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Ancestors of George Sebourn Shibley

Generation No. 6

      32. Henry Milton Shibley, born January 12, 1762 in Rensselaer County, NY; died April 03, 1853 in Charlestown, Montgomery County, NY. He was the son of 64. John Shibley and 65. Anne Wayman. He married 33. Elizabeth Shonts June 05, 1788 in Rensselaer County, NY.

      33. Elizabeth Shonts, born October 18, 1767; died October 30, 1847 in Charlestown, Montgomery County, NY. She was the daughter of 66. Jeramiah Shonts and 67. Louisa Adams.

Notes for Henry Milton Shibley:
Henry Milton Shibley will was probated July 5, 1853 in Charleston, Montgomery County, NY
Henry M. Shibley is listed in the 1790 census for Albany County, NY. He was a Major in the
Revolutionary War but we cannot prove through the DAR
He originally settled in Montgomery
County, NY in 1792 at Rural Grove and founded the historic Shibley
homestead there.

Jacob Henry writes of his grandfather, that he was a quiet sort of man, sturdy and of a medium
Children of Henry Shibley and Elizabeth Shonts are:
  i.   Daniel Shibley, born 1788; died 1788.
  ii.   John Shibley, born April 09, 1789 in East Greenbush, NY; died May 15, 1841 in Tunkhanock Creek, PA; married Sarah Roberts June 27, 1822; born 1801; died June 27, 1836.
  Notes for John Shibley:
John Shibley is listed as Lieutenant #1527 for Montgomery County, 26th regiment of infantry, East of Schoharie Creek.

John was the first to drop the double b. He settled in PA and lived most of his life there.
He drowned in the Tunkhanock Creek, PA.

  More About John Shibley:
Military service: Lieutenant

  iii.   Jeremiah Shibley, born May 08, 1791 in East Greenbush, NY; died April 03, 1793.
  16 iv.   Jacob B. Shibley, born July 12, 1793 in Montgomery County, NY; died October 12, 1872 in Ralls County, MO; married Elizabeth Parke December 25, 1814 in Montgomery County, NY.
  v.   George R. Shibley, born March 18, 1795 in Montgomery County, NY; died May 31, 1870.
  Notes for George R. Shibley:
George R. Shibley, #2257 Ensign Montgomery County, 26th Regiment of infantry, East of Schoharie Creek     

  More About George R. Shibley:
Burial: Shibley Cemetery, Charleston, NY
Fact 1 (2): Never married
Military service: Ensign

  vi.   Mahala Shibley, born June 08, 1797; died August 27, 1879 in NY.
  Notes for Mahala Shibley:
A spinster she never married.
Mahala made her home with her brother and also kept house for her
brother George, who was a bachelor. She was so gifted in making rare
and beautiful bedspreads and linens. All the materials of cotton, flax and
wool were grown on the homestead, spun, dyed and woven into the
beautiful designs.

  More About Mahala Shibley:
Burial: Shibley Cemetery, Charleston, NY
Fact 1 (2): Never married

  vii.   David Shibley, born September 04, 1799 in Rural Grove, Montgomery Cty, NY; died April 23, 1872 in NY; married (1) Dorothy Hamilton Schuyler; married (2) Clarissa McKinstrey February 14, 1821; born 1799; died February 13, 1855.
  More About David Shibley:
Burial: Shibley Cemetery, Charleston, NY

  viii.   Cyrena Shibley, born March 27, 1803; died May 21, 1889 in NY.
  Notes for Cyrena Shibley:
Spinster, never married also a skilled seamstress and created many
beautiful fabrics.

  More About Cyrena Shibley:
Burial: Shibley Cemetery, Charleston, NY
Fact 1 (2): Never married

  ix.   Henry Shibley2, born January 31, 1805 in Rural Grove, Montgomery Cty, NY; died October 05, 1895 in NY; married (1) Jane Frank November 14, 1832; born May 01, 1814; died November 26, 1847; married (2) Caroline Thorpe March 18, 1850; born April 17, 1812 in England (Royal Family of Stuart); died May 03, 1878.
  x.   Samuel Potter Shibley, born December 05, 1806 in Nine Partners, Dutchess, NY; died September 24, 1895 in Shibleys Point, Adair Cty, MO; married Mary Seeley September 18, 1833 in Carlisle, Scoahrie County, NY; born April 04, 1812 in Schoharie, Carlisle, NY; died November 17, 1891.
  Notes for Samuel Potter Shibley:
Samuel was in the mercantile business with his brother George at Carlisle, NY
He helped to promote a seminary at Carlisle and became a stockholder and
director. In his efforts to promote this seminary he went to financial ruin.
He then took his family to Missouri and settled one mile west of Shibleys Point
in the year 1855 where he homesteaded land from the government and purchased
other tracts. He had brought with him apple seeds from NY and planted them and
grew one of the finest apple orchards in the country. He later became County Judge of
Adair County. He rendered a rare service in preventing theft of county funds when the
salaries of judges were increases from $3 to $5 per day, he declined the increase
saying that $3 was sufficient!

  More About Samuel Potter Shibley:
Fact 1 (2): Adair County, Judge

  More About Mary Seeley:
AKA (Facts Pg): Polly

      34. David Daniel Parke, born June 28, 1766 in Sharon, CT; died April 26, 1845 in Currytown, NY. He was the son of 68. Smith Parke and 69. Mary Davis. He married 35. Sarah Woodworth March 08, 1788 in New York.

      35. Sarah Woodworth, born February 22, 1771 in Saitie, Seitirate, Mass; died February 11, 1841 in Montgomery, NY. She was the daughter of 70. Lemuel Woodworth and 71. Elizabeth Hunt.

Notes for David Daniel Parke:
David Parke(1766-1845) had service in the Revolutionary War as well as his father, Smith Parke(1721-1807). Father and grand-father of Elizabeth Parke who married Jacob B. Shibley.
Further research has shown Joseph Parke (1677-1760) was in the Colonial Wars and
his father Nathanial Parke was granted land in Voluntown for his service in the earlier wars.
The Colonial wars are not very well documented in the history books, but they did say that there
were many quarrels among the nations that were trying to get possession of the New World.
The colonies were in a state of constant confusion. Sweden was driven from North America
when the Dutch captured its trading forts along the Delaware River in 1655. The Dutch, in
turn, lost their New Netherland colony to the English in 1664. The English renamed the colony
New York. England and France were now left to fight for control of the continent. From the beginning
there was trouble because both nations wanted control of the rich fur trade and possession of
the Atlantic fisheries. Wars began in 1689 and were fought off and on until 1763.

So Nathanials father, Thomas Parke, born in England in 1616, died in Connecticut in 1709. He
came to America with his father, Robert Parke, in 1630 with Governor Winthrop. Thomas was
in King Phillips War (1675) This war was provoked by the settlers beginning to spread out and take
land from the Indians. King Phillip led the Indians in an attack against the settlers in 1675-1676,
but they were all put down. Thomas wife was Dorothy Thompson, daughter of Alice (Freeman)

More About David Daniel Parke:
Military service: 1776, Revolutionary Service
Children of David Parke and Sarah Woodworth are:
  i.   Philander Parke, born January 10, 1789; died December 1857; married unknown October 28, 1810.
  ii.   Martin Parke, born February 17, 1791; died May 27, 1851; married Dolly Campbell September 12, 1813.
  iii.   Elizabeth Parke, born 1793.
  iv.   James Parke, born June 08, 1793 in Luzerne County, PA; died April 12, 1797.
  Notes for James Parke:
This precious child was not yet 4 when he came to his death by running into
a stack of hewed timbers, he fell with his side on a sharp corner and an
abscess formed and ruptured inside and proved fatal. Just before he died
he could see the distress of his mother, and said I am better now see I can
walk again and as she studied him and held onto his clothes. He died a short
time later. His mother suffered greatly from this sad loss.

  v.   Lydia Parke, born September 09, 1795; died July 14, 1837; married Henry Shelp December 09, 1811.
  Notes for Henry Shelp:
Henry was an excellent farmer in good circumstances and they raised a large family
of beautiful and interesting children.

  17 vi.   Elizabeth Parke, born May 19, 1797 in Luzerne County, PA; died February 01, 1870 in Adair County, MO; married Jacob B. Shibley December 25, 1814 in Montgomery County, NY.
  vii.   David D. Parke, Jr, born December 20, 1799 in Luzerne County, PA; died June 09, 1824; married unknown June 09, 1822.
  Notes for David D. Parke, Jr:
It was frequently said that David was quite handsome and of more than ordinary good looks!     

  viii.   David Parke, born January 21, 1800.
  ix.   Sarah Parke, born November 20, 1801; died October 30, 1874; married Prine November 28, 1822.
  x.   Lemuel Woodworth Parke, born December 06, 1806; died May 09, 1882; married unknown November 28, 1822.
  Notes for Lemuel Woodworth Parke:
A small man and a thorough and successful business man, he accumulated a considerable
Fortune in the city of New York.

  xi.   Anne Mariah Parke, born September 26, 1808; married William Gulick May 08, 1824.
  xii.   Smith Arnold Parke, born December 08, 1814.

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