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Troy Locklear Family Tree:
Index of Individuals


Culpepper, Duward Irvng(b. December 02, 1946)
Culpepper, Jessie
Culpepper, Joe
Culpepper, Lena Mae(d. September 06, 1984)
Culpepper, Mary Blake
Culpepper, Nick
Culpepper, Otis Buklin
Culpepper, Piggy
Culpepper, Rell
Culpepper, Sadie


Cummings, Ann(b. 1805)


Locklear, "Big" Joe(d. 1890)
Locklear, Aaron(b. 1800, d. 1860)
Locklear, Aaron Jr.(b. 1827, d. 1880)
Locklear, Adam Dwayne(b. July 14, 1977)
Locklear, Adelaide
Locklear, Adell(b. December 07, 1914)
Locklear, Adessie
Locklear, Adlaide
Locklear, Adline(b. 1853, d. October 17, 1938)
Locklear, Adnell(b. August 08, 1918, d. January 07, 1988) Includes Pictures
Locklear, Adnell Jr.(b. June 26, 1953)
Locklear, Alace(b. 1852, d. September 07, 1944)
Locklear, Alafaire(b. February 19, 1949)
Locklear, Alamander(b. 1849, d. 1918)
Locklear, Alamena(b. March 30, 1866, d. October 21, 1953)
Locklear, Albert
Locklear, Albert
Locklear, Aldon
Locklear, Alex
Locklear, Alex C.(b. May 27, 1957)
Locklear, Alexander(b. 1832, d. 1896)
Locklear, Alexander(b. 1857)
Locklear, Alfred
Locklear, Alice
Locklear, Alice
Locklear, Alice
Locklear, Alice Faye
Locklear, Alice Faye(b. March 19, 1947)
Locklear, Alifair(b. 1898)
Locklear, Alifaire(b. June 25, 1896)
Locklear, Allison
Locklear, Alma
Locklear, Alron
Locklear, Alvin
Locklear, Amanda(b. 1864)
Locklear, Ambrose
Locklear, Ambrose Jr.
Locklear, America(d. Bet. 1890 - 1895)
Locklear, Amos
Locklear, Amy
Locklear, Amy(b. 1839)
Locklear, Amy LaSalle
Locklear, Amy Shanea(b. October 16, 1975)
Locklear, Ana Jane
Locklear, Ana Jane
Locklear, Andella
Locklear, Angela
Locklear, Angela
Locklear, Angeliina
Locklear, Angelina(b. June 25, 1976)
Locklear, Angeline
Locklear, Angeline
Locklear, Angus
Locklear, Angus(b. 1826, d. 1895)
Locklear, Angus Archie(b. August 22, 1981)
Locklear, Angus D.(b. 1848)
Locklear, Angus Jr.
Locklear, Anita Faye
Locklear, Ann
Locklear, Ann
Locklear, Ann Sue
Locklear, Anna Marie
Locklear, Annie
Locklear, Annie
Locklear, Annie
Locklear, Annie
Locklear, Annie
Locklear, Annie Bell(b. September 15, 1920)
Locklear, Annie Jane(b. September 22, 1904, d. August 31, 1966)
Locklear, Annie Lee
Locklear, Annie Neal
Locklear, Annie Neil
Locklear, Annie Ruth
Locklear, Annie Sue
Locklear, Anniebelle(b. 1889)
Locklear, AnnieJane
Locklear, Anson
Locklear, Anthony
Locklear, Anthony
Locklear, Anthony
Locklear, Anthony(b. December 12, 1960)
Locklear, Appy(b. 1874)
Locklear, April
Locklear, April
Locklear, April
Locklear, Archie
Locklear, Archie
Locklear, Archie
Locklear, Archie(b. December 26, 1914)
Locklear, Archie Ray(b. December 25, 1946)
Locklear, Ardee
Locklear, Aretta
Locklear, Arlene
Locklear, Armather
Locklear, Armather
Locklear, Arnold
Locklear, Arpie(b. 1873)
Locklear, Artemis(b. 1842, d. 1907)
Locklear, Arthur
Locklear, Arthur
Locklear, Artie
Locklear, Arvin Daniel(b. May 10, 1944, d. May 18, 1968)
Locklear, Ashberry(b. 1862)
Locklear, Atoma
Locklear, Author Harold(b. October 22, 1949, d. April 15, 1972)
Locklear, Avie Lee
Locklear, Avie Lee(b. December 06, 1938)
Locklear, Aviie Lee Jr.(b. September 27, 1976)
Locklear, Barbara
Locklear, Barbara
Locklear, Barnabus(b. 1840, d. 1874)
Locklear, Barnabus Jr.(b. 1874)
Locklear, Barney(b. 1874)
Locklear, Barney(b. 1876)
Locklear, Beadan "Beady Ann"(b. 1825, d. 1884)
Locklear, Beatrice
Locklear, Beatrice
Locklear, Beatrice
Locklear, Bebe
Locklear, Belina
Locklear, Belinda
Locklear, Belinda
Locklear, Belinda
Locklear, Benjamin
Locklear, Bernice
Locklear, Bernice
Locklear, Bernice
Locklear, Berta
Locklear, Bertha Includes Notes
Locklear, Bertha
Locklear, Besty
Locklear, Bethany(b. 1854)
Locklear, Betsy
Locklear, Betsy(b. 1865)
Locklear, Betsy(b. 1879, d. March 03, 1959)
Locklear, Betty
Locklear, Betty Ann
Locklear, Betty Jane
Locklear, Betty Jo
Locklear, Betty Joyce(b. June 27, 1941)
Locklear, Betty Lois
Locklear, Bill
Locklear, Bill Buck(b. March 11, 1931)
Locklear, Billy
Locklear, Billy
Locklear, Billy
Locklear, Billy
Locklear, Billy
Locklear, Billy Eugene
Locklear, Billy Jr.
Locklear, Billy Jr.
Locklear, Billy Jr.(b. June 22, 1979)
Locklear, Billy Ray
Locklear, Bisel(b. September 22, 1932, d. June 29, 1959)
Locklear, Blannie
Locklear, Bluebell
Locklear, Bob
Locklear, Bobby(b. April 02, 1939)
Locklear, Bobby Allen
Locklear, Bobby Carr
Locklear, Bobby Earl
Locklear, Bonnie
Locklear, Bonnie
Locklear, Bonnie Lou
Locklear, Boss(b. 1896)
Locklear, Bracey Allen
Locklear, Bracy
Locklear, Bracy Gaston
Locklear, Brad(b. November 29, 1980)
Locklear, Brant
Locklear, Braxton
Locklear, Braxton
Locklear, Brenda
Locklear, Brenda(b. April 28)
Locklear, Brenda Gail
Locklear, Brenda Gail(b. February 16, 1943)
Locklear, Brenda Lois(b. November 11, 1948)
Locklear, Brisco
Locklear, Brison
Locklear, Broderick(b. April 13, 1972)
Locklear, Bryan
Locklear, Bryan
Locklear, Buddy
Locklear, Bula
Locklear, Bulah
Locklear, Burney
Locklear, Burriel
Locklear, Cagle
Locklear, Caleb(b. November 04, 1994)
Locklear, Callie
Locklear, Calvin
Locklear, Calvin(b. 1829, d. 1906)
Locklear, Calvin(b. 1864)
Locklear, Calvin(b. 1878)
Locklear, Cammie
Locklear, Canada
Locklear, Carl Jr.
Locklear, Carla(b. May 01, 1967)
Locklear, Carla Kay(b. February 20, 1974)
Locklear, Carlos
Locklear, Carlton
Locklear, Carlton Jr.
Locklear, Carol
Locklear, Caroline
Locklear, Carolyln
Locklear, Carolyln
Locklear, Carolyn
Locklear, Carrie Ann
Locklear, Carson
Locklear, Cartilla
Locklear, Cary
Locklear, Castoe
Locklear, Catherina
Locklear, Catherine
Locklear, Catherine
Locklear, Catherine(b. 1862)
Locklear, Catherine "Kate"(b. 1834)
Locklear, Catherine Ann
Locklear, Cathrean(b. date unknown, d. 1849)
Locklear, Cathy
Locklear, Cecil Bennette
Locklear, Cedric
Locklear, Celella
Locklear, Chalmers
Locklear, Charity
Locklear, Charlene
Locklear, Charles
Locklear, Charles
Locklear, Charlie
Locklear, Charlie
Locklear, Charlie
Locklear, Charlie
Locklear, Charliss
Locklear, Charlotte
Locklear, Charlotte
Locklear, Charmaine(b. March 13, 1962)
Locklear, Cheryl
Locklear, Chesley(b. 1865, d. September 05, 1938)
Locklear, Chestine
Locklear, Chiffon Rudine(b. March 13, 1965)
Locklear, Chris
Locklear, Chris
Locklear, Chris(b. October 13, 1968)
Locklear, Christa Ann
Locklear, Christine
Locklear, Christopher
Locklear, Clara Reece
Locklear, Clarence Eden
Locklear, Clarence Eden II(b. March 09, 1965)
Locklear, Claude Everett
Locklear, Claudette
Locklear, Claudia
Locklear, Clea L.(b. February 19, 1950)
Locklear, Clear B.
Locklear, Clella
Locklear, Clem
Locklear, Clementine
Locklear, Cleo
Locklear, Cleo
Locklear, Cleveland
Locklear, Cleveland
Locklear, Cliff
Locklear, Clinton
Locklear, Clyde
Locklear, Colonel
Locklear, Colonel Patrick
Locklear, Connie
Locklear, Connie
Locklear, Consuelo(b. January 19, 1955)
Locklear, Cora Lee
Locklear, Cordoval
Locklear, Cory
Locklear, Council
Locklear, Crawley(b. 1868)
Locklear, Crystal
Locklear, Crystal Gail
Locklear, Cutina(b. December 01, 1972)
Locklear, Cynthia
Locklear, Cynthia(b. May 28, 1962)
Locklear, Cynthia Kay(b. September 11, 1954)
Locklear, Cyrona
Locklear, Dallas
Locklear, Dallas
Locklear, Dallas
Locklear, Daniel(b. 1819)
Locklear, Daniel(b. 1830, d. 1902)
Locklear, Daniel(b. 1858, d. March 05, 1930)
Locklear, Daniel "Sony Boy"
Locklear, Daniel D.
Locklear, Daniel L.(b. March 10, 1929, d. June 01, 1930)
Locklear, Daniel Murphy(b. May 19, 1955)
Locklear, Daniel Webster
Locklear, Daniel Z.(b. 1843, d. November 27, 1926)
Locklear, Daniell(b. January 30, 1984)
Locklear, Darlton
Locklear, Darneill
Locklear, Darnell
Locklear, Darrin(b. October 03, 1971)
Locklear, Darrlyn(b. November 19, 1970)
Locklear, Darwin
Locklear, David
Locklear, David
Locklear, David
Locklear, David
Locklear, David
Locklear, David
Locklear, David(b. 1884)
Locklear, David Earl(b. December 15, 1967)
Locklear, Daviid
Locklear, Dean
Locklear, Deana
Locklear, Deanna
Locklear, Deanna L.(b. March 27, 1980)
Locklear, Debbie
Locklear, Debbie(b. October 01, 1962)
Locklear, Debbue
Locklear, Deborah
Locklear, Deborah Ann
Locklear, Delana
Locklear, Deland K.(b. March 02, 1958)
Locklear, Delbert
Locklear, Deliah(b. November 11, 1950)
Locklear, Della
Locklear, Della(b. May 02, 1874)
Locklear, Della Dial(b. May 15, 1874, d. January 18, 1939)
Locklear, Delores
Locklear, Deloris
Locklear, Delrose
Locklear, Delton
Locklear, Delton
Locklear, Demetrius
Locklear, Denver(b. April 08)
Locklear, Dereck
Locklear, Derek Adnell(b. May 30, 1980) Includes Pictures
Locklear, Derrick
Locklear, Desmond(b. July 25, 1983) Includes Pictures
Locklear, Dessie
Locklear, Dewey(b. January 07, 1907)
Locklear, Dexter
Locklear, Dexter Jr.
Locklear, Diane
Locklear, Diane
Locklear, Dizzie Dean
Locklear, Dobbert
Locklear, Dock(b. April 20, 1893, d. January 12, 1955)
Locklear, Domier Michael(b. January 11, 1979)
Locklear, Don(b. April 10, 1957)
Locklear, Donald
Locklear, Donald
Locklear, Donald
Locklear, Donald
Locklear, Donald
Locklear, Donald Adnell(b. November 07, 1972)
Locklear, Donald Lee(b. July 28, 1945)
Locklear, Donna
Locklear, Donnel S.(b. October 08, 1974)
Locklear, Dora
Locklear, Doris
Locklear, Doris
Locklear, Doris
Locklear, Doris
Locklear, Dorla Dawn(b. September 03, 1956)
Locklear, Dorony ( Downy )(b. 1849, d. 1900)
Locklear, Dorsey
Locklear, Doug
Locklear, Douglas
Locklear, Dovie
Locklear, Downey
Locklear, Downie
Locklear, Dulin
Locklear, Dwayne(b. February 03, 1960)
Locklear, Dwight
Locklear, Dwight(b. November 24, 1960)
Locklear, Dwight(b. February 13, 1967)
Locklear, Eade(b. 1848)
Locklear, Earl David
Locklear, Earl David Jr.(b. May 22, 1966)
Locklear, Earl Dean
Locklear, Earl Richard
Locklear, Earlene
Locklear, Earlie B.
Locklear, Early B.
Locklear, Ebby
Locklear, Ed Morrision
Locklear, Eddie Mack
Locklear, Edgar
Locklear, Edith
Locklear, Edmund
Locklear, Edna
Locklear, Edna
Locklear, Ednor
Locklear, Edward Lee
Locklear, Effie
Locklear, Effie
Locklear, Effie
Locklear, Effie Ann
Locklear, Elaine
Locklear, Elaine
Locklear, Elander(b. 1860)
Locklear, Elanor
Locklear, Eli(b. 1877)
Locklear, Eliza
Locklear, Eliza(b. 1860)
Locklear, Elizabeth
Locklear, Elizabeth
Locklear, Elizabeth(b. 1894)
Locklear, Elizabeth " Betsy"(b. 1789, d. 1869)
Locklear, Elizabeth "Betsy"(b. 1789, d. 1869)
Locklear, Elizabeth Amary(b. 1848)
Locklear, Elizabeth Ann(b. April 14, 1970)
Locklear, Ella Includes Notes
Locklear, Ella
Locklear, Ellen
Locklear, Ellen(b. 1877)
Locklear, Elm May
Locklear, Elmer(b. March 10, 1959)
Locklear, Elmore
Locklear, Elsie Sabrina(b. August 12, 1968)
Locklear, Elucyra(b. 1874)
Locklear, Em
Locklear, Emery(b. April 07, 1915)
Locklear, Emery Lynn(b. December 24, 1951)
Locklear, Emery Sins(b. January 12, 1964)
Locklear, Emily
Locklear, Emily
Locklear, Emily
Locklear, Emily
Locklear, Emily(b. 1862)
Locklear, Emma
Locklear, Emma
Locklear, Emma
Locklear, Emma
Locklear, Emma
Locklear, Emma Jane
Locklear, Eric
Locklear, Eric
Locklear, Erika
Locklear, Ernest
Locklear, Ernie
Locklear, Ersle Dale
Locklear, Ervin
Locklear, Essie
Locklear, Essie
Locklear, Estella
Locklear, Ester
Locklear, Ester
Locklear, Ester(b. March 12, 1952)
Locklear, Esther(b. 1876)
Locklear, Eteska
Locklear, Ethel
Locklear, Ethel Gail(b. June 23, 1945)
Locklear, Ethel Mae(b. April 29, 1935)
Locklear, Eudell
Locklear, Eugene
Locklear, Eugene
Locklear, Eva
Locklear, Evander
Locklear, Eveline
Locklear, Evelyn
Locklear, Evelyn
Locklear, Evelyn(b. 1930)
Locklear, Evelyn(b. January 17, 1943)
Locklear, Evon
Locklear, Fairella
Locklear, Fairella(b. February 02, 1926)
Locklear, Fannie
Locklear, Fannie
Locklear, Farrell
Locklear, Fay
Locklear, Fleatcher
Locklear, Fletcher
Locklear, Flonnie
Locklear, Flora
Locklear, Flora
Locklear, Flora
Locklear, Flora
Locklear, Flora
Locklear, Flora
Locklear, Flora
Locklear, Florence
Locklear, Flowers
Locklear, Floyd
Locklear, Fontaine
Locklear, Frances
Locklear, Frances(b. 1889)
Locklear, Francis
Locklear, Frank
Locklear, Fuller
Locklear, Furman Lee
Locklear, Gadie
Locklear, Gardy
Locklear, Garland(b. January 29, 1949)
Locklear, Garland Jr.(b. April 14, 1975)
Locklear, Garriett
Locklear, Gary
Locklear, Gaston(b. January 11, 1950)
Locklear, Gene
Locklear, Geneva
Locklear, George
Locklear, George
Locklear, George(b. February 15, 1864)
Locklear, George Allen
Locklear, George Jr.
Locklear, George Lawerence
Locklear, George Lloyd
Locklear, George Manning(b. 1866)
Locklear, Georgeanna
Locklear, Georgeanna(b. December 18, 1898, d. April 29, 1966)
Locklear, Gerald
Locklear, Gerald
Locklear, Gerald
Locklear, Gerald(b. 1934)
Locklear, Gerome
Locklear, Gertrude Gertie(b. 1917, d. August 27, 1997)
Locklear, Gilbert(b. 1810, d. 1850)
Locklear, Gilbert(b. 1810)
Locklear, Giles(b. 1879)
Locklear, Gladys
Locklear, Glenn
Locklear, Glennie Belle(b. May 11, 1915, d. November 13, 1938)
Locklear, Glenwood
Locklear, Gloria
Locklear, Gloria
Locklear, Gloria
Locklear, Godfrey
Locklear, Godrey(b. 1811, d. January 26, 1894)
Locklear, Godwin
Locklear, Goldie
Locklear, Governor
Locklear, Governor Worth(b. 1870, d. November 28, 1921)
Locklear, Grace
Locklear, Grace
Locklear, Graddie
Locklear, Gradford
Locklear, Gradford Jr.
Locklear, Grady(b. January 06, 1936)
Locklear, Gralin Derek(b. June 18, 1965)
Locklear, Grant(d. April 05, 1985)
Locklear, Greg
Locklear, Gregory
Locklear, Gregory
Locklear, Gregory Jr
Locklear, Guy
Locklear, Hal
Locklear, Hardy
Locklear, Harliewell
Locklear, Harliwell
Locklear, Harliwell Jr.
Locklear, Harm
Locklear, Harold
Locklear, Harold D.
Locklear, Harold Faye
Locklear, Harold Wayne
Locklear, Harrie
Locklear, Harriet
Locklear, Harriet
Locklear, Harriet(b. 1858)
Locklear, Harry
Locklear, Harry
Locklear, Hastcol
Locklear, Hayes
Locklear, Haynes
Locklear, Haynes(b. 1872)
Locklear, Hazel
Locklear, Hector(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Locklear, Heide
Locklear, Helen
Locklear, Helen
Locklear, Helen
Locklear, Helen
Locklear, Helen
Locklear, Helen Faye
Locklear, Henry
Locklear, Henry(b. February 18, 1860, d. August 05, 1964)
Locklear, Henry Lee
Locklear, Henry Lee(b. December 06, 1943)
Locklear, Herbert
Locklear, Herman(b. April 27, 1937)
Locklear, Herman Jr.(b. June 06, 1961)
Locklear, Hersey(b. August 21, 1887, d. December 11, 1955)
Locklear, Hester(b. 1921)
Locklear, Hezekiah(b. 1874)
Locklear, Hezekiah Jr.
Locklear, Hilda
Locklear, Hilery(b. 1824, d. 1898)
Locklear, Hitchner
Locklear, Hitchner(b. 1830, d. December 22, 1905)
Locklear, Horace
Locklear, Hosanna(b. 1855)
Locklear, Hosiah
Locklear, Hosie
Locklear, Hossick
Locklear, Hubert
Locklear, Hugh
Locklear, Ida
Locklear, Ida(b. 1884)
Locklear, Idella
Locklear, Ilene
Locklear, Inman
Locklear, Irma(b. January 20, 1953)
Locklear, Isaac(b. 1815, d. 1870)
Locklear, Isabell(b. September 15, 1920)
Locklear, Isabella
Locklear, Isaiah(b. 1872)
Locklear, Isam(b. 1856)
Locklear, Israel(b. 1853)
Locklear, J D
Locklear, J. C.
Locklear, J.D.(b. July 02, 1882, d. January 13, 1957)
Locklear, J.Q.
Locklear, Jack(b. 1797)
Locklear, Jackson
Locklear, Jacob
Locklear, Jacqueline(b. January 25, 1962)
Locklear, Jakie
Locklear, Jakie
Locklear, James
Locklear, James(d. 1918)
Locklear, James
Locklear, James(b. 1838)
Locklear, James(b. 1873)
Locklear, James(b. 1877)
Locklear, James " Crickett "
Locklear, James "Jim"(b. 1840, d. December 14, 1929)
Locklear, James A.
Locklear, James Archie(b. March 31, 1928, d. April 06, 1928)
Locklear, James B.
Locklear, James B.
Locklear, James B. III
Locklear, James B. Jr.
Locklear, James Christopher
Locklear, James Dean
Locklear, James E.
Locklear, James Earl
Locklear, James Ertle
Locklear, James Ester
Locklear, James Ester Jr.
Locklear, James Fuller
Locklear, James Henry
Locklear, James Jr.
Locklear, James L.
Locklear, James Mack(b. 1849)
Locklear, James Ray
Locklear, James Ray
Locklear, James Richard
Locklear, James Selviin
Locklear, James Stantley
Locklear, Jamie
Locklear, Jamie
Locklear, Jan
Locklear, Jane
Locklear, Jane
Locklear, Jane
Locklear, Jane Doris(b. August 28, 1951)
Locklear, Janie
Locklear, Jathro
Locklear, Jean
Locklear, Jeanette
Locklear, Jeanie
Locklear, Jeff
Locklear, Jennie
Locklear, Jennifer Carol
Locklear, Jennifer Kay
Locklear, Jennins
Locklear, Jensen
Locklear, Jeptha
Locklear, Jerry
Locklear, Jerry
Locklear, Jerry Ray
Locklear, Jerusha (Duce)
Locklear, Jesse Lee
Locklear, Jessie
Locklear, Jessie
Locklear, Jessie Bell(b. August 17, 1916, d. August 17, 1916)
Locklear, Jessie James
Locklear, Jessie Mae
Locklear, Jessiie Colonel
Locklear, Jew Nettie
Locklear, Jim
Locklear, Jimmie
Locklear, Jimmie
Locklear, Jimmy
Locklear, Jimmy
Locklear, Jimmy
Locklear, Jimmy Ray
Locklear, Jo Ann
Locklear, Joan
Locklear, Joanie
Locklear, JoAnn
Locklear, JoAnn
Locklear, Jodie
Locklear, Jody Lyn
Locklear, Joe
Locklear, Joe
Locklear, Joesph
Locklear, John
Locklear, John
Locklear, John
Locklear, John
Locklear, John
Locklear, John
Locklear, John
Locklear, John(b. 1722, d. 1784)
Locklear, John(b. 1780, d. 1850)
Locklear, John(b. 1847)
Locklear, John(b. 1870)
Locklear, John Allen
Locklear, John Ander(b. 1902)
Locklear, John Archie
Locklear, John Archie
Locklear, John Archie(b. May 04, 1917, d. December 06, 1976)
Locklear, John Aster
Locklear, John B.(b. 1870)
Locklear, John Boris
Locklear, John Bracey
Locklear, John C.
Locklear, John D. "Finney"(b. January 10, 1861, d. February 07, 1912)
Locklear, John E.(b. April 27, 1974)
Locklear, John Elaby(b. 1859)
Locklear, John Heck(b. 1856, d. 1937)
Locklear, John L.
Locklear, John L. Jr.
Locklear, John R.
Locklear, John R.(b. 1863)
Locklear, John Roth(b. December 14, 1964)
Locklear, John V.(b. 1873)
Locklear, John Z
Locklear, Johnnie
Locklear, Johnnie
Locklear, Johnnie Lee
Locklear, Johnny
Locklear, Johnny
Locklear, Johnny
Locklear, Johnny
Locklear, Johny(b. 1894)
Locklear, Jolene
Locklear, Jonathan
Locklear, Jonathon
Locklear, Joseph
Locklear, Joseph
Locklear, Joseph
Locklear, Joseph
Locklear, Joseph
Locklear, Joseph
Locklear, Joseph
Locklear, Joseph(b. October 03, 1833, d. 1911)
Locklear, Joseph(b. 1836, d. 1890)
Locklear, Joseph "Peg Leg Joe"(b. 1856, d. January 13, 1928)
Locklear, Joseph Jr.
Locklear, Joseph Kent
Locklear, Josephus
Locklear, Josh
Locklear, Joyce H.(b. September 12, 1957)
Locklear, Joyce Romana
Locklear, Judge
Locklear, Judy
Locklear, Judy
Locklear, Judy
Locklear, Judy(b. January 28, 1950)
Locklear, Judy Ann
Locklear, Julia
Locklear, Julia M.
Locklear, Junior
Locklear, Junior
Locklear, Junius(b. 1911)
Locklear, Justin ( Jeff )
Locklear, Justin Adam
Locklear, Juston
Locklear, K.C.
Locklear, Karen Jane
Locklear, Kathy
Locklear, Katie
Locklear, Katina
Locklear, Katy
Locklear, Keith
Locklear, Kenneth
Locklear, Kenneth Ray
Locklear, Kenneth W.(b. May 13, 1947)
Locklear, Kiel(b. December 21, 1977)
Locklear, Killey
Locklear, Kim
Locklear, Kim
Locklear, Kimberly
Locklear, Kimberly
Locklear, Kimberly(b. May 15, 1974)
Locklear, Kinberly
Locklear, King(b. 1861, d. April 06, 1919)
Locklear, Kinrick Marlynn(b. May 27, 1971)
Locklear, Krista Melita(b. May 27, 1971)
Locklear, Kylie(b. July 21, 1997)
Locklear, Lailure
Locklear, Lailure
Locklear, Lance
Locklear, Lannie Dell(b. October 17, 1965)
Locklear, Lanora
Locklear, Laron
Locklear, Laronda(b. May 27, 1976)
Locklear, Larry
Locklear, Larry
Locklear, Larry
Locklear, Larry Dean
Locklear, Larry Jr.
Locklear, Lathard
Locklear, Laudell
Locklear, Laura(b. 1873)
Locklear, Laura Ann
Locklear, Lawrence
Locklear, Lawrence
Locklear, Lawrence Travis(b. November 27, 1973)
Locklear, Layman Poe
Locklear, Laymond Poe(b. July 25, 1941)
Locklear, Leake(b. August 03, 1885, d. October 15, 1968)
Locklear, Leander(b. 1870)
Locklear, Leander(b. 1875)
Locklear, Lee Alfred(b. December 21, 1916)
Locklear, Lee Elliott(b. June 17, 1982)
Locklear, Lee Gertie
Locklear, Lee Ila
Locklear, Lelly
Locklear, Lemmons
Locklear, Lemuel(b. 1867)
Locklear, Lena Gale(b. February 13, 1950)
Locklear, Lenora
Locklear, Lenora
Locklear, Lenore
Locklear, Leo
Locklear, Leola
Locklear, Leona(b. February 09, 1908)
Locklear, Leonard
Locklear, Leonard(b. August 15, 1823, d. November 27, 1915)
Locklear, Les Norman
Locklear, Leslie
Locklear, Leslie Rena
Locklear, Lester
Locklear, Lester(b. 1925)
Locklear, Lestine
Locklear, Levi
Locklear, Lewis(b. 1920)
Locklear, Liewelyns(b. 1919)
Locklear, Lilly
Locklear, Linda
Locklear, Linda(b. August 11, 1955)
Locklear, Lindsey(b. 1829, d. 1903)
Locklear, Lipsey(b. 1849)
Locklear, Lisa
Locklear, Lisa Rose(b. September 21, 1969)
Locklear, Littleton(b. 1814, d. 1881)
Locklear, Livi
Locklear, Lizzie Bell
Locklear, Lizzie Jane(b. August 01, 1928)
Locklear, Lloyd Duncan(b. December 10, 1978)
Locklear, Locklin(b. 1867)
Locklear, Lomford
Locklear, Lonnie
Locklear, Lonnie
Locklear, Lonnie
Locklear, Lonnie Jr.
Locklear, Loretta
Locklear, Louie(b. March 20, 1909, d. August 29, 1985)
Locklear, Loy
Locklear, Lucas
Locklear, Lucille
Locklear, Lucind
Locklear, Lucinda
Locklear, Lucindi(b. date unknown)
Locklear, Lucy
Locklear, Lucy
Locklear, Lucy
Locklear, Lucy J.
Locklear, Ludalia
Locklear, Ludell(b. October 05, 1971)
Locklear, Luizer
Locklear, Lula Mae
Locklear, Luther
Locklear, Luther(b. September 01, 1892, d. May 05, 1962)
Locklear, Luther Winford Jr.
Locklear, Lydia
Locklear, Lynwood
Locklear, Mabery(b. December 20, 1954)
Locklear, Macy(b. February 17, 1942)
Locklear, Magalene(b. August 02, 1937)
Locklear, Magdalene
Locklear, Magenell
Locklear, Maggie(b. 1885)
Locklear, Maggie(b. 1892)
Locklear, Maggie(b. June 17, 1898, d. August 31, 1977)
Locklear, Maggie Jane
Locklear, Maggie Jane "Mackijane"
Locklear, Maggie Jane"Mackjane"(b. April 01, 1840)
Locklear, Magnolia
Locklear, Magnolia(b. 1903, d. July 24, 1921)
Locklear, Magnolia ( Pullet )
Locklear, Mahala
Locklear, Mahoney Jr.
Locklear, Maiden
Locklear, Major(b. 1733)
Locklear, Major(b. date unknown, d. December 01, 1938)
Locklear, Malachi(b. 1849, d. 1918)
Locklear, Malcar
Locklear, Malcolm
Locklear, Malcolm(b. 1854, d. 1900)
Locklear, Malcum(b. 1850)
Locklear, Malessa
Locklear, Malilda ( Margaret ( Peggy )
Locklear, Mamie
Locklear, Manciel
Locklear, Manning(b. 1867)
Locklear, Maragret
Locklear, Margaret
Locklear, Margaret
Locklear, Margaret
Locklear, Margaret
Locklear, Margaret "Maggie"
Locklear, Margie
Locklear, Margina
Locklear, Margret
Locklear, Maria(b. 1809)
Locklear, Marilda
Locklear, Marilyn
Locklear, Marilyn
Locklear, Marion Dale
Locklear, Marla
Locklear, Marlene
Locklear, Marlene
Locklear, Marnice
Locklear, Marnice
Locklear, Marnice
Locklear, Marsh
Locklear, Marshall
Locklear, Martha
Locklear, Martha
Locklear, Martha
Locklear, Martha(b. May 22, 1938)
Locklear, Martha "Lady"
Locklear, Martha Ann
Locklear, Martha J.
Locklear, Martha Jane
Locklear, Martin
Locklear, Martine
Locklear, Marvin
Locklear, Marvin
Locklear, Mary
Locklear, Mary
Locklear, Mary
Locklear, Mary
Locklear, Mary
Locklear, Mary
Locklear, Mary(b. May 22, 1938)
Locklear, Mary Alice
Locklear, Mary Alice(b. April 25, 1927)
Locklear, Mary Ann
Locklear, Mary Ann(b. 1868)
Locklear, Mary Belle
Locklear, Mary Cattie
Locklear, Mary Elizabeth
Locklear, Mary Elizabeth
Locklear, Mary Elizabeth(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Locklear, Mary Elizer
Locklear, Mary Ethel(b. January 02, 1933)
Locklear, Mary Frances(b. 1928)
Locklear, Mary Francis(b. 1865, d. January 05, 1917)
Locklear, Mary Hunt
Locklear, Mary Jane
Locklear, Mary Jane
Locklear, Mary Jane
Locklear, Mary Jane
Locklear, Mary Jane(b. 1841) Includes Notes
Locklear, Mary Jane(b. October 16, 1937)
Locklear, Mary L.(b. May 25, 1885, d. January 31, 1969)
Locklear, Mary Lee
Locklear, Mary Liza
Locklear, Mary Lois
Locklear, Mary Sally
Locklear, Mary Sue
Locklear, Massy ( Dinah )(b. 1815, d. 1881)
Locklear, Maston Florence(b. 1867)
Locklear, Matthew
Locklear, Matthew(b. 1834, d. 1916)
Locklear, Matthew(b. 1872)
Locklear, Mattie
Locklear, Mattie Bell
Locklear, Mattie Bell(b. August 13, 1926)
Locklear, Maxine
Locklear, Maxine
Locklear, May Annis
Locklear, Mazeline
Locklear, Mazzina
Locklear, McClelland ( Mack )
Locklear, Melba(b. May 17, 1936)
Locklear, Melinda(b. 1854)
Locklear, Melody(b. October 30, 1960)
Locklear, Melvin(b. 1852)
Locklear, Melvin(b. April 05, 1947)
Locklear, Melvin Matthew(b. May 28, 1975)
Locklear, Melyer
Locklear, Merle Travis
Locklear, Merle Travis
Locklear, Merle Travis(b. July 28, 1954)
Locklear, Michael
Locklear, Michael
Locklear, Michael
Locklear, Michael
Locklear, Michael
Locklear, Michael
Locklear, Michelle
Locklear, Michelle(b. August 01, 1972)
Locklear, Millard(b. May 31, 1924, d. October 17, 1946)
Locklear, Millard Lloyd
Locklear, Millcent(b. April 09, 1967)
Locklear, Milly(b. 1815, d. 1881)
Locklear, Milton Ray
Locklear, Milton Ray Jr.
Locklear, Minerva
Locklear, Minerva(b. 1874)
Locklear, Minne
Locklear, Minnie(b. 1869)
Locklear, Minnie Pearl(b. March 10, 1941)
Locklear, Missouri
Locklear, Missouri(b. 1863)
Locklear, Misty Celesle
Locklear, Mitchell
Locklear, Mody
Locklear, Mollie(b. September 1871)
Locklear, Molly
Locklear, Momdy
Locklear, Monica
Locklear, Monroe
Locklear, Montford
Locklear, Munson
Locklear, Murdic
Locklear, Murphy
Locklear, Murphy(b. November 11, 1894)
Locklear, Murphy Jr.
Locklear, Myra Michelle
Locklear, Mytie
Locklear, Nancy
Locklear, Nancy
Locklear, Nancy
Locklear, Nancy
Locklear, Nancy
Locklear, Nancy
Locklear, Nancy
Locklear, Nancy
Locklear, Nancy(b. November 20, 1890)
Locklear, Nancy Louise
Locklear, Nannie
Locklear, Naomie
Locklear, Natisha(b. 1981)
Locklear, Neal
Locklear, Neal(b. July 26, 1975)
Locklear, Nedra Sue
Locklear, Needham(b. 1809, d. 1870)
Locklear, Neil
Locklear, Neil(b. 1838)
Locklear, Nellie Francis
Locklear, Nelson(b. 1847)
Locklear, Nepsey "Penelope"(b. 1811, d. 1880)
Locklear, Nept
Locklear, Neva
Locklear, Nevatie
Locklear, Nicholas(b. 1849, d. April 13, 1928)
Locklear, Nickolas(b. 1860)
Locklear, Nicoma
Locklear, Nina(b. October 22, 1961)
Locklear, Noah(b. 1862)
Locklear, Nora
Locklear, Nora(b. 1865)
Locklear, Nora(b. 1916, d. 1918)
Locklear, Norma
Locklear, Norman
Locklear, O.D.
Locklear, Ocie
Locklear, Odell(b. August 15, 1924, d. May 09, 1997)
Locklear, Odessa(b. July 29, 1928)
Locklear, Odie(b. 1893, d. March 08, 1963)
Locklear, Ola Lee
Locklear, Oma(b. 1846)
Locklear, Orlinda
Locklear, Otoma
Locklear, Ovelia
Locklear, Pam
Locklear, Panky(b. 1882)
Locklear, Parcel Jr.
Locklear, Parchia(b. December 20, 1946)
Locklear, Parie
Locklear, Parker(b. 1879)
Locklear, Patricia
Locklear, Patricia(b. July 27, 1946)
Locklear, Patricia Ann
Locklear, Patricia Ann(b. November 29, 1951)
Locklear, Patrick
Locklear, Patrick
Locklear, Patrick(b. January 1873, d. May 27, 1959)
Locklear, Patsy
Locklear, Patsy(b. 1823, d. January 10, 1917)
Locklear, Patterson(b. 1861)
Locklear, Paul David(b. October 23, 1968)
Locklear, Pauline
Locklear, Pearlie
Locklear, Pearlie
Locklear, Peggy
Locklear, Peggy
Locklear, Peggy
Locklear, Peggy
Locklear, Peggy
Locklear, Peggy
Locklear, Peggy(b. December 06, 1946)
Locklear, Peggy Jane
Locklear, Penny
Locklear, Pepper Mahoney(b. September 05, 1866)
Locklear, Perry(b. 1876)
Locklear, Perry Dean
Locklear, Peter
Locklear, Philip(b. 1848, d. December 16, 1928)
Locklear, Phillip
Locklear, Phillip
Locklear, Phillis(b. January 08, 1952, d. August 29, 1972)
Locklear, Phodia
Locklear, Phodia(b. May 15, 1897, d. November 26, 1961)
Locklear, Phyllis(b. May 08, 1958)
Locklear, Pinhy(b. 1835, d. 1925)
Locklear, Plummer
Locklear, Plyler(b. 1871)
Locklear, Polly
Locklear, Polly
Locklear, Porchia Rena(b. July 20, 1970)
Locklear, Prentis
Locklear, Preston(b. 1839, d. January 21, 1916)
Locklear, Prior(b. 1885)
Locklear, Priscilla
Locklear, Purvis
Locklear, Queen
Locklear, Qussie
Locklear, R. D.
Locklear, R.D.
Locklear, Rabon
Locklear, Rachel
Locklear, Ralph Osborne
Locklear, Randall(b. 1780)
Locklear, Randall(b. 1820, d. March 20, 1901)
Locklear, Randy
Locklear, Randy
Locklear, Randy
Locklear, Randy Jr.
Locklear, Ray
Locklear, Ray K.(b. March 19, 1959)
Locklear, Reba(b. September 25, 1957)
Locklear, Rebecca
Locklear, Rebecca
Locklear, Rebecca(b. November 1922, d. January 02, 1924)
Locklear, Rebecca Ann
Locklear, Redell(b. April 22, 1933)
Locklear, Reedy
Locklear, Reginia
Locklear, Rella
Locklear, Rella
Locklear, Renee
Locklear, Reola
Locklear, Retha Mae
Locklear, Rev. George Dewey
Locklear, Rhoda
Locklear, Rhoda
Locklear, Rhoda(b. 1780, d. 1850)
Locklear, Rhonda
Locklear, Rhonda S.(b. February 03, 1981)
Locklear, Richard
Locklear, Richard "Richmond "(b. 1820, d. March 03, 1885)
Locklear, Richmond "Isham"(b. 1802, d. April 20, 1889)
Locklear, Rico
Locklear, Riley
Locklear, Rina(b. June 25, 1959)
Locklear, Rita
Locklear, Robbie
Locklear, Robert
Locklear, Robert
Locklear, Robert
Locklear, Robert
Locklear, Robert
Locklear, Robert
Locklear, Robert
Locklear, Robert
Locklear, Robert(b. 1685, d. 1749) Includes Notes
Locklear, Robert(b. 1753, d. 1834)
Locklear, Robert(b. 1913)
Locklear, Robert V.(b. February 04, 1982)
Locklear, Rochell
Locklear, Rod
Locklear, Roderick Glenn(b. February 01, 1939)
Locklear, Roderick Glenn Jr.(b. November 25, 1962)
Locklear, Roger
Locklear, Romana Sue
Locklear, Ronald
Locklear, Ronald
Locklear, Ronald
Locklear, Ronie Lee(b. June 07, 1919)
Locklear, Ronnie
Locklear, Ronnie
Locklear, Roosevelt
Locklear, Roosevelt(b. May 05, 1934)
Locklear, Rosally
Locklear, Rosann
Locklear, Rose
Locklear, Rose Ana(b. March 04, 1944)
Locklear, Rose Marie
Locklear, Rose Marie
Locklear, Rose Marie
Locklear, Roseanna(b. 1849, d. 1880)
Locklear, Rosezilie "Zilie"(b. December 22, 1878)
Locklear, Rosezilie" Zilie(b. December 22, 1878, d. February 25, 1958)
Locklear, Roshell
Locklear, Rosie Lee(b. 1877)
Locklear, Rossie Mae
Locklear, Roxanna
Locklear, Roy
Locklear, Roy
Locklear, Ruben
Locklear, Rubuin
Locklear, Russell
Locklear, Russell Jr.
Locklear, Russell Jr.
Locklear, Russell W.(b. March 09, 1905)
Locklear, Russell W. III
Locklear, Ruth(b. 1880)
Locklear, Ruth(b. September 27, 1939)
Locklear, Ruth Ellen(b. February 15, 1957)
Locklear, Rutha
Locklear, Rutha(b. 1821, d. May 20, 1897)
Locklear, Ruthie
Locklear, Ruthie
Locklear, Ryan
Locklear, Ryan Elliott(b. June 28, 1974)
Locklear, Sabrina
Locklear, Sadie Mae(b. September 14, 1930, d. February 28, 1985)
Locklear, Sallie
Locklear, Sally
Locklear, Sally
Locklear, Sally
Locklear, Sally(b. 1885)
Locklear, Sally Ann
Locklear, Sally Dale
Locklear, Sam
Locklear, Sampson "Samuel"(b. 1854)
Locklear, Samuel
Locklear, Samuel
Locklear, Samuel(b. 1775) Includes Notes
Locklear, Sandra
Locklear, Sandra Jean(b. March 11, 1964)
Locklear, Sandy
Locklear, Sandy
Locklear, Sandy Allen(b. October 1911)
Locklear, Sanford
Locklear, Sanford
Locklear, Sanford(b. May 02)
Locklear, Sanford Jr.
Locklear, Sanford Jr.
Locklear, Sarah
Locklear, Sarah
Locklear, Sarah Alice
Locklear, Sarah Gray
Locklear, Sarah Kathy
Locklear, Sarah Lois
Locklear, Savanah
Locklear, Scott
Locklear, Serena
Locklear, Settles
Locklear, Shain
Locklear, Shannon
Locklear, Shannon
Locklear, Sharon
Locklear, Shawn
Locklear, Shekham
Locklear, Shelby
Locklear, Shelby Jane
Locklear, Shelby Jean
Locklear, Sherry
Locklear, Sherry
Locklear, Sherry "Sarah"
Locklear, Sherry Lynette(b. September 29, 1967)
Locklear, Shirley
Locklear, Shirley
Locklear, Shirley
Locklear, Shirley
Locklear, Shonda(b. July 31, 1975)
Locklear, Shonda K.(b. October 25, 1976)
Locklear, Shorty
Locklear, Sidney
Locklear, Sim
Locklear, Simeon
Locklear, Sofia(b. 1820)
Locklear, Sofrona
Locklear, Solomon(b. 1810, d. 1900)
Locklear, Sonya Fuller
Locklear, Spenser
Locklear, Spril Dawn
Locklear, Stacy
Locklear, Stacy
Locklear, Stanley
Locklear, Stanley(b. March 20, 1961)
Locklear, Stantley(b. March 28, 1909, d. July 07, 1984)
Locklear, Stantley Jr.
Locklear, Stella
Locklear, Stella(b. June 25, 1911)
Locklear, Stella Mae(b. September 30, 1928)
Locklear, Stephanie(b. July 07, 1980)
Locklear, Stephen
Locklear, Steve Allen
Locklear, Steve Elliott(b. June 16, 1982)
Locklear, Stevie
Locklear, Stewart
Locklear, Stewart
Locklear, Strawdy
Locklear, Strickland
Locklear, Sue
Locklear, Sue Ellen
Locklear, SunSarae(b. July 04, 1979)
Locklear, Susan
Locklear, Susan
Locklear, Susan
Locklear, Susan(b. 1854)
Locklear, Susie
Locklear, Susie Jane(b. August 01, 1928, d. April 21, 1976)
Locklear, Suzette
Locklear, Sylvania
Locklear, Sylvania(b. 1834, d. May 06, 1906)
Locklear, Sylvania "Sal"(b. 1873)
Locklear, Sylvania"Sal"(b. 1873)
Locklear, Tammy Lynn(b. January 06, 1974)
Locklear, Tara
Locklear, Tara Darnell
Locklear, Tasha
Locklear, Tawanna Lynn(b. July 08, 1975)
Locklear, Telly
Locklear, Tenille
Locklear, Teresa
Locklear, Terrie
Locklear, Terry(b. October 14, 1951)
Locklear, Terry Adam(b. February 17, 1975)
Locklear, Terry Ray
Locklear, Thelma
Locklear, Thesia
Locklear, Thomas A.(b. October 02, 1891)
Locklear, Thomas Jr.(b. 1824, d. August 24, 1892)
Locklear, Thomas"Big Tom"(b. 1780, d. 1860)
Locklear, Tiffany
Locklear, Till
Locklear, Tim
Locklear, Timmy G.
Locklear, Tina
Locklear, Tina Rose
Locklear, Titus
Locklear, Titus
Locklear, Titus
Locklear, Tommy
Locklear, Tommy(b. March 06, 1926)
Locklear, Tonika
Locklear, Tony
Locklear, Tony
Locklear, Tony
Locklear, Tony Garland(b. August 17, 1969, d. August 18, 1969)
Locklear, Tonya
Locklear, Tonya
Locklear, Tosha
Locklear, Tracy
Locklear, Tressie
Locklear, Tricia Ann
Locklear, Trina
Locklear, Troy(b. April 15, 1894, d. January 11, 1976)
Locklear, Troy Michael(b. July 21, 1981)
Locklear, Truckee
Locklear, Trudy
Locklear, Trukee
Locklear, Twyla
Locklear, Twyla(b. January 01, 1960)
Locklear, Tyrone
Locklear, Tyrone Jr.
Locklear, Valdosta
Locklear, Valeria
Locklear, Van Benson
Locklear, Vanessa Rose
Locklear, Varlerie
Locklear, Velissa Jane
Locklear, Velma
Locklear, Vera
Locklear, Verline
Locklear, Vernie Mae
Locklear, Vernon
Locklear, Vetta
Locklear, Vicky
Locklear, Victoria
Locklear, Victoria(b. 1869)
Locklear, Victoria Rose
Locklear, Viola
Locklear, Violet
Locklear, Virgie
Locklear, Virginia
Locklear, W.C.
Locklear, Wade
Locklear, Walter
Locklear, Walter(b. January 16, 1908, d. September 01, 1952)
Locklear, Walter Lee(b. February 25, 1955)
Locklear, Walter Lee Jr.(b. April 18, 1977)
Locklear, Wanda
Locklear, Wanda
Locklear, Wanda(b. November 22, 1957)
Locklear, Wanda Salena(b. July 31, 1948)
Locklear, Warren David
Locklear, Wayne Rainey
Locklear, Webster
Locklear, Weldon Jr.
Locklear, Welton
Locklear, Wendell Russell(b. January 20, 1957)
Locklear, Wesley
Locklear, Whitfield
Locklear, Wilbert
Locklear, Wilbert
Locklear, Wileminal(b. date unknown)
Locklear, Wiley
Locklear, Wiley(b. 1780)
Locklear, Will
Locklear, Willard
Locklear, William
Locklear, William
Locklear, William
Locklear, William
Locklear, William
Locklear, William
Locklear, William(b. 1829, d. date unknown)
Locklear, William(b. 1858)
Locklear, William(b. 1870)
Locklear, William English(b. August 26, 1980)
Locklear, William Godrey(b. 1838, d. 1910)
Locklear, William Henry(b. 1867)
Locklear, William Jr.(b. 1872)
Locklear, William K.
Locklear, William Paul(b. July 08, 1958)
Locklear, William Robert(b. 1871)
Locklear, William" Lazy Will"(b. 1765, d. 1820)
Locklear, Willie
Locklear, Willie
Locklear, Willie(b. 1861)
Locklear, Willie Blanch
Locklear, Willie Blanch Jr.
Locklear, Willie Mae
Locklear, Willie Mae(b. February 27, 1921)
Locklear, Willie Sanford
Locklear, Willie Sanford
Locklear, Willis(b. 1860)
Locklear, Wilton(b. December 11, 1913, d. March 15, 1978)
Locklear, Windy Jill(b. June 15, 1973)
Locklear, Winford
Locklear, Winford Jr.
Locklear, Winfred(b. 1923)
Locklear, Winkly
Locklear, Winnie
Locklear, Winnie Ree
Locklear, Winnieford
Locklear, Winniford
Locklear, Winny
Locklear, Winston
Locklear, Winston(b. 1916)
Locklear, Yvonne
Locklear, Zacheus(b. 1872)
Locklear, Zackariiah(b. 1815, d. June 27, 1882)
Locklear, Zelma(b. June 27, 1921)
Locklear, Zena(b. 1833, d. 1907)
Locklear, Zilla(b. 1882)


Locklear., Ellen
Locklear., Gina Lola
Locklear., Kate Elizabeth
Locklear., Loretta


LocklearJr., Martine




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