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Ancestors of Robert Allen Long

      10704801678. Eudes Count of Orleans, born 800 in Orleans Loiret France. He married 10704801679. Ingetrude Countess of Orlaneans.

      10704801679. Ingetrude Countess of Orlaneans, born 805 in Orleans Loiret France.
Child of Eudes Orleans and Ingetrude Orlaneans is:
  5352400839 i.   Ermentrude/ Irmtrud Countess of Orleans, born September 27, 830 in Orleans , Neustria; died October 06, 869; married Charles II "The Bald" Emperor of the Holy Roman December 13, 842 in Brides Les Brains, Bourgogone.

      10704801680. Fulgand Count De Rouergue, born Abt. 795. He was the son of 21409603360. Sigibert Count of Rouergue. He married 10704801681. Senegonde De Autun.

      10704801681. Senegonde De Autun, born Abt. 795. She was the daughter of 21409603362. Fieldelon Toulouse and 21409603363. Bertha De Autun.
Child of Fulgand De Rouergue and Senegonde De Autun is:
  5352400840 i.   Raimond I Count De Rouergue, born Abt. 805; married Bertha De Remy

      10704801682. Remy De Reims, born Abt. 760. He married 10704801683. Arsinde De Ponthieu.

      10704801683. Arsinde De Ponthieu, born Abt. 790. She was the daughter of 21409603366. Angilbert "The Saint" Governor of Ponthieu and 21409603367. Bertha Princess of the Holy Roman Empire.
Child of Remy De Reims and Arsinde De Ponthieu is:
  5352400841 i.   Bertha De Remy, born Abt. 805; married Raimond I Count De Rouergue

      10704801764. Loup II Duke of Gascony, born Abt. 718. He was the son of 21409603528. Walfar Duke of Aquitaine and 21409603529. Adele of Aquitaine.
Child of Loup II Duke of Gascony is:
  5352400882 i.   Lupus Duke of Gascony, born Abt. 740; married Aragon

      10704803164. Raimond III Count De Toulouse D of Aquitiane, born Abt. 921. He was the son of 21409606328. Raimond II Count De Toulouse and 21409606329. Guidinilde. He married 10704803165. Gothie.

      10704803165. Gothie, born Abt. 921.
Child of Raimond Aquitiane and Gothie is:
  5352401582 i.   William II Count De Toulouse De D'Auvergene, born Abt. 912; married Arsinde D'Anjou

      10704831488. Huchald D'Ostrevant, born Abt. 860. He married 10704831489. Heilwise De Friuli.

      10704831489. Heilwise De Friuli, born Abt. 860. She was the daughter of 5352286772. Eberhard Marchese De Friuli and 5352286773. Gisela Princess of the Holy Roman Empire.
Child of Huchald D'Ostrevant and Heilwise De Friuli is:
  5352415744 i.   Raoul De Cambrai De Gouy, born Abt. 873; married Liegarde De Meulan

      10704831496. Tertulle Sineschal "The Woodman" Count of Anjou, born 821 in Rennes Anjou France. He was the son of 21409662992. Torquat Tortulfe De Rennes. He married 10704831497. Petronilla Countess of Anjou D'Auxerre.

      10704831497. Petronilla Countess of Anjou D'Auxerre, born 825. She was the daughter of 21409662994. Hughes Abbott of St Quentin and 21409662995. Mrs Hugo De La Franks.
Child of Tertulle Anjou and Petronilla D'Auxerre is:
  5352415748 i.   Ingelger I Count of Anjou & Orleans D'Anjou, born 845 in Anjou France; died 893 in St Martin Tours Indre-et-Loire France; married Aelinde/Rescinde De Amboise De Challon

      10704831498. Herboert Count of Bessancois and Challons, born Abt. 824.
Child of Herboert Count of Bessancois and Challons is:
  5352415749 i.   Aelinde/Rescinde De Amboise De Challon, born 844 in Tours France; married Ingelger I Count of Anjou & Orleans D'Anjou

      10704831616. Rollo Thurstan of More, born Abt. 900. He was the son of 21409663232. Hrollager of More and 21409663233. Emina. He married 10704831617. Gerlotte.

      10704831617. Gerlotte, born Abt. 900. She was the daughter of 21409663234. Thilbault.
Child of Rollo More and Gerlotte is:
  5352415808 i.   Ansfred the Dane, born Abt. 920.

      10704843136. Erchad of Ireland Mac Murchada, born Abt. 900. He married 10704843137. Osnad Mac Crechan.

      10704843137. Osnad Mac Crechan, born Abt. 900. She was the daughter of 21409686274. Crechan Ciantest Mac Angaile and 21409686275. Cianog Mac Cicharan.
Child of Erchad Mac Murchada and Osnad Mac Crechan is:
  5352421568 i.   Ceinneidigh of Ireland, born Abt. 920; married Bebinn

      10708742272. Rhodri "Mawr/The Great"King of Wales Ap Merfyn, born 789. He was the son of 21417484544. Merfyn "Frych/The Freckled" Ap Gwriad and 21417484545. Esylit Verch Cyan. He married 10708742273. Angharad Verch Meurig.

      10708742273. Angharad Verch Meurig, born 825. She was the daughter of 21417484546. Meurig Ap Dyfnwallon.
Children of Rhodri Merfyn and Angharad Meurig are:
  6489916388 i.   Anarawd Ap Rhodi, born 857.
  5354371140 ii.   Merfyn Ap Rhodri, born 859; married Rhain Verch
  5354371136 iii.   Cadell Ap Rhodri, born Abt. 861; married Rheingar Verch

      10708742276. Hyfaidd Ap Bleiddig, born Abt. 820. He was the son of 21417484552. Bleiddig Bledri.
Child of Hyfaidd Ap Bleiddig is:
  5354371138 i.   Llywarch Ap Hyfaidd, born Abt. 867.

      10708742304. Lles Llawddeogg Ap Ceidio, born Abt. 865. He was the son of 21417484608. Ceidio Ap Corf.
Child of Lles Llawddeogg Ap Ceidio is:
  5354371152 i.   Gwynog "Farfsych" Ap Lles Llawddeog, born Abt. 885.

      10708949376. Ralph I Viscount De Maine De Beaumont, born 930. He was the son of 21417898752. Rudolf Viscount De Maine De Beaumont. He married 10708949377. Godebelt De Belleme.

      10708949377. Godebelt De Belleme, born 934. She was the daughter of 1888542884. Yves De Creil and 1888542885. Geile.
Child of Ralph De Beaumont and Godebelt De Belleme is:
  5354474688 i.   Ralph II Viscount De Maine De Beaumont, born 970; married Ermeburga

      10708949384. Landri De Monceaux Count De Nevers, born 960. He married 10708949385. Mathilde Mahaud De Bourgogne.

      10708949385. Mathilde Mahaud De Bourgogne, born 965.
Child of Landri De Nevers and Mathilde De Bourgogne is:
  5354474692 i.   Renaud De Nevers, born 984; married Adele Capet of France

      10709006720. Echmarcach MacRanald, King of Dublin, born Abt. 1020. He was the son of 21418013440. Renald MacIvarr, King of Waterford.
Child of Echmarcach MacRanald, King of Dublin is:
  5354503360 i.   Solmund MacEchmarcach King of Ferbis, born Abt. 1040.

      12912346318. William De Faleise, born Abt. 1146. He was the son of 25824692636. Walter Falaise.
Child of William De Faleise is:
  6456173159 i.   Sibyl De Faleise, born Abt. 1166; married Baldwin Lord Montegomery De Boulers

      12912356864. Robert De Montegomery, born Abt. 1100. He was the son of 25824713728. Ralph De Montegomery.
Child of Robert De Montegomery is:
  6456178432 i.   Ralph De Montegomery, born Abt. 1132.

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