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Ancestors of John Theodore Larimer II

Generation No. 3

      4. Andrew Larimer, born July 31, 1870 in Arrowsmith, McLean County, Illinois; died April 04, 1932 in Buffalo County, Nebraska. He was the son of 8. James Robinson Larimer and 9. Margaret E. Jones. He married 5. Emily (Emma) G. Paulus September 04, 1891 in Howard County, Nebraska.

      5. Emily (Emma) G. Paulus, born July 31, 1865 in Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana; died April 11, 1909 in Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska. She was the daughter of 10. John Paulus and 11. Elizabeth Ann Shafner.

Notes for Andrew Larimer:
      In the Index to the Marriage Book 2, (8-1884 to 10-1892), of Howard County, Nebraska, there is recorded at page 555 the marriage of R.A. Larimer and Emma Paulus. On page 562 there is recorded the marriage of Presley Larimer and Annie Paulus. Robert Andrew and Robert Presley were cousins, Emma and Anna were sisters.

      In the Marriage Index Book 3, 1906-1913 of Cheyenne County, Nebraska, is the following recording: G.M. Larimer & Emma Fergerson P. 257.

Check for Larimers buried in Kearney Cemetery

from the "Polk County Heritage" published by the Osceola Centennial
Committee, Bernie Gissler, Chairman, Osceola Nebraska 68651
in 1975. Submitted to the USGenWeb Nebraska Archives, November, 1997 by
Jeanne Walsh ( and by Ted and Carole Miller
Larimer, Charles A., b7-7-1862; d11-20-1882
Larimer, Sheldon, b?; d9-3-1921

Pg. 14 HH202 LARIMER, Wm 25 M Blacksmith Penns[LarimerJTL.FTW]

      At, shows Larimer's buried in the Kearney Cemetery, Collins twp, sec 25 Nebraska

More About Andrew Larimer:
Burial: April 10, 1932, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska; Lot #943 Space 6
Cause of Death: His shotgun went off and killed him
Comment 1: Run over by a wagon when he was young and suffered all his life
Comment 2: Heavy drinker
Comment 3: x
Occupation 1: Farmer
Occupation 2: Saloon owner

  Notes for Emily (Emma) G. Paulus:

More About Emily (Emma) G. Paulus:
Burial: April 13, 1909, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska; Lot 943 Space 5
Cause of Death: Cancer of liver

More About Andrew Larimer and Emily Paulus:
Marriage: September 04, 1891, Howard County, Nebraska
Children of Andrew Larimer and Emily Paulus are:
  i.   Laura Larimer, born December 21, 1891; died December 17, 1984; married Earl Wallace Snyder; born December 17, 1890; died December 1980.
  ii.   Clara Larimer, born October 05, 1894 in Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska; died March 05, 1986; married Willis Irl Ransdell November 01, 1913; born November 25, 1894 in Sutton, Nebraska; died April 19, 1970.
  More About Willis Irl Ransdell:
Fact 1: Carl had been gored by a bore

  More About Willis Ransdell and Clara Larimer:
Marriage: November 01, 1913

  iii.   Florence Larimer, born May 18, 1893; married Earl Wickham.
  iv.   Ray Larimer, born August 07, 1896; died August 1985; married Lucile (Larimer).
  2 v.   John Theodore Larimer, born December 29, 1898 in Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska; died April 1969 in Hemet, California; married Clara Inez Mater 1927.
  vi.   Bessie Larimer, born December 02, 1902; died January 25, 1915.
  More About Bessie Larimer:
Burial: January 27, 1915, Kearney? Cemetery, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska; Lot 943, space 8
Cause of Death: Dyptheria poisoning

  vii.   Bernice Larimer, born March 30, 1904; died 1989; married Hugh Roberts.
  viii.   Elizabeth Larimer, born August 06, 1906; married Francis Porter; died 1989.

      6. Lonnie (Herman Alonzo) Mater, born December 01, 1872 in Buda, Hays County, Texas; died December 24, 1952 in Hemet, California. He was the son of 12. Unknown Mater. He married 7. Lula Inez Reynolds December 12, 1894 in Cotulla, La Salle County, Texas.

      7. Lula Inez Reynolds, born April 14, 1878; died July 13, 1937. She was the daughter of 14. Joshua Reynolds and 15. Mary Elizabeth Hairgrove.

Notes for Lonnie (Herman Alonzo) Mater:
      Rumor is that Lonnie was full blooded Acoma Indian. In Texas, in the early 1900s, there were lots of reasons to deny Indian Heritage. Clara was adamant that there was no Indian ancestry. Her sister Mae did not contradict her but said it was Clara's business and she would not interfere. Clara said the name Mater was Black Dutch and that she had once had the family bible, however, it was lost in the mail when she sent it to her daughter Helen.

      When Lonnie was very sick with cancer, he refused to take pain killers because he seen his brother Louis become addicted. Louis had had gangrene, and while they saved his leg, he was a addicted to drugs. Lonnie would beat the wall 'til his hand was black and blue because of the severe pain.

      At Lonnie's place, near the Indian reservation, the Indians used to come for liquor which he couldn't sell to them. They would ride horses around shouting and screaming until he would finally fire a gun over their heads. Lena hid inside until they left.

      When Lonnie married for the third time, he made a deal with his third wife, Lena. She would look after him until he died and he would leave her half his estate.

More About Lonnie (Herman Alonzo) Mater:
Cause of Death: Cancer
Occupation: Railoadman Restaurant man, Gambler,Road construction, Rancher

  Notes for Lula Inez Reynolds:
      Found on the net at La Salle County Marriage Index, the marriage of L.H. Mates (should be Mater) and L.I. Reynolds December 12, 1894. Clara Larimer said December 11, 1894.

      Once Clara and Mae sent a hungry bum to their mother for food, he must have made a pass at her because the next thing they knew he came running back out with Lula chasing after him shooting in the air.

      Lula divorced Lonny and later married William Thomas Smith. She later divorced him and had several more husbands.

      Lula Inez won a beauty prize in La Salle, Texas.

      One time Lula chased Bill with a pistol.

      One time when Clara was twelve or fourteen years old, her mother, Lula was very sick and finally decided to go to the hospital to have an ovary removed. They were living at either San Antonio or Austin, Texas on Duval Street, with Aunt Georgia, who was city detective. Suddenly there was a big explosion at the round house during the morning shift change. The fire box from one of the trains landed between their house and another and there were pieces of entrails and pieces of bodies all over. Some parts were even hanging from telephone wires.

      Lula died in a car wreck. It was raining and she made a U turn. The car skidded on the streetcar tracks and she hit a telephone pole and was killed.

      When Lula was in the casket waiting to be buried, Suzie Hannon (family friend) Mae Iberia and Clara Inez sat up in the middle of Suzie's bed playing cards.

More About Lula Inez Reynolds:
Burial: Buried Crypt No. 381, Corridor Four, Building "F", Mausoleum Park Angeles Abby
Cause of Death: Car Crash
Residence: Abt. 1910, San Antonio or Austin, Texas

More About Lonnie Mater and Lula Reynolds:
Marriage: December 12, 1894, Cotulla, La Salle County, Texas
Children of Lonnie Mater and Lula Reynolds are:
  3 i.   Clara Inez Mater, born February 10, 1897 in On the banks of the Brazos River, Texas; died May 22, 1987; married (1) Francis Erroll Sweeny March 1916; married (2) John Theodore Larimer 1927.
  ii.   Mae (Mary Iberia) Mater, born September 16, 1898; died April 21, 1989 in Upland, San Bernardino County, California; married Jett J. Gourley; born Abt. 1896 in ?Hendalie?, Texas; died March 19, 1941.
  Notes for Mae (Mary Iberia) Mater:
      Mae Gourley was 4'8" tall. She was a great joke and story teller. She lived her last years in Apple Valley, California.

  More About Mae (Mary Iberia) Mater:
Social Security Number: 551-07-1343 Issued: CA before 1951

  More About Jett J. Gourley:
Cause of Death: Alcoholism and Bronchial Pneumonia
Military service 1: March 13, 1919, Honorably discharged from U.S. Army
Military service 2: Discharged from OCFO, Camp Eagle Pass, Texas
Military service 3: Final pay to San Antonio, Texas @$.05 per mile, and $60.00 bonus,-$74.35.
Occupation: 1819, Laundryman

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