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Ancestors of Stephan Dennis Leslie

      1578. Hans (Johan) Adam Simon3433,3434, born November 30, 1664 in Herren-Sulzbach, Germany3435,3436. He married 1579. Anna Catharine Hoehn April 27, 1688 in Germany.

      1579. Anna Catharine Hoehn3437,3438, born August 16, 1674 in 0erren-Sulzbach, Germany3439,3440.
Child of Hans Simon and Anna Hoehn is:
  789 i.   Anna Catherine Simon, born September 26, 1692 in Unterjeckenbach, Rhineland, Germany; died Aft. 1750 in Berks Co., Pennsylvania; married (1) Abraham Schneider; married (2) Johann Nickel Brosius; married (3) Johan George Brosius October 31, 1724 in Rhineland, Germany.

      1616. Ulrich Burkholder3441,3442, born Abt. 1685 in Switzerland?3443,3444.
Children of Ulrich Burkholder are:
  i.   Unknown Burkholder3445,3446, married Abraham Layman; born Abt. 17073447,3448.
  ii.   Unknown Burkholder3449,3450, married Jacob Reiff; born Abt. 17083451,3452.
  iii.   Christian Burkholder3453,3454, born Abt. 1705 in Switzerland?3455,3456
  808 iv.   Ulrich Burkholder, born 1706 in Switzerland; died January 1786 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; married Esther Shearer.

      1618. Hans Shearer3456, died Abt. 1732 in Aboard "Samuel" enroute for America?3456. He married 1619. Veronica (Shearer).

      1619. Veronica (Shearer)3456.
Child of Hans Shearer and Veronica (Shearer) is:
  809 i.   Esther Shearer, born Abt. 1710; married Ulrich Burkholder.

      1776. John Hardin, Major3457,3458, born 1710 in Northumberland Co., Virginia3459,3460; died October 13, 1789 in Hardinsbug, Nelson Co., Kentucky3461,3462. He was the son of 3552. Mark Hardin and 3553. Marie Madeline de la Chaumette Hogue. He married 1777. Catherine Marr November 1730 in Fauquier Co., Virginia3463,3464.

      1777. Catherine Marr3465,3466, born 1711 in Stafford Co., Virginia3467,3468; died 1786 in Nelson Co., Kentucky3469,3470. She was the daughter of 3554. John Marr and 3555. Elizabeth Utterback.

More About John Hardin, Major:
Cause of Death: Killed by Indians3471,3472
Military: Captain of Militia, Major, Captain3473,3474
Veteran: French and Indian War, American Revolution3475,3476
Children of John Hardin and Catherine Marr are:
  888 i.   John Hardin, born June 2, 1733 in Prince William Co., Virginia; died May 13, 1803 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania; met (1) Unknown Mother; married (2) Isabella Strawbridge June 2, 1753.
  ii.   Mary Hardin3477,3478, born Abt. 1735 in Georges Creek, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania3479,3480; died 1805 in Washington Co., Kentucky3481,3482; married Unknown Thomas.
  iii.   Benjamin Hardin3483,3484, born Abt. 1739 in Prince William Co., Virginia3485,3486; died December 1, 1816 in Wilkinson, Georgia3487,3488
  iv.   Thomas Hardin3489,3490, born Abt. 1741 in Fauquier Co., Virginia3491,3492
  v.   William "Indian Bill" Hardin3493,3494, born 1747 in Prince William Co., Virginia3495,3496; died September 21, 1821 in Hardins Fort, Breckinridge Co., Kentucky3497,3498; married Winifred Holtzclaw 1773 in Virginia3499,3500; born 1752 in Prince William Co., Virginia3501,3502; died 1801 in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky3503,3504.
  vi.   Mark Hardin3505,3506, born 1749 in Fauquier Co., Virginia3507,3508; died 1792 in Nelson Co., Kentucky3509,3510; married Ann Hartley.
  vii.   Jesse Hardin3511,3512, born 1751 in Prince William Co., Virginia3513,3514; died Abt. 1768 in Cumberland Co., Virginia?3515,3516
  viii.   Abigail Hardin3517,3518, born Abt. 1753 in Fauquier Co., Virginia3519,3520; married Unknown Linch.
  ix.   Catherine Hardin3521,3522, born 1755 in Prince William Co., Virginia3523,3524; married Unknown Burnett.
  x.   Elizabeth Hardin3525,3526, born Abt. 1757 in Fauquier Co., Virginia3527,3528; married Unknown Martin.
  xi.   Susannah Hardin3529,3530, born 1759 in Fauquier Co., Virginia3531,3532; married Unknown Walker.
  xii.   Lucy Hardin3533,3534, born 1762 in Fauquier Co., Virginia3535,3536

      1780. Stephen Harding3537,3538. He was the son of 3560. Abraham Harding and 3561. Deborah (Harding). He married 1781. Eliza Knight.

      1781. Eliza Knight3539,3540.
Child of Stephen Harding and Eliza Knight is:
  890 i.   John Harding, born 1715; married Sarah Moss.

      1784. William Sherrill3541,3542, born 1666 in Ermington Par., Devon, England3543,3544; died 1747 in Virginia3545,3546. He was the son of 3568. Samuel Sherrill and 3569. Unknown (Sherrill). He married 1785. Margarette Rudisil 1699 in North Carolina3547,3548.

      1785. Margarette Rudisil3549,3550, born 1678 in Cecil Co., Maryland3551,3552.
Children of William Sherrill and Margarette Rudisil are:
  892 i.   Adam Sherrill, born 1697 in Cecil Co., Maryland; died 1773 in Yadkin River Section, Rowan; married Elizabeth (Sherrill) 1722 in Cecil Co., Maryland.
  ii.   William Sherrill, Jr.3553,3554, born 1699 in Cecil Co., Maryland3555,3556; married Margaret (Sherrill).
  iii.   Margaret Sherrill3557,3558, born 1701 in Cecil Co., Maryland3559,3560
  iv.   William Sherrill3561,3562, born 1702 in North Carolina3563,3564
  v.   Mary Sherrill3565,3566, born 1703 in North Carolina3567,3568

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