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Updated April 7, 2012

Jeanne Lorf Linley

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I becken you to sit a spell,
While you sip your tea
and let me tell,
Of the history of my family,
And the wonderful folks
in my family tree!
Please send me an email,
if you like what you see!

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I was curious about my Lorf Family History written in 1912 by my grandfather Gottlieb Lorf & my Aunt Alice Lorf. They wrote our oldest ancestors were his grandmother Wilhelmine Christineck Lorf's father was "PRINCE" Christineck & his grandmother was "PRINCESS" Christiane. This has been a mystery for me my whole life! My Grandpa Gottlieb Lorf,Jr.b.1854 in Buko,Coswig-Anhalt,Sachsen-Anhalt,Germany. It's near the Elbe River,just North of Dessau,in Eastern Germany. His grandfather Johann Christoph Lorf b.1786 & father Johann Gottlieb Lorf,Sr.b.1817,were both born in nearby Serno. My Grandpa & 2 brothers left Germany April 1868, arriving 7 weeks,4 days later, NYC May 23,1868 settling in Detroit,Michigan. An oldest brother Charles arrived Dec.1867 & my great grandparents with the youngest brother Fred arriving Dec.1868. (5 sons) Why they chose Detroit, I don't know. They were tailors. I have traced my 7X Great Grandfather Johann Christoph Lorff b. 1650 in nearby Buro(Buroer Wuerder). Lorfs all lived in nearby Klieken,Serno & Buko in Sachsen-Anhalt. My Gr Gr Grandfather Johann Christoph Lorf married 1810 Wilhelmine Sophie Christineck b.1786 in Dahnsdorf, Brandenburg. Wilhelmine's parents:"Prince"Johann Joachim Bernardt Christian Christineck b.1736 Haseloff,Brandenburg married his wife Christiane Elisabeth Paul in 1771(b.1753 Belzig). Johann's parents "Prince"Johann Andreas Christineck b.1684, m.1733 Princess Christiane Elizabeth Michaelis b.1714 in Jessen,Kreise Schweinitz in nearby Lutherstadt-Wittenberg,Sachsen-Anhalt(20 km S.of Haseloff, Brandenburg. Christiane Michaelis'father,my 5X Great Grandfather Christian Ernst Michaelis,Jessen's Burgermeister 1730. He d.1733 in Jessen. I have found my Prince Christineck and Princess Christiane records who my grandfather referred. I haven't confirmed nobility but I have found a Christineck descendant living cousin in Cologne, Germany confirmed THIS FAMILY LEGEND! We have found writings connecting to Queen Christina of Sweden. Christinecks & Michaelis were educated doctors and teachers attending the Univ.of Wittenberg. 1659-1799. They were active in the Lutheran Church as Sextons, living 20 km from Lutherstadt. I have also found "MICHAELIS" & "VON ZERBST" on nobility lists (Dorothea Catarina von Zerbst married Hans Casper Lorf in 1722 in Klieken).

I have traced my father's mother's "Geimer" family back to 1300 in Rhineland Phalz, Germany. My grandmother Ida Barbara GEIMER Lorf was born in 1864 in Detroit and March 1853 her parents Balthasar Geimer & Maria Katharina Spindler Geimer married in St.Martin's Catholic Church, Waldsee, Rheinland Pfalz,Bavaria. Balthasar from nearby Schifferstadt near the Rhine River,50 miles S.of Frankfurt, Germany. Mar 1854 they sailed to New York from LeHavre, France to NY. & settled in Detroit, Mich. 7 Geimer children were born in Detroit. Balthasar Geimer was a cooper & musician,& owned a tavern at 217 Gratiot Ave. in downtown Detroit, Michigan. My Aunt Alice said my great grandfather Balthasar Geimer was a "jolly fellow...a nice thing to say?! *Also see links to my father's mother's "Geimer" family, my mother's parents Anna "Hosbach" & Charles "Perkins" families. My great grandfather George Perkins family history stories are remarkable. George was quite an adventurer!

My Family History


Family Photos

  • My Grandfather Lorf's Family History Page 1 (192 KB)
    My Grandfather Gottlieb Lorf, Jr. wrote this family history in 1912.
  • Jeanne Linley's kitchen with mural she painted ! (28 KB)
    This is Jeanne's mural she painted on tile with "Porcelaine" and fired in her oven. Fred then cemented them on the wall. There are 17 vegetables along the counter and the rooster, hen & chicks were painted on 18 tiles.
    THIS IS MY GRANDFATHER GOTTLIEB LORF, JR. TAKEN ABOUT 1900 IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN. HE WAS A TAILOR, CIGAR MAKER AND COAL YARD OWNER. HE OWNED LORF BROTHERS CIGAR CO. AT 150 E. COLUMBIA STREET - 1880 TO 1900 AND LORF COAL YARD IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN, WHICH HE SOLD IN 1916. They lived on 611 Lincoln Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. HE WAS MARRIED TO IDA BARBARA GEIMER IN 1880 AND THEY HAD 11 CHILDREN all born in Detroit, Michigan. Gottlieb Lorf was born 1854 IN BUKO, BY COSWIG-ANHALT, SACHSEN-ANHALT, IMMIGRATED IN 1868 AND DIED IN 1934 IN DETROIT. Gottlieb's brothers Carl, Frank, Otto, Gottlieb and Fred were all born in Buko. Their father, my great grandfather, Johann Gottlieb Lorf, Sr. was born in nearby Serno in 1817. He died 1901 in Detroit. Lorf ancestors were born in Serno 1750-1817, in nearby Klieken 1700 -1750 and Buro/Buroer Wuerder prior to 1700. These villages are just North of Dessau, by Coswig-Anhalt in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. I have also found Lorfs in Aken in 1500s & 1700s. Aken is about 50 miles West of Buko, Klieken & Buro. As far as I have researched, my Lorf family is the only Lorf family in USA (with one exception, Wolfgang Lorf recently came to NY from Berlin). There are only about 40 Lorfs in the German telephone book. I feel we are all related. Lorf is a unique name. I have not found any Lorfs in any other country besides Germany or USA.
  • Jeanne Marie Lorf (11 KB)
    My sister made this blouse and I was always fond of it. It was made beautifully, as she was an excellent seamstress.
  • The quilted wall hanging I made Gr.Gr.son Jack! (671 KB)
    I made this quilted wall hanging for my first Great Grandson "Jack" John Wolfgang Meyer who was born July 7, 2001! (His Dad likes to fly fish! Maybe this will inspire Jack to go fishing with his Dad one day!)
  • Fred and Jeanne and children 1966 (14 KB)
    When we were young! This was before Barbara was born (in 1968) when we had only 5 children. This was our favorite had 4 fireplaces, 4 bathrooms & 10 big rooms! We had our photography studio business on the first floor & work rooms in the basement..."Linley Colour Studio" 1962-1971. Fred was a professional photographer for 20 years in Jackson, Michigan. We were one of the first studios in the USA to offer "all" color photography...we were told that we were crazy to do that! Up until that time photography was all black and white or "sepia toned" or hand-colored. They told us color would fade and didn't look good! We operated our studio for ten years. We then moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1972 where there was a huge housing boom and jobs were plentiful.
  • Jeanne Lorf Linley and her family April 18, 2006 (5825 KB)
    Jeanne with her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren April 18, 2006. This was taken after Fred Linley's funeral. Jeanne's husband died on April 11, 2006. They were married almost 58 years!
  • My Great Grandson Jack with Great Grandma Jeanne (576 KB)
    This was taken March 2002, Jack was born July 7, 2001 - my first GREAT GRANDSON! Isn't he cute?!
  • Gottlieb Lorf, Jr. & Ida Barbara Geimer Lorf 1928 (52 KB)
    This is my father's parents Gottlieb & Ida Barbara Geimer Lorf. It was taken about 1928. Ida died in 1931 and Gottlieb died in 1934. (She was a Geimer)They had 11 children born in Detroit, Michigan from 1881 to 1901. Gottlieb & his brother Fred had Lorf Brothers Cigar Mfg. Co.for about 20 years and then had Lorf Coal Yard until 1916.
  • William Linley (241 KB)
    This is our '3rd' son, Bill. He travels all over the country in his job. This was taken in West Virginia.
  • Fred & Jeanne Linley with children & grandchildren (375 KB)
    FRED & JEANNE LORF LINLEY with their 6 children: DON, JIM, BILL, NANCY, TOM, BARBARA WITH their spouses & 9 of their 10 grandchildren. Missing was granddaughter Laura (DON'S DAUGHTER)and great grandson Jack.
  • HMS Conquerer 1856 (15 KB)
    My Great Grandfather George Perkins was on this English ship, prior to immigrating to NYC in 1860. It sunk later after he was on it and it is on Rum Cay in the Bahamas. He was also on HMS Impregnable in 1856.
  • George and Charlotte Stones Perkins (16 KB)
    These are my great grandparents George Perkins born 1843 and Charlotte Stones Perkins, born 1848, with their granddaughter Fannie Holmes Livingston taken about 1908 in Barryville, New York. Charlotte died Dec. 24, 1912 and George died October 20, 1920. They are buried in Barryville, New York (along the Delaware River) where they lived from 1906 to 1920.
  • Geimer sisters with my Grandparents (247 KB)
    Gottlieb Lorf & Ida Barbara Geimer Lorf with Ida's Geimer sisters. I don't know who is who but these are all Geimers with some of their daughters. My great aunts: Rose, Elizabeth, Genevieve, Franciska, and Therese with my grandmother Ida Barbara Geimer.
  • The Lorf Sisters with their Brother Oren Lorf 1947 (155 KB)
    These are my beloved aunts, Florence (LORF), Erma (LORF PETERS), my father Oren Geimer Lorf, Lillie LORF EDDY and Meta Lorf OBENHAUER HOUSTON. MY FATHER WAS THE YOUNGEST CHILD, BORN 1901. They were all born in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Pollard Cottage, Perkins Home in Upton Pynes, Dev (49 KB)
    This is the home of my Perkins ancestors in Upton Pyne, Devon, England. My great grandfather George Perkins was born in this house in Upton Pynes. I visited there in July, 2002.
  • Charlotte Stones Perkins my Great Grandmother (410 KB)
    This is my Great Grandmother Charlotte Stones Perkins who married George Perkins. Her parents are Joshua Stones b. 1816 born in Sheffield, Yorkshire & Emma Fevers b. 1814 in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England. Charlotte was born 1848 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, England. She immigrated in April 1870. George immigrated in Feb.1860. They were married on May 19,1871 in Middletown, New York. They met in NYC, Brooklyn. They had 4 children: Fannie b.1873, William b,1876, George, Jr.b.1878 & my grandfather Charles Henry Perkins born 1872, all born in New York City/Brooklyn. They then lived in Jersey City, New Jersey after 1890 until 1906 when my grandfather Henry moved to Detroit, Michigan as he was hired by Henry Ford as a tool and die maker for Ford. He worked there most of his life and retired from Ford. William John Perkins married Mary and lived in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.
  • Geimer Coat of Arms (140 KB)
    Geimer Coat of Arms, my Grandmother was Ida Barbara Geimer. (my father's mother). Geimer goes back to 1300 in Kochem and Schifferstadt, Rheinland Phalz, Germany (Bavaria)
  • HMS Impregnable (18 KB)
    HMS Impregnable was the first ship my great grandfather George Perkins served on as a "Boy Entrant" in the British Royal Navy at Devonport, Devon, England. He enlisted August 28, 1856 and was on this ship until Nov. 1857. He then was on HMS Alert until June 1858 and HMS Conquerer in 1860 . He "jumped ship" and somehow got to New York City from China. He lived in China a couple years.
  • Martha Troll Hosbach - my Great Great Grandmother (179 KB)
    Martha Troll Hosbach was born in Berlin, Germany 1828. She married Daniel Hosbach also in Berlin, and their 3 sons Martin, Conrad & Jakob Hosbach immigrated to Jersey City, NJ about 1872. Martin had 5 children: Richard, Wilomena, Anna Louise (my grandmother)b.1880, Pauline b. 1882 and Lucy b. 1883. Louise Thom Hosbach then died in childbirth in 1884. Martin then sent to Berlin for Louise's cousin, Emma Ramoth and they were married Nov. 1884 and had 7 more children.
  • The Geimer Sisters and their Brother (358 KB)
    My father's mother Ida Barbara Geimer Lorf's siblings: Theresa, Franceska, Genevieve, Elizabeth, Rose and Anthony Geimer taken about 1880. (SADLY, my grandmother Ida Barbara Geimer was missing from this portrait.) They were all born in Detroit, Michigan. Their parents Balthasar Geimer and Maria Katharina Spindler Geimer immigrated to Detroit in 1854 from Schifferstadt & Waldsee, Rheinland Phalz, Bavaria (Germany). Many of their siblings, parents, aunts & uncles also immigrated in 1854.
  • My great grandfather Martin Hosbach with wife Emma (100 KB)
    My maternal grandmother's father Martin Hosbach. He was born in Germany in 1846 and immigrated to Jersey City, NJ in 1861 where he was a shoemaker and owned several shoe stores 1861-1910. He died in 1933 at the age of 87. This picture includes his second wife Emma Ramoth. Martin had 4 daughters by his first wife Louisa Thom (who was my great grandmother), who died in childbirth in 1881, and then 11 children by his second wife Emma Ramoth. All but 2 were girls! Sadly, Martin Hosbach, Jr. died at the age of 3. The other son Richard Hosbach was a twin, born with a sister.
  • Anna Louise Hosbach and Charles Perkins 1931 (259 KB)
    These are my mother's parents. Anna Louise Hosbach was born May 29, 1880 in Jersey City. Her parents were Martin and Louise Thom Hosbach. My grandfather was Charles Henry Perkins born January 15, 1879 in Brooklyn, NY. His father had a grocery store in Jersey City. They were married 1895. They had 2 children, my Uncle Charlie b. 1897 and my mother Anna Mae Perkins b. 1899. In 1906 they moved to Detroit as my grandpa was hired 'personally' by Henry Ford. Grandpa worked on Barney Oldfield's auto-racer and Henry Ford owned it.Grandpa worked as a tool & diemaker for Ford's until his retirement in 1944, in which he received a gold watch from Edsel Ford. My grandmother died 1933 and my grandfather died 1953.
  • Jeanne and Fred Linley July 10, 1998 (10 KB)
    Our 50th Wedding Anniversary at Sacred Heart Church (St. Anne's Chapel), Grosse Ile, Michigan (where Fred attended as a boy, as well as their Catholic wedding ceremony). We renewed our marriage vows and had a big reception for about 100 friends/relatives AT THE VFW HALL ON GROSSE ILE, MICHIGAN. We then took a trip to Eastern Canada & the Atlantic Provinces for 3 months (Nova Scotia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island). WHAT A WONDERFUL CELEBRATION. WE WERE MARRIED JULY 10, 1948.
  • George & Charlotte Perkins (16 KB)
    These are my great grandparents George Henry Perkins b. 1843 and Charlotte Stones Perkins b. 1848. This was taken in 1910 in Barryville, NY. Fannie Holmes is their granddaughter born 1906.
  • My Great Great Great Grandfather's Record (439 KB)
    My 3X Grandfather Johann Bernhard Christineck record from the Evangelische Kirchbuch record in Dahnsdorf, Brandenburg, Germany. My grandfather said he was a Prince and his parents were nobility. I have never been able to confirm this, accept I found another distant Christineck cousin in Cologne, Germany who also confirmed this story, so I don't think this is just a fairytale.

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Related Files

    Charlotte Stones was my mother's paternal grandmother. Charlotte married George Perkins. Charlotte was born in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England in 1848 and immigrated to NY about 1869. They lived in NYC, Brooklyn,and married in 1870 in Middletown, NY. They also lived in Jersey City, NJ where she & George Perkins had a grocery store about 1880-1906. She died in Barryville, NY in 1911.
  • George Perkins born 1843, 4 Perkins generations (1 KB)
    PERKINS (STONES) ANCESTORS I just discovered several more interesting things about the escapades of George Perkins!! 64th Regiment, NY State Volunteers 64th Regiment New York State Volunteer Infantry also known as Cattaraugus Regiment - 1st Cattaraugus Regiment AWARDS Photograph identified as the 64th New York and 5th New Hampshire building the Grapevine Bridge over the Chickahominy River near Richmond, VA in 1862 Site Search Please sign the guestbook History of the 64th Regiment by Dennis Conklin Who They Were Elmira The Trip South Camp Fenton ... I have found the record of when George Perkins immigrated to New York City on February 27, 1860 ...from ASPINWALL, PANAMA...of all places! He was listed as a "Seaman" on the SS Baltic and signed on by Commander Gray! He was only 17 years old then. I looked on the internet to see if there was an overland route from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf of Mexico because I knew the Panama Canal wasn't built yet, at that time. How could he come from Panama! There was an overland route as a railroad was built in 1855! And the same owner of the Ship SS Baltic, (which George traveled a "Seaman") also built the railroad and bought 3 ships which sailed from "Aspinwall, Panama to NYC" . This city was named, of course, after it's owner Mr. Aspinwall! (See attachment). It is an extremely interesting read and you'll enjoy it, I think!! All this time I have thought George sailed around "the Horn" of South America to get to New York! So this is interesting to me to discover this I knew the Panama canal wasn't built yet. (The canal was built in 1910, running parallel to this railroad) I know that the HMS Conqueror was in Japanese-Chinese waters in 1859 to Jan. 1860 and that George was said to be on this ship, according to our family legend.
  • Anna Louise Hosbach Ancestry Maternal grandmother (3 KB)
    My mother's mother was Anna Louise Hosbach born 1880 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Her parents were Louise Thom born 1849 and Martin Hosbach born 1848, both born in Berlin, Germany and immigrated to Jersey City,(& Hobokan) NJ in late 1860's.
    This is the story of my mother's "Perkins Family" going back to 1700's in Upton Pynes, Devon, England. See website for George Perkins Civil War involvement:
  • All ancestors of Jeanne Lorf Linley Jan 12, 2004 (79 KB)
    This shows all of my ancestors going back as far as 19 generations in some lines.
  • Frederick William Linley Ancestors Jan. 12, 2004 (21 KB)
    This shows all of Frederick William Linley's Ancestors.
  • Lorf Genealogy Report as of Jan 12 2004 (41 KB)
    This is the history of my Lorf Ancestors.
  • George Perkins born 1843 Ancestor Genealogy Report (1 KB)
    My Perkins Family's Ancestors. My mother was Anna Mae Perkins born in Jersey City, New Jersey November 12, 1899. Her father Charles Henry Perkins was born in Brooklyn, NY 1878. George Perkins, Sr. was born 1843 in Upton Pynes, Devon, England. He joined the British Navy when he was only 13 and left England in 1856. He was trained on the HMS Impregnable and then sailed on the HMS Alert. He was discharged as "invalided" from the Alert June 1858. He somehow sailed to China between 1858 and sailed to Panama February 1860, leaving Aspenwall, Panama sailing to New York City Feb. 29, 1860. He lived in Manhatten & Brooklyn, NY, working as a cooper & a seaman. He met his wife Charlotte 1870 and they married in Middletown, NY. They lived in Brooklyn. Then moved to Jersey City, NJ around 1890. He worked as a Seaman & a Cooper in NYC. He worked as a cooper in Hobokan, NJ and later had a grocery store in Jersey City. About 1906 he bought a Boarding House in Barryville, New York, beside the Delaware River across from Shahola, Pa. He died October 1920. All of his ancestors were from Upton Pyne, Devon and Exeter, Devon, England. Some siblings later lived in Plymouth, Devon. I have found several "living" cousins living in England and personally met: Mike Perkins (who is my great grandfather's brother Edwin's descendant), Thomas Peake, Ruth Williams. I have written to David Kimber (another distant Perkins cousin) who lives in England. George's siblings were: John, Edwin, William, Emma, Ellen, Elizabeth and Henry Perkins. Henry visited NY briefly around 1900, but returned to England. Only his sister Elizabeth Perkins Bute immigrated to the US. She married William C. Bute and they lived in Rye and Manhatten, New York. He was a bookkeeper in Manhattan. The rest of George's siblings all lived and died in England. (mostly in Devon, around Plymouth) *See last ship George Perkins was on. He left it in China. George Perkins enlisted in the NY Militia Infantry in 1864: P E R K I N S , G E O R G E . Age, 20 years. Enlisted at Hartland, N.Y. to serve three years, and mustered i n as private, Go. A , August 26, 1864; discharged for disability, October 17, 1865, at David's Island, New York Harbor.

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