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Descendants of Archibald Downey

      376. Mary Almedia5 Downey (George Tillman4, Ezekiel Hinton3, James2, Archibald1)2104 was born 27 July 1896 in Logan Co. IL2105,2105,2106, and died 06 September 1995 in Escondido, CA2107,2107,2108. She married Loren Z. Reeder2109 22 June 1920 in Englewood Christian Church, Chicago, IL2110. He was born 06 November 18942111,2111,2112, and died 29 January 1982 in San Diego, CA2113,2113,2114,2115.

Notes for Mary Almedia Downey:
      Lost her memory before 1982 by age of 86 yr.

More About Mary Almedia Downey:
Cert. or Degree: Nurse's training2116
Grad. Elem. School: 28 May 1915, graduated from Lincoln High School2116
Medical Information: Alzheimer's disease
Children of Mary Downey and Loren Reeder are:
  516 i.   Mary Catherine6 Reeder2116, born 24 April 1923 in Bloomington, McLean Co. IL2117,2117,2118; died 20 August 1997 in Escondido, CA2118. She married (1) Floyd D. Hinderliter2118 21 June 1942 in Watseka, IL2119; born Abt. 19202120; died 19452120. She married (2) Charles L. Ziegler, Jr.2120 01 September 1945 in Maryland2121; born Bef. 19232122. She married (3) Guiseppe Pippo Sanfilippo2122 06 August 1967 in 1st Methodist Church, Maywood, IL2123; born 19252124.
  Notes for Mary Catherine Reeder:
1983- 3 week trip to Yugoslavia, Istanbul, Turkey, Italy and Austria. 1984- trip to Paris, France with students in the spring.
1991, no longer teaching but working as assessor/translator; registrar for adult "English as a Second Language" students; Data entry clerk and "Girl Friday" to ass't. principal. Corresponding secretary for CA Retired Teacher's Ass'n. and director of Ability Access, Inc.

  More About Mary Catherine Reeder:
Address (Facts Page): Roma, Italia2124
Cause of Death: Ovarian Cancer
Occupation: 35 years of teaching2124

  More About Guiseppe Pippo Sanfilippo:
Address (Facts Page): San Diego, CA2124

  517 ii.   Ruth Ann Reeder2124, born 13 June 1927 in IL2125,2125,2126. She married (1) Harry Scott Taggart2126 17 August 19462127; born Abt. 19272128. She married (2) William Matthewson2128; born Abt. 19202128. She married (3) William Beldelman2128 03 August 19572129; born Abt. 19102130; died 19592130. She married (4) Unknown2130 Aft. 1960.

      377. Paul Ezekiel5 Downey (George Tillman4, Ezekiel Hinton3, James2, Archibald1)2130 was born 30 November 1899 in Illinois2131,2131,2132, and died 18 September 1959 in Creve Coeur, IL2133,2133,2134. He married (1) Leona Phelan2134 1922 in IL2135, daughter of James Phelan, Sr.. She was born 27 March 19022136,2136,2137, and died 1931 in Riverton, IL, TB Sanitarium2138,2138,2139. He married (2) Emylene Crawford2139 02 February 19352140. She was born Abt. 18992141.

More About Paul Ezekiel Downey:
Cause of Death: killed by auto while crossing street
Occupation 1: 1924, farming in N. Dakota for Geo. T. Downey2141
Occupation 2: factory worker2141
Occupation 3: service station operator2141

More About Leona Phelan:
Religion: member St. Patrick's Catholic Church2141
Children of Paul Downey and Leona Phelan are:
  518 i.   Mary Ann6 Downey2141, born 22 January 1923 in Lincoln, Logan Co., IL2142,2142,2143. She married Norman Cornelius Anderson2143 11 August 1941 in Hannibal, MO2144; born 13 December 1915 in Bloomington, McLean Co., IL2144,2144,2145; died 25 October 1998 in Normal, McLean Co., IL2146,2147.
  More About Mary Ann Downey:
Address (Facts Page): Normal, McLean Co. IL2147

  More About Norman Cornelius Anderson:
Address (Facts Page): Normal, McLean Co. IL2147
Burial: 1998, Park Hill Cemetery, Bloomington, IL2148,2149

  519 ii.   Margaret Julia Downey2149, born 23 July 1925 in Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2150,2150,2151. She married Harold Ray Ingram2151 27 June 19462152; born 19242153,2153,2154; died 1989 in Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2155,2155,2156.
  More About Margaret Julia Downey:
Address (Facts Page): Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2156
Medical Information: 1998 on Dialysis; several small strokes in 1999

  520 iii.   Helen Louise Downey2156, born 01 September 1927 in Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2157,2157,2158. She married Lee Edward Altine2158 01 September 1951 in St. Patrick's Church, Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2159; born Abt. 19252160; died 25 September 19722161,2161,2162.
  More About Helen Louise Downey:
Address (Facts Page): Michigan2162
Medical Information: Several strokes

  Notes for Lee Edward Altine:
Baptized 18 Oct 1931, St. Mary's in Delavan, IL
[DowneyAug 499.FTW]

Baptized 18 Oct 1931, St. Mary's in Delavan, IL

  521 iv.   Theresa Jane Downey2162, born 22 August 19292163,2163,2164. She married Robert G. Minick2164 02 October 19482165; born Abt. 19252166.
  More About Theresa Jane Downey:
Address (Facts Page): Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2166

      378. Alma Caroline5 Downey (George Tillman4, Ezekiel Hinton3, James2, Archibald1)2166 was born 26 November 1901 in Logan Co., IL2167,2167,2168, and died 27 June 1998 in Marietta, GA2169,2170. She married Herman Archelaus Fortman2170 07 April 1923 in Pacific Grove, CA2171, son of Herman Fortman and Arminta Dawson. He was born 07 May 1892 in Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2172, and died 1979 in Tucson, AZ2172.

More About Alma Caroline Downey:
Address (Facts Page): moved to Tuscon, AZ about 19582172
Hobbies: Crocheting; traveling; listening to Books for the Blind2172
Medical Information: Legally blind for years
Occupation: seamstress, worked in Clothing factory in Lincoln, IL2172

More About Herman Archelaus Fortman:
Address (Facts Page): Tuscon, AZ2172
Hobbies: fishing2172
Occupation: laborer, factory worker2172
Children of Alma Downey and Herman Fortman are:
  522 i.   Archie Lew6 Fortman2172, born 14 November 1925 in Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2173,2173,2174. He married (1) Mary Ellen Helton2174 01 August 1948 in Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2175; born 28 April 1931 in Lincoln, Logan Co. IL2176. He married (2) Linda Carroll2176 Aft. 19702177; born Abt. 19402178.
  More About Archie Lew Fortman:
Address (Facts Page): Tuscon, AZ2178

  523 ii.   Rosemary Alma Fortman2178, born 25 September 1927 in IL2179,2179,2180. She married Robert W. Maurer2180 26 June 1949 in Lincoln, Logan Co. IL Methodist Church2181; born Abt. 19252182.

      380. Henry Raymond5 Downey (George Tillman4, Ezekiel Hinton3, James2, Archibald1)2182 was born 19 September 1904 in Logan Co. Illinois2183,2183,2184, and died 03 November 1996 in Ft. Myers, Lee Co. FL2185,2185,2186. He married (1) Gertrude Marie Wisersky2186 13 April 1928 in Waukegan, IL2187. She was born 18 October 19102187,2187,2188, and died 31 December 1953 in Decatur, Macon Co. IL2189,2189,2190. He married (2) Doris Hazenfield2190 Aft. 1954 in Westminister Presbyterian Church, Decatur, IL2191. She was born Abt. 19052192, and died 13 February 1998 in Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL2192.

More About Henry Raymond Downey:
Address (Facts Page): Decatur, IL2192
Burial: Ft. Myers, FL2192
Occupation: Auditor, Citizen's Nat'l. Bank, Decatur, IL2193,2194

More About Gertrude Marie Wisersky:
Burial: 1953, Graceland Cem., Decatur, IL2195,2196

More About Doris Hazenfield:
Burial: February 1998, Decatur, Macon Co. IL2196
Occupation: Chambers Bering Quinlin Co.2196
Children of Henry Downey and Gertrude Wisersky are:
  524 i.   Raymond Henry6 Downey2196, born 22 July 1930 in IL2197,2197,2198. He married (1) Jeannine Adair Maxwell2198 26 January 19522199; born Abt. 19302200. He married (2) Unknown2200 Aft. 1960.
  More About Raymond Henry Downey:
Address (Facts Page): Decatur, IL2200

  525 ii.   Shirley Joan Downey2200, born 17 July 1932 in IL2200. She married Leslie Eugene Carr2200 04 August 1951 in 1st Methodist Church, Decatur, IL2201; born Abt. 19302202.
  More About Shirley Joan Downey:
Address (Facts Page): Decatur, IL2202

      382. Ferne5 Downey (James A.4, Ezekiel Hinton3, James2, Archibald1)2202 was born Abt. 18912202. She married Henry Rybolt2202 Abt. 1913. He was born Abt. 18852202, and died in Kenney, IL2202.
Child of Ferne Downey and Henry Rybolt is:
  526 i.   Theron6 Rybolt2202, born 19152202.

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