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* The David & Joanne Lowery Genealogy Home Page*

Updated October 26, 2006

NOTES FOR July 11, 2001

A old family branch has finally budded and bloomed. Please welcome Cousin's Hilda, Olive, Pamela, Deborah, Barbara & their Families in South Australia to the Knight Family Tree. For those of you who haven't heard, these are the descendants of George Henry Knight, brother to our John William Knight. Howard, Hilda's husband was George's son and a brother to Lily Knight of Victoria and Alfred Knight of Toronto. Please note the Knight Family Tree below has now been updated to show these relationships.

In the Bainbridge Family news, Priscilla (Johnson) Bell, recently passed away. Our condolensces are extended to Bill Bell and Family.


It is now four years and 6500+ names since this project was started and now the time to publish is at hand. To start this process, a web page, the purpose of which is, to invite contacts from possible family branches lost over the years, to allow family members to review the data and make corrections and to let family members finally see thier ancestry in its entirety (as of this date). It is my goal to maintain this site as current as possible, so, do check back on a regular basis as new and old information becomes available and do keep us posted on family historic events occurring in your family branch, ie. births, deaths & Marriages. Family stories and memories, you'd like to share, will also be greatfully accepted and be added to the main file for later publication in a book format. Our next phase, PHOTOS!!!!

The InterneTree, at the bottom of the page, contains all the data we have available on all individuals. The gedcom trees may be short some branches due to the way gedcoms are constructed. Hourglass trees are particularly prone to this, but allow the easy display of ancestral branches without multitudes of trees. If somebody or a branch is missing from your family gedcom, check the InterneTree. If they are still missing, contact me and I will try to correct the problem. Please note, all files have been PRIVATIZED to protect the privacy of living individuals,ie. NO dates or contact information are provided in these files.

Finally, listed below are the family surnames we are researching and the locations where these families were found. If you find a match please check the InterneTree to see our data or contact us to discuss an exchange. Happy Family Hunting!

Dave & Joanne


Cumberland, England
Cameron, Edmundson, Reutlidge, Robinson, Walker, Williamson

DerbyShire, England

Dorsetshire, England

Durham, England
Atkinson, Bainbridge, Bell, Cameron, Hall, Holmes, Little, Lowery, Lowes, Oliver, Routledge, Rutherford, Walton, Wearmouth, Whaley, White

Glouscester, England

Leichester, England
Attwood, Farren, Weston

Northumberland, England
Chatt, Hunter, Neal, Nevin, Robinson, Teasdale, Wigham

Ontario Canada
Johnson, Stanton, Watters

Somerset, England
Hallett, Knight, Mathews, Parfitt

Staffordshire, England
Havett, Kendall, Patrick, Pointon, Weston

Worchestershire, England
Jones, Read

David Lowery

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GEDCOM Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later)

  • The Hallett Family Tree (79 KB)
    The Halletts arrived in Witham Friary,Somerset, England in about 1810 from Penselwood and Wincanton,Somerset. The Halletts were trades people, typically carpenters or joiners (cabinet makers)and apparently did well here,staying in the area for several generations. The George Hallett family eventually relocated to Bath, Somerset and continued as tradesmen. George's son Charles married Selina Lawrence and started to raise his own family here when a tragic accident took him early, leaving a pregnant widow and two children. Selina eventually remarried to a border staying in their home, one John Knight. Between 1903-5,Selina & John, the Hallett children and their new daughter, Ivy, emmigrated to Canada. John worked as a house painter and followed the work across Canada, eventually the family arrived in Victoria, B.C. Tragedy continue to dog the Hallett Family; one daughter died in St. Catherines, Ontario under strange circumstances and a second was killed in a farm accident in Vanderhoof, B.C. with her only daughter being injured as well. The child later died at the age of 15. Only Charles Jr. survived and his descendants are still living in B.C. and Hawaii.
  • The Annable Family Tree (24 KB)
    Anthony Annable, born 1599, immigrated to Plymouth, Massechusetts, USA in 1623. His descendants lived here for a number of years but eventually moved to Millington, East Hadden County, Conneticutt, USA and then to Sawyerville, Newport (Sherbrooke), Quebec, Canada. Part of The family finally made its way to Alberta & Saskatchewan, Canada where they join the Lowery Family Tree.
  • The Wearmouth-Rutherford Family Tree (172 KB)
    Beginning in Stanhope, Durham, England, in the mid 1600s, the Wearmouth family tree spreads like a large weeping willow with branches found in England, the USA and Canada. The brand that connects our family passes through the Thomas Rutherford-Ann Wearmouth Connection. Of a family of 11, Four Rutherford children came to Canada, Three sisters and Thomas. Thomas, a bachelor, settled in Victoria, B.C. The 3 sisters moved to Maidstone, Sask. & married, Annie to Robert Carter, Margaret to Robert Ridley and Lily to Walter Read. From here the line passes to the Westons, to the Johnsons and finally to the Lowerys.
  • The Kempster Family Tree (3 KB)
    John Kempster, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Kempster, married Margaret Bainbridge in 1897. They had one son, Arthur born in 1898. They immigrated to Canada in 1907 with the Bainbridges. Margaret died in 1909 in Calgary, Alberta. John, Arthur & one of John's brothers moved to Detroit, Michigan, USA, Where all traces of the family have been lost and are now being sought.
  • The Nevin & Bainbridge Hourglass Family Tree (155 KB)
    The Bainbridge's were farmers in the W.Roughside district of Durham, England where a small hill still bears the family name. The Nevin's were Inn Keepers in Hexham, Northumberland, England. The Nevin's and the Bainbridge's joined with the marriage of William Bainbridge and Ann Nevin. Between 1906 and 1908 the entire George Nevin Bainbridge family immigrated to Canada. Family surnames, at that juncture, included Beeby, Kempster, Johnson, Spence, Lowery, Rutter and Hall. The family regrouped briefly at Calgary Alberta and then spread from Victoria, B.C. to Detroit, Michigan, USA. and Ontario. This hourglass family tree focuses at George Nevin Bainbridge, information on Sibling branches of ancestors are available by contacting the web author.
  • The Knight Family Tree 2 (43 KB)
    The Knights despite, the regal name, were Coachmen and Labourers. John William Knight, son of John & Rosa Matilda (Parfitt) Knight married Selina Lawrence in 1903. They immigrated to Canada in 1904 or 1905. One child was born in England and the other four children born in different areas of Canada as John worked his way across the country as a housepainter. They finally settled in Victoria, B.C., Canada and have spread from there across B.C.and into Alberta. The youngest son, John moved to New South Wales, Australia and his family now resides in Queensland. Another, descendant is in Korea, on a Church Mission. George Henry Knight, brother to John William, also came to Canada with his family. His 1st wife died in a house fire in St. Catherines, Ontario. He later remarried and returned to England leaving two adult children in Canada. In England their last child, Howard was born, grew up and was married. Howard and his wife Hilda moved to S. Australia in 1950 and their descendants remain there to this day.
  • The Weston Family Tree (36 KB)
    The Weston Tree begins in Carlton, Leicester, England in the early 1800, Moves to Church Gresley, Derbyshire, in the 1860s and to Amington, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England around 1890. The family trade was farming and it was abundant farmland that brought the family to Maidstone, Sask., Canada in the 1910-1920 era. In all, four brothers, Joseph, Samuel, Arthur and Harry Weston made the trip and acquired land in the Maidstone-Paynton area. The sisters married and remained in England, as do their known descendants. The families, of the 4 Brothers, are still found mostly in the Maidstone area though some have moved as far a field as Texas.
  • The Beeby Family Tree (21 KB)
    Ann Bainbridge married John Beeby in Muggleswick, Durham, England in 1897. In 1907, when the Bainbridge's moved to Canada, she & John and their four son's packed their bags and joined the others. After arriving in Calgary, Alberta with the rest of the family, they moved into the Crowsnest Pass and Kootenay Valley areas of B.C. before ultimately returning to stay at Calgary. Descendants of Ann & John are now spred from Alberta to Ontario. Other syblings of John, the Boyds & Stainton's moved to Australia and eventually reunited in Canada.
  • The Lawrence Family Tree (43 KB)
    Selina Lawrence, daughter of George & Ann Lawrence, married Charles Hallett in 1889. They had three children before Charles died from an occupational injury in 1901. Selina remarried their boarder, John William Knight in 1903. The family moved to Canada in 1904 or 1905.
  • The Cameron Family Tree (202 KB)
    Another mainstay of the Bainbridge Family, the Cameron's eminated from Workington, Cumberland, England via Wigton and Dearham, Cumberland. It was at Dearham where the Cameron's met the Walker's resulting in three intermarraiges. One of these marraiges, Robert Cameron and Julia Walker resulted in Judith Cameron who became the wife of George Nevin Bainbridge. The later families seem to have met as the result of workers moving to Consett, Durham to gain employ at the Iron Works.
  • The Gowland Hourglass Family Tree (9 KB)
    This tree lists the ancestors of Doris Gowland of Vancouver Island and her descendants. For more detail on ancestral sybling branches, please contact the web author.
  • The Lowery Family Tree (49 KB)
    Thomas Lowery b.1756 of Edmondbyers, Durham, England married Ann Whaley, b.1759,of Hunstanworth, Durham, England, in 1781 at Whitley by Hexham, Northumberland, England. The family moved to Stanhope/Rookhope area in the mid 1790's. to work in the lead works and farming. Oliver Lowery married Elizabeth Chatt in Muggleswick in 1878 and took residence at Coombefield House. Their son, Thomas married Lettie Bainbridge and immigrated to Canada in 1907, leaving 1 brother & two sisters in Durham. Thomas & Lettie resided in Beaver Mines, Alberta, Canada where Thomas worked as the Stock Boss for the mine. After the mine closed in 1923, he returned to farming on a 1/4 section in the same area. Their son George moved to Creston to assist the widow & four children of his cousin, Syl Spence, to operate a fruit farm. They were married and I was born. Myrtle, George's sister married Julius Popowich and moved to Calgary, Alberta.
  • The Eaton-Howard Hourglass Family Tree (2 KB)
    Three generations of Canadian prairie Eaton and Howard ancestors of Delbert Eaton plus his descendants. For information on sibling branches, please contact the web author.
  • The Read Family Tree (25 KB)
    These are the Canadian descendants of James Read and Mary Ann Jones of Ridgeacre, Worcestershire, England. Thier son, Walter Frank, immigrated to Canada and homesteaded on a farm in Saskatchewan where he married Lily Rutherford. Years later, thier oldest daughter, Doris, married into another new family Homesteading in the area, the Westons. And so the chain continued, with their oldest daughter marrying into the Johnson's fresh from Picton, Ontario and ultimately thier oldest daughter marrying into the Lowery family line.
  • The Hall Family Tree (35 KB)
    Beatrice Ethel Hall, daughter of James F. Hall, married Edwin Bainbridge in 1906. They moved to Canada in 1908, a year after the main family, bring their newborn son with them. Also immigrating with them was Jesse Hall, younger brother to Beatrice. The family ultimately settled in the Kootenay Lake area in British Columbia and has now spread throughout the province of B.C.
  • The Verigan-Anderson Hourglass Family Tree (1 KB)
    Three Canadian prairie generations of Verigan and Anderson ancestors of Brian Verigan plus his descendants. For information on sibling branches please contact the web author.
  • The Rutter Family Tree (8 KB)
    These are the descendants of John Rutter, of Soley, Nottinghamshire & Hannah, of Edmondbyers, Durham, whose daughter Sarah Jane (Sadie) married George William Bainbridge in 1907 just before the Bainbridge immigration to Canada. The Rutters spent only a short time in Calgary after their arrival and quickly moved to Victoria, B.C. There they raised a son and daughter, Albert & Priscilla. Priscilla married Robert Green the son of a family that Sadie & George met on the ship to Canada. Albert married Mary McGillis, whom he met overseas during WWII. Thier families continue to live on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland of B.C.
  • The McKee-Radford Hourglass Family Tree (3 KB)
    This tree contains the ancestors and descendants of Myrna McKee. Information on Siblings branches is available from the web author.
  • The Spence Family Tree (67 KB)
    William Spence & Ruth Rayner of Horsehouse, Coverdale, Yorkshire, England are the starting point for this family. The early Spences were involved in slate mining, stone maisonry and agricultural labour. Later generations were involved in the Middleham Horse Racing as Tailors. Harold Spence, born to John Spence and Elizabeth Taylor in 1873, trained as a tailor. Harold moved to Conside-Knitsley, Durham with his family in about 1880 where John changed occupations to work in real estate. Harold married Mary Bainbridge and also worked in real estate for a time. In 1906, Harold and Mary started the Bainbridge migration to Canada possibly spurred on by success tales of his mothers Taylor family. After a couple of years in Calgary, the family moved on to Kootenay Lake in B.C., to fruit farm. It was the sudden death of thier son, Sylvester leaving Minnie Knight, his wife, a widow with 4 Children that brought George Lowery, my father, to the Kootenays, intertwining these two families. The descendants of Harold & Mary are now scattered from Ontario to Portland, Oregan.
  • The Northumberland Johnson Family Tree (57 KB)
    William Johnson married Julianna Bainbridge in Muggleswick, Durham, England in 1898. When the Bainbridge family moved in 1907, William, Julianna, their young family and Ralph, William's youngest brother joined the adventure. After a brief stay in Calgary, the family ultimately found it's home in British Columbia, Will & Julianna in Victoria and Ralf at Boswell on Kootenay Lake. Two of Ralph's Daughters, Beatrice and Elizabeth ultimately married into the Edwin Bainbridge and Harold Spence branches of the Bainbridge Family forming a sometimes confusing web in the family tree. Alberta and B.C. are still home to the descendants of these two brothers.
  • The Hillis, Connor & Edwards Family Tree2 (123 KB)
    Forced from Ireland by the Potato Famine, William & Mary Hillis and 9 children immigrated to Grey County, Ontario, Canada. Mary proved to be a hearty pioneer and lived to be somewhere around 104-108 years of age. Their daughter Margaret, married David Connor and their daughter Rebecca married Walter Henry Edwards. This marriage moved the family to the Canadian Prairie. A marraige into the Johnson family also freshly moved to the prairie from Picton, Ontario brings us to the family which ultimately connects to the Lowery Family.
  • The Picton, Ontario Johnson Family Tree (9 KB)
    The earliest records finds James & Mary Johnson and their son William Aaron (born 1853) living in Picton, (Athol), Ontario, Canada. William's son James Lewis Johnson moved to Alsask, Saskatchewan seeking an opportunaty to start his own farm. It was here he met and married Margaret Edwards of the Hillis, Connor, Edwards family line. James thier second son married Lillian Weston and thier daughter Joanne is my wife.
  • The Sutherland Hourglass Family Tree2 (20 KB)
    The Sutherlands originated from 2 Scotish Sutherlands who moved to Earlstown, Nova Scotia, Canada in the late 1700's and 1800's. They intermarried with Murrays, McKays and various other families in the area. The best description of the tree is "Oh what a tangled web we weave." The tree presented here is an hourglass ancestry and descendants tree of James John Sutherland of Cranbrook, B.C. For simplicity not all connections are shown. Please contact the web author to obtain information on branches which may connect to your lines.
  • The Walker-Robinson Family Tree (190 KB)
    The Walker and Robinson Families originated from Dearham, Cumberland, England. The Robinsons were poor Coal miners and except for the founder, William, a shoemaker, so were the Walkers. The Walkers intermarried three children with Cameron Family of Wigton. The Walker line carries to the modern generations through the Cameron & Bainbridge family names.
  • The Parfitt, Knight & Seers Family Tree (44 KB)
    This tree lists the descendants of Joseph Parfitt, more specifically his daughter Rosa (Rosina) Matilda Parfitt. This tree has been added because of recent findings of a marraige for Rosa that links the two step families of John Knight and William Seers. Up to this point the Seers had only been thought to be a foster family.

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