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Descendants of John Choate

Generation No. 2

       6. Thomas2 Choate (John1, RobertA) was born 1671 in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Massachusetts, and died 31 Mar 1745 in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Massachusetts. He married (1) Mary Varney 1690, daughter of Thomas Varney and Abigail Proctor. He married (2) Mrs. Mary Calef 24 Sep 1734. He married (3) Hannah (Cogswell) Burnham 9 Nov 1743.

Notes for Thomas Choate:
       Thomas Choate, the third son of John Choate, the immigrant, has been characterized by one of his descendants as "a spruce young man." It has been already mentioned that by a gift from his father he became sole proprietor of the lands on "Hog Island."
       At the age of nineteen years; in 1690; he married a young lady, Mary Varney, whose mother is famous in history as a leader among those Chebacco women who were quite equal to the raising the first meeting house in the spring of 1679, from which their husbands had desisted by order of the General Court, when the sills were already laid. "like mother, like daughter," the young couple were the first white settlers on the island. Theirs was a pioneer life, having to grapple with many difficulties and hardships. His prominence was recognized by the people. He was their Representative to Colonial Legislature from 1723-1727. Mary was born in 1669 in Ipswich, Mass. and died on 19 Nov. 1733.
       Mr. Choate came to be popularly known as "Governor Choate." This for what reason we may not divine, save perhaps his sole proprietorship and supremacy over "Hog Island", unless it was because of these qualities of leadership and command which marked him as a man fitted for the chief magistry of a State.
       He was one of the thirty-one men who signed Rev. Wise's letter in behalf of John Proctor, who was condemned for witchcraft. Mr.Choate was one of the witnesses to the will of the unfortunate man, which was written in Salem jail while the manacles were on Proctor's wrists, only three days before his execution.
       Thomas lived on "The Island" for thirty-five years, he reared there a noble family. One of his daughters became the wife of a minister, one of his sons a ruling elder, and another was scarcely less distinquished in law and in state, for his day; than was a later descendant, the Hon. Rufus Choate, of Boston. In 1725, He removed to the main land, to what was known as the "John Burnham Place." Mr. Choate had become possessed of a large landed property. He owned two farms on the island, the Randall Andrews farm in Ipswich, a farm of four hundred acres in Rockport, on the coast near Thatcher's Island, a farm in the West Parish, one on Jeffrey's Neck, and a farm to which he had removed, making seven in all.
       In 1764, the Town Council of Ipswich voted to rebuild the town and county bridge six or eight feet wider. The Hon. John Choate (son of Thomas) was on the committee for this business, after whom the new bridge was named. It cost the town 500 pounds. The county paid as much more. It is strong and neat, having two arches with one solid pier in the bed of the river. In 1766, March 10th, John died and left a wife, Miriam; he lost all his children while young, with the throat distemper. He was Colonel of a regiment, Representative in 1731, 1732, 1733, 1735, 1741, 1742, 1743, 1745-1749, 1754, 1757 and 1760; of the Governor's Council from 1761 to 1765; Justice of the Sessions and Common Pleas Courts, and Judge of the Probate Court.
       Mrs. Mary (Varney) Choate was a niece of the aforementioned John Proctor and the sister of Abigail Varney, who married 12 July 1687, Josiah Burnham, son of John Burnham, the immigrant. Thomas' second wife, Mrs. Mary Calef, the widow of Dr. Joseph Calef; who was the son of Robert Calef, who wrote the book entitled "More Wonders of the Invisible World," that helped dispel the witchcraft delusion of 1692.
       After his second wife's death, Thomas married Mrs. Hannah Burnham. She may have been the widow of Thomas Burnham and the daughter of John Cogswell and Hannah Goodhue. She was born in 1692 and died on 2 Oct. 1782.

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2. "Munsell's American Ancestry"
3. "History of Ipswich, Essex and Hamilton" by Joseph B.Felt, published in 1991 by Heritage Books, Inc. Reprinted from original, first published in Mass. in 1834, pg. 53.

       Children of Thomas Choate and Mary Varney are:

  10 i.   Anne3 Choate, born 22 May 1691 in Chebacco, Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony; died 15 Aug 1759. She married John Burnham 21 Oct 1710.

+ 11 ii.   Thomas Choate, born 7 Jun 1693 in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Massachusetts; died 22 Aug 1774.

  12 iii.   Mary Choate, born 18 Mar 1695 in Choate Island, near Ipswich, Massachusetts; died 6 Mar 1767. She married Parker Dodge Dec 1716.

  13 iv.   John Choate, born 25 Jul 1697; died 17 Dec 1765. He married Miriam Pool 3 Mar 1717.

  14 v.   Abigail Choate, born 20 Oct 1699 in Choate Island, near Ipswich, Massachusetts. She married John Boardman 27 Nov 1720.

  15 vi.   Francis Choate, born 13 Sep 1701; died 15 Oct 1777. He married Hannah Perkins 13 Apr 1727.

  16 vii.   Rachel Choate, born 8 Nov 1703 in Choate Island, near Ipswich, Massachusetts; died 15 Mar 1783. She married (1) Joseph Rust. She married (2) Isaac Martin Mar 1737.

  17 viii.   Ebenezer Choate, born 10 Mar 1706; died 1766. He married Elizabeth Greenleaf 3 Sep 1730.

  18 ix.   Sarah Choate, born 24 Jul 1708. She married Rev. Ames Cheever 5 Apr 1736.

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