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Descendants of THOMAS BUTTOLPH

      249. Sterling6 Holcomb (Eli5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born October 10, 1776 in Granby, Hartford County, CT, and died 1850. He married Betsy Stone 1801 in Resided in Leroy, PA; Children listed in "The Mary and John". She was born 1783, and died 1855.
Children of Sterling Holcomb and Betsy Stone are:
  686 i.   Louisa7 Holcomb, born 1802. She married Levi Taylor 1821.
  687 ii.   Sylvia Holcomb, born 1804. She married Orson Royce.
  688 iii.   Hiram Holcomb, born 1806; died 1895. He married Polly Wilcox 1832.
  689 iv.   Harry Holcomb, born 1808. He married Tryphenia Lawless.
  690 v.   Benjamin Holcomb, born 1810. He married Lois D. Chappell.
  691 vi.   Sarah Holcomb, born 1812. She married Elam Bailey.
  692 vii.   Seeley Holcomb, born 1814; died 1849. He married Julia Wooster 1839.
  693 viii.   Cynthia Holcomb, born 1814; died 1893. She married (1) Andrew Spaulding. She married (2) Unknown Worthington.
  694 ix.   Horace Stone Wright Holcomb, born 1818. He married Electa Bailey; born in (Married second Horace's first cousin Marlin? DHL-8/2000).
  695 x.   Eliza Holcomb, born Abt. 1819.
  696 xi.   Chester B. Holcomb, born 1820; died 1894. He married (1) Rebecca Foster. He married (2) Maryann Ward Paxton. He married (3) Aurilla Fassett in (Possibly, Bowman lists in parenthesis).
  697 xii.   Matilda (Betsy) Holcomb, born 1822. She married Luman D. Taylor 1845.
  698 xiii.   Hannah Holcomb, born 1826. She married (1) Charles Bliss, Dr.. She married (2) Miles Bliss.
  699 xiv.   Sylvester Holcomb, born 1829; died 1829.

      250. Alpheus6 Holcomb, Deacon (Eli5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born January 10, 1778, and died 1849. He married Hannah Kingsbury 1849 in (Children cited in Weir).

More About Alpheus Holcomb, Deacon:
Religion: Baptist
Children of Alpheus Holcomb and Hannah Kingsbury are:
  700 i.   Celestia7 Holcomb, born 1804. She married Ledyard Chappell.
  701 ii.   Martha Holcomb, born 1809. She married John McKee.
  702 iii.   Myron Holcomb, born 1811. He married Paulina Beardsley 1835.
  703 iv.   Robert Riley Holcomb, born 1814. He married Sarah McKee.
  704 v.   Phineas Holcomb, born 1816. He married Jane Cole.
  705 vi.   Hannah Holcomb, born 1818. She married Robert McKee.
  706 vii.   Phebe Holcomb, born 1828. She married David Smiley.

      252. Cynthia6 Holcomb (Eli5, MEHITABLE (MABELL)4 BUTTOLPH, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born February 17, 1783 in Connecticut, and died April 10, 1868. She married Ebenizer Shaw February 26, 1801 in (Bowman lists Eight children), son of Jeremiah Shaw and Abigail Campbell. He was born September 05, 1771 in Little Compton, RI, and died December 17, 1871 in Sheshequin, PA.
Children of Cynthia Holcomb and Ebenizer Shaw are:
+ 707 i.   Laura7 Shaw, born November 08, 1801 in Pennsylvania; died September 23, 1861.
  708 ii.   Harry Shaw, born 1803. He married Polly Snyder.
  709 iii.   Uriah Shaw.
  710 iv.   Norman Shaw.
  711 v.   Hiram Shaw.
  712 vi.   Matilda Shaw, born 1813; died 1895. She married Obediah Gore.
  713 vii.   Cynthia Shaw. She married Sidney Bailey.
  714 viii.   Ebenizer Shaw.
  715 ix.   Elizabeth Shaw, died in (Never Married.).
  716 x.   Obediah Shaw.
  717 xi.   E. Percival Shaw, born in May be the same as Ebenizr? DHL-8/200.

      254. Hannah6 Wilcoxson (Hosea5, Mary4 Buttolph, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born December 22, 1751 in Norfolk, Litchfield County, CT., and died January 03, 1835. She married Timothy Adams, Jr., son of Timothy Adams and Hannah Case. He was born March 14, 1735/36, and died 1791.

More About Hannah Wilcoxson:
Fact 1: Interred Granby Center Cemetery, plot 0-47

More About Timothy Adams, Jr.:
Fact 1: Interred Granby Center Cemetery, Plot O-204
Fact 2: Served in French Indian War
Child of Hannah Wilcoxson and Timothy Adams is:
  718 i.   Gift W.7 Adams, born Abt. 1816; died October 05, 1868. He married Mary (Polly) Dyer Aft. July 1853; born 1791 in Granby, Hartford County, CT; died December 10, 1877.
  More About Gift W. Adams:
Fact 1: Interred at Granby Center Cemetery, Plot O-46

  Notes for Mary (Polly) Dyer:
James H. Holcombe, Jr. calls this Mary as Polly and notes: "Mary and Polly are probably the same person, DAR records show Mary's birth as 1794; Bowman shows 1791."

  More About Mary (Polly) Dyer:
Fact 1: Probably interred at Granby Center Cemetery, Plot V-53, no stone.

      255. Hosea6 Wilcoxson (Hosea5, Mary4 Buttolph, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born July 16, 1754 in Norfolk, Litchfield Co., CT., and died 1832 in Summit County, OH.. He married Abigail Mills November 02, 1774. She was born 1750, and died March 29, 1822.

Notes for Hosea Wilcoxson:
Served in the Revolution. Was the founder of Austinburg, Ashtabula Co., OH.

More About Hosea Wilcoxson:
Fact 3: Middlebury Cemetery, Akron, Summit Co., OH.
Children of Hosea Wilcoxson and Abigail Mills are:
  719 i.   Francis Griffin7 Wilcoxson.
  720 ii.   Rhoda Wilcoxson, born December 20, 1777. She married Solomon Cogswell.
  721 iii.   Joseph Wilcoxson, born July 01, 1780.
  722 iv.   Moses Case Wilcoxson, born August 09, 1781 in Norfolk, Litchfield Co., CT.; died February 08, 1866. He married Phoebe Starling Crosby November 08, 1807; born October 12, 1789 in Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT.; died June 11, 1875 in Rome, Ashtabula Co., OH..
  723 v.   Diantha Wilcoxson, born February 18, 1784. She married Ara Gillett in Bowman lists "Wilcox" and no parents. However this is "probably" the Diantha..
  724 vi.   Sylvester Wilcoxson, born September 20, 1786.

      257. Pliny6 Wilcoxson (Hosea5, Mary4 Buttolph, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born January 06, 1764 in Norfolk, Litchfield Co., CT.. He married Unknown.

Notes for Pliny Wilcoxson:
Pliny must have married and had a family for we have found mention of a daughter, Lavinia

Child of Pliny Wilcoxson and Unknown is:
  725 i.   Lavinia7 Wilcoxson, born 1812; died October 29, 1837.

      261. Micha(el)6 Holcomb (Elizabeth5 Wilcoxson, Mary4 Buttolph, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born September 11, 1751 in Granby, Hartford County, CT, and died 1839 in Washington, Macomb Co., MI. He married Hannah Hayes October 13, 1784. She was born September 17, 1752.

Notes for Micha(el) Holcomb:
Moved 1st from Granby or simsbury to Bloomfield, NY and later to Washington, Macomb Co., MI. He is recorded in the 1790 census of Rensselaer, Albany Co., NY, with family composed of 1 male over 16, and 3 females. --James H. Holcombe, Jr.
Children of Micha(el) Holcomb and Hannah Hayes are:
  726 i.   Micha7 Holcomb.
  727 ii.   Samuel Holcomb.
  728 iii.   Horace Holcomb.
  729 iv.   Appollas Holcomb.
  730 v.   William Holcomb.
  731 vi.   Virgil Holcomb. He married Sophronia Unknown in Removed to Monroe County, Michigan.
  Notes for Virgil Holcomb:
Possibly children were: 1. E.W., 1816-1817 2. Lorenzo, 1819-1820 3. Julius A., 1820-1821 5. Justin (Justus), 1824-1825 6. Seymour, 1826-1827 7. Ansel A., 182? 8. Samuel, 1831-1832 9. Earl D., 1831-1832 11. Albert, 1835-1836. --James H. Holcombe, Jr.

      262. Rosanna6 Holcomb (Elizabeth5 Wilcoxson, Mary4 Buttolph, DAVID3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born October 09, 1752 in Simsbury, Hartford County, CT, and died January 20, 1843 in Probably Interred Granby Center Cemetery, Granby CT, Plot Unknown. She married Isaac Goddard 1776, son of John Goddard and Mary Hillyer. He was born March 12, 1751/52, and died April 16, 1840.

More About Isaac Goddard:
Fact 1: Interred Granby Center Cemetery, Plot O-69
Fact 2: Served in Revolutionary War.
Children of Rosanna Holcomb and Isaac Goddard are:
+ 732 i.   Isaac7 Goddard, Jr., born 1778; died January 11, 1852.
+ 733 ii.   Titus Goddard, born Abt. 1783; died August 18, 1825.
+ 734 iii.   Ruth Goddard, born 1788; died 1845.

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