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Ancestors of John Theodore Larimer II

Generation No. 4

      8. James Robinson Larimer, born February 12, 1834 in Fayette County, Ohio; died April 26, 1918. He was the son of 16. Robert Larimer and 17. Elizabeth W. Robinson. He married 9. Margaret E. Jones September 07, 1869 in McLean County, Illinois.

      9. Margaret E. Jones, born 1852 in Illinois; died June 07, 1937 in Billings, Montana.

Notes for James Robinson Larimer:
Search at Search the USGenWebNebraska Archives at:
Resulted in:
1893 Roster of Nebraska Veterans Missouri Enlistees
Name       Rank Unit 1893 Residence State
Larimer, James R Private K 8 Infantry Kearney Illinois

From the Roster of the 66 Illinois infantry

Query from Mc Lean County, Illinois

      Many of the children were given the same first name but went by the middle. Lots of Roberts, Robert Presley, Robert Andrew, James Robert etc., lots of Elizabeths.

      Check Fayette County, Ohio and Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska for marriage of James Robert Larimer and Margaret E. Jones.

      Bloomingburg is a populated area of Fayette County, Ohio.

More About James Robinson Larimer:
Burial: April 28, 1918, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska; Lot 1439 Space 4
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Military service: Civil War, received citation

More About Margaret E. Jones:
Burial: June 11, 1937, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska; Lot 1439 Space 3
Cause of Death: Pulmonary edema

Marriage Notes for James Larimer and Margaret Jones:

More About James Larimer and Margaret Jones:
Marriage: September 07, 1869, McLean County, Illinois
Children of James Larimer and Margaret Jones are:
  4 i.   Andrew Larimer, born July 31, 1870 in Arrowsmith, McLean County, Illinois; died April 04, 1932 in Buffalo County, Nebraska; married Emily (Emma) G. Paulus September 04, 1891 in Howard County, Nebraska.
  ii.   Odessa Larimer, married Charles Kimmen.
  iii.   Alice Larimer
  iv.   Ray Larimer, born March 1881 in McLean County, Illinois.
  v.   Clara E. Larimer, born November 12, 1871; died January 19, 1890 in Buffalo County, Nebraska.
  More About Clara E. Larimer:
Burial: January 20, 1890, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska; Lot #1439 Space 2
Cause of Death: General Debility

      10. John Paulus, born December 26, 1832 in Montgomery County, Ohio; died April 09, 1881 in Greenfield, Adair County, Iowa. He was the son of 20. Simeon Paulus and 21. Barbara Gebhart. He married 11. Elizabeth Ann Shafner October 24, 1852 in Eaton, Preble County, Ohio; by Isaac Stephens, JP.

      11. Elizabeth Ann Shafner, born January 25, 1832 in Montgomery County, Ohio; died April 21, 1927 in Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska. She was the daughter of 22. Martin Shafner and 23. Susannah (Shafner).

Notes for John Paulus:
      In a letter dated 1851, John Paulus writes the following letter, misspellings and all. It was probably a draft letter, since he wrote one paragraph, then started over. He also carefully wrote out the the alphabet. The final letter may have been a little different.

Prepel County Ohio

My dear brother and sister and friend I am once more spaired to my pen in
hand to inform you that we are all well at this present time and we hope
that these few lines may find you same state health. I am going to see a
girl at this present time and I have been going to see her for better than
a year and she is a duch girl. She is a tolerabel small girl she is not
very tall girl but I think she is very handsome and I calculate to make her
my brite. She is a very fare complexion girl very dark hare blue eye her
name Elithbeth Ann Shafner. She is a girl that labors hard and takes good
care of her things.
John Paulus

1860 Census Smith Township, Whitley County Indiana #153: John Paulus, 29, farmer b OH; Elizabeth A., 28, b OH; Jacot, 7 b OH
1880 Adair County, Iowa census Pg 26: Paulus, John, 49, farmer b OH; Elizabeth, 49, b OH; Jacot, 27, b OH; Sarah, 17, b IN; Emma, 14, b N; Rebecca A., 8, b IA

Check Darke County, Ohio for Paulus

Husband: Paulus, Simon - born: 14 Aug 1803 @
Wife: Gephart, Barbara - born: 31 Aug 1810 @

Marr: 8 Nov 1829 at Germantown, Montgomery, Ohio
Seal: at

1.XPaulus, Daniel - born: 30 Mar 1841 @
2.Paulus, John - @
3.Paulus, Christina - @
4.Paulus, Abraham - @
5.Paulus, Mariah - @
6.Paulus, Jacob - @
7.Paulus, Catharine - @
8.Paulus, Joseph - @
9.Paulus, S - @
10.Paulus, Margaret - @
11.Paulus, Emeline - @

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Name Key Year Src Book Page Relevant Co
------------------------- --- ----- ------ ---- ----- ---------------------- --
Paulus, Abraham |Tx |1809 |Tax | | |German Township |Mt
Paulus, Abraham |tx |1810 |Tax | | | |Mt
Paulus, Abram |fc |1820 |Cen | |151 |German Township |Mt
Paulus, Adam |fc |1850 |Cen | |306 |Lanier Twp |Pr
Paulus, Adam |fc |1880 |Cen | |251B |Dayton/Ward 6 |Mt
Paulus, Anna |fc |1850 |Cen | |306 |Lanier Twp |Pr
Paulus, Anthony |tx |1816 |Tax | | | |Mt
Paulus, Benjamin |M |1896 |Marr | | |Depoire, Justine |Sh
Paulus, Calvin |fc |1880 |Cen | |013D |Adams Twp |Dk
Paulus, Daniel |M |1837 |Marr | | |Miller, Maria |Mt
Paulus, Daniel |fc |1880 |Cen | |036D |Clay Twp |Mt
Paulus, David C. |fc |1850 |Cen | |240 |Town of Eaton |Pr
Paulus, Ellen M. |M |1850 |Marr |001 |241 |Miller, Cornelius |Pr
Paulus, John |M |1852 |Marr |001 |321 |Shaffner, Elizabeth An|Pr
Paulus, John R. |M |1882 |Marr |Lic#|15627|Hall, Bella |Mi
Paulus, John S. |M |1898 |Marr | | |Turner, Anna M. |Sh
Paulus, Jonathan |fc |1880 |Cen | |419D |Jackson Twp |Dk
Paulus, Martha Ann |B |1848 |GvSt |Cem#|2009 |D:1921 |Dk
Paulus, Mary |M |1837 |Marr | | |Croun, Richard |Mt
Paulus, Mary |fc |1850 |Cen | |306 |Lanier Twp |Pr
Paulus, Nicholas |es |1885 |ProbCt|Case|07572|Estate |Mi
Paulus, Peter |M |1898 |Marr | | |Francis, Elizabeth |Sh
Paulus, Samuel |fc |1850 |Cen | |307 |Lanier Twp |Pr
Paulus, Samuel |fc |1880 |Cen | |298C |Richland Twp |Dk
Paulus, Simon |M |1829 |Marr | | |Gephart, Barbara |Mt
Paulus, Valentine |M |1833 |Marr |001 |352 |Early, Margaret |Pr
Pauluss, Peter |fc |1880 |Cen | |607A |National Military Home|Mt

Name Key Year Src Book Page Relevant Co
------------------------- --- ----- ------ ---- ----- ---------------------- --
Shaffner, Abraham |M |1856 |Marr | | |Goings, Lacy Ann |Sh
Shaffner, Barnhart |Xr |1842 |Deed |20 |085 |Troy Lot 32 |Mi
Shaffner, Barnhart |Xr |1842 |Deeds |20 |085 |Troy Lot 32 |Mi
Shaffner, C.H. |Map|1894 |Atlas |414 |009 |Concord Twp |Mi
Shaffner, Charles H. |M |1881 |Marr |Lic#|15103|Traver, Ida |Mi
Shaffner, Elizabeth Ann |M |1852 |Marr |001 |321 |Paulus, John |Pr
Shaffner, Elizabeth S |fc |1850 |Cen | |278 |Harrison Twp |Mt
Shaffner, Frances |fc |1850 |Cen | |098b |Troy, City of |Mi
Shaffner, Frances, Sophia|Xt |1858 |Deeds |33 |568 |Troy Lots 48,49 |Mi
Shaffner, Francis |Xr |1842 |Deed |21 |470 |Troy Lot 49 |Mi
Shaffner, Francis |Xr |1842 |Deeds |21 |470 |Troy Lots 48,49 |Mi
Shaffner, Francis |M |1844 |Marr | | |Melhlenbrook, Theodore|Ck
Shaffner, Henry |M |---- |Marr | |WPA |Jaberg, Magdelene |Mi
Shaffner, Henry |fc |1880 |Cen | |082A |Butler |Dk
Shaffner, Henry |Map|1894 |Atlas |414 |009 |Concord Twp |Mi
Shaffner, Inf. of Thomas |D |1960 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age SB B:Ohio |Mi
Shaffner, Jacob |M |1892 |Marr | | |Wert, Ada L. |Sh
Shaffner, John |M |1855 |Marr |Lic#|07211|Smallbayer, Margaret |Mi
Shaffner, John |fc |1880 |Cen | |314A |Twin Twp |Dk
Shaffner, Lena |M |1884 |Marr |Lic#|16475|Rife, John F. |Mi
Shaffner, Margaret |M |1895 | |Lic#|20826|Grubb, Ora |Mi
Shaffner, Mary |fc |1880 |Cen | |056A |Concord Twp. |Mi
Shaffner, Mary A. |M |1882 |Marr |Lic#|15632|Bowers, William H. |Mi
Shaffner, Mary Ann |fc |1850 |Cen | |442 |Clay Twp |Mt
Shaffner, Paul |na |1860 |ProbCt|Case|03350|Naturalization |Mi
Shaffner, Peter |fc |1850 |Cen | |208 |Springfield Township |Ck

More About John Paulus:
Date born 2: July 10, 1831, Jefferson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio
Residence: 1851, Preble County, Ohio

  Notes for Elizabeth Ann Shafner:
      In the census Clay Twp District No 111, Montgomery Co, Ohio taken November
18, 1850 Elizabeth Shofner 18 b OH, is shown living with the family of
Peter Barss 62 along with Elizabeth 57, Abraham 26, David 19, Susanna 17.

A newspaper article-Kearney, NE- no date.
Mrs. Paulus Rarely Misses Session Up to Ninetieth Birthday
The United Brethern Sunday School boasts of the oldest regular attendant at
Sunday school in the city. Grandma A. E. Paulus, mother of Mrs. R. P.
Larimer of West Twenty-first street, rarely ever misses a session and yet
she is 90 years old. Yesterday was her ninetieth birthday and as she
stepped forward with her birthday offerring she was met by the two youngest
members of the school, Beryl Graham, her great grand daughter, and Ruth
Sherer, little daughter of the Sunday School superintendent who presented
her with a beautiful bouquet of carnations in behalf of the school Grandma
made a short talk to the school, thanking them for their Kindness to her.
The incident was a most impressive one and will be long remembered by those

Elizabeth Ann Shafner, known as Grandma Paulus, was born in Montgomery
County, Ohio, January 23, 1831, and died at Kearney, Nebraska, April 21,
1927, aged 96 years, two months and twenty-eight days. for a number of
years she lived in Iowa but came to Nebraska March 6, 1887, settling in
Kearney, where she has since resided.
On October 23, 1852, at Eaton, Ohio, she was united in marriage to John
Paulus, who on April 9, 1881, preceded her to the beyond. To this union
were born eight children, one of whom, Mrs. Anna Larimer, of Kearney,
remains to mourn her departure.
In early childhood she was confirmed in the German Lutheran
church,afterwards united with the Christian church. During the early
history of the local church of the United Brethren she transferred her
membership to this organization and remained a faithful member until the
time of her death. She was deeply interested in the work of the church and
never failed to deposit her birthday offering in the Sunday school.
She leaves to morn her departure one daughter, Mrs. Anna Larimer of
Kearney, Nebraska, twelve grandchildren, twenty-two great grandchildren, to
sisters, Mrs. Mary Ann Flory of Lawrence, Kansas, who is 94 years of age
and Mrs. Eliza Ann Suder of Sheldon, Indiana, who is 92 years of age.
Besides these many other relatives hosts of friends.

More About Elizabeth Ann Shafner:
Date born 2: 1832, Smith Twp. Whitley County, Indiana
Burial: Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
Moved: March 06, 1887, Moved from Iowa to Nebraska
Physical Characteristics: Very fair complexion, very dark hair and blue eyes

More About John Paulus and Elizabeth Shafner:
Marriage: October 24, 1852, Eaton, Preble County, Ohio; by Isaac Stephens, JP
Married by: Isaac Stephens, JP
Children of John Paulus and Elizabeth Shafner are:
  i.   Jacob Paulus, born May 31, 1853 in Philyesburg, Montgomery County, Ohio; died November 26, 1921 in Grand Island, Nebraska; married Rachel E. Ward.
  Notes for Jacob Paulus:
Search for Paulus at Search the USGenWebNebraska Archives at:
Resulted in:
Paulus Jacob, Mahila. (Mahila is the address)

  More About Jacob Paulus:
Date born 2: Indiana

  ii.   Mary Ann Paulus, born December 19, 1855; died August 20, 1859.
  iii.   Diana Paulus, born April 14, 1858; died August 16, 1859.
  iv.   Abraham Paulus, born December 02, 1861; died November 14, 1877.
  v.   Sarah Catherine Paulus, born February 06, 1863; died October 15, 1895; married Ben Esta.
  5 vi.   Emily (Emma) G. Paulus, born July 31, 1865 in Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana; died April 11, 1909 in Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska; married Andrew Larimer September 04, 1891 in Howard County, Nebraska.
  vii.   George Paulus, born December 24, 1868; died December 29, 1870.
  viii.   Anna Rebecca Paulus, born April 27, 1872 in Greenfield, Adair County, Iowa; died August 04, 1967 in Hollywood, Calfiornia; married Robert Presley Larimer Bet. 1884 - 1892 in Howard County, Nebraska; born July 10, 1870; died 1948.
  More About Robert Larimer and Anna Paulus:
Marriage: Bet. 1884 - 1892, Howard County, Nebraska

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