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View Tree for Oscar Ray InmanOscar Ray Inman (b. December 03, 1883, d. January 16, 1967)

Oscar Ray Inman (son of Francis Marion Inman and Josephine (Josie) F. Jackson)93 was born December 03, 1883, and died January 16, 1967 in 76367 Iowa Park, Wichita, Texas94. He married Nellie Elizabeth Page on 1905, daughter of Tholaver Robertson Page and Molly Belle Tannehill.

 Includes NotesNotes for Oscar Ray Inman:
Per 1900 Census: Name: Oscar R Inman Home in 1900: Justic e Precinct 6, Johnson, Texas Age: 16 Estimated birth year : 1884 Birthplace: Texas Race: White Relationship to head-o f-house: Son

Per 1910 Census:Name: Oscar R Inman Age in 1910: 26 Estimat ed birth year: abt 1884 Birthplace: Texas Home in 1910: 1 J -Pct, Cottle, Texas

Per 1920 Census:Name: Oscar R Inman Age: 35 years Estimate d birth year: abt 1885 Birthplace: Texas Race: White Home i n 1920: Narsices, Cottle, Texas

Per 1930 Census: Name: Oscar R Inman Age: 46 Estimated birt h year: abt 1884 Birthplace: United States of America Relat ion to head-of-house: Head Spouse's Name: Nellie E Inman Ra ce: White Home in 1930: Iowa Park, Wichita, Texas

Per WWI Draft Registration Card:
Name: Oscar Ray Inman City: Not Stated County: Cottle State : Texas Birth Date: 4 Dec 1884 Race: White Roll: 1952597 Dr aftBoard: 0
Residence: Paducah, Cottle County Texas
Wife Nellie Inman
Occupation: Farming
Blue Eyes, Brown Hair

Father born in Alabama, Mother in Tennessee

Was a laborer

1910 Census
Home in 1910: 1 J-PCT, COTTLE, Texas
Verified wife and daughters Irma and Doris

1930 Census:
Home Iowa Park, TX
Confirmed Nina Mae Inman

see if related to Samuel Guy Inman
Related to Tanhiel - One of the founders of Austin Texas, v ery rich and influential. Was father or grandfather??

1883 Pendleton Civil Service Act
1884 Depression (through 1885)
1886 Haymarket Riot;American Federation of Labor formed;Wab ash v. Illinois
1887 Dawes Severalty Act, Interstate Commerce Act
1888 Edward Bellamy, "Looking Backward"
1890 Wounded Knee;Sherman Antitrust Act;Sherman Silver Purc hase Act;U.S. Census declares end of the frontier;McKinle y Tariff
1891 Populist Party founded
1892 Omaha Populist Convention;Homestead Steel Strike
1892 Sierra Club founded
1893 Great Northern Railroad completed;Depression (throug h 1897);Frederick Jackson Turner proposes frontier thesis;P anic of 1893
1894 Pullman strike;Coxey's Army
1895 Booker T. Washington's Atlanta Compromise speech;Frede rick Taylor explains scientific management
1895 U.S. v. E.C. Knight
1896 Plessy v. Ferguson upholds separate but equal;McKinle y defeats Bryan for president as free silver forces are cru shed
1897 Dingley Tariff;Economic depression ends
1898 USS Maine sinks in Havana Harbor;Dewey captures Philip pines;Hawaii annexed to U.S.;Anti-Imperialist League establ ished;Philippine insurrection under Aguinaldo begins (unti l 1902)
1899 First Open Door note
1900 Boxer Rebellion in China
1901 McKinley assassinated by Leon Czolgosz;Teddy Roosevel t becomes president;Hay-Paunceforte Treaty authorizes U.S . to build canal across the Isthmus
1902 Northern Securities Company dissolved;Platt Amendmen t passed
1903 Elkins Act passed
1904 Lincoln Steffens writes The Shame of the Cities;Roosev elt Corollary
1905 Treaty of Portsmouth settles Russo-Japanese War
1906 Upton Sinclair writes The Jungle;Pure Food and Drug Ac t passed
1907 Great White Fleet embarks on world tour
1908 Muller v. Oregon Taft elected president
1909 Payne-Aldrich Tariff
1910 Mann Act passed
1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire;Mexican Revolution erupts
1912 Progressive Party nominates Teddy Roosevelt for presid ency;Wilson elected president in four-way race (vs. T.R., T aft, Debs)
1913 16th (eliminating income tax) & 17th (direct electio n of senators) Amendments passed;Underwood Tariff passed;Fe deral Reserve Act passed
1914 Clayton Antitrust Act passed;Federal Trade Commissio n created;U.S. Navy invades Veracruz;Archduke Ferdinand ass assinated;World War I begins;Panama Canal opens
1915 Lusitania torpedoed;Secretary of State Bryan resigns
1916 Sussex Pledge;Gen. Pershing pursues Pancho Villa in Me xico;Margaret Sanger organizes New York Birth Control Leagu e;Wilson re-elected president
1917 Germany resumes unrestricted submarine warfare;Zimmerm ann note intercepted;Russian Revolution breaks out;U.S. ent ers World War I;Selective Service Act passed;War Industrie s Board created
1918 Wilson's 14 Points;Sedition Act;Armistice declared i n World War I
1919 Treaty of Versailles;Schenck v. U.S.;Senate rejects U. S. entry into League of Nations;18th Amendment outlaws buyi ng, selling, transporting of liquor
1920 19th Amendment ratified (giving women the franchise);P almer raids;Red Scare
1920 First commercial radio broadcast;Warren Harding electe d president;19th Amendment grants women's suffrage
1921 Congress enacts immigration quotas;Washington Naval Co nference
1922 Sinclair Lewis writes Babbitt
1923 Harding dies, succeeded by Coolidge;Teapot Dome scanda l unfolds
1925 Scopes Tennessee Evolution trial
1927 Lindbergh's solo flight across Atlantic;Sacco and Vanz etti executed;first talking film The Jazz Singer produced;B abe Ruth hits 60 home runs
1928 Hoover elected president
1929 Stock Market Crash
1930 Hawley-Smoot Tariff
1931 Japan invades Manchuria
1931 Japan invades Manchuria
1932 Glass-Steagall Banking Act;Reconstruction Finance Corp oration;Bonus Army marches on Washington;Franklin Roosevel t defeats Hoover for president
1933 100 Days legislation;Prohibition repealed;bank holida y proclaimed;Dr. Townsend movement begins
1933 Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany;U.S. establ ishes diplomatic relations with Soviet Union
1934 Securities and Exchange Commission established
1935 Schecter Poultry v. U.S. invalidates National Recover y Administration;Huey Long organizes Share Our Wealth Socie ty;Father Coughlin creates National Union for Social Justic e;Huey Long assassinated;First Neutrality Act passed
1935 Neutrality Act passed;Nye Committee hearings;Italy inv ades Ethiopia
1936 Butler v. U.S. invalidates Agricultural Adjustment Adm inistration;United Auto Workers begin sit-down strikes
1936 Spanish Civil War begins;Germany reoccupies Rhineland
1937 Roosevelt announces court-packing plan;Roosevelt's qua rantine speech
1937 Japan launches invasion of China;Japan attacks U.S. gu nboat Panay
1938 Appeasement at Munich by Chamberlin
1938 Germany annexes Austria (Anschluss)
1939 Fall of Czechoslovakia;Austria annexed by Germany;Germ any invades Poland
1939 Munich Conference (appeasement);Nazi-Soviet non-agress ion pact;Germany invades Czechoslovakia;Germany invades Pol and;World War 2 begins
1940 Soviet Union invades Baltic states, Finland;Germany' s blitzkrieg war conquers most of western Europe;Germany, I taly, Japan sign Tripartite Agreement;America First Committ ee established;Roosevelt wins unprecedented third term as p resident;U.S. and Britain sign destroyer-for-bases deal;Sel ective Service Act passed
1941 Lend-Lease aid provided for Britain;Germany invades So viet Union;Atlantic Charter signed by Churchill and Rooseve lt;Japan occupies Indochina;Japan attacks Pearl Harbor;Hitl er and Mussolini declare war on U.S.;U.S. enters war
1942 Japan captures Philippines as Bataan and Corregidor fa ll;War Production and War Labor Boards created;Battle of Mi dway;North Africa campaign begins;War Production Board crea ted;Internment of Japanese-Americans begins;Manhattan Proje ct begins
1943 Americans take Guadalcanal;Soviets defeat Germans at S talingrad;Allies invade Italy;Tehran Conference
1944 Allies invade France at Normandy (D-Day);Roosevelt ele cted for fourth term;Americans recapture Philippines;island -hopping campaign retakes Guam and Saipan
1945 Yalta Conference;Roosevelt dies, succeeded by Truman;A llied troops liberate concentration camps;Hitler commits su icide;Soviets capture Berlin;Germany surrenders;Americans c apture Okinawa;Posdam Conference;U.S. drops atomic bombs o n Hiroshima and Nagasaki;Japan surrenders
1945 Atomic age begins;United Nations founded
1946 Crises in Iran and Greece;Atomic Energy Commission est ablished
1947 Communists take over in Hungary;Truman Doctrine announ ced;House Un-american Activities Committee investigates Hol lywood;Jackie Robinson breaks color line in baseball;Taft-H artley Act passed
1948 Communists take over in Czechoslovakia;Draft re-instat ed;Berlin blockade and airlift;Truman elected president;Alg er Hiss case begins;Israel established as nation
1949 NATO established;Soviet Union explodes atomic bomb;Com munists take over in China
1950 Korean War begins;U.S. troops invade North Korea;Chine se troops enter war;Rosenberg spy trial begins;McCarthy beg ins anti-communist campaign;U.S. begins hydrogen bomb progr am
1951 MacArthur relieved of command by Truman;Peace negotiat ions begin in Korea
1952 U.S. ends Japanese occupation;Eisenhower elected presi dent
1953 Korean War ends with truce;Stalin dies
1954 Army-McCarthy hearings;Senate censures McCarthy;Frenc h surrender at Dienbienphu and partition of Vietnam begins; Brown v. Topeka Board of Education rules that separate bu t equal is unequal
1956 Suez crisis
1957 Soviet Union launches Sputnik;Germany joins NATO;Littl e Rock school desegregation crisis
1959 Castro takes over in Cuba;Khruschev visits U.S.
1960 Kennedy-Nixon Debates;John F. Kennedy elected preside nt;Greensboro lunch counter sitins
1961 Freedom rides;Bay of Pigs invasion fails;Kennedy meet s Khruschev in Vienna;Berlin Wall built;Peace Corps establi shed;Alliance for Progress established
1962 First black student (James Meredith) attends Universit y of Mississippi;Cuban Missile Crisis;SDS Port Huron Statem ent
1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. begins Birmingham desegregatio n crusade;Desegregation crisis at University of Alabama;Civ il Rights March on Washington;President Diem toppled by U.S .-supported coup in South Vietnam;Kennedy assassinated in D allas
1964 President Johnson announces war on poverty;Freedom sum mer vote registration campaign in Mississippi;Civil Right s Act passed;VISTA established;Berkeley Free Speech Movemen t;Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passed;U.S. begins bombing of N orth Vietnam;Johnson elected president
1965 Medicare funding begins;Race riots in Watts;Malcol m X assassinated;American combat troops sent to Vietnam
Name: Oscar Ray Inman City: Not Stated County: Cottle State : Texas Birth Date: 4 Dec 1884 Race: White Roll: 1952597 Dr aftBoard: 0

More About Oscar Ray Inman:
Last Residence: 76367 Iowa Park, Wichita, Texas, United States Of America.
Social Security Number: 463-12-3505.

More About Oscar Ray Inman and Nellie Elizabeth Page:
Marriage: 1905

Children of Oscar Ray Inman and Nellie Elizabeth Page are:
  1. Vivian F. Inman.
  2. Irma Ray Inman.
  3. Doris Ellen Inman.
  4. Wallace Tanhiel Inman.
  5. +Auberdeen Jackson Inman, b. July 04, 1920, Kirkland, d. March 20, 1992, Wichita Falls, TX.
  6. +Nina Mae Inman.
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