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View Tree for Bygod EgglestonBygod Eggleston (b. 13 Feb 1586, d. 01 Sep 1674)

Bygod Eggleston (son of James Eggleston and Margaret Harker)627 was born 13 Feb 1586 in Settrington, Yorkshire, England627, and died 01 Sep 1674 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA627. He married (1) Mary Talcott on Abt. 1611 in Norwich, EN, daughter of John Talcott and Anne Skinner. He married (2) Mary Wall on Abt. 1637 in Windsor, Hartford, CT, daughter of Moses Wall and Anne Skinner.

 Includes NotesNotes for Bygod Eggleston:
Deb's 10th greats

Background Info on Bygod Eggleston
Bygod Eggleston's Will
English Origin Of Bygod Eggleston
Will of Bygod Eggleston
Will of Begat Eggleston
Vol.III Page 136 Hartford District 1635-1700 by Manwaring.
Eglestone, Bygatt, Windsor.
Invt. L116-03-00. Taken 24 October 1674,
by Old William Trail, Thomas Dibble., Mathew Grant.
Will dated 13 November, 1673.

I Bigat Egllstone of Windsor, in ye county of Hartford, being aged and weake, doe make this my last will and testament as followeth; I comit my sould in the hands of God, and my body to be buried in seemly manner by my friends. My Estate, which is but Small, this is my will; My house and land after my decease I give to my son Benjamin, he being the staff of my age, on this condition, that he shall maintaine his Mother during her life and pay my Debts. And in case yt my son Joseph should come and demand a portion, his brother shall pay him forty shillings as he is able with conveniency. Also to my son James and my son Samuel & my son Thomas, AndDaughters Mary, Sarah & Abagail, to eyther of these three shillings apiece. All ye rest of my estate I give to my son Benjamin, and doo make him my exsequitor.

Begat Egleston

Witness; Nath.Sslyer
Abraham Randall, John Hosford.

[I have a transcription of Begat Eggleston's will in his notebook.]
Some relations of Bygod Eggleston . Back to the top of the list.
From The Gene Pool Colorful Families: Eggleston
By Clarence Almon Torrey, Ph.B. of Dorcester, MA
Copied from The American Genealogist Vol. 10 p. 197, Apr. 1934.
The following Egleston entries from "The Register of the Parish of Settrington, 1559-1812," transcribed and edited by Francis Collins, and privately printed for The Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 1910, pertain to the family of Bygod Egleston (or Eggleston) of Windsor, Conn., and include the date of Baptism and the paternity of the emigrant. There was a family of some importance, named Bygod, in this parish, and it is believed that the mother of Bygod Egleston was a member of this family. It is likely that a search of Egleston and Bygod wills would be productive of additional data; but the contributor of this article, not having a personal interest in the family, contents himself with giving the essential clue, and will leave it to Eggleston descendants to pursue it further.

The printed register of Settrington contains a literal transcription of the entries in the original Latin. We present below an English translation, which will be more useful to the average reader, with page references for each entry, enabling those who desire to consult the original entries in the printed volume to do so without referring to the index. Dates from Jan. 1 to Mar. 24 inclusive are old style.

Entries From the Register of the Parish of Settrington, 1559-1812
1586 Feb 20 Bygod s. of James Egleston Page 11
1592 Oct 8 Elizabeth d. James Egleston Page 14
1595 Nov 2 Janet d. James Egleston Page 15
1599 Dec 5 Matthew s. of John Egleston Page 17
1603 Jun 19 James s. of James Egleston Page 18
1604 Mar 31 Mary d. John Egleston Page 19
1606 Apr 6 John s. James Egleston Page 20
1607 Jul 12 Robert s. John Egleston Page 21
1608 Feb 28 Margaret d. James Egleston Page 22
1623 Dec (7) Anna d. Matthew Egleston Page 31
1625 Sep (4) Mary Egleston Page 32
1629 Apr (19) Tamizin d. Matthew Egleston Page 34
1631 Feb 3 Matthew s. Matthew Egleston Page 36
1632 Apr 25 Jane d. James Egleston Page 36
1632 Aug 23 James s. John Egleston Page 36
1634 Mar 20 Mary d. James Egleston Page 38
1635 May 10 John s. John Egleston Page 38
1637 Jan (28) Frances d. James Egleston Page 40
1640 Nov (22) Jane d. John Egleston Page 42
1640 Dec 4 James s. James Egleston Page 42
1643 Feb (25) Laurence s. James Egleston Page 45
1647 Jun 20 Peter s. James Egleston Page 46
1596 Mar 15 Janet w. John Egleston Page 58
1613 Mar 30 James Egleston Page 63
1616 Feb 22 Modwina Egleston Page 65
1633 Dec 9 John Egleston Page 69
1633 Dec 23 Jane Egleston, his wife Page 69
1634 Jan 20 Mary Egleston Page 69
1592 Nov 10 John Egleston and Janet Ranyell Page 80
1597 Nov 6 John Egleston and Modwina Tomlinson Page 81
1614 June 5 William Bainton and Julianna Egleston Page 84
1621 Feb 13 Matthew Egleston and Mary Smith Page 85
1635 Jul 27 John Avison and Margaret Egleston Page 88
1631 Nov 20 John Egleston and Ursula Fisher Page 87

By Rosalie Eggleston, Ph.D.,
and Linda Eggleston McBroom

Following is a list of names and baptismal dates of those children which are recorded in the Settrington Parish Register with the exceptions of Dorothy and Alice; we know of their existence from the wills of James and Juliana.

Date of baptism Name of child
13 Feb, 1586/7 Bygod
[say 1589] Dorothy

8 Oct. 1592 Elizabeth
2 Nov. 1595 Jane

[a gap of nearly eight years ]

19 June 1603 James
6 April 1606 John
28 Feb. 1608/9 Margaret
[say 1611] Alice
By Rosalie Eggleston, Ph.D.,
and Linda Eggleston McBroom

Bygod1 Eggleston was among the founders of Dorchester, Massechusetts, in 1630 and of Windsor, Connecticut, in 1635. He was born to James A Eggleston in 1586/7 and baptised at Settrington, Yorkshire, England.
Probably no early colonist has had more erroneous conjectures made about him than Bygod Eggleston. This is due to the total absence of records relating to his mother and his wives. We now have proof that his mother was not Juliana Harker, as has been widely accepted in the past. The conjecture was based on the fact that in his will of 1612, James Eggleston named Julian as his wife and a neighbor, Ralph Harker, as his brother. The assumption was that Ralph had an older sister named Juliana or Julian who married James Eggleston and became the mother of his eight children. (For details of Eggleston and Harker families, see the 1991 book by the present authors: Bygod Eggleston: Englishman & Colonist and some of his Descendants The Mary & John Clearing House, 562-305th St., Toledo OH 43611, hereafter Eggleston.)

Mary and John Passenger Lists
The Mary & John left England in March of 1630 and arrived seventy days later, on May 30, 1630, at the mouth of what is now Boston harbor. The ship's captain refused to sail up the Charles river as planned, because he feared running the ship aground in waters that he had no charts for. He instead left the passengers in a desolate locale miles from their intended destination. The settlors were forced to transport 150,000 pounds of livestock, provisions and equipment 20 miles overland to their final destination.
These are two suggested passenger lists for the ship Mary & John that Bygod Eggleston and his sons probably traveled on to reach the New World in 1630. These lists were compiled by the authors from a variety of sources. NO ACTUAL RECORDED PASSENGER LIST from the Mary & John has come to light and there remain many questions as to who actually sailed on this ship and who came on subsequent ships. Some of the people on these lists have later been proven not to have traveled on the Mary & John. For more information see "Search for the Passengers of the Mary & John 1630" Vols. 1 - 26, published by The Mary & John Clearing House and available in many library genealogy collections.

Born Banks Kuhns Other Key

Bygod Eggleston 1586/7 NL Yes

James Eggleston (s) 1620* NL Yes

Samuel Eggleston (s) 1620* NL Yes

John Eggleston (s) 1625* NL NL Yes Yes

A well done tree online at
However, if Mary Wall was born in 1611, she obviously was not the mother of Bygod's first 5 children, and so another wife must be in there somewhere.

6. BYGOD3 EGGLESTON (JAMES2, JOHN1)110 was born February 1585/86 in Settrington, Yorkshire, ENGLAND111,112, and died September 01, 1674 in Windsor, Hartford Co, CONNECTICUT113,114. He married (1) MARY WALL114 WFT Est. 1601-1635114. She was born 1611 in Little Bromley, Essex, England115,116, and died December 08, 1657 in Hartford, CT117,118. He married (2) UNK118 WFT Est. 1605-1653118. She was born WFT Est. 1587-1626119,120, and died WFT Est. 1655-1715121,122. He married (3) MARY122 WFT Est. 1618-1658123,124. She was born WFT Est. 1587-1626125,126, and died WFT Est. 1655-1715127,128.


[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #1093, Date of Import: Jan 1, 1997]

Additional Sources:

Our Eggleston and Allied Families, by Elsie E. Kempton, 1975

The American Genealogist, Vol. X, pp 197, 8

Vital record for Mercy from the Connecticut Historical Society

Eggleston Genealogy by F. Eggleton Robbins

Eggleston ... Facts and Fiction, Genevieve Tylee Kiepura

National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol 57, #4, p 255

The Mary and John, Maude Pinney Kuhns

Edwin D Witter, Jr.

Boston City Document No. 9, Dorchester Town Records.

Dorothy Griebel, Lynnfield, MASS., 1995

SRC: F E Robbins' Manuscript - NEHG Lib.

Unlike his brothers, Bygod did not remain at home in England. The parish records of St. Margaret's de Westwick, at Norwich, show that by 1612 he had removed to that city (Norwich, Norfolk, ENGLAND) where his uncle was living, was married, and on 13 April had recorded the baptism of a son, James. The boy died and was buried on 15 Aug 1613, but in the meantime a dau Mary was baptized on 6 Jan 1613. By the will of their uncle, probated 29 Sep 1612, Bygod and his sisters Dorothy and Jane each received a legacy of 20 shillings, and in the next year each of them -- Bygod, Dorothy, James, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Alice -- inherited L6 from their father's estate; their brothers, as we have already seen, divided the buildings and lands between them, and were given the remainder of the estate after legacies, debts, funeral expenses, and the gifts to Ralf Harker and his family had been deducted (Ralf Harker may have married James Eggleston's sister) (G.S.C., Hartford Times, 9 Mar 1946).

What Bygod Egleston was doing at this time we do not know; his own will, made many years later, suggests that perhaps he worked with skins or hides. Apparently he left Norwich soon after 1613, for there is no further mention of him in the records; yet he must have been living somewhere in England for 17 years longer before he came to America. Stiles speaks of the tradition that he came from Exeter, but there is no real proof of this. Certain it is, however, that during this time two more sons, James and Samuel, emigrants to New England, like their father, were born to him; his will is proof of their parentage. James, who was old enough to be a soldier in the Pequot War of 1637, was probably the elder, and may have been born in 1617, or earlier; traditionally Samuel was his twin, but in fact he may have been younger, perhaps born not before 1620. It may be noted that James became a freeman earlier than Samuel, and that his eldest child was seven year older than Samuel's.

Bygod was born in Settrington, East Riding (now No. Yorkshire), ENGLAND.

Sometime before 1612 he arrived in Norwich, Norfolk, ENGLAND. He married and had four children who were born in England. He emigrated to America about 1630, (some say on the ship "Mary and John", which sailed from Plymouth, England on 20 March 1630. They landed ten weeks later at Dorchester, MASSACHUSETTS) where he had seven more children.

About 1635 he moved to Windsor, Hartford Co., CONNECTICUT, which is at the confluence of the Farmington and Connecticut Rivers. Windsor is about six miles north of where the city of Hartford stands today.

Some ten years after Bygod Egleston came to Windsor he was involved in a curious affair which it is difficult to interpret accurately. The Public Records of the Colony of Connecicut I, 127, report that at a Particular Court held at Hartford 5 Jun 1645 "Baggett Egleston, for bequething his wife to a young man, is fyned 20 s. George Tuckye, for his misdemeanor in words to Egleston's wife, is fyned 40 s. and to be bownd to his good behauior and to appear the next Court. Tho: Ford acknowledgeth himself to be bownd in x L to this Comonwealth and George Tucky in 20 L that the said George shall appear at the next Court, and keepe good behauior in the meane season." Tucky did not appear at the next session, and nothing further about the affair is to be found in the records. Whatever happened, it does not seem to have seriously interrupted Bygod Egleston's family life. He was at the time 58 years old, had four young children besides the two older sons, and was to have three more within the next eight years. A fanciful account in the KNICKERBOCKER MONTHLY for January, 1851, represents Bygod as an aging man of plebeian character whose young wife is constantly quarreling with him because of his failure to attain higher social position; this bickering makes him angry enough to wish to be rid of her.

Bygod and his son James were admitted as freemen of Connecticut Colony 21 May 1657 (Pub. Rec. Col. Conn. I, 297), the name being spelled "Begatt Eglstone." On 18 Jan 1659/70 his name is in the list of householders in Windsor who had paid for seating in the meeting-house, and in May, 1668, it is reported that for 50s. he undertook "to cleanse the meeting-house this year" and for 28s to beat the drum for meetings (Stiles). "Begat Eggleston" and his sons James and Thomas are on the list of freemen dated 11 Oct 1669 (Pub. Rec. Col. Conn. II, 519; N. E. Reg. 5, 247). Stiles thus describes his land holdings in Windsor:

"Lot gr. on Backer Row, 14-1/2 r. wide from the Palisado Road; sold place to Nicholas Hoyt and resided 1654 in the Palisado, his lot being N of the meeting-house, bounded E on the highway, N by the palisades; and in 1654 the Town gave him the 1 rod road between him and the Elias Parkman lot, and the road across the N end of his lot between it and the palisades, during the pleasure of the Town. His lot in the _____________ and his family had been deducted."

Bygod's will shows that a widow survived him and there is record that she contributed 4 s. in cloth to the Connecticut Fund for the Relief of the Poor in Other Colonies, which was raised in 1676. The Windsor Records also say that the widow Egleston died 25 July 1689. Alll this is evidence that Bygod married a third wife, but her identity is just as obscure as that of his first and his second.

Mathew Grant of Windsor thus record Bygod Egleston's death: "Begat egelston Dyed septem'r 1, 74. nere 100 yer ould." As a matter of fact, he was only 87.


Fact 1: February 13, 1585/86, Baptizd, All Saints Ch, Settrington, East Riding, (now No. Yorkshire) ENGLAND129,130
Fact 2: 1630, Immigr. to Dorchester, MASSACHUSETTS131,132
Fact 3: 1635, Moved to Windsor, Hartford, CONNECTICUT133,134
Fact 4: 1674, Will probated in Hartford District Court135,136

Children of BYGOD EGGLESTON and MARY WALL are:

i. JAMES4 EGGLESTON136, b. Bef. April 13, 1612, Norwich, Norfolk, England137,138; d. August 15, 1613, died young, Norwich, ENGLAND139,140.



[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #1093, Date of Import: Jan 1, 1997]

James EGGLESTON was born in England, baptized on 13 Apr 1612 and buried on 6 Aug 1613 at St. Margaret's Church, Norwich, ENGLAND.


Fact 1: April 13, 1612, baptized141,142

Fact 2: August 15, 1613, buried, Norwich, ENGLAND143,144

ii. MARY EGGLESTON144, b. Abt. 1613, Norwich, Norfolk Co., ENGLAND145,146; d. WFT Est. 1650-1708147,148; m. EDWARD SAUNDERSON148, October 15, 1645, Watertown, Suffolk Co., MASSACHUSETTS149,150; b. WFT Est. 1595-1625150; d. WFT Est. 1650-1710150.



[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #1093, Date of Import: Jan 1, 1997]

Mary EGGLESTON was baptized on 4 Feb 1613 at St. Margaret's Church, Norwich, ENGLAND. She probably married Edward SAUNDERSON on 15 Oct 1645 at Watertown, MASSACHUSETTS. They had two children. Edward SAUNDERSON sold his house and land in Watertown, MASSACHUSETTS to William SHATTACK. Mary and Edward probably moved to Cambridge, MASSACHUSETTS soon after that. Records of their deaths have not been found, and they may have returned to ENGLAND.

Src: Dr. Rosalie Eggleston

Note: The Mary Eggleston, dau of Bygod, who was baptized 19 Jan 1613, Norwich, England, has been ignored by previous searchers. Evidently they believed she died in England. Dr. Rosalie Eggleston now raises the question, is she the Mary Eggleston who married Edward Saunderson, 1 Oct 1645 in Watertown, MASS?

James Savagae, volume 4, p. 22, in his Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, writes the following:

"Edward (Saunderson), Watertown, m. 15 Oct 1645, Mary Egtleson, by Bond thot. to be eldest d. of Bigod, but she was not (for that d. was only 4 yrs. old), and prob. was his sis. had Jonathan, b. 15 Sept 1646; and Esther, call. strange. a young person, when bpt. 20 Mar 1687, Bond constr. the phrase to mean only unmarr. But he may have had other ch. bef. or aft. rem. to Cambridge and perhaps, went home. In the vicin. of W (Watertown?) num. descend. are found."

"Jonathan (Saunderson), Watertown, s. of Edward, perhaps the only one, m. 24 Oct 1669, Abia, youngest d. of Thomas Bartlett of W. had Abia & Jonathan, tw. b. 28 Oct 1673; Thomas, 10 Mar 1675; John, 25 Mar 1677; Benjamin, 28 May 1679; Samuel, 28 May 1681; Edward, 3 Mar 1684; and Hannah, bapt. at W. 14 July 1689; was constable 1695, selectman, and deac. many years. His w. d. 13 Sept 1723, and he d. 3 Sept 1735."

Clarence Almon Torrey, in his New England Marriages Prior to 1700, p. 649 says:

"Edward (Saunderson), Watertown, m. 15 Oct 1645, Mary Eggleston; ch: Jonathan b. 15 (7) 1646."

COMMENTS: (in "Bygod Eggleston, Englishman & Colonist")

First, under the name Eggleston, all entries by Savage pertain to the descendants of Bigod Eggleston of Windsor, CT so he evidently did not find another family in New England with that name.

Also, the four year old Mary, in 1645, dau of Bigod, was actually named Mercy/Marcy. If Edward Saunderson and his wife, Mary, did return to Enland, after Jonathan was married in 1669, this could explain why a daughter, Mary (Eggleston) Saunderson was not mentioned in Bigod's will in 1673.



Fact 1: January 06, 1612/13, baptized151,152

Fact 2: bur. Norwich, ENGLAND153,154

9. iii. JAMES EGGLESTON, b. Bef. 1617, ENGLAND; d. December 01, 1679, Windsor, Hartford, CONNECTICUT.

10. iv. SAMUEL EGGLESTON, b. Abt. 1617, Norwich, Norfolk, England; d. March 05, 1690/91, Middletown, CT.

Children of BYGOD EGGLESTON and UNK are:

v. MARYMARCY4 EGGLESTON154, b. May 29, 1641, Windsor, Hartford, CONNECTICUT155,156; d. August 24, 1684, Windsor, Hartford, CONNECTICUT157,158; m. JOHN DENSLOW158, June 07, 1655, Windsor, Hartford Co., CONNECTICUT159,160; b. WFT Est. 1612-1644161,162; d. September 10, 1689, Windsor, Hartford, CONNECTICUT163,164.



[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #1093, Date of Import: Jan 1, 1997]

As she is named in her father's will, she cannot be the Mary Egleston who d 8 Sep 1657. For her descendants, see N.E. Reg. 5, 66 and the MS Denslow Genealogy in the N. E. Hist. Gen. Soc. Lib.



[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #1093, Date of Import: Jan 1, 1997]

He was prob. the brother of Henry Denslow of Windsor, CT. They were possible nephews of Nicholas Denslow of the "Mary & John", not sons. The male line of John Denslow became extinct with the death of his sons. The only descendants are in the line of his daughter, Rebecca.

Src: Linda Eggleston McBroom.

11. vi. JOSEPH EGGLESTON, b. Bef. March 30, 1651, Windsor, Hartford, CONNECTICUT; d. Abt. 1720, Stonington, New London, CONNECTICUT.

Children of BYGOD EGGLESTON and MARY are:
vii. THOMAS4 EGGLESTON164, b. August 26, 1638, Windsor, CT165,166; d. May 1697167,168.



[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #1093, Date of Import: Jan 1, 1997]

He never married. With his brother, Samuel, made freeman 20 May 1658 (Pub. Rec. Col. Conn. I, 315); res. E. Windsor on land bought of John Terry.

Thomas built the first brick house in CONNECTICUT. He died May, 1697.


Fact 2: unmarried169,170
Fact 4: Estate: 144 pounds. He was a freeman in 1658171,172
Fact 8: He lived in E. Windsor, CT on land bought from John Terry.173,174

viii. MERCY EGGLESTON174, b. May 29, 1641, Windsor, CT175,176; d. August 24, 1684177,178; m. JOHN DENSLOW178; b. WFT Est. 1624-1644179,180; d. WFT Est. 1669-1730181,182.

ix. SARAH EGGLESTON182, b. March 28, 1643, Windsor, CT183,184; d. July 18, 1713, Simsbury, CT185,186; m. JOHN PETTIBONE186, February 16, 1663/64, Windsor, CT187,188; b. 1640, of Simsbury, Hartford, CONNECTICUT189,190; d. July 15, 1713, Simsbury, CT191,192.



[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #1093, Date of Import: Jan 1, 1997]

John Pettibone was the first of that name to come to America. He perhaps came from Wales and may have been a soldier under Oliver Cromwell.

He was a Freeman in 1658. Res: Simsbury, CT. In 1876 his house was still in the possession of the Pettibone family.

Src: History of Windsor, Vol II, by Henry R Stiles. and Linda Eggleston McBroom.

x. REBECCA EGGLESTON192, b. December 08, 1644, Windsor, CT193,194; d. WFT Est. 1645-1738195,196.



[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #1093, Date of Import: Jan 1, 1997]

Records had her named spelled "Rebekah"; the name is sometimes given as Deborah (e.g., in N.E. Reg. 5, 225). Perhaps died young as she is not mentioned in her father's will.


Fact 2: unmarried197,198

12. xi. BENJAMIN EGGLESTON, b. December 18, 1653, Windsor, Hartford, CONNECTICUT; d. December 16, 1729, East Windsor, Hartford, Ct.
New England Marriages Prior ot 1700 by Clarence Almon Torrey pub 1985 records
the following Eggleston marriages:

EGLESTON, Bagot 1587 - 1674 & 1st wife ? in England ca 1616/1618; Dorchester/
Windsor, CT.

EGGLESTON, Benjamin (1653-) & Hannah (Osborn) Shaddock (1657-1713) widow of
Elias Shaddock; m. Benjamin Mar 6, 1678 at Windsor, CT.

EGGLESTON, Isaac (1669-1735+) & Mary Stiles (1669-1764); m. Mar 21, 1694/5;
Windsor, CT.

EGGLESTON, James? (?1620-1679) & Hester ? (-1720) m. (2) James Enno 1681, m. (3)
John Williams 1686? b. 1656, Windsor, CT.

EGGLESTON, John & Esther/Hester Mills; on June 1, 1682, Windsor, CT.

EGGLESTON, Joseph (1651-) & ? North Stonington, CT

EGGLESTON, Nathaniel (1666-) and Hannah Ashley (1675-), Westfield on Sept 13, 1694, Windsor,CT/Westfield.

EGGLESTON, Samuel (?1620-1691) & Sarah (Disbrow),Weathersfield; b. 1663; Windsor
CT/Middletown, CT.

EGGLESTON, Stephen (1638 on ship) & Elizabeth Bennett in England Nov 30, 1628;
Fairfield, CT.

EGGLESTON, Thomas (1661-1732) & Grace (Hoskins?/Haskins) (1666-1739); b. 1687;
Windsor, CT

EAGLESTON, William & Dorcas (Welch) Gretian widow of Anthony Gretian; m. Sept
28, 1699; Charlestown/Boston, MA

EGGLESTON, Edward (-1696) & Phebe Holman, who m. (2) Samuel Baker 1699; Boston.
Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth
My name is Janice Farnsworth and I can be reached at

Snail Mail: Rhode Island
Visit my Home Page at :
Posted: Aug 11, 2000

More About Bygod Eggleston:
Baptism 1: 20 Feb 1586, Settrington, Yorkshire, EN.628
Baptism 2: 13 Feb 1586, All Saints Church, Settrington, Yorkshire, EN.629
Emigration: 20 Mar 1630, Ship Mary & John from Plymouth, EN to Dorchester, MA.630, 631
Religion: 1630, Original member of Rev. Mr. Warham's Church in Dorchester, MA.
Will: 13 Nov 1673, Will written about 1 year before death.

More About Bygod Eggleston and Mary Talcott:
Marriage: Abt. 1611, Norwich, EN.

More About Bygod Eggleston and Mary Wall:
Marriage: Abt. 1637, Windsor, Hartford, CT.

Children of Bygod Eggleston and Mary Talcott are:
  1. James Eggleston, b. 13 Apr 1612, Norwich, Norfolk, England, d. 13 Aug 1613, Norwich, Norfolk, England.
  2. +Mary Eggleston, b. 19 Jan 1613, Norwich, Norfolk, England632, d. date unknown, Massachusetts.
  3. +James Eggleston, b. 1617, Norwich, Norfolk, England632, d. 01 Dec 1679, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA632.
  4. John Eggleston, b. 1618, Norwich, Norfolk, England, d. 1646, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut.
  5. +Samuel Eggleston, b. 1620, Norwich, Norfolk, England632, d. 01 Feb 1690, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA632.

Children of Bygod Eggleston and Mary Wall are:
  1. Thomas Eggleston, b. 26 Aug 1638, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA632, d. May 1697, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA632.
  2. +Mercy Marcy Eggleston, b. 29 May 1641, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA632, d. 29 Aug 1684, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA632.
  3. +Sarah Eggleston, b. 28 Mar 1643, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA632, d. 08 Jul 1713, Simsbury, Hartford, CT632.
  4. Rebecca Deborah Eggleston, b. 08 Dec 1644, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA632, d. date unknown, Died young/Connecticut, USA632.
  5. +Abigail Eggleston, b. 12 Jun 1648, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA632, 633, d. 30 Jul 1689, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA634.
  6. +Joseph Eggleston, b. 30 Mar 1651, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, d. Abt. 1720, Stonington, CT.
  7. +Benjamin Eggleston, b. 18 Dec 1653, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA634, d. Nov 1732634.
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