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Ancestors of Robert Allen Long

      14974424. William Battail, born 1276. He was the son of 29948848. Jeffrey Battail and 29948849. Christian Torrell.
Child of William Battail is:
  7487212 i.   Sir Johh Battail, born 1304.

      14974428. John Enfield, born 1276. He was the son of 29948856. Henry Enfield and 29948857. Isabel Britton.
Child of John Enfield is:
  7487214 i.   Thomas Enfield, born 1306.

      14974976. Dyfnwall Ap Carador, born Abt. 1250. He was the son of 29949952. Carador Ap Ynir Vichan and 29949953. Nesta Verch Sydereck. He married 14974977. Joyes Verch Hamlet.

      14974977. Joyes Verch Hamlet, born Abt. 1250. She was the daughter of 29949954. Knight Sir Hamlet Duke of Balladon Ap Druce.
Child of Dyfnwall Carador and Joyes Hamlet is:
  7487488 i.   Systal Ap Dyfnwall, born 1271; married Annest Russell

      14974978. Knight Sir Peter Russell, born 1248 in Hereford England.
Child of Knight Sir Peter Russell is:
  7487489 i.   Annest Russell, born 1276; married Systal Ap Dyfnwall

      14974980. Moreidhec Ap Wayn, born 1246.
Child of Moreidhec Ap Wayn is:
  7487490 i.   Lein Ap Moreidhec, born 1272.

      14975120. Roger De Saint Maur, born 1262. He was the son of 29950240. William De Saint Maur and 29950241. Eva Marshal.
Child of Roger De Saint Maur is:
  7487560 i.   Roger De Saint Maur, born 1290; married Joan Dameral

      14975126. John II Lord of Basing De Saint John, born 1280. He was the son of 3737922. John Saint John and 3737923. Alice Fitzpier. He married 14975127. Isabel De Courtenay.

      14975127. Isabel De Courtenay, born 1289. She was the daughter of 3737920. Knight Sir Hugh De Courtenay and 3737921. Eleanor Le Despencer.
Child of John Saint John and Isabel De Courtenay is:
  7487563 i.   Margaret Saint John, born 1312; married John Baron of Hache De Beauchamp

      14975200. Ralph Russel, born Abt. 1259. He was the son of 29950400. John Russel and 29950401. Rohesia Bardulf. He married 14975201. Isabel De Newmarch.

      14975201. Isabel De Newmarch, born Abt. 1259. She was the daughter of 29950402. James De Newmarch.
Child of Ralph Russel and Isabel De Newmarch is:
  7487600 i.   William Russel, born Abt. 1285; married Jane Peverell

      14975202. Robert Peverell, born 1253.
Child of Robert Peverell is:
  7487601 i.   Jane Peverell, born Abt. 1280; married William Russel

      14975204. Ralph II De Gorges, born Abt. 1260. He was the son of 29455186. Ralph De Gorges and 29455187. Ellen Morville. He married 14975205. Maud Lovell.

      14975205. Maud Lovell, born Abt. 1264.
Child of Ralph De Gorges and Maud Lovell is:
  7487602 i.   Ralph III De Gorges, born Abt. 1284; married Eleanor Ferre

      14985728. John Throckmorton, born Abt. 1390. He was the son of 29971456. Thomas De Throckmorton and 29971457. Agnes Besford. He married 14985729. Eleanor Spiney.

      14985729. Eleanor Spiney, born 1385. She was the daughter of 29971458. Knight Sir Guy De La Spine and 29971459. Katherine Holt.
Child of John Throckmorton and Eleanor Spiney is:
  7492864 i.   John Throckmorton, born Abt. 1420; married Isabell Bruges

      14985730. Edward Bruges, born Abt. 1380 in Lone, Gloucestershire, England.
Child of Edward Bruges is:
  7492865 i.   Isabell Bruges, born Abt. 1420; married John Throckmorton

      14985824. Thomas Needham, born Abt. 1310. He was the son of 29971648. John De Needham.
Child of Thomas Needham is:
  7492912 i.   William Needham, born 1330 in Derby Derby Eng; married Alice Cranage

      14985826. William De Cranage, born 1308 in Chester Eng. He married 14985827. Felice.

      14985827. Felice, born 1312.
Child of William Cranage and Felice is:
  7492913 i.   Alice Cranage, born 1334 in Chester Eng; married William Needham

      14985832. William De Bereton, born 1347. He married 14985833. Ellen Egerton.

      14985833. Ellen Egerton, born 1348. She was the daughter of 29971666. Philip "Le Large" De Egerton and 29971667. Ellen St Peter.
Child of William Bereton and Ellen Egerton is:
  7492916 i.   William Bereton, born 1350; married Angella De Venables

      14985834. Hugh De Venables, born 1296 in Kinderton Chester Eng. He was the son of 29971668. Hugh De Venables and 29971669. Agatha Vernon. He married 14985835. Elizabeth Mobberly.

      14985835. Elizabeth Mobberly, born 1315 in Mobberley Castle Chestshire Eng. She was the daughter of 29971670. William Moberley and 29971671. Maud Downs.
Child of Hugh De Venables and Elizabeth Mobberly is:
  7492917 i.   Angella De Venables, born 1370; married William Bereton

      14985836. John Corbet, born 1324 in Leighton Montegomery Wales; died 1383. He was the son of 29971672. John Corbet. He married 14985837. Joan.

      14985837. Joan, born 1333 in Leighton; died 1383.
Children of John Corbet and Joan are:
  7492918 i.   John Corbet, born 1355; married Joan
  7492919 ii.   Joan, born 1359; married John Corbet

      14985840. Richard Bromley, born 1360. He was the son of 29971680. William Bomley and 29971681. Annabella Cheltleton. He married 14985841. Anne Agnes Praers.

      14985841. Anne Agnes Praers, born 1362. She was the daughter of 29971682. William Praers and 29971683. Letita Wittenhall.
Child of Richard Bromley and Anne Praers is:
  7492920 i.   John Bromley, born 1378; married Margery Massey

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