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Ancestors of Wilma Angie Gurney

Generation No. 9

      256. Richard Gurney193, born Abt. 1635 in Weymouth,Norfolk,Massachusetts194; died October 1719194. He was the son of 512. John Gurney. He married 257. Rebecca Taylor.

      257. Rebecca Taylor194, born Abt. 1636 in Weymouth,Norfolk,Massachusetts194. She was the daughter of 514. John Taylor and 515. Rebecca.
Child of Richard Gurney and Rebecca Taylor is:
  128 i.   Zachariah Gurney, born Abt. 1660 in Weymouth,Norfolk,Massachusetts; died October 27, 1732; married Mary Benson Abt. 1694 in Weymouth,Norfolk,Massachusetts.

      258. Joseph Benson195, born Abt. 1640 in Hingham,Plymouth,Massachusetts195; died January 2, 1705/06 in Hull,Plymouth,Massachusetts196. He was the son of 516. John Benson and 517. Marah Williams. He married 259. Sarah 1662 in Hull,Plymouth,Massachusetts196.

      259. Sarah197, died 1689 in Hull,Plymouth,Massachusetts198.

Notes for Joseph Benson:
'Joseph was made a freeman in the May Court 1678 at Hull. In 1675 he had been a soldier in Capt. Johnson's Dedham Company, "in the bloody Narragansett fight," in the King Philip War.'
                        The Benson Family Records
                              Page 16
Children of Joseph Benson and Sarah are:
  i.   Sarah Benson199, born Abt. 1667 in Hull,Plymouth,Massachusetts200; married Joseph Pratt Bef. 1693201.
  ii.   Benjamin Benson201, born Abt. 1671 in Hull,Plymouth,Massachusetts202; died Abt. 1716203; married Experience Prince October 17, 1711 in Hull,Massachusetts203.
  129 iii.   Mary Benson, born Abt. 1673 in Weymouth,Norfolk,Massachusetts; married Zachariah Gurney Abt. 1694 in Weymouth,Norfolk,Massachusetts.
  iv.   Susannah Benson203, born 1678 in Hull,Plymouth,Massachusetts204; died May 11, 1761 in Weymouth,Norfolk,Massachusetts204; married John Randall.
  More About Susannah Benson:
Burial: North Parish Cemetery,Weymouth,Norfolk,Massachusetts204

  v.   John Benson205, born Abt. 1680 in Hull,Plymouth,Massachusetts206; died May 30, 1770 in Bridgewater,Massachusetts207; married Elizabeth Washburn December 4, 1710207.
  vi.   Joseph Benson207, born March 18, 1683/84 in Hull,Massachusetts207; died April 30, 1753 in Scituate,Plymouth,Massachusetts207; married (1) Rebecca Prince; died March 9, 1723/24207; married (2) Mary Curtis May 17, 1727207; died March 11, 1737/38207; married (3) Alice Pickles August 30, 1739207.
  vii.   Joanna Benson207, born Bef. 1689; died March 26, 1735207; married Ebenezer Hovey Abt. 1702207.
  viii.   Benoni Benson207, born 1689 in Hull,Massachusetts207; died November 4, 1761 in Mendon,Massachusetts207; married (1) Sarah Thayer 1711207; died June 30, 1739207; married (2) Prudence Smith August 11, 1739207; died December 20, 1784207.

      264. John Kingman He was the son of 528. Henry Kingman and 529. Joanna. He married 265. Elizabeth.

      265. Elizabeth
Children of John Kingman and Elizabeth are:
  132 i.   Henry Kingman, born May 11, 1668 in Weymouth,Massachusetts; died October 24, 1738 in Bridgewater,Massachusetts; married Bethiah Howard 1693 in Bridgewater,Massachusetts.
  ii.   John Kingman208, born 1664208; married Desire Harris 1690208.
  iii.   Samuel Kingman208, born 1670208; married Mary Mitchell January 1, 1695/96208.
  iv.   Elizabeth Kingman208, born 1673208; married Thomas Mitchell.
  v.   Deliverance Kingman208, born 1676208; married Jacob Mitchell.
  vi.   Susanna Kingman, born 1679; married Chilton Latham December 6, 1699208.

      266. John Howard He married 267. Martha Hayward.

      267. Martha Hayward She was the daughter of 534. Thomas Hayward.

Notes for John Howard:
"John Howard, with his brother George, came from England, and settled in Duxbury. He was among those who were able to bear arms there in 1643. He was about fifteen years old when he came to Duxbury. He lived in the family of Capt. Miles Standish, who came from Shorely, Lancashire, England. He soon removed to Bridgewater, and was one of the original settlers and proprietors of that town. Judge Mitchell, in his history of Bridgewater, says that John Howard, the first Howard to settle in Bridgewater, was a man of influence in the new plantation."
"In 1645 his name appears as one of the fifty-four original proprietors of the grant of land afterward known as Bridgewater. In 1656 he was one of the two surveyors of highways for his town. In 1657 he had taken the Freeman's oath. He was one of the fourteen men whose allotment of land was in the easterly part of the grant. He was one of the first military officers, and was appointed Ensign, Sept. 27, 1664. In May, 1676, during King Philip's War, Ensign John Howard, with twenty others, fought with some Indians and took seventeen of them alive with much plunder, and returned without serious injury. June 5, 1678, he was a deputy to the General Court of Massachusetts; also on the same date was appointed selectman of his town. In 1638 he, with Thomas Hayward, was a representative to the General Court. Oct. 2, 1689, he was promoted, and received his commission as a lieutenant. Mr. Howard was a carpenter by trade. He spelled his name Haward, and so did his descendants until after 1700."
            'The Howard Genealogy, Descendants of John Howard of                   Bridgewater,Massachusetts From 1643 to 1903'
                        Page 1
Children of John Howard and Martha Hayward are:
  133 i.   Bethiah Howard, died April 30, 1755 in Bridgewater,Massachusetts; married Henry Kingman 1693 in Bridgewater,Massachusetts.
  ii.   John Howard210, born in Bridgewater,Massachusetts210
  iii.   James Howard210, born in Bridgewater,Massachusetts210
  iv.   Jonathan Howard210, born in Bridgewater,Massachusetts210
  v.   Elizabeth Howard210, born in Bridgewater,Massachusetts210; married Edward Fobes 1676210; died 1732 in Bridgewater,Massachusetts210.
  vi.   Sarah Howard210, born in Bridgewater,Massachusetts210; died in Bridgewater,Massachusetts210; married Zacheus Packard 1679; born Abt. 1643210; died August 3, 1723 in Bridgewater,Massachusetts210.
  vii.   Ephraim Howard210, born 1667 in Bridgewater,Massachusetts210

      270. Joseph Alden211, born 1627212; died February 8, 1696/97213. He was the son of 540. John Alden and 541. Priscilla Mullins. He married 271. Mary Simmons 1657214.

      271. Mary Simmons She was the daughter of 542. Moses Simmons and 543. Sarah.

More About Joseph Alden:
Admitted Freeman: 1657, Duxbury,Massachusetts216

More About Mary Simmons:
Immigration: To America in the ship 'Fortune'217
Children of Joseph Alden and Mary Simmons are:
  135 i.   Mary Alden, married Samuel Allen.
  ii.   Isaac Alden217, married Mehitabel Allen.
  iii.   Joseph Alden217, born 1667217; died December 22, 1747217; married Hannah Dunham 1690217; born Abt. 1665217; died January 14, 1742/43217.
  iv.   John Alden217, born 1674218
  v.   Elizabeth Alden219, married Benjamin Snow.
  vi.   Mercy Alden220, married John Burrill.
  vii.   Hopestill Alden220, married Joseph Snow.

      272. Samuel Dunham221, born in England221. He was the son of 544. John Dunham and 545. Abigal Barlow. He married 273. Martha Beal June 29, 1649222.

      273. Martha Beal223, born in England223. She was the daughter of 546. John Beal and 547. Nazareth Hobart.
Child of Samuel Dunham and Martha Beal is:
  136 i.   Samuel Dunham, born May 19, 1659; died Abt. January 8, 1742/43; married Mary Harlow June 30, 1680.

      274. William Harlow He married 275. Mary Faunce.

      275. Mary Faunce
Child of William Harlow and Mary Faunce is:
  137 i.   Mary Harlow, married Samuel Dunham June 30, 1680.

      344. Joseph Lapham224, born 1670224. He was the son of 688. Thomas Lapham and 689. Mary. He married 345. Abigail.

      345. Abigail
Child of Joseph Lapham and Abigail is:
  172 i.   Joseph Lapham, born April 26, 1709; married Abigail Joyce September 26, 1729.

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