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Descendants of John Looney

      24. John Sr.3 Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1732 in Isle of Man, and died 1817. He married Esther Rentfro Abt. 1759, daughter of Stephen Rentfro and Unknown. She was born 1734 in Virginia, and died January 26, 1821 in Sinking Creek, VA.

Notes for John Sr. Looney:
March 17, 1756: John, along with Robt. Rowland was security when his sister-in-law Margaret (Rhea) Looney, administered the estate of her deceased husband, Robert Looney Jr. On October 11, 1759 by the terms of an agreement recorded in May 1765 between Robert and some of his sons, John was to received the horses, except 2, and 1/3 of the cows, except 3.

September 27, 1767 John purchased from his brother Adam, the 271 acres known as the Meadow Run or Bryan's Creek Tract which Adam had bought from Col. James Patton in 1752

More About John Sr. Looney:
Burial: 1809, Justice of the Peace in Smith County, TN
Fact 3: 1810, Listed in census ofBotetourt Co., VA as over 45 with female over 45.
Located: 1749, Name on the tax roll in August Co., VA

Notes for Esther Rentfro:
Per National Intelligence, Washington DC, July 12, 1921: Esther is said to have been in 1739 or 1740, the first white female born west of the James River in that part of Virginia that later was to become part of Botetourt County.
Children of John Looney and Esther Rentfro are:
  66 i.   John Jr.4 Looney, born 1757; died Abt. 1817. He married Elizabeth Walker March 29, 1804 in Botetourt Co., VA8
+ 67 ii.   Stephen Looney, born 1760 in Augusta Co., (Now Rockbridge), VA.
  68 iii.   Jane Lucy Looney, born 1761 in Boteourt Co., VA. She married Stephen II Looney Holstein June 01, 1781 in Botetourt Co., VA.
  69 iv.   Peter Looney, born 1763 in Boteourt Co., VA.
  70 v.   Mary Looney, born Abt. 1765. She married Henry Castle July 06, 1786 in Botetourt Co., VA.
  71 vi.   Esther Looney, born 1769 in Botetourt Co., VA. She married John Jackie Walker June 14, 1802 in Botetourt Co., VA
  Notes for Esther Looney:
June 9, 1807: Esther and John Walker, her husband, received 125 acres by deed from her father John Looney, same being part of the Peter Looney Land (Botetourt deeds 9, 313)

  Marriage Notes for Esther Looney and John Walker:
George Walker was witness and surety for the marriage. (Botetourt Mar. Reb. 127)

  72 vii.   David Looney, born 1773 in Botetourt Co., VA. He married Peggy Farrier January 06, 1806 in Botetourt Co., VA.
  73 viii.   Sarah Looney, born 1779 in Botetourt Co., VA. She married Jonathan Givens June 18, 1828 in Botetourt Co., VA.
  74 ix.   Elender or Eleanor Looney, born 1780 in Botetourt Co., VA; died August 28, 1835 in Botetourt Co., VA. She married George W. Walker December 18, 1805 in Botetourt Co., VA
  Notes for Elender or Eleanor Looney:
June 8, 1807: Her parents John and Esther Looney, deed the Flaggy Spring tract of 183 acres on Sinking Creek to son in law George Walker and Eleanor Looney, his wife.

+ 75 x.   Joseph Barclay Sr. Looney, born January 04, 1784 in Botetourt Co., VA; died 1867.
+ 76 xi.   Robert Looney, born February 22, 1786 in Botetourt Co., VA; died January 06, 1870 in Flat Fork of the Poca.

      25. David Sr.3 Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1738 in Augusta, Virginia9, and died May 01, 1810 in Blountsville,Sullivan Co., Tennessee10. He married Margaret 'Mary' McClellan 1755 in Virginia, daughter of John McClellan. She was born 1741 in North Carolina?11.

Notes for David Sr. Looney:
1744: Muddy Creek, 2 miles north of the Holston River, in what was then Washington Co., VA, but which became Sullivan County, North Carolina and eventually, Tennessee.

He was a young captain in the Colonial wars, a young major in the militia in the earliest days of the Revolution, when he served in the North Carolina Militia. His service was under the command of Colonel Isaac Shelby, who later appointed David Looney to the rank of Colonel. David served the duration of the Revolution and the fight for American Independence from Great Britian. When victory was achieved, he was awarded numerous land grants for his service to the cause of freedom. At was end, David remained active in the militia, but he also began to take an active leadership role in the growth and development of Sullivan County, NC

The General Assembly of NC had, in October 1779, passed legislation setting up a neighboring county to Washington Co., This new county was named Sullivan County, to honor Revolutionary War hero, General John Sullivan. The Justices of the Peace in the new county, were, among several others, Isaac Shelby and David Looney. The men met on Feb. 7th, 1780 at the log home/fort of Moses Looney to organize the government of the new county.

Quoting the,SULLIVAN CO. NEWS, Vol 36, #6, dated February 7, 1980, Which was the 200th birthday of Sullivan Co, state:
"John Rhea was appointed Clerk and Nathan Clark, Sheriff. Isaac Shelby exhibited a commission from Governor Caswell, of North Carolina, dated November 19th, 1779, appointing him Colonel-Commandant, of the county. Other commissions appointed were Henry Clark,k Lieutenant-Colonel, David Looney, First Major and John Shelby, Second Major, according to the documents.

Looney's Fort is still standing. Behind the protective covering of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pope, Sr., the log fort is virtually intact and Sullivan contains have the unique privilege of standing in the exact location where their county was officially organized 200 years ago."

DAR Lineage Books: Vol 112, ID# 111637
David Looney (1730-1810- Served as major and colonel, North Carolina troops. he was born in Augusta County, VA; died Sullivan County, Tenn.

DAR Lineage Books: Vol 36, ID# 35046
David Looney (1738-1810), was appointed major 1779 and served under Col. Isaac Shelby. He was born in Augusta County, VA; died in Sullivan County, TN
Also NO's 1786,2393,3934,4082,24408, 42084

More About David Sr. Looney:
Burial: Occupation: Colonel in Revolutionary War, farmer
Fact 3: David was appointed guardian to Margaret Looney, orphan of Daniel Looney
Fact 4: 1766, Sold the homeplace near his parents
Fact 5: 1770, Moved into the Holston on lands along the Indian frontier.
Fact 6: 1774, Settled into a cabin on Muddy Crk. two miles N. of the Holston River.
Fact 7: Military ranking: Capt. Major. Lt. Colonel then Colonel.
Fact 8: 1779, Served as Major under Col. Isaac Shelby.
Located: Farmer
Children of David Looney and Margaret McClellan are:
+ 77 i.   Mary4 Looney, born Bet. 1756 - 1783 in Tennessee; died Bet. 1787 - 1866.
  78 ii.   Robert Looney, born Bet. 1756 - 1783 in Tennessee; died Bet. 1762 - 1863.
  79 iii.   Annis Looney, born Bet. 1756 - 1783. She married Hugh Crawford Bet. 1787 - 1822.
  80 iv.   Elizabeth Looney, born May 29, 1765 in Augusta Co., Virginia; died Bet. 1789 - 1859. She married John Vaughn Vaughn August 16, 1783 in Caroline, Virginia.
  81 v.   Sarah Looney, born 1766 in Augusta Co., Virginia; died Bet. 1792 - 1860. She married Samuel Gregg 1786 in Sullivan Co., Tenessee.
  82 vi.   Joseph William Looney, born Abt. 1777 in Tennessee; died Bet. 1778 - 1867.
+ 83 vii.   David Jr. Looney, born December 07, 1777 in Sullivan Co., Tenessee; died Abt. July 07, 1828 in Leadville, Lafayett Co., WI.
  84 viii.   Janie Looney, born December 07, 1779 in Tennessee; died Bet. 1807 - 1873. She married Samuel Carruthers WFT Est. 1807-1841.
+ 85 ix.   Abraham Looney, born September 18, 1780 in Sullivan Co., Tenessee; died October 14, 1841 in Maury Co., Tennessee.

      26. Samuel3 Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1727 in Isle of Man, and died 1760. He married Unknown.

More About Samuel Looney:
Burial: Killed by Indians
Children of Samuel Looney and Unknown are:
  86 i.   Samuel Jr.4 Looney, born Abt. 1752. He married Sarah Evan?; born in Virginia; died in Knoxville, TN.
  87 ii.   Jess Looney, born Abt. 1754.

      27. Joseph Sr.3 Looney (Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1740 in Looney's Creek, Botetourt Co., VA, and died November 05, 1816 in Kingston, Roane Co., TN. He married Elizabeth Jean Bowen June 25, 1767 in Botetort, Augusta Co., Virginia, daughter of John Bowen and Lilly McIlhaney. She was born Abt. 1744 in Augusta Co., VA, and died Abt. 1780 in Washington co., Virginia.

Notes for Joseph Sr. Looney:
1781 Captain Joseph Looney, Lt. Tosh and Ensign Wm. McClenahan marched a company to Yorktown and Fiatt Wyson, one of the men, states that he was present at the Surrender. Captain Joseph Looney is listed as present at Guilford C.H.

September 14, 1784 Joseph Looney was appointed to take lists of all white persons in each family within the bounds of his company of militia, etc., on or before March 1, 1785.

November 1784, Andrew Lewis of Botetourt Co., agreed to give an acre lot in town of Point Pleasant, then being settled, to each of 18 men, including Joseph Looney, if they continued to defend the place.

September 12, 1786 Joseph was again named to take lists of thithables in his company of militia.

1782-1787 Joseph Luney appears on Botetourt Co., with 1 poll and 5 slaves.

Joseph seems to have left Botetourt Co., VA about 1790-92 and settled in Knox Co., TN

More About Joseph Sr. Looney:
Burial: 1779, Commissioner of the Peace Botetourt Co., VA
Fact 3: Joseph's two wives were sisters.
Fact 4: 1782, Commissioner of the Peace Botetourt Co., VA
Fact 5: 1788, Commissioner of the Peace Botetourt Co., VA
Fact 6: Named executor of his mother's will.
Fact 7: December 08, 1772, Appointed guardian to Peter Looney, son of Peter Looney.
Fact 8: 1792, Justice of the Peace in Knox Co., TN
Fact 9: Was a Captain in the Revolutionary War
Fact 10: July 14, 1769, Joseph patented 60 acres in August Co., on south side of James River.
Fact 11: November 20, 1765, His father Robt. deeded L20 160 acres at Sinking Spr. westide of James River.
Fact 12: August 1771, Deeded 160 acres at Sinking spring to Conrad Wall
Fact 13: February 11, 1773, Deeded 60 acres on south side of the James river to James Gilmer.
Located: November 06, 1816, Interred: Popular Springs Baptist Cemetary, Kingston, Roane Co., TN

More About Elizabeth Jean Bowen:
Burial: Popular Springs Baptis Cem., Kingston, Roane Co., TN
Children of Joseph Looney and Elizabeth Bowen are:
+ 88 i.   Jane Jean4 Looney, born 1771 in Augusta Co., (Now Rockbridge), VA; died 1858 in Roane Co., TB.
  89 ii.   Peter Looney, born 1768 in Augusta Co., VA. He married Mary Tharp May 10, 1794 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee.
+ 90 iii.   Joseph Bowen Jr. Looney, born 1770 in Knox Co., Tennesse; died December 04, 1840 in Meigs Co., Tennessee.
+ 91 iv.   Elizabeth Bowen Looney, born 1773 in Augusta Co., (Now Rockbridge), VA; died Aft. 1850.

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