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The Taylor & Lanza family trees of PA, W.Va. OH, & Wis.

Updated September 17, 2005

Carol M. Lanza

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This is my family history of my Taylor/Horner family, and my husband's Lanza/Meier family and all names connected.

Carol's main surnames are:
(Father's side) Taylor, Dennis, White, Fife,
*Connected surnames are: McMannis, Herron, Hughes, McKuhn, Harrer
(Mother's side) Horner, Jackson, Sims, Baker, Essick, Miller, White, Romine & Todd
*Connected surnames are: King, Flesher, Cain, Marshall, Miner, Conley, Davis & Parsons.

David's main surnames are:
(Father's side) Lanza, Gurecio, Gustafson, Johnson,
*Connected surnames are: Cangemi, Coco, Manna, Clark & Hauch

(Mother's side) Meier, Cassel, Noland, Payne, Thompson, Rees, Marheine, Mohrhoff, Falikowski, Tohm, Bosse, Peter, Achilies, Fricke & Herwig
* Connected surnames are: Gilmore, Rhody, Johnson, Olson, Salverson, Risberg, Evans, Levine, Harrold & Allen and many more.

There are many more to add but you can find them in the descendant charts below or E-mail me, and if you don't find your surname in the descendant charts, please E-mail me and I will upload the right genealogy report for that surname. I'm limited to 5 at one time.

Carol's family came from Ireland, England, & Germany. The Taylors went to the Pittsburgh, PA area from Ireland in the late 1800s,the Dennis from Germany.

The Horners, Jacksons, Millers, Cains, & Whites, can be found in the West Virginia panhandle about 1850 to 1900 and then to Washington County, PA, some born in PA.

The Sims, King, Romine,& Conley, names can be found in the Lewis County, Calhoun County,& Clay County, W.Va. area and Moundsville areas of West Virginia about 1820 to 1920.

My family includes Revolutionary War Soldiers, two Civil War Soldiers, many World War II veterans and Viet Nam veterans. Sims now going back to early 1700's in Philadelphia, PA.

The Bakers and Essicks were found in the Hopewell/Independence Twps. of Washington County, PA. They both seemed to have come from eastern PA. Whites are on both sides of my family. Some from PA and others from the West Virginia panhandle. The Millers and Whites from the Marshall Co. W.VA. area.

Fife family is from Scotland and is the name of my grandmother's first husband. I have information on his family going back to 1720 in Scotland. They settled in Upper St. Clair, PA, near Pittsburgh, PA. William and John Fife were the first to buy land and settle in the now Upper St. Clair Twp. of Allegheny County, PA. Both served in the Revolutionary War and many family members did also and also the Civil War. My father's half sister's family.

My husband, David's family, came from Sicily, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, Prussia, & England. This makes our children real Heinz 57!! My husband's grandpa Joseph Lanza was a World War I veteran. His father a World War II veteran.
David's Lanza side is from Compo Felice, Sicily to the Pittsburgh, PA area and Gustafsons' from Sweden to the Pittsburgh area also.

His mother's Meier side, which includes the Marheine, Mohrhoff, Fricke, Peter, Bosse, Achilies, Falikowski, Cassel, Thompson, Payne, Rees & Noland, came mostly from Germany and Prussia, some are of English origin and the Marheine's, can be traced back to the 1640's!!! In this branch there were several Civil War soldiers also including a Meier and a Marheine serving in the Wisconsin Infantry, a lot of World War I veterans including Edward Meier, my husband's grandfather, and many, many others and many World War II veterans.

The Nolands, Paynes, Cassels, Rees & Thompsons came from PA before moving to OHIO and then some to Iowa & then to Wisconsin and Washington state.
This is a work in progress. I will be adding more as I find my branches and place them on my tree. Starting with only about 300 people in my tree, my tree now has more than 3400 people!!! Many are surnames connected directly but some are an extention of my family to members of in-law's families.

Family Photos

  • Ida Etta Horner (92 KB)
    Sister of Melvin Horner, daughter of Obediah and Arra Belle Baker Horner. She died young, age 20.
  • Bernice Eliza Sims Horner, taken about 1910 (118 KB)
    This is my grandmother, Bernice Sims Horner. She married Melvin Edward Horner in 1915. Her parents were Ruth Elizabeth Jane White and Newton Gilbert Sims.
  • Obediah & Arra Bell Baker Horner (48 KB)
    Taken about 1910 at their home in Washington Co. PA. Obediah and Arra Bell are my gr-grandparents.
  • Melvin & Bernice Sims Horner on their wedding day (164 KB)
    This was taken after they got married at Niagara Falls. They were married on November 4, 1915 at the Jefferson Ave. United Methodist Church, Washington, PA.
  • Thelma Horner Taylor, My Mother (81 KB)
    Taken on September 23, 1989, on her 50th Wedding Anniversary, Washington, PA.
  • Albert Taylor on his 90th Birthday, 2002 (89 KB)
    Taken at Imperial Nursing Home, Warren, OH. He never thought he would get to 75 years old!!
  • Thelma & Bernard Horner, abt. 1920 (23 KB)
    My mother & her older brother Bernard when they were little. Aren't they "cute"!
  • Albert Taylor with some of his family 2002 (44 KB)
    Albert Taylor with daughters Betty, left, and Carol, middle, son-in-law, (Carol's husband) David Lanza Sr., and Grandson, Joseph Lanza, in back.
  • Eliza Miller White (26 KB)
    This is the mother of Ruth Elizabeth Jane, Margaret Ellen, Benjamin Franklin, & William Morgan White of Marshall Co. W.Va. Eliza's husband Alexander White was killed in Winchester, Va. during the Civil War.
  • Grandpap Horner, Carol Taylor & Mary Jane Horner (29 KB)
    Melvin (Grandpap) Horner holding "ME", Carol Taylor and on the blanket is my cousin, Mary Jane Horner. She is one year older than me. She is the daughter of Bernard Horner, my mother's brother.
  • Albert Taylor with grandsons David Jr. & Joseph (85 KB)
    Albert, age 89, with David Jr. and Joseph Lanza in 2001
  • Tombstone of Newton Gilbert Sims (213 KB)
    This is in the Carpenter Cemetery, Orma, Calhoun Co. W.Va. He was born March 7, 1845 in Jane Lew, Lewis Co. W.Va. and died November 30, 1919 in Orma, Calhoun Co., W. Va. He is the father of Bernice Eliza Sims and William Alexander Sims. (With second wife Ruth Elizabeth Jane White) Also had a daughter Mary Susan Sims Conley with his first wife, Margaret Hall, and a son, Fred Sims and daughter Icie Sims Davis with his third wife, Arizona Schoolcraft from Calhoun County, WV.
  • Horner Family (60 KB)
    From right, Ellis Marian Horner, my uncle, Melvin Edward Horner, my grandfather, Thelma Horner, my mother, Bernice Eliza Sims Horner, my grandmother; the others I'm not sure about but I think the old man on the left is Will Sims, my great Uncle. Taken about 1935.
  • Connie Cassel & Sister Grace & Neice & Nephew (673 KB)
    From Left: Connie Cassel/Meier, Lyone Rooney, Grace Cassel/Weir & Ethel Rooney. Lyone and Ethel are another sister, Ruby's children. Sent to me by Katherine Goodman, related to Alice Cassel, Connie, Ruby & Grace's Aunt. My guess is that the picture was taken about 1918 in Wisconsin.
  • Benjamin Franklin White (21 KB)
    Benjamin is a son of Alexander and Eliza Miller White. He was born Dec. 26, 1853 in Marshall Co., W. Va.
  • Sam & Shirley Lanza, 1999 (39 KB)
    This is my husband's parents, Sam & Shirley Lanza, taken Dec. 1999.
  • Ellis Marian Horner (497 KB)
    My Uncle Ellis, my mother's youngest brother, served in the U.S. Army. He was the father of two children and died in 1980.
  • Margaret Ellen White and James Cain (20 KB)
    James and Margaret White Cain were married Jan. 11, 1880 in Marshall Co., WV. They were the parents of 5 daughters.
  • Albert Taylor, 1998 (57 KB)
    Taken at the Nursing Home in Masury, OH in 1998. This was taken the year after we lost my mother, Thelma.
  • Tombstone of Emma Dennis Hughes (36 KB)
    Emma is buried in the Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg, PA. She is a sister of my grandmother Jessie Dennis/Fife/Taylor. She married Curt Hughes.
  • William Morgan & Viola Jackson White (25 KB)
    They married abt. 1889 in Marshall Co. W.Va. and lived in Wetzel Co. W.Va. They were the parents of three children.
  • Joseph Lee Lanza & his children (495 KB)
    This is my husband's grandfather with his four children about 1940. From left: Louis Lanza, Joseph Lee Lanza, Lena Lanza, Samuel Lanza (David's father) and Charles Lanza.
  • Horner Tombstone, Claysville Cemetery, Wash,.PA (111 KB)
    This is the tombstone of my Horner family. It is in the Claysville Cemetery, Rt. 40, Claysville, Washington County, PA. Names on the Stone are: O.M.(Obediah), Arra Bell, & Ida Etta Horner. Also buried in the Horner plot: Ella Horner, Daughter; Melvin E. Horner, son; Bernice Eliza Sims Horner, daughter-in-law; Elmer Hathaway, son-in-law;& Mary Thompson Horner, 1st wife of Bernard Horner, grandson.
  • Frances Malissa Dennis McMannis (139 KB)
    Frances, a sister of my grandmother, Jessie Dennis Fife Taylor, and the wife of William McMannis. She and her family lived in Carnegie, PA. This picture was sent to be by a relative of the McMannis family. It was a black and white photocopy that was very poor quality.
  • Newton Sims & Ruth White Sims & children (68 KB)
    Newton Gilbert Sims with 2nd wife, Ruth Elizabeth Jane White/Sims, my gr-grandmother, and their children; William Alexander Sims and Bernice Eliza Sims/Horner, my grandmother. Taken about 1896, just a few years before Newton took off and left his family.
  • Edward Gustav Meier (64 KB)
    Second from right with glasses. My husband's grandfather, his mother's father.
  • Karl Albert Meier Family 1902 in Wisconsin (91 KB)
    At their home in Spirit, Price Co., Wisconsin Front: Edward, Gertrude, Minnie, John Back: George, Leonard, Emma holding Roy, Ellen, Karl Albert, Fred & Albert
  • David, Carol & sons David Jr. & Joseph (112 KB)
    This was taken in our home in 2002. From left, David Lanza Sr., Joseph age (now) 16, Carol, & David Jr. (now) 24.
  • Peters Twp. United Presbyterian Church (120 KB)
    The old church as it looked in 1950 and before and in the background the house that all 7 of the Taylor children were born in from 1903 until 1914.
  • Samuel Edward Lanza Sr. (142 KB)
    Samuel Edward Lanza Sr. was about 18 in this picture. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII. He married Shirley Joyce Meier in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1946 and they had 7 children. Their son David is my husband.
  • Albert & Thelma Horner Taylor's wedding day (131 KB)
    This is Albert and Thelma on their wedding day, September 23, 1939. They were married at the Jefferson Ave. United Methodist Church, Washington, PA.
  • Siegfried Meier with 2 sons & 8 grandsons in 1909 (105 KB)
    Back: Grandsons; Albert, John, Edward, George, Fred, Leonard Front: Hank/Henry (Siegfried's son), Roy, Siegfried (with canes), Karl Albert (Siegfried's son), and Carl
  • Albert & Thelma Taylor 2 wks. after they married (122 KB)
    Taken near Marianna, PA two weeks after they married on September 23, 1939.
  • Karl Albert & Emma Meier family in 1909 (96 KB)
    From left: Albert, Roy, Fred, John, George, Edward, Leonard, Karl Albert, Carl, Emma, Ellen, Minnie, Emma, Gertrude (Their last child, Henry was not born until 1910)
  • Melvin Edward Horner (95 KB)
    This was taken about 1900 when Melvin was about 19 years old. This is my grandfather. Melvin married Bernice Sims and they had three children: Bernard, Thelma & Ellis Horner. Melvin was born in Wellsburg, W.Va. but lived most of his life in Washington County, PA.
  • William Charles Taylor's tombstone (2535 KB)
    Taken about 2002. Brush Run Cemetery, Peters Twp., Washington Co., PA.
  • Karl Albert & Emma Marheine Meier family abt. 1914 (89 KB)
    Back: Minnie, Edward, Leonard, John, George, Gertrude, Ellen, Roy, Fred, Emma, Albert Front: Emma (Mother), Carl (taller boy), Henry, & Karl Albert (Father)
  • Edward Perrin Baker (83 KB)
    He is my gr-gr-grandfather & the father of Arra Belle Baker Horner. He married Elizabeth Essick. I believe this picture was taken about 1850 to 1855.
  • Obediah Marshall Horner (132 KB)
    This is my gr-grandfather. He was born in Wellsburg, WV and lived there until about 1900 when he moved to Washington Co., PA where he remained. His wife was Arra Bell Baker.
  • Frederick Henry Marheine - Civil War (65 KB)
    Frederick Henry Marheine; Co. C 53rd Wisconsin Infantry Wounded at Little Rock, Arkansas, lost sight in right eye.
  • Elizabeth Essick Baker (78 KB)
    This is the wife of Edward Perrin Baker and the mother of Arra Belle Baker Horner.
  • Arra Bell Baker Horner abt. 1910 (123 KB)
    This is my gr-grandmother. She was born in Washington County, (Hopewell or Independence Twps.) and married Obediah Marshall Horner from Brooke Co., WV. They lived in Washington Co., PA.
  • Karl Albert & Emma Meier 1914 (28 KB)
    Emma Marheine Meier & Karl Albert Meier taken about 1914
  • Ella Horner (95 KB)
    Parents were Obediah & Arra Belle Baker Horner and brother Melvin and sisters, Stella Mae & Ida Etta Horner. Ella never married.
  • Arra Bell Baker Horner & Elizabeth Essick Baker (28 KB)
    Arra Bell is my gr-grandmother and Elizabeth is her mother, my gr-gr-grandmother. This was taken in the yard of the house that Arra Bell and Obediah lived in, Canton Twp., Washington County, PA.
  • Albert and Thelma Horner Taylor (125 KB)
    At Cooper Place about 1949.
  • Stella Mae Horner Hathaway (114 KB)
    Stella (Mae) is the daughter of Obediah & Arra Belle Baker Horner. She married Elmer Hathaway.
  • David & Carol's 25th Wedding Anniversary (74 KB)
    Taken January 9, 2005 at the ceremony renewing our wedding vows. We were married January 8, 1980 in Washington, PA. We were re-married on our anniversary at our church, Maranatha Church, Cortland, Ohio.
  • My Grandpap Horner & "Me" (50 KB)
    This is Melvin Edward Horner and me, his granddaughter, Carol Taylor. Taken about 1957
  • William Alexander Sims, Born 1882 (76 KB)
    This is my great uncle Will. He was a brother of my grandmother, Bernice Eliza Sims Horner. He was born March 13, 1882 in Marshall Co., WV and married Harriet Ethel Gantz in 1909. He died March 14, 1965 in Upper Sandusky, OH.

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