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Index of Individuals


?, ? Levins
?, Alice Levins
?, Amie Levins(b. Abt. 1879)
?, Ann Levins(b. Abt. 1825, d. Jan/13/1892)
?, Anna Forsyth(b. 1831)
?, Biddy Levins
?, Bridie Levins
?, Caterina Musante(b. Abt. 1816)
?, Catherine Levins(d. Jun/25/1783)
?, Catherine Levins
?, Elizabeth E.(b. Abt. 1844)
?, Elizabeth Levins
?, Elizabeth Levins(b. Abt. 1750, d. Oct/07/1826)
?, Elizabeth Levins(b. Abt. 1795, d. Jan/04/1855)
?, Frances
?, Frances Levins
?, Hannah Hawks(b. Abt. 1764, d. Feb/01/1812)
?, Margaret
?, Margaret Levins
?, Mary Levins
?, Mary Levins
?, Mary Levins
?, Mary Levins(b. Abt. 1765, d. 1843)
?, Rosa(b. Abt. 1826)
?, Rose Ann Levins(b. Abt. 1821, d. Mar/05/1875)
?, Ursela Levins(b. Abt. 1530, d. 1573)


Algeo, William


Allum, Violet


Arellano, Alexis Kera(b. Oct/16/1995)
Arellano, Brandon Christopher(b. Jan/24/1998)
Arellano, Oscar Luis(b. Nov/27/1963)


Aubery, Rebecca


Barton, Anna(b. Oct/08/1793, d. Dec/05/1865)
Barton, Catharine(b. Jan/30/1799, d. Jul/22/1883)
Barton, John(b. Mar/06/1765, d. Apr/19/1837)


Blazer, Judith Irene(b. Oct/22/1956)


Bogardus, Katherine(b. Sep/1871)
Bogardus, Mary Elizabeth(b. Jun/02/1833, d. 1914)


Brady, Honoria "Honor"(b. Abt. 1846)
Brady, Michael


Brett, Margaret "Maggie"(d. Dec/30/1958)


Bridget(b. Abt. 1780)


Byrne, Margaret


Caffery, Margaret


Cahill, Daniel
Cahill, William


Canniff, Mary Ann(b. Sep/05/1817, d. May/12/1894)
Canniff, Richard


Carroll, Ann
Carroll, Augustine Levins
Carroll, Bernard
Carroll, Bridget
Carroll, Bridget Geoghegan(d. Jun/14/1956)
Carroll, Catherine
Carroll, Catherine(b. Abt. 1840)
Carroll, Catherine(b. Abt. 1847, d. Apr/17/1896)
Carroll, Cosmos(b. Abt. 1808, d. Apr/1878)
Carroll, Jane
Carroll, John Chrysostin(b. Feb/22/1841)
Carroll, Peter Vincent(b. Aug/20/1847, d. Apr/20/1896)
Carroll, Sarah Frances(b. Sep/13/1858, d. Apr/08/1927)
Carroll, Vincent Levins
Carroll, William Joseph(b. Mar/25/1844)


Casagrande, Luigi(d. Jul/09/1912)


Cash, Elizabeth


Catherine(b. Abt. 1848)


Chamberlin, Robert


Clark, Anne(d. Abt. 1929)
Clark, James


Cole, Martha(b. 1933)


Conly, Bridget


Connelly, Bridget


Connolley, Margaret Ella(b. Jan/29/1879, d. Feb/10/1952)


Connor, Catherine(d. May/16/1873)
Connor, Margaret


Corcoran, Joseph
Corcoran, May


Cosgrove, Anne


Coyle, Anna E.(b. Apr/25/1861, d. Jun/25/1947)


Curren, Bridget


Curry, Ruth


Dalgarn, William B.(b. Abt. 1843)


Davino, Anthony
Davino, Antonio(b. 1885, d. 1948)
Davino, Ellen
Davino, Gerald
Davino, Mary
Davino, Pauline Bridget(b. Sep/05/1912)


Doddridge, Elizabeth(b. May/15/1750, d. 1817)


Dougherty, Thomas


Doughtery, Cecelia(d. Jan/15/1928)
Doughtery, Mary(b. Abt. 1856, d. Oct/18/1924)


Duff, Ellen


E., Ellen




Ellingwood, Mary Jane(b. Abt. 1844, d. Oct/30/1919)


Esmonde, Thomas Grattan


Esther(b. 1864)


Farley, Thomas


Field, Joshua


Finnegan, Margaret Mary


Forsyth, J. A.(b. 1857)
Forsyth, James(b. 1827)


Foster, Mary Kathleen


Garlind, Bridget


Gartlany, Judith


Geoghegan, George(d. 1916)
Geoghegan, Peter


Graham, ?
Graham, Child


Hagan, Ann


Hale, Michael
Hale, Nancy "Nanno"(b. Mar/25/1836, d. May/13/1929)


Haley, Alicia(b. Jun/23/1919)
Haley, Christopher
Haley, Elizabeth
Haley, Michael R.(b. Oct/21/1955)
Haley, William R.
Haley, William R.(b. Jun/23/1919)
Haley, William V.


Hall, Emma


Halligan, Johanna


Harford, Mary Ann


Harlin, Catherine


Harrison, Catherine "Kitty"


Hawkes, Caroline(b. 1839)
Hawkes, Charles(b. Apr/08/1842, d. Jul/01/1911)
Hawkes, Charles B.(b. Jul/27/1879, d. Feb/22/1951)
Hawkes, Eliza(b. 1845)
Hawkes, Everett(b. 1857, d. Nov/05/1920)
Hawkes, Hannah(b. 1836)
Hawkes, Irving
Hawkes, Louis G.
Hawkes, Marjorie Mae(b. Feb/22/1902, d. 1963) Includes Pictures
Hawkes, Minnie May
Hawkes, Susan(b. 1834)


Hawks, Alice May(b. Oct/25/1916)
Hawks, Belsey
Hawks, Caleb(b. Apr/12/1791, d. Mar/03/1865)
Hawks, Caleb(b. 1836)
Hawks, Daniel
Hawks, David(b. Aug/17/1814, d. Dec/22/1892)
Hawks, Emeline
Hawks, Emma Agusta(b. Mar/06/1854, d. Jan/17/1928)
Hawks, Esther
Hawks, Foster Leonard(b. Aug/05/1906)
Hawks, George Lewis(b. Jul/25/1858, d. Sep/18/1858)
Hawks, Hale
Hawks, Hannah
Hawks, Hattie(b. Mar/15/1884)
Hawks, Herbert Merle(b. Apr/14/1923, d. May/19/1946)
Hawks, Jacob
Hawks, James Henry(b. Jul/25/1845, d. Oct/12/1918)
Hawks, John Barton(b. May/20/1820, d. Oct/22/1895)
Hawks, John Wesly(b. Sep/15/1852, d. Jun/21/1853)
Hawks, Jotham
Hawks, Jotham(b. Jun/25/1764, d. Dec/14/1851)
Hawks, Jotham(b. Abt. 1792, d. Feb/22/1842)
Hawks, Jotham Joseph(b. Apr/24/1842)
Hawks, Leonard Richarson(b. Sep/01/1861, d. Jun/29/1937)
Hawks, Nancy Jane(b. Jan/29/1841, d. May/21/1935)
Hawks, Naomi Viola(b. Sep/10/1902)
Hawks, Otis(b. Jul/13/1900)
Hawks, Parmelia(b. Mar/20/1848, d. Jan/15/1923)
Hawks, Rachael Annn(b. Jun/23/1844, d. Jan/30/1922)
Hawks, Royal(b. Apr/17/1896)
Hawks, Ruth May(b. Oct/31/1897)
Hawks, Sarah Aedelia(b. Oct/29/1850, d. Mar/30/1926)
Hawks, Sarah Ann(b. 1833)
Hawks, William(b. Oct/04/1856, d. Oct/19/1856)


Heavican, Mary
Heavican, Timothy


Heely, Bridget
Heely, Bridget


Hennesay, ?
Hennesay, Child


Henry, Kathleen


Hughes, ?
Hughes, Margaret(b. Abt. 1837)
Hughes, Morris


Ingram, William


Ireland, Abraham(b. Abt. 1750, d. Abt. 1840)
Ireland, Freelove(b. Jul/02/1823, d. Sep/19/1902)
Ireland, James(b. Mar/27/1790, d. May/16/1855)
Ireland, John


Issacs, Ada Leoris(b. Jul/23/1948)


Joyce, Mary(b. Abt. 1692)


Kearns, Katherine


Keegan, Marie


Kelledy, Bridget(b. Abt. 1817)


Kelly, Ester
Kelly, Julia
Kelly, Mary(d. Abt. 1940)
Kelly, Mary A.
Kelly, Patrick


Kiley, Thomas
Kiley, Thomas
Kiley, Thomas


King, Elizabeth J.(d. Dec/22/1909) Includes Notes


Lamb, Mathew


Lee, Ruth


Legge, Ione


Levins, ?
Levins, Agnes(b. 1879)
Levins, Alice(d. Aug/1863)
Levins, Alice(b. Abt. 1860)
Levins, Alicia(b. Apr/15/1891, d. Jan/29/1961)
Levins, Alicia " Alice"(b. Abt. 1844, d. 1916)
Levins, Alonzo Franklin(b. Aug/08/1853)
Levins, Amanda
Levins, Andrew(b. Abt. 1789, d. Dec/23/1817)
Levins, Andrew(b. Abt. 1827)
Levins, Ann
Levins, Ann(b. Abt. 1722)
Levins, Ann(b. Abt. 1802)
Levins, Ann(b. 1805)
Levins, Ann(b. 1842)
Levins, Ann(b. 1865, d. 1903)
Levins, Anna(b. Feb/05/1891)
Levins, Anna Frances(b. Mar/1879, d. Jul/15/1941)
Levins, Anne(b. Abt. 1560)
Levins, Anne(b. Apr/15/1759, d. Jun/30/1836)
Levins, Anne(b. Abt. 1825, d. Abt. 1853)
Levins, Anne(b. 1853)
Levins, Anne(b. Abt. 1855, d. Abt. 1912)
Levins, Anne(b. 1874)
Levins, Annie
Levins, Annie(b. 1912)
Levins, Annie S.(b. 1868)
Levins, Arthur George(b. Abt. 1878)
Levins, Arthur John(b. Mar/08/1894, d. Apr/15/1950)
Levins, Austin(b. 1899)
Levins, Bernard(b. 1876)
Levins, Bertha E.(b. 1877)
Levins, Brenda
Levins, Bridget
Levins, Bridget(b. Aug/07/1804)
Levins, Bridget(b. Abt. 1819, d. Nov/15/1848)
Levins, Bridget(b. Abt. 1839)
Levins, Bridget(b. Abt. 1845)
Levins, Bridget "Biddy"(b. Abt. 1837)
Levins, Bridget Catherine(b. Jan/28/1970)
Levins, Bryan
Levins, Bryan
Levins, Catherine
Levins, Catherine
Levins, Catherine(b. Abt. 1720, d. Jun/25/1783)
Levins, Catherine(b. 1797)
Levins, Catherine(b. Feb/01/1807)
Levins, Catherine(b. Abt. 1836)
Levins, Catherine(b. 1836)
Levins, Catherine(b. Abt. 1846)
Levins, Catherine(b. 1852)
Levins, Catherine(b. Jan/10/1861, d. Nov/11/1861)
Levins, Catherine(b. Nov/20/1868, d. Aug/01/1935)
Levins, Catherine(b. 1872)
Levins, Catherine "Kate"(b. Abt. 1862, d. Feb/17/1916)
Levins, Charles
Levins, Charles(b. Feb/27/1858)
Levins, Charles(b. Abt. 1889, d. 1928)
Levins, Charles R.(d. Dec/17/1928)
Levins, Charles William(b. May/05/1892, d. 1948)
Levins, Child
Levins, Clare(d. Mar/25/1923)
Levins, Columbus(b. Abt. 1857)
Levins, Cpt. William
Levins, Creswell
Levins, Daniel Francis(b. Mar/06/1921, d. Mar/23/1985) Includes Pictures
Levins, Daniel John Patrick(b. Oct/07/1953) Includes Pictures
Levins, Daniel Webster(b. Dec/31/1877, d. Feb/24/1940)
Levins, Daughter
Levins, Daughter
Levins, David
Levins, David(b. Nov/11/1849)
Levins, David(b. Jan/28/1852)
Levins, Deborah Ellen(b. Apr/06/1957)
Levins, Dessie(b. Abt. 1879)
Levins, Donna Mae(b. Feb/03/1951) Includes Pictures
Levins, Edward
Levins, Edward
Levins, Edward
Levins, Edward(b. 1868, d. 1869)
Levins, Edward A.(b. Jan/01/1898, d. Aug/11/1973)
Levins, Elixabeth(b. 1842)
Levins, Elizabeth
Levins, Elizabeth
Levins, Elizabeth(b. 1808)
Levins, Elizabeth(b. Apr/20/1844)
Levins, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1855)
Levins, Elizabeth(b. Abt. 1866, d. Nov/26/1938)
Levins, Elizabeth Liliy(b. Feb/02/1918)
Levins, Ellen "Nell"(b. Jul/13/1890, d. 1945)
Levins, Erin Ellen(b. Jan/29/1971)
Levins, Eualea
Levins, Eugenia "Jennie"(b. Abt. 1874)
Levins, Fancis "Frank"
Levins, Florence Gertrude
Levins, Frances(b. 1868)
Levins, Francis(b. Abt. 1819)
Levins, Francis(b. Abt. 1875, d. Abt. 1952)
Levins, Francis Carroll(b. Dec/17/1897, d. Jul/1963) Includes Pictures
Levins, Frank
Levins, Frederick C.(b. Aft. 1883)
Levins, George
Levins, George(d. 1864)
Levins, George(d. 1864)
Levins, George(b. Abt. 1843)
Levins, George(b. 1852)
Levins, George(b. Mar/07/1898)
Levins, George C.(b. Nov/11/1849)
Levins, George H.(b. Abt. 1862)
Levins, George Henry
Levins, George Patrick
Levins, George Patrick(b. Abt. 1864)
Levins, George W.(b. Feb/18/1888, d. Jan/03/1959)
Levins, Gerald Christoher(b. Sep/29/1968)
Levins, Gerald Christopher(b. Oct/12/1944)
Levins, Gertrude(b. Abt. 1893, d. 1976)
Levins, Hannah
Levins, Hannah(b. 1871)
Levins, Harry
Levins, Harry(b. 1942)
Levins, Helen
Levins, Helen(b. 1906)
Levins, Henry
Levins, Henry(b. Abt. 1740, d. Abt. 1845)
Levins, Henry(b. Abt. 1806)
Levins, Henry(b. Abt. 1836)
Levins, Henry(b. Abt. 1855)
Levins, Henry(b. 1877)
Levins, Henry J.(b. Abt. 1816)
Levins, Howard Henry
Levins, Humphrey(b. Abt. 1568)
Levins, Infant(b. Feb/17/1813)
Levins, Infant(b. Sep/09/1856)
Levins, Irene(b. Aug/30/1896)
Levins, J. F.(b. 1879)
Levins, J. Robert(b. Jul/31/1884)
Levins, James
Levins, James(d. Abt. 1891)
Levins, James
Levins, James
Levins, James
Levins, James
Levins, James
Levins, James
Levins, James
Levins, James
Levins, James(b. Oct/24/1679)
Levins, James(b. Abt. 1688)
Levins, James(b. Abt. 1785, d. Apr/16/1855)
Levins, James(b. Abt. 1786)
Levins, James(b. 1799)
Levins, James(b. Dec/17/1803)
Levins, James(b. Abt. Mar/02/1809, d. Oct/21/1872)
Levins, James(b. Mar/02/1811)
Levins, James(b. Abt. 1815)
Levins, James(b. Abt. 1816, d. Jan/03/1892)
Levins, James(b. Abt. 1831)
Levins, James(b. 1838)
Levins, James(b. Abt. 1840)
Levins, James(b. Abt. 1841)
Levins, James(b. 1843)
Levins, James(b. 1845)
Levins, James(b. Oct/06/1866)
Levins, James(b. Jun/28/1867)
Levins, James(b. 1869, d. Nov/10/1918)
Levins, James(b. 1897)
Levins, James(b. 1922)
Levins, James Andrew(b. Mar/07/1843, d. Dec/05/1897)
Levins, James Andrew(b. Jul/13/1870, d. Mar/05/1910)
Levins, James Andrew(b. Sep/14/1909, d. Jun/08/2002)
Levins, James Anthony(b. Jun/11/1932)
Levins, James F.(b. 1862, d. 1900)
Levins, James George
Levins, James Gerald(b. Mar/25/1958)
Levins, James Joseph(b. Feb/15/1871, d. Feb/20/1945)
Levins, James Joseph(b. Dec/28/1913, d. Aug/27/1997)
Levins, James Joseph III(b. Nov/08/1946)
Levins, James P.(b. Aug/1858, d. Nov/19/1915)
Levins, James P.(b. Jul/10/1888)
Levins, James W.(b. 1864)
Levins, Jane(b. Apr/26/1686)
Levins, Jane(b. Abt. 1778)
Levins, Jane Theresa(b. Abt. 1838)
Levins, Jasper Newton(b. Aug/18/1848)
Levins, John
Levins, John
Levins, John
Levins, John
Levins, John
Levins, John
Levins, John
Levins, John
Levins, John
Levins, John(d. Mar/07/1927)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1582, d. Nov/15/1647)
Levins, John(b. Apr/27/1640)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1708, d. Apr/15/1774)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1755, d. 1837)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1804, d. Apr/26/1855)
Levins, John(b. 1813, d. 1881)
Levins, John(b. Aug/24/1813)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1815, d. 1902)
Levins, John(b. Dec/05/1819)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1821)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1828, d. Oct/08/1888)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1831)
Levins, John(b. Mar/23/1839)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1840, d. Nov/04/1876)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1840)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1841, d. 1900)
Levins, John(b. 1841)
Levins, John(b. Jan/21/1845)
Levins, John(b. 1852)
Levins, John(b. Aug/09/1864)
Levins, John(b. Feb/24/1865)
Levins, John(b. Jun/11/1865)
Levins, John(b. 1870)
Levins, John(b. Abt. 1872)
Levins, John(b. 1873)
Levins, John(b. Aug/17/1873)
Levins, John(b. 1875)
Levins, John(b. Feb/1880, d. Abt. 1927) Includes Notes
Levins, John(b. Nov/02/1881, d. Aug/27/1886)
Levins, John(b. 1917)
Levins, John(b. 1941)
Levins, John "Jack"
Levins, John Edward(b. Apr/28/1959)
Levins, John F.(b. Mar/18/1854)
Levins, John F.(b. Abt. 1866)
Levins, John Henry(b. Sep/26/1840, d. Abt. 1883)
Levins, John Henry(b. Nov/1851, d. May/18/1928)
Levins, John J.(b. 1859, d. 1888)
Levins, John James(b. Feb/14/1840, d. Feb/11/1900)
Levins, John James(b. Abt. 1906)
Levins, John Joseph(b. Jan/12/1874, d. Dec/20/1938)
Levins, John Lincoln
Levins, John Moore(b. 1825)
Levins, Joseph(b. Abt. 1857)
Levins, Joseph Anthony(b. Jul/01/1963)
Levins, Jospeh
Levins, Julia(b. Abt. 1828)
Levins, Julia Mary(b. Dec/07/1874, d. May/13/1971)
Levins, Kate(b. 1888)
Levins, Katherine
Levins, Katherine(b. Jan/23/1683-84)
Levins, Katherine(b. Abt. 1864)
Levins, Kathleen(b. Nov/11/1916)
Levins, Keri Lynn(b. Aug/11/1970)
Levins, Kevin
Levins, Kiley(b. Abt. 1877)
Levins, Laurence(b. Abt. 1853)
Levins, Laurence(b. Oct/27/1865)
Levins, Laurence "Larry"
Levins, Lawrence
Levins, Loretta(b. May/26/1938)
Levins, Loretta Agnes(b. Mar/22/1907, d. Jul/07/1980)
Levins, Loretta Marie(b. May/02/1961)
Levins, Louisa(b. Feb/05/1855)
Levins, Lynne Catherine(b. May/03/1943) Includes Pictures
Levins, Mabel(b. Abt. 1889)
Levins, Male(b. Mar/01/1865)
Levins, Margaret
Levins, Margaret
Levins, Margaret(d. 1875)
Levins, Margaret
Levins, Margaret
Levins, Margaret
Levins, Margaret(b. Abt. 1737, d. 1820)
Levins, Margaret(b. Abt. 1759)
Levins, Margaret(b. Abt. 1778)
Levins, Margaret(b. Abt. 1799)
Levins, Margaret(b. 1801)
Levins, Margaret(b. Apr/10/1810)
Levins, Margaret(b. Abt. 1839)
Levins, Margaret(b. Abt. 1843)
Levins, Margaret(b. Abt. 1844, d. Feb/12/1899)
Levins, Margaret(b. 1863)
Levins, Margaret(b. 1865)
Levins, Margaret(b. Dec/12/1865)
Levins, Margaret April(b. 1920)
Levins, Margaret V.(b. 1898, d. 1969)
Levins, Martha(b. Abt. 1572)
Levins, Martha E.
Levins, Martha S. Ophelia(b. Abt. 1860)
Levins, Mary
Levins, Mary
Levins, Mary
Levins, Mary
Levins, Mary(b. 1793)
Levins, Mary(b. Aug/23/1802)
Levins, Mary(b. Abt. 1810)
Levins, Mary(b. Abt. 1831)
Levins, Mary(b. Abt. 1834)
Levins, Mary(b. 1837)
Levins, Mary(b. 1838)
Levins, Mary(b. Abt. 1839, d. Apr/14/1873)
Levins, Mary(b. Feb/27/1841)
Levins, Mary(b. Jun/12/1842)
Levins, Mary(b. Abt. 1848, d. 1852)
Levins, Mary(b. Abt. 1853, d. 1919)
Levins, Mary(b. Jul/24/1853)
Levins, Mary(b. 1857)
Levins, Mary(b. Dec/12/1865)
Levins, Mary(b. 1869)
Levins, Mary(b. Abt. 1897)
Levins, Mary(b. 1925)
Levins, Mary A.(b. 1895)
Levins, Mary Alice(b. 1803, d. 1872)
Levins, Mary Alice(b. Abt. 1907)
Levins, Mary Ann(b. 1850)
Levins, Mary Anne
Levins, Mary Elizabeth(b. 1868, d. 1898)
Levins, Mary Ellen
Levins, Mary Ellen(b. Aug/04/1890, d. Jul/04/1916)
Levins, Mary Jane
Levins, Mary Jane(b. Abt. 1865)
Levins, Mary Laura(b. 1875)
Levins, Mary Levins(b. Feb/14/1867)
Levins, Matthew
Levins, Matthew(b. Abt. 1804)
Levins, Matthew(b. 1845)
Levins, Matthew(b. 1847)
Levins, Maud(b. Abt. 1889)
Levins, Maude(b. Abt. 1877)
Levins, Michael
Levins, Michael
Levins, Michael
Levins, Michael
Levins, Michael
Levins, Michael
Levins, Michael(b. Abt. 1785)
Levins, Micheal(b. Abt. 1835, d. Jul/04/1862)
Levins, Mona(b. Mar/14/1927)
Levins, Nicholas
Levins, Nicholas(b. Mar/30/1849)
Levins, Oliver
Levins, Paddy
Levins, Partick(b. Abt. 1817)
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick
Levins, Patrick(b. Abt. 1743, d. 1821)
Levins, Patrick(b. Abt. 1783)
Levins, Patrick(b. Abt. 1789, d. Abt. 1849)
Levins, Patrick(b. May/15/1805, d. Mar/01/1897)
Levins, Patrick(b. Apr/24/1808)
Levins, Patrick(b. 1810, d. Feb/1877)
Levins, Patrick(b. Abt. 1825)
Levins, Patrick(b. 1835)
Levins, Patrick(b. Abt. 1861, d. Apr/02/1898)
Levins, Patrick(b. May/13/1866)
Levins, Patrick(b. Abt. 1871)
Levins, Patrick(b. 1879)
Levins, Patrick(b. 1909)
Levins, Patrick(b. May/30/1911, d. May/1985)
Levins, Patrick(b. Aug/23/1924)
Levins, Patrick A.
Levins, Paula Diomira(b. Feb/19/1952)
Levins, Peter
Levins, Peter
Levins, Peter
Levins, Peter
Levins, Peter(b. Abt. 1796, d. Oct/30/1879)
Levins, Peter(b. Jan/15/1815, d. Sep/26/1894)
Levins, Peter(b. Apr/26/1846)
Levins, Peter(b. Abt. 1848)
Levins, Peter(b. 1850)
Levins, Peter(b. Abt. 1864)
Levins, Peter(b. Abt. 1907)
Levins, Peter(b. 1918)
Levins, Peter Fred(b. Jan/07/1968)
Levins, Peter J.
Levins, Peter James
Levins, Philip(b. Abt. 1902)
Levins, Rebecca M.(b. Abt. 1869)
Levins, Rev. Andrew(b. Abt. 1747, d. Jan/17/1843)
Levins, Rev. John(b. Mar/25/1823, d. Jan/02/1883)
Levins, Rev. John Canon(b. 1784, d. Feb/15/1863)
Levins, Rev. Phillip(b. Abt. 1727, d. Jun/01/1794)
Levins, Rev. Thomas C.(b. Mar/14/1789, d. May/05/1843)
Levins, Richard
Levins, Richard
Levins, Richard(b. Abt. 1563, d. 1571)
Levins, Richard(b. Abt. 1740)
Levins, Richard(b. 1854)
Levins, Richard(b. Abt. 1855)
Levins, Richard(b. 1891)
Levins, Richard Joseph
Levins, Robert
Levins, Robert
Levins, Robert(b. Abt. 1720)
Levins, Robert(b. Jan/05/1816, d. Oct/21/1896)
Levins, Robert(b. Abt. 1829, d. Abt. 1899)
Levins, Robert(b. 1854)
Levins, Robert(b. 1877, d. Oct/24/1881)
Levins, Robert Henry(d. Mar/24/1877)
Levins, Robert Henry Includes Pictures
Levins, Robert Henry(b. Feb/25/1854, d. Mar/25/1935) Includes Pictures
Levins, Robert Vincent(b. Jul/10/1902, d. Nov/01/1938)
Levins, Rose(b. 1795)
Levins, Rose(b. Abt. 1843)
Levins, Rose A.(b. 1840)
Levins, Roseanna(b. 1852)
Levins, Sarah
Levins, Sarah(b. Nov/15/1848)
Levins, Sarah Salita(b. Abt. 1865)
Levins, Son
Levins, Son
Levins, Stephen
Levins, Stephen(b. Abt. 1889)
Levins, Stephen J.(d. Sep/22/1943)
Levins, Teresa(b. Abt. 1882)
Levins, Teresa(b. Abt. 1914)
Levins, Teresa "Tessa"(b. Abt. 1850)
Levins, Theodore
Levins, Therse(b. Abt. 1843)
Levins, Thomas
Levins, Thomas
Levins, Thomas
Levins, Thomas
Levins, Thomas
Levins, Thomas
Levins, Thomas
Levins, Thomas(b. 1815, d. 1905)
Levins, Thomas(b. Abt. 1836, d. 1907)
Levins, Thomas(b. Mar/09/1837)
Levins, Thomas(b. 1838)
Levins, Thomas(b. Abt. 1843)
Levins, Thomas(b. 1845)
Levins, Thomas(b. Abt. 1856)
Levins, Thomas(b. 1860)
Levins, Thomas(b. Jan/23/1865)
Levins, Thomas(b. Aug/12/1866)
Levins, Thomas(b. 1873)
Levins, Thomas(b. Jul/30/1876, d. Jul/17/1943)
Levins, Thomas D.
Levins, Thomas Edward(b. 1866, d. 1907)
Levins, Thomas Francis(b. Abt. 1861)
Levins, Thomas Henry(b. Feb/20/1889)
Levins, Thomas Joseph(b. 1903)
Levins, Thomas P.(b. Abt. 1847)
Levins, Thomas Patrick(b. 1865, d. 1896)
Levins, Thomas W.
Levins, Thomas W.(b. Jul/11/1850)
Levins, Thomas William(b. 1871)
Levins, Unknown
Levins, Veronica(b. Jan/19/1942)
Levins, Vincent(b. Abt. 1907)
Levins, W. S.(b. 1853)
Levins, Walter T.(b. Abt. 1888, d. 1937)
Levins, Willaim
Levins, William
Levins, William
Levins, William(b. 1516, d. Apr/02/1616)
Levins, William(b. Abt. 1567, d. 1567)
Levins, William(b. 1789)
Levins, William(b. Aug/05/1852)
Levins, William(b. 1893)
Levins, William "Kidd"(b. Oct/17/1879)
Levins, William Francis
Levins, William Fredrick
Levins, William Joseph(b. Sep/24/1868)
Levins, William Littleton(b. Abt. 1852)
Levins, Zachary Taylor(b. Mar/04/1849, d. Mar/31/1907)


Luke, Elinor


Lutphin, William F.


Lynch, Mary


Malloy, Mary Catherine


Margaret(b. Abt. 1818)
Margaret(b. Abt. 1826)
Margaret(b. Abt. 1844)


Martin, ? ?
Martin, Anthony
Martin, Beatrice Doris(b. Aug/03/1921, d. Apr/12/1972) Includes Pictures
Martin, Deborah
Martin, Diane
Martin, James(b. Abt. 1852) Includes Pictures
Martin, James Hawks
Martin, James J.
Martin, Mamie
Martin, Margaret "Peggy"
Martin, Marjorie(d. Jul/15/2003)
Martin, Michael
Martin, Michael
Martin, Michael Mark
Martin, Michael Mark(b. Mar/18/1898, d. Jun/29/1946) Includes Pictures
Martin, Sharon


Mary(b. Abt. 1806)
Mary(b. Abt. 1812)
Mary(b. Abt. 1821)


Matthews, Ally


Maytom, Minnie

Mc Cabe

Mc Cabe, Elizabeth

Mc Cready

Mc Cready, Annie Nancy(b. Jan/23/1788)
Mc Cready, David(b. Dec/08/1792)
Mc Cready, Elizabeth(b. Aft. 1801)
Mc Cready, Jennie(b. Feb/14/1780)
Mc Cready, John(b. Sep/22/1781)
Mc Cready, Joseph(b. Dec/17/1785)
Mc Cready, Mary(b. May/25/1801)
Mc Cready, Robert(b. Mar/28/1752, d. Aug/10/1846)
Mc Cready, Robert(b. Oct/01/1790)
Mc Cready, William(b. Sep/22/1783)

Mc Dermott

Mc Dermott, Annie(b. Nov/17/1899, d. Jan/31/1904)
Mc Dermott, Catherine(b. Dec/07/1875)
Mc Dermott, Catherine Agnes(b. Abt. 1876, d. Apr/15/1939)
Mc Dermott, Celia
Mc Dermott, Ellenora(b. Abt. 1855)
Mc Dermott, James(b. Abt. 1846)
Mc Dermott, John
Mc Dermott, John James(b. Abt. 1850)
Mc Dermott, John Joseph(b. Oct/08/1894)
Mc Dermott, Mary
Mc Dermott, Mary
Mc Dermott, Mary(b. Abt. 1843)
Mc Dermott, Mary(b. Jun/21/1874)
Mc Dermott, Michael(d. Abt. 1865)
Mc Dermott, Michael
Mc Dermott, Michael(b. Abt. 1850)
Mc Dermott, Michael(b. Aug/22/1880)
Mc Dermott, Patrick(b. Abt. 1848)
Mc Dermott, Patrick J.(b. Abt. 1885, d. Feb/07/1938)
Mc Dermott, Sarah
Mc Dermott, Thomas
Mc Dermott, Thomas
Mc Dermott, Thomas(b. Abt. 1849)
Mc Dermott, Thomas(b. Abt. 1853, d. Jan/13/1936)
Mc Dermott, Thomas J.(b. Oct/17/1871)

Mc Dowell

Mc Dowell, Annelia B.(b. Oct/24/1860)
Mc Dowell, Burtrine A.(b. Jan/11/1867)
Mc Dowell, Dorothy(b. Nov/1895)
Mc Dowell, Eugine Percy(b. Jun/04/1865)
Mc Dowell, John(b. Jan/1829, d. 1916)
Mc Dowell, Katherine Bogardus(b. Mar/15/1869)
Mc Dowell, Mary Elizabeth Riggs(b. Nov/08/1877, d. 1956) Includes Pictures
Mc Dowell, Samuel B.(b. Mar/11/1871)
Mc Dowell, Winnie H.(b. Sep/21/1858)

Mc Ginn

Mc Ginn, Margaret(b. Abt. 1789, d. Abt. 1849)

Mc Keown

Mc Keown, Elizabeth(b. Apr/11/1810, d. Aug/11/1899)

Mc Quillan

Mc Quillan, Alice

Mc Williams

Mc Williams, Jennie(b. 1881, d. 1882)
Mc Williams, Thomas(b. Abt. 1856, d. 1902)


Miner, Kryn Adam
Miner, Rolland Arthur III
Miner, Rolland Arthur IV


Moore, Ellen Harriet


Morgan, ?
Morgan, Patrick


Mulholland, Margaret(b. Jan/31/1840, d. Abt. 1875)


Murphy, Mary


Musante, Adelena(b. Abt. 1870)
Musante, Angeline(b. Abt. 1889)
Musante, Antonia(b. Abt. 1863)
Musante, Benedetto(b. Abt. 1836)
Musante, Carlo(d. Bef. 1880)
Musante, Celestino(b. Abt. 1812)
Musante, Clotilda(b. Abt. 1871)
Musante, Eleanora(b. Abt. 1895)
Musante, Joseph(b. Abt. 1850)
Musante, Maria Gironima(b. Abt. 1856) Includes Pictures
Musante, Michele(b. May/11/1844, d. Jan/01/1888)
Musante, Michele Seracco
Musante, Rose Seracco
Musante, Stephano(b. Abt. 1789)
Musante, Supremo
Musante, Susan(b. Abt. 1883)
Musante, William Victor(b. Abt. 1881)


Newman, Minnie


Nugent, Anne
Nugent, Jane


O'Connell, John Daniel(d. Sep/04/2005)


O'Connor, ?
O'Connor, Annie
O'Connor, Mary
O'Connor, Michael


O'Dare, Jane


Ogle, Jane


Oneto, Teresa(b. Jul/15/1844, d. Feb/06/1900)


O'Reilly, Bridget


Perchase, Ami Lynne(b. Feb/09/1983)
Perchase, Kerri Lynne(b. May/19/1973)
Perchase, Thomas


Powderly, Thomas


Preston, Elizabeth(b. Sep/29/1655)


Purcell, May Josephine


Purchell, Eugene Fenton
Purchell, Gerald
Purchell, Marjorie
Purchell, Patricia
Purchell, Perry


Reilly, Alice(b. 1863)
Reilly, Bridget(b. Jan/21/1869)
Reilly, Bridget(b. Jan/13/1872)
Reilly, Honor(b. Sep/29/1882)
Reilly, Luke
Reilly, Luke(b. Oct/13/1873)
Reilly, Margaret Mary(b. Abt. 1810, d. Mar/11/1876)
Reilly, Martin(b. Abt. 1831)
Reilly, Martin(b. Nov/08/1885)
Reilly, Mary(b. Oct/03/1875)
Reilly, Mary(b. Sep/25/1879)
Reilly, Patrick
Reilly, William(b. Oct/31/1877)


Roache, Catherine(b. Abt. 1844)
Roache, John


Rogers, Mary Ann(b. Oct/23/1846, d. Feb/06/1889)


Rooney, Bridget


Saltry, Sarah(b. Abt. 1864)


Seracco, Anna
Seracco, Antonio(b. Abt. 1816)
Seracco, Caterina
Seracco, Giovanni(b. Abt. 1852)
Seracco, Maria(b. Abt. 1854)


Shaw, Nancy(b. May/02/1799, d. Aft. 1850)


Smith, Abigal(b. Jan/24/1769, d. Jan/15/1859)


Spears, Ann Eliza(b. Abt. 1823, d. Jan/01/1897)


Springer, Lavinia(b. Feb/06/1796, d. Jun/05/1846)


Stamp, Elsie


Stanley, Mary


Staughton, Sarah


Stokes, Margaret


Sullivan, Rose Ann(b. Abt. 1821, d. 1875)


Talley, Mary S.


Taylor, John "JacK"


Thornton, Margaret


Tiernan, Margaret


Trofa, Diomira(b. 1890, d. 1992)




Walsh, Elizabeth(b. May/1885, d. 1974)


Winnie(b. Abt. 1848)


Womack, Mary A. Melissa(b. Sep/12/1827)


Wood, Archabald Mountford


Woods, Hannah(d. Oct/26/1666)


Wright, Nancy Jane
Wright, Rachel
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