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Descendants of John Looney

      115. Benjamin Jr.5 Looney (Benjamin Sr.4, Robert Jr.3, Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1772 in Botetourt Co., VA, and died 1822. He married Mary Polly Galbraith October 20, 1792 in Tennessee, daughter of Arthur Galbraith and Mary Sharp. She was born July 01, 1774 in Hawkins Co, TN.

More About Benjamin Jr. Looney:
Burial: 1801, Bought land in Hawkins Co., TN from his father in law, Arthur Galbraith.
Located: November 27, 1805, Deeded 100 acre of above land to Joseph Galbraith.

More About Mary Polly Galbraith:
Burial: 1818, Was a widow when her father, Arthur Galbraith died.
Located: 1830, Lived in Franklin Co., TN
Children of Benjamin Looney and Mary Galbraith are:
  304 i.   David Riley6 Looney, born September 02, 1793 in Hawkins Co., TN. He married Isabelle Unknown
  Notes for David Riley Looney:
David was a Sargeant. in Capt. Jonas Laughmiller's company of Hawkins Co., Militia, Col.. Ewin Allison's Regiment in the service of the United States. He transferred to Capt. Griffin's Co., April 27, 1814 to serve with his brother, Arthur Looney. David and family moved to Alabama Territory by 1819.He and his family then moved to Terrebonne Parish, LA.

+ 305 ii.   Arthur G. Looney, born February 09, 1795 in Hawkins Co., TN; died October 03, 1871 in Missouri.
+ 306 iii.   Benjamin III Looney, born January 31, 1796 in Hawkins Co., TN; died August 30, 1837 in Grayson, TX.
  307 iv.   John Looney, born 1797 in Hawkins Co., TN. He married Margaret Unknown
  Notes for John Looney:
In the 1830 US Census, John is listed with a wife, 5 children: 2 boys, 3 girls, all under 15 years old.

  More About John Looney:
Burial: 1850, John had a wife and 5 children.29

+ 308 v.   Moses Looney, born January 24, 1801 in Hawkins Co., TN.
+ 309 vi.   Mary Looney, born July 11, 1802.
+ 310 vii.   Anthony Looney, born 1804 in Tennessee; died Bef. 1839 in Franklin, TN.

      116. John5 Looney (Benjamin Sr.4, Robert Jr.3, Robert Sr.2, John1) was born September 10, 1774 in Virginia, and died November 16, 1839 in Green Co., Missouri. He married Mary Polly Garrison Abt. 1796. She was born Abt. 1780, and died in Sacramento, CA.

More About John Looney:
Burial: August 04, 1820, Commissioned Justice of the Peace in Jackson Co., AL30
Fact 3: 1738, Buried on his own land ta Whittenburg Prariek, Sect. 15, Township 30, Range 23.
Located: 1822, Lived in Jackson Co., AL

More About Mary Polly Garrison:
Burial: Had 11 children.
Located: 1840, Lived with her son William in the census of Greene Co., MO
Children of John Looney and Mary Garrison are:
  311 i.   Lavina6 Looney. She married Rodham K. Payne
  More About Lavina Looney:
Burial: 1843, Possibly moved to Oregon on the great wagon train.

  312 ii.   Margaret Looney. She married John Lair
+ 313 iii.   Mary Looney, born Aft. 1796 in Alabama.
+ 314 iv.   Benjamin Looney, born October 20, 1797 in Hawkins Co., TN; died Bef. 1875.
+ 315 v.   John Looney, born January 18, 1799 in Hawkins Co., TN; died January 10, 1864 in Green Co., MO.
+ 316 vi.   Jesse Looney, born December 15, 1801 in Knoxville, Knox Co.,TN; died March 25, 1896 in Jefferson, Marion Co., Oregon.
+ 317 vii.   Isaac Looney, born November 03, 1802 in Hawkins Co., TN; died December 15, 1842 in Walnut Grove, MO.
+ 318 viii.   Absalom Looney, born Abt. 1804 in East Tennessee; died Abt. 1841 in Polk Co., MO.
  319 ix.   William Looney, born 1815 in Indian Lands, S.W. Tennessee or N. Alabama; died in Linn Co., Oregon. He married Elmira McClure July 23, 1839 in Green Co., MO
  Notes for William Looney:
1815: At the time of his birth, his parents lived on Indian land, in S.W. TN or Northern. AL. Whites were not supposed to encroach this land at that time.

  More About William Looney:
Burial: 1840, Census shows his mother Mary living with him and his family.
Cause of Death: Kicked by a horse.
Fact 3: 1850, Conveyed his interest in the John Looney land to Jesse Grigsby.
Fact 4: 1843, Moved to Oregon, but went to California first.
Fact 5: Said to have died by the kcik of a horse while ferring the Santiam River.
Located: June 01, 1840, William appointed legatee of estate of John Looney, deceased.

  320 x.   Martha Looney, born January 13, 1817; died August 04, 1844 in Bolivar. She married John Smith Abt. November 02, 1832; born May 01, 1815 in Mercer Co., KY.
  More About John Smith:
Burial: Married Martha Looney, upon her death married her sister Nancy.

  321 xi.   Nancy Looney, born January 29, 1834. She married (1) John Robertson She married (2) John Smith Bef. 1850; born May 01, 1815 in Mercer Co., KY.
  More About Nancy Looney:
Burial: Married her sister Martha's widow, John Smith.

  More About John Smith:
Burial: Married Martha Looney, upon her death married her sister Nancy..

      117. Robert5 Looney (Benjamin Sr.4, Robert Jr.3, Robert Sr.2, John1) was born Abt. 1778 in Virginia, and died Abt. November 20, 1830.
Child of Robert Looney is:
+ 322 i.   John6 Looney, born Abt. 1800.

      118. Absalom5 Looney (Benjamin Sr.4, Robert Jr.3, Robert Sr.2, John1) was born 1782 in Hawkins Co., TN, and died 1858 in Bienville, LA. He married (1) Nancy Long 1803, daughter of John Long and Unknown. She was born Abt. 1783, and died 1818 in Knox, TN. He married (2) Eleanor 'Mellie' Wilson 1818 in Tennessee, daughter of Samuel Wilson and Mary Ingram. She was born Abt. 1796, and died 1859 in Bienville, LA.

Notes for Absalom Looney:
1821; Absolom Looney, Samuel Wilson, (Eleanor's father) and William Powell entered into the Mercantile Business in Surgoinsville, TN. It was called Absolom Looney & Company. The company was dissolved by 1824.

1805: was a member of a Masonic Lodge in Hawkins co., TN

More About Absalom Looney:
Burial: July 30, 1808, Commissioned Lt. of the 11th Regiment of Hawkins County Militia
Fact 3: Bet. 1807 - 1811, Was Sheriff of Hawkins County
Fact 4: 1809, Was on list of men under Capt. McCoy
Fact 5: March 01, 1810, Sold his slave Lucy and her 2 year old child to John Caldwell for $420.00
Fact 6: December 26, 1810, Received TN Land Grant No. 1879 for 30 acres in Stanley Valley, Hawkins Co., TN
Fact 7: 1812, Colonel of the Hawkins Co. Militia
Fact 8: 1818, Wife Nancy died, had been in poor health for many years.
Fact 10: 1821, Started a Merchantile Business in Surgoinsville, TN named Absolom Looney & Co.
Fact 11: 1824, Merchantile Business was dissolved by 1824.
Fact 12: 1824, Absolom and family moved to Knox Co., TN
Fact 13: Aft. 1848, Absolom and family moved to Soparta, Bienville Parish, LA
Located: September 09, 1809, Purchased 177 acres fo $150.00 in Stanley Valley from his brother Isom Looney.
Children of Absalom Looney and Nancy Long are:
+ 323 i.   Matilda G.6 Looney, born Abt. 1811; died 1851.
  324 ii.   Alzira 'Eliza' Looney. She married Josiah Mullins November 26, 1829.
+ 325 iii.   John Looney, born April 09, 1804 in Hawkins Co., TN; died March 11, 1870 in Knox, TN.
+ 326 iv.   Joseph McMinn Looney, born 1808 in Hawkins, TN.
+ 327 v.   Absalom Looney, born May 03, 1818 in Hawkins Co., TN; died September 19, 1893 in Knox, TN.
Children of Absalom Looney and Eleanor Wilson are:
+ 328 i.   Samuel Wilson6 Looney, born August 03, 1819 in Tennessee; died July 17, 1878 in Sparkman, Dallas Co., AR.
+ 329 ii.   Robert Johnson Looney, born Abt. 1823 in Knox, TN.
  330 iii.   Sarah Looney, born 1825. She married John H. Pearson December 29, 1841.
  331 iv.   Eleaner Looney, born 1828. She married Thomas Jefferson Badgett November 20, 1845; born January.
  332 v.   Mary I. Looney, born 1830. She married Lemuel M. Boyd Abt. 1850
  More About Mary I. Looney:
Burial: 1861, Lived in Bienville Parish, LA

+ 333 vi.   Benjamin Franklin. Looney, born 1833 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN; died 1859 in Bossier, LA.
  334 vii.   Lucinda Looney, born 1836.
+ 335 viii.   Jane C. Looney, born 1837; died January 10, 1916 in Bryan, TX.
  336 ix.   Nancy Long Looney, died September 11, 1827.
  More About Nancy Long Looney:
Burial: Died a young child..

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