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Descendants of Walter Reeves, Sr

Generation No. 1

1. WALTER2 REEVES, SR (REEVES1) was born Abt. 1654 in England, and died June 1698 in Burlington, Burlington, New Jersey. He married (1) SUSANNAH ??? Abt. 1673. He married (2) ANN E. HOWELL December 11, 1682 in Burlington, New Jersey. She was born Abt. 1660 in , Burlington, NJ, and died 1732 in Burlington, New Jersey.

Notes for W


      "WALTER REEVE, the progenitor of this family, settled in Burlington County, New Jersey (then West Jersey), some time prior to 1678. The date of his birth is not known, but we can assume it to be between 1650 and 1657. He lived on the south side of the North Branch of Rancocas Creek, at first on land he never took title to. He later bought a plantation on the north side of the creek, about midway between the village of Rancocas and the present town of Mt. Holly. He says in his will that his plantation is on the north side of the creek, to the 'northward of my dwelling house,' so we might infer his dwelling house was still on the south side of the creek. This may have been, for the land he first occupied was called Reeve's land in surveys and deeds up to 1743, when it was surveyed to Andrew Connaro, February 8, 1743, as seventy acres. And when Connaro sold it by deed of 18 June 1756, to Charles Reed it says, 'Whereas Andrew Connaro by virtue of a Warrant from the Council of Proprietors had surveyed to him the quantity of seventy acres of land situate in the forks of the Ancocas being the land formerly called Reeve's land.'
      Walter Reeve[s], besides the plantation above mentioned, had surveyed to him under Warrant, December 16, 1693, by Daniel Leeds, Deputy Surveyor, 150 acres on the west side of the North Branch of Rancocas Creek, and in June, 1695, he had surveyed to him 200 acres on the north side of the North Branch of Rancocas Creek, so that in all he had acquired 350 acres by survey and 160 acres he purchased beside the seventy acres where he first resided but never took title to.

      It is not known to whom he was first married, but we believe her first name was Susannah, and it was probably several years before coming to Burlington County. His second marriage was to Ann Howell, November 11, 1682. He had issue by both wives. In his will, dated May 16, and proved June 18, 1698, he mentions: wife Anne, and sons John, William and Joseph, and daughter Susanna. His will does not recite the name Jonathan, but a conveyance dated August 1, 1710, shows his widow Anne, conveying 'the tract of meadow land lying next above the fork of Northampton River, upon the north side of the South Branch of said river, heretofore purchased of John Wills by deed dated January 20, 1708' to her son Johnathan.
      To this time we have shown that Walter had four sons and one daughter. In the will of his widow, Anne, who survived him about forty years, dated September 23, 1732, proved July 31, 1733, the following additional sons are named: Walter, Elisha, Caleb, and Samuel, making eight sons in all.

      In these early documents we find the name written at times without the final 's' which we use today. The transition from Reeve to Reeves is not difficult to understand when we note the variations in spelling the name of the same person. Documents of record show the name, Reeve, Reve, Reave, Reeves. The later rendering seems to have become quite fixed from or about 1685.
      According to Webster, 'Reeve' is from Saxon 'gerefa,' an officer, steward, or governor. In the days of the Saxon rule in England, we find 'reeves' of various kinds looking after their lord's manors. There were fenreeves, looking after turbary rights; hythereeves, taking harbour dues; portreeves in coast towns. In early histories of our own country we come across hog-reves, deer-reves, etc. It is obsolete except in compound words, as shire-reeve, now written 'sheriff.' So we may say that the State has given us the name Reeves just as it has given us King, Earl, Chancellor and Mayor. Also, as the Church has given us Pope, Bishop, Parsons, Clark (clerk), etc."

Transcribed from, "The Reeves Family - Walter Reeves, (Compiled from notes left by Samuel V. Reeves) by Clara Swain Stevens, a Niece and Clara B. (Reeves) Birch, a Daughter," 1930.

Walter Reeve arrived in Philadelphia, aboard the Society of Bristol, in 1682 before residing here.
Deed Book N., pg. 132.
Burlington Court Records, pg. 1.

In the latter part of the seventeenth century, Walter Reeve settled in
Burlington County, West Jersey. By his first wife, he had issue in England ???
of John and Susanna; and by his second wife, Anne Howell, whom he married
in 1682, he had further issue of Walter, Jonothan, William, Elisha, Joseph,
Calib, Samuel, and Elizabeth.

John Reeve, who settled at Southold, Long Island, in the latter part of
the seventeenth century, is stated by some writers to have been a brother
of the immigrant Walter, but this is not certain. His sons were John, Elisha,
Walter, Samuel, and Jonathan, and he may also have had issue of several

The offspring of these and later lines of the family in America have
scattered throughout every state of the Union and have played a worthy role
in the advancement of American civilization. Industrious, keen-minded, and
of high integrity, on the whole, they have been successful in almost every
field of endeavor. Members of the family have been particularly
outstanding as soldiers, public officials, writers, educators, and theologians.
Among those of the Reeve name who fought in the War of the Revolution were Ensign John of
New Jersey, Lieutenant Nathaniel of Massachusetts, Lieutenant Enos of Pennsylvania, and
Captain Issaic of New Jersey.

A few of the members of the family who have distinguished themselves more recently are:

Tapping Reeve (1744 - 1823) Long Island Jurist
Arthur Middleton Reeve (1856-1891) Ohio Philologist
Floyd Wesley Reeve (1890- ) South Dakota Educator
Samuel Watson Reeves (1875- ) South Carolina Mathematician
Arthur Benjamin Reeves (1880- ) New York Author
Ira Louis Reeves (1872- ) Missouri Army Officer
James Hynes Reeves (1870- ) Alabama Army Officer
Jesse Siddall Reeves (1872- ) Indiana University Professor
Joseph Mason Reeves (1870- ) Illinois Rear Admiral

One of the most ancient and best known of several coats of arms of the English Family of
Reeve(s) or Reave(s) is that described as follows (Burke, General Armory, 1884):
Arms: "Argent, on a fess engrailed sable, between three escallops azure,
as many eagles displayed or "Crest: An eagles head erased, or collared sable."

Watts Reeve 1766 - 1821
Lois M. Cambell 1767 - 1853
Moses Reeve 1809 - 1881
Abagail Hedges 1811 - 1893

Research: Although these names are represented by seperate and distinct families in many sections
of Great Britain, the United States, and other parts of the world, they have undoubtely a common derivation. The name orginated in the ancient word "reve", meaning a bailiff, provost or steward. In the feudal days of Britain almost every manor of consequence had its "reve" whose authority was to levy the lord's rent, to set to work his servants, to superintend his dominions to his best profit and to govern his tenants in peace as well as to lead them forth to war when necessity required. After the Normans invaded England (1066) the name "reve" was changed to "bailiff". In later times the word "sheriff" shire-reve) came into use designating the principal Governor over the English shire or country. Robert Reve of Blandford, County Dorset, was the earliest known ancestor of the English family of Reve, Rives, or Ryves. He was born about 1490. At his death in 1551, he was buried in the Church of Saints Peter
and Paul in Blandford Forum where the coat of arms was found in the north window. One William Rives who settled in Virginia was considered the founder of the Rives, Ryves family in the southern states of America. He was the son of Timothy Rives of Oxfordshire, England and came to Surrey County, Virginia about 1653. The first documented representative of this branch of the Reeves family was George Reeves who was born about 1700 in Virginia. There is no record to be found of his arrival by ship in that generation so it is quite likely that his father was the emigrant.

I'm trying to Locate a copy of these books:
Walter Reeves of Burlington, NJ (1650-1930) by Samuel V. Reeves published in 1930
Email: if you can help!

1 The Reeves family; Walter Reeve of Burlington County, New Jersey, and a number of his descendants through ten generations, 1650-1930,
1930 Reeves, Samuel Van Immen,1854-1929. [CS71.R331 1930 ]
The Reeves family; Walter Reeve of Burlington County, New Jersey, and a number of his descendants through ten generations, 1650-1930,
Merchantville, N.J., H. S. Craig, printer [c1930]
102 p. front. (port.) illus. (facsims.) fold. geneal. tab. 22 cm.
Reeve family (Walter Reeve, d 1698)

Search for other works by:
Reeves, Samuel Van Immen, 1854-1929.
Stevens, Clara Swain, 1884-
Birch, Clara Butler (Reeves), Mrs., 1882-

Language Call Number LCCN Dewey Decimal ISBN/ISSN
English (eng) CS71.R331 1930
30023567 - -

2 The Reves family: the descendants of Walter Reeves of Burlington County, New Jersey, through his eldest son, John; a Reeves genealogy.
1951 Reves, Haviland Ferguson,1904- [CS71.R331 1951 ]
The Reves family: the descendants of Walter Reeves of Burlington County, New Jersey, through his eldest son, John; a Reeves genealogy.
Detroit, Reves Associates, 1951.
xxii, 409 p. illus., ports., map, coat of arms, geneal. tables. 23 cm.

Reeve family (Walter Reeve, d 1698)

Search for other works by:
Reves, Haviland Ferguson, 1904-

Language Call Number LCCN Dewey Decimal ISBN/ISSN
English (eng) CS71.R331 1951
51011880 - -

Reeves Websites:

I) Walter Reeve (as the name was originally spelled), the pioneer ancestor of this family in New Jersey, came to the province of West Jersey prior to 1682. He settled in Burlington county, locating on Rancocas creek, where he purchased a plantation upon which he established his homestead and which he occupied until his death in 1698. It is probable that he came from England, although it is possible that he came from Southold, Long Island, and was a member of the Reeve family which settled there about 1650. John Reeve, of Southold, who was probably in the same generation as Walter Reeve, made his will in 1712, and in this he named his sons, John, Elisha, Walter, Samuel and Jonathan, all of which names are to be found among the sons of Walter Reeve, of Burlington county. Walter Reeve was a farmer, and appears to have engaged to some extent in trade with foreign countries. Among the archives in the office of the secretary of the state of New Jersey is the record of a bill of lading issued to Walter Reeve, 3 April, 1691, for an invoice of "cheese, flour and beef," shipped by him to John Brett, a merchant of the Island of Barbadoes. Mr. Reeve prospered in his wordly estate, and at his death possessed two plantations, one containing one hundred and sixty acres, the other containing two hundred acres, and both in an excellent state of cultivation. His will, dated 16 May, and proved 18 June, 1698, names his wife Anne, sons John, William and Joseph, and daughter Susanna. The will of his widow, made 23 September, 1732, proved 31 July, 1733, names sons Walter, Joseph, Elisha, Caleb and Samuel. Walter Reeve married (first), (???) and had children: 1. John, who was probably born in England; married Ann Bradgate; died 1748. 2. Susanna. 3. William, see forward. 4. Joseph, who was living at the date of the will made by Mrs. Reeve, 1732. Walter Reeve married (second), November, 1682, Anne Howell, who survived him nearly forty years. They had children: 1. Walter, born 1648; married Ann (???); died March 21, 1754. 2. Jonathan, married Mary Heulings, a widow. He made his will March 18, 1725 or 1726, in which he names his wife Mary, his brother Walter, cousins Esther and Solomon Curtis, and Matthew Heulings, "son of my wife." 3. Elisha, letters of administration on whose estate were granted to David Watson, December 13, 1750. 4. Caleb, probably died unmarried, May 8, 1753, as his brother Walter in his will of that date disposed of two hundred acres of land in Mannington, Salem county, which his brother Caleb had purchased of George Webb. 5. Samuel.

(II) William Reeve, second son of Walter (1) and his first wife, married, and his children, mentioned below, were the first to add the "s" to their surname: 1. Samuel, born 1716; died July 24, 1763. He was named in the will of his uncle, Samuel Reeve, December 2, 1737. He married Sarah (???), who survived him. [Image for Genealogical and Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey Vol 1 ]

2. Elizabeth, married Isaac Atkinson, as a license, dated January 12, 1736, shows. 3. William. 4. Joseph, see forward.

(III) Joseph Reeves, third son and fourth and youngest child of William (2) and Sarah Reeve, was born in 1720, died September 3, 1767. In his will, dated August 28, 1767, proved September 26, following, he names all his children excepting Jane. He married Jane (???), who survived him. Their children were: 1. John, see forward. 2. Henry, born June 27, 1749; died November 23, 1840. He married, February 8, 1772, Hannah Furness, daughter of Benjamin and Dorothy Furness, who was born May 15, 1753, and died November 17, 1824. 3. Joseph, born 1753; died October 26, 1801. He married August 8, 1732, Elizabeth Toy, born 1757, died May 17, 1830. 4. Abraham, born 1763; died December 23, 1838. He married, September 20, 1787, Christiana Shykels. 5. Meribah, married, September 20, 1783, Edward Linthicum. 6. Jane, born 1764; died June 14, 1783; is buried in St. Andrew's graveyard, at Mount Holly. She married, July 18, 1782, James Coppick.

(IV) John Reeves, eldest child of Joseph and Jane Reeves, was born August 1, 1744; died February 26, 1800. He was a soldier during the Revolutionary war, enlisting from Burlington county in the Continental line and the state militia. He received certificate No. 123 for depreciation of his Continental pay in the Burlington county (New Jersey) militia during the war, dated May 1, 1784, for 1:5:0. Giving his residence as township of Northampton, county of Burlington, he made a will, dated January 17, 1794, in which he named all of his children. His executors were Eber Reeves, and "Worthy friend" Thomas Patterson. It was witnessed by William Clark, James Coppuck and Samuel Read, and proved before William Griffith, Esq., surrogate for the county of Burlington, on the 13th of March, 1800, by James Coppuck, one of the witnesses. He married his cousin, Mrs. Sarah (Reeves) Patterson, born March 4, 1737; died April 6, 1807 (?), and they had children: 1. John, born August 29, 1772; died August, 1847. 2. Eber, see forward. 3. Joab, born April 16, 1774, followed the occupation of farming. He married his first cousin, Polly Reeves. 4. Susannah, born January 2, 1778. She married William Vandegrift.

(V) Eber Reeves, second son and child of John (4) and Sarah (Reeves) (Patterson) Reeves, was born March 16, 1774; died October 23, 1825. Letters of administration on the estate of Eber Reeves were granted November 18, 1825, to Abraham Warner and John F. Reeves. Abraham Warner died, and letters ad, de bonis non, were granted, September 25, 1830, to Elisha Reeves; bond ten thousand dollars. He filed his inventory October 16, 1830, and settlement, March 25, 1834. The estate amounted to five thousand one hundred and ninety-six dollars and sixty-six cents. A petition of the children for appointment of guardian was signed by Joseph Crozer Reeves, and George Folwell Reeves. The names of Mary Folwell Reeves and Rebecca English Reeves were stricken out. John Paxson was appointed guardian. Eber Reeves married Patience Crozer and they settled in Bristol, Pennsylvania, he following the trade of a butcher. Their children were: John F.; Elisha, see forward; Joseph Crozer; George Folwell; Mary Folwell; and Rebecca English.

(VI) Elisha Reeves, second son and child of Eber (5) and Patience (Crozer) Reeves, was born May 26, 1806; died March 30, 1879. After his marriage he settled near Bristol, where he succeeded to the business of his father, which he followed successfully for some years and then became a drover of cattle, and was thus occupied until his death. After a residence of one year at Bristol, he removed to Lower Makefield township, near Yardley, where he resided until a few years prior to his death. He married, March 12, 1826, Mary Ann Anderson, born August 27, 1807, died July 31, 1879, and they had children:

1. Mary Ann, born December 25, 1826, died December 1, 1884; married, December 11, 1850, Andrew Crozer, born September 10, 1812, died August 23, 1903, and they had two children: 1. Addie, born June 14, 1855. 2. Anna, born August 6, 1858; married, March 18, 1886, Daniel Smith Mershon, of Penns Manor, Pennsylvania, born September 3, 1853, and they had one child, Rose Creighton, born September 9, 1888.

2. Eber, born September 10, 1828; died August 22, 1868. He married, October 5, 1853, Sarah Elizabeth Walker, of Allentown, New Jersey, who died October 5, 1903, and is buried at Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. Their children were: (1) Charles F., born October 7, 1854. He married, December 20, 1879, Susan Howell, of Allentown, New Jersey, who was born July 6, 1851, and they have had children: Carl Howell, born October 24, 1880, married, October 15, 1902, Clara Louise, daughter of Lewis Hartung, of Seattle, Washington; Sarah Caroline, born January 14, 1882; Ella Newell, born November 18, 1885; Huldah Taylor, born April 2, 1889, died July 23, same year; John Heston, born December 28, 1890. (2) Walter E., born May 9, 1859. married, December 12, 1894, Anna Cunning, of Kansas and has children: Paul Eber, born October 31, 1895; and Joseph Amos. (3) Joseph Walker, born October 30, 1862.

3. Amanda, born December 23, 1830, died March 30, 1854.

4. Huldah Ann, born June 1, 1833, died May 26, 1900; married, March 9, 1853, David Taylor, of Morrisville, Pennsylvania, and they had one child: Francis C., born January 29, 1854, died September 23, of the same year.

5. Theodore B., born December 19, 1835, deceased; married (first), Emma Smith; (second), February 20, 1867, Emma V., daughter of Robert Aitken, of Trenton, New Jersey. She died October 16, 1875, and he married (third), February 22, 1879, Anna M. Duffy, of St. Louis, Missouri, born January 4, 1854, and they had one child: George E., born May 4, 1882, died May 24, 1885.

6. Elias A., born July 22, 1838, died May 11, 1839.

7. Andrew Crozer, see forward.

8. Emma, born January 4, 1849, died November 19, 1895. She married, April 30, 1872, Caleb Scattergood, of Trenton, New Jersey, born October 20, 1841, and they had children: Mary; Nellie, who married (???) Graham; and David Taylor.

(VII) Andrew Crozer Reeves, fourth son and seventh child of Elisha (6) and Mary Ann (Anderson) Reeves, was born March 31, 1844, and died June 11, 1868. He married, February 6, 1867, Mary Jane Moon, born November 25, 1845, daughter of William L. and Elizabeth (Williamson) Moon, and they had one child: Andrew Crozer.

(VIII) Andrew Crozer Reeves, only child of Andrew Crozer (7) and Mary Jane (Moon) Reeves, was born near Yardley, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, December 3, 1867. He received his education in the public schools of Penns Manor, Pennsylvania, and the State Model School of New Jersey, and then prepared to enter college, but changed his mind and did not matriculate. The first step in his business career was as a commission merchant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was associated with F. W. Muschert. After the failure of the late Jonathan Steward, who was for years a leading citizen of Trenton, New Jersey, Mr. Reeves removed to Trenton, and in conjunction with Mr. Steward organized the firm of Jonathan Steward & Company, wholesale grocers. This firm is now (1907) incorporated under the style of Muschert, Reeves & Company, and Mr. Reeves holds the office of president. In matters of transportation Mr. Reeves was prominently identified with the trolley interests at an early stage of the proceedings that have made Trenton one of the state centers toward which population tends. He was one of the organizers and directors of the Trenton, Lawrenceville & Princeton and the Philadelphia, Trenton & Bristol roads. In Philadelphia he was a director of the Southwestern Railway Company, and a leading spirit in the Billingsport & Philadelphia Ferry Company, while he was also a director of the Washington Seabord & Norfolk Railway Company. His interests in other directions are as follows: He is treasurer of the Sea-Degan Pump Company; director of the Broad Street National Bank; director of the school of Industrial Arts of Trenton; director and former treasurer of the Reeves Engine and Machine Company; and president of the Times Publishing Company, that paper having the largest circulation of any south of Newark, New Jersey. Mr. Reeves has attained a foremost rank in Masonic circles, having attained to the Thirty-second degree Mason; a member of Mercer Lodge No. 50, Free and Accepted Masons, and past master of this lodge; member of Palestine Commandery No. 4, Knights Templar, and of Scottish Rite Consistory, Valley of Trenton. He married, October 28, 1891, Sara A. Conard, born April 29, 1867, daughter of David and Maria (Lefferts) Conard, and they have children: Marguerite, born August 24, 1892; Mary Lucile, born March 29, 1901; and Dorothy, born January 8, 1906.

More About W
Fact 1: Mt.Holly, NJ
Fact 4: Quaker
Fact 5: August 1682, Arrived in Philadelphia, PA aboard The "Society of Bristol", from Bristol, Eng.
Fact 6: Original settler in area now Mt. Holly, NJ.
Will: Yoeman; Plantation Owner

More About W
Marriage: Abt. 1673

More About W
Marriage: December 11, 1682, Burlington, New Jersey
Children of W
2. i.   JOHN3 REEVES, b. Abt. 1674, Burlington, New Jersey; d. Abt. 1748, Burlington, New Jersey.
  ii.   SUSANNA REEVES, b. Bef. 1680.
Children of WALTER REEVES and ANN HOWELL are:
  iii.   JR. WALTER3 REEVES, b. Abt. 1684, Burlington Co., NJ; d. March 21, 1754, Burlington Co., NJ; m. ANN BENNETT, Abt. 1709, Burlington, New Jersey; b. Abt. 1695; d. December 11, 1744, Burlington Co., NJ.
Fact 3: Burlington Co., NJ - St. Andrews Episc.Church

Marriage: Abt. 1709, Burlington, New Jersey

  iv.   JONATHAN REEVES, b. Abt. 1685, Burlington Co., NJ; d. 1726; m. (1) MARY HEWLINGS; m. (2) MARY HEWLINGS, Abt. 1710, Burlington, New Jersey.
Marriage: Abt. 1710, Burlington, New Jersey

3. v.   WILLIAM REEVES, b. 1686, Evesham Twp, Burlington, NJ; d. 1748, Burlington, New Jersey.
  vi.   ELISHA REEVES, b. Abt. 1688, Burlington, New Jersey; d. 1750, New Jersey.
  vii.   JOSEPH REEVES, b. Abt. 1690, Burlington, New Jersey; d. December 1748.
  viii.   CALEB REEVES, b. Abt. 1692, Burlington, New Jersey; d. Bef. 1753.
  ix.   SAMUEL REEVES, b. Abt. 1695, Burlington, New Jersey; d. 1737; m. MARY HILL, Abt. 1720, Burlington, New Jersey.
Marriage: Abt. 1720, Burlington, New Jersey

  x.   ELIZABETH REEVES, b. 1697, Burlington, New Jersey; m. (1) WILLIAM SHOWELL, October 14, 1756, Burlington, New Jersey; m. (2) WILLIAM SHEWELL, Unknown; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
Marriage: October 14, 1756, Burlington, New Jersey

Marriage: Unknown

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