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View Tree for John William PerdeuxJohn William Perdeux (b. 1685, d. 1773)

John William Perdeux (son of Henri Perdeux and Marie Loisson) was born 1685 in Worchester, Maryland, and died 1773 in Henrico County, Virginia. He married Sarah Burke on 1704.

 Includes NotesNotes for John William Perdeux:
(Research):Perdue/Purdue/Pardue Family

Compiled by Maxie A. Perdue ~999


In 1928 Robert Hartley Perdue of Cleveland, Ohio, commissioned Mrs. Florence Meglera (a professional Genealogist) of9 Ashburn Place, Boston, Massachusetts to trace the Pardue, Perdue, Purdue Lineage. It was completed in 1934. Mimeograph paper was used, allowing for duplication. 52 copies were made and distributed.

ALTON ABSHER, MO (my second cousin) spent 20 years searching his family tree. Ending in 1966, publishing a book titled "Some Early Settlers of Upper Sumner Co. Tennessee" of the Hobdy, Cotton, Durham, Gillespie, Perdue, Absher, Mattox, Cochran and Mayes Families. This study was accurate, identifying all Perdue Genealogy lineage to Meshack and Eleanor (Dillon) Perdue of Frankin County, Virginia.


Genealogist W.M. Perdue, Chief Justice Court Of Appeals, Manitobia, Canada (WMP)
The Church Bells Of Wiltshire By H.B. Walker, MA, FSA (HBW)
Country Cousins -- Elizabeth Hunter (EH)
Some Early Settlers Of Upper Sumner County Tennessee By Alton Absher (AA)
Genealogist J. Perdue King (JPK)
Genealogist Bob Reed (BR)
Perdue Genealogy Study, By Robert Hartley Perdue (RHP)
*Asterisk Identifies My Lineage


The records of England, Ireland, Scotland; churches, courts, history societies, probate registries, wills and Church Bell Society, British Museum Library, Somerset House, British Registry in London, Bishops registry in Worchester, Birmingham Ulsters Quarterly meeting and various friends, libraries in England and Ireland. (In all the various ways of spelling it.) The earliest mention of the name Perdue occurs in the rolls of the hundreds in Cambridgeshire, England in the year 1273. There we find the name of John Perdue and William Perdue. The name Purdue also occurs on the same rolls; being 400 years before the Huguenots migrations from France.


P 1-3
Though through searches of all available records in Ireland and England, the ancestors of Dr. William Purdue, Founder of Purdue
University must remain unknown.
in Reply to RHP'S 25 Aug.1928 query of his research of his Perdue Ancestors "As For as I have traced the Perdues, they had no connection with the Huguenot's. The mention of the name Perdue occurs in the rolls of the Hundreds in Cambridgeshire, England, in the year 1237, where we find the entries of John Purdue and William Purdue".

Map note (1)
Purdieu is the spelling of the name in 1998 Paris France Phone Book. They could be the first of the Huguenots to leave France).
Map note (2)
The name Purde occurs also on the same rolls. (William Purdue (1) progenitor of the Bell-Founders used the fleur-de4is with his
initials on each bell he made or repaired. The fleur~de4is "meaning flower of the Lily" was used by a Norman Royal family)
Map Note (3)
The fleur-delis is also used by the "French Gender" club along the Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast of which 1 am a member.

The name Purde also appears in the rolls 400 years before Page 2-3 the Huguenots migrated from France. The most reasonable explanation of the name is that it was a motto of the Norman family that bore it. The Latin "Perdeum" (By Gods help) became the Norman French Per_Due which passed the variants Pardue, Perdue, Perdeu, etal. It is interesting to note that the great EARLs of Norfork (A county adjoining Cambridgeshire) Walter, and Roger BI God, bore the same name translated into English. The BiGods were suppressed by the King of England and the name ceased.

One of the earliest spelling of the name Perdue is in a report of the action for dowry to Croke Eliz in 1585. We can safely come to the conclusion that the name is Norman in origin and was borne by persons who had the right to "Bear Arms"

second reply to RHP P6
Par 2
Croke Eliz Reference: in my first letter is the Lawyer's manner of second quoting Crok's reports of legal decisions in the Rein of Queen Elizabeth.


HBW 283-288
The Perdues were (itinerant) and prominent Bell Founders in England and Ireland for more than a century from (1570 - 1710.) Bells in many of the English and Irish Cathedrals and Churches were cast by them. Due to the excellent quality of the bells the numerous bells they cast for prominent churches, and the long period over which they operated, the Purdues are given considerable attention by those who have studied bells, and much is written about them.

William Purdue. 1572 - 1618 of Closworth, England; used the Fleur de Lis and initials WPAUF as his signature of the bells he made. The use of the Fleur De Lis is French (Flower of the Lilly) and shows allegiance to where he came from. Other Bell founders used similar or same signatures and did change with the younger generation such as Richard Purdue's (1600-i 610 of STOFORD AND GLASTONBURY). use of the Royal Arms and Prince of Wales feather.
IIBW p.283-288 The Bell-Founders were all of the same family and the same period. They worked together in partnership. The bells cast by them bear the initials of one-two-or three. The area has a number of Bells. Found in Sommerset, Glouchester, Wiltshire, Dorset and Devon. The Purdues were migratory (Tendencies) and they made a number of bells in Ireland, where some of the family lived for a considerable time. A bell made by Richard or Robert is in existence in Gresnock, Scotland. William Purdue was buried in Limerick Cathedral and his Epitaph;
"Here a Bell-Founder, honest and true, Till The Resurrection, Lies Perdue."

Another possibility is William Pardoe, the Merchant of the City of Worchester, England. He was a descendant (Son or Grandson)
of Richard Perdo who died in the City of Worchester in 1596. William Pardoe the Merchant and Mary Amphlett married 26 Dec
1664 in Worchester England. A Grandson was born 1695/96 according to Friends, records of Worcestershire. The records of birth
and marriages and death of all the children and grandchildren of William Pardoe, the Merchant, are given in the Friends' Record of Worcestershire, with the single exception of the above mentioned grandson. The Friends' Records are of members only and William Pardoe was the first to join The (Friends) Quakers


Note: The First Mention of Perdue
This indenture was made 11 Day of October in the year of our Lord 1681 and in the third and thirtieth year of the Reign of King Charles the Second over England; between William Penn of Worminghurst in. the county of Sussex Esq. of the one part and William Pardoe of the City Merchant of the other, part witnesseth that the Sd Wm Penn for and in of worchester consideration of the sum of Five Shillings of Lawnil money of England to him in hand paid by the Sd William Pardoe the receipt where of the doth hereby acknowledge hath bargained and sold and by these present doth bargain and sell unto the sd William Pardoe the full and just proportion and quantity of 1,250 acres of land every acre to be measured and computed according to the dimension of acres mentioned and appointed in and by the statute made in the third and thirtieth year of the reign of King Edward the First Situate lying and being the province of Pennsylvania the Sd 1250 acres to be allotted and set out in such places or parts of the Sd province and in such manner and at such time or times as by certain concessions or constitutions bearing date the 11th day of July last past and signed sealed and executed by and between the sd William Penn on one pail and the Sd William Pardoe and the other part purchasers of land


William Penn to William Perdue this Indenture made the 12th day October in the year of our Lord 1681 in the 33rd year of the Reign of King Charles the Second over England between William Penn of Worminghurst in the County of Suffix Esq. of the one part and William Pardoe of the city of Worchester Merchant of the other part WHERE King Charles the Second by his letters of patents under the great seal of England date the 4th day of March in the third and thirtieth year of his Reign for a consideration therein mentioned hath given and granted unto the sd William Penn his heirs and assigns all that tract or part of Land in America with the islands therein contained and thereunto belonging as the same is bound on the East by Delaware River from twelve miles distant northward of New Castle Town to three and fortieth degree of Northern Latitude and Extendeth westward five degrees in longitude and is bound on the south by a circle drawn at twelve miles distance from New Castle Aforesaid northward and westward to the beginning of this 4Oth degree of Northern Latitude and then by a straight line westward to the limit of longitude above mentioned.
RHP P. 15, para2
Now this Indenture witnesseth that the sd William Penn as well and in considerations of the sum of five and twenty pound sterling money to him in hand paid by the sd William Pardoe the receipt whereof he the sd William Penn doth hereby acknowledge...


know by these present that I William Penn of Wormingurst in the County Sussex Esquire have had and received of and from William Pardoe of his city of Worchester Merchant the sum of 5 and 20 pounds of Lawful English Money which sd five and twenty pounds in the consideration money for the purchase of 1250 acres of land in Pennsylvania mentioned and expressed in one part of indentures of bargain sale and RELEASE.---Witness my hand and seal the Twelve of October Anno Dio 1681.


William Pardoe to Benjamine Waight be it remembered that on 3rd day of May 1737, Owen Thoms of Whiteland in the County of Chester, Gent. Being personally present before Richard Hayes one of the Justices of the Peace for the said county, and did upon his solemn affirmation declare that he was present and did see the hereafter named William Pardoe sign, seal and duly execute the hereafter deed of Conveyance, and that the said Owen's name subscribed thereunto was of his own hand writing and likewise that James Prothero, with Howman and John Howman subscribed their names to the hereafter deed as evidence the same time. Which
deed is recorded in the office for recording of deeds. In and for the County of Chester the 5 day of August Anno Dom 1756, in the words, to whit. THIS INDENTURE made the Fourth day of June ANNO dom 1708 and in the seventh year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Ann Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland ec., Between William Pardoe of the city of Worchester, Merchant of the one part, and Benjamine Waight of the same city "clothier" of the other part from William Penn on about the eleventh and twelfth days of October Anno Dom 1681 William Penn Esq. Proprietary Governor of the Province of Pennsylvania in America for the consideration in the said release mentioned did grant and convey unto the said William Pardoe his heirs and assigns 1250 acres of land in the said province.
Whereas very soon afterward the Sd William Pardoe for valuable consideration did Grant and Convey, or agree to grant and convey to John Waight Late of the said City of Worchester, Chapman, deceased and all his heirs. All the sd land. Which the said John Waight by his last will and testament or otherwise have and conveyed part thereof to John, his Eldest son and heir, and, other part thereof to his son, James Waight, both since deceased, AND WHEREAS the said James Waight the son left issue the sd Benjamine Waight party of those presents, so that the said land is now wholly descended unto him the said Benjamine Waight. AND WHEREAS the conveyance made as aforesaid from the said William Pardoe to the John Waight the Grand father was defected, NOW THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH THAT THE Sd William Pardoe at the instance and request of the said Benjamine Waightand for and in consideration of the sum of FIVE SHILLINGS of lawful money of Great Britain to him in hand paid by the sd Benjamine Waight on or before the sealing and delivery of those present the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged.
RHP P.22
l June 1737 (showing location Grant of Land in Pennsylvania from William Penn to William Perdoe, Merchant of Worchester, England) The hereafter written Indenture was produced before Joseph Burton Esquire one of his Majesties Justice of the Peace for the County of Chester and thereupon personally appeared Samuel Nutt and acknowledged the hereafter written indenture to be his deed. Recorded in this office 11 August 1756 - in these words Viz;- This Indenture Made 20 April 1725 between Samuel Nurt of the Township of Coventry in County of Chestor, Thon Monger, and Ann his wife, and John Henderson of the County of Philadelphia, Husbandman., whereas William Penn.. to William Pardo of the City of Worchester, Merchant---- 1250 acres in the providence of Pennsylvania.--- "As in Indenture recorded in the (Roles Office in Book B page 183)--- may appear -- and whereas William Pardoe sold to John Waight late of the City of Worchester ---- said William Perdue to Benjamine Waight 3 and 4 June 1708 ---Benjamine Waight and Mary his wife sold to Samuel Nutt of Coventury Weaver, May 4, 1714


William Perdoe purchased 1250 acres of Pennsylvania Land from William Penn for 5 and 20 pounds ----on 11 Oct 1681.


RHP P.14
Declaration showing William Penn authority to sell the King Land in the colonies. On 11 Oct 1681.


RHPP. 18
William Penn states he has received his 5 and 20 pound for the purchase of 1250 from William Pardoe on Ii Oct 1681.
RHP P.22
On 1 Jun 1737 William Penn delivered to William Perdue a platt showing the location in Pennsylvania of 1250 acres purchased
William Perdo the Merchant on 11 Oct 1681.
RHPP. 19
WILLIAM PARDOF TO JOIIN WMGHT William Pardoe Sells 1250 acres of Pennsylvania Land to John Waight for valuable
Consideration On 4 June 1708.


RHP P. 19
Deed of William Pardoe to Benjamine Waight 5 Aug 1756. Note: before receiving his deed John Waight died as did two of his
heirs. Leaving a cloud and for five shillings William Pardoe corrected deed on 5 Aug 1756.
RHP P. 22
Benjamine Waight and his wife Mary sold to Samuel Nutt of Coventry 1250 acres of Pennsylvania land on 4 May 1714.
RHP P. 23
Samuel Nutt and wife Ann sold 425 acres of land to JOHN HENDERSON on 1 June 1709.

Note: MAP
The information concerning the Bell Founders is given because of its interest and history of some early English Purdues. It Further
identifies their origin as French and probably Huguenots. The spelling of Wm. Pardoe the merchant appeared in the documents as
Pardoe, Perdue.

The Pardo-Pardoe data is in place because it supports my theory that John Pardoe (3)and Perdieu (1)are the same and if so accepted is the progenitor of the Pardue/Perdue lineage of William Perdieu (2) and Mary Hatchett.

Maxie A. Perdue
Teresa Perdue Cowley


RICHARD PARDO(1) D 1596 at Worchester, England

WILLIAM PARDOE(2) (Son or grandson of Richard Pardo (1) The Merchant M. Mary Amphlett, Worchester, England on 26 December 1684

JOHN PARDO (3)(SIC) Is believed to have been born 1685.

WILLIAM PARDOE (2) The Merchant was the first Pa-Pe-Pu known to join the Friend (Quakers)

WILLIAM PARDOE (2) The Merchant sold 1250 acres of (Penn. Colony) land to JOHN WMGFIT on 4 June 1708.

JOHN PARI)()E (3) ENGLAND, JOHN PARDIEU (1) in America would have been 23 years old in 1708.

WILLIAM PARDOE (2) The Merchant was thinking about the Colonies and his Grandson William B 1695 Worchester, England migrated to Pennsylvania in 1737.

As there is only one Pardo, Pardoe family found in the search of England and Ireland; looking at the sequence of events, I select

RHP p 10
RICHARD PARDO D 1596 at Worchester William Pardoe (2) M. Mary Amphcett at Worchester England on 26 December 1684.
John Pardo (3 SlC) in England and John PARDIEU (1) in America about 1708.


Generation Number 1:

*John 1 Perdieu was born about 1685 in p. Worchester England

Children of John Perdieu are:
2. i. William2 Perdieu. abt. 1710, p Henrico County, VA; d. Abt. 1789 Chesterfield County, VA
3. ii. Richard Perdieu, b. Abt. 1716, Henrico County, VA.
4.iij. John Perdieu, b. Abt. 1711, p. Henrico County, VA; d. Abt. 1790, Warren Country, NC (Also named Butte Co.).

More About John William Perdeux and Sarah Burke:
Marriage: 1704

Children of John William Perdeux and Sarah Burke are:
  1. John Perdieu, b. 1705, Henrico County, Virginia, d. Bef. 1773, Amelia County, Virginia.
  2. +William Uriah Perdue, b. 1707, Henrico County, Virginia, d. 1788, Chesterfield County, Virginia.
  3. Thomas Perdue, b. 1710, d. date unknown.
  4. Richard Perdue, b. 1712, d. date unknown.
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