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Descendants of Nicholaas of Melton

      206. Nancy Susan17 Melton/Milton (Richard16, Richard15 Melton, Michael Melton14 Milton, William13, Thomas12 Melton, Sr., Thomas11 Milton, Richard10, Henry9, Richard8, Thomas/Richard7, John6 Melton, John5, Sir Thomas4, Ricardus3 de Melton, John2, Nicholaas of1 Melton) was born Abt. 1759 in Prince William Co., Virginia, and died 1849 in Nelson/Shelby Co., KY. She married Jesse Davies February 08, 1780, son of Isaac Davis and Elizabeth Kincheloe. He was born Abt. 1755 in Prince William Co., Virginia, and died October 23, 1818 in Nelson Co., KY.

Notes for Jesse Davies:
In 1837 Hugh Davis, then apparently living in Nelson County KY, signed an affidavit in support of a pension claim by Jesse's widow Nancy. The pension records show that Jesse was born in Prince William, and was Hugh's first cousin and also his brother-in-law and that Jesse married Nancy Melton of Prince William on February 8 1780.

Jesse Davis was a Captain in the Revolution and served under the immediate command of General Washington, who in general orders commended him for bravery (Virginia Gazette Jan 23 1778)....
Jesse's widow Nancy Melton was allowed a pension (W8652) and a Bounty Land Warrant (#2325) for 300 acres. Jesse also received lands grants of 5100 acres in Jefferson County and grants of 1700
acres in Nelson County, Kentucky (Virginia land grant books A:128; 4:536, 537, 608; 7:279; and 10:489)

Virginia's Share in the Military Movements of the Revolution
page 147
Capt. Davis married Nancy Melton, of Prince William, about 1775. Children: 1. William M., of Frankfort, Ky; 2. Nancy (married ---- Reynolds), Frankfort.
Jesse, Nancy, W8652, BLW #2325-300, VA Line, sol d 23 Oct 1818 in Nelson Cty Ky, sol lived in Prince William Cty VA at enl, sol had married Miss Nancy Milton of Prince William Cty VA on 8 Feb 1780, wid appl 2 Dec 1836 Nelson Cty KY & in 1842 she was living in Shelby Cty KY, children shown were; Presley, Jesse, ELijah who in 1837 lived in Nelson Cty KY, Wilson L. who was d prior to 4 Oct 1843 leaving children; (George, Thomas, & Harriet), William M. who was b about 1794 & in 1836 lived at Frankfort KY & d 24 Dec 1836 leaving a daughter; (Catherine), Elizabeth who m Robert Mosley & she d prior to 4 Oct1843 leaving no issue, Harriet M. who m Harrison A. Williams & in 1843 was living in Shelby Cty KY, Nancy who m James Renolds & in 1843 was living in Nelson Cty KY, Clayton &
Hamilton Davis & Mildred wife of William Walker, Sol's bro Presley Davis was killed in the battle of Long Island & sol's bro John Davis d of smallpox while in srv, in 1837 one Hugh Davis was aged 80 of Prince William Cty VA stated sol was his cousin & bro-in-law.

Virginia Bounty Claims:
Davis, Jesse - Captain Army
Elijah Dauis of Nelson CO, KY on 19 Oct 1644 states that he Is executor of the estate of Jesse Dauis, decd., late of Nelson CO, KY. Presley Davis of Shelby CO, KY is another son of Jesse Davis. Jesse Davis enlisted in the 11th VA Regt and was made Captain when Capt. Charles Gallanur was killed in the Battle of Brandywlne. In 1804, Jesse Davis received Bounty Land of 4,000 acres. Nancy Davis and Elijah Davis, surviving trustees of the estate of Capt. Jesse Davis, decd., on 27 Sep 1644. May 1779, 3rd Rsgt, Supernumeraries Recommended; Captains . .. John Peyton, Reuben Briscoe, Peter Minor, John McAdam, John Tibbs, Jesse Davis and Lieutenants ... Richard Kennon and Thornton Taylor. Mrs. Nancy Davis, aged 77, of Nelson CO, KY in Shelby CO, KY states the she is the widow of Capt. Jesse Davis. They were married on 8 Feb 1780, a year after he left the army. Jesse Davis raised a company of uolunteers in Prince William CO, VA and marched towards York Town. Mrs. Nancy Davis' brother was a Waggon Master who transported the French Army to Boston after Yorktown. After the war, Jesse Davis moved to KY, and died on 23 Oct 1818. William M. Davis of Frankfort, KY on 2 Dec 1838 states that he is the son of the late Jesse Davis and his widow, Nancy Davis who is applying for a pension. William M. Davis was aged 24 the year his father died. Certificate for pay for Capt. Jesse Davis of Infnatry given to Hugh Davis on 29 Mar 1784. Joshua Bird, pensioner of Nelson CO, KY, on 2 Dec 1836 in Shelby CO, KY states that he was a soldier in the VA Line and lived near Jesse Davis for many years in Prince William CO, VA and later in Nelson CO, KY. Jesse Davis married Miss Nancy Milton of Prince William CO, VA. Sworn before Elisha Davis, JOP for Nelson CO, KY. Richard K. Calvert of Bloomfield Town, Nelson CO, KY on 1 Sep 1836 states that he was born in Prince William CO, VA. James Reynolds and Nancy Reynolds of Nelson CO, KY on 8 Jan 1837 state that the family record of Capt. Jesse Davis is now in their possession. Elias Kincheloe of Nelson CO, KY on 6 Jan 1837 states that he has been a neighbor of Jesse Davis and Nancy Davis for the past 5O years. Hugh Davis, aged 80, in Prince William CO, VA on 19 Nou 1837 states that he was attached to Lee's Legion and in 1781 was wounded. Jesse Davis' two brothers died in service uiz Presley Davis fell at the Battle of Long Island and John Davis died with Small Pox at the same time that Capt. Andrew Leitch fell in the Battle of Long Island. HughDavis is a first cousin and brother - in - law to Jesse Davis. Lt. Col. Henry Lee on 10 Oct 1783 states that Capt. Davis of Prince William CO, VA served in the 7th Regt. He enlisted in Lee's Troop of Cavalry in 1776. Later he served in the 11th Regt.

Children of Nancy Melton/Milton and Jesse Davies are:
  396 i.   Cornelius18 Davis.
  Notes for Cornelius Davis:

Two days before the attack on the community, there had been a sighting of a "war party" of a 100 or so Indians, Colonel Isaac Cox called out the men of the stations in the vicinity to chase the Indians away. But the Indians had already passed behind Cox’s band and soon attacked the Kincheloe station.
The following is from an account published a half-century later but based in part upon the memories of survivors:

"Just as the day began to dawn,Cornelius Davis, the sentinel, apprehending no danger, retired from his
post to procure a few moments repose. He had just entered his cabin and begun divesting himself of his clothing, preparatory to lying down, when the yells of the savages were heard. He snatched down his rifle, and stepping out of his cabin saw an Indian on the top of the stockade. He fired at him, but whether with effect was not known. The flash of Davis’ gun revealing his position to the Indians several fired at him, and so close were they to him, that the blaze from their guns set fire to his shirt, the only garment he had on. He retreated into his cabin, whilst a large negro man kept the Indians at bay in front. Isaac Davis, the son, then a small boy, yet recollects vividly the appearance of his father when he entered the cabin . . . covered with blood from his wounds, his clothing in a light blaze . . . he went out again, but only to meet more speedily the death that was inevitable. He struggle to the last, and was tomahawked,
and fell a few paces from the fort. Two of the daughters of Davis were also killed, one of them being beheaded, and her body suspended on a sapling by her hand. Mrs. Davis, the wife was the only one of the ten in the family of escape [other than the boy Isaac].",Thomas Speed, “Kincheloe’s, or Burnt Station,” The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 32:99 (April 1934): 168-177

  397 ii.   Elizabeth Davis. She married Robert Mosley.
  398 iii.   Harriet M. Davis. She married Harrison Williams.
  399 iv.   Jesse Davis.
  400 v.   Elijah Davis, born Abt. 1780. He married Margaret "Peggy" Young; born 1790.
  401 vi.   Wilson L. Davis, born Abt. 1782; died Bef. October 04, 1843.
+ 402 vii.   Presley Davis, born 1785.
  403 viii.   Nancy Davis, born Abt. 1789. She married James Reynolds.
  404 ix.   William M. Davis, born 1794.

      218. Charles Melton17 Milton (John Melton16, Michael Melton15, Michael Melton14, William13, Thomas12 Melton, Sr., Thomas11 Milton, Richard10, Henry9, Richard8, Thomas/Richard7, John6 Melton, John5, Sir Thomas4, Ricardus3 de Melton, John2, Nicholaas of1 Melton) was born 1757 in Fairfax Co., VA., and died September 13, 1827 in Hardin Co., Ky. He married Sibba "Tebbie" Windsor Abt. 1782 in Loudoun/Hampshire Co., VA, daughter of Christopher Windsor and Mary. She was born 1766 in Fairfax Co., VA., and died August 13, 1828 in Hardin Co., Ky.

Notes for Charles Melton Milton:
This information is from the Lasswell family Bible copied by Mrs. Joseph Lynch, descendant of Jesse W. Lasswell and Jimmy Milton. Mrs. Lynch's DAR application #43695 and Charles Milton's Revolutionary pension file. Records of Loudoun County, Virginia, show that Charles appeared there in September and October 1784 to prove his service in the war. This presence in this general area is also indicated by the suit of trespass in Fairfax County against him by John Hereford, Fairfax County Order Book 1783 -- 1788, p. 83. It is interesting to note that Thomas Windsor was renting land from John Hereford in 1792, as indicated by Windsor's will of 14 July 1792 and Fairfax County. Charles Milton bought two hundred acres from Abraham Lincoln's father Thomas in Hardin County on 27 October 1814, Deed Book E. p. 193. They had sold Land in Washington County on 28 Feb. 1807 to John Hall. He received his last revolutionary war pension payment in September 1827.

This excerpt is from a book entitled THE KENTUCKY LINCOLNS ON MILL CREEK by Robert Gerald McMurtry, published in 1939 by Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN. p. 36. "According to documentary evidence, Charles Melton was a soldier in the Revolutinary War. The following record has been discovered: "Charles Melton schedule. District of Kentucky, Hardin County----June term
1820. On the 21st day of June, 1820 personally appeared in open court of record for the said district, Charles Melton age 62 years, who first being sworn according to law doth on his oath, declare taht he served in the Revolutionary War as follows: inlisted in the year 1777 in London family consists of my self and wife (Sibla) Sibba 54 years old." Ordinary Bundle #105. Hardin Circuit Court, Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
Please note: I have hopefully typed this just as it was published. This book is probably available thru inter-library loan, however the Melton data is sketchy. This section is devoted to the story of the transfer of land from Thomas Lincoln to Charles Melton and Melton's subsequent disposal of the land.
(from an E-mail sent to me by Eldred Melton,
Aug. 11, 1998, President Clinton came to Louisville for a campaign speech for a local Representative running for a Senate seat. The President used the occasion to speak about his Patients' Rights Bill. The person who ultimately introduced him was a woman doctor(a Republican from a long line of Republicans) who presented him with a gift--a gavel made from the border oak tree that once stood on the land owned by Thomas Lincoln,the father of Abraham Lincoln, who sold the land to Charles Melton who had settled in Hardin Co, KY. The oak tree died years ago but the wood was preserved and several gavels have been made from the wood and presented to a succession of Presidents.
Patrick G. Wardell. "Virginia and West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records" Vol 1, p.248. It gave his wife as "Tebbie" There is also listing in a Loudon Co. VA Tax list "Sybil Melton's Chas Melton 1." (the way this is worded it is believed that Chas Melton was son of Sybil Melton and John was Deceased)
1810 Hardin County, Kentucky CENSUS
Charles Melton Hardin 301 30 00101 01110
John Melton Hardin 297 22 10020 00010
Mich'l Melton Hardin 297 21 10100 00100
Thos. Melton Hardin 292 19 21000 10010

1830 Hardin County, Kentucky CENSUS
40 " 326 Michael Melton Hardin

1840 Hardin County, Kentucky CENSUS
39 030 Samuel R. Milton Hardin
39 067 John D. Melton Hardin
AGE 78

AGE 84
Warrant ID 3453.0 Veteran Name Milton, Charles
Assignee Acres 100 Years 3
Rank Soldier Unit Virginia Continental Line
Branch Unknown Date 10/2/1784

More About Charles Melton Milton:
Baptism: 1759
Military service: 1777, Loudon Co., VA.
Residence: 1820, Hardin Co., KY
Tax List: 1772, Loudon Co., VA; List taken by Geo West tax list 'A List of Tithables taken by Geo West 1175 . . . . Sybil Melton's Chas Melton 1.'
Children of Charles Milton and Sibba Windsor are:
+ 405 i.   John Melton18 Milton, born 1783 in Loudoun/Hampshire Co., VA; died March 19, 1814 in Hardin Co., Ky.
+ 406 ii.   Jenny Windsor Melton Milton, born March 09, 1785 in Loudoun Co., VA; died January 22, 1848 in Hardin Co., Ky.
  407 iii.   Michael Melton Milton, born 1789 in Hampshire Co., VA; died August 13, 1836 in Hardin Co., Ky. He married Jane Clarke August 22, 1808 in Washington Co., KY; born Abt. 1788.
  Notes for Michael Melton Milton:
There were two Michael MELTON's listed on the 1810 and 1820 SC census, one in Darlington District and one in Edgefield District. I suspect that one of these Michael's is the one who was born ca 1780 (in either VA or NC), married Rachel (or Rebecca) ? likely in SC and later moved into Randolph County, AL ca 1845, where he is believed to have died during or after 1860.

Michael and Rachel (or Rebecca) had the following known children: James, Alfred, David, and John C., each of whom are believed to have been born in SC and each accompanied the family to Randolph County, AL ca 1845.
1810 Hardin County, Kentucky CENSUS
Charles Melton Hardin 301 30 00101 01110
John Melton Hardin 297 22 10020 00010
Mich'l Melton Hardin 297 21 10100 00100
Thos. Melton Hardin 292 19 21000 10010

1820 Hardin County, Kentucky CENSUS
Melton, Michael Hardin

  408 iv.   Sarah Melton Milton, born 1795 in Washington Co., KY. She married Thomas W. Parrish October 23, 1820 in Hardin Co., Ky; born 1795.

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