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Descendants of THOMAS BUTTOLPH

      233. Simeon6 Holcomb II (Simeon5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) He married Belinda Andrews April 04, 1799, daughter of Ashahel Andrews and Pheobe Slater. She was born January 12, 1781.

More About Simeon Holcomb II:
Fact 1: Order of children must be incorrect, Schuyler being one of the first.
Children of Simeon Holcomb and Belinda Andrews are:
  633 i.   Loovin7 Holcomb.
  634 ii.   Perry Holcomb.
  635 iii.   Miranda Holcomb.
  636 iv.   James Holcomb.
  637 v.   Eveline Holcomb.
  638 vi.   Ann Holcomb.
+ 639 vii.   Schuyler Holcomb, born 1800; died 1870.
  640 viii.   Newton Holcomb, died 1869. He married Jane Patterson Andrews.
  641 ix.   George Holcomb.
  642 x.   William Holcomb.
  643 xi.   Wesley Holcomb.
  644 xii.   Wilson Holcomb.

      234. Alvin T.6 Holcomb (Ezra5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) He married Mary Mather.
Children of Alvin Holcomb and Mary Mather are:
+ 645 i.   Vincent7 Holcomb, Dr., born February 05, 1795 in North Granby, Hartford County, CT; died September 1863 in West Granville, Hampden County, MA.
  646 ii.   Child Holcomb, born Abt. 1807; died May 18, 1813 in Probably Interred Granby Center Cemetery, Plot Unknown; age 6 yrs, ch/o Alvin.

      237. Heman6 Holcomb (Ezekiel5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born September 06, 1776.
Child of Heman Holcomb is:
  647 i.   Child7 Holcomb, born Abt. June 1799 in Possibly child; listed s/o Heman Holcomb; died April 29, 1801 in Probably Interred Granby Center Cemetery, Granby CT, Plot Unknown, age 1 y 10 m.

      239. James Alderman6 Holcomb (Ezekiel5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born April 18, 1782, and died April 15, 1851. He married Dorcas Trumbull October 11, 1804. She was born January 23, 1785, and died September 02, 1871.

Notes for James Alderman Holcomb:
"..."his (Ezekiel's) first son, James Alderman Holcomb, was the son of his second wife, Jemima Griffin, widow of James Alderman." -- Carol Laun, The Holcomb Collection, SBHS Collection VI, 1998, p.1
Child of James Holcomb and Dorcas Trumbull is:
+ 648 i.   James T.7 Holcomb, born August 01, 1807; died March 25, 1865 in Rollersville, Sandusky County, OH.

      240. Phares6 Holcomb (Ezekiel5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born January 20, 1785. He married Hannah Unknown.

Notes for Phares Holcomb:
According to McPherson, Phares lived at Belchertown, Hampshire Co. and at Ludlow, Hampden Co., Mass from 1814 to 1850.

Child of Phares Holcomb and Hannah Unknown is:
  649 i.   Reuben7 Holcomb, born Abt. 1818 in Massachusetts. He married Nancy Unknown.
  Notes for Reuben Holcomb:
McPherson notes that Reuben is recorded in the 1870 Census of Streator, LaSalle Co., IL as a laborer.

      242. Almon6 Holcomb (Jedediah5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born June 09, 1772 in Simsbury, Hartford County, CT. He married Lucinda Knowlton.
Child of Almon Holcomb and Lucinda Knowlton is:
+ 650 i.   Henry Brown7 Holcomb, born 1813 in Ohio.

      243. Jeddediah6 Holcomb II (Jedediah5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born 1767, and died 1800. He married Mary Lydia Hoskins. She was born 1770, and died 1820.
Child of Jeddediah Holcomb and Mary Hoskins is:
  651 i.   Mary7 Holcomb, born 1799; died 1879. She married Benjamin Beach 1821.

      245. Selah6 Holcomb (Eli5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born September 04, 1767. He married Sarah Wilcox 1790 in (Resided Cedarville, Herkimer County, NY; Children cited in Weir).
Children of Selah Holcomb and Sarah Wilcox are:
  652 i.   Irving Truman7 Holcomb. He married Phebe Unknown.
  653 ii.   Albein Holcomb. He married Elizabeth Thomas.
  More About Albein Holcomb:
Occupation: Gunsmith, invented the globe sight.

  654 iii.   Philura Holcomb. She married Silas Raymond.
  655 iv.   Sarah Holcomb. She married Steven Crosby.

      246. Truman H.6 Holcomb (Eli5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born August 16, 1769, and died 1848. He married (1) Seba Bannon 1793. He married (2) Lydia Ladd 1811.

More About Truman H. Holcomb:
Residence: Removed to Bradford, PA
Children of Truman Holcomb and Seba Bannon are:
  656 i.   Eli7 Holcomb, born 1794. He married Harriet Bailey 1819.
  657 ii.   Seba Holcomb, born 1796. She married (1) James Burk 1817. She married (2) William Scott 1835.
+ 658 iii.   Lucy B. Holcomb, born 1798; died 1855.
  659 iv.   Samuel Holcomb, born 1800. He married Maria Alexander.
  660 v.   Alfred Holcomb, born 1802; died 1889. She married Amnda Simmons 1829.
  661 vi.   Minerva Holcomb, born 1804. She married Welden Gallup.
  662 vii.   Delight Holcomb, born 1806; died 1870. She married Benjamin Saxton, Jr. 1827.
  663 viii.   Lydia Holcomb, born 1809. She married Thomas Kitchen.
Children of Truman Holcomb and Lydia Ladd are:
  664 i.   Roxy7 Holcomb, born 1811. She married John Cole 1832.
  665 ii.   Jared Holcomb, born 1813; died 1832.
  666 iii.   Julia A. Holcomb, born 1815. She married David Cole 1831.
  667 iv.   Lucinda Holcomb, born 1817. She married Gurdon H. Eaton 1839.
  668 v.   Nancy Holcomb, born 1819; died 1843.
  669 vi.   John Milton Holcomb, born 1823. He married Polly Simmons 1843.
  670 vii.   Truman H. Holcomb II, born 1824. He married Martha J. McCarthy 1850.
  671 viii.   Charles W. Holcomb, born 1826. He married Fanny Davidson.
  672 ix.   Mary E. Holcomb, born 1828; died 1874. She married Ansel Olmstead 1850.

      247. Hannah6 Holcomb (Eli5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born April 03, 1771. She married Seely Crofut in Resided in Bradford County, PA; Children cited in Weir.
Children of Hannah Holcomb and Seely Crofut are:
  673 i.   Ira7 Crofut.
  674 ii.   Lura Crofut. She married Chauncy Chapel.

      248. Hugh6 Holcomb (Eli5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born October 14, 1774, and died 1843. He married (1) Unknown Oakley. He married (2) Hannah Bailey 1803, daughter of Oliver Bailey and Hannah Unknown.
Child of Hugh Holcomb and Unknown Oakley is:
  675 i.   Marlin7 Holcomb, born 1801. He married (1) Mary Boothe. He married (2) Electa Bailey; born in (May have been 1st married to Marlin's first cousin, Horace? DHL-8/2000).
Children of Hugh Holcomb and Hannah Bailey are:
  676 i.   Bailey7 Holcomb.
  677 ii.   Alonzo Holcomb, born 1808. He married Lemira Morse 1838.
  678 iii.   Orator Holcomb, born 1810; died 1886. He married Sylvia Rockwell 1836.
  679 iv.   Luva Holcomb, born 1812; died 1896. She married Calvin Churchill.
  680 v.   Cyrus Holcomb, born 1814. He married Lydia Himes 1839 in Removed to Iowa.
  681 vi.   Harvey Holcomb, born 1816; died 1896. He married (1) Diana Rockwell 1840. He married (2) Pauline (Widow or Dibble?) Unknown Aft. 1840.
  682 vii.   Judson Holcomb, born 1819. He married Maria Nobles 1845.
  683 viii.   Emeline Holcomb, born 1822. She married Tyrias Himes 1843.
  684 ix.   Ezra Holcomb, born 1824. He married Anna Hickok 1855.
  685 x.   Lutilda Holcomb, born 1829; died 1833.

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