Family (41 KB)
    Shani Lamdan Yahud and children: Zohar, Shahar, Rotem, Reut Yahud at wedding of Doron's brother, Koby and Keti Yahud. 2003
  • Cohen Grandparents Mika, Eitam, Niv Kohen (45 KB)
    Sabba Yekutiel and Savta Aviva Cohen with the three children of Debby and Shalom Kohen: Mika, Eitam, Niv Kohen. Kibbutz Urim. 1982
  • Yaacov Jack Heller and family Urim 1984 (77 KB)
    Ida and Joe Heller's son, Jack, Yaacov Heller with his wife, Tova and their three daughters, Liat,Natalie,Shirley at Yael Eli Melchior wedding.
  • Noa Vaturi (32 KB)
    Noa Vaturi, daughter of Rachel Yahud and Haim Vaturi, at wedding of uncle Koby Yahud and Keti Makelvsky. 2003
  • Niv, Eitam, Lee, Mika February 2002 (40 KB)
    Niv,Eitam,Mika Kohen with brother, Lee Lamdan at his 9th birthday outing, Urim.February, 2002.
  • Lamdan Family Outing to Dead Sea 1995 (34 KB)
    Ami, Lee and all of Lamdan family on outing to Dead Sea. Mitzpeh Zohar. Desert of Judah, on way to Sea. Lamdan family in full.1995
  • Ami and Debby Lamdan Wedding 1990 (24 KB)
    Debra Nadler Kohen wedding to Ami Lamdan. Her children: Mika, Niv, Eitam Kohen. Kibbutz Urim, Negev, Israel. 1990

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